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Auction Lots - Page 6
Click to view full image... 1900 (June 30) Cover from Amsterdam to Roadside Post Office, Vrede District, O.F.S, backstamped at Lourenco Marques (Aug 14) and in the Transvaal in 1900, next backstamped at Bloemfontein (June 18 1902) and at Cape Town Returned Letter Office (May 15 1902), handstamped very scarce unframed "COMMUNICATION SUSPENDED" and "UNDELIVERABLE AT H.S" both in violet, returned to sender and received at Amsterdam on June 17th, also handstamped "P.B.C" and "Retour Afzender" with white censor seal and "Postkantoor Amsterdam" seal. An exceptional cover, in transit for two years, with a very scarce cachet. Photo on Page 40. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1899 (Nov 3) Stampless cover, possibly from a P.O.W, from Natal to Transvaal with oval "HEADQUARTERS OFFICE / NATAL" on the front and "GOVERNOR / CENTRAL GAOL / PIETERMARITZBURG" on reverse and large boxed "Mail Service Suspended" (75x12mm) all in violet, type 1D censor seal, datestamps of Durban (Nov 18) and Returned Letter Office Natal (Nov 16). Despite the Service Suspended cachet it has then been forwarded, probably because it was from a prisoner, with datestamps of Lourenco Marques (Nov 20), Pretoria (Nov 22, tying Boer censor seal) and Standerton (Nov 24). An exceptionally unusual cover, the earliest recorded use of the British "Officially Sealed" censor seal type 1D. Photo on Page 54. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1901 (June 6) Long O.H.M.S cover from Cape Town to the Civil Commissioner at Murraysburg with boxed "ON THE PUBLIC SERVICE / W.A Krige / Treasury, Cape Town", posted on the day a Boer Commando led by Commandant Scheepers burnt all public buildings in Murraysburg to the ground, as well as houses of those known to be loyal to the British, the cover handstamped violet "Post Suspended" (38x4mm), backstamped at Cape Town (Feb 14). Two light vertical folds and opening faults at upper left corner, otherwise largely fine and a rare Post Suspended cachet, due to Boer Commandos raiding Cape Colony late in the war. Photo on Page 54. £180-220
  1901 (Dec 27) Similar O.H.M.S cover to the Civil Commissioner at Murraysburg with Cape Town c.d.s and the boxed Treasury cachet, rare violet "Post Suspended" (38x4mm) and Kimberley censor cachet, backstamped at Cape Town (Feb 14), flap missing and minor opening faults at upper edge, otherwise largely fine. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1899 (July 24) Cover from Port Elizabeth, franked 1d to the O.F.S, backstamped at Bethulie (July 1900) and at Cape Town Returned Letter Office, oval "RETURNED LETTER BRANCH / 3 AUG 1900 / G.P.O Orange River Colony" and boxed "Undelivered for reason stated / To be returned to sender at the address shown / on cover Returned from R.L.B Capetown"; and 1900 (Sep 20) picture postcard from Austria to Waterval Boven, Transvaal, with datestamps of Pretoria (Nov 17), Machadodorp (30 Apr 1901) and Returned Letter Office Pretoria (May 6 1901), boxed "Parti / Gone Away" and "RETOUR". Two interesting undelivered items, both delayed in transit due to the war. (2). Photo on Page 54. £150-180
  1900 (Feb 27) Cape of Good Hope 1d envelope posted within the O.F.S, the Rouxville c.d.s applied away from the embossed stamp but the envelope not surcharged and therefore accepted as valid with the stamp cancelled upon arrival, the Zastron arrival c.d.s dated Apr 26, the two months in transit probably due to the cover being detained until Boer forces departed from the area south of the Orange River, when postal services were resumed. Very unusual. £100-120

