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Auction Lots - Page 4
Click to view full image... 1926 Alan Cobham London - Cape Town Survey Flight. Printed "Flight" Magazine souvenir postcard "Sanctioned by H.M Postmaster General", posted from Jinja (Jan 13) to London franked KUT 20c, violet oval "BY SPECIAL AIR MAIL / 16-11-25 / LONDON - / CAPE TOWN" cachets on both sides, the reverse bearing the green perforated flight vignette, signed by Alan Cobham with the message "Chamber of Commerce gave us big luncheon, being interested in air development". Fine and very scarce from Uganda. Photo on Page 30. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1928 Lord Carberry Holland - Egypt - Kenya Flight. Cover with an illustration of the monoplane "Miss Africa" addressed to Nairobi, bearing a yellow Air Mail label and two special flight vignettes on green or orange paper each tied by violet boxed "SCHIPGOL AERODROME / (AMSTERDAM) / 27 NOVEMBER 1928", posted back from Nairobi (Dec 11) to London franked on the reverse by KUT 20c. 20 Covers were flown to Nairobi, this cover numbered "1", fine and scarce. Also unused vignettes comprising pairs on yellow, orange or green paper and a single on pink paper. (8). Photo on Page 32. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1928 Lord Carberry Holland - Egypt - Kenya Flight. Unused vignettes printed in sheets of eight on green, pink, yellow or orange paper, each sheet comprising two tete-beche panes of four, fine and scarce. (4 sheets). Photo on Page 32. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1928 Lord Carberry Holland - Egypt - Kenya Flight. Cover flown from Cairo to Nairobi franked Egypt 5m tied by Shepherds Hotel c.d.s (Dec 6), posted upon arrival from Nairobi (Dec 1) to Mombasa franked KUT 20c. Forty covers flown from Cairo, this cover numbered "25". Light stain at lower edge, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 32. £150-180
  1931-43 Covers and cards with various explanatory cachets including Feeder Service (23), Local Air Fee Paid (4), Air Fee Prepaid to Europe, By Air to London (8), Par Avion Jusqu' a London (3), By Air to Brindisi (2), etc., also covers partly carried by air mail with the air mail inscriptions or labels obliterated in transit when diverted to surface mail (12), mixed quality with some faults, an interesting lot. (55). £240-280
  Mauritius. 1937 (Jan 20) Cover franked 125c and a picture postcard franked 62c from Port Louis to England, both carried on the "Roland Garros" on it return flight to Paris with a French crew of three, with four line "MAURICE FRANCE / 1ere Liaison aeropostale / Avion Roland Garros / Voyage de retour" cachets. (2). £80-100
  1945 S.A.A.F Crash at Kisumu. Three original telegrams with oval "ADJUTANT-GENERAL / 11-7-1945 / WAR RECORDS" handstamps, sent to "FORTCOM" at Cape Town, Durban or Port Elizabeth, listing the names of 15 servicemen killed on July 11th when a S.A.A.F plane crashed into Lake Victoria after taking off from Kisumu, one form on two pages. 28 Crew and passengers were killed, some mail being recovered. (4). £80-100
  1974 Lufthansa Crash at Nairobi. Covers and a postcard from Germany, Italy, Denmark or Holland all with red bilingual "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 / NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI" cachet (with a news cutting about the crash). (4). £100-120
  1974 Lufthansa Crash at Nairobi. Cover franked KUT 40c from Nairobi and an air letter from Kampala franked Uganda 70c, both to South Africa, soiled, with red bilingual "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 / NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI". Also a 1957 (Dec 20) cover from Dar-es-Salaam to USA franked 1/- with violet boxed "SALVAGED MAIL / AIRCRAFT CRASH / PRESTWICK 28-12-54", the stamp unfortunately torn out and crudely replaced with sellotape. Most recovered mail from the Nairobi crash originated in Europe, mail posted in East Africa being very unusual. (3). £120-150
