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Auction Lots - Page 5
Click to view full image... 1929 (June 21) Cover flown from Darwin to Adelaide in the DH61 Giant Moth "Canberra", signed by the pilot Captain L. Holden and inscribed "Carried by the Air Liner Canberra, Darwin to Adelaide", posted upon arrival at Darwin (June 25), addressed to Melbourne franked 1½d. Horizontal fold, otherwise fine and scarce. Twelve official registered covers flown, together with a few unofficial covers carried courtesy of Captain Holden (with a copy of the letter originally enclosed from Jack Burstall in Darwin to the addressee, referring to this cover and two others carried on the flight and addressed to Melbourne). AAMC 141, $550. Photo on Page 40. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race, printed cover flown by C.W.A Scott and T. Campbell-Black (who won the race in a record time of 2 days 23 hours), with G.B ½d cancelled West Kensington (Oct. 17), posted back from Melbourne (Oct 24) to London registered with four Australian stamps applied, the reverse signed by both aviators. Very fine. 100 Covers flown. AAMC 433, $1,250. Photo on Page 40. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Covers carried from London to Melbourne by Roscoe Turner and Clyde Pangborn, one cover then flown around the world starting and ending in New York, both with G.B and Australian stamps, the second cover also with U.S stamps applied at the start and end of the round the world flight. Also a menu card for a luncheon given by the Commercial Travellers Club in Melbourne for the winners and participants of the air race. AAMC 434/a, $525+. (3). Photo on Page 40. £150-180
  1937 Mrs Bonney solo flight from Brisbane to Cape Town, covers with Australia stamps cancelled at Brisbane (Apr 8) and handstamped with flight cachet in violet, posted back to Mrs Bonney at Brisbane from her first stop at Darwin (Apr 13) franked 2d, penultimate stop and Kimberley (Aug 18) franked South Africa 2d, or the final stop at the end of her flight at Cape Town (Aug 19) franked South Africa 3d, all signed by Mrs Bonney with Brisbane backstamps, very fine. (3). £250-300
  1938-53 Covers including 1938 "Premiers Dept Perth" cover from Sydney to the Agent General for Western Australia in London with violet oval "COMMEMORATING THE OFFICIAL OPENING / OF THE / EMPIRE AIR MAIL SERVICE / AUSTRALIA, 4th AUGUST 1938" (only used on V.I.P mail, a little staining); first all-up service to England flown by "Corialanus", intermediate internal stages (4); 1942 Mornington Island parachute mail cover; 1943 4th Liberty Loan flight, signed by the crew; 1945 first flight to Singapore, pilot signed; 1947 London to Sydney Qantas service, pilot signed; 1949 Sydney to Hong Kong and return, both pilot signed (2 of each); 1953 Sydney to Bangkok and Sydney to Hollandia, both pilot signed, etc. A fine lot with many signed by pilots or crew. AAMC $1065+. (19). £200-240
  1945 (Nov 29) Cover from Sydney to Colombo franked 1/6, flown on the Qantas Liberator "Kangaroo" service, signed by the pilots H.T Hause and J.A Furze. AAMC 1016, $150. £50-60