Boer Forces Mail

  1899-1900 Stampless soldiers covers, the first sent in the first month of the war within the O.F.S endorsed "In Commando Dienst" with Harrismith c.d.s (Oct 31) and Kroonstad arrival datestamp (Nov 2); the other sent within Transvaal endorsed "Velddienst" with the unusual oval cachet "ONTVANGEN / 22 MEI 1900 /Politice, Natal" and a Volksrust c.d.s (May 24), backstamped at Braamfontein. The first with flap missing but otherwise fine, the other with some splitting to a vertical fold but an unusual "Natal" cachet, the meaning of which is unclear. (2). £100-120
  1899-1900 Stampless covers from Bloemfontein (Oct 23) to a Veldcornet at "Kimberley Border O.F.S" sent shortly after the start of the siege of Kimberley, or from Johannesburg (Jan 13) to a Veldcornet at Colesberg Bridge, soiled and torn, possibly explained by the endorsement on the reverse "Found in wrecked Boer waggon near Orange River 25/3/00 Sgt Hamel". Also a telegram form dated 1st Feb 1900, sent by Commandant Froneman from Scholtz Nek near Kimberley during the siege; two covers posted in the Transvaal in 1899 prior to the war endorsed "Found at Standerton on a Farm" or "Taken from a Boer Wagon which we captured on 10th May 1901, By J. Warburton"; a British "Army Form C.398" envelope addressed to "His Honour Commandant de Villiers" and endorsed "9.30 A.M 4 Aug 1900, By Hand" evidently sent by messenger under flag of truce through the lines, a little stained; 1899 (Oct 26) cover posted within Barberton free of charge; 1900 (Mar 12) cover from Vrede to Holland routed via Kroonstad and Pretoria, and 1899 (Oct 11) special edition of "The Volkstem" announcing the proclamation of Martial Law. Some faults but an unusual group. (9). £180-220
  1899-1900 Stampless covers with Hoofdlager c.d.s or blue three line "Veldpost. ZAR / NewCastle" datestamp, cover and a piece franked Transvaal 1d tied by similar three line NewCastle datestamps, and cover with two Transvaal 1d stamps tied "COLESBERG / C.G.H" squared circle. Also 1899 covers from Johannesburg to Durban censored with pink Boer seals and "Officially Sealed" labels of Durban, and a fine original real photo of a Boer Field Post Office, a few cover faults. (8). £150-180
  1900 (Mar 7) Stampless cover endorsed "Velddienst" with a superb Heidelburg c.d.s, addressed to Aliwal North, Cape Colony (then occupied by the Boers, but recaptured by the British just five days later on March 12th), backstamped at Pretoria and Bloemfontein (Mar 10). A fine cover, probably held in Bloemfontein (which was captured by the British on March 13) and delivered after the British reoccupied Aliwal North. £120-140
  1900 (Mar 7) Stampless cover to Johannesburg endorsed "Velddienst" with "HOOFDLAGER / Z.A.R" c.d.s and Johannesburg backstamp (Mar 9), unusually with manuscript "590" and "R2590", possibly an indication of registration. Small tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and a remarkable item if registered. £120-140
  1900 (Apr 16) Stampless Veld Dienst cover to Johannesburg with "THE GRANGE / Z.A.R" c.d.s and arrival backstamp, the latest recorded example of this scarce small postal agency c.d.s. £100-120

Boer Invasion of Cape Colony

  1900 (Feb 10-18) O.F.S Postcards cancelled by datestamps of Colesberg, Lady Grey or Aliwal North, all addressed with oval "INSPECTEURS KANTOOR / Post Telegrafen / G.P.K BLOEMFONTEIN", believed to be official test mail, to ensure the mail services were working efficiently from the newly occupied towns in the Cape. (3). £140-160
  Lady Grey. 1900 Commercial cover to Rouxville with O.F.S 1d tied by "868" numeral and "LADY / GREY" c.d.s (Jan 1) alongside; Cape postal stationery envelopes bearing O.F.S stamps cancelled to order by "LADY / GREY" or scarce "LADY GREY DIV. ALIWAL NORTH" c.d.s; and a Cape ½d postcard uprated ½d commercially used to Germany on March 22nd, one week after the British had reoccupied the town, with the "LADY / GREY" c.d.s, all datestamps with the year shown as "19". A good group, the "868" numeral very scarce during the Boer occupation. (4). £150-180
  Colesberg & Warrenton. 1899-1900 Covers and a card comprising cover to Johannesburg bearing Transvaal 1d tied by Warrenton c.d.s (Dec 21); O.F.S 1d postcard to Johannesburg tied by Colesberg C.G.H squared circle (Dec 31); and cover to England endorsed "Open" and "via Delagoa Bay" bearing three O.F.S 1d stamps tied by Colesberg C.G.H squared circles (Feb 1, 1900) with oval "POSTMEESTER GENERAAL / ORANJE VRY STAAT" censor cachet, reverse with British censor seals and datestamps at Pretoria, Durban and Canterbury. The last with some staining and tear at left but still a very scarce commercial censored use to G.B, the others fine. (3). £200-250
Click to view full image... Vryburg (Bechuanaland). 1899 (Oct 21) Cover addressed by Thomas Leask (who later produced overprinted stamps for Wolmaransstad) to Miss Leask in Wolmaransstad bearing Cape ½d and 1d pairs, the four stamps each with a superb Vryburg c.d.s, arrival backstamp (Oct 30). A fine cover sent just three days after the Boer occupation, and a rare use of Cape stamps during the occupation period, in the month prior to the issue of Cape stamps overprinted Z.A.R. Photo on Page 54. £200-240
Click to view full image... Vryburg (Bechuanaland). 1900 (Mar 9) Cover to Thomas Leask in Wolmaransstad via Schweizer Reneke, bearing O.F.S ½d, 1d and 1/- each tied by Vryburg c.d.s, arrival backstamp (Mar 14). Cape stamps overprinted Z.A.R were issued in Vryburg on November 24th, but were all sold within a week, O.F.S stamps then being used at this office, located in Bechuanaland. Light horizontal and vertical folds well away from the stamps, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 54. £120-150

