Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 8
  1900 Cover and a front franked Natal 1d, and a stampless cover with "T" obliterated in London, all with the scarce violet "NATAL / FIELD FORCE 2" rubber c.d.s, the stamped cover largely fine, the others with some faults. (3). £100-120
  1900-01 Covers (12) and a front with Army Post Office rubber datestamps in violet comprising code "3MB" (5, one from Pte Day of the Army Post Office Corps, another to India bearing yellow "Missent" label), Volksrust (4, one a front), Barberton (2) or without code. (13). £100-120
  1900-01 Covers with G.B stamps cancelled "P.O.A / 43" (2) or unstamped with "P.O.A /107" handstamp, one P.O.A 43 cover addressed to Nova Scotia, the other one with a long letter enclosed on Solders Christian Association notepaper written by Pte. H. Sturgeon, 4th Kings Royal Rifles. (3). £70-80
  1900-02 Covers with F.P.O or A.P.O cancels, various unusual frankings with 1900 (Sep 1) Transvaal V.R.I ½d - 1d with octagonal Natal Field Force datestamps of Heidelberg (first day of use of cancel); cover endorsed "no stamps available" but with O.R.C 1d + 2½d and Transvaal 1d block of four then added; printed "Xth Battalion, Head Quarter Staff, Imperial Yeomanry" cover bearing O.F.S V.R.I ½d - 2d, 6d and 1/- pairs, etc. (4). £80-100
  1900-02 Registered soldiers covers including Cape 4d envelope franked Cape 2d with "REGISTERED / ARMY POST OFFICE / BLOEMFONTEIN" hooded circle datestamp, manuscript "Posted Out of Course APO Bloemfontein" and a "T" handstamp both crossed out; large crude "R" handstamp used at F.P.O 24; octagonal Natal Field Force datestamp without place name, etc., a few faults though most are fine. (11). £100-120
  1900 Stampless O.H.M.S cover from Bloemfontein with Field P.O c.d.s and violet oval "MILITARY PARCELS / OFFICE"; and 1901 O.H.M.S postcard from Army P.O Cape Town acknowledging receipt of a letter, to a civil surgeon at 12 General Hospital Springfontein and redirected several times, various datestamps and censor cachets, an unusual pair. (2). £80-100
  1900-01 Covers comprising stampless cover to USA endorsed "no stamps available at McMullans Farm in the Transvaal near Mafeking, G.M Castle, 2nd Lieut" with F.P.O 4 c.d.s and a G.B 2½d applied by the Post Office in London; cover from F.P.O 6 franked 1d, redirected to Gibraltar with G.B 2½d cancelled at Chester Station Office; and cover from F.P.O 38 franked 1d to India, redirected to G.B with an India 2a6p applied. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1900-03 Covers (13) and a front to soldiers, all redirected and some returned to the senders, posted from G.B (9) or within South Africa (5) including cover from Shanklin with violet boxed "Army Post Office / UNDELIVERED FOR REASONS / STATED" and "NOT KNOWN", F.P.O8, Army Base P.O Cape Town and octagonal Natal field Force Wakkerstroom datestamps, sent to Ceylon then London; cover redirected to Cairo then London with Egypt postage dues (one replaced) and "T" obliterated "A01"; 1903 cover with "Officially Sealed in the Returned Letter Office / G.P.O, Cape Town" seal and other Officially Sealed labels with Cantonment Potchefstroom c.d.s; cover to 1st Balloon Section, Royal Engineers" with hospital cachets and "Not in Rondebosch"; cover redirected to India, 35 datestamps including "BASE OFFICE / UMBALLA", "BASE OFFICE / DELHI", "F.P.O No 16", "FIELD P.O No 18" and "FIELD P.O No 26" used at manoeuvres for the Coronation Durbar; other cachets include "NO ADDRESS / ARMY POST OFFICE", boxed "NOT TO BE FOUND", "GONE - NO ADDRESS", "DECEASED", etc. Various faults, as is expected on many such well travelled covers, but an interesting lot with some scarce cachets. (14). Photo on Page 68. £350-450
