G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 10
Click to view full image... 1882 Cover with Hope St. c.d.s, the 3d stamp cancelled by blue crowned double ring "REGISTERED / GLASGOW" datestamp, a second strike alongside, two horizontal folds (one crossing the stamp), still attractive, fine strikes used as cancellations very scarce. Ex. Gilbert Wheat collection. Photo on Page 64. £150-180
  1882-83 Covers all with crowned double ring "REGISTERED / GLASGOW" datestamps in blue, two from Glasgow with the datestamp cancelling the stamps and a further strike alongside, the others with the crowned datestamp on the reverse, applied in transit or upon arrival. One Glasgow cover with the address partly removed, the other a fine cover bearing 1883 3d on 3d. (4). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1883 2d Size F registration envelope to Canada, franked ½d + 1d (2) + 2½d, an Anderston c.d.s on the front, the stamps cancelled by the crowned double ring "REGISTERED / GLASGOW" datestamps in blue, a further strike alongside. Fine strikes used as cancellations very scarce. Photo on Page 64. £150-180
  1884-90 Covers all with double ring "REGISTERED / GLASGOW" c.d.s, the first in blue applied in transit to the reverse of a cover from Aberdeen, the other datestamps all in black, applied in transit on a cover from Kinross to Paisley (with six ½d blue stamps), on the front of a cover cancelled at Maryhill, or used as a cancel on stamps (2), one of these covers to Utah Territory franked 2d + 2½d with manuscript "Registered at Albert + R.O". (5). £140-160
  1891-94 Covers with stamps cancelled by Glasgow parcel handstamps (3) or oval framed "R" (2), all with small red oval "REGISTERED-2d / GLASGOW" datestamps (with two side bars) on the front, one to USA with manuscript "Registered per Cunard St", another endorsed "Home shut up, no address left". (5). £120-150
  1891-1907 Covers all posted at Glasgow sub-offices, six with datestamps applied away from the stamps which were then cancelled at the head office, the others with the stamps cancelled at the office of posting, including 1886 3d stationery envelope cancelled at Hope St with adjacent endorsement "stamped in error" and "Reported at Glasgow". Datestamps include Waterloo St., Main St. Bridgeton, Hope St., Candleriggs, Gorbals Cross, New City Rd, Duke St., Eglinton St., Kelvin Bridge, St. Enochs Sq., Crown St. and Crosshill. (17). £180-200
  1897-1907 Covers with stamps cancelled by undated "GLASGOW" parcel handstamps (8) or roller cancels (3, one with six complete strikes of the town name across four stamps), seven with oval "REGISTERED 2D / GLASGOW" datestamps in red (6) or black, one endorsed "home shut up, no address left" with an "RL / GLASGOW" c.d.s of the Returned Letter Office. (11). £180-220
  1901-25 Covers cancelled by the distinctive "REGISTERED - 2D" single ring datestamps with the office name horizontally below the date, for Waterloo St. (6) or Stock Exchange (2), or the similar datestamps but without the 2d value, for Howard St. (2) or Hope St. (3), mainly fine strikes. (13). £180-220
  1901-46 Covers including sub-offices, a few incoming covers, 1922-23 covers from a Glasgow Rabbi to a Rabbi in Jerusalem with printed address in English and Hebrew (2), covers posted out of course and charged 3d (3) or 6d, 1938 Ocean Letter envelope to Co. Galway, etc. Also 1961 Returned Letter Branch envelope with boxed "1/6 TO PAY". (36). £120-140
Click to view full image... Compulsory Registration. 1868 Cover to Belfast franked 2d, compulsory registered because it contained a coin and charged 8d, handstamped with red vertical oval "REGISTERED / COIN / SP 16 / 68 / GLASGOW" datestamp. The first special Glasgow datestamp for use of compulsory registered mail found to contain coins, extremely scarce. Photo on Page 64. £400-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Compulsory Registration. 1896 U.S 2c Envelope uprated 8c (fault) from De Witt, Iowa, to Scotland, charged 8d with upright red oval "COIN / REGISTERED / GLASGOW / 9 MY / 96" datestamps, one strike on the front and two further strikes on reverse, one tying a "Caution" label explaining it was charged 8d for registration because it contained a coin. The third and final Glasgow datestamp for use on compulsory registered mail found to contain coins, extremely scarce. Also an 1898 piece with 1d lilac tied by Edinburgh c.d.s, an adjacent 4d charge mark and two strikes of hexagonal "COIN / REGISTERED / EDINBURGH / MY 24 / 98" datestamps. (2). Photo on Page 67. £350-450
  Glasgow Sorting Tender. 1881 Bankruptcy Act printed letter from Burton on Trent to Glasgow franked 2½d (the ½d printed matter rate + 2d registration), backstamped superb crowned oval "GLASGOW SORTING TENDER / REGISTERED" datestamp, red "FIRM NOT KNOWN" on the front, folded to display both the address panel and Sorting Tender backstamp. Ex. Vivien Sussex collection. £150-180
  Glasgow Sorting Tender. 1887 Registered covers from New York to Glasgow franked 15c, or Palermo to Helensburgh franked 50c, both backstamped "REGISTERED / GLASGOW SORTING TENDER" c.d.s, both unusually fine strikes of this datestamp. (2). £160-200
  Glasgow Sorting Tender. 1891-95 Covers (4) and a part cover to Glasgow all with "REGISTERED / GLASGOW SORTING TENDER" c.d.s on reverse, one 1891 cover from New South Wales with part flap torn away (with loss of small part of c.d.s), the others covers comprising registration envelopes from India, Malta or the British Post Office in Beyrout (G.B envelope franked 80pa on 5d), a few faults. (5). £160-180

Edinburgh Postal History
(Also See Lots 576-578)

Click to view full image... 1550 Page taken from "Cosmographia Universalis" by Sebastian Munster, concerning the towns of Edinburgh and Leith, with a superb woodcut illustration showing Leith in the foreground and Edinburgh behind, as seen from the sea, various prominent buildings identified including the King's Palace, Queen's College, "Ark of the Maidens" on Castle Rock, churches and monasteries, notes below in Latin by Alexander Alesium Scotum. The earliest known printed topographical map of Edinburgh, a fine introductory item for a collection of Edinburgh or Leith postal history. Photo on Page 67. £150-180
  1763-1814 Entire letters (4) and entires (2) with Edinburgh datestamps in red including 1763 and 1780 (Dec 25) Bishop Marks, also small c.d.s (ED21), etc., the Christmas Day Bishop Mark (type ED56, latest recorded date) very fine. Also a 1796 front with "FE/29" leap year day Bishop Mark, type ED6a. (7). £100-120
  Paid Handstamps. 1802-39 Entire letters or entires with Paid handstamps comprising types ED60, 62a (2), 64, 66, 68b, 82, 84 (4), 86, 88, 96, 108, all in red, or ED68c in black (2, earliest and latest recorded dates), other marks include circular or oval Musselburgh Penny Post Paid handstamps, all fine carefully selected strikes. (16). £220-260
  Paid Handstamps. 1840-58 Entire letters and covers with various Paid datestamps, including G.P.O Remittance Acknowledgement letters printed in red (2) or black, Returned Letter Office lettersheet and envelope, U.P.P "1" Paid handstamps (4), two with May 6 1840 arrival datestamps, two Inland Revenue letters with differing crowned Paid datestamps and "Geo. Anderson" handstamps in black. (17). £150-180
  1841 (July 1) Standard Life Assurance Co questionnaires sent from Edinburgh to Lieut. Col. Monins or Surgeon O'Brien, both of the 69th Regt at St. Johns, New Brunswick, asking for medical information and a character report on Lord Glammis, both letters endorsed "Per Packet via Liverpool" and prepaid 1/2. Once completed the two letters were turned and posted back to Edinburgh, both items with a Frederickton N.B c.d.s. An exceptional pair, carried to and from Halifax on the "Caledonia", the letters mounted on a page to show the two address panels to and from Edinburgh. (2). £150-180
  Late Mail. 1790-1832 Entire letters with 1790 and 1796 letters bearing two Bishop Marks applied on consecutive days (the 1790 letter with small letter and date in one handstamp, larger letter and date in the other), 1797 circular "TOO / LATE" (ED146), boxed datestamps used on late mail (2, ED542), and fancy "TOO LATE" in red (ED148) or black (ED148b, latest recorded use). (7). £150-180
Click to view full image... Late Fees. 1841-43 Entire letters with 1d postage and a late fee prepaid in cash, handstamped with red boxed "PAID / 1d EXTRA" or "PAID / 6d / EXTRA", the scarce 6d late fee for posting between 6.30pm and 7pm. (2). Photo on Page 70. £120-150
  Redirected Mail. 1812-34 Entire letters (4), free front and a piece all redirected with "Postage To Edinburgh Not Paid" handstamps comprising types ED112 in red, ED114 in red or black (piece only but previously unrecorded in black), ED118 (front) or ED122a (2) in black. (6). £120-140
  Missent Mail. 1828-46 Entire letters (2) and a free front all handstamped boxed "MISSENT / TO / EDINBURGH" (ED160) in black, all very fine. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Uniform 4d Post. 1839 (Dec 18) Entire letter prepaid 4d from Edinburgh to London endorsed "PP4d" by the sender with "4" in red, redirected from the United Services Club to the Oriental Club, then reposted unpaid to Solihull with "4" charge in black. A very unusual combination of paid and unpaid 4d charges on a single letter. Photo on Page 70. £100-120
  Uniform 4d and 1d Post. 1839 (Dec 27) - 1840 (Jan 7) Entire letters (4) and a part entire posted during the 4d Post Period, three sent locally with "1" penny post charge marks (2 types), two others to Perth or Elgin with "4" charge marks. Also an 1840 (Mar 3) entire letter posted unpaid within Edinburgh with the distinctive dated "2" charge mark (only used Jan. - May 1840). The two "4" items with some faults, the others all fine. (6). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1873 Cover from Edinburgh to Colinsburgh backstamped boxed "RECEIVED OPEN / & RE-SEALED / AT THE POST OFFICE / EDINBURGH", a wax seal impressed with partial Post Office Edinburgh seal, unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 70. £160-200

Penny Posts

  Peter Williamson. c.1770 24 Page booklet "The Life and Astonishing Adventures of Peter Williamson who was carried off when a child from Aberdeen and sold for a Slave", an extraordinary booklet evidently produced for and sold by Williamson recounting his kidnapping from Scotland and his sale as a slave in America, subsequent capture by Indians with details of gruesome tortures and murders witnessed, until his escape, arriving back in England in 1756. A few small faults but a rare item. £150-180
Click to view full image... Peter Williamson. 1776 Entire letter written in London but posted into Williamson's penny post in Edinburgh, backstamped by an unusually fine strike of circular "E PENNY POST NOT PAID" (ED458a). Photo on Page 70. £150-180
  Peter Williamson. 1792 Entire letter from George St., sent to Lauriston, backstamped with curved "NOT PAID" (ED460), horizontal fold and small piece torn from upper right corner of address panel and flap, a good example of this scarce handstamp. £140-160
  Head Office Delivery Time Handstamps. 1796-1807 Entire letters with various penny post time handstamps in red comprising oval types ED484 (2), 486, 488 (only recorded 1796-97), 494 (2), 506 (2), 508 (2), 510 (3), circular types ED498 (4), 500 (4), 502, 516 (2, only recorded 1807), 518 (recorded 1807-08), 520 (only recorded 1807, scarce), or straight line "½ PAST 12" (ED524, recorded 1807-08), other handstamps include red "LEITH" and penny posts of Leith, Hanover Street, Laswade or Musselburgh. A fine lot, most carefully selected examples, some scarce. (27). £400-500
  1808-38 Entire letters or entires with red boxed "PENNY. P. UNPAID" (4, ED528a/c), black circular unframed "PENNY POST / PAID" (2, ED534), "1" or "2" charge marks (5, one with both handstamps, one clearly applied in error), Paid c.d.s (ED536) or boxed datestamps (ED538, 540). (14). £140-160
  c.1813-38 Entire letters including red boxed "PENNY. P. UNPAID" (2), boxed P.P.O unpaid handstamps of Dalkeith, Prestonpans (2), Leith Walk, similar P.P.O handstamps of Portobello, Hanover St, Castle St (2), Duke St (3), black "1" charge marks (17), similar "1" charge marks of Leith in blue (3), etc., mixed quality. (33). £100-120
  City Offices - Duke St. & Duke St. Leith. 1803-50 Entire letters and covers with Duke St. handstamps comprising red boxed "DUKE STREET / P.P.O" (3) and "DUKE / STREET", black unboxed "DUKE / STREET" and "DUKE STREET / LEITH" or boxed "DUKE ST / LEITH" (on the front of a stampless 1850 entire to Spain), all fine. (10). £100-120
  City Offices. 1800-31 Entire letters with red circular "CHAPPEL STREET / UN / PAID / PENNY POST", boxed "HANOVER STREET / P.P.O" (2), "PORTSBURGH / P.P.O" (2) and "WEST / NICOLSON ST / P.P.O" in red, "NEWHAVEN / P.P.O / UNPAID" in green and "HANOVER / STREET" in black. (8). £120-140
  City Offices. 1812-35 Entire letters, handstamps from four offices each with various types both with and without "P.P.O" in the handstamp, comprising Castle Street types ED606 (2, one endorsed "Missent to Leith"), 608b (2) in red, 608b, 610 in black; Howe Street ED712a, 712b, 716a in red, 716b, 722 in black; Leith Walk ED740 (2), 742a in red, 744 (2), 746a in black; Nicolson Street ED772, 774a in red, 774b (2), 778 in black. An interesting lot. (22). £280-320
Click to view full image... City Offices. 1825-40 Entire letters or entires, various handstamps simply giving the office name, virtually all in black, comprising Cross (3, ED626b, 628), Dundas Street (2, ED650), High Street (6, ED690a in red, 690b, 692, 694), India Street (3, ED726a, 726b, one from Liverpool to Edinburgh and redirected with red English and Scottish U.P.P "1" handstamps), Lauriston Place (2, ED734a), Leopold Place (2, ED750a, one earliest recorded use), Newington (ED766b), Port Hopetoun (2, ED786a in red, 792), Stockbridge (2, ED802, 804), William Street (3, ED828, 830), a fine group. (26). Photo on Page 70. £280-320
  City Offices. 1846-58 Entire letters and covers with circular undated "STAFFORD / STREET" (2) and "GRANTON PIER" (in green), boxed "ST PATRICK / SQUARE", "ELM ROW" and "PORT / HOPETOUN", also similar "SANDPORT / STREET" cancellations on entires bearing 1d reds (3), all fine. (9). £100-120
  District Offices - Dalkeith. 1804-39 Entire letters and covers, various Dalkeith handstamps comprising types ML102a, 104a (3) in red, ML108 (2), 114 (2), 116, 120 (2), 122a in black, also boxed datestamps in blue or black, one with red circular "SIX / EVENG" applied upon arrival, one sent free by Lord Melville to Robert Dundas at The Admiralty in London with "To Pay 1d Only" applied upon arrival to collect the penny post charge. (12). £200-240
Click to view full image... District Offices - Midlothian. 1802-40 Entire letters and entires with Penny Post or receiving house handstamps, various types from Balerno (ML1a in blue), Burrowmuirhead (ML25), Cramond (3, ML74, 76, 78, the Penny Post mark on a printed Admiralty wrapper sent free from London), Fisherrow (3, ML152a/b), Ford (3, ML160, 164, 168), Hermiston (ML198a), Kirknewton (ML214), Lasswade (4, ML226, 234, 240), Pennycuick (2, ML352a, 356), Portobello (4, ML366, 372, also boxed datestamp), Ratho (2, ML380, 386), also Penny Post handstamp of Uphall in West Lothian (LW120a), a good lot. (26). Photo on Page 70. £300-350
  District Offices - Musselburgh. 1793-1839 Entire letters and entires including the first type "Mufselburgh" on a 1793 entire letter with red Bishop mark, later Penny Post handstamps comprising unpaid circular or boxed types ML308a, 312, or paid circular or oval types ML310a, 320 all in red, and handstamps in black comprising ML310b, 314, 316, 324 (2), 326a (2), a good lot with some exceptionally fine strikes. (13). £280-320
  District Offices - Preston Pans / Tranent. 1806-37 Entire letters from the East Lothian offices of Preston Pans (4) with unpaid handstamps in red (EL148, 154) or black (EL158), or circular mileage type (EL150), or from Tranent with differing Penny Post handstamps EL180, 184 (only recorded date) or 188. One Preston Pans letter also bears the very unusual and distinctive "2" charge mark, EL164, only used 1819-20. (7). £120-140

Leith Postal History
(Also See Lots 367, 434, 579-588)

  1771-88 Entire letters from Leith (which had no post office until 1788), the first to London with Edinburgh and London Bishop Marks, the 1788 letter sent by semi-official penny post to Edinburgh backstamped by a Bishop Mark and charged 1d. This semi-official penny post amalgamated with Peter Williamson's post in 1793 to form the first official penny post in Edinburgh and Leith. Two fine letter, the penny post letter very scarce at this early date. (2). £150-180
  1799-1834 Entire letters or entires with red straight line "LEITH" (2, ED302) or various Leith datestamps including two line types in black (3, ED304, 306a), very scarce three line mileage mark in red (ED322b, only recorded in January 1812), octagonal datestamps in red (5) or black (ED324b, only recorded 1814), and circular datestamps in various colours. (22). £200-250
Click to view full image... Paid Handstamps. 1811-51 Entire letters and entires, various handstamps including boxed "POST / PAID" in red (2) or green (ED334b/c), blue or green "PAID AT / LEITH" (7, ED340a, two with circular "PENNY POST / PAID" of Edinburgh), and various circular Paid datestamps in red, blue, green or black, two with red U.P.P "1" handstamp. A fine group, five to France, Portugal or Holland (one with a London Ship Letter datestamp). (25). Photo on Page 70. £300-400
  Penny Posts. 1800-09 Entire letters with circular "LEITH PENNY / POST" with "UN / PAID" in the centre struck in red (ED308b) or black (5, ED308a, 312a), similar Paid handstamps (2, ED310a), boxed "LEITH PENNY / POST UNPAID" (ED314), three line Leith P.P.O datestamp with mileage (2, ED318, 320a) or circular mileage type (ED316), a good lot with some exceptional strikes. (12). £240-280
  Charge Marks. 1816-38 Entire letters with Penny Post charge marks comprising "1" in green (3, ED367) or blue (3, ED366a) or "2" in blue (3, ED370); and "Addl / ½" handstamps with unframed types in green or blue (ED360, unlisted in blue) and boxed types in black or green (ED354a/b), all fine. (13). £80-100
  Uniform 4d Post. 1839 (Dec 24) Entire letter sent within the Penny Post to Edinburgh with blue "1" charge mark, and 1840 (Jan 8) entire letter to Callander with blue "4" charge mark, light file folds, otherwise a fine pair. (2). £140-160
Click to view full image... Uniform 4d Post. 1839 (Dec 29) Entire to Edinburgh with blue "4" charge mark applied in error, crossed out and replaced by blue "1", light file fold, otherwise fine, very unusual. Photo on Page 70. £250-300
  Too Late. 1823 Entire letter to London backstamped superb boxed "LEITH / TOO LATE" in green (ED349b) with matching c.d.s and boxed "Addl / ½". £70-80
Click to view full image... Missent Mail / Peninsular Wars. 1813 (Oct 10) Entire letter written by the 9th Earl of Dalhousie, Commander of the 7th Division during the Peninsular War, from Echalar in Spain, to his wife at Haddington and redirected to Bridge of Earn. The interesting letter includes "Ld. W has moved forward his left near to St. Jean de Luz, & was obliged to drive Soult from a stupendous rocky hill over Vara from whence he looked down upon us & saw all that was doing, this was performed by the Spaniards, my division supporting them, thats to say 'looking on'. On the 7th there was a great deal of sharpshooting, the Spaniards behaved admirably & gained by degrees the greater part of the hill. On the 8th Ld. W came to them & having formed several columns against a position strongly occupied by the enemy they ran at them with the bayonet. The French took to their heels and ran away in the most ridiculous & cowardly manner before the Spaniards could reach them, they did not even stop to fire or look behind them. The same evening the French abandoned a very strong redoubt in front of Sara which the Spaniards & my people immediately occupied. Yesterday I had a sharp skirmish in driving them from another redoubt too near us, I lost 10 Officers, 20 men ...". Handstamped with a fine boxed "MISSENT / TO / LEITH" in black (ED346), boxed "Add / ½", Haddington mileage mark and Edinburgh datestamps, a red inspectors crown altering the rate from 2/2 to 2/10. An interesting and unusual letter. Photo on Page 76. £200-250
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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