Boer Invasion of Natal

  1900 Stampless Veld Dienst covers from Pretoria (Mar 3) to "Elias Mathsobane, c/o Commando D.G Erasmus, V.C M.G Pretorius, Ladysmith Natal", Hoofdlager (Jan 31) to Middelburg via Pretoria or Hoofdlager (Mar 16) to Edendaal, and a cover franked 1d from Johannesburg to "T.J Curran, V.C Pienaar, Com. Ben Viljoen, Jeppes Lager, Natal", all with some faults. Also unused Natal 1d envelopes with Z.A.R typed overprint or "Postzegel / Z. Afr. Republik" applied above, and ½d postcard with Natal arms crossed through and altered to Z.A.R with a Transvaal stamp applied. (7). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1899 (Dec 16) Covers posted on the same day with Transvaal stamps tied by oval "HATTINGSPRUIT", "INGOGO" or "INGAGANE" rubber datestamps with Z.A.R at foot, all unaddressed but with Pretoria backstamps (Dec 20), believed to have been test mail sent to the Post Office in Pretoria (possibly in a private bag) to check transit times and possible delays in the posts from offices in occupied Natal. Three fine covers with scarce cancels. (3). Photo on Page 54. £350-400
  Glencoe/Hattingspruit. 1899 Natal ½d postcard with a Transvaal ½d applied, cancelled violet "Veldpost Z.A.R / Glencoe / 25 Dec 1899" addressed to a Veldkornet at Hattingspruit, backstamped superb oval "HATTINGSPRUIT / 25 DEC 1899 / 1899" in violet. The reverse had a printed message for showing the daily output of St. Georges Colliery at Hattingspruit, crossed out with Christmas greetings in pencil. Also a piece bearing Transvaal 1885 1d tied by violet oval "Veld-Post, Z.A.R / 15 DEC 1899 / HATTINGSPRUIT". (2). £100-120
  Dannhauser. 1900 Stampless Velddienst cover to Waterval Boven endorsed "Brassem, Cardina Commando" with violet oval "Veld-Post, Z.A.R / 14 MEI 1900 / DANNHAUSER", backstamped at Pretoria; and unaddressed cover with Transvaal 1d tied violet oval "DANNHAUSER / 16 DEC 1899 / Z.A.R", Pretoria backstamp (Dec 20), probably test mail sent in a private bag to Pretoria. The Velddienst cover with a few small edge faults and cut open along the base, but very scarce, the latest known Boer cover from Dannhauser sent just three days before the British reoccupied the town, the stamped cover fine. (2). £120-150
  Dundee - Captured Mail. 1899 (Oct 18) Cover franked Natal 1d from Dundee to Durban, found in the Post Office when the Boers occupied Dundee on October 23rd and sent to Pretoria with Boer type 3 censor label tied by Pretoria c.d.s (Nov 3), backstamped at Durban (Jan 8), closed tear at base but very unusual. £80-100
  Ingagane & Charlestown. 1900 Covers sent locally in Ingagane with Transvaal 4d tied violet oval "Veld-Post, Z.A.R / 14 APR / 1900 / INGAGANE", or to Johannesburg with Transvaal 1d + O.F.S 1d tied violet oval "Veld-Post, Z.A.R / 14 MRT 1900 / CHARLESTOWN", backstamped at Volksrust and Johannesburg, both fine. (2). £100-120
  Newcastle. 1899-1900 Cover and front to Pretoria with Transvaal 4d tied violet "P.K NewCastle / *Z.A.R* / 1 Dec 1899" or 1d pair tied violet "Veldpost, ZAR / NewCastle / 21 April 1900" (front), and a cover from Volksrust to NewCastle franked 1d with blue "Veldpost, ZAR / NewCastle / 25 April 1900" arrival backstamp. (3). £100-120
  Elandslaagte. 1899-1900 Covers from Holland (3) or Johannesburg all addressed to F. Oudschans Deutz, an employee of the Dutch South African Railway Co (N.Z.A.S.M), the three Dutch covers addressed to him at Johannesburg then redirected to Elandslaagte in Natal, the other cover from Johannesburg to Elandslaagte, two covers redirected to Standerton Wagon Works, three with violet oval "ELANDSLAAGTE" backstamps (9-30 Jan), one of these also with transit datestamps of "HOOFDLAGER", one cover from the Organisation of Dutch Women for International Peace in The Hague. Two Dutch covers with edge faults, one Dutch cover (with Hoofdlager c.d.s and Elandslaagte datestamp) and the Transvaal cover both largely fine, a very unusual group. (4). £300-400
Click to view full image... Hoofdlager. 1899-1900 Covers and cards with Transvaal stamps tied by the Hoofdlager Z.A.R c.d.s comprising 1899 (Dec 21) cover to Johannesburg endorsed "In Veld Dienst naby Colenso" franked 1d pair, a captured Natal Postal Department envelope to Johannesburg with the heading altered to "Op Zhebs Dienst" franked ½d with 1900 (Jan 25) c.d.s on both sides, and postal stationery cards comprising ½d card with "God en de Mauser / Gruss von der Schlachtfeldern" printed on reverse, posted to Pretoria (Dec 26, minor staining on address panel), and a 1900 (Jan 9) 1d postcard from "Johannesburg Laager naby Colenso" commercially used to Holland with Hoofdlager c.d.s on both sides. A good group, the first two posted just days after the Boer victory at Colenso. (4). Photo on Page 54. £200-250

