Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
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Auction Lots - Page 2
  1938 (Nov 21/22) Covers to New Zealand, one from Lerwick, Shetland Islands, franked 1½d; the other registered from Exeter bearing KGVI 1½d with a further stamp washed off, both covers handstamped violet "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION / EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA". The registered letter with two New Zealand Officially Sealed labels on reverse tied by a further strike of the violet cachet. Also a postcard of the plane and ten contemporary news cuttings reporting the crash. (2+). £100-120
  1938 (Nov 22) Covers to New Zealand (2) and a picture postcard to Queensland, all from London with the stamps washed off, the covers with violet "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION / EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA", the postcard with red boxed "DAMAGED BY WATER / THROUGH ACCIDENT / TO FLYING BOAT" probably applied at Brisbane. (3). £120-150
  1938 (Nov 22) Covers from London to New Zealand (one with an enclosed Christmas card) both with the stamps washed off, originally underpaid with "T" handstamps applied by machine, handstamped violet "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION / EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA" or the scarcer three line "RECEIVED IN / DAMAGED CONDITION / ex CALPURNIA" (Nierinck type h, on reverse). (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1938 (Nov 23) Registered cover from Camberley to Brisbane handstamped red boxed "DAMAGED BY WATER / THROUGH ACCIDENT / TO FLYING BOAT", "D.L.O RECORD / No .." and "DEAD LETTER OFFICE / BRISBANE" c.d.s (Dec 20), Nierinck cachet type i, allocated by him to Sydney but apparently applied at Brisbane. A very unusual cover. Photo on Page 12. £140-160

Click to view full image... 1938 (Nov 23) Long cover from London to Hobart, the stamp washed off, handstamped "SALVAGED / "CALPURNIA"" (Nierinck type g, with "EX" in pencil) alongside a Hobart c.d.s (Dec 20), the reverse with a five line typed explanation signed S.E Deegan above his cachet "SUPERINTENDENT OF MAILS / 20 DEC 1938 / GENERAL POST OFFICE". Very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 14. £200-240

"Corsair", en route from Durban to England was forced down on the River Dungu, at Faradge in the Belgian Congo, on March 14th 1939. The plane sank, being refloated and repaired in 1940. Very little mail was recovered.


Click to view full image... Southern Rhodesia / Sudan. 1939 Long cover from Umtali, Southern Rhodesia to "The Director of Posts & Telegraphs, General Post Office, Khartoum", the stamps washed off, twice handstamped "Damaged by Water when the / Imperial Airways Aircraft forced / landed near Juba, Sudan" (one a little blurred, the much finer strike applied across the opened out right side flap). Also a postcard of the plane, sheet of unused "Corsair" notepaper, contemporary news cuttings reporting the crash or the salvage of the aircraft in 1940, and a copy of the reply to the letter originally enclosed in this cover sent by the Khartoum Postmaster to Capt. Creasy in Umtali, stating the letters he sent to the Postmasters of Juba, Kodok and Khartoum were damaged in the Corsair crash and are therefore returned, together with his 6d postal order. A very scarce cachet and crash cover. Photo on Page 14. £800-1,000

"Challenger" was en route from England to South Africa when it struck a small boat and sank whilst landing at Mozambique on 1st May 1939, killing the pilot and one crew member.

  1939 (Apr 21-24) Covers from England to Cape Town (4) or Durban (2), two franked 1½d, the others with all or some stamps washed off, three with violet boxed bilingual "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER", the others without any cachet, two with South Africa Officially Sealed labels (three covers with "Challenger" cachets applied more recently to the front). Also a postcard of the plane, photo of the crash, eight contemporary news cuttings, and the very scarce explanatory letter used to forward mail from the Johannesburg Post Office (Nierinck type e). (7+). £120-150
  1939 (Apr 23) Cover from Oldham to Wynberg franked 1½d, with hexagonal framed "T" machine mark, reverse with boxed "PLEASE ADVISE SENDER THAT / LETTERS SHOULD BE PREPAID / 1½d FOR EACH HALF OUNCE", violet bilingual boxed "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER", 1d + 2d postage due stamps applied. An unusual use of postage due stamps on a crash cover. £70-100
  New Zealand. 1939 (Apr 11) Cover from Dunedin, New Zealand to Durban, the stamp washed off, with violet boxed bilingual "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER", small piece torn from upper left edge, otherwise fine and a very scarce origin for mail from this crash. £100-120
Click to view full image... Kenya/Southern Rhodesia. 1939 (Apr 25) Cover from Nairobi to Salisbury, the stamp washed off, endorsed "By Flying Boat Challenger sunk at Lumbo Bay Mozambique 8.20 am 1/5/39 forwarded by F.B Canopus". A very scarce origin, destination and Salisbury Post Office endorsement. Photo on Page 12. £140-160
  Canada. 1939 (Apr 13) Long cover from Montreal to Cape Town franked Canada 3c, a further stamp washed off, endorsed "via New York S.S Aquitania", with violet bilingual boxed "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER". A very scarce origin from this flight. £120-140

