Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 16
Click to view full image... Channel Islands. 1940-45 Covers and cards (18) and Red Cross forms (4) including 1940 covers from G.B to Guernsey, Jersey or Alderney with "SERVICE SUSPENDED" or "NO SERVICE" cachets; 1942 cover from Denmark to Jersey somehow intercepted by the British and handstamped "NO SERVICE", later crossed out and presumably delivered after the war; 1945 (May 9) cover from Guernsey to London forwarded to the Naval Office in St. Lucia; 1945 (May 17) covers from G.B to Guernsey (2); F.P.O 138 used on Guernsey; lettersheet from a German P.O.W in Camp 801 at Castel, Guernsey, etc. (17). Photo on Page 122. £280-350
  Ireland. 1942-45 Covers to Ireland including stampless forces mail, all with bilingual Irish censor cachets. (12). £70-80
  Civil Censorship. 1940-46 Censored covers and cards including Ascension, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast, Bermuda, Mauritius, Seychelles, British Solomon Islands, Trinidad, Zanzibar, covers from Vatican, Afghanistan, Luxembourg, 1939 (Sep 7) bilingual circular "3 / CENSORSHIP" of Egypt, 1940 Greenland cover to Denmark detained until after the war with "Released by / Prize Court", etc. (174). £300-400
  Civil Censorship - Great Britain. 1939-44 Covers and cards including Returned by Censor labels (5), USA cover sent to the uncommon languages division, cut down WW1 cachets (4), "CHIEF POSTAL CENSOR / LIVERPOOL" cachet, Permit Branch cachets, Ministry of Information cachets, telegrams, etc. Also unused labels or explanatory slips. (33). £150-180
  Civil Censorship - India. 1939-45 Covers and cards including 1939 (Aug 29) cover with "PASSED / CENSOR / BOMBAY / 2" (5 days before war declared, probably the first day of censorship, possibly the first censorship of World War Two?); September 1939 covers from Germany to Bombay received in November with very scarce "O.H.M.S. / PASSED BY CONTROLLER / OF / ENEMY TRADING" seals (2); cover to Mombasa by safe hand of pilot with 2a, 8a, 2r cancelled by violet crosses; covers from Afghanistan (4), etc. (12). £200-250
  Civil Censorship - Malaya. 1939-41 Covers including 1939 postcard from Netherlands Indies to Germany with scarce boxed "OPENED BY BRITISH / NAVAL AUTHORITIES"; 1940 registered cover from Brunei with boxed "PASSED BY / 4 / CENSOR" (lower right corner cut away); 1941 registered cover from Sarawak with boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR"; 1942 cover from North Borneo signed on reverse by the Governor C.R Smith with light triangular censor; 1941 Kedah postal service official cover with triangular "PASSED FOR / TRANSMISSION / 41", etc. (22). £350-400

British Forces Mail

  1939-45 Covers and cards, many written up on pages including Sicily and Italy, B.E.F in France, home forces, Normandy and British Liberation Army, Northern Ireland, undelivered mail to forces with various explanatory marks, registration envelopes, letters concerning Victory in Europe, etc. (280). £350-450
  G.B - Home Depot. 1939-46 Covers and cards with cancels or backstamps of the Home Depot or Home Postal Centre, various types including rubbers, also explanatory cachets used on undelivered or redirected mail, Returned Letter envelopes, cover to India bearing 1/3 health insurance stamp with postage stamps applied at the Home Depot, cover with enclosed letter stating "airgraph service not available to A.P.O 2005", etc. (57). £200-250
  B.E.F Evacuation. 1940 (May 31-June 26) Covers and cards from members of the B.E.F posted in England, one from Weymouth franked 2½d but also with a Paid machine (enclosed note - "in England"), the others unstamped and allowed free from West Kensington (Field Service card), Margate, Plymouth, Milborne Port, Bournemouth (2, one with fault), Wolsingham or Ross on Wye. Also 1940 (June 15) cover from France showing a late use of F.P.O 69. (10). £100-120