Boer Reoccupation of Wolmaransstad

  1899 Covers franked ½d from Port Elizabeth to T. Leask & Co in Wolmaransstad, the first posted October 16th, backstamped at Fourteen Streams (Oct 19) and endorsed "Recd from Johan van Vuuren 18/11/00", the other posted November 16th, backstamped at Johannesburg (Nov 22 1900 and 26 Sep 1901). Also a cover to Leask posted in Scotland on October 4th, delivered on October 29th. Wolmaransstad was captured by the British in June 1900 (when Leask produced "V.R.I" overprints on Transvaal stamps) but was reoccupied by the Boers from August until February 1901. The first cover delivered by the southern route whilst the town was still occupied by the Boers (possibly captured by a Boer raiding party?); the second sent by the northern route, detained for ten months until the area around Wolmaransstad was deemed safe. A scarce group. (3). £200-250

Machadodorp Cards

  1900 1d Cards used from Waterval Boven to Machadodorp (Aug 27, the day the British captured Machadodorp) or commercially used from Comatie Poort to Braamfontein, the message mentioning General Viljoen's Komando. (2). £120-150

Dutch Aid Organisations

  1900 (Jan 10) Registered printed cover "Dienst van Het Koninklijk Huis" with violet "KONINKLIJK HUIS / DIENST" cachet, franked 10c from The Hague to the Transvaal Support Committee in Rotterdam, with enclosed letter from the Secretary to the King regarding his support for Boer women and children in concentration camps. Also a postcard of Cornelis Boeksma (executed by the British for smuggling information to Europe on the conditions of women and children in the concentration camps), posted from Amsterdam to the O.F.S Consul in The Hague with oval Consulate cachet, the message regarding support for women and children in Bethulie refugee camp. The cover with a few light stain spots, otherwise fine. (2 + letter). £100-120

