Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 30)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 26th October 2012 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing at Stampex:
Wednesday 26th September 11.30am to 7pm
Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September 10am to 6pm
Saturday 29th September 10am to 5pm
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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Auction Lots - Page 13
Second British Occupation - Ship Letter. 1800 Entire to Scotland, filing endorsement showing the origin to be "Demerary, Col. Chisholm, Dec. 11 1800", landed as a ship letter with superb oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / MARTINIQUE", again despatched by private ship to England with oval "Ship Lre (crown) / FALMOUTH" on the reverse. Charged 2/- (altered from 10d, then 1/6), with datestamps of London (Feb 26) and Edinburgh (Mar 1). Probably the finest known example of the very rare Martinique Ship Letter handstamp, of which only one or two other examples are recorded. A superb exhibition item. Photo on Back Cover. £8,000-10,000
1817 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Bordeaux with scarce straight line "MARTINIQUE" (Jamet type 10, recorded 1814-17) and fine two line "COLONIES PAR / ST MARTIN-ISLE-DE-RE", charged 6 decimes. Disinfected, possibly at La Rochelle, with two chisel slits and light staining. A fine letter. Photo on Page 104. £240-300
1818 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Bordeaux endorsed "par le Nre Le Martiniquain" with straight line "MARTINIQUE" (type 12) and two line "COLONIES PAR / BORDEAUX". £70-100
1827 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Marseille with scarce red framed "MARTINIQUE" (Jamet type 14, only recorded in red in 1827), no rate shown, light file fold, otherwise very fine. Photo on Page 104. £250-300
1843 Entire letter from Fort Royal to Paris "Par La Pauline" backstamped with scarce blue framed "FORT ROYAL" (Jamet type 2, recorded 1843-47), with red "OUTRE-MER / LE HAVRE" and Paris datestamps and a "6" decimes charge mark. Photo on Page 104. £200-250
1851 Cover to France with very scarce blue boxed "MARIN" (Jamet type 1, recorded 1846-51) on the front, together with datestamps of "FORT-DE-FRANCE MARTINIQUE" (May 15), and red "ANGL. / CALAIS", red boxed "Colonies / &c ART. 13" and a "30" decimes charge mark. Backstamped by "ST PIERRE MARTINIQUE" c.d.s and at London and Soissons. A fine and scarce cover. Photo on Page 104. £300-350
1864-66 Stampless entires to France, the first sent by British packet with "FORT-DE-FRANCE MARTINIQUE" and red "COLONIES FRA. V. ANGL." datestamps with "8" decimes charge mark; the second sent by French packet with "MARTINIQUE / ST. PIERRE" c.d.s, octagonal "COL. FR. / PAQ. FR. A. No 3" datestamp and a "6" decimes charge mark, both fine. (2). £150-180
1845-1966 Covers (mainly pre 1946) including 1877 entire letter with imperf French Colonies 40c tied by "MQE" in retta; 1845-73 prestamp letters (3); other 1884-87 covers with French Colonies general issues; 1903-09 forces mail bearing "FM" stamps (7); 1935 first flight from French Guiana and other airmails; maritime mail with "Paquebot" and French Sea Post Office cancellations and ships cachets; World War Two censors including 1940 cover to Paris delivered in 1945 with "RELEASED" cachet; registered mail, a good range of frankings, postal rates, etc. An interesting collection, many written up on album pages. (134). £800-1,000


(Also see lots 95, 164, 168, 180, 459, 462, 532, 552, 555, 624, 881, 888)