  1900 Cover from Chile to "Trooper Cumming, Brabants Horse, Cape Town" with one Chile stamp removed in transit and another partly torn away, handstamped circular "RECEIVED WITHOUT STAMP / ARMY / BASE / P.O", some staining and an adhesive red "arrow" applied alongside the cachet, but very unusual and scarce, ex Kenneth Griffith (being the only example of this cachet in his collection). £80-100
  1900-02 Covers (23) and fronts (2) from or to soldiers in British regiments, some with cachets including "REMOUNTS / ALIWAL NORTH", covers from Plumers Force (2, also two postcards of Plumer), Chaplain to the Forces (2), 1902 lettercard from Bloemfontein Veterinary Hospital, two covers from the Commandant at Boshof (one endorsed "By Despatch Rider to Kimberley"), etc. (31). £150-180
  1900 (Mar 1) G.B 1d Postcard to Germany, written by a German military observer to the British forces from Headquarters Paardeberg with F.P.O 16 c.d.s. An unusual card written the day after Cronje and over 4,000 Boers were captured at Paardeberg. £80-100
  1901-02 Covers from soldiers in South African regiments, several with cachets including oval "COMMANDING TROOPS / S.A.C", "HEAD QUARTERS OFFICE / SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY INSTITUTES / ZUURFONTEIN", "Paymaster / Prince of Wales Light Horse", also covers to the Rand Rifles Mine Guard (4), and a letter regarding the estate of the late Lieut. Berry with cachets of the Prince of Wales Regiment. (19). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1901 Cover from Aucathella, Queensland, franked 5d to Yokohama with Hong Kong transit backstamp and Yokohama c.d.s, redirected to London, again redirected to "Sergt Hollings, No 3893 H.R.Rs, S.S Composite Vol. Cycle, Field Force South Africa" with a 1d lilac applied. Also a picture postcard of T.L.I Cycle Section Corps, Johannesburg, and a New Zealand cover advertising Gaudin & Marr, cycle manufacturers & importers. (3). Photo on Page 68. £150-180
  Army Post Office Corps. 1899-1902 Covers and cards with various A.P.O or F.P.O datestamps all endorsed from members of the A.P.O.C (10, one with enclosed letter on notepaper depicting H.M Transport "Montfort"); a newspaper franked 1d from London to "Colonel Treble Commanding A.P.O.C, South Africa" and a photo of Treble; and a letter from a Sergeant in the A.P.O.C bearing four O.F.S stamps cancelled to order at F.P.O 11. (13). £100-120
  Medical Services / Hospitals / Hospital Ships. 1900-02 Covers including cover with "P.O.A / 80" cancel to "Pte J. Wallbank, S.J.A.B, Hospital Ship Simla, Durban", covers to or from hospitals or civil surgeons, card with violet "STATIONARY HOSPITAL / ALIWAL NORTH", etc. (15). £180-220
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship. 1900 (Oct 19) Cover with "Hospital Ship / "Princess of Wales"" printed in the upper left corner, below a printed and embossed Red Cross, posted from Southampton to New Zealand franked 2½d. The "Princess of Wales" hospital ship was fitted out at the personal cost of Princess Alexandria, and served from December 1899 until December 1900, making two trips between Britain and South Africa, and various trips around the Cape and Natal coast. Small tear at upper edge, otherwise a fine and scarce cover to an unusual destination. Photo on Page 72. £300-400
Click to view full image... Hospital Train. 1900 (Sep 5) Cover from Bloemfontein to the Isle of Wight franked 2½d, the address panel headed "from Pte H.C Colmutt No. 3 Hospital Train, Bloemfontein", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 72. £150-180