Click to view full image... Latvia. 1939 (Apr 22) Cover from Riga to Cape Town franked Latvia 20s + 1L, carried by Deutsche Lufthansa to London and by the "Challenger" from Southampton with violet bilingual boxed "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER", a little roughly opened at lower edge, otherwise fine. A remarkable origin for this crash, almost certainly unique. Photo on Page 14. £200-240

"Centurion" was en route from Sydney to England when it crashed and sank whilst landing on the Hoogly River near Calcutta on 12th June 1939.

  1939 Covers from Australia (7), New Zealand, or without the origin shown, all to Great Britain, three franked 5d, the other six with the stamps washed off, one without any cachet forwarded in a London R.L.S ambulance envelope, the others handstamped red "SALVAGED MAIL / EX. CENTURION" (7, one Nierinck type bb with missing "S" and "M" and inverted "V") or "SALVAGED MAIL / EX CENTURIA" (Nierinck type c with error of name), the cover from New Zealand with additional boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER". One cover has ER (Edward VIII) Officially Sealed tape, five others have GR G.P.O or R.L.S sealing labels or tape. Also a card of the Centurion. (9). £250-300
  Burma. 1939 Cover from India to London, the stamp washed off, handstamped red "SALVAGED MAIL / EX CENTURION" and black boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER"; and a cover from Akyab (June 12) to Calcutta bearing four Burma 2a stamps, endorsed "Salvaged through S.S. Centurian 13/6" (the writer apparently under the impression the Centurian was a steam ship!), the cover from Burma very scarce. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1939 Covers to England, from Kuala Lumpur (stamp washed off) or from Singapore with 8c meter mark (June 9, machine U8 with "Enthrust Your Thirst to F. & N." slogan) both with red "SALVAGED MAIL / EX CENTURIA" cachets showing error of name, one also with "M" and "I" omitted in "MAIL", with London R.L.S Officially Sealed labels. (2). Photo on Page 14. £150-180
Click to view full image... Germany. 1939 (June 7) Cover from Melbourne to Germany, the stamps washed off with violet "Ohne Marken beim / Postamt Hamburg 1 / eingegangen", the reverse with red "SALVAGED MAIL / EX. CENTURION", a German Officially Sealed label tied by Munich c.d.s (June 22), and violet "Durchnasst aus / Calcutta eingegangen". A very scarce German destination and cachet. Photo on Page 14. £150-180

Click to view full image... USA. 1939 Cover from Australia to New York, the stamp washed off, handstamped red "SALVAGED MAIL / EX CENTURION" and black boxed "POSTAGE STAMP / REMOVED / BEFORE RECEIPT / AT THE / N.Y.P.O FOR. SEC", reverse with London R.L.S Officially Sealed label, bearing the explanatory label "This correspondence was / salvaged from the Air Mail / flying boat "Centurion" / which crashed at Calcutta / June 12, 1939". A very scarce destination and label. Photo on Page 14. £220-260

The aircraft G-AFGN, bound from London to Zurich, had to make a forced landing at Saint Sanveur, near Luxeuil in France, on August 11th 1939. The plane landed safely but then caught fire, and was destroyed. All passengers and crew escaped, but only part of the mail was salvaged, in damaged condition.


