Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 12
  1882-97 Covers (8) and stamps (6), the stamps comprising G.B 1d lilac (on piece) or 2½d blue plate 22 (single + pair) with 1882 "BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE / EGYPT" c.d.s and 2½d lilac (2, one on piece) with similar 1885 c.d.s; covers include 1884-85 covers franked 1pi from the "Miss Young" or "Sandbach" correspondences, three 1885 covers from Scotland franked 2½d to "Captain Gordon, Royal Marines, Souakin, Egypt" all unusually with "SOUAKIN" arrival backstamps, etc, a couple with faults. (14). £200-250

South Africa

  Cape of Good Hope Expedition - General Sir David Baird. 1805 (July 25) Entire letter written and signed by General Sir David Baird in London (with reference to "The Post Bell now ringing"), posted to his brother Lieut-Colonel Baird in Cork and redirected to Cove, with London and Dublin backstamps and red "CORK". Also 1806 (Mar. 2) "Bells Weekly Messenger" containing a long report of the capture of Cape Town on January 12th received from the Commander of the British forces General Sir David Baird. A scarce letter from Baird sent shortly before his departure for South Africa; his brother Lt.-Col. Baird also sailed with the expedition and commanded the First Brigade in the Cape. Ex Robson Lowe collection. £100-120
Click to view full image... First Boer War. 1881 Stampless cover to England endorsed "being on Field Service no stamps are available" with a Durban c.d.s (Apr 11) and circular framed "1/-" charge mark, "N.W 6" London inspectors handstamp and a Ware arrival backstamp, a little edge staining at lower right corner, otherwise a fine cover from the Beresford correspondence. Photo on Page 98. £200-250
  1896 Jameson Raid. 1896 (Jan 5) O.F.S 1d postcard from Kroonstad to London with message "of course you have heard there is war in Johannesburg and myself, sister & family were sent out of the town 29th Dec"; and Transvaal 1d postcards with pictures of the late crisis in Johannesburg on the reverse, one card used from Johannesburg to Holland in 1897 depicting "The Australian Brigade", the other unused card depicting "March Past Commissioner Street". (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Bambata Rebellion. 1906 (June 17) Stampless On Active Service cover to Mooi River, signed by Sgt E. Harding, Natal Carabineers, with "NKANDHLA / ZULULAND" c.d.s and an arrival backstamp, very minor tone marks, otherwise fine and scarce. Also three picture postcards of rebel Chief Nkoma, a condemned rebel, or Natal forces. (4). Photo on Page 98. £120-140


  Soldiers Concession Rates. 1844-98 Entire letters (2) and covers (4) all headed and countersigned for the soldiers concession rate, the stampless entire letters from Arnee (1844) or Belgaum (1847) both charged 2d in England, four 1859-98 covers franked 9p (2) or 1a (2). Also a 1857 cover (soiled) franked by a G.B 1d red cancelled in London, from a soldier on H.M.S "Adventure" which was bound for China but diverted to India. (7). £100-120
  1848-1911 Entire letter, covers and cards (7), stamps and pieces (8) with 1848 letter from Julliender containing news of the disaster at Mooltan; 1879 cover from Simla to "Major General Roberts V.C, Commanding Kurrum Field Force, via Kohat" with Kohat arrival c.d.s (2nd Afghan War); 1887 Patiala ½a envelope to a native soldier at "Camp Meiktila, Burmah Field Force" with arrival backstamp; 1894 Gwaliar postcard to the Waziristan Delimitation Escort at Dehra Ismail Khan; 1897 Chitral Relief Force cover with Field P.O 23 c.d.s (faults); 1901 G.B 1d card to the Malakand Force with "FIELD P.O No. 25" arrival c.d.s; 1911 Abor Expedition card with "BASE OFFICE / C" c.d.s, also stampless piece with 1857 "FIELD FORCE / PD / PERSIA" c.d.s, single 6a8p stamp with "F.F" cancel used in Abyssinia, etc. (15). £200-240
  1880-97 Covers and cards with Field P.O datestamps comprising 1880 card from Italy to W.M Birdwood (later Field-Marshal, Commander of A.I.F in WW1) at Rawalpindi and redirected to F.P.O 2 with single ring arrival c.d.s (used on manoeuvres near Attock); 1885 1½a postcard tied by F.P.O 11 squared circle, used at a camp of exercise near Delhi; 1897 ½a envelopes cancelled by squared circles of F.P.O 6 (June 27, probably used by the Tochi Field Force) or F.P.O 11 (Jan 4), both unrecorded by Proud at these dates. (4). £160-200
  Boxer Rebellion - China / Hong Kong. 1901-06 C.E.F ½a envelopes (4, two uprated ½a or 1½a to England), postcard from F.P.O 1 to F.P.O 4 franked C.E.F 3p and a cover franked C.E.F 3p strip of four all with F.P.O cancels comprising No.1 of Peking (3), No. 4 of Tientsin (2) or No. 5 of Shanghai, four with Base Office (Hong Kong) or Base Office B backstamps. Also 1907-14 cards to Peking or Tientsin with F.P.O 1 and Base Office B arrival datestamps, cancels on single stamps, etc. (8+). £200-250

