Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 30)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 26th October 2012 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing at Stampex:
Wednesday 26th September 11.30am to 7pm
Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September 10am to 6pm
Saturday 29th September 10am to 5pm
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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Auction Lots - Page 18
Shipping Postmaster. 1927 1 1/2d Pictorial postal stationery postcard registered to Germany bearing wide margin Afrikaans pair cancelled by two strikes of violet triple ring "ASSISTANT SHIPPING POSTMASTER /19 SEP 1927 / CAPETOWN", with "DOCKS / CAPETOWN" c.d.s and "R" handstamp, very scarce and unusual. Also 1933 cover with Afrikaans 4d and O.F.S V.R.I 4d tied by Docks Cape Town c.d.s with straight line "DOCKS, CAPE TOWN" registration handstamp. (2). Photo on Page 143. £400-450
Air Mails. 1926-34 First flight and special flight covers sent within South Africa or to Nyasaland (3), Greece, England (3), Australia (2) or South West Africa, including 1926 (Apr 29) R.A.F Survey flight from Pretoria to Tabora, Imperial Airways flights, etc. (20). £550-650
1929 (Oct 9) Air mail cover from Umbilo Road to Bloemfontein flown via Port Elizabeth, bearing wide margin Afrikaans 4d, O.R.C V.R.I 1d and 1925 Air Post 9d green with the variety 'extended strut', scarce on cover. Photo on Page 143. £300-350
1928 Registered cover to California bearing Afrikaans 4d, 1927 3d and a USA 10c Air Mail stamp all tied by Cape Town datestamps. The US Air Mail stamp sold and applied in Cape Town to pay for internal US air mail from New York to California. Very unusual and scarce from South Africa. Photo on Page 143. £250-300
1933 Commercial air mail cover from Cape Town to Germany unusually bearing Afrikaans 4d, 1927 3d (2) and South West Africa 1931 Air Mail 3d which has been accepted as valid, with red "MIT LUFTPOST BEFORDERT / LUFTPOSTAMT / BERLIN C2" cachet. £200-240
Swaziland. 1932 Registered cover bearing narrow margin English and Afrikaans stamps each tied by "MBABANE / SWAZILAND" c.d.s with "MBABANE" registration handstamp. Also wide margin 4d single and pair on piece with cancellations of Piggs Peak or Mbabane. (3). £150-180
Basutoland. 1933 Covers with English or Afrikaans 4d tied by differing Maseru datestamps, and a registered cover from Maseru with English inscription 4d + Basutoland 1/2d pair and 1d. Also 4d on piece with Mohaleshoek c.d.s. (4). £300-350


1918 (Oct 7) "Make Your Sixpence Fly" Red Cross Aerial Postcard to Sea Point with KGV 1/2d tied by "AERIAL POST / SOUTH / AFRICA" c.d.s, very fine. £100-120
1918 (Oct 7) Red Cross flight card carried on the First Flight from Wynberg to Green Point, bearing South Africa 1/2d tied by the special Aerial Post c.d.s, addressed to Bulawayo with machine datestamp applied upon arrival (Oct 14) on reverse. Creasing to lower left corner and a little very minor staining, otherwise fine and scarce. Just three cards from all six Red Cross flights are recorded to Southern Rhodesia, this card unusually being delivered without charge despite being underpaid by 1/2d. Photo on Page 146. £240-300
1925-26 Alan Cobham London to Cape Town survey flight souvenir mail card addressed by Cobham to his wife in London, unstamped but with Cape Town (Feb 17) c.d.s, the reverse with a message from Cobham, also endorsed and signed "Carried by Alan J, Cobham 17/2/26". 19 Cards were written by Cobham to his wife from various stops on the flight, this being the final card written on the day of his arrival at Cape Town. A unique card, carried back by Cobham on his return flight. Photo on Page 146. £1,000-1,200
1929 Covers flown within South Africa comprising registered cover from England carried on the first Cape Town to Durban flight signed by the pilots Alistair Miller and R. Caspareuthus; Cape Town Paquebot cover bearing G.B P.U.C 1/2d - 2 1/2d carried on the first flight to Bloemfontein; East London to Cape Town registered first flight cover signed by the pilot Alistair Miller; and East London to Durban first flight to England charged 1d postage due. (4). £120-150