  Military T.P.Os. 1901-02 Covers with Army Post Office T.P.O cancellations comprising T.P.O East No 1, Eastern T.P.O (6, four registered, one of these incomplete), T.P.O East No 2 (registered, minor staining) or Northern T.P.O (2, one registered, one with a stamp removed), all fine strikes, also a couple of pieces, a good lot. (10). £200-250
  T.P.Os. 1900 Covers from "Pte E. Keith, P.A.G Camp, Kromhoogle By Steynburg" to Scotland, one with G.B 1d cancelled "EASTERN T.P.O / UP" c.d.s, the other presumably posted on the T.P.O with G.B ½d pair cancelled by a manuscript cross and a Port Elizabeth c.d.s below, an unusual pair. (2). £80-100
  Military Railways. 1901-02 Covers and cards with various cachets including "I.M.R / OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ENGINEER / PRETORIA", oval "IMPERIAL RAILWAY / AUDIT OFFICE", "IMPERIAL MILITARY RAILWAY / ROODEPOORT", etc, captured OFS Spoorwegen envelopes (5, two altered with "Imperial Military Railways" cachets), and a telegram envelope used by a Trooper in the I.M.R. Also photos and postcards (5) and a receipt for 150 mealies written on an I.M.R envelope. (16). £140-160
  Army Telegraphs. 1900-01 Covers (3), telegrams (3) and a piece, the three covers to P.O.Ws at Green Point Camp all with O.F.S 1d tied by "ARMY / TELEGRAPHS" c.d.s code "B-DN", used at Brandfort after the British reoccupation of the town in May/June 1900 (the Boers presumably having taken the normal c.d.s. with them), telegrams regarding Boer movements with Welbedacht c.d.s (2) or with Army Telegraphs c.d.s code S-F of Spearmans Farm, and a piece with Army Telegraphs c.d.s code PR-K used at Lord Kitcheners private telegraph office. (7). £150-180

Naval Brigade

  1900-03 Covers or cards comprising 1900 card from F.P.O 12 to a Marine on "H.M.S Centurian, China Squadron"; Army telegraph cover from Frere to a naval Captain; 1901-03 covers to H.M.S "Gibraltar" at the Cape (2); and 1901 cover to H.M.S "Partridge" sent to Mossel Bay and Simons Town, endorsed "Not in Partridge". Also a small framed photo of a sailor in the naval brigade of H.M.S "Powerful", coloured "scraps" depicting sailors or battles (5), pencil drawing of a naval brigade seaman, picture postcards (13), cigarette cards (3), and real photos of H.M.S "Powerful", naval camp at Ladysmith or the naval brigade marching to the front. (31). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1900 (Feb 4) Natal ½d Postcard bearing ½d pair, the three stamps each cancelled by scarce violet "NATAL / FIELD FORCE 2" c.d.s, the message written from "Naval Brigade with Ladysmith Relief Column, Camp, Spearmans Farm". Vertical fold at left edge but still attractive and scarce. Photo on Page 72. £150-180
  H.M.S "Monarch". 1899-1900 Covers from Commander Spencer de Horsey all to his father in the Isle of Wight, with 1d lilacs tied by F.P.O or Army P.O datestamps. Commander de Horsey of H.M.S "Monarch" was wounded on June 4th 1900 when the naval brigade took part in the battle for Pretoria. (7). £200-250
  H.M.S "Barrosa". 1900 Cover to "L.A Bebb, Paymaster R.N, H.M.S Barrosa, East London" endorsed "no stamps available, J.A. Ferguson, Lieut R.N", an O.F.S 1d stamp then applied over this and tied by Bloemfontein c.d.s (Mar 21). Lieut Ferguson led a detachment from H.M.S "Barrosa" to man one of two 4.7 inch guns requested by General Gatacre in January 1900. £80-100
