G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 20
Click to view full image... Cairo. 1862 (Mar 17) Cover to England bearing 1862 9d cancelled "B01" with "CAIRO" and London Paid datestamps on the front, a scarce stamp used in Cairo. Photo on Page 142. £700-800
Click to view full image... Alexandria. 1862 Cover to India with 1862 3d + 9d each cancelled "B01", "ALEXANDRIA" and arrival backstamps, a scarce franking, very fine and attractive. Photo on Page 142. £800-900
Click to view full image... Suez. 1863 Printed envelope "TELEGRAPH TO INDIA COMPANY, LIMITED / TELEGRAM / Despatched from Jubal Island", the reverse with printed rates for telegrams from Jubal to Alexandria or the U.K, addressed to Bombay and endorsed "Post Suez", bearing 1862 1/- cancelled "B02" with a "SUEZ" c.d.s below. At this date telegraph cables to India only extended as far as Suez, from where telegrams were sent by mail. Light horizontal fold (which crosses the stamp), otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 142. £700-800
Click to view full image... Alexandria. 1874 Cover to London with 4d vermilion plate 13 vertical pair each cancelled "B01", an "ALEXANDRIA" c.d.s alongside and scarce boxed "INSUFFICIENTLY PAID", charged 1/2, the charge and Insufficiently Paid handstamp crossed out in London and a red Paid datestamp applied. A very unusual cover, the scarce Insufficiently Paid handstamp issued to Alexandria in June 1873 and recorded in use until 1875. Photo on Page 142. £300-350

(Also See Lot 869)

  1883-1964 Covers from or to the Falkland Islands or Falkland Islands Dependencies, including Falklands used in South Georgia (6, one registered to South Africa with 1935 Silver Jubilee set in pairs, redirected to G.B), Falkland Islands Dependencies issues used from Deception Island, Admiralty Bay, Signy Island, Argentina Islands, Hope Bay, Port Lockroy, Marguerite Bay, Base E or Z, picture postcards, etc. Also 1770 "Edinburgh Adventurer" newspaper which includes a report of the Argentinean capture of the fort in the Falklands previously held by the English; 1938 covers from H.M.S "Exeter" or H.M.S "Ajax" posted from Uruguay or Argentina; a few stamps including 1891 1d + 1d bisect on piece, etc. (75). £300-400
  1949-c.2010 Covers sent from, to or within the Falklands, also some South Georgia, some philatelic though the majority are commercial, many stampless covers with official cachets including red oval "British Red Cross Society Falkland Islands Branch" (3), postage due mail, etc., also 50p and £5 banknotes, some written up on pages. (100s). £300-400
Click to view full image... Falklands War / Forces Mail. 1982-88 Covers and cards including 1982 (Apr 5) cover from G.B to Port Stanley with Argentinean arrival c.d.s (April 16), undelivered and returned handstamped "(A) / CENSOR"; British and Argentinean patriotic covers; British forces mail with 1982 (July 29) "H.M.S ENDURANCE / ANTARCTICA" cachet on part registered cover, 1982 air letter from H.M.S "Invincible"; various later F.P.Os, B.F.P.O London and B.F.P.O 655 meters, etc. (34). Photo on Page 142. £120-150


Click to view full image... 1860-1973 Mint collection in an album including 1860 5k (with gum and full teeth, a little stained), 1875-84 issues, 1891-97 7r, 1901 chalky paper 2p - 10m set of five, 1901-15 10m, basic issues virtually complete from 1911, also a few covers and locals, most very fine. S.G. £3,000+. (100s). Photo on Page 148. £300-350

(Also See Lots 162-217, 369/73, 626/7, 632/4, 652/4, 701, 703, 707/8, 795, 819, 1019, 1191/2, 1197-1207)