1899-1916 Covers and cards with 1899 10pf postcard tied by "OTJIMBINGUE" c.d.s; 1904 stampless postcard with "JAKALSWATER" c.d.s and mailbag seal handstamp; stampless 1904-05 Herero Rebellion Feldpost covers with K.D FELDPOSTSTATION" c.d.s (2, numbers 1 and 3) or scarce "Owikokorero / D.S.W Afrika" two line temporary handstamp in violet with circular dated mailbag seal (only recorded 1905-06, addressees name removed); 1914 stampless rainfall report with "OTJIHAWERA" c.d.s; and 1916 South Africa 1d envelope with 1913-24 1/2d and 2d - 6d all tied by Swakopmund datestamps. (7). £250-300
Booklets. 1914 2m booklet containing three 5pf panes, one 10pf pane and one mixed pane with two 5pf and four 10pf stamps, very fine. S.G. SBa, £200. £80-100
1915 Stampless official rainfall report form to Windhoek with "OTJOSONJATI / DEUTSCH-SUDWESTAFRIKA" c.d.s, a scarce datestamp, the office only open 1907-15. £100-120
1926-27 4d Triangular overprinted for South West Africa, the exhibition collection written up on 13 pages with some additional items, comprising imperf and perforated stamps with all three overprint types. Included are perforated English and Afrikaans pairs and singles handstamped "SPECIMEN"; unused envelopes originally sold with 60 stamps enclosed (2); mint and used stamps with shades, multiples, plate varieties, overprint varieties and perforation varieties; pair with double perforation variety on cover; covers with scarce cancellations including "WINDHOEK / M.O.S.B", "GUCHAS / S.W AFRICA", "LIDFONTEIN / S.W.A", "HELMERINGHAUSEN / S.W.A" and "DEUTSCHE SEEPOST / OST- / AFRIKANISCHE / HAUPT LINIE / d"; O.H.M.S Returned Postal Packet envelopes (3); first flight and special air mail covers with 1934 flood air mail cover signed by the pilot; 1927 railway letter from Windhoek; scarce commercial use of the S.W.A 4d in South Africa on a cover to USA, etc. (54 stamps + 2 stamp packets + 21 covers). £3,000-3,500
1934 (Mar 17) Cover from Otjiwarongo to Windhoek franked 1d and 2d, bearing a blue Air Mail label, flown by emergency air service due to flooding. £70-100


The following four lots comprise the collection and library formed by Pierre Wilson, Past President of the Spanish Study Circle.

1850-2007 Mint and used collection in eleven albums and three stockbooks, with two further albums of Spanish Colonies, and duplicates in packets and stockbooks. An extensive collection, the modern issues mainly mint, the classic issues from number 1 with duplicates and sets in several binders, also a study and stock of modern varieties. A good lot for further expansion. (1,000s). £450-550
19th and 20th Century postal history and postmark studies in 13 albums, five folders and two boxes, including ambulants, registered mail, datestamps and machines, value declared mail, multiple frankings, etc, mainly post 1950 but with a good number of earlier items. An interesting and extensive lot. £800-1,000
1979-2006 Frama labels, with later issues by Klussendorf and Epelsa, the very complete collection in two volumes and on display pages with two further stockbooks of duplicates, also a few foreign framas. An ideal lot for further development, the display pages shown at Stampex 2000. (1,000s). £100-120
Literature. The extensive Spanish library with the Spanish Study Circle journal apparently complete since 1957, all study circle publications, books on ambulants and railway cancels (approx. 20), various articles, auction catalogues, etc. An extensive lot in five boxes (approx 100kg weight). £240-300


1885 Registered cover to London bearing Egypt 1pi pair and single tied by "SOUAKIN" c.d.s, a further strike on the front with scarce boxed "RACCOMANDATO", a few edge faults but a very scarce early registered cover from Sudan. Photo on Page 146. £200-240
1885 Cover to Edinburgh sent by Captain Young of the XXVII Inniskillings (who was appointed Commissioner of Papho and Famagusta after the British Occupation of Cyprus in 1878), bearing Egypt 1pi tied by "WADI HALFA" c.d.s, with a second strike alongside, a few very minor edge faults. £100-120
Army Service and Telegraph stamps on pages, the Army Service issues including 1908 5pi used, 1913-22 1m - 10pi set of nine perforated "A.S" used, also minor varieties and multiples; Army Telegraphs with mint and used singles, pairs and a 5pi block, also a few later postage issues with F.P.O cancels. (134). £200-240
Air Mails. 1932 Imperial Airways London to Cape Town route, southbound first flight covers from Malakal to Salisbury or Mpika (only six covers believed carried on each flight), Juba to Salisbury or Broken Hill, or Khartoum to Broken Hill (11 flown). (5). £160-200


1971 Archive of artists pencil designs, tracings, photographic proofs and unadopted handpainted essays (4) in various stages of completion, as submitted by the designer Mrs S. Goaman, to the Crown Agents, together with related correspondence commissioning her to produce "two stamp designs .... to mark the 25th Anniversary of UNICEF". A F.D.C design was also approved. A fascinating group. £350-450