Admiral Nelson Signed Letters & Documents

Click to view full image... c.1785 Part document "that the Prisoner has been remarkably careful of the cargos entrusted to his charge, they do therefore, only adjudge the said Lieutenant Sympson to be severely reprimanded by the President, and muleted six months personal pay, as Commander of His Majestys Storeship the Whitby, and he is hereby adjudged to be severely reprimanded and muleted accordingly", boldly signed "Horatio Nelson", five other signatures include Admirals Cuthbert, Collingwood and Charles Stirling. The page previously folded and the autographs displayed in an oval frame resulting in toning around the oval area previously displayed, the first page of the document missing, an accompanying collectors write up stating the document dates from 17th June 1785 and was written on H.M.S "Boreas" in Nevis Roads. A fine early Horatio Nelson signature. Photo on Page 42. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... Nevis. 1787 (May 8) Handwritten document "These are to certify the Principal Officers & Commissioners of His Majestys Navy, that Mr William Batty served as servant of His Majesty's Ship Boreas under my command from the 24 March 1784 to the 1 January 1786, and as ab [able seaman] from that time to the 1st of May following, and from which time to the date hereof he served as midshipman of the said ship, during which time he behaved himself with diligence and sobriety and was always obedient to command, Given under my hand on board His Majestys Ship the Boreas in Nevis Road the 8 May 1787", signed "Horatio Nelson". Also a small piece with "Wm Battys whole servitude 4 years 6 months 6 days, as Midshipman 1 year 9 months 24 days" written upon it. The document with some folds, the edges trimmed with no loss to the written text, both items pasted on to card. A good example Nelson's signature, signed when he was 28 years old, and had been in command of H.M.S Boreas in the West Indies for three years. Photo on Page 44. £1,500-1,800
Click to view full image... Corsica. 1796 (Sep 14) Handwritten letter, "Sir, His Majestys Ship Captain being in want of bread - I have to request you will be pleased to supply her purser with such quantity as you can conveniently part with, taking his receipts for the same, I am Sir, Your Very Hum Servt", signed "Horatio Nelson", written at "Bastia 14 Sep 1796", the reverse addressed "On His Majestys Service, John Buckholm Esq, Commsr General, Bastia", hand delivered, with file note "Bastia 14 Sep. 1796, H. Nelson, Requisition for Bread for His Majestys Ship Captain". Nelson was prominent in the occupation of Corsica in 1794, when he was wounded in the eye; in June 1796 he transferred to H.M.S "Captain". On September 18th, four days after this order was written, H.M.S. "Captain" captured the island of Capraja which was being used by pirates, and later that month Nelson oversaw the British withdrawal from Corsica. In February 1797 Nelson distinguished himself at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent where his ship H.M.S "Captain" was the most severely damaged of all vessels engaged in the battle. A fine Horatio Nelson signature. Photo on Page 45. £2,000-2,500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1802 (Oct 5) Entire letter written and addressed entirely in Nelson's hand, "Merton Oct 5th 1802, My Dear Sir, I shall be most happy to see you at Merton and in case you should come when I am from home I will say Friday, and if you will do me the additional favour of dining with us I shall be very glad, and of the opportunity of presenting you & my god son to Sir William & Lady Hamilton, and believe me ever your most faithful servant, Nelson + Bronte", addressed to "George Galway Mills Esq, 47 Lower Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London", posted in the London local post with handstruck "2", oval "Two Py Post / Unpaid / Low. Tooting" and red datestamp on reverse. Nelson lived on half pay at his estate in Merton in 1801-02 during the Peace of Amiens, sharing the house with his mistress Lady Hamilton and her husband Sir William. George Mills, M.P for Wallingford, owned the 286 acre Belmont Estate in St. Kitts, and became friends with Nelson during his service in the West Indies. A good postally used letter referring to Lady and Sir William Hamilton with a fine Nelson + Bronte signature. Photo on Page 46. £3,000-3,500
Click to view full image... H.M.S Victory - Sardinia. 1804 (Jan 15) Handwritten certificate, "On board his m.s Victory, messoschiste, January 15th 1804. These are to certify after full due & strict investigation of the state of health of His M.S the Superb, arrived today at this anchorage, I find the said ship qualified to receive Pratique", signed "Nelson + Bronte". H.M.S "Superb" was part of the British fleet led by Nelson blockading Toulon; on this day the ship arrived back with the fleet at Sardinia after a mission to Algiers. A fine Pratique certificate with a good Nelson + Bronte signature. Photo on Page 48. £2,000-2,500