1d Concession Rates

Click to view full image... G.B/India. 1891 1d Penny pink postal stationery envelope from Sutton, addressed to "1790 Corpl W. Austin, D. Company, P.W.O 2nd West Yorks Regt, Dagshai, East Indies", backstamped Sea Post Office, Lucknow, Sitapur and Dagshai datestamps. An unusual use of a G.B stationery envelope to pay the soldiers 1d concession rate. Photo on Page 98. £120-150
  Malta. 1866 Cover to England headed "From G. Cullingford, Boy H.M.S Arethusa" and countersigned bearing G.B 1d red plate 72 tied by Malta A25 duplex, a fine 1d rate sailors cover. £100-120
  Malta & Gibraltar. 1882-97 Covers (4) and a front comprising covers from Malta franked G.B 1d (14 dots) or Malta 1d, and a cover sent at the 1d rate from Pembroke Dock to a soldier in Malta; 1891 front franked Gibraltar 1d with South District c.d.s; and 1897 cover posted in Gibraltar with a G.B 1d lilac, disallowed with "T" handstamp and Gibraltar c.d.s below the stamp which was cancelled upon arrival in London, charged 1d. The last cover with faults, the three Malta 1d rate covers fine, the first from a sailor on H.M.S "Euryalus". (5). £200-250
  St. Lucia. 1898 Cover to England, headed from a sergeant in the West Indies Field Co. Royal Engineers and countersigned, bearing St. Lucia 1d, piece torn from upper edge and a large tear extending across the entire address panel, which however is not obviously apparent, the cover very presentable looking and scarce. £80-100
  Canada. 1896 Fronts to England both headed "From Walter Wm Bradbrook AB H.M.S "Icarus" Pacific Station" and countersigned, franked Canada 2c cancelled at Escuimalt, British Columbia, scarce. (2). £100-120

