Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 11
  Diyatalawa. 1901-02 Covers (7) and fronts (2) sent from or to (8) Diyatalawa Camp, including a cover from Maryborough, Ireland to a Patrick Kelly in the camp (presumably an Irish volunteer in the Boer forces) and a cover from the Cape with "maldirige" handstamp. Also two picture postcards of the camp. (11). £130-160
  Ragama. 1901-02 Covers and cards from (4) or to (2) Ragama Camp including a 6c stationery envelope from a German volunteer in the Boer forces sent to Singapore with superb "THE CAMP" c.d.s, picture postcards franked 3c to France both with "T" handstamps (2, one bearing France 10c postage due), etc., one registered cover with stamps removed, otherwise fine. (6). £100-120
Click to view full image... Welikada Prison. c.1901 2c Postcard with a small photo of President Steyn on the reverse, endorsed from Welikada and posted to another prisoner in Ragama Camp; and 1901 covers to T.J Curran in Welikada, one sent from Natal to Diyatalawa and redirected, the other a stampless cover from a P.O.W in Diyatalawa with c.d.s and "T" handstamp, all with Diyatalawa or Ragama censor cachets. Curran was sent to Welikada after escape attempts from both Diyatalawa and Ragama camps. A scarce group. (3). Photo on Page 90. £250-300
  Other Camps. 1901-02 Covers to Hambantota (4, two redirected from Ragama or Diyatalawa), cover to Diyatalawa redirected to Urugusmanhandiya, and a front to Diyatalawa redirected to Mount Lavinia hospital. (6). £130-160

St. Helena

  1901 (Mar 1) Cover to Lourenco Marques franked 1d tied by cork cancel (Proud K95) with boxed "T 15c" drawn in blue crayon, censor cachet initialled "c.d.n.s", backstamped "•DEAD•WOOD•CAMP•". Manuscript 60r charge but handstamped "REBUT / REFUGO" and "Non reclame / Nao reclamada" with Returned Letter Office Natal c.d.s (July 27) and "RETURNED / LETTER" applied upon receipt back at St. Helena. Light overall staining, flap missing and small piece torn from lower left corner, nevertheless an unusual cover, the St. Helena "Returned Letter" handstamp scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1901 1d Postal stationery postcards with "•DEAD•WOOD•CAMP•" handstamps and censor cachets, one to Holland with the censor initialled "c.d.n.s"; the other uprated 2d and registered to Cape Town with oval "REGISTERED / ST. HELENA", circular framed "R" and censor initialled "F.W.A" by F. Alexander, stamps tied by a cork cancel (Proud K95). The first a little stained, the registered card with light vertical fold but otherwise fine. (2). Photo on Page 90. £150-180
  German Volunteers. 1900-02 Cards comprising 1900 card to Germany written and signed by Lt. Col. Adolf Schiel with censor cachet initialled "EW" by E. Walton; 1901 cards from Deadwood Camp to Germany or from Germany to Deadwood Camp both with violet "PRISONERS OF WAR / CENSOR / BROAD BOTTOM CAMP", the two St. Helena cards with some faults. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... Piet Cronje & Adolf Schiel. 1902 (May 3) 1d Reply card (outward half) registered to Germany bearing QV ½d (2) + KEVII 1d, the card cancelled by St. Helena c.d.s and the three stamps tied by Maltese Cross type cork cancels (Proud K106), red censor cachet initialled "VA" by Baron von Ahlefeldt, the reverse signed by Lt. Col Adolf Schiel (Commander of the German Corps, captured at Elandslaagte) and General Piet Cronje (captured at Paardeberg). A fine registered card signed by two prominent Boer officers. Photo on Page 90. £250-300
Click to view full image... Piet Cronje. 1902 (June 23) 1d Reply card (reply half) registered to Holland, bearing QV 2d, the card cancelled by St. Helena c.d.s and the stamp by Maltese Cross type cork cancel (Proud K106), handstamped oval "REGISTERED / ST. HELENA" and circular framed "R" with violet triangular "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / ST. HELENA / HEAD OFFICE", the reverse written and signed by General Piet Cronje from Willow Cottage. A fine registered card from General Cronje. Photo on Page 92. £200-250
  1900-02 Covers, cards and fronts comprising cover bearing St. Helena QV 2½d tied by cork cancel (Proud K93) and censor initialled "J.H.M.B" by J. Bateman, white paper label at left (apparently signed, probably a provisional censor seal), backstamps showing six months transit from Cape Town to Potchefstroom; cover franked St. Helena 1d with censor initialled "EW" by E. Walton; registered front to Newton Burgher Camp with St. Helena QV 3d tied by cork cancel (Proud K105) and Broad Bottom censor; cover from Holland to Capt. de Witt Hamer at Walbro Cottage with violet triangular "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / ST HELENA / HEAD OFFICE"; other covers from South Africa to St. Helena (5); and picture postcards (5). Also two fronts to Bermuda both with Bermuda censor cachets. (16). £200-250