  H.M.S "Terrible". 1900 Covers comprising cover from a gunner sent from Estcourt Rail; stampless cover from Point to "Charles Silver O.S, H.M.S Terrible, Durban" redirected to Maritzburg Hospital and Admiralty London with 1d charge mark; and cover with F.P.O c.d.s enclosing a letter from Seaman Harris, naval brigade, Modder River, a few faults. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... H.M.S "Powerful" - Ladysmith. 1900 (Mar 2-5) Covers to England with Ladysmith datestamps comprising stampless cover endorsed "From A.S Knight, Yeo. of Signals, H.M.S Powerful Naval Brigade, Ladysmith, Natal, On Active Service, stamps unobtainable, 25th Feb. 00", the c.d.s applied after the siege on March 2nd, eight strikes of circular "T", "5c" or "10c" all obliterated "FB" in London with a red Paid c.d.s; and cover franked Natal 1d with "H.M.S POWERFUL" on the flap, endorsed "stamps unobtainable, From E.H Ellis R.N, Natal Field Force, Ladysmith". (2). Photo on Page 72. £150-180

Rhodesia & Bechuanaland

  1901 Stampless cover with F.P.O c.d.s, the enclosed letter from Taungs written by a soldier in the Kuruman column describing trekking in Griqualand and Bechuanaland; 1900 cover from Umtali to Queensland bearing Rhodesia 2d pair, endorsed from "Trooper W. Price 146, 3rd Q.S.A Contg" (Queensland & South Australia Contingent, cover missing half of reverse and with some splitting to heavy vertical fold); and 1899 cover from Umtali to Johannesburg franked Rhodesia 4d with violet boxed "Mail Service Suspended" (large tear, faults), the first cover fine. (3). £80-100
  Bechuanaland. 1899 (Oct 4) 4d Registration envelope bearing four 1d Bechuanaland stamps, sent from Francestown to Port Elizabeth just prior to the war by the southern route via Mafeking and Kimberley; 1901 Rhodesia 1½d postcard from a soldier in the Bechuanaland Rifles at Mafeking; and 1902 (Apr 13) stampless cover with Windsorton Station c.d.s endorsed "From S.M.R Guards, De Beers Halt, Bechuanaland". The Rhodesia card with heavy fold and severe staining, the stampless cover with edge tear, the registration envelope superb. (3). £100-120
  Rhodesia. 1900 Covers from Major Harman Hooper, B.S.A.P Police, to his wife in Rhodesia, one fine cover endorsed from "O.C Elands River" bearing G.B 1d tied by Zeerust c.d.s with "Mashonaland, British South Africa Police" crest on reverse, two other posted in Rhodesia franked 1d (opening faults, also a cover from Cape Town with stamps partly removed). Also 1901 cover from Rhodesia franked 2d to Kitcheners Fighting Scouts (large tear), and cover from Brandfort franked 1d endorsed "From Trooper Wakefield 70 I.Y". (6). £150-180
Click to view full image... Crocodile Pools. 1900 (Apr 2) Cover with "Mashonaland, British South Africa Police" crest on the reverse, sent by Major Harman Hooper to his wife in Salisbury, bearing two Bechuanaland 1d stamps tied by "CROCODILE POOLS / SOUTH AFRICA" c.d.s with a further strike alongside, backstamped at Bulawayo (Apr 4) and Salisbury. Small tear and corner fault at left, otherwise fine, the Crocodile Pools c.d.s scarce. Photo on Page 72. £300-400

Colonial Contingents

  Canada. 1900 (Aug 22) Patriotic postcard produced by J.C Wilson & Co of Montreal depicting a Union Jack with "The Flag that Braved a Thousand Years", a photo of soldiers on the veldt applied to the reverse, addressed to Canada with O.F.S ½d block cancelled F.P.O 17. Also another Wilson card depicting Britannia, posted within Canada in 1899, with patriotic message referring to Boers. (2). £100-120
  Canada. 1900-02 Covers to Canada, two endorsed "From J.P Boyer, A.S.C Winburg", two others from Pretoria both backstamped boxed "STOCK & FARM GUARD CORPS / c/o Director of Supplies / PRETORIA", the other an "S.C.A / YMCA" crested cover from a Gordon Highlander at Graspan. The last with a few faults, the first four all fine and probably from Canadians. (5). £100-120