  1974 Lufthansa Crash at Nairobi. East Africa Posts bag label used on a bag of recovered mail flown from Nairobi to Johannesburg, with red bilingual "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 / NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI" cachet applied to both sides; and a fire damaged cover from Sweden to South Africa returned to the sender, backstamped violet "Aeroplane chute / LH 540 / 19.11.1974 / Nairobi / Kenia" and "Beschadigt / bei der Luftpost / eitstelle / Koln / Bonn Flughafen / am 4.12.74 eingegangen / Amtlich verschlossen / Romballe d'office", these German cachets only used on returned mail and very scarce. (2). £120-150

Gladstone Airways

Click to view full image... 1927 Sudan 5m postal stationery envelope with a further 5m stamp, both uncancelled, initialled by the sender Ewart Scott Grogan on both sides, addressed to "His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales K.G, St. James Palace, London, England", handstamped violet "Carried by the Airline between / Khartoum and Kisumu, Kenya Colony / Pilots signature" (signed T.A Gladstone) with a Heliopolis c.d.s (Feb 21) on the front, backstamped at Cairo, two postage due marks obliterated. One of just two recorded covers flown on the first flight from Khartoum to Kisumu and on the return flight back to Khartoum, an exceptional cover. Photo on Page 32. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1927 (Oct 23) Registered cover from Manyoni to the USA inscribed "Airmail Kisumu - Khartoum via Mwanza", with manuscript registration label of Manyoni, franked by Tanganyika 15c + 40c + 50c and U.S Air Mail 15c all cancelled in transit at Sigida, the U.S stamp further cancelled by blue crayon and again at Chicago with a duplex datestamp. Intended for the Gladstone Airways service but sent by surface mail via Dar-es-Salaam due to the crash of the "Pelican" on the 17th, which caused the air service to cease. U.S Air stamps were available in many foreign countries to pay for internal air mail within the USA. A little staining to the U.S air stamp, otherwise fine and a scarce use of U.S Air stamps in Tanganyika, backstamped at Dar-es-Salaam, London, Chicago and Little Falls, fine. Photo on Page 32. £180-220

Wilson Airways

Click to view full image... 1929 Stampless cover to G. Callaghan in Dar-es-Salaam inscribed "Per Wilson Airways Ltd (Knight of the Grail) from London to Nairobi" and handstamped "24-10-29 12-11-29 / By aeroplane KNIGHT OF THE GRAIL / LONDON ENGLAND - NAIROBI KENYA", numbered "2". Wilson Airways ordered the aircraft "Knight of the Grail" from London, and Callaghan had 20 covers prepared and carried by T. Campbell-Black on the delivery flight to Nairobi, however regulations prevented Black signing the covers, or the covers being handed over to Callaghan, and they were therefore returned to his agent Miss Peeling in Essex. Also news cuttings about Campbell-Black's 1935 flight from England to South Africa. A scarce cover. Photo on Page 32. £300-350
  1931 (June 24) Air Mail cover from England to Nairobi with 1d + 6d tied by Rotherham datestamps, carried by Imperial airways "City of Khartoum" which made a forced landing at Kibanga Port, 15 miles from Entebbe, taken by road to Kisumu then flown to Nairobi by a Wilson Airways charter flight, proven by Kisumu and Nairobi backstamps both dated 5 July. Scarce, few covers known carried on this special flight. £120-150
  1931 (July 7) Cover from Nairobi to "Aeroplane" magazine in London franked 85c, inscribed "First Nairobi London through Air Mail by Wilson Airways Ltd and Imperial Airways Ltd" with "LOCAL AIR FEE PAID" cachet. The enclosed letter on Wilson Airways notepaper is signed by T. Campbell-Black, who states this is the first mail officially flown by Wilson Airways, who have a contract to link up with Imperial Airways at Kisumu until such time as Imperial run through to Nairobi, letters being carried on this new service at 20c each. A unique letter from Campbell-Black, 60 covers flown on this first service. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1931 (July 7) Covers from Nairobi franked 35c to Kisumu or 55c to Butiaba, both carried on the first Wilson Airways flight to Kisumu, handstamped violet "LOCAL AIR FEE PAID", the first cover signed by the pilot M.C.P Mostert, the second cover flown by Imperial Airways from Kisumu to Port Bell then carried by surface mail to Butiaba in Uganda. Sixty covers flown on this first flight, pilot signed covers scarce. (2). Photo on Page 34. £180-220