Boer Internees in Portugal

  1901 Covers from Transvaal to internees at Peniche, one registered franked by six 1d stamps (a further stamp removed), both with arrival backstamps. Also a picture postcard of Boer children in the school at Caldas da Rainha. (3). £120-150

Civil Postal Services

  1899-1902 Covers, cards and a few fronts including use of datestamps with "O.V.S" or "Z.A.R" by the British, or with these letters removed; 1900 datestamps with the year dates omitted; covers to Egypt (2, one with postage due stamps) or Panama; datestamps including Ixopo, Eshowe or Hlabisa (both Zululand), etc; unoverprinted Transvaal stamps disallowed in Pretoria in 1901, charged 2d; covers apparently written by natives or Indians (5); consular mail (4); cover to Govt. Water Boring Operations at Maraisburg; Unclaimed or Unknown cachets (4); Officially Sealed covers (2); also 1904-07 Robben Island cancels (2), etc. (74+). £250-350
  1900-1902 Covers with philatelic frankings of the V.R.I overprint issues of Transvaal (3 covers with six or more stamps, another cover bearing 6d + 1/- + 5/-, also a piece with ten values to the 10/- tied by F.P.O 17 c.d.s) or of the O.F.S (9 covers with eight or more stamps, two with ½d - 5/- set to ten); cover with Transvaal 1902 KEVII ½d - 1/-; and a 1901 cover bearing 1895 ½d on 6d block of ten (one with "Ealf-Penny" variety). An interesting lot, O.F.S stamps including level stops 6d carmine and 5/-, raised stops 6d carmine. (16). £220-260
  Registered Mail. 1899-1902 Registered covers, many with censor cachets, some P.O.W mail including covers to Umbilo Camp, Belle Vue, Ceylon and Tuckers Island Bermuda, cover to Bechuanaland, cover to France with a Boer censor label, etc. (24). £200-250
  Registered Mail - Postage Dues. 1901-03 Covers (3) and a front with 1901 cover from Modderfontein to G.B franked 2d, compulsory registered as it contained a coin with explanatory label and Boer Officially Sealed label tied by Returned Letter Office Pretoria c.d.s, handstamped "T", eight E.R.I 1d stamps subsequently applied and cancelled "R" with "Officially Sealed in the Returned Letter Office Pretoria" labels; registered covers endorsed "Posted out of Course" (2, one to G.B bearing Cape, O.F.S and Transvaal stamps all accepted as valid at Beaconsfield); and a front posted in February 1902 franked 2d, compulsory registered with six 1d stamps added in August 1903. (4). £100-120
  T.P.Os. 1900-02 Covers including Cape 1d tied by "WESTERN / T.P.O" double ring c.d.s (2) and a cover with "EASTERN T.P.O / UP" c.d.s alongside a disallowed O.R.C 1d stamp, twelve other registered covers with T.P.O backstamps including Eastern, N.E, Western, North Eastern or Midland T.P.O datestamps. Seven covers have G.B stamps with F.P.O or A.P.O datestamps including "ARMY POST OFFICE / T.P.O - EAST - No. 2". Some faults, ten fine including the three posted on T.P.Os, one with Norvals Pont c.d.s in violet. (15). £160-200