Click to view full image... Norway. 1940 Stampless O.A.S covers with F.P.O 115 (May 15) or 127 (May 19), and a front with F.P.O 126 (Apr 22), mainly fine and very rare. Very few F.P.O covers are recorded from this short campaign, and F.P.O 126 was not recorded used by Proud. Also two photographic postcards of two Destroyers taken in Norway after the Battle of Narvik. (5). Photo on Page 122. £300-350
Click to view full image... Norway. 1940 (May 16-30) Stampless O.A.S covers with F.P.O 115 datestamps, used at the Narvik Campaign base at Harstad, both covers with some creasing and small opening faults at the top, one cover partly split along a vertical central fold, nevertheless very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 122. £120-150
  Norway & Denmark. 1945-46 O.A.S Covers (16) and an economy address label, sent from Norway (6) with F.P.O 150, 786 (4) or with Maritime Mail Machine (Oslo senders address); from Denmark (11) with F.P.O 761, 808 (5, one a transit c.d.s on a civilian cover from Copenhagen to B.A.O.R), 867 (4), or with Army Signals c.d.s code "JE-QT" and boxed "BRITISH NAVAL / MISSION DENMARK". (17). £200-240
  Faroe Islands. 1941-43 Stampless O.A.S covers with datestamps of F.P.O 191 (7, five in violet, two numbers unclear, used at Thorshavn) or F.P.O 611 (2, used by X Garrison on Vaagur Island), three on Honour Envelopes (9). £250-300
  Iceland. 1940-45 Stampless covers from British forces with "HOME DEPOT - R.E.P.S" datestamps (3, one a front) or London Official Paid machine (all from June or early July 1940, with censor numbers recorded from Iceland) or Field Post Offices 2 (4), 3 (3), 304, (3, one a front), 305 (2), 306 (3), 307 (3), 308 (3) or 529 on an official registered cover with "T.49" handstamp on the registration label, and a 1940 (Oct 23) cover to Canada from the Canadian forces (only on the island for 4½ months) with F.P.O 2 c.d.s. Also covers from U.S forces with U.S A.P.O 613, 810 (2) or 860 (6) and a cover from an Icelander serving in the U.S army in Scotland sent back to Iceland with G.B 3d cancelled at U.S A.P.O 437. A good collection. (37). £500-600
  Iceland - R.A.F.& Royal Navy. 1942-44 Covers with R.A.F censors including F.P.O 2 on a cover franked 6½d in G.B stamps, the other covers all stampless with datestamps of F.P.O (6, one unclear), F.P.O 526 or R.A.F Post Office 001; and stampless covers from H.M.S "Baldur" (3, one with return address, one with headed letter enclosed, the other with 1943 H.M.S Baldur Christmas card) with Maritime Mail or Received From H.M Ships machines. (12). £200-250
  Gibraltar. 1939-45 Covers and cards (36) and an airgraph with F.P.O 475 on covers bearing Gibraltar stamps or stampless mail, R.A.F mail flown from Gibraltar and posted in England with G.B stamps, various types of army, R.A.F or civil censors, and censor labels, nearly all on pages. (37). £120-150
  Malta. 1942-43 Cover from G.B to soldiers in Malta all bearing Green Cross labels, all in differing shades of green, two correctly franked 1½d, the other franked 5d, two covers with some opening faults, the 5d rate cover very fine, one with label tied by the postmark. (3). £100-120
  Malta. 1939-45 Covers and cards including naval and R.A.F, censor cachets, forces mail flown to England and posted upon arrival, cover bearing ½d Malta Relief Fund and "Malta is grateful to the Royal Navy and R.A.F" labels, P.O.W card to Malta from a Maltese sailor in Marlag und Milag Nord, cover from Malta to Gozo sent via London with Malta ½d cancelled by red London Paid machine, ingoing mail, F.P.O 188 and 570, censors, a correspondence of air letters from J. Barbour at the R.N Wireless Telegraph Station at Dingli (52, a few later items from W/T Stn Gurgi, c/o R.N.O Tripoli), another correspondence from or to P.S Crowley at R.N.B Verdala or C.F Base Malta (18, a few from Italy), etc. (97). £200-250