  1931 (Sep 9) Air Mail cover from Scotland to Nairobi, 2d + 5d tied by Inverness datestamps, with Kisumu and Nairobi backstamps both dated September 20th proving the cover must have been flown from Kisumu despite there being no written record of any flights at this date. £100-120
  1932 (Aug 17/18) Covers franked 35c carried on the first flights from Nairobi to Tanga or the return service from Mombasa to Nairobi, and a postcard franked 3d from London to Zanzibar carried by Imperial Airways to Nairobi and then on the Wilson Airways first flight from Nairobi to Zanzibar, just 12 postcards carried. Also a cover from France (Aug 16) franked 5.50f to Mombasa, carried on the second Nairobi to Mombasa flight, and a registered 15c postcard uprated 35c flown from Dar-es-Salaam (Sep 24) to Nairobi. (5). £200-240
  1934 Covers carried on charter flights from Dar-es-Salaam, to Usumbura (Jan 20, franked 40c, signed by the pilot A. Franscombe); to Moshi via Arusha (Jan 27, registered, franked 70c, with C.O.P); to Songea (Feb 19, registered franked 65c); or to Kigoma (Mar 9, registered franked 65c, with C.O.P). Also 1937 (Nov 4) registered cover franked 70c from Mwanza to London, flown by Wilson Airways to Kisumu and then by Imperial Airways. A fine and scarce group. (5). £200-250
  1934 (Feb 10) Stampless registered O.H.M.S cover with District Officer Utete Postal Frank cachet, carried on the first flight from Utete to Dar-es-Salaam, three light folds, otherwise fine and very scarce, just six covers supposedly flown. £120-150
  1934 (May 30) Cover franked 35c from Mwanza to Dar-es-Salaam, with "BY AIR MAIL / PAR AVION" cachet, carried on the return flight of a government charter carrying the Director of Agriculture Mr Harrison. Fine and scarce, just seven covers carried. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1934 Covers carried on charter flights, from Iringa to Mbeya (June 25) on a British-American Tobacco Co charter franked 40c (just 8oz of mail carried), or flown from Dar-es-Salaam (July 14) franked 35c to Dodoma or Mbeya (endorsed on reverse "Only 4 flown"), last with light fold, otherwise all fine and scarce. (3). Photo on Page 34. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1934 (Aug 27) Cover franked 35c, flown by charter flight from Dar-es-Salaam to Lindi via Mafia and Kilwa, fine and very scarce, just five covers carried. Also another cover from Dar-es-Salaam (Aug 28) to Musoma intended to be flown by charter flight but apparently delivered by car (the flight being cancelled) with Sept 7th arrival backstamp. (2). Photo on Page 34. £150-180
  1934 (Oct 2/3) 15c Envelope uprated 20c, carried on the first flight from Dar-es-Salaam to Mafia, signed by the pilot V.W Soltau; Post Office manifest for mail carried on this flight (one bag of 9oz to Mbeya and one bag of 1lb 11oz to Mafia) with Daressalaam and Mafia datestamps; Post Office notice to the inhabitants of Mafia Island announcing the new forthcoming air service; and stampless O.H.M.S cover with A.D.O Mafia Island Postal Frank cachet sent to the Dar-es-salaam Postmaster carried on the first return flight, signed by the pilot V.W Soltau. A fine group, the Post Office manifest unique. (4). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1934 (Nov 20) O.H.M.S cover franked 20c pair from Sumbawanga to the Postmaster at Dar-es-Salaam inscribed "1st Air Mail Sumbawanga" and signed "A.N Francombe, Pilot Wilson Airways, 22/11/34" with arrival backstamp (Nov 21). Francombe flew the Director of Agriculture Mr Harrison on a round "safari" via Morogoro, Shinyanga, Mwanza and Sumbawanga, just two flown and pilot signed covers recorded from Sumbawanga, fine and extremely rare. Photo on Page 34. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1936 (Apr 18) 20c Envelope uprated 40c, carried by charter flight from Dar-es-Salaam to Zomba, Nyasaland, with arrival backstamp (Apr 22), signed by the pilot A. Francombe. A very scarce flight to Nyasaland, just ten covers carried. Photo on Page 38. £180-220

Imperial Airways