Temporary Cancellations

  Christiana. 1901-02 Covers (3) and a front comprising stampless O.A.S cover and a cover to USA franked by three Cape 1d stamps both with red rubber c.d.s with "CHRISTIANA" and the date across the circle; and a stampless O.A.S cover and a front franked Cape 1d to St. Helena both with red oval "Christiana" datestamp (other words excised from the datestamp), the front with the datestamp applied away from the stamp which was cancelled in manuscript and in transit by a Kimberley c.d.s, all with red Press Censor. A couple with a few very minor faults, otherwise fine. (4). £180-220
Click to view full image... Elands Laagte. 1900 Cover with Natal ½d pair tied violet oval "ELANDS LAAGTE / 26 APR 1900 / NATAL" and another cover from the same correspondence with Elands Laagte steel c.d.s (Sep 21). A very scarce cancel used for a short period after the British re-occupation of the town. (2). Photo on Page 92. £180-220
Click to view full image... Kaalfontein. 1901 Cover franked Transvaal 1d and a piece bearing G.B 1d lilac both cancelled violet oval "POST OFFICE / KAALFONTEIN" datestamp, a few minor cover faults and four letters of "OFFICE" off the cover but very scarce, this temporary cancel only recorded 4 January - 1 April 1901. (2). Photo on Page 92. £150-180
  Krakeel River. 1901 Cover to a P.O.W in Bermuda with Cape 1d cancelled manuscript "11th Sept 1901, Krakeel River C.G.H", censor cachet and backstamps, a few edge tears and censor seal removed but the only example of this rare manuscript cancel we have recorded. Krakeel River was briefly occupied in August 1901 by a Boer Commando lead by Commandant Scheepers, the Post Office datestamp being stolen or destroyed. £100-120
  Kroonstad. 1900 Cover posted within Kroonstad with O.F.S V.R.I ½d cancelled manuscript "P.O, Kroonstad, 16/6/00", the only manuscript cancel for Kroonstad we have recorded. £100-120
Click to view full image... Kuruman. 1900 Cover endorsed "On Active Service, From 2779 D.L.O I.Y" with Cape 1d cancelled by crowned oval "DISTRIBUTOR OF STAMPS / JY 23 1900 / KURUMAN", Manchester arrival backstamp. A rare cancel used briefly after the British reoccupation of the town in June 1900, the Post Office datestamp having been destroyed during the six month the Boers occupied Kuruman. Photo on Page 92. £250-350
  Middelburg. 1900 (May 29) Cover from Potchefstroom to Middelburg directed "via Pretoria" with Boer type 1 censor seal and arrival backstamp (July 5), then strangely sent to Pretoria, received there after the British occupation with July 12 c.d.s, then sent back to Middelburg backstamped violet boxed "MIDDELBURG / 21 SEP 00 / TRANSVAAL"; and a Boer In Dienst envelope addressed to the G.P.O London by a soldier in the Army Post Office Corps, Army P.O 53 c.d.s and violet "S.G KRIEGLER / Postmeester / PRETORIA" cachet, six Cape, O.R.C or Transvaal stamps each cancelled by the violet boxed "MIDDELBURG / 26 SEP 00" with a further strike on reverse. The first cover fine and very unusual, the second cover with corner faults. A scarce cancel, used after the British occupation of the town in July 1900. (2). £150-180
  Normandien. 1901 (March) Covers to P.O.Ws in Ceylon, both with Natal 1d tied by "NORMANDIEN / NATAL" c.d.s with the month shown as "3" and the date as "0", the remainder of the date written in manuscript, fine and unusual. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Norvals Pont. 1900 Cover to Holland franked Cape 1d and a stampless O.A.S lettercard front with F.P.O c.d.s, both with violet fancy "Norvals Pont", very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 92. £200-240
Click to view full image... Norvals Pont. 1902 (Jan 1) Cover bearing Cape ½d tied by "NORVAL'S PONT / POST OFFICE" rubber c.d.s. Also a 1901 (June 8) cover franked 3d to Ceylon with Norvals Pont datestamps and censor cachet. Only two examples of the Norvals Pont Post Office temporary rubber c.d.s recorded, both dated 1 JAN. 1902. (2). Photo on Page 92. £180-220
  Platrand. 1901 Picture postcard to Scotland with Transvaal and O.F.S V.R.I ½d stamps cancelled manuscript "Platrand, 1/10, 01", the only example of this manuscript cancel we have seen. Very rare. £100-120
Click to view full image... Potchefstroom. 1900 Cover to a Boer P.O.W in St. Helena bearing a G.B 1d lilac, ringed as invalid with boxed "POTCHEFSTROOM / 21 DEC 00 / TRANSVAAL" datestamp (with chamfered corners) and "T" both alongside the uncancelled stamp, octagonal "T / CENTIMES" with a censor cachet and St. Helena arrival c.d.s. A fine cover with a very scarce temporary datestamp. Photo on Page 92. £200-250
Click to view full image... Springbokfontein. 1902 Covers to London franked Cape 1d, the first cancelled "213" with Springbokfontein c.d.s alongside, the second cancelled by red script type "Springbokfontein" with "31.5.02" in manuscript. The only example we have seen of this rare and unusual cancellation. (2). Photo on Page 92. £150-180
  Standerton. 1900-01 Covers franked 1d (2) and a stampless cover sent within Standerton, all with fancy framed "STANDERTON / TRANSVAAL" datestamps (Dec 27 1900 - Jan 17 1901), mainly fine and scarce. (3). £160-200

