Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 30)
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Auction Lots - Page 3
Essex - Civil War. 1648 (Jan 5) Entire letter written by Roger Hill at Chelmsford, to his wife at Assington, addressed "For my very best friend Mrs Abigail Hill these, Assington". Baron Hill became M.P for Bridport in 1645 and was later assistant to the Commonwealth Attorney General. A good letter written in the final year of the civil war. £180-220
Staffordshire - Commonwealth Period. 1649 (Jan 15) Entire letter from Col. Thomas Crompton at Stafford, addressed "For his most honored freind Sr Peter Wentworth Kt and Bartt, these with my humble servise, Westminster", the contents concerning the farming of delinquents (royalists) estates. A good Commonwealth letter sent shortly before Charles I was executed. The addressee, Peter Wentworth, served in the Commonwealth councils of state but refused to act as a judge of Charles I in 1649. £250-300
Commonwealth Period - Prisoners Letter / London. 1658 Entire letter written by Joseph Smythe, a prisoner in Poultry Comptor, the Sheriff's prison situated near Grocers Hall Court in London. Addressed "To Mr Henry Brandriff Esq., care present at his house in Wallbrooke" (Staffordshire?). Smyth signs the letter as a "distressed petitioner". A fine Commonwealth period letter, unusual from a prison. £200-250

Charles II Period

1671-74 Entire letters from London to Francisco Venturini in Livorno both backstamped with unusually clear strikes of the scarce circular "FRANCHES" handstamps (Jay 1078, two very differing sizes) containing a central rose. Both letters with light overall staining, probably due to disinfection, one with a 25mm tear, otherwise fine. (2). Photo on Page 17. £250-300

Postal History of the 1934-36 KGV Photogravure Issue

The postal history collection well written up on 161 pages with many unusual rates, frankings and destinations; scarce use of the 4d value to collect 4d postage due at Frinton on Sea on a cover from Iraq; 1935 "City of Khartoum" crash cover to India enclosed within an Indian ambulance envelope endorsed "Salvaged Mail"; a good range of internal and external first flight covers; postage due mail; T.P.Os including registered cover franked 2/- with "UP SPECIAL / T.P.O" c.d.s on blank type registration label; 1936 Zeppelin cover to Ecuador and other covers flown by Lufthansa; several covers bearing 2/6 Seahorses; First Day Covers including single 9d value; Paquebots; forces mail including Saar F.P.O 10; 1936 "SHOWYARD / MELROSE" skeleton datestamps on registered postcard; cover from Tristan da Cunha with enclosed letter from R.M.S "Empress of Australia", etc. (279). Photo on Page 17. £1,500-1,700
Stockbook containing 1934-35 internal British first and last flight covers carried by Railway Air Services (32), Hillman Airways (5), Blackpool and West Coast Air Services (2) or Highland Airways; also 1936-37 first flight covers to Malmo, Helsinki, Prague or Germany; and a few other covers. (54). £300-350
1937 (Apr 21) Covers to Aruba or Curacao, both franked 2/- (1934 2d, 10d, 1/- or 5d, 9d, 1/-) tied by "LONDON F.S / AIR MAIL" double ring datestamps, carried on the first G.B flights at the 2/- per 1/2oz rate. (2). £120-140