  Cyprus. 1942-45 Covers and cards including F.P.O (8, three registered), Indian F.P.Os (2), censor cachets and seals, P.O.W card from Oflag VIIB to Cyprus sent by air mail franked 25pf, etc. (19). £100-120
  Crete. 1940-41 Covers franked 10d for air mail to G.B (3) and stampless covers (2) with datestamps of F.P.O 192 (3) or 221 (2), both used at Suda Bay during the brief campaign in Crete, half the 15,000 allied forces killed or captured following the German parachute landing in May. Scarce, very little forces mail recorded from Crete. (5). £120-150
  Greece. 1941 Covers with F.P.O 175 or 193 (5), R.A.F or army censors, three franked 10d or 1/8 for air mail to England, scarce. (6). £100-120
  Greece / Albania / Yugoslavia. 1943-46 Covers including covers from F.P.Os 714, 727, 783 or Indian F.P.O R10 located in the Dodecanese Islands; F.P.O 139, 776 or 783 (3, one written in Rhodes) all located in Athens; 1944 air letter from Albania cancelled at F.P.O 370 (also three covers to the Military Mission, two posted locally in Tirana with Albania stamps); registered cover from the Balkans Air Force cancelled F.P.O 753 (probably at Zara); covers from F.P.O 793 located in Vis Island, Yugoslavia (3), etc. (19). £200-250
  Turkey. 1941-47 Covers from Turkey cancelled in Cairo (2), or at F.P.O 516 (4) or 714, and covers to forces in Ankara (4, three addressed by diplomatic bag from London). (11). £100-120
  Russia. 1942-45 Covers including 1943 cover from G.B to S.S "Empire Scott" with Russian censor label and cachet of Archangel, 1942 cover with letter from British Embassy evacuated to Kiubiyshev sent by diplomatic bag and posted in London, 1943 cover to the Moscow Embassy with "No. 30 MILITARY MISSION" cachet, 1941 cover from 151 Wing R.A.F at Murmamsk, cover from 126 Base Unit training Russian troops on British tanks south of Archangel (3, one with letter), 1945 cover from Yelta sent during the February Conference posted in London with "War Cabinet Office" cachet, etc. (12). £150-180
  North Africa. 1942-46 Covers and cards from the British North Africa Force in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia or Libya, also ingoing mail, some with explanatory cachets, some U.S forces mail, various F.P.O and A.P.O datestamps, most on pages. (82). £150-180
  Egypt. 1939-45 Covers and cards, the extensive collection mainly on pages, various M.P.O and British F.P.O datestamps, many air mail covers, Army Post stamps, other stamps of G.B, Egypt, India, etc., ingoing covers (many redirected or returned with explanatory cachets), troopship mail, Indian and U.S A.P.Os, cover to Brazil franked Army Post 10m, etc. (179). £250-350
  Palestine. 1940-47 Forces mail, various F.P.Os, air mail and registered rates; covers from the Palestine Police; covers from internees at Internment Camp 1 or Perimeter Settlement Waldheim both with Palestine Police censor cachets, etc. Also eight 1944-46 covers from soldiers in the Jewish Infantry Brigade serving in the British army in Europe. (78). £150-180
  Middle East. 1941-45 Covers from Syria, Lebanon or Jordan (47), Persia or Iraq (27), various British or Indian F.P.O datestamps, also a few ingoing items, air letter from the Arab Legion H.Q in Amman, etc. (74). £150-180
Click to view full image... West Africa. 1939-46 Forces mail from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Gold Coast or Gambia, various F.P.O datestamps, R.A.F and naval mail, civil censors, mail from West African troops in India or Burma, U.S forces in Gold Coast, 1939 Sierra Leone cover with scarce "PASSED BY CABLE CENSOR / 4", distinctive B.W.A air letters with a large red cross on the address panel, etc. A fine collection written up on pages. (106). Photo on Page 122. £400-500