  1900-01 Covers comprising stampless soldiers covers with "STELLENBOSCH" skeleton datestamps (2, Jan 31 - Mar 1 1900); cover (opened out and backed on card) to Ceylon with G.B 1d tied by violet boxed "SPRINGS / 14 JAN 1901 / TRANSVAAL" (with chamfered corners); 1900 Boer "In Dienst" Post Office cover with G.B 1d lilac tied by violet boxed "VOLKSRUST" and separate "14 JUN. 1900" (faults); and May 1900 cover to Scotland with O.F.S V.R.I ½d + 1d pair tied by circular undated "*WEPENER*", used after de Wet's Siege of Wepener which ended on April 25th. Also a part telegram form with violet "UTRECHT / NATAL" c.d.s (Oct 24), used after the town was ceded from Transvaal to Natal. A useful lot, the Wepener, Volksrust and Springs cancels all rare. (6). £240-280


From the Collection of Alistair Kennedy
Alistair Kennedy researced and wrote on numerous aspects of forces mail and other postal histroy, and was co-author with George Crabb of "The Postal History of the British Army in World War One", which remains the standard work on the subject. He joined The Forces Postal History Society in 1953, serving as President in 1991-93 and was made an Honorary Life Member in 2008. He attended and displayed at virtually every meeting of the society, and was renowned for the unusual and diverse range of items which he always managed to show, many of which are included in the following lots. His many other postal history interests included Hertfordshire (see lots 1832-1861).

  Military cancels on stamps and pieces, a large quantity from QV to post-WW2 period in two stockbooks, many on G.B stamps with camps, naval cancels, Army Official stamps, Boer War, WW1, A.P.O (HD) cancels, complete WW1 parcel post labels (9, one franked 3/3), etc. (Many 100s). £200-250