  1931 Pages bearing proof impressions of the 25 handstamps prepared by John Davis for use on Imperial Airways first flight covers and sent to the respective Postmasters in Tanganyika, Kenya, Rhodesia, Sudan or Egypt, with a letter from the Deputy Postmaster at Dar-es-Salaam to Davis stating "regret that no official use can be made of your rubber stamps which have been destroyed". Also a first flight cover from Kampala to Broken Hill with "FIRST FLIGHT / PORT BELL" cachet clearly adapted from one of the Davis handstamps, proving one Postmaster retained his cachet despite this official letter. The private cachets were also retained and used on mail in various offices outside Kenya and Tanganyika. An interesting lot, six sets of proof handstamps produced. £200-240
  1931 Covers carried on the first south and north bound flights comprising registered cover from G.B (Feb 27) to the Deputy P.M.G Tanganyika Territory at Dar-es-Salaam with "CROYDON AERODROME / CROYDON SY" datestamp (rarely seen on covers from this flight) flown to Mawanza; Imperial Airways time table for the new service flown from Alexandria (Mar 5) to Kosti in Sudan (to the pilot A.R Pendergast) franked 40m; Cover from Kisumu (Mar 11) franked 60c to England signed by the pilots J.S Sheppard and A.R. Prendergast; and cover from Khartoum (Mar 11) to former Governor-General H.J Huddlestone in England franked 210m, with "FIRST FLIGHT / KHARTOUM TO LONDON" cachet and enclosed two page letter from the Khartoum Postmaster. A fine and unusual group. (4). £250-300
  1931 (Dec 14) Cover franked 65c from Kisumu to Cape Town carried on the special positioning flight to South Africa in readiness for the regular service, signed by the pilots on all stages, Captains Caspareuthus, Attwood and Alger; and 1932 (Jan 25) registered cover from Kisumu to Windhoek franked 1/-, carried on the first regular service, signed by the pilots R.F Caspareuthus and J.S Sheppard. Two fine pilot signed covers. (2). £120-150
  1931 (Dec 16) Cover from Kisumu to Johannesburg franked 55c, carried on the Imperial Airways special Christmas flight from G.B to Cape Town, signed by the pilots J.S Sheppard and E.H Attwood ("City of Basra", Kisumu to Johannesburg) and H.W.C Alger ("City of Karachi", Johannesburg to Cape Town), a fine and scarce signed cover from Kenya. £80-100
  1932 Cover from Mombasa to London franked 3/9, and two 1934 (Sep 20) postcards from Kisumu to Brazil both originally franked 30c with a further 5c stamp added and cancelled later that day, the cards with "via Zeppelin" labels and inscriptions cancelled by red bars, all flown to London by Imperial Airways. The cards handstamped "AIR FEE PREPAID / TO EUROPE", sent by surface mail from England, arrival backstamps. (3). £70-80
  1932 (Jan.) Imperial Airways London to Cape Town first flight, large (27x21cm) Sudan Postal Administration envelope used to enclose covers carried on this flight, on the stages from Juba to Nairobi (total weight 80g) with "FIRST FLIGHT / Juba to Cape Town" cachet, or from Khartoum to Nairobi (weight 250g) endorsed "1st Flight Khartoum - Cape Town". Two unique envelopes, both sealed with wax impressed with the Post Office seals, ex T.E Field collection. (2). £250-300
  Interrupted Flights. 1932 (Aug 26) Registered O.H.M.S cover from the Postmaster of Kampala franked 1/5 to Switzerland, carried on "City of Stonehaven" which was forced down by engine trouble in the "Sudd" near Malabal, passengers and mail being collected by "City of Khartoum" two days later (with contemporary news cutting); and 1933 (Dec 15) cover franked 1/30 from Kiambu to Scotland delayed for two days at Khartoum after "Horsa" collided with "Helena" whilst moving for take-off, damaging wings on both aircraft. (2). £150-180
  1932-34 Covers and cards comprising 1932 (Sep 17) picture postcard franked 30c from Nairobi to Scotland, endorsed "By first flight carrying air mail postcards at reduced rates" (but apparently pre-empting the rate by a day); 1934 (July 30) cover franked 1/35 from Nairobi to Quelimaine, flown by Imperial Airways to Broken Hill to connect with the S.P.C.A service to Mozambique, signed by Captain F.C Elliot of "Andromeda"; and 1934 England-Australia first flight cover franked 2/- from Kigomo to Melbourne handstamped "By Air to / (via Singapore)" and the uncommon "BY AIR IN AUSTRALIA / PAR AVION EN AUSTRALIE". Also 1932 (Nov 15) Kisumu Post Office notice for the Christmas northbound air mail. (4). £160-200