German States. 1850-67 Covers comprising 1850 entire from Saarbruck with Oldenburg 3sgr black on yellow tied by "1225" numeral; Oldenburg 3sgr postal stationery envelope bearing 1858 6pf (oxidised) and 1sgr rose; Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1s postal stationery envelope bearing 1856 1/4s block of four (faults); and 1867 cover bearing Hamburg 7s violet. (4). £180-220
Machine Cancels. 1868 Cover from Ireland with 6d purple plate 6 tied by numeral "329" of Miltown Malbay, backstamped by boxed "16 / 9 / HAMBURG / 9-10 VIII" machine cancel; and 1886 5pf postcard cancelled by a fine "BERLIN. C" Hoster machine. (2). £80-100
Maritime Mail. 1869 Cover with North German Confederation 1gr cancelled by boxed "AUS SWINEMUNDE / P. DAMPFS", and 1874-79 postal stationery postcards cancelled by boxed "AUS / PER DAMPSCHIFF" (with manuscript "Wollin"), "AUS WOLLIN / PER DAMPSCHIFF" or "AUS STETTIN / PER DAMPSCHIFF", all very fine. (4). £160-200
1874 Entire letter from Mulhausen bearing 1872 1/2gr orange strips of three (2) paying the 3gr rate to France. Also 1879 entire letter franked 20pf (faults) and 1888 10pf postal stationery postcard both tied by "KAISERL DEUTSCHE P.A CONSTANTINOPEL" c.d.s. (3). £130-150
Registered Mail. 1881-1906 Registered covers from Persia, Spain or G.B (2) sent to or via Germany all with "Vom Auslande uber Bahnpost" registration etiquettes applied on German T.P.Os. (4). £120-140
Zeppelin Mail. 1930 Picture postcard of Radkersburg to Austria franked on the picture side by 1930 Graf Zeppelin Sudamerika Fahrt 2m (a few perfs stained) and 4m (S.G. 456/7, £850) each tied by Friedrichshafen c.d.s (May 18), carried by Graf Zeppelin to South America and back to Friedrichshafen. Backstamped with red circular "LUFTSCHIFF GRAF ZEPPELIN / SUDAMERIKAFAHRT 1930" cachet and violet diamond shaped "FIRST / EUROPE PAN-AMERICA / ROUND FLIGHT" cachet in violet (a little smudged) with Friedrichshafen arrival c.d.s. Sieger 57H. Photo on Page 104. £300-350
Postal Stationery. 1933-45 Third Reich period postal stationery postcards and reply cards, the used and unused collection with official, semi-official and privately produced cards, a good range of views and propaganda subjects and slogans, some with special cancellations, also Pneumatic Post cards and cards for foreign workers in Germany, most well written up on album pages. Also Michel and Borek stationery catalogues, and a 1933 150 page propaganda book containing cigarette cards. (519 + 6 books). £1,000-1,200

German Colonies

1899 Togo 5pf postcard (reply half) commercially used from Klein-Popo to Berlin; 1904 picture postcard franked New Guinea 5pf sent from Friedrich-Wilhelmshafen to Herbertshohe; and 1899 South West Africa 5pf + 5pf reply card, the outward half cancelled by "Khanrivier" Wanderstempel. (3). £130-160
Caroline Islands. 1909 (Feb 18) 10pf Postcard cancelled "ANGAUR / PALAU-INSELN" c.d.s, posted on the first day of the Post Office, sent by the Postmaster to the German Postmaster at Swatow with Victoria, Hong Kong transit c.d.s and Swatow British P.O arrival backstamp. A scarce first day cancel. £100-120
New Guinea. 1897 Registered cover to Berlin bearing Germany 20pf strip of three each cancelled "STEPHANSORT" c.d.s, bearing a Stephansort registration etiquette. A fine commercial registered cover. Photo on Page 104. £120-150
Samoa. 1891 Commercial cover to London bearing Germany 10pf pair tied by fine "APIA / KAISERL. DEUTSCHE / POSTAGENTUR" c.d.s, London backstamp, very fine. £100-120


1809 Entire letter with fine curved framed "GIBRALTAR" handstamp; 1895 cover with G.B 2 1/2d tied by Gibraltar A26 duplex and handstamped "PAQUEBOT" (a very early use); and 1915 cover with "OPENED BY CENSOR" seal (with large central arms) tied by blue circular "PASSED CENSOR / 9 NOV. 15 / GIB". (3). £140-160
1870 Entire to Malta bearing two examples of 1858-79 2d blue plate 13 tied by Gibraltar A26 duplex cancels. £80-100


1911 Registered cover from Ocean Island to England bearing 1911 KEVII 2d - 1/- (S.G. 3-7) cancelled in blue crayon, with "Regd No. 237" written below in the same crayon and "Ocean Island" added in pencil, backstamped upon arrival (June 21). Part address erased, otherwise fine and an unusual manuscript cancellation. £100-120
1911 (Jan.) 1/2d - 1/- Set of seven (6d stained), 1911 (Mar.) 1/2d - 2 1/2d set of four and 1912-24 KGV 1/2d - £1 set of 13 (with both 1d shades) all mint, mostly very fine, the scarce 1924 £1 superb. S.G. 1/24, £796. (25). Photo on Page 109. £240-300


1887 Cover to Germany with red manuscript "Winnebah, 11.11.87" in the upper left corner (written on by the Woermann Line agent who then handed the letter to one of the company's ships sailing to Hamburg), franked by Germany 20pf cancelled upon arrival in Hamburg, with boxed "AUS / WESTAFRIKA", very fine. Photo on Page 104. £200-250