Other Empire & Foreign Countries

  1856-1917 Covers and cards from or to forces in various empire countries including 1877 cover from the "Miss Young" correspondence posted in Malta with G.B 2½d; 1882 cover from Singapore with Inniskilling Fusiliers crest franked 10c, superb red Singapore Paid c.d.s; 1869 cover from G.B to New Zealand redirected to "Colonial Defence Forces, Patta"; 1904-17 series of interesting letters from an officer in West Africa (8, covers missing or with stamps torn away); 1913 cover from Cap-Lope, Gabon to Sierra Leone redirected to London with Garrison Mail Sierra Leone c.d.s, etc. (30). £100-120
  1848-1914 Covers and cards (and a few fronts) from various foreign forces including 1896 stampless cover to Orvieda in Spain with "BATALLON PROVISIONAL DE PUERTO-RICO / No. 2" and arrival backstamp; US forces in Mexico (5) and U.S ship cancels; Guatemala covers and fronts; 1848 entire sent within Venice whilst besieged by the Austrians with "COMMISSARIATO DI GUERRA IN VENEZIA"; Belgian and Dutch camp cancels; Norwegian Feltpostkontor datestamps (2); Italian forces in Libya (3); French forces in Madagascar, Indo-China, Martinique, North Africa or French Sudan, etc. (41). £150-180
  France. 1758-1814 Entire letters including 1758 letter from an officer in the Regt. de Bretagne Infanterie during the Seven Years War, posted at Gennep; 1800 letter from Milan with "No. 1 / ARM. DU ITALIE" handstamp; 1807 letter from Pillau with fine red "No. 22 / GRANDE ARMEE" handstamp, etc. (8). £120-140
  France. 1848 (Sep 30) Handwritten petition signed by Gerard Elisee and six others, all political prisoners on the prison ship "Criton" in Cherbourg harbour, addressed to the President of the Commission for Political Detainees, the prisoners detained following the failed workers rebellion of February 1848 which led to the Second Republic, hand delivered; and 1856 stampless entire letter posted within Paris to a Zouave soldier detained in a military prison, with Paris c.d.s showing a 15c charge. (2). £100-120
  Germany. 1881-1911 Covers and cards (24) and a front including camp cancels, naval mail (6, with 1897 Russian cover posted at Baltiski, Estonia, written from S.M.S "Charlotte"), forces mail from the Boxer Rebellion in China (3), Herero Rebellion in South West Africa (8), etc. (25). £150-180
  Italy - Naval Mail. 1906-13 Covers and cards (18) and a part card all with named ship datestamps or cachets (some used as cancellations) including mail sent during the Italo-Turkish War, mail from Queensland, Peru, Japan, Egypt, etc, a few philatelic or with faults but most fine. (19). £120-150

Foreign Wars & Campaigns

  U.S Civil War. 1861-64 Covers including 1861 patriotic envelope showing the Union flag franked 3c, with enclosed letter on patriotic notepaper from a soldier in Virginia; stampless covers endorsed from the U.S.S "Huntsville" with circular "U.S. SHIP / 3 CTS" or U.S Brig "Bainbridge" off St. Marks Fla. with boxed "SHIP"; printed Navy Department cover with "WASHINGTON D.C / FREE" c.d.s, etc. (6). £120-140