Boer Censorship

Click to view full image... Vryburg-Boer Occupation. 1900 (Jan 19) Cover from Lourenco Marques franked 50r to "Vryburg, via Pretoria" with enclosed note being a copy of a telegram message sent from King William's Town to the Standard Bank in Lourenco Marques (and forwarded from there by post due to suspension of direct posts to Vryburg, then occupied by the Boers). Backstamped at Pretoria (Jan 22), Christiana (Jan 26), Schweizer Reneke (Jan 27) and "VRYBURG" (Jan 28), the front with red manuscript "Geopend Onder Krygswet, 29.1.00" and initials. A remarkable item to an office in Boer occupied Cape and the only item censored by the Boers in Vryburg that we have recorded. Photo on Page 58. £400-500
  1899-1900 Covers (5) and a postcard from the O.F.S all with oval "POSTMEESTER GENERAL / ORANJE-VRY STAAT", one stampless official cover from the Landdrost's Kantoor Bloemfontein sent to London (torn and repaired), other covers franked 4d to Beira, 5d to Germany (two punch holes), 1d to Holland (endorsed "3d to pay") or 2d to a P.O.W at Green Point, the 1d card to Germany, all sent via Pretoria and Delagoa Bay. (6). £180-220
  1900 Covers from the O.F.S to Prisoners of War "c/o Military Authorities, Cape Town" or "c/o Military Commandant Simons Town" both with oval "POSTMEESTER GENERAAL / ORANJE-VRY STAAT" in blue or black and British censor seals, one with "CENSOR / PRISONERS OF WAR" and a Durban transit c.d.s. A few faults but unusual covers to P.O.Ws on transport ships in Simons Bay. (2). £100-120

Boer Censor Seals

  Type 2 Seals. 1899 Covers from Johannesburg to London (Oct 12) or Cape Town (Oct 16), or from Durban to Johannesburg (Oct 12) and redirected to Port Elizabeth all with the white type 2 seal, only recorded used at Johannesburg October 10-22, all largely fine and scarce. (3). £140-160
  Type 1 Seals. 1899 (Oct 11) Covers from Johannesburg to Cape Colony or Natal both with white Officially Sealed labels used as censor seals just one day after war was declared; and a partial cover (severe faults) from G.B to Johannesburg received on October 12th then redirected to Durban with the type 1 seal. The cover to Natal fine, the cover to Cape with minor creasing and edge faults. A rare provisional censor seal, used in Johannesburg on October 11/12th only (and in Pretoria Oct 11-13th). (3). £150-180
  Type 3 Seals. 1899-1900 Covers with pink type 3 seals used at Pretoria (18 Dec 1899, cover to Lady Grey in the Cape, then occupied by the Boers, with arrival backstamp, piece torn from right), or used at Johannesburg (5, Feb-May 1900) comprising covers to G.B or Germany (2, one franked 3d with "T / 20 / CENTIMES" charge marks) or from USA or Lourenco Marques, these five covers all fine, several seals with varieties including broken frame, etc. (6). £120-150
Click to view full image... Type 4 Seal. 1900 (June 23) Cover franked 1d from Belfast to Lourenco Marques, backstamped at Machadodorp (June 24) and Correio Ambulante, Lourenco Marques (June 27) with pink type 4 censor seal tied by Machadodorp c.d.s (June 26), fine and very scarce, the first recorded use of this seal, which was only used at Machadodorp whilst the seat of the Boer Government in the Transvaal. Photo on Page 58. £100-120
Click to view full image... Type 5 Seal. 1900 (Aug 10) Cover from Lourenco Marques franked 200r, to a missionary at "Shilawane, P.O Thabina, via Machadodorp - Lydenburg - Leydsdorp" backstamped at Machadodorp (Aug 14), Leydsdorp (Aug 19) and Thabina (Aug 22) with type 5 seal printed in dark green tied by a Waterval Onder c.d.s (Aug 13). Opening tear at left edge, otherwise fine, an interesting routing and a scarce censor seal (only recorded used at Machadodorp in "Censor Seals" by Snowden & Hepworth). Photo on Page 58. £150-180
  Type 5 Seal. 1900 (July) Cover from Ermelo to Delagoa Bay franked 3d, backstamped at Machadodorp (July 31) and Correio Ambulante, Lourenco Marques (Aug 3) bearing type 5 censor seal printed in dark green tied by a Waterval Boven c.d.s. A scarce censor seal (only recorded used at Machadodorp in "Censor Seals" by Snowden & Hepworth). £100-120
  Type 6 Seal. 1900 (Aug 26) Cover from Lourenco Marques to Barberton franked 50r with Barberton backstamp (Aug 31) and bearing black type 6 seal tied by Nelspruit c.d.s (Aug 30), address partly crossed through in pencil, otherwise fine and very scarce, this seal only recorded used for 15 days in August/September 1900. £120-150
Click to view full image... Type 6 Seal. 1900 (Aug 26) Cover from Barberton to Pessene near Delagoa Bay bearing black type 6 seal tied by a Nelspruit c.d.s (Aug 30), handstamped boxed "TE LAAT", backstamped at Nelspruit and Correio Ambulante, Lourenco Marques (Aug 31). A few minor opening faults at lower edge, otherwise fine and very scarce. This seal only recorded used for 15 days in August/September 1900, this cover illustrated in the "Censor Seals" book by Snowden & Hepworth. Photo on Page 58. £160-200