Duke of Wellington Letters & Autographs

  1834 Envelope to the Ordnance Office in Dublin, and an 1829 front to Exeter, both signed "Free, Wellington", addressed in the Duke's hand, both from London with red Free datestamps. (2). £100-120
  1850 (Sep 14) Entire letter from Walmer Castle, written by the Duke in the third person, the Duke will peruse the plans sent to him but cannot attend a public meeting due to his deafness, with a cover addressed in the Duke's handwriting to "C. Mackenzie Esq., London Tavern, London" franked by a 1d red cancelled at Uxbridge, reverse with the Duke's wax seal. Also 1815 (July 3) "Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle" reporting the British victory at Waterloo and the second abdication of Bonaparte, and 1852 (Nov 20) "Illustrated London News" containing a long report on the Duke's funeral. (3). £100-120

British Forces Mail

  1793 Flanders Campaign. 1792-95 Entire letters from Corporal William Norman in the Duke of Argyll's Company, 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards, to his brother-in-law Robert Dimsdale in Yorkshire, one 1793 (Apr 30) letter written from Orque near Tournai, includes "the French have raised the siege of Williamstadt .... we have marched after them through Holland, Brabant and Austrian Flanders and arrived at this place last Thursday where we have joined part of the Austrian Army who are encamped at this place which is the last town in Austrian Flanders joining the French territories. The French Army are now very near us, within a few miles, the outlines of their patrols and ours having communication with each other. Yesterday a skirmish happened between a small party of Austrians and French in which it is reported about 10 men were killed. We hourly expect to have an engagement as the French Army is very near and numerous so that they must fight or starve. I suppose they will prefer the former as our numbers are very small compared with theirs but we daily expect a reinforcement". The other letters written in London, all three with London datestamps. (3). £150-180
  1799 Dutch Expedition / Ramsay Correspondence. 1799-1830 Letters from Nicholas Ramsay including 1799 letters written at Chelmsford whilst trying to join the expedition (3) and a good letter (no address panel) from Holland with news of the expedition. Also letters to or from his father, the latter passing on news from Holland, and a printed letter concerning raising a subscription for the families of those killed or wounded in Holland. (9). £150-180
  1801 Egypt Campaign. 1801 Letter posted as a free frank from Edinburgh to the 1st Battn. of Aberdeen Volunteers at Aberdeen, the printed contents concerning general orders on the recent events in Egypt, to be read to the regiment. The two general orders are enclosed, and comprise details of the gallant victory at Aboukir and Alexandria. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1803-05 Entire letters from George Green (an alias for George Price) who was pressed into the navy when serving on the Indiaman "Walmer Castle", all posted to his brother in London, the first letter of 1803 (Dec 18) reporting his misfortune at being pressed, being unwell and therefore being sent to the "Sussex" hospital ship, written from that ship at Sheerness, charged 6d; the other six letters all sent from H.M.S "Speedy", part of the squadron blockading Boulogne, posted from Deal. Three letters endorsed and dated from H.M.S "Speedy" at The Downs and countersigned, prepaid at the 1d concession rate, the others sent as ordinary unpaid letters, presumably because the sender had no money to prepay them. The letters from H.M.S "Speedy" include details of actions with the French and the capture of nine French gun boats full of men. Green was one of 25 men pressed into H.M.S "Speedy" from the "Walmer Castle" as it was about to sail for China on 19th November 1803; he finally absconded from the ship in August 1805. An exceptional correspondence, with transcripts, and the book "Pressganged" which is based upon these letters, the first letter soiled, otherwise largely fine. (7). Photo on Page 40. £500-600
  1808-15 Entire letters including 1808 letter from an officer on the Transport "Boreas" at Spithead waiting to sail for Corunna; 1812 letter posted at Santarem by an officer en route to join the army, with green dated "LISBON / F" handstamp of Falmouth; and an 1815 (June 26) letter from Valogues written in French, referring to Wellington, British officers, etc. Also a 1795 (March 23) receipt given at Essen for 3/7 paid to a guide for the 3rd Regt. of Guards, during their retreat to Vechte. (4). £100-120
  Michell Correspondence. 1813-14 Entire letters written by Captain John Michell of the Royal Artillery from Villafranche (Dec 17 1813 & Jan 6 1814), Boulogne (Mar 12 1814) or from "Ridgeland Estate near Negril Bay, Jamaica" (Nov 7, 1814), the last written on his return from the expedition to America (during which Washington was sacked), all to his wife in Portsmouth. Also an 1814 (Mar 20) letter from his brother Captain Edward Michell, R.A, written from Andenbosch whilst recovering from gunshot wounds to his left side and hand received during the assault on Bergen-op-Zoom, to his mother in Gloucester. Five fine letters with some good content, the Jamaica letter with light Savanna La Mar handstamp, three others with light green Falmouth Packet Lre handstamps. (5). £300-400