  Second Schleswig War. 1864 (Mar 12) Stampless entire to the Danish Army Conscription Office in Copenhagen with "FELTPOST No. 1" c.d.s (used at Alsen, turned and reposted to Horsholm); and a stampless entire to Cologne with boxed "S.B / 7 Jag. Bat." and "K. Pr FELDPOST / VII ARMEE CORPS" c.d.s (June 12), both fine. (2). £100-120
  Franco-Prussian War. 1870-71 Covers including cover from a French P.O.W at Stettin with camp cachet on reverse, franked North German Confederation 2g + ½g; cover with printed heading "BRITISH NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE SICK & WOUNDED IN WAR" from William Reid to his wife, a nurse at Addenbrooks Hospital, with Alsace Lorraine 2c + 20c tied Feldpost datestamps (four other stamps sadly removed); cover from the War Correspondent of the "Manchester Guardian" at Versailles to the "Morning Post" in London with Alsace Lorraine 10c + 20c tied Feldpost c.d.s (faults, upper left corner missing); covers to or from Prussian forces (9, one to G.B), etc. Also unused "Gratis" labels on orange or pink paper for use on mail from French internees in Switzerland; and fronts from Ballon Montes (2, one to Russia, severe faults). Faults but an interesting lot. (17). £180-220
  Sino-Japanese War. 1895 (Sep 30) Stampless cover from Manchuria to Niigata with red datestamp of Second Army F.P.O 1, located at Chin-chou; and 1896 cover from Japan (opening faults, 2s stamp torn) to Taiwan with superb red F.P.O 4 arrival c.d.s (Feb 26) used at Houling. Two scarce covers both sent shortly after the war had ended. (2). £120-150
  Spanish-American War. 1899 Covers (3, one with letter) with U.S stamps (including 1895 10c, 1898 Trans-Mississippi 5c pair) tied by Mil. Sta. No. 1 datestamps of Manila; and a cover from Santiago with Cuba 2½c on 2c, endorsed from the Postmaster of San Luis. Also a single U.S 10c brown with Military P.O China c.d.s. (5). £80-100
  Russo-Japanese War. 1904-05 Stampless soldiers lettersheets illustrated inside with pictures of a shinto shrine amongst trees or an eagle sitting on an archers bow in front of the sun, both postally used, probably from Manchuria, with F.P.O datestamps, fine and attractive. (2). £100-120
  Russo-Japanese War. 1905 Covers and cards, mainly stampless, from Russian forces (3, all with unit cachets, two with T.P.O cancels) or from Japanese forces (8, various F.P.O cancels), also 1906 card with pictorial Japanese cancel for the Triumphal Military Review. (12). £120-140
  Balkan Wars. 1912-13 Covers and cards including mail from Serbian forces (11, one a telegram envelope) or Bulgarian forces (5, one a part cover); 1912 card from Serbia to Scotland with violet oval "BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY / SCOTTISH BRANCH"; covers bearing Bulgarian stamps posted from the occupied towns of Lozengrad, Odrin or Sketcha in Western Thrace (3, one detained at Pyce for eight weeks); Western Thrace autonomous government stationery envelope commercially used from Xanthi to Stambul via Orta-Kevy; stampless cover to London with Greek and Turkish cachets and datestamps; and picture postcards (4). An interesting lot. (28). £250-300