(Also see lots 385-388)
Crete. 1904 Picture postcard franked Malta 1/2d tied by Notabile c.d.s, to a British soldier at Candia, handstamped "T" with Crete 1901 5L red postage due vertical pair tied by "HPAKAEION" c.d.s. Minor staining, scarce. Photo on Page 107. £100-120
1941 Italian Occupation surcharges for Corfu comprising 1937 Historical issue 10d and Airpost 1d scarlet both unmounted mint; or from Cephalonia and Ithaca, comprising various pairs mint (28) or used (3), single stamps mint (4) or used (44), also half overprints on single stamps (from divided pairs) mint (6) or used (27), all offered "as-is". (114). £100-150


1915-37 Parcel stamps, the unmounted mint group comprising 1915-33 Thiele II 1ore (4th printing, Wowern Certificate), 5ore (3rd printing), 10ore (3, 2nd, 3rd and 4th printing, all with Wowern Certificates), 20ore (5th printing), 70ore, 1kr (corner marginal) and 3kr (marginal); 1937 Schultz printing 10ore - 1kr set of four (the 10ore and 1kr marginal) and 1937 Andreasen & Lachmann 70ore and 1kr, all superb. Facit 18,300 SKR. (15). Photo on Page 149. £450-550


1881 1d Light blue postcard proof with two tete-beche stamp impressions, also the issued card unused (H.&G. 1). Fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 107. £400-500
1881 1d Brown postcard proofs, one with two tete-beche stamp impressions on both front and reverse in contrasting shades. The issued 1d card was printed in light blue. Fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 107. £500-600
1881 1 1/2d Postcard proof, the front with two tete-beche stamp impressions in contrasting shades of blue, the reverse with three stamp impressions (two tete-beche) in shades of brown. An exceptional proof, illustrated on the front cover of Robson Lowe's "The Watson Post Cards". Also the unused issued card in brown (H.&G. 2). (2). Photo on Page 107. £550-650
1881 1 1/2d Brown postcard commercially used to England, cancelled by Grenada c.d.s, light soiling but very scarce. H&G 2 ($300 in 1975). Photo on Page 107. £150-180
1886 2d Registration envelopes printed by McCorquodale & Co., size F overprinted "Specimen", sizes G, H, H2, I and K unused and size H used to Germany in 1895 bearing a 2 1/2d pair (other stamps removed). A scarce group, the used cover believed to be the only recorded example. H.&G. 1/1e. (7). £300-350


1883 Reply cards comprising 1c + 1c purple and 2c + 2c blue (2), complete with reply halves attached. Very fine unused. (Scott UY1/2, $1,300). (3). £150-200
1887 10c Black postal stationery envelope to Germany cancelled fine triple ring "WAIANAE / OAHU" datestamp (Meyer/Harris rarity 7) with a second strike on the front and Honolulu transit c.d.s. Photo on Page 107. £100-120
1888 3c Green postcard (UX3) used from Honolulu to Hong Kong with "SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. / STM. SHIP" transit c.d.s and 1897 2c green postcard (UX9) to Austria cancelled fine violet "MAKAWELI" datestamp (Meyer/Harris rarity 7) and a Honolulu duplex, transit and arrival datestamps of Vancouver and Selletitz. (2). £120-140


Philippines. 1891 Cover to England bearing 2c carmine and 4c slate-grey pair each cancelled "B62" with "HONG KONG" (Jan 21) c.d.s code "C" alongside. The flap has the note "Manila - 15 Jany, many thanks for letters and papers to hand, J.H" clearly written by the sender, indicating the cover originated in the Philippine Islands. £100-120
1900 Stampless piece with superb oval "LIU KUNG TAU / 25 JUL 1900 / POST OFFICE" British P.O datestamp, the reverse endorsed "Recd on letter from Major J. Parsons in place of stamp". Photo on Page 149. £80-100
1919 (Feb 25) Stampless picture postcard (Race Course Fire at the Grand Stand) to England with red "OFFICIAL PAID / HONG KONG" c.d.s, handstamped "ACTIVE SERVICE" and "H. Brewster, Captain R.G.A / Adjutant Royal Artillery / China Command". £90-120
Postal Stationery. 1879 Formula Postcards, red on white card bearing 3c on 16c postcard stamp, blue on white card bearing 5c on 18c postcard stamp and black on blue card bearing 5c on 18c postcard stamp, all fine unused. (H&G 1a, 2, 2c) S.G. P1/2, £1,050. (3). Photo on Page 107. £400-500
Revenues. 1912-21 KGV Stamp Duty $25 - $100 mint, the $100 watermark Multiple Crown CA, the $25 - $50 watermark Multiple Script CA. A rare group, the $25 - $50 all marginal, mounted in the margin only. (4). Photo on Page 110. £400-500