Advertising Envelopes

1844 (Dec 21) Post Magazine (No. 251) containing five pages of printed news and adverts for Brixton Lodge School, nightcaps, medicines, Mr Clarkes 'Enamelled Succedaneum' for filling in cavities and fixing false teeth, etc, with a handwritten letter from the Anchor Assurance Office in Piccadilly. Posted to Tralee franked by 1841 2d blue vertical pair, the address panel with a printed border and "Post Magazine" at the top, handstamped "Vigo-Lane" in red and backstamped at London, Dublin and Tralee. Small opening tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and attractive, a late example of the Post Magazine. With B.P.A Certificate (2004). Photo on Page 19. £400-600
1854 Cover bearing cachet of the "Royal Agricultural Society of England", and 1870-1911 printed advertising envelopes and wrappers including 1870 wrapper advertising "Taylors Depositary, Pimlico", depicting a steam train and posted to Paris franked by 2d blue pair (tape stain at left edge), 1896 cover with overall printed view of Stokescroft Brewery, Bristol, etc. (14). £200-250
1858 Envelope advertising "The Original and Celebrated American General Tom Thumb, under the patronage of all the crowned heads of Europe, Height 31 inches, Weight 25lbs, Age 20 years" with pictures of Tom Thumb printed in blue around the envelope. Bearing a 1d red (torn) tied by Hull 383 spoon cancel, backstamped in London. A fine and attractive cover. Photo on Page 19. £450-550
1875 1d Pink lettersheet, entitled "The Advertising Stamped Envelope - Issue No. 3" containing 26 various adverts for firms in London, Holbeach, Horncastle, Hull or Nottingham, postally used from Birmingham to London. 10,000 Copies of this issue were printed by Rowe & Co for the Advertising Stamped Envelope Co. and were sold at three farthings each. Very fine and scarce. £250-300
1879 Printed postcard soliciting votes on behalf of Gertrude Mary Plowright (aged 8 years) to be admitted to The Asylum for fatherless children at Reedham with the large cachet of the Humane Influence Auxiliary Society on the address panel, used within Brighton franked 1/2d; c.1878 1/2d brown postcard with six different adverts on the reverse (trusses, toothache drops, etc.) published by The Anglo-Colonial Letter Co. Ltd, superb unused; and 1911 KEVII 1/2d PTPO postcard with coloured advert for Guardian Assurance Co. Ltd. (3). £100-120
1889 1d Pink lettersheet No. 4 published by The Anglo-Colonial Letter Co. Ltd of Liverpool, containing 15 adverts for various companies in London, including corsets, umbrellas, etc. 10,000 Copies were printed and sold at ninepence per dozen. Superb unused and scarce. £200-250
c.1889 1d Pink lettersheet containing 17 adverts (some illustrated) for various products including Cherry Blossom perfume, Taylor Bros. Maravilla Cocoa, Bryant & May matches, Jeyes disinfectant, Nestlé's baby food, Florador baby food, Jensens cod liver oil, Bramstons fire escape, Aspinall's enamel, also safes, trusses, hair curling pins, iced cocoa or chocolate, etc., published by The Halfpenny Letter Post Co. Ltd of London, with a separate enclosure giving terms for advertising in patent envelopes. A little splitting at folds but a scarce and attractive item, unused. £150-200
1896 Long printed envelope headed "GAELIC SOCIETY OF LONDON, ANNUAL CONCERT, QUEENS HALL, LANGHAM PLACE, THURSDAY OCT. 29TH 1896" with a fine illustration of a highlander playing the bagpipes. Posted within London (Oct 20) franked 1/2d and 1d, mainly fine, an attractive cover. £90-120

Advertising Rings

1861 Lettersheet folded into a long wrapper (290x84mm) with pictures of sailors printed at either end, headed "The Editor of the British Workman begs your acceptance of the accompanying papers for distribution amongst your crew, after being a few days "out at sea". (No. 9, Paternoster Row, London)", with 4d vermilion embossed stationery stamp surrounded by the British Workman advertising ring. Light central crease and minor staining at the two wrapper ends not affecting the illustrations, otherwise fine unused. A spectacular and rare advertising ring. Photo on Page 19. £500-700
Pieces comprising 1d - 1/- with circular William Lincoln adverting rings in the same colour as the embossed stamps (7) and 1d pink with oval advertising ring in blue, all unused cut square (three with a little staining); and 1874 piece to Canterbury with 1d pink surrounded by blue "W. B Fordham & Son / Hatton Garden" advertising ring cancelled by London E.C duplex, with 1913 letter from the recipients returning the piece to Fordhams. Also 1d and 2d wrappers with W.H. Smith & Son advertising rings both posted from London to Naval ships abroad. (11). £120-150
1879 1d Pink envelope with advertising ring "Office of the Philatelic Quarterly, Brighton", used from Brighton to the Rev. R. B. Earee at Walter Belchamp. Earee was the author of "Album Weeds or how to detect forged stamps". Very fine. Photo on Page 19. £100-120
1891 1d Pink envelope with advertising ring "Publishers of the Permanent stamp album, Brighton" posted from Brighton to Hamburg uprated with 1/2d vermilion strip of three. Very fine. Photo on Page 19. £150-180
Advertising Squares. Covers and pieces showing firms advertising printed around the adhesive stamps, comprising unused pieces (6), pieces with postmarks but without stamps (2), and used pieces bearing QV stamps (6); unused cover bearing an adhesive label for Dunnolly Scotch Whisky with an uncancelled KEVII 1d in the centre; 1d lilac on 1889 piece from London applied to an orange label reading "Please excuse the disfigurement of envelope as the Solicitor of the Post Office has prohibited the use of our name ring"; 1895 cover with a red square printed around the 1/2d stamp; and an unused advertising envelope with a printed square for the stamp. An unusual lot. (18). £200-250