  1939 (Aug 10) Fire damaged covers franked 2½d, enclosed within Swiss ambulance envelopes at Bern with red "Angebrannte Postsendung / Flugzeungungfall" cachets (2), and an ambulance envelope with enclosed bilingual explanatory slip bearing a Basel c.d.s. One ambulance envelope redirected from the Hotel Chateau Gutsch at Luzern to Grindelwald with two "Chateau Gutsch" cachets. Also two contemporary news cuttings. (3+). £160-200

British Airways G-AESY
The 15th August 1939 flight from Heston to Copenhagen, Malmo and Stockholm was nearing Copenhagen when fire broke out. The plane G-AESY landed in the water at Vordingborg and sank, the pilot escaping but the passengers all drowning. The plane was raised the next day and the water soaked mails all salvaged.

  1939 (Aug 14) Covers from London (printed "Strand Magazine" advertising envelope) or Liverpool to Stockholm both with the stamps washed off and differing Malmo Post Office explanatory slips enclosed, one cover forwarded within a transparent ambulance envelope. (2). £80-100

(Also See Lots 615, 625, 750, 954-968, 1003, 1022, 1077, 1132, 1147, 1279, 1324/8)

  1923-57 Covers, mainly from G.B or empire countries, with explanatory handstamps showing the route to be flown or how far the cover was to be carried by air mail (25), covers partly carried by air with air mail inscriptions or labels obliterated in transit when diverted to surface mail (33), 1923 G.B covers with boxed "NO FLIGHT / SENT BY / ORDINARY SERVICE" (2, one also with scarce circular unframed "AIR / MAIL" in violet), also "A.V.2" cachets (6, from Thailand or Libya), mixed quality with some faults, an interesting lot. (66). £300-350
  Imperial Airways. 1930-39 Covers, cards, letters and ephemera including test letters from London to Dairen or Berlin, 1934 covers franked by Singapore meter marks with "Mail it via Imperial Airways" slogans (2), covers and cards to or from Imperial Airways or using Imperial Airways envelopes (with 1936 cover from Norway handstamped "KINGS BAY / SPITSBERGEN"), 1937 letters from Imperial Airways to A. Phillips concerning the sale of surplus first flight covers (5), etc. (21). £120-150
  Imperial Airways. 1931-37 Covers carried on the route to South Africa, mainly commercial large size covers, a few first flight covers noted including 1931 Khartoum to South Africa, 1932 Salisbury to G.B or G.B to Livingstone, 1937 covers from South Africa to G.B or Lourenco Marques carried on first north bound service by "Challenger", 1937 G.B to Kampala first "all-up" service, other commercial covers from South Africa (9), Egypt (5, all with air stamps, to Imperial Airways at Croydon airport), etc., also a 1946 cover from Southern Rhodesia. (25). £100-120
  Imperial Airways. 1930-45 Covers mainly carried on routes to India, Australia or the far east, mostly commercial large size covers, a few first flight covers noted including 1933 Bangkok to G.B cover carried on the first flight to Rangoon, other commercial covers include 1935 (Aug 24) cover from G.B. to Australia by "Athena" delayed at Akyab with engine trouble, 1938 cover from Shanghai to G.B flown from Hong Kong, 1943 G.B to India cover franked 3/9 rate by horseshoe route, 1945 Australia to Sweden cover with boxed "O.A.T", also covers to or from USA (3), and one later cover. (17). £100-120
  1934 Covers to London, from Chile franked 14p or from Mallorca franked 140c and charged 3d postage due, both with a printed label on the reverse "Please return the cover of this letter for the purpose of an Official Inquiry" endorsed "Asst. Controller E.C.D.O, Inward Air Mails", very unusual. (2). £70-80
  Aquila Airways. 1949-52 First flight covers carried from London to Madeira in 1949 or Falkland Islands to London in 1952 (3), and ephemera with advertising leaflets (2), photos (2), etc. (12). £70-80
  USA. 1925-45 Covers with various cachets including "AIR MAIL / First Overnight Flight / Chicago to New York", "Via Airmail / Par Avion / FROM LONDON AND IN INDIA", "BY AIR MAIL OVER U.S / Domestic Routes Only", "VIA AIR MAIL IN VENEZUELA", "Insufficiently Prepaid / for Clipper Service", "Received too late for / Air Mail. Despatched by / Train to save delay" or "Received at Chicago, Ill. / too late for air despatch / Forwarded by train", etc. (23). £100-120