  Falkland Islands. 1942-43 O.A.S Covers with Censor No 3023, one posted en route to the Falklands with "PAQUEBOT" handstamp of Cape Town (to the M.E.F, reverse with M.E.F and PAI Force "last location" cachets), the other two from the Falklands with Maritime Mail or Received from H.M Ships machines. (3). £150-180
  West Indies / South America. 1942-45 Covers from British forces in Trinidad (12), Aruba (2), Curacao (4) or Bermuda; covers from U.S forces in British Colonies (11), covers from British volunteers from Trinidad or British Honduras, etc. (33). £100-120
  Sudan. 1941-47 Covers and cards, British or Indian F.P.Os, some forces mail posted into civil post offices, scarce "Sudan P.O 9" c.d.s (faults), cover from the Western Arab Corps, etc. (32). £100-120
  British Somaliland. 1941-45 Covers (15) and fronts (3) including 1941 cover cancelled in Aden (one stamp removed) with enclosed letter from R.A.F Berbera, datestamps of E.A A.P.O 62, 63, 65 (4), 71 (5) or South African A.P.O 7 (2), illustrated 1944 Christmas Greetings air letter, airgraph from Somali Scouts, censored forces mail posted into the civil office at Hargeisa (3), six items bearing Somaliland stamps. (18). £180-220
  East Africa. 1941-48 Covers mainly with East Africa A.P.O datestamps including items from KUT, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Mauritius, a few British or U.S F.P.O datestamps, 1948 cover from the Italian Evacuee Camp at Nyeri Station, cover with enclosed letter from the Friends Ambulance Unit in Ethiopia, cover from Mauritius to Rodrigues Battery R.A in Rodrigues, 1942 Christmas Greetings air letter, 1945 cover from British Legation at Addis Ababa sent by diplomatic bag and posted in London, covers with E.A.F stamps, etc. (46). £180-220
  Rhodesia. 1942-44 Covers and cards from Rhodesia, or from Rhodesian forces, including East African A.P.O 52 (3), Honour Envelope to Bulawayo with Southern Rhodesia 1d + 9d tied by Egypt Postage Prepaid c.d.s, etc. (13). £100-120
  Aden. 1940-46 Covers from R.A.F, British or Indian army in Aden, most with R.A.F censors (a few with army censors), mostly with G.B or Aden stamps, airgraphs (3, one from Socotro), air letters (15) and Honour Envelopes (5), cancels include single ring Aden (14), F.P.O 729 (3) or No. 11 R.A.F Postal H.Q (4), covers from Indian troops cancelled at Khormaksar (3), also a few ingoing covers, scarce "MESSAGE RECORD" envelope with Aden c.d.s., also an air letter written from "R.A.F Aden Command" with E.A A.P.O 77 c.d.s of Addis Ababa, and covers from a U.S soldier (4, two with "U.S NAVY" c.d.s, another with U.S A.P.O 663), a good lot. (58). £300-400
  Aden - Royal Navy. 1939-46 Covers and cards with naval censors, including stampless 1939 cover with Aden civil censor and London H.M Ships machine charged 1½d single rate postage due, stampless covers from troopships bound for Aden with scarce "CENSORED / AT SEA" (2), British Fleet Mail 23 c.d.s, cover with oval "H.M W/T STATION / 16 MAY 1941 / ADEN" and boxed "PASSED BY CENSOR", airgraph from Perim W/T Station, etc. (16). £120-140
  Aden - Christmas Air Mails. 1940 Stampless covers with Aden naval censor or senders address of R.A.F in Aden (RAF Censor 68), both endorsed "Xmas Mail" or "On Active Service Special Xmas Air Mail" both flown from Egypt with F.P.O 171 datestamps of Cairo (Dec. 9-11); and red printed "GREETINGS / BY AIR MAIL" air letter containing illustrated R.A.F Christmas greetings for 1943, with G.B 3d tied by Aden single ring c.d.s. A scarce trio from Aden. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Aden - Honour Envelopes. 1939-40 Provisional envelopes, one with manuscript inscription and green crayon lines, the other a large envelope (28x13cm, vertical fold) with locally crudely printed inscription, crossed lines and "Active Service" heading in green crayon, also a regular issue envelope, all three franked Aden 2½a. (3). Photo on Page 122. £160-200