World War One & Inter-War Years

  1914-18 Picture postcards (with a few earlier cards) including camps, naval ships, patriotic cards, silks, war damage, portraits of soldiers, Malta, India, Balkans, also a remarkable series of 43 real photo cards taken by a German soldier which include aircraft in flight and aircraft crashes, tanks, dead bodies in trenches, Cologne from the air, returning troops after the armistice, dead bodies being collected, submarine, destroyed tanks with dead bodies, etc. (450+). £200-250
  1915-27 Covers and cards including 1914 (Oct 1) cover from London to German occupied Brussels somehow delivered in April 1915 with oval Brussels censor cachet; 1916 covers from Bulgaria to Canada sent via an accommodation address in neutral USA (2); covers with French or British occupation of Togo overprint issues (2); New Caledonia postcard with Red Cross stamp; patriotic labels; War Graves Wreath Co cover from Le Panne, etc. (15). £120-150
  Civil Censorship. 1915-19 Covers and cards including covers from Paris to London strangely sent via Russia and censored in Petrograd (2); South West Africa (3); U.S censorship from various towns; Brazil censor labels and cachets (4); Bangkok censor label (one stamp removed); Gold Coast, Togo and Sierra Leone; postcards with oval "U.S CUSTOMS / LICENCED / EX. BY .... / PORT OF NEW YORK" (2); Aegean Postal Censor Syra (3); cover from Athens to Port Said bearing a Greek patriotic label with "STOPPED BY / DEPUTY CHIEF CENSOR", etc. (61). £250-300
  Civil Censorship - Great Britain. 1914-19 Covers and cards, various censor labels including the previously unrecorded label with the unusual wording "OPENED / FOR THE / CENSOR" on a 1914 cover to Hampshire with KGV 1d applied over the censor label and cancelled at Chelsea (Dec 28); blue Returned to Sender labels (3, two types); cachets with boxed "Postal Censor" (2) and "RELEASED BY THE / BRITISH MILITARY AUTHORITIES"; wax seals; 1919 censorship in Germany; boxed "OFFICIAL SUPERVISOR / Direction der / Disconto - Gesellschaft" (2), etc. (32). £200-250
  Service Suspended. 1914 (July/Aug) Covers and cards undelivered with various cachets comprising covers from G.B to Galicia, Austria to G.B, Bulgaria to France, Denmark to G.B, G.B to a French soldier in France or from the German P.O in Smyrna to G.B; July 31st cover from G.B to Russia detained in Germany until 1920 when it was finally returned; July 31st card to Austria received in September, marked as "not known" with German censor and return to sender cachets; and August 1st card from Austria to G.B with London Returned Letter Section arrival c.d.s (Aug 27). (9). £150-180
  Service Suspended. 1915-20 Covers and cards including 1915 cover from G.B to Poland, 1916-17 covers from Greece to Italy (faults) or from G.B to Greece (3, one with part reverse missing), 1918 covers from G.B or Switzerland to Russia, 1920 registered cover from G.B to Lithuania (during Polish occupation of Wilno), etc., various cachets including boxed "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED" (4) or "SERVICE SUSPENDED". (11). £140-160
  Detained Mails / Turkey. 1915-19 Cover and cards (2) from Turkey with a 1915 (June 14) card from Constantinople to G.B further cancelled in 1919 (Jan 17) at Field Post Office H12 with "CENSORED BY / MILITARY AUTHORITIES"; and 1916 (Mar 11) registered cover and card from Smyrna to Java both with 1919 (Sep 13) arrival datestamps and boxed "RELEASED BY THE / BRITISH MILITARY AUTHORITIES", a few cover faults, otherwise all fine and very unusual. (3). £120-150
  Ceylon - Detained & Returned Mail. 1914-19 Picture postcards from Ceylon (5) or written by a German on a ship bearing a Ceylon 6c cancelled at Sabang, three postcards posted in July/August 1914 just prior to the war all addressed to Germany but detained until after the war when the German addressees could no longer be found, all returned to Colombo in 1920; three other 1918-19 cards to Latvia, Poland or Russia but all returned with differing Service Suspended cachets, two of the latter cards with stamps removed (possibly by the censor), another with corner faults, but a very unusual group. (6). £180-200
  Captured Mail. 1916 Cover from Russia and postcard from Salonica both handstamped "PART OF A MAIL CAPTURED / BY GERMANS AND DELAYED", the Greek card probably carried on the "Erissos" which was stopped by a German submarine in November. (2). £70-80