Boer Censor Seals Used by the British

Click to view full image... Type 1 Seal. 1900 (June 28) Cover from Pretoria to Grahamstown franked ½d + 1d + 2½d, backstamped with a Pretoria Press Censor cachet and Grahamstown c.d.s (July 5), censored by Boer type 1 seal; and 1901 (May 10) Transvaal 4d registration envelope franked 2d from Potchefstroom to a P.O.W at Bellevue Camp, the reverse with violet "Passed by Censor / Potchefstroom" and bearing a complete Boer type 1 censor seal tied by Johannesburg c.d.s (May 11). The first with faults, the second very fine, a scarce and unusual pair. (2). Photo on Page 58. £140-160
  Type 1 Seal. 1900 (Aug 6) Cover from R.J.L Tindall at Stellenbosch (a P.O.W, then on parole in the town) to his wife at Krugersdorp, with arrival backstamp (Oct 13), a transit time of ten weeks, presumably delayed due to the war, censored using half a Boer type 1 seal with manuscript "Opened under martial law, censor, P.M McRichie, Capt" in pencil on the reverse, very unusual. £100-120
  Type 1 Seal. 1901 (Oct 11) Cover franked 1d from Pretoria to a P.O.W in Diyatalawa Camp with triangular Pretoria Press Censor cachet and bearing a Boer type 1 seal with the words "Z.A. Republiek" crossed out in red ink, backstamped at Durban and Colombo. Probably the only known use of this Boer seal by the British with the wording partly deleted. £100-120
  Type 3 Seal used at Johannesburg. 1900 (May 29) Cover from Johannesburg to Pretoria bearing pink type 3 Boer seal with an ink line through "Postdepartment, Z.A. Republiek" and manuscript "O.H.M.S". A very unusual Boer seal altered in manuscript, one other example recorded in "Censor Seals" by Snowden & Hepworth. £100-120
  Type 3 Seal used at Johannesburg. 1901 (Nov 7-10) Covers from Johannesburg to France or Germany both with pink Boer type 3 seals tied by dated oval "P.B.C. / JOHANNESBURG", the cover to Germany with central vertical fold, otherwise fine and unusual. (2). £100-120
  Type 3 Seal used at Krugersdorp. 1901 Covers from Krugersdorp, sent on March 9th to a P.O.W in Deadwood Camp, St. Helena, or on May 29th to a P.O.W in Diyatalawa Camp, both with pink Boer type 3 censor seals and violet oval "P.B.C / Krugersdorp", the second cover also censored in Ceylon with type 26 seal, an unusual pair. (2). £100-120

Boer + British Censor Seals

  1899 (Oct 12-16) Covers from Johannesburg (2) or Roodepoort to Cape Colony all with white Boer type 2 censor seals and British type 2A or 2B seals, handstamped violet boxed "STOPPED BY CENSOR / RETURN TO SENDER" with Returned Letter Office Natal datestamps (Mar 23-30), one cover with faults, the other two largely fine, an unusual trio with the scarce Boer type 2 seals, all stopped by the censor and sent to the Durban R.L.O but showing no sign of having been returned to the senders. (3). £160-180
  1899 (Nov 11 - Dec 27) Covers from Transvaal to Cape Colony (4) or G.B (2) all with Boer type 3 seals and British type 1B or 1E "Officially Sealed" censor seals bearing a "DURBAN" handstamp, two covers to the Cape underpaid with "3d" or circular framed "1d" charge marks, five with arrival datestamps, all fine. (6). £200-250
  1900 (Jan 4) Cover from Johannesburg to Durban censored with Boer seal type 3 and British "Officially Sealed" censor type 1E with "DURBAN" handstamp, redirected to Scotland with a Natal 1d affixed and cancelled at Durban (Jan 16). A fine cover with stamps and censor seals of both Transvaal and Natal. £120-140
  1899 (Oct/Nov) Covers franked 1d from Transvaal to Natal or to Cape Colony and redirected to G.B both with Boer type 3 seal and British type 1D "Officially Sealed" censor seals, the cover to Natal with the seal shown in manuscript as being sealed in the R.L.O, the other seal with a Durban c.d.s (Nov 23) applied to the seal before it was used on the cover, this cover also with "T/15c" and "3d" charge marks. An unusual pair, the type 1D seal only recorded used Nov. 10-23. (2). £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
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