Pre-1914 Period

  1745-1835 Letters concerning military matters or to military addresses including 1831 printed letter giving numbers of men required for the miners militia in the parish of Wonford; 1833 letter from Edinburgh to the Commander of the 1st Lancers at St. Sebastian, part of the British Legion in Spain; printed wrappers from the War Office (2) or Chelsea Hospital, and letters to the Paymaster General (4) all sent as Frees; 1799 franked letter to a Major in the Regt of the Isles at Aberdeen; 1798 printed letter to the surgeon of the Aberdeen Volunteers concerning a new tourniquet technique with illustrated instructions on its application; 1796 receipt from Cobb & Co in Margate for barrels of cartridges & flints sent by Stanbury & Cos waggon to the Margate Volunteers; 1795 letter to the West Lowland Fencibles at Hastings redirected to Eastbourne Barracks; 1798-1800 letters to the Breadalbane Fencibles in Ireland (3); 1775 letter (no address panel) from the Lord Lieutenant of Essex requesting volunteers from the Essex Militia to join the regular forces for the war in America; 1794 War Office letter to the French Artillery in Southampton (no address panel); 1801 letter to the Prince of Wales Own Fencible Infantry in Gibraltar, also related acts, etc. (32). £400-500
  1788-99 Entire letters to William Lee of the 16th Light Dragoons, the first two 1788 letters from Strasbourg to Brunswick, or from Paris to Magdebourg (Lee possibly in Brunswick for the recent marriage of the Duke of Brunswick to Princess Augusta of England); the others sent within England to Lee as a Cornet, Lieutenant, Major then Lieutenant Colonel, at Epsom, Windsor (2), London, St. Albans or "recruiting at Coventry". (8). £200-250
  1845-1913 Entire letters and covers including 1848 letter from Bolton franked 2d blue pair, to a Captain in the Duke of Lancaster's Yeomanry at Rochdale concerning billets for troops at a forthcoming field day at Preston; covers to the War Office with various unusual semi-literate addresses, four stampless treated as Official Paid (3) or charged 2d, others franked 1d (16); cover to the Duke of Connaught; various regimental envelopes or stationery, etc. Also two 1910 picture postcards of the Royal Tournament at Olympia sent by a participating soldier. (32) £100-120

G. B Camp & Manoeuvres Cancels

  Chobham Camp. 1853 Covers sent from or to (2) the camp at Chobham all with "CHOBHAM CAMP" double arc datestamps, fair to good strikes. Also an "Illustrated London News" with pictures of the camp, which was established for exercises for eleven weeks from June 14th. (4). £100-120
  Fort George. 1788-1841 Entire letters from Fort George with curved, straight line (2), boxed mileage (2) or boxed "FT GEORGE / TOO LATE" handstamps, and letters to Fort George (11). Also 1877-1960 covers or cards with various other cancels of Fort George (6) or Fort George Station. (24). £100-120
  1856-1914 Covers and cards with various camp cancels including 1855-56 Aldershot Camp sideways duplexs (3), 1898 Field Post Office Salisbury and 1900 Field Post Office Bulford Camp, 1912 Army Telegraphs c.d.s code "SC" used at Stoney Castle Camp (2), many skeletons, etc. Also a few covers to camps, picture postcards, some stamps and pieces, many on album pages. (110+). £200-250
  Ireland. 1907 Picture postcards with "ELLY BAY / C G STN" Irish skeleton cancels (2, one from H.M.S Albion). Also 1916 picture postcard and a piece both cancelled "BERE ISLAND / MTO" skeleton c.d.s. (4). £100-120
  Manoeuvres. 1906-13 Picture postcards (91) and covers (2) with "ARMY POST OFFICE" datestamps used on manoeuvres, various numbers from 1906 (4), 1907 (4), 1908 (6), 1909 (17), 1910 (16), 1911 (5), 1912 (27) or 1913 (14), also some related picture postcards and cards to soldiers, and cards with army manoeuvres cancels from France (2), Switzerland or Italy. (104). £400-500