  1937-42 Covers comprising 1937 first "all-up" service cover franked 20c from Kisumu to G.B signed by the pilots of "Centaurus", A. Burgess and R.F Stone, or from London to Nairobi franked 1½d (with enclosed note from E.V Dolby at Imperial Airways Victoria terminus); 1942 (Dec 7) first air letter service from G.B to East Africa franked 6d with "E.A / A.P.O 2" arrival c.d.s of Nairobi; and a 1942 cover franked 6/55 from Meru to Bermuda with circular violet framed "A.V. / 2", transit c.d.s and censor of Lagos. Also 1937 provisional timetable for Imperial Airways England - South Africa route. (5). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1938 (Feb 17) Registered cover (25x16½cm) from Tanga to Buenos Ayres "By Air via France" franked at a remarkable 41/55 (five times rate, at 8/25 per ½oz + 30c registration) bearing KGV 5c, 50c, 1/- and £1 (2) all tied by Tanga Registered datestamps, backstamped at Kisumu, Argentina registration handstamp on front. Small piece torn from upper left corner edge and a couple of light vertical folds not affecting any stamps, otherwise fine and a very rare commercial use of two KGV £1 stamps. Photo on Page 34. £800-1,000


  1927 (Jan.) Imperial Airways inaugural Croydon to Delhi flight carrying the Air Minister Sir Samuel Hoare, his wife Lady Maude and other V.I.Ps, photos, tickets, etc from the flight apparently kept by Lady Maude Hoare. The unique group comprising ten tickets for various stages on the outward flight (5) or return flight (5); photographs taken on the flight (10) showing the aircraft at various stops, aerial view from the plane, naming ceremony at Delhi, etc. (most 20-23x16-18cm, a few smaller); cover with embossed crown on flap bearing a proof strike in magenta of boxed cachet "LONDON TO DELHI / FIRST THROUGH FLIGHT IMPERIAL AIRWAYS / CAIRO-KARACHI COMMERCIAL AIR SERVICE / JANUARY 1927"; news cuttings (3); and a 1927 (Oct 18) letter from Lady Hoare thanking a Mr Mayer and the crew of "City of Delhi" for the album of photos presented to her as a memento of the flight. Also a 1935 card (from Sir Samuel?) and covers (2) to Lady Hoare, and 1937 card for the launching of H.M.S "Ark Royal" by Lady Hoare. (29). £900-1,200
Click to view full image... 1927 London to Delhi Air Minister's flight, unused covers with a crown on the flap, each bearing proof strikes of boxed "LONDON TO DELHI / FIRST THROUGH FLIGHT IMPERIAL AIRWAYS / CAIRO - KARACHI COMMERCIAL AIR SERVICE / JANUARY 1927", one cover with two strikes of the cachet in magenta and pink. This cachet was used to cancel mail hand carried by V.I.Ps on the flight, just one example on a postally used cover recorded by us (on a cover from Lady Maude, sold in Argyll Etkin auction, 6th March 2015). These two covers (and one other, see above lot) apparently from the personal papers of Lady Maude. (2). Photo on Page 38. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1927 (Jan 10) Cover franked 1a to Delhi, flown on the final leg of the Air Minister's flight from Karachi to Delhi and posted upon arrival at the Viceroys Camp P.O on the day the aircraft was renamed "City of Delhi", arrival c.d.s. and violet "By the D.H "City of Delhi"", number 23 of 27 covers flown, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 38. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1927 (Feb 3) Cover posted from Karachi to London bearing four India stamps, with red boxed "KARACHI TO LONDON / By Aeroplane City of Delhi / With Sir Samuel Hoare & Lady Hoare", reverse with London Chief Office arrival c.d.s (Feb 16), enclosed letter from the Karachi Postmaster. Very scarce, just 12 covers carried on the return flight from Karachi with this cachet. Photo on Page 38. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1927 Cover to England bearing pink label "Carried With / The Rt. Hon Sir Samuel Hoare / INDIA TO ENGLAND 1927" tied by violet "By the D.H "City of Delhi"" and franked 3p pair just tied by machine cancel, reverse signed by the addressee Unis Abdullah, number 26 of 48 covers flown on the return flight from Karachi with this flight label. Photo on Page 38. £150-180