French Forces Mail & Documents

  1780-1808 Army documents including 1780 service certificate issued in Martinique; 1796 leave pass; 1803 promotion documents both signed by Marshal Berthier with "Bonaparte" written in a secretarial hand (2); 1806 report from General Michaud to Prince Louis Bonaparte on the military situation in Holland; 1807 report from General Coulaincourt at The Hague to Louis Bonaparte; etc. (8). £250-350
  Joseph Fouche, Minister of Police. 1808-09 Letters signed by Fouche, the first on headed notepaper acknowledging receipt of a declaration made before him by Armand Vandore in the name of his deceased mother; the second to the Minister of War concerning five Englishmen implicated in the affair of Chateaubriant, who have been ordered to be sent to a depot for prisoners of war. Fouche joined the revolution in 1792, plotted the overthrow of the Directory in 1799 and then supported Napoleon who made him Minister of Police in 1800; he was known for his ruthlessness and widely feared. (2). £100-120
  Pierre Augereau, Duke of Castiglione, Marshal of the Empire. 1808 and 1813 Letters to the Minister of War, the first recommending Major Guassart, Legion D'Honneur, be promoted to Colonel (with a note showing his promotion was confirmed by the Emperor); the second from Wurtzbourg requesting Andre Julien Fossey be promoted to Adjutant to the Commissioner of War in the H.Q of the Army Corps commanded by Augereau, both signed "Augereau". Augereau distinguished himself in Italy, Germany and Holland, and was elected a member of the Council of Five Hundred in 1799. (2). £100-120
  Louis-Alexandre Berthier, Prince of Neuchatel and Wagram, Marshal of the Empire. 1801-14 Letters and documents signed by Berthier including 1806 letter to the Elector of Hesse-Cassel concerning the military camp and Commandant of Hanover; 1813 letter from Dohna to General Bertrand concerning the Emperor's orders for Bertrand to concentrate his troops and munitions around Torgau; 1814 letter written as Chief of Staff from Paris during Napoleon's exile in Elba, etc. Also a letter to Berthier initialled by him and an 1807 document concerning his pay as a Major-General in the Armees des Cotes. Berthier served as Napoleon's Chief of Staff and fought in Italy, Egypt, Austria, Russia, Germany and France, distinguishing himself at Marengo, and was Minister of War 1799-1807. In 1814 he joined the provisional Government; when Napoleon returned from exile he refused to join him and escorted Louis XVII and the Court to Ghent. (9). £300-350
  Comte Jean Baptiste Jourdan, Marshal of the Empire. 1799 (Feb 15) Letter on "Jourdan, General en Chef" printed notepaper, from the General Headquarters at Strasbourg, to Citizen Jean Debry, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Republic at the Congress of Rastadt. Jourdan is unable to give the Prince de Linage an unlimited safe conduct which would allow him to travel freely across the armies of the republic; however he will grant him a safe conduct to remain in the town in Germany which he designates to Jourdan. Jourdan distinguished himself in the revolutionary wars of 1793-95 in Austria and Germany but was defeated in Germany and Switzerland in 1799. A fine letter, signed "Jourdan". £100-120
  Army of Spain. 1809 Entire letter from Burgos to the wife of Monsieur Benoit, Quartermaster Treasurer of the disabled soldiers department at Arignon, with "No. 24 / ARM. FRANCAISE / EN ESPAGNE" handstamp, small piece torn from upper edge affecting two letters of the handstamp, otherwise fine; and 1808 letter written and signed by the Duc D'Abrantes commanding 8th Corps Armee D'Espagne from General HQ at La Rochelle, authorising his ADC to go to Paris to recover his health. (2). £80-100
  Grande Armee. 1807 (Jan 10) Entire letter from Zumbek with red "PREMIER CORPS / GRANDE-ARMEE / No. 4", a good easily readable strike of this very rare handstamp. £120-150