Royal Navy

  1852 Cover from Portsmouth franked 1d, backstamped straight line "NAVY POST OFFICE". Also 1915-75 covers and cards (11), a 1921 P.O Savings Bank book, and a few pieces all with datestamps of naval establishments. (13+). £100-120
  1830-1910 Covers and cards from or to naval ships including 1830 letter from H.M.S "Seringapatan" at Rio de Janeiro; 1842 Admiralty cover to "H.M.S Pantaloon, West Coast of Africa"; 1858 cover from London to H.M Gun Boat "Woodcock" at Hong Kong; 1861 cover from Devonport to H.M.S "Hannibal" at Beyrout; 1868 cover with enclosed letter from H.M.S "Malabar" at Suez (G.B stamp indistinctly cancelled); 1872 cover franked 1d from London to H.M.S "Invinciple" at Plymouth redirected to Lisbon franked 5d; 1876 cover from H.M.S "Fawn" (probably at Jeddah) with G.B 2½d cancelled in London; 1877 Turkey postcard from H.M.S "Achilles" in Besika Bay (due to Russo-Turkish War); 1902 Japan 4s postcard from H.M.S "Blenheim" at Chemulpo, Korea; 1905 cachet of the British Fleet's visit to Swinemunde; picture postcards from ships in the Mediterranean, etc. (46). £200-250
  1903-14 Picture postcards (48) and covers (2) from ships overseas, sent in sealed bags and cancelled in London (46) or Devonport (4), origins include Crete, Egypt, Hong Kong, Yokohama, South America, etc., one with a Greece stamp incorrectly accepted and cancelled in London, two charged (one having a disallowed Japan stamp) with "POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD / I.S". (50). £100-120
  British Somaliland. 1904 Double length folded panoramic picture postcard of Aden, written on a British naval ship (probably H.M.S "Mohawk") at Obbia, with G.B 1d cancelled in London. £80-100
  Albania. 1913 (May 22) Picture postcard written from Scutari by a member of the British detachment, forming part of the international contingent sent to force Montenegrin withdrawal from Albania and to support Albanian independence following the Balkan Wars. Treated as naval mail and sent to England in sealed bag, with KGV 1d cancelled by London 173 c.d.s. Also two picture postcards of the international contingent at Scutari. (3). £100-120

Crimean War, 1854-56

  1855 (Aug 31) Entire letter from "Camp before Sebastopol" to Ireland with blue "POST OFFICE / B / BRITISH ARMY" backstamp, a 1d red strip of three cancelled upon arrival in London by the Inland Office triple "43" numeral obliterator. The letter includes news of two escapes by his men from shells exploding in the trenches, one exploding next to a man tearing his clothes off and leaving him stunned but otherwise unharmed; the huge explosion of a magazine in the French trenches caused by a Russian shell which killed or wounded 400 men; the British bombardment of Sebastopol and Russian defences; and the presentation of a Russian sword, looted by French troops from the dead. An interesting letter. £100-120
  1855 (July 21) Entire letter from "Camp before Sebastopol" to Ireland with blue "POST OFFICE / B / BRITISH ARMY" backstamp, a 1d red strip of three cancelled upon arrival in London by Inland Office triple "49" numeral obliterator. The letter includes news of Russian attacks on the French; manning the furthest forward trench just 200 yards from the Redan and the death or wounding of four men from shell fire; an amputation performed without chloroform; the heat and lack of water, and rumours the army will spend another winter in the trenches. £100-120
  1855 Stampless covers with enclosed letters from George Horne at "Camp before Sebastopol", both with large "POST OFFICE / BRITISH ARMY" c.d.s; stampless entire letter from Edward Michell at Kadikoi, Balaklava; and an 1856 entire letter from Mark Grain, 1st Battn, Rifle Brigade at Palace Hospital, Scutari, bearing 1d pair (indistinct "OXO" cancels, a third stamp unfortunately removed), backstamped scarce "POST OFFICE / BRITISH ARMY" c.d.s with reversed "C" code (only used at Scutari). Also 1858 letter (with cover, stamp removed) written and signed by Colonel Lake of Kars. (5). £140-160
  1854-56 Covers franked by three 1d reds, from G.B to the Crimea (3, one to "Scutari or elsewhere", another to "British Army Post Office, Constantinople") or from the Crimea (3), two of these headed "From Pipe Major Stewart 79th Highrs" (as though intended to be sent as soldiers rate covers, one with tape stains), the other with light "crown between stars" cancels (opening faults, upper left corner missing). Also a stampless cover endorsed from "O.B Miller, 77th Regt, Crimea" with blue "POST OFFICE / B / BRITISH ARMY" backstamps, charged 3d, and a single 1d red (perf faults at top) with fine "OXO" cancel. (8). £180-220

Egypt & Sudan

Click to view full image... 1879 Covers sent by E.J Pollard, Captain of H.M.S "Rupert" whilst the ship was at Alexandria, both franked by a pair of Egypt 1pi stamps, carried by naval bag to London, the stamps cancelled upon arrival by "28" or "FB" obliterators, the first cover written on October 1st very fine, the second written on November 9th with a large piece torn from the upper edge upon opening. Very unusual. (2). Photo on Page 98. £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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