  Canada. 1900 (May 24) Stampless cover with a Red Cross on the flap, to Nova Scotia, endorsed "Canadian Mounted Rifles, No Stamps Available" with F.P.O c.d.s and red oval "CANADIAN CONTINGENT / MAY 30 1900 / SOUTH AFRICA", minor creases, otherwise fine. £100-120
Click to view full image... Victoria - Boer Patriotic Fund Stamps. 1d Mint (perf toning) and used, and 2d used (2, one with a little light toning, the other very fine). S.G. 374/5, £500+. (4). Photo on Page 224. £80-100
  Australia. 1900-02 Covers and cards to Australia including wrapper franked 1d lilac strip of four endorsed "From H.J O'Connor, on active service, Bloemfontein"; stampless cover to South Australia endorsed "From Pt Morphett, On Active Service, Stamps Unobtainable" with F.P.O c.d.s, "T" and "1" charge mark (part reverse missing); cover from F.P.O 17 franked 2d with "Church of England / Soldiers Institute / JOHANNESBURG" cachet on reverse, etc. Also two real photos of Australian soldiers. Mixed quality with some faults though several are fine. (11). £160-200
  N.S.W. 1901 Stampless covers to Sydney endorsed "2166 Trooper F. Sales, Active Service South Africa, B.S 2nd Reg. N.S.W M.R, Stamps not available" both with enclosed letters, the first cover with F.P.O 38 c.d.s and letter written from "Basutoland, Observation Post" (Sep 3); the second cover with octagonal Natal Field Force Standerton datestamp and circular "MORE TO PAY / 1d", the enclosed letter from Detale Camp Standerton (Oct 5). The letter from Basutoland includes details of a fight with the Boers and the capture of 38 wagons and cattle with 20 Boer women and girls who were left on the veldt. Both covers with a little soiling but still very presentable and good letters, the Basutoland origin unusual. (2). £200-240
  N.S.W. 1900 (Sep 1) Stampless lettersheet to New South Wales endorsed "From 1012 1 AH, South Africa O.A.S, no stamps obtainable" with Army P.O and arrival datestamps. The enclosed letter from Machadodorp refers to the release of 708 prisoners including eight from the N.S.W Bushmen. Light vertical folds, tears to reverse flaps, otherwise fine. Also a picture postcard of N.S.W Cavalry. (2). £100-120

Looted Mails & Wreck Mail

Click to view full image... "Mexican" Wreck. 1900 Cover to England with F.P.O c.d.s (Mar 24), a Cape 1d then cancelled at Kimberley (Mar 30), fine red "RECOVERED FROM / WRECK OF MEXICAN" cachet, returned to Cape Town with an Officially Sealed label bearing April 7th G.P.O datestamp, 1926 note states it was from C. P Downer, 2nd Northants Regt, two small holes at upper left; cover from East London (Apr 1) to Germany with Cape ½d, two other stamps washed off, backstamped with "Aus der mit dem / uniergegangenen Dampfer * Mexican * / beforderter Post aus Capstadt / Bahnpostamt No 15"; and a postcard referring to the sinking. A good lot, the German cachet scarce. (3). Photo on Page 72. £220-260
  1900 1d Postcard from G.B (May 4) and a cover from a P.O.W in Cape Town (Apr 30) both to Kroonstad via Lourenco Marques both handstamped red "RECOVERED FROM ENEMY / AT VREDE, O.R.C", the postcard torn in half and repaired but the cachet fine, the cover backstamped at Vrede and with a very light cachet. Also a piece with handwritten note "Staats Artillery Swords, taken out of the fort at Pretoria which was set on fire by an Englishman ..... 27th May 1900". (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1900 Cover from G.B to "6620 Pte H. L Pike, Active Service Company, 2nd Lincolnshire Regt, South Africa Field Force" handstamped "Recovered from the Mails / Looted by the Boers on June 8", minor edge faults and a little splitting to vertical fold, otherwise a fine example of this cachet used on mail recovered from Roodewal Station. Photo on Page 72. £150-180