Great Britain

  Walter Windham. 1934-40 Letters, invitations and news cuttings from the personal papers of Sir Walter Windham, organiser of the first U.K and India aerial posts in 1911, with 1934 invitation from Louis Bleriot to Windham to attend a garden party hosted by the French Air Minister at Buc Aerodrome to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the channel crossing by Bleriot, letters from Imperial Airways (24, many concerning his unsuccessful attempts to get a place on the first transatlantic passenger flight), similar letters from PanAm, copies of articles by Windham, some strange WW2 suggestions on how to disable enemy aerodromes or send propaganda leaflets by small balloons, letter written and signed by Windham, etc. (c.44). £240-280
  Airport / Air Mail Cancels. 1930-36 Covers and cards with cancels of Calshot Aerodrome (1931 skeleton used during Schneider Trophy air race), Gatwick Airport (2, one on first night flight to Stockholm, possibly a first day c.d.s), Heston Airport (first Heston to Denmark flight, possibly first day c.d.s), or Croydon Aerodrome (Nov. 4 1935, posted at Croydon, first acceptance from Croydon direct to the airport instead of via London), also London F.S Air Mail datestamps (4, three the first day of use, 23 June 1930), and a leaflet and photos (2) showing the special blue Air Mail post boxes (this Air Mail c.d.s used on mail cleared from these boxes). (12). £120-140

First U.K Aerial Post

  1911 News cuttings from various papers about the Aerial Post, most with attached cutting agency slips showing they were collected on behalf of Captain Windham, organiser of the Aerial Post (28); a fine original real photo (165x120mm) showing Gustav Hamel and his wife in a fine Mercedes sports car at Hendon Aerodrome with aeroplanes behind; and a 1936 ticket to a celebration dinner given by The Air Mail Society to honour Walter Windham on the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation Aerial Post, named on the reverse to Lady Downes. An interesting group, from the personal papers of Walter Windham. (30). £180-220
  1911 London to Windsor postcards in green (2, one with Molassine Dog Food advert on reverse and overprint on the front) or brown (2, one with Wrights Coal Tar Soap advert on reverse), and envelopes in green or red (both with enclosed notepaper) all with London Aerial Post datestamps of SP 9 or SP 11 (red envelope), the Molassine card with light crease and green envelope with faults, the others all fine with the Wrights Coal Tar Soap card superb. (6). £180-220
  1911 (Sep 9) Postcards in brown (with Schweppes advert on reverse) or red-brown and an envelope in green all with London Aerial Post datestamps, the envelope to Scotland forwarded with several Sep. 13th datestamps (therefore flown on Sep. 12th); postcard from the Aerial Post secretary's office apologising for a delay in the delivery of Aerial Post mail due to the high winds interfering with the flights from Hendon; and real photo picture postcards showing crowds around an Aerial Mail aircraft in Windsor Great Park, or the delivery of the Aerial Post to Windsor Post Office, the Schweppes postcard with a few edge faults, otherwise largely fine. (6). £180-220
  Switzerland. 1911 Red brown postcard and red envelope (letter on printed notepaper enclosed) with London Aerial Post datestamps both addressed to Switzerland, the postcard with two KGV ½d stamps tied by Sep 11 c.d.s and a Schonenwerd arrival c.d.s (Sep 18) alongside, the envelope franked KGV ½d + 1d (2, one 1d and the ½d stamp perfined "B&Co") tied by Sep. 9 c.d.s, backstamped at Chaux-de-Fonds (Sep 13). Two fine items to Switzerland. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... Switzerland. 1911 (Sep 12) Brown "flap embossed" emergency printing envelope (notepaper enclosed) with KGV ½d + 1d (2) tied by London Aerial Post datestamps, addressed to Switzerland with Sils-Maria arrival backstamp (Sep 19), very fine and unusual addressed abroad. Photo on Page 18. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 16) Proof of the London to Windsor envelope in an unissued light green colour (with matching notepaper enclosed), flown from Windsor to London with KGV 1d tied by Windsor code "2" c.d.s. Superb and very scarce, only about 400 envelopes of all types (excluding violet VIP mail) were sent by the public from Windsor, with very few of these proof envelopes recorded postally used. Photo on Page 18. £250-300