  1780-1808 Army documents including 1780 service certificate issued in Martinique; 1796 leave pass; 1803 promotion documents both signed by Marshal Berthier with "Bonaparte" written in a secretarial hand (2); 1806 report from General Michaud to Prince Louis Bonaparte on the military situation in Holland; 1807 report from General Coulaincourt at The Hague to Louis Bonaparte; etc. (8). £150-200
  Guadeloupe. 1876-2006 Covers and cards (also a few stamps and pieces), many from the dependencies of St. Bartholomew or St. Martin, a few Guadeloupe sub-offices, mainly post 1950 period but with a few earlier items including 1878 entire bearing imperf 1871-76 40c tied by "PAQ. FR. / POINTE-A-PITRE" c.d.s and St. Nazaire entry datestamp. (139). £120-150
  Martinique. c.1900-2007 Covers and cards with c.1900-35 picture postcards (99), the covers mainly post 1950 period but including some earlier, various sub-office cancels, "Missent to St. Lucia" handstamps, also a few cancels on stamps and pieces. (212+). £180-220

(Also See Lot 714)

  1905-67 Covers and cards comprising 1905 stampless card from Bathurst with "T" handstamp, charged 2d in London; 1935 cover from London to a ship at Bathurst, handstamped "SHIP SAILED" and returned; and 1967 cover from Ghana to Sweden handstamped "MISSENT TO GAMBIA". (3). £100-120

(Also See Lots 375/7, 582, 585/7, 655/8, 698, 708, 714, 802, 820, 82, 834/8, 934, 1011/2, 1080, 1239)

  1843 Entire letter on printed notepaper headed with a fine view of the docks and city of Lubeck, posted from Lubeck to Scotland "via Cuxhaven & Hull" charged 6d, with Hamburg, York, Edinburgh and green Hull Ship Letter datestamps, small edge tear, very attractive notepaper. £80-100

(Also See Lot 823)

  1822-54 Entire letters or entires, from Spain to Gibraltar (4, handstamps of Malaga, Valencia or Cadiz); Gibraltar to Italy or Holland (3) sent via Spain with red "DE GIBR / S. ROQUE / ANDA. BAXA" (one also with "S. ROQUE / FRANCA") and two line "ESPAGNE / PAR BAYONNE" (2), "ESPAGNE PAR / ST. JEAN-DE-LUZ" or red "ESPAGNE / PAR OLORON"; and letters from Gibraltar to Cadiz with arc type "GIBRALTAR / PAID" or a blue Gibraltar double arc datestamp. Also 1847 entire to London with boxed arc type "GIBRALTAR". (11). £250-300
  1829-45 Entire letters to Portugal with curved framed "GIBRALTAR" (8) or "GIBRALTAR / PAID" (2), one with red "E. GIBA / S. ROQUE / ANDA BAXA", three others carried directly to Lisbon simply with "LISBOA" handstamps, various Portuguese rate marks. Three letters originate in Valencia, one with manuscript "Forwarded by Rob. Anderson & Co., Gibraltar 13 Sep. 1838", other handstamps include boxed "P. BRIT" (4) or oval framed "C. Est. de N." (3). Also 1835 printed compendium of Portuguese laws. (15). £250-300
  1857-69 Entire letters (12) and an entire all posted unpaid to Portugal with "GIBRALTAR" c.d.s in black (8) or blue (3), two others simply with a San Roque c.d.s or oval framed "C. Est. de N.", transit datestamps of San Roque and "E.A. BADAJOZ - LISBOA" (2), two disinfected, two with boxed "P. BRIT", various Portuguese rates, one incorrectly charged 240r as though from France with "ESPANA / IRUN" c.d.s. (13). £200-250
  1859 Entire letter from Gibraltar to Oran, Algeria, G.B 2d plate 7 cancelled "A26" with a blue Gibraltar c.d.s alongside, charged 8 decimes, very fine. £80-100


Click to view full image... 1910 Registered cover from Burutu to Obuasi bearing Southern Nigeria KEVII 3d block of four, handstamped scarce boxed "MISSENT TO / CAPE COAST", backstamped at Forcados, Cape Coast, Sekondi and Obuasi. Photo on Page 142. £400-450