Great Britain & Ireland

  1914-21 Covers and cards including covers used to send medals (4, one with enclosed War and Victory medals named to 170502 Gunner A. Bateman R.A), other official mail with war related official cachets, cards talking of air raids, cover cancelled to order with "DEMOBILIZATION / WOT OPES" skeleton c.d.s, 1917 O.A.S cover to a lady at the Russian Commission in London, 1916 cover from Russia to the Russian Examiner at Vickers cartridge works in Dartford, ephemera, etc. (64 + 2 medals). £200-250
  Camp Cancels. 1914-38 Covers and cards with skeleton cancels including Fovant, West Lulworth, Bullswater, Belhus Park, Sherrington, etc., Woodbury Common rubber skeleton (2), Experimental Station Porton c.d.s, a few post-war cancels with 1933 Burrowhead Camp c.d.s, 1930 Beaulieu Heath Camp and Guards Camp Goodwood skeleton datestamps on registered covers, etc. (127). £250-300
  A.P.O Home Defence. 1915-18 Covers and cards with Army Post Office (HD) datestamps, various numbers and locations, some with camp locations identified by the sender. (105). £200-250
  R.A.F Camps. 1917-25 Covers and cards including Central Flying School c.d.s (4, three types), Cranwell c.d.s (2 types), etc. (8). £100-120
  Victory Camps. 1919-46 Covers (2) and cards (2) comprising 1919 (July 20) "APO / KENSINGTON GDNS CAMP" skeleton c.d.s. on card franked 1d or stampless card from a Belgian soldier sent back to Belgium; 1946 cover to the Australian Victory March Contingent in London redirected with violet boxed "HEADQUARTERS / G LINES / VICTORY CAMP" applied across the two stamps, and "PADDINGTON W2 / SPRING ST BO" skeleton c.d.s on registered cover from the Kensington Gardens Camp. (4). £100-120
  Coronation Camps & Naval Reviews. 1937-77 Covers and cards with 1937 Pirbright Camp c.d.s (2, one with Australian Coronation Contingent crest), Regents Park Camp skeleton c.d.s (2) or Kensington Gardens Camp cachet; 1953 datestamps of F.P.O 775, 953 (2), 966 or 969 (5, one with S.A Coronation Contingent cachet, two from N.Z Contingent with Household Brigade Pirbright cachets); 1953 naval review covers (3) and 1977 Silver Jubilee naval review covers (3), also 1902 KEVII ½d postcard (faults) from Greenhithe to the Japanese warship "Asama" at Plymouth which was participating in the Coronation naval review, the message in Japanese. (21). £160-200
  Wounded Soldiers. 1915-19 Covers and cards including stampless covers with hospital cachets (5), official notification of arrival at hospital cards (6), etc. (21). £120-140
  1915-19 Letters (52, eighteen with covers) and postcards (13) from serving or former soldiers, sent to Miss K. or M. Allden in Godalming, who helped at the Y.M.C.A hut at Witley Camp, many from Canadian soldiers, one letter from the mother of a killed soldier with an In Memoriam card enclosed, one cover from Margaret Allden to a Canadian soldier returned marked "Killed in Action" enclosed within a Returned Letter envelope registered and charged 2d. Also four WW2 P.O.W cards to Miss Allden. (69). £100-120
  Army Manoeuvres. 1934-37 Philatelic covers and cards with F.P.O datestamps used on manoeuvres, comprising 1934 Base A.P.O 1, 1935 (13) with Base A.P.O 1 and F.P.O 1-10, 1937 (19) with Base A.P.O 1, F.P.O 1, 2 and 4-10, ten 1937 covers registered, also details of the manoeuvres from the Post Office circulars of 1934, 1935 and 1937, and two news cuttings. (33+). £100-120
  London Home Depot. 1914-18 Covers and cards (21), bag labels (6), parcel tags with "FOUND OPEN AND RE-PACKED / IN HOME DEPOT R.E.P.S" cachets (2), labels or pieces (34, mainly proof impression of datestamps or cachets), datestamps on cover include Army Letter Office London (4), Army Post Office London (skeleton), Army R.L.O London, Royal Engineers Postal Section, R.E Postal Section R.L.O and oval Registered R.E Postal Section or Registered R.E (P.S) Home Depot, also explanatory cachets, etc. (63). £200-240
  Ireland - Easter Rising. 1916 Covers and cards (9), letters (2) and a piece, with "ARMY POST OFFICE (H.D) / 41" c.d.s of Fermoy on a card and similar "D14" c.d.s on piece, April 1916 censored cover from Bangor to England, Dublin parcel handstamps (2) and roller cancels (2 types), etc. (12). £130-150
  Ireland. 1921-22 Cover with F.P.O D41 c.d.s and cachet of GHQ at Parkgate, Dublin, and pieces (11) with various F.P.O datestamps including F.P.O 8 rubber datestamps (2), etc. (12). £80-100

Western Front & Germany

  August/September 1914. Covers and cards (72) and fronts (2) including cards from British tourists in Europe with interesting war news (2); from troops in G.B (6, one unpaid and charged ½d); from the B.E.F prior to free postage franked ½d or 1d (3), unpaid and charged 1d (4) or posted into the French postal system franked 10c; 1d Field Service stationery cards (9, earliest use being August 16 from the Advance Base P.O at Amiens, probably the earliest recorded use of this card); other cards posted into the French postal system franked 5c or 10c and transferred to the British army postal service (4); many other B.E.F covers and cards (a few with London Paid datestamps or French civil datestamps, most with A.P.O or F.P.O datestamps); also mail from French forces (2) or German forces (3, also a card censored on August 3rd); Royal Navy (2); French navy ("Marine Francaise" cachet, G.B 1d cancelled in London); Russian cards with security dumb cancels (2), etc., one B.E.F cover with unusual oval "PASSED BY / NO. 178 / CENSOR", also an October 19th card from a British P.O.W in Germany. (77). £300-400
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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