Other Internal Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1910 "Empire Illustrated" flight postcard flown by C. Grahame-White from Blackpool, intended to be flown to Southport but only carried for seven miles when the plane was forced to land due to bad weather, the reverse overprinted with an explanation in red. The cards were then carried to London and posted, franked ½d cancelled at London W.C (Aug 26), a Harrow c.d.s (Aug 27) applied upon redirection to Felixstowe. A scarce card in unusually fine condition. Photo on Page 18. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1919 (Oct 2) Cover from Birmingham to London endorsed "By Aeroplane", flown by emergency air service during the railway strike franked 1½d + 1/- pair (1½d postage + 2/- per oz air fee), fine and scarce. Photo on Page 18. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1919 (Oct 2) Cover from Edinburgh to Strawberry Hill, Middlesex, endorsed "By Aerial Post Glasgow", flown by emergency air service during the railway strike franked 1½d + 1/- pair (1½d postage + 2/- per oz air fee), an unusually fine and apparently commercial cover flown from Glasgow to London. Photo on Page 18. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1924 (May 12) Cover to London, inscribed "First Flight Birmingham & London Wembley Exhibition Air Service May 12th 1924" franked 1d + 2½d cancelled upon arrival in Birmingham, carried on the special Imperial Airways flight from Croydon to the British Industries Fair Birmingham section at Castle Bromwich Aerodrome; and 1934 (May 10) cover from the London Air Post Exhibition franked 1½d + 2½d, carried on the special flight to Birmingham. Also a leaflet for the Civil Aviation stand at the British Industries Fair (no year shown but c.1930), and a postcard with 1934 APEX cancel. Two scarce internal flights, the 1924 B.I.F flight cover ex Oakey collection, apparently one of just two recorded. (4). Photo on Page 18. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1933 (Aug 2) Cover to Brazil flown by G.W.R air service from Plymouth to Birmingham where it was put into the post franked 4d + 6d, handstamped "MIT LUFTSCHIFF GRAF ZEPPELIN" and carried on the 4th South American Flight of the Graf Zeppelin from Friedrichshafen to Bahia. Bearing a G.W.R Air Mail 3d stamp tied by violet boxed "PLYMOUTH / (NORTH ROAD) / 2 AUG 1933 / G.W.R" with the two differing Graf Zeppelin "4 Sudamerikafahrt" cachets, reverse handstamped "SERVICE AEREO TRANSATLANTICO / AGOSTO 1933 / VIA CONDOR ZEPPELIN" with a Bahia arrival c.d.s (Aug 9). A fine cover with a rare combination of internal and Zeppelin flights. Photo on Page 18. £400-500
  1984 (Nov 18) Cover from the Isle of Skye to York franked 17p, a little minor soiling, with letter from the Postmaster of Inverness explaining that it was on the mail plane which crashed en route from Inverness to Edinburgh on November 19th, and lay on an exposed hillside in atrocious weather for up to 48 hours. £80-100

G.B Flights to and from Ireland

  1924 (May) Covers flown from Belfast to Liverpool, carried on the first flight on May 2nd (3, one to USA, another to Paris) or later flights in May (2, one with "LATE FEE PAID / 62" bearing an additional ½d, to Sir Sefton Branckner at the Air Ministry); 1925 registered air mail cover from Dublin to Paris franked 1922 overprint 10d, unknown and returned to sender; and a 1925 letter from Northern Air Lines Ltd concerning the proposed Belfast to Carlisle air mail service. (7). £80-100
  1928 (Sep/Oct) Covers and cards flown by experimental air service by the Imperial Airways flying boat "Calcutta" between Liverpool and Belfast during Liverpool Civic Week, with items flown from Liverpool to Belfast (11, four carried on the first day, two registered) or from Belfast to Liverpool (8, two carried on the first day), one cover from Belfast (Oct 1) with "NO FLIGHT" cachet crossed through and endorsed "Held over to 2 Oct", another apparently commercial larger cover (Sep 26) franked 3d to Imperial Airways Accounts Dept., one cover being an Irish stamp cancelled in Dublin (Oct 3) and G.B stamps then cancelled in Belfast (Oct 4), various cachets or printed envelopes, two signed by the pilot F.J Bailey. Also three pamphlets advertising the service, giving timetables and ticket prices, and two Imperial airways letters giving details of the total mail flown. (24). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1929 (Aug 26) Galway - London trial flight, cover (Aug 24) from Wrexham to USA intended for the flight but sent surface mail with bars cancelling the flight endorsement; covers flown from Galway with the flight cachet (3) or from the S.S "Karlsruhe" to Germany with U.S stamps and the "Airmail - Karlsruhe - Galway" vignette cancelled in New York; and a cover from Croydon to Galway carried on the return flight with Galway backstamp, one of just six covers (hand carried by the crew) flown on this return flight from London. Also photos (2), 1932 (Oct 20) cover carried on Galway to Berlin special flight, and 1936 Irish Seas Airways advertising leaflet showing all services with flight times and prices. A good group, the London to Galway return flight cover very rare. (8). Photo on Page 18. £250-300