The John Marks Collection
This fine collection covers virtually all aspects of Boer War philately, but is particularly strong in the mail from British Prisoners of War in Boer Camps; British and Boer censor cachets and seals (with some unrecorded types and many others being the only examples recorded in the standard books on the subject); Siege of Ladysmith; and the temporary datestamps used at various civil Post Offices as a result of the war.


  Philatelic Literature. Various books on Anglo-Boer War Philately including Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society publications (12), books by Stephen Rich and Edward Proud, auction catalogues, also "Postmarks of the Cape of Good Hope" by Robert Goldblatt, "Encyclopaedia of South African Post Offices and Postal Agencies" volumes 1-4 by Ralph Putzel, etc. (42). £100-120
  "The Times History of the War in South Africa, 1899-1902", volumes 1-7, two volumes with small faults to the upper part of the spine, otherwise a fine complete set with all maps, an exceptionally useful reference work. (7). £80-100
  Various books on the war including "South Africa and the Transvaal War" volumes 1-6 by Louis Creswick, "British Regiments in South Africa" and "Colonials in South Africa" both by John Stirling, "De Boeren op St. Helena" published by Hoveker & Wormser in Amsterdam and Pretoria c.1902, "South African War Books" by R. Hackett, "Artists & Illustrators of the Anglo-Boer War" by Ryno Greenwall, etc. (24). £100-120

Picture Postcards, Photos & Ephemera

  Photographs (16), picture postcards (24) and cigarette or trade cards (4) with many on pages showing the British scorched earth policy or the building of blockhouses, also the capture of the armoured train carrying Winston Churchill, the use of Maxim guns, etc., the photos all excellent quality with twelve depicting blockhouses, another showing two traction engines pulling supply wagons across a river. Also a photo of a pass given to Mr E. O'Brien to attend the execution of three Cape rebels at Colesberg; 1900 Christmas cards "To Victories, Bobs" each bearing O.F.S and Transvaal stamps with and without V.R.I overprints (2); letter or introduction to "a cinematographer at the front"; a remarkable fold out booklet containing eight coloured views of British gallantry in the war posted from Kimberley to Pretoria in 1905; two related postally used fronts (one from "The Transvaal Repatriation Department" used in 1904), etc. (55). £300-350
  Kruger/Boer cards. Picture postcards (24) including eleven cards posted to Paul Kruger to show support for the Boer cause (one registered from Germany, one from Hungary unpaid with France 10c postage due pair applied, three others unusually bearing differing Boer patriotic labels); two Boer fund-raising cards posted in Munich with fine coloured pictures of a Boer soldier or the execution of the German Uitlander Hans Cordna both with cachets of the O.F.S Consulate in Augsburg; French Corps, etc. Also autographs of Kruger and Leyds on separate pieces, a photo of Kruger, an unused patriotic label, and a printed card "In remembrance of Cronje who succumbed to an attack of Bobs on Majuba day 1900, not lost but gone before - to St. Helena"; and a 1905 cover from Cape Town to "Boer War, Worlds Fair, St Louis, USA" endorsed "Not with Boer War" and "left Boer War Co" redirected and returned to Cape Town. (30). £300-350
  H.M Guest of Klerksdorp Court size postcards, headed "Commemorative Postcard" with royal arms and a picture of Boer leaders or the flags of the O.F.S, Transvaal or G.B (8), or headed "With the South African Field Force" with Xmas 1901 greetings, all different, two postally used, fine and attractive. (10). £160-200
  1900 (June 7) Transvaal ½d (2) or 1d postal stationery postcards with the proclamation moving the seat of government to Machadodorp printed on the reverse, all three cards cancelled at Machadodorp on the day of issue, two C.T.O, one ½d card posted to Waterval Boven with an arrival c.d.s. (3). £100-120