Air Mails

1909 (Sep. 9) First U.K Aerial Post envelopes in red (2, shades, one with enclosed notepaper), green or purple-brown all with the special London c.d.s codes 2, 3, 4 or 5, three with arrival backstamps of Sep. 11th (2) or 13th. The two red envelopes with a few minor edge faults, the others fine. (4). £160-200
1933 (Sep 30) Cover to Birmingham franked KGV 1/2d and 1d both with control "T33" tied by Plymouth machine (Oct 1), and G.W.R 3d Air Mail letter stamp cancelled violet "BIRMINGHAM / SEP 30 1933 / GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY", inscribed "Per G.W.R Air Service (last flight), Birmingham-Plymouth" with an interesting Francis Field letter explaining that the plane flew from Birmingham to Cardiff, onto Haldon but could not land due to fog, diverted to Roborough but again could not land due to fog so flew back to Cardiff. The mails were then sent by rail arriving too late to be dealt with on Sep 30th, finally being cancelled on Monday October 1st. £70-80
1934 (May 23) Cover from Nottingham to Surrey franked 4d and bearing a blue Air Mail label, the reverse signed by the Nottingham Head Postmaster with a typed explanation that it was carried on the first airmail from Nottingham to London. This mail was despatched from the Post Office exhibition then being held in Nottingham and flown by a London, Scottish & Provincial Airways Ltd plane piloted by F. Jaques, letters being paid 4d for this special service. Very scarce, few covers carried. Photo on Page 19. £150-180

Coffee Houses

(Also see lot 363)
1799-1821 Entires addressed to Toms, Bank or Carolina Coffee Houses, the last with piece torn from upper edge. (3). £100-120


British Empire Exhibitions. 1922-25 Slogan cancellations, the superb collection in an F.G Warwick album comprising covers and cards (47) and pieces (319), nearly all slogan types and offices represented with "British Empire Exhibition 1924" single machines including triangular dies; "British Empire Exhibition 1924" continuous machines including triangular dies and red Paid dies (8, one on cover); "Pageant of Empire" with small and large lettering, triangular dies (2, one on cover) and missing date; "British Empire Exhibition 1925" with triangular dies (2, one on cover); "Join the Fellowship" with inverted die on cover; "London Defended" with triangular dies and red Paid die; "Torchlight Tattoo, 24th Aug. - 26th Sept." with red Paid dies (2) and triangular dies (4, two on cover); "Torchlight Tattoo" with date removed (12, three on cover); "Torchlight Tattoo" with the date replaced by seven dots (16, one with triangular die, one on cover); "Torchlight Tattoo" with date replaced by one, two or three horizontal bars (28) with covers (7), red Paid die and triangular dies (3, one on cover); "Torchlight Tattoo" used at Sheffield with the date replaced by diagonal bars (2) or a series of thin horizontal bars (2, one on card); "Torchlight Tattoo" with the date replaced by two dots and two bars (7, two on cover, with red Paid die, triangular die, and slogan used in Nov. 1925 after the exhibition had closed and obliterated in ink); "Visit the Ulster Pavilion 1924" single machine (3, two on cover) and continuous machine (5, four on cover from Portadown, Londonderry and Ballymena); "Visit the Ulster Pavilion" (3, one on card). Probably the most complete collection of the various slogans used in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the 1924 and 1925 British Empire Exhibitions. (366). £1,800-2,200
British Empire Exhibition. 1925 (May 9) Wembley Exhibition 1d and 1 1/2d on separate First Day Covers cancelled with the Empire Exhibition machine, the 1 1/2d cover exceptionally with the date die omitted from the machine in error and the scarce rubber packet handstamp applied in its place. The first example of this machine error we have seen. (2). Photo on Page 19. £450-500
1927 Post Office Greetings Telegram (Wilkinson type 6) with "Post Office Exhibition, Canterbury 1937, Souvenir" printed upon it, used with violet datestamp "POST OFFICE EXHIBITION / 12 AUG / 4 SEP / 1937 / CANTERBURY". Very scarce. £80-100

Forwarding Agents

Cornwall-Falmouth. 1811 Entire letter from Poole to Oporto endorsed on the reverse "Falmouth 27 Sep. 1811, forwarded by yr m. ob. servants Banfield & Lake", and 1815 entire letter from a P. Muller in Falmouth to Schiedam in Holland prepaid 2/2, with red "FALMOUTH" handstamp, endorsed on the reverse "Forwarded Falmouth feby 28 1815 by Foxes & Sons". Two good forwarded letters. (2). £200-250

Free Franks

(Also see lots 180, 241, 242, 654)
1820 Incoming letter to the Duke of Hambro and Brandon in London with a fine "SHIP LETTER / LONDON" datestamp, charged 1/4, redirected to Font Hill Abbey in Wiltshire, the charge deleted and a red Free datestamp applied. An unusual use of a Free datestamp on a letter from abroad. £80-100