  1929 Imperial Airways notices (20x25cm) advertising the India air mail giving transit times by air and surface mail and the air fees, the first notice dated July 1929, the second dated November 1929 showing the new reduced air fees. A few minor tone spots, otherwise fine, two surprisingly scarce album page size notices that display well. (2). £80-100
  1929-57 Air mail covers with explanatory cachets including circular framed "BY / AIR", or partly carried by air mail with the air mail inscriptions or labels obliterated in transit when diverted to surface mail (87, four from G.B to India), quality rather mixed with some faults but many fine. (104). £250-300
  1929-32 Covers comprising 1929 Dum Dum Airport 10th Anniversary of first Transatlantic flight, flown cover with cachet franked 1a; 1930 Mrs Mildred Bruce flight covers franked 1a, flown from Karachi to Allahadbad and Karachi to Jodhpur, both pilot signed; and 1932 Viceroys Cup cover flown by R. Chawla and G. Goenka from Delhi to Agra, Jhansi, Lucknow and back to Delhi posted upon arrival franked 3p + 1a, flight vignette, signed by both pilots. The last cover a little stained, otherwise fine. (4). £180-220
Click to view full image... Burma. 1941 Indian Air Mail Society "V" Campaign flight covers comprising 7th September Chittagong to Calcutta flight (2, forty flown, "Trump Cards" cover), 21st November R.A.F flights from Burma flown from Shwebo to Calcutta (37 flown, "The Missing Link" cover) or Myitkiyna to Calcutta (40 flown, "Intercepted Wireless Message" cover), all pilot signed and posted in Dum Dum franked 1a3p, fine and scarce. (4). Photo on Page 38. £300-400

Iraq & Persian Gulf

Click to view full image... 1919 Stampless unaddressed cover with magenta boxed "POSTAL SERVICE, M.E.F / AERIAL MAIL, BAGHDAD-CAIRO / BY 31ST. WING R.A.F, MESOPOTAMIA" and black "F.P.O 55 / 24 FEB. 19" c.d.s alongside. This cachet and cancel were used on mail carried on the two R.A.F aircraft piloted by Major Boyd and Capt Nuttall that flew from Baghdad for Cairo, but were delayed at Damascus by rain and then forced down by engine trouble, the mails being delivered to Kantara by rail on March 1st. The cachet and cancel both clearly genuine but applied by favour, the cover probably not flown. Unusual. Photo on Page 38. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1929 Cover to Madagascar with Iraq ½a + 4a tied by boxed "IRAQ TO INDIA / By Light Aeroplane / With Vct. and Vctess / J. de Sibour", backstamped at Baghdad (Jan 3), Karachi and Madagascar. 50 Covers flown from Baghdad to Basra (then carried by ship to Karachi), this cover almost certainly unique to Madagascar. An exceptional destination. Photo on Page 38. £120-150
  Persian Gulf - Guadur. 1935 (Oct 30) Large envelope (31x20cm) used to enclose air mail (weight 1½oz) from Guadur to London, handstamped boxed "GUADUR / DT. MAKRAN COAST" with a "GUADUR" backstamp, minor edge staining, very scarce, this boxed handstamp unlisted by Parsons or Donaldson. £120-150


Click to view full image... 1914 (July 16) Melbourne to Sydney "Official Souvenir Australia's Aerial Mail" special picture postcard depicting the aviator Maurice Guillaux, bearing Kangaroo ½d + 2½d each cancelled by violet oval "AUSTRALIAN / AERIAL MAIL / MELBOURNE / 16 JUL 1914 / VIC" datestamp, with a Sydney c.d.s (July 18) and arrival c.d.s of Powlett River, numbered "260". A fine example of this pioneer flight card with an unusual franking. AAMC 3, $750. Photo on Page 40. £200-250
  1920 (Feb 24) Programme of the official reception for Capt. Ross Smith and his crew at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne. Ross Smith completed the first England to Australia flight landing at Darwin on February 10th, but did not arrive at Melbourne until February 24th, mails receiving the flight vignette and cancel two days later. Light vertical fold, otherwise fine, a map of the route flown shown on the back cover. £200-220
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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