Click to view full image... 1887 3c Essay die proof in black, on glazed paper applied to thin card, the frame in the design used for the issued set of 1887, the central vignette showing the arms of Haiti (the issued set having a central vignette depicting President Saloman), very fine, 48x45mm. Photo on Page 150. £80-100


Click to view full image... 1866 5c Vignette die proof of King Kamehameha V, in black on India paper mounted on card, 60x71mm, very fine. Photo on Page 150. £300-350
Click to view full image... Postal Stationery. 1884 4c Envelope stamp, die proof in red with uncleared surround and serial number "C-113", on paper (71x52mm) affixed to white card (138x98mm), very fine. Photo on Page 150. £600-700

(Also See Lots 398, 921)

Click to view full image... British P.O in Hiogo. 1863-71 4c Grey with fine "D30" cancel of Hiogo, lower left corner clipped, still a very scarce cancel. Also a few other Hong Kong stamps on an old album page, a few with China or treaty port cancels. S.G. Z2, £4,250. Photo on Page 136. £200-250
Click to view full image... British P.O in Hiogo. 1863-71 12c Blue with a fine and complete "D30" cancel of Hiogo, a couple of short perfs at upper right, otherwise fine and very scarce. S.G. Z5, £6,000. Photo on Page 136. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... Shanghai. 1880 (Nov 4) Cover to London with 10c on 12c cancelled "S1", a "SHANGHAI" c.d.s alongside, Hong Kong and London Paid datestamps, flap reattached, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 142. £650-700
  1901-58 Covers and cards including 1912 Liu Kung Tau c.d.s., 1914 G size registration envelope, 1919 China overprint H size 10c registration envelope with Wei-Hai-Wei c.d.s and boxed "R / PORT EDWARD" (stamp removed), 1933-40 air mail covers (17), 1953 Calcutta Comet crash cover, etc., a few faults. (31). £200-250
  1932 Long cover from New York to Hong Kong, handstamped boxed "RETOUR" in black (Proud I48) and "SHOP CLOSED" in red (Proud I162, further strike on reverse) with violet pointing hand handstamp, Returned Letter Office Hong Kong c.d.s on reverse, vertical fold, otherwise fine and scarce. £180-200

(Also See Lots 578, 588)

  1873-2002 Mainly used collection (with a few mint pre-1939 issues) in a Lighthouse album, including 1873 perf 12½ 16sk yellow (cancel not guaranteed), 1876 perf 14x13½ 5au blue, 1897 16au brown, 1912 perf 12½ 5k, 1931 Zeppelin 2k, various Officials from 1876, 1953-83 issues complete and many 1984-2002 issues. (100s). £250-300

(Also See Lots 142/7, 149/50, 392/6, 524, 565, 776-787, 827/8, 844/5, 848/53, 859, 911-923, 938, 952/3, 1060/1, 1088/9, 1094/6)