Maritime Mail

1885-1977 Covers and cards including Netherlands Indies handstamps indicating transmission by British Packet (2) or via the ports of Plymouth or Southampton (2); London datestamps used on maritime mail (7); ships cachets used as cancellations (3); registered Ocean Letter envelope; G.B stamps disallowed at foreign ports and surcharged (4); Maiden Voyage datestamps (18), etc. (47). £130-150
1864-96 Covers and cards to or from abroad all with quartered circle datestamps applied in the London Foreign Branch with a central letter denoting the port through which they were routed, comprising "L" (Liverpool) in black (3) or red (5), "N" (Newhaven) in red (2), "D" (Devonport) in black, and scarce datestamp in red with the code letter missing. Covers to Gold Coast and Natal noted, with an 1893 postal stationery postcard from Singapore bearing the cachet "RAFFLES HOTEL / SINGAPORE". (12). £140-160
1910-35 Covers and cards posted on Naval ships abroad all unpaid or underpaid and surcharged with "POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD / I.S" handstamps including rubber types in black or violet, later metal type with lower case lettering and 1921 cover with scarce three line boxed type. One unpaid card marked "Stamps Unavailable, O.A.S" and charged the single 1 1/2d rate, two items with disallowed foreign stamps, one cover not charged despite the handstamp. (12). £150-180

Ship and Packet Letters

Cross Channel Packet. 1814 (Apr 19) Entire letter from London to Bordeaux prepaid 1/2, carried on the first Dover to Calais packet service after the resumption of the mail packets to France, following their suspension during the Napoleonic Wars. Very scarce. £100-150
Dover. 1796 Entire letter from Nimes to England, carried by a neutral vessel to Dover, endorsed "Dover Ship" and backstamped at London (June 11), charged 10d (1d Ship Letter fee + 4d Dover to London + 5d London to Ross). An exceptional manuscript Ship Letter endorsement, the only such item from Dover we have recorded, possibly the result of the usual handstamp being mislaid on this one day. Photo on Page 23. £900-1,100
Liverpool. 1813 (July 21) Entire letter from Birmingham to Philadelphia and redirected to Wilminton, Delaware, with red handstruck "PHI / 7 / SE" and "6" charge, backstamped with black "POST PAID WITHDRAWN SHIP LETTER / LIVERPOOL" datestamp. Small piece torn from upper right corner and part of flap rejoined, not affecting the datestamp. An unusually clear example of this Post Paid Withdrawn Ship Letter. £150-180
Liverpool. 1856 Stampless cover from Quebec to England "per Anglo Saxon via Liverpool" handstamped "BY CANADIAN / PACKET" (Rob. M10), backstamped by green "PKT. LETTER / LIVERPOOL" datestamp (P9). £70-100
Queenborough. 1831 (Oct 21) Entire letter from Altona to Huth in London, containing a small sample of cloth, with "SCHIFFS BRIEF POST / HAMBURG" c.d.s and backstamped with the scarce "SHIP LETTER / QUEENBORO" (Rob. S5, recorded 1831-32), disinfected at Stangate Creek with overall staining and chisel slits. £100-150

Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet

1879 Cover from Tarbert to Lossiemouth bearing a 1d red tied by scarce "GREENOCK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / 163" duplex code "B" (inward sailing), also a 1d red on piece with the same duplex cancel but code "A", used on the outward sailing. Very scarce, this first G&A Packet duplex only used in July and August 1879. (2). Photo on Page 23. £240-280
1879-1900 Covers and cards (10) and pieces (10) with various cancels comprising Columba Steamer first type duplex (with side arcs) codes "A" (piece) and "B" and second type duplex code "A" and "B" (3, two on piece); Iona Steamer duplex code "A" (2, pieces) and "B"; Columba Steamer first type c.d.s code "A" and second type c.d.s code "B"; Iona Steamer c.d.s codes "A" and "B"; Iona Steamer 163 double ring c.d.s codes "A" and "B" (2, one on piece); Grenadier Steamer 666 double ring c.d.s codes "A" (piece) and "B" (3, pieces), also two postcards of ships. (22). £350-400
1882 (Dec 23) 2d Registration envelope size F bearing two 2 1/2d blue stamps, addressed to an Officer in the 42nd Royal Highlanders in Cairo. The two adhesive stamps and the embossed 2d stamp on the flap each cancelled "IONA STEAMER / GREENOCK / 163" duplex, with oval framed "R" presumably applied on the steamer. An exceptional registered cover to an unusual destination, the "R" handstamp not recorded by Mackay. Photo on Page 23. £200-250
1906 (June 1) Coloured pictorial envelope depicting R.M.S "Columba" sailing past Fingals Cave, Staffa, with the David MacBrayne flags on the reverse, bearing a KEVII 1d tied by "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / COLUMBA" double ring c.d.s code "B", with enclosed letter on similar coloured pictorial notepaper. The cover with opening tear at one corner, otherwise fine, the cover and notepaper both very attractive. Also 1891-95 covers with differing David MacBrayne logos showing ships on the flaps, both used. (3 covers + notepaper). Photo on Page 23. £120-150
1901-15 Picture postcards (17), a cover and a piece with double ring datestamps containing the ship name, comprising wide type "Greenock" c.d.s for the Columba codes "A" and "B", Iona codes "A" and "B" and Grenadier codes "A" (not recorded by Mackay) and "B"; wide type "GK" c.d.s for the Columba code "A" (with QV 1/2d) and "B", Iona code "A" and "B", Grenadier code "A" and "B"; narrow type c.d.s for the Columba code "A" and "B", Iona code "A" and "B", Grenadier codes "A" and "B" (cover + piece). A good lot, all extremely fine strikes with certain codes very scarce, five coloured cards published by MacBrayne. (19). £400-500
1902 (Dec 26) Coloured printed "Glasgow and Highland Royal Mail Steamers" envelope with David MacBrayne flags on the reverse, franked KEVII 1d tied by the rare "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / CHEVALIER" code "A" (outward sailing) wide type c.d.s, some staining. Also a 1913 (Apr 5) piece with KGV 1d cancelled by the narrow type Chevalier c.d.s code "B", and a 1908 coloured MacBrayne postcard written on the Chevalier but cancelled at Oban. Very few Chevalier cancels recorded. (3). Photo on Page 23. £350-450
1903 (Mar 2) Picture postcard with KEVII 1/2d tied by the rare "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / CHEVALIER" code "B" (inward sailing) wide type c.d.s, very fine. Very few Chevalier cancels recorded. Photo on Page 23. £350-450
1916 (July 4) Picture postcard with KGV 1/2d tied by two strikes of the scarce narrow type "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET" c.d.s code "A" (outward sailing) with the ship's name removed from the datestamp, only recorded 1916-17. Photo on Page 23. £150-200
1916 (Nov 10) Picture postcard with KGV 1/2d tied by scarce narrow type "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET" c.d.s code "B" (inward sailing) with the ship's name removed from the datestamp, only recorded used 1916-17. Photo on Page 23. £150-200

British Pleasure Steamer Cachets

Prince of Wales. 1841 Entire letter from Belfast to London, posted on the steamer to Fleetwood with 1d red cancelled at Preston by a Maltese Cross with "FLEETWOOD" undated circle on the front, backstamped at Preston (May 10) and London. Backstamped with the very scarce circular cachets "PRINCE OF / WALES" and "FLEETWOOD & / BELFAST" containing a fleur de lys (Alexander, Dovey and Ellerton types 3.7, 3.8). Both cachets a little faint with the second across the flap, and two file folds (one through the stamp), but very scarce. £150-200
Edinburgh Castle. 1880 (Aug 10) 1/2d Postal stationery postcard cancelled at Greenock with the violet cachet "POSTED ON BOARD / "EDINBURGH CASTLE" / STEAMER" (4.28), a few minor tone marks, otherwise fine and very rare. Photo on Page 26. £500-600
1910 (March) Picture postcard of Rathlin Island bearing KEVII 1/2d cancelled by Larne Harbour c.d.s, with circular violet cachet "LARNE & STRANRAER / MAIL STEAMER / Posted / off / Rathlin / Isle". Fine and very scarce, this cachet unrecorded in "British Pleasure Steamer Cachets" by Alexander, Dovey and Ellerton. £100-150
1911 (July 12) Picture postcard of R.M.S "Princess Maud" published by the Larne and Stranraer Royal Mail route, bearing KEVII 1/2d cancelled by Larne Harbour c.d.s, with circular violet cachet "LARNE & STRANRAER / MAIL STEAMER / Posted / off / Rathlin / Isle". Fine and very scarce, this cachet unrecorded in "British Pleasure Steamer Cachets" by Alexander, Dovey and Ellerton. Photo on Page 26. £140-180
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 30)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 26th October 2012 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing at Stampex:
Wednesday 26th September 11.30am to 7pm
Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September 10am to 6pm
Saturday 29th September 10am to 5pm
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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