  Aden - Civil Censorship. 1939-45 Covers and cards, various types of censor cachet or label, includes covers from Djibouti, Eritrea and Yemen, two covers posted at Mukalla, also an airgraph. (17). £120-140
  Bahrain / Persian Gulf. 1943-47 Covers from R.A.F Bahrain (3, one with Bahrain stamp) with A.P.O datestamps of Basrah (2) or Cairo, and covers to R.A.F Bahrain (13); 1944 air letter from 44 Staging Post at Sharjah cancelled in Cairo; and airgraph from R.A.F Ras-al-Hadd in Oman. (18). £150-180
  Burma. 1939-47 Covers and cards including the 1944-47 correspondence from 2Lt. A.J Duncan, Royal Worcestershire Regt from his departure from G.B, training in India and service in Burma, all to his fiancee in England (34, a few ingoing, 23 from Burma); and other forces covers from 1939-42 (7) or 1945-47 (34), various G.B, Indian or U.S F.P.Os or "RAFPOST" datestamps. (75). £250-300
  Ceylon. 1942-46 Covers and cards (77) and fronts (5) on pages with various East African, Indian and British F.P.Os, RAFPOST datestamps, British Fleet Mail Office 1 c.d.s, distinctive boxed naval censors, army censors with oval "No. 5 INDIAN FIELD CENSOR UNIT", "CENSOR / 142", diamond framed "PASSED / BY / MILITARY CENSOR" (2, one with London Paid machine), R.A.F Censor C1 sealing label, a few airgraphs, etc., a fine lot. (82). £500-600
  Malaya. 1940-42 Covers including covers to 18th Division in the UK (3) or in Malaya but returned (4, various cachets including "Air Mail fee / refunded", one also handstamped "MISSENT TO MALTA"); cover to R.A.F Kuantan but returned and cover from 11 Indian Div. at Kuantan; covers from Singapore with R.A.F censors (3) or cancels of A.I.F Field P.O 17, Naval Base Singapore or Field Post Office S.P 501 (10, two franked $2, one a front franked $1.65), S.P502, S.P503 (cover posted unpaid with R.A.F Alor Star cachet, returned for postage and Kedah 25c + 30c applied), S.P504, etc. Also a few stamps including rare F.P.O 357 on a single 2c (6 Feb. 42, not recorded used by Proud). (28+). £300-350
  Malaya. 1941 Covers with Indian F.P.O datestamps including scarce double circle type "F.P.O 50A" (arrival backstamp on cover from G.B returned to sender) and "F.P.O 50B", also Base Post Office 4, F.P.O 8A, 30B (franked Kedah 8c, reduced at left but very scarce), 31 (2, one an arrival c.d.s also with "Base Post Office 4 Dely"), 32 (2), 50B, 56, also a few stamps, a few faults. (11+). £240-280
  Malaya. 1945-46 O.A.S Covers with British Base A.P.O 17 or F.P.O 259 (2), 262 (3), 545 (2), or Indian F.P.O S-16, 18, 57, 594 (3), 599, 605, 614 (3), 661. Also 1945 cover from Singapore (Oct 5) to England allowed free of charge and covers with B.M.A stamps (4), and label from a confidential parcel from A.H.Q New Delhi to H.Q Malaya Command sent "all air rate in personal charge of pilot" bearing India Service 2r pair + 10r pair (other stamps removed). (26). £200-250
  Malaya. 1945-47 Covers with RAFPOST datestamps numbered 6 (on cover from Meerut to R.A.F Batavia), 155 (4, one with address cut out), 170 (2), 221 (3), 300, 307, also a G.B air letter to R.A.F Seletar, some cancels a little faint and a few faults. (13). £120-150
Click to view full image... Labuan. 1946 (Feb 23) Stampless O.A.S cover to England with Indian F.P.O 120 c.d.s, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 122. £150-200
Click to view full image... Cocos Islands. 1945 (Aug 20) R.A.F Privilege Envelope to R.A.F China Bay with Ceylon 50c tied by "RAFPOST 301" c.d.s (the final part of the number a little unclear, but the only RAFPOST c.d.s recorded in this format), boxed "R.A.F / CENSOR/ 159", also a superb strike of the RAFPOST 301 c.d.s on stampless piece. Photo on Page 122. £120-150
Click to view full image... Cocos Islands. 1945 (Oct 16) Stampless O.A.S cover from a soldier in the R.A, to England with superb Indian F.P.O 46 c.d.s. Photo on Page 132. £120-150
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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