  1900 Cover from Cape Town to "Sergeant F. Ford, D Squadron, Kitcheners Horse, Deal Farm north of Bloemfontein", cover partly torn away at the base, explained by the cachet "Recovered from the Mails / Looted by the Boers on June 8". Also a cover posted at Roodewal on May 1st, to a P.O.W at Green Point with Boer and British censor labels. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1900 (June 12) Cover to England with 1d lilac tied by F.P.O 17 c.d.s, stained, edge tear and part reverse torn away, explained by the red cachet "RECOVERED FROM MAILS / LOOTED BY THE ENEMY"; 1900 (Oct 11) stampless O.A.S cover from Volksrust to a Trooper in the B.S.A.P at Salisbury, stained and sealed with stamp edging, endorsed "Recovered"; and 1902 cover endorsed from a Lt. in the Bechuanaland Rifles posted from Johannesburg to a Nursing Sister at 40 Station Hospital Zeerust, endorsed on reverse "picked up on veldt after mail had been captured by Boers forwarded by Corpl. F. Mansell 1st Scottish Horse". An unusual trio. (3). Photo on Page 72. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1901 (Jan 16) Cover from Army P.O 54 to England, partly burnt away at the left side, handstamped red "INCLUDED IN MAIL BAG LOST ON / CAPE RAILWAY AND RECOVERED / 25th JULY 1901", Hull arrival backstamp (Aug 17). A fine example of this scarce cachet. Photo on Page 78. £200-250

Soldiers Letters & Correspondences, Aid Societies

  1899-1902 Covers and cards including covers with enclosed letters from soldiers to Miss Mable Walker who worked at the Soldiers Institute in Pietermaritzburg (7); covers with enclosed letters from H. North of the Field Force Canteens (3, one from A.P.O Standerton with violet "F.F Canteen No. 54"); covers with violet "PIETERMARITZBURG / Y.M.C.A TENT" or "Im. Ir. Corps Depot / Y.M.C.A TENT / PIETERMARITZBURG"; cover from Point to G.B backstamped oval "ABSENT MINDED BEGGAR / DAILY MAIL / RELIEF CORPS" (opening faults); and a letter forwarding gifts and parcels to the Border Regt. (13 covers + 11 letters). £220-260
  Scorched Earth/Blockhouses. 1900-02 Covers and cards with return addresses of blockhouses or blockhouse lines (10); covers and cards with messages concerning drives, farm burning or blockhouses (5), and a cover from Kaffir River with a rather crude drawing of blockhouses either side of the river bridge on the reverse. (16 + 3 letters). £200-250
  1900-02 Lettercards (5), postcards (3), covers with enclosed letters (8) and other letters without covers (2) all from soldiers, some with excellent content. (19+). £150-180
  1900-02 Covers (23) and a front all to Starcross in Devon (14) or to Lt. General Pennington and his family at Camberley (10, two redirected to Starcross); June 5th 1900 telegram with Starcross c.d.s, "Pretoria occupied by British God Save the Queen official"; and a cover from Starcross to a Private in the Rand Rifles Mine Guard with an "Unclaimed" cachet. Cancels include Army Post Office T.P.O East No. 1 (2), etc. (26). £130-160
  1900 Covers with enclosed letters from Rev. H. Tudor, Chaplain to the Cape Mounted Rifles, to his wife at Umtata or Mount Frere in Griqualand East. Also three additional letters (one from a Mr Ward on the Hospital Transport "Trojan") to Rev. Tudor, and a 1902 cover with cachet of the Cape Mounted Rifles (10 covers + 12 letters). £100-120
  1900-02 Covers from Pte John Bristow, Kings Royal Rifles all to a Miss Moore at Marpool, Devon, fifteen with letters enclosed. (24 covers + 15 letters). £150-180
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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