1855-1989 Mint and used collection in a large Scott album with many booklets from 1940, 1924 U.P.U set of 15 mint, etc. (1,000s). Photo on Page 149. £300-400
1890 10ore Postal stationery envelope sent from Wangaby to Gothenburg, insured for 700kr, franked 1877-79 30ore (2) and 1886-91 10ore, a little stained; and 1897 Silver Jubilee of King Oscar II 5ore postcard with printed New Year greetings on the reverse from the Postmaster and employees of the Stockholm Post Office, cancelled to order with special Silver Jubilee c.d.s. Two unusual postal stationery items. (2). £100-120


1850-1921 Mint and used collection on album pages including 1850 Rayon II 10r (S.G. 10) used with "P.P" cancel; 1854 thin paper 40r used (S.G. 28); 1857-62 thick paper issues used to 40r (7); 1862-64 3c - 1f with 10c mint, 30c mint (faults), 60c and 1f used; 1867-78 used to 50c; 1889-1903 issues to 1f, various perfs; 1905 plain paper 20c - 1f mint; 1908 30c - 3f mint; postage dues, etc. A few faults, a useful old-time lot. (237). £150-200
1858 Cover to London bearing 1857-58 15r strip of three and 20r rose, a few minor stamp faults, an attractive and scarce cover. Also 1873-74 covers bearing 1862-64 5c or 1867-78 10c or 30c (Bahnpost cancel). (4). Photo on Page 146. £130-160
1872 Cover to England bearing 1867-78 50c violet (2) tied by Champery c.d.s and blue "SUISSE / HELLEGARDE" c.d.s, handstamped "PD". £80-100


1914 Picture postcard from Lome to England bearing Anglo-French Occupation 1/2d on 3pf surcharge pair, uncommon on cover or card. (S.G. H27, £26 each x 20 on cover). £80-100
1919 KGV 2d Brown registration envelope of Gold Coast overprinted "TOGO Anglo-French Occupation", used from Lome to Huddersfield, small corner fault, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 146. £140-160


1900 Cover sent locally within Nukualofa bearing 1/2d blue pair, upper right corner with a few small ink marks, otherwise fine and an unusual local cover. £100-120


(Also see lots 474, 633-635, 854)

1855 Stampless entire from San Francisco (senders cachet on front) to Scotland endorsed "via Panama & New York", backstamped with two strikes of green oval "WELLS FARGO & Co / BANKERS / NEW YORK" forwarding agents cachet, "New York / 21" c.d.s, charged 1/-. Two vertical file folds, otherwise fine, no New York Wells Fargo & Co forwarding agent's cachets recorded by Rowe. £100-120
1860 Cover to London bearing 1857-61 3c vertical strip of three and 10c vertical pair all tied by "SAN FRANCISCO / CAL" datestamps", cover with some wear at left edge and a little staining to the 3c stamps; and 1861 cover to England bearing 24c tied by curved "PAID / 3" with fine "BATAVIA / ILLS" c.d.s on the front, a couple of minor opening tears at top edge, otherwise very fine. (2). Photo on Page 146. £200-240
c.1860 Stampless cover from New York to Bavaria, various rates and handstamps including "AMERICA / UBER BREMEN", "PAID PART" and red "1<+>1<$>/<->3<$>"; and 1863 cover to Germany bearing 1861-62 30c orange (straight edge at right) tied by a circle of bars and red boxed "AACHEN 10/3 / FRANCO", with "LYONS / N.Y" c.d.s alongside. (2). £100-120
1893-1919 Covers and cards including 1893 5c envelope tied by "WORLD'S FAIR STATION / CHICAGO" machine cancel; 1915 cover with 2c tied by "MIDWAY ISLAND / H. ISLES" duplex; 1919 cover bearing Victory 3c tied by "U.S POSTAL AGENCY /SIBERIA" duplex with "A.E.F. Siberia / Censored" cachet; 1897 1c postal stationery postcard with coloured view of the S.S "Teutonic" on reverse, unused; 1918 covers bearing Air Post 16c green or 24c carmine and blue, etc. (7). £160-200


French/German P.O. 1891-92 Covers to Frankfurt, the first with German 20pf tied by "ZANZIBAR / KAISERL DEUTSCHE / POSTAGENTUR" c.d.s with a second strike alongside, the second with France 25c tied by "ZANZIBAR" French P.O c.d.s with another strike alongside, both covers very fine. (2). Photo on Page 146. £200-250
1932 'Cuttress' cover franked 1c, handstamped by circular framed "T" with 1930-33 6c postage due tied by "REG / ZANZIBAR" c.d.s, scarce on cover. £100-120


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 30)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 26th October 2012 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing at Stampex:
Wednesday 26th September 11.30am to 7pm
Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September 10am to 6pm
Saturday 29th September 10am to 5pm
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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