(Also see lots 725, 796)

1854-1951 QV-KGVI India and Convention States collection in an album, a few 1854-68 issues used, otherwise all mint including Officials, C.E.F, I.E.F and later forces issues. A fine largely complete collection including 1855 8a unused, 1866 6a fiscal overprinted "Postage" used (2, both types), and all 1867-1951 issues mint with KEVII set (15r and 25r creased), 1911 KGV set to 25r, 1926 -33 set to 25r, 1937-40 KGVI set to 25r and 1948 Gandhi set; all C.E.F issues; Officials with 1866 1a and 2a unused, 2a Foreign Bill stamp and 1/2a Receipt stamp overprinted "Postage" both used (S.G. O16, O19), KEVII set to 25r, 1912 KGV set to 25r, etc. Mint Convention States include Chamba postage and service issues complete (except 1941 service 1a3p) with 1887-95 set, 1938 and 1942 KGVI sets to 25r, 1938 KGVI service set to 10r; Faridkot; Gwalior postage and service issues largely complete with 1885-97 first type overprint set, 1928 KGV set to 25r, 1938 KGVI set to 25r, 1949 set of nine; Jhind with 1885-86 4a and 1r with the first three overprint types, 1886-99 set of 14 to 5r and all 1900-1943 postage issues, all 1885-1937 service issues including 1937-40 KGVI set to 10r; Nabha postage and service issues virtually complete (just missing 1885 first overprint 8a and service 1932 1a, 4a) with 1885 first overprint 1r, 1885-97 set, 1938 KGVI set to 25r; Patiala with 1884 red + black overprints on 1a and 8a (the 1a a little stained), all 1885-1938 postage issues with 1891-96 set of 14 and 1937 KGVI set to 25r, and all service stamps from 1885. A good collection, largely mounted mint (a few unmounted), the occasional stamp without gum or with faults but the vast majority very fine, with many scarce stamps. S.G. £29,000 (approx). (1,000s). Photo on Pages 99, 109 and 110. £12,000-14,000
T.P.Os/Railway Cancels. c.1860-1943 Covers and cards mostly with T.P.O cancels or backstamps, some from Burma, also a few railway station cancels and "TRAIN LATE" or "POSTED IN / WRONG TRAIN" handstamps. Mainly pre-1920 (with 35 QV covers), mainly internal covers but a few sent to G.B, mixed quality but many fine, some written up on pages. (75). £120-150
1881 1 1/2d Postcard (tear at right side) and c.1880 1/2a envelope both bearing a 1/2a stamp, cancelled by a diamond of bars, both with "LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS CAMP P.O" c.d.s. (2). £100-120
1886 Registered Cover to England franked 1882-90 1/2a, 1a (3) and 4a strip of three all cancelled "C-1", encircled "R" and boxed "PARK STREET / CALCUTTA" registration handstamps, an attractive franking. £100-120
1886 4a6p Envelope to England cancelled by superb "ASSAM STEAMER SERVICE" c.d.s. Photo on Page 107. £100-120
1892-1901 Covers and cards from or to India all with datestamps of "A.G.G's CAMP / RAJPUTANA" (6) or "N.W.P. GOVT CAMP P.O" (16), used during tours in India of the Agent to the Governor General in Rajputana or the Governor of the North West Provinces. Various cancellation types, a few faults, the majority fine. (22). £300-350
1899 (Jan 21) Cover superbly handpainted by Hugh Rose with a picture of two horsemen, addressed to Mrs King Harman in St. Lucia, with two 1/2a stamps each tied by "DEVALI CAMP" c.d.s, backstamped by Sea Post Office and St. Lucia datestamps. An attractive cover from this famous correspondence. Photo on Page 114. £350-400
1911 Picture postcards (7), cover and pieces (14) all cancelled by Coronation Durbar c.d.s or machine cancels, one postcard to "Kashmir Residency Camp, Coronation Durbar" with the machine cancel and two differing datestamps. (22). £100-120
1937 1a Brown envelope bearing KGV 1/2a on the front and 1a3p block of six on the reverse each tied by "PORT BLAIR" c.d.s, sent by air mail to London. An unusual cover from the Andaman Islands. £80-100
1940-49 Unmounted mint selection comprising 1940 1a tete-beche strip of four, 1940-43 set of 14, 1948 Gandhi set of three and 1949-52 set of 16, very fine, the Gandhi 10r superb. S.G. 265/77, 305/24, £525. (37). Photo on Page 149. £350-380
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 30)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 26th October 2012 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing at Stampex:
Wednesday 26th September 11.30am to 7pm
Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September 10am to 6pm
Saturday 29th September 10am to 5pm
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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