G.B External Flights

  1924-25 British Empire Exhibition. 1924-25 Covers and cards all with exhibition cancels comprising 1924 (Apr 23) flown cover to France with Wembley 1d and 1½d used on the First Day of Issue; registered cover flown to Brussels with Palace of Engineering datestamps, and a flown cover to Berlin; 1925 flown covers to Holland or Germany; also picture postcards showing Imperial Airways aircraft at Croydon (4, all posted at the 1925 exhibition) or the Imperial Airways trade stand (2), etc. (14). £130-160
  G.B Exhibitions & Congresses. 1927-34 Covers comprising 1927 cover posted at the Nottingham Philatelic Congress carried on the special air despatch to Tangier, 1928 postcard from the London Stamp Exhibition flown to Berlin, 1929 postcard from the London U.P.U Congress flown to Zurich, 1930 Torquay Philatelic Congress cover flown to Cluj in Romania, 1931 Leicester Philatelic congress postcard flown to Basel, and 1934 London Air Post Exhibition cover flown to Stonava in Czechoslovakia. (6). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1925 (June 30) Cover to London endorsed and signed "From Paris to Hammersmith by amphibian plane 30 June 1925, R. Bajac" posted upon arrival (minor staining); and a postcard depicting the aeroplane with 1d + 2½d tied by Waddon Aerodrome Croydon c.d.s (July 1), flown to Paris with arrival backstamps and a 20c postage due stamp applied. Bajac flew an amphibian plane from the Seine in Paris to the Thames in London and back, carrying 120 numbered cards in each direction, but clearly hand carried at least one additional cover for a friend, the latter very rare. Also a contemporary news cutting and a signed real photo postcard of Bajac dated 1927. (4). Photo on Page 22. £180-220
  1924-41 Mainly commercial covers to or from G.B including items to or from Austria (4), Belgium (3), Czechoslovakia (3), Denmark (2), France (4), Germany (19), Gibraltar (6), Greece (2), Malta (2), Netherlands (8), Spain (2), Sweden (4), etc., three with boxed "NO FLIGHT / SENT BY / ORDINARY SERVICE". (65). £200-250
  Imperial Airways. 1924-32 First flight covers and cards comprising 1924 London to Brussels; 1925 London to Amsterdam, Zurich (2), Basle (2, one addressed to Rome), Malmo, Helsinki (2), or Memel; 1926 London to Berlin (2, one to Bratislava) or Copenhagen; 1928 London to Stockholm first night flight (2, one from Switzerland); 1930 London to Brussels first night flight (2) and return (2), London to Berlin first night flight (7, one from Dublin) and return, London to Janina; 1931 London to Crete; 1932 London to Berlin first postcard rate, Istanbul to London via Paris. (31). £200-250
  Imperial Airways & British Airways. 1934-39 First flight covers and cards comprising 1934 London to Canary Islands; 1935 London to Vienna, Prague or Budapest (5, one from Belgium, one pilot signed) and return flights from Vienna or Budapest, also IA letters (4); 1936 London to Stockholm, Malmo (3, one signed), Copenhagen (2) or Helsinki and return flights from Malmo (also IA letter) or Copenhagen (3, one pilot signed); 1937 first flights without air fee to The Hague, Athens, Constanza, Geneva (3, also final flight with extra 1½d fee); 1939 London to Warsaw, first war flights to Holland or Paris (31+). £200-250

Transatlantic & Round the World Flights

  1930 (Sep 11) Menu card for a dinner given on the flagship "Ile de France" for D. Coste and M. Bellonte in honour of the first direct Paris to New York aeroplane flight, signed by both aviators (and Marcel Doret), a little staining but very scarce. £120-150
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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