  1842-1933 Covers and cards from or to India including 1883-88 correspondence from G.B to an army doctor in India (10, most franked 5d indigo) or sent back from India (9), another 1880-81 correspondence from India to G.B (17, with letters), cover bearing QV ½a + Jammu & Kashmir ¼a, 1883 cover bearing ½a + 1a strip of four with G.B 1d added upon redirection, 1881 cover with "VICEROYS CAMP P.O" c.d.s, Burma covers (4, one from Port Blair), 1864 Kurachee duplex, 1842 red boxed "AMEDABAD / CANTONMENT / Paid", etc., a few faults. (49). £200-250
  1854-72 Entire letters to the USA comprising 1854 stampless letter with Benares datestamp, New York Br. Pkt. c.d.s and "65" cents charge mark; 1872 letters from Bombay bearing 8p pair + 8a, or eight 8p stamps + 8a (file folds through three stamps), the two stamped covers attractive. (3). £120-150
  1865 Cover from Calcutta to Glasgow bearing 1860 8p and 1865 2a yellow + 4a each cancelled octagonal "B/1" in blue, red senders cachet below, tears to flap, the front fine. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1882-90 4a Slate green, watermark inverted, fine used. S.G. 95w, £375. Photo on Page 136. £120-140
Click to view full image... 1902-11 KEVII 2r Carmine and yellow-brown, watermark inverted, used, very scarce. S.G. 139w, £850. Photo on Page 148. £300-350
  1918 Tiny tie-on parcel tag (72x34mm) endorsed "Registered Parcel" and addressed to "The Medical Officer in Charge, British Red Cross, Baghdad", the reverse bearing KGV 8a and 1r tied by circular datestamps, minor creasing, very unusual. £80-100
Click to view full image... Officials. 1867-73 1a Brown "Service" overprint, watermark inverted, fine used. S.G. O23w, £400. Photo on Page 136. £130-160
Click to view full image... Officials. 1902-09 KEVII 1a and 2a, and 1906 1a, overprinted "On H.M.S", all with significant sideways shifts of the overprints, used. The 1902 1a stained, otherwise fine and unusual. (3). Photo on Page 136. £100-120
  Officials. 1937-39 KGVI 2r and 10r with "SERVICE" overprints, and 1939-42 official issue 3p, ½a red-brown, 1a3p and 2a all with watermark inverted, fine used. S.G. O136, 138, 140, 141, 145, 147w, £515. (6). £150-180
  Azad Hind. 1943 Azad Hind 1r + 2r, imperforate vertical pair with margin at base, superb unmounted mint, a scarce value. £120-140
Click to view full image... Used in Nepal. c.1882 ½a Postal Stationery envelope to India, cancelled "D" in bars, backstamped "NEPAL" and arrival datestamps, tiny fault at lower left, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 152. £300-350
  Used in Nepal. 1899 Cover to Bombay with ½a tied by fine "NEPAL" squared circle, "THE RESIDENCY / NEPAL" printed on the flap, arrival backstamp. £150-180
  Malakand Field Force. 1897 (Oct 31) Cover to England with 2a6p tied by "FIELD P.O No 12" squared circle (used by the 3rd Brigade at Panjkora), Sunningdale skeleton arrival c.d.s on reverse. £150-180
  Tirah Field Force. 1898 (Mar 2) 2a6p Postal stationery envelope to England cancelled by "FIELD P.O No. 38" double ring c.d.s, final digit of the F.P.O unclear but confirmed by the enclosed letter written by Edmund Grubbe of the Connaught Rangers from Jamrud (where F.P.O 38 is known to have been located and used by the 1st Division of the Tirah F.F.). Grubbe writes to his sister "I am still in this confounded hole, thank goodness most of the Afridi tribes are paying up their fines and coming in so I hope shortly the army may be broken up". £180-200
Click to view full image... Indian States - Jind. 1886 2a Dull blue with red "SERVICE JEIND STATE" overprint with error of spelling JEIND for JHIND, mint, the gum heavily toned as usual, fine appearance and a very scarce variety. S.G. O116, £2,250. Photo on Page 136. £700-800

(Also See Lots 748-775, 983)

  Nairn Overland Mail. 1927-32 Covers and ephemera including 1932 printed "Nairn Eastern Transport Company Ltd, Overland Desert Mail" envelope posted from Damascus to Cairo; covers carried by overland mail from Iraq (4, one with red label) or Persia, all to G.B; "Nairn Transport Co" advertising leaflets for the Haifa to Baghdad service, all with differing coloured illustrations on the front covers (3); and photos (9, two showing the Nairn Transport Co overland vehicles). (18). £300-350
  1925-2007 Covers, the majority from c.1997-2002 with various cancels, censor cachets, many with Saddam Hussein propaganda issues, some local overprints, also some earlier covers with 1925 G.B to Mosul cover franked 5½d for overland mail, 1958 cover with manuscript "Republic of Iraq" across King Faisal II stamps, 1949 censor, etc. (270). £120-150