Pictorial Envelopes

Click to view full image... 1900 (Dec 19) Hand-drawn front depicting a caricature of a press censor, wearing a mask and holding an axe with the letters P.C, a large pen placed on an executioners block, posted within Durban franked Natal 1d, addressed to T. Oliver Fraser, Press Censor, at The Durban Club. Fraser was on the staff in Durban of Capt. Percy Scott of H.M.S "Terrible". An attractive item, which was used on the front cover of the ABWPS publication "British Press Censor Cachets of the Anglo-Boer War" by Peter Prime. Photo on Page 40. £100-120
  1899-1901 Hand illustrated covers (9), postcards (5, one a printed Boer patriotic card with an additional drawing on the address side) and a front, and printed envelopes (3) and fronts (2), several depicting Kruger, fourteen posted in South Africa (ten with F.P.O cancels), many of the illustrations rather crudely drawn, some faults. (20). £150-180
  1900-02 Cyclostyled envelopes printed in blue, based on drawings by Corporal Payne, entitled "Wiping something off the slate" or "Jack and Jill went up the hill ...." (both with O.F.S ½d block C.T.O at F.P.O 17), "Better have a polish before you go to Holland" posted at Pretoria in 1902, or a front of the envelope "Farewell, A long farewell to all my greatness" (depicting "Steyns Pantechnicon") applied to the reverse of a 1d O.R.C postcard addressed to Lt. Bagot of the South Australian Imperial Bushmen Contingent at Cape Town (with an Army Post Office Johannesburg c.d.s). Also another possibly pirated version of the envelope "Wiping something off the slate" printed in red, posted in Cape Town. A few faults, the 1902 cover and postcard use both fine. (5). £180-220
  1903-04 Covers from London to "Trooper W. Needham, No. 1 District Police, South African Constabulary, Potchefstroom, Transvaal" all franked 1d, all well illustrated in ink with the S.A.C arms and a man cleaning boots, stacked rifles and a bulldog with a Union Jack tied to its tail, a well dressed lady, or a gentleman, one with "T" and circular "T / 2d / T.P.O" handstamps, a few edge faults and one a little stained, an attractive group. (4). £150-180


