G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 9
Click to view full image... New Zealand. 1871 Cover franked 6d from Glasgow to Port Chalmers, inscribed "via Brindisi" but with scarce "INSUFFY STAMPED / VIA - BRINDISI" applied in the London Foreign Branch and sent via the Cape. Photo on Page 62. £200-250
  New Zealand. 1864-84 Covers (8) and a front, various rates comprise 1/- (2, 1865 cover from Lanark with 1862 4d strip of three, and 1882 cover with 6d grey plate 18 pair), 10d (1864 cover with 1862 4d + 6d), 9d (1876 3d + 6d), 8d (1877 front with 4d vermilion plate 15 pair, redirected with "2" charge mark crossed out and N.Z 2d applied) or 6d (4), one from Rothesay, Isle of Bute, another with Dundee dotted duplex, one with 6d on 6d removed and replaced, otherwise largely fine. An interesting lot with various rates and routes. (9). £240-300
  Canada. 1857-73 Entire letters from Glasgow, various rates comprising 1/4 (2, two 1d reds + 2d + two 1862 6d, or 2d + 1865 4d pair + 6d), 1/2 (2d + 1857 1/-), 8d (2, 2d + 1856 6d), 6d (5, one with three 2d blues) or 3d, also a prices current franked at the 1d printed matter rate with "1d" handstamp in black. A good lot, various ships and shipping lines, a few faults. (12). £240-280
  Canada. 1857-73 Entire letters and covers from Edinburgh all franked at differing rates, comprising 1/4 (1857 4d + 1/-), 1/2 (2d + 1856 1/-), 1/- (1867 cover with "MISSENT - TO" handstamp alongside a Quebec c.d.s), 8d (2d + 1857 6d), 1862 6d, 4d or 3d, all fine and an interesting lot. (7). £180-200
  Canada. 1864-81 Covers, two franked 6d but handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY / STAMPED" with "1" and "3" charges (piece torn from cover) or "INSUFFICIENTLY / PREPAID" with "2" and "5" charges, others franked 6d, 4d, 3d (4) or 2½d (5), two to Vancouver Island, one of these from Lerwick, Shetland. (13). £140-160
Click to view full image... Canada. 1869 Registered cover from Stirling to Ontario franked 10d red-brown, sent by Allan Line steamer "Nestorian" from Derry with "PAID / DERRY / COL. PACKET" c.d.s unusually applied in black. Small tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and a scarce registered cover. Photo on Page 62. £120-140
  Nova Scotia / New Brunswick. 1861-74 Entire letters or covers franked 8d (2d + 1862 6d), 6d (3, two with 1857 6d, the other 2d + 1862 4d), or 4d to Nova Scotia, or 6d to New Brunswick, one 1864 letter with red "PAID / DERRY / COL. PACKET" c.d.s, this last item with file folds, otherwise fine. (6). £100-120
  USA. 1850 Entire from Glasgow to New York per "Asia" franked 2d (four margins) and embossed 10d (cut to shape), fine. £80-100
  USA. 1864-90 Covers, rates comprising 2/-, 1/- (3), 6d (3), 4d (3d + 1d late fee), 3d (4) or 2½d (10, one charged 10c postage due), duplex cancels of fifteen towns, mainly fine. (22). £160-200
  USA. 1860-85 Entire letters and covers all from Glasgow, the first to San Francisco (by closed bag from New York via Panama) with the 2/5 west coast rate paid by 1d + 1857 4d + 1/- pair, red arrival c.d.s; the others franked 3d (4), 2½d (4) or 5d double rate, various 159 duplex cancels. (10). £130-160
  West Indies / British Guiana. 1874-87 Covers comprising 1874 cover from Fort William to Jamaica franked 1/-, 1882 cover from Ayr to Tobago franked 4d grey-brown plate 17, and 1887 cover from Edinburgh to Demerara franked 6d. (3). £80-100
Click to view full image... Mexico. 1858 Entire letter from Glasgow franked 1d + 4d + 1/-, Havana transit datestamp and "2" charge mark; 1872 cover franked 1/- from Beauly, "4" charge mark; and 1893 1d postcard from Glasgow. (3). Photo on Page 62. £130-160
  South America. 1870-76 Entire letters and an entire, the first from Glasgow to Uruguay bearing four 4d stamps to pay the 1/4 double rate, the others from Glasgow or Dundee to Venezuela (2) or Argentina all franked 1/-. (4). £120-150
  Peru. 1858-60 Entires from Glasgow (2) or Dundee to Lima, the 2/- rate paid by two 1856 1/- stamps, two with "PANAMA" British P.O double arc transit datestamps on the front, one backstamped "CROSS" Scots local handstamp. (3). £120-140
  Chile. 1866 Entire letter and 1884 cover from Glasgow to Valparaiso, the first franked 1/- pair with "PANAMA" British P.O double arc transit datestamp on the front, the cover franked 1883 4d green with red boxed "VALPARAISO / REBUT", presumably returned to Glasgow. (2). £100-120