(Also See Lots 6, 98, 116, 152-161, 228, 314-323, 406, 612, 642, 660, 688, 696, 755, 770)

  1907-90 Propaganda stamps and forgeries including Sinn Fein harp or Celtic Cross labels (3) and 1916 Manchester Martyrs labels (2); Anti-home rule labels (6) including orange "Provisional Government, Ireland, Imperial Union" 1d label and blue Edward Carson label; forgeries of Fenian essays (8) and colonial type "Ireland" labels (13); more recent Sinn Fein labels with 1981 hunger strike sheet, and nationalist labels, etc. (32). £150-200
  Shipping. 1828-c.1960 Picture postcards (100) and ephemera (6) showing various ships or shipping routes to, from or around Ireland including British & Irish Steam Packet Co., L.N.W.R Steamship Service, City of Dublin Steam Packet Co., 1828 poster for the "William Fawcett Steam Packet" sailing between London and Cork via Plymouth, also a few covers with some more recent Paquebots. (120). £250-300
  1922 (Aug 8) Cover with G.B 1½d vertical pair each cancelled "FIELD POST OFFICE / D.41" applied in Dublin, unusually addressed to Belgium, unclaimed and returned with Belgian explanatory handstamps, reverse with "Officially Sealed in the Returned Letter Section London Postal Service" seals. £80-100
  1922-34 Mint collection on pages with overprints including first Dollard 2/6 - 10/- (both 2/6 shades) and Thom 2/6, 1923-28 2/6 - 5/- with narrow date and wide date overprints, 1922-34 definitive set of twelve (with additional 2d and 3d shades, also 2½d inverted watermark) all in mint corner blocks of four (mounted on the margin only, the stamps unmounted), etc. Also 1833-44 stampless covers with boxed "PAID AT / ATHLONE" or "PAID AT / BALLYMENA" (in blue), 1931 London to Mwanza first flight cover posted at Dublin with overprint issues + Daniel O'Connell 2d, and various mint 1973-79 issues. S.G. £2,000 (approx). (218 + 5 covers). £200-240

(Also See Lots 228, 379/82, 561, 1237)


  World War Two - P.O.W Mail. 1940-41 Covers to or from British or Indian P.O.Ws captured and held in Eritrea, comprising stampless Red Cross cover with Indian Field Censor and Red Cross cachets to Lieut. Hyat-Khan, sent to Switzerland and directed to Forte Cadorna; stampless cover from Sussex to 2nd Lt. G. Grevaskis, British P.O.W in Italian hands, Rome, redirected to Dire Daua with British and Italian censors; and a cover from Capt. C.H Gormley, P.O.W Camp, Posta Militaire 23 (located at Harar) to G.B apparently posted after his liberation, with Bournemouth arrival c.d.s (Mar 6) and "5d TO PAY / POSTED / UNPAID". A scarce group, few British prisoners were captured by the Italians in Eritrea and all were released by April 1941. (3). £160-200

(Also See Lots 658, 926/7, 933, 972/3, 1039/42, 1047, 1056, 1108, 1134)

  P.O.W Mail. 1944-45 Stampless covers from G.B or Egypt to British P.O.Ws in Japan or Taiwan, and a 3d P.O.W postcard from G.B to a P.O.W in Thailand, all three undelivered and returned or redirected with "305" arrival datestamps (9-26 Nov 1945), two endorsed "ship unknown" and redirected to P.O Box 164, London, E.C.1, two with boxed "RECEIVED IN UNDELIVERED MAILS / FROM TERRITORY FORMERLY OCCUPIED / BY JAPANESE FORCES", two endorsed "5 FARHO", the cover from Egypt sent by a British soldier with "c/o P.O.W. Bureau, British Red Cross / 9 Sharia Malika Farida, Cairo" return address cachet, Deputy Chief Field Censor and a boxed Japanese cachet. An unusual trio. (3). £150-200

(Also See Lots 599, 699, 704/6, 716-734, 739)

G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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