  Commander J.P Jooste, German volunteer in the Boer forces who serviced as a medical cyclist. Picture postcards depicting Jooste (10), Kruger or cyclists in the Boer forces, six of these cards signed by Jooste, one card from Jooste posted to President Kruger in Holland, another card written and posted by Jooste in 1904 bears the cachet "J.P Jooste / Buren-Kommandant / Berlin W.9". (12). £180-240
  Sir Alfred Milner, High Commissioner for South Africa. 1900 (Nov 2) Piece bearing a four line verse and signature of Alfred Milner written on the Japanese ship "Hitachi Maru", the reverse signed by J.H Sinclair, South African Light Horse, on H.M.S "Kildonan Castle". £70-80
  Sir Redvers Buller. A fine real photo signed in 1900, and a signed 1901 letter from Government House, Farnborough, also a 1900 postcard depicting Buller. (3). £100-120
  General Pole Carew/Lord Methuen. 1903 Lettercard sent by Reginald Bray from London to Pole Carew in Cornwall addressed with a cigarette card of Pole Carew, duly autographed and returned under cover; and 1901 stampless cover from F.P.O 16 and 1910 cover from Cape Town both signed or initialled by Methuen. (3). £100-120
  Lord Roberts. 1903 (Mar 17) Two page letter written and signed by Lord Roberts concerning a correction to evidence given to the Commission into the Boer War, bearing oval cachet "ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE / WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA"; and a postcard with caricatures of Roberts and Kitchener arguing over who is to command the army, sent registered from Antwerp to Lord Roberts in Pretoria. (2). £100-120
  Edgar Wallace, author and journalist. 1902 (Jan 30) Cover from Pretoria franked 1d, endorsed "From Edgar Wallace, Daily Mail", addressed to his wife in Rondebosch, with blue boxed "P.B.C Pretoria / J.M WALTER, Major". £80-100
  William Nickerson, V.C. 1901 (Sep 26) and 1902 (Jan 16) Long entire letters written and signed by Nickerson from "26th M.I, Colvilles Column, Transvaal", both with stampless covers to his wife in England bearing F.P.O 15 or 49 datestamps, "T" and a London Foreign Branch 1d charge mark. Nickerson served in the R.A.M.C, being captured at Stormberg in December 1899 and again at Klipfontein in August 1900. He won the Victoria Cross at Wakkerstroom in April 1900 for attending a wounded man under heavy fire. (2 covers + 2 letters). £150-200

Service Suspended Mail

  1899 (Oct 13/21) O.F.S 1d postcards from Jagersfontein to Wales, backstamped at Bloemfontein, one marked "via Delagoa Bay" with a Pretoria transit c.d.s, blue crayon marks indicating censorship. Messages read "all letters must be sent open from here now so am writing a P.C. Regular mail may be stopped at any time" (Oct 13) and "all communication with colony cut off so need not send any more letters till war is over" (Oct 21). An interesting pair showing mail continued to be sent from the O.F.S to G.B after the start of the war. (2). £100-120
  1899 (Sep 29/Oct 13) Covers from Moate, Ireland, to Transvaal franked 2½d both handstamped boxed "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED" (52x8mm) in magenta, backstamped at Cape Town Returned Letter Office (Jan 29), very fine. (2). £150-180
  1899 (Oct 10) Covers from London or Inverness franked 2½d to Transvaal, both handstamped boxed "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED" (52x8mm) in magenta, backstamped at Cape Town Returned Letter Office (Jan 19/30), one with flap missing, otherwise fine. (2). £120-150
  1899 (Dec 15) Cover from Dawlish to the O.F.S franked 1d, handstamped "T" and a "3d" charge mark with boxed "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED" (52x8mm) in magenta, backstamped at Cape Town Returned Letter Office (Feb 21), a fine underpaid cover. £80-100
  1899 (Dec 19) Transvaal ½d postcard bearing a Cape 1d stamp, from Kowie West to Leask & Co in Klerksdorp, via Delagoa Bay, transit datestamps of Port Alfred (Dec 19 and Jan 12, held there for 4 weeks) and red Cape Town Returned Letter Office (May 29); and 1900 (Mar 2) cover from Cape Town to Transvaal, red Cape Town Returned Letter Office backstamp (Mar 16), both with boxed "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED" (52x8mm) in red. The cover with some staining, the card with vertical central fold but otherwise fine and unusual. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1899 (Nov 7) Cover from Durban to Harrismith franked Natal ½d; and a cover without any stamp or postmarks to Pretoria, possibly sent enclosed within another envelope, both handstamped large boxed "Mail Service Suspended" (75x12mm) in violet, the stamped cover with Returned Letter Office Natal c.d.s (Nov 14). Two fine covers with the uncommon Service Suspended cachet of Durban. (2). Photo on Page 40. £160-180
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
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