Registered Mail

  1822 Entire from Stonehaven to Edinburgh endorsed "Money Letter" and rated "1½oz, 4/6½", boxed "STONEHAVEN / 513-E" on reverse and an arrival c.d.s; and an 1844 entire (side flaps removed) from Dunbar to Glasgow endorsed "Registered letter, above 1oz, 1/4" in red. Unusual higher weight examples of Money Letters and registered mail. (2). £100-120
  1841-47 Entire letter, entire, cover and fronts (2), with stampless entire letter from Braemar to Blairgowrie paid 1/4, cover from Inverary to Edinburgh paid 1/2, and fronts from Aberdeen to London paid 1/2 or Kirkcudbright to Edinburgh paid 1/1, and an 1847 entire (side flaps removed) from Girvan to Ayr with postage paid by a 1d red and 1/- paid in cash, all endorsed "Registered Letter". (5). £120-150
  1851-61 Entire and covers with a registration fee of 6d, comprising 1851 cover from Glencoe (boxed handstamp on reverse) to Oban franked imperf 1d + 2d strip of three (two with four margins), and covers from Dumbarton to Edinburgh franked 1d + 6d, or Lochgilphead to Edinburgh franked 1d (2) + 6d. (3). £140-160
  1865-76 Entire letter and covers with a registration fee of 4d, with 1865 cover franked 6d cancelled at Thurso, endorsed "Registered at Farr" and "Too Late for Last Mail"; 1868 cover (edge staining) franked 6d cancelled at Hamilton, endorsed "Registered at Bothwell"; other covers franked 5d from Lochgilphead, Montrose, Keith, Aberdeen, Oban or Fort Augustus, the last unusually franked ½d + 1d (2) + 2½d. (8). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1869-76 Covers from the island of Easdale to Oban, both with a single arc "EASDALE" datestamp on the front, franked 6d or 2½d pair cancelled in Oban. (2). Photo on Page 62. £150-180
  1878-1900 Covers (2) and a parcel tag, comprising 1878 Jury Summons from Ayr to Auchinleck franked 3d, 1886 parcel tag from Liverpool to Aberdeen franked 3d lilac with "Hope St. Liverpool" c.d.s on the front and "Registered Aberdeen" c.d.s on reverse, and 1900 stampless O.H.M.S Money Letter envelope sent within Stirling. Three unusual items. (3). £120-140
Click to view full image... 1881 2d Registration envelope from Greenock to Java franked 1880 4d grey-brown plate 17 (S.G. 154) and 1881 6d grey plate 17 each cancelled "103", oval "REGISTERED / No / AT GREENOCK" datestamp, backstamped at Singapore and Soerabaja. A very scarce use of the elusive Large Garter 4d grey-brown on cover, ex Gilbert Wheat collection. S.G. £1,700. Photo on Page 62. £300-350
  1881-1938 Registered covers all addressed overseas including 1881 cover franked 4½d from Peterhead to Finland with St. Petersburg, Hango and Wiborg datestamps, then returned to the sender; 1882 cover from Dundee to Germany with Dock St. c.d.s and Verviers-Coln Bahnpost registration label; 1894 South Methuen St. Perth c.d.s on cover to USA, etc. Also an 1886 New South Wales registration envelope to the island of Raasay. (11). £140-160
  1888-1913 Covers with small "Registered At" oval datestamps, comprising datestamps of Dundee in red (2, applied away from the stamps) or in black (1913 transit datestamp on cover from Tayport with undated handstamp on the registration label), Greenock and Inverness (2) used as cancellations. (6). £140-160
  1888-1949 Covers with Registered datestamps, comprising single ring c.d.s of Aberdeen (6, four sizes) or Greenock (unusual "Registered 2d" type, to India with oval handstamp containing registration number applied on the Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office), or double ring c.d.s of Dundee (3) or Aberdeen (2). (12). £120-140
  1889-1938 Covers with a registration fee of 2d (15) or 3d (4), including 1886 cover cancelled by violet Newluce rubber datestamps, 1938 Market Street Aberdeen rubber datestamps, etc. (19). £150-180
  Registered Letter Certificates of Posting. 1841-56 Certificates comprising scarce unused first type receipt complete with the attached counterfoil, and used receipts with red boxed Edinburgh datestamps (2, ED54, only known on Certificates of Posting) or blue boxed Dundee Paid datestamp. (4). £70-80
  Parliamentary Notices. 1865-80 Large printed "Parliamentary Notice" envelopes, from Glasgow franked 2d + 6d, or 6d plate 8 + 9d straw plate 4, and 1880 cover from Edinburgh franked 1½d + 1880 6d grey plate 17 (S.G. 147) with red "Registered Edinburgh" c.d.s alongside incorrectly dated DE 1, overstruck by a "131" obliterator and duplex with correct DE 3 date. (3). £160-180
  Court Citations. 1887-1937 Covers with printed or handwritten notices stating they contain a citation or intimation from a Sheriff's Court, Registration Court, Small Debt Court or Court of Session, several returned to the senders, three of these with Glasgow R.L.B registration labels, cancels include small oval "REGISTERED / AT DUNDEE" (2, one with straight line "REGD 2d"), Registered Aberdeen (2) or Edinburgh single ring c.d.s, Glasgow parcel cancel, "Registered 2d" c.d.s of Waterloo St, Glasgow, etc. Also 1962 and 1994 covers, the last sent by recorded delivery. A very unusual lot. (23). £250-300
  Insured Mail. 1904-23 Registration envelopes comprising 1914 3d envelope uprated 1/5 to France insured for £50; 1914 3d envelope uprated 2/3½ to Germany insured for £156; and 1923 4½d envelope uprated 3½d to Germany insured for £11, all with red Insured labels. (3). £100-120

Edinburgh & Leith

Click to view full image... 1848-50 Entire letters paid 1d postage + 6d registration, both with red "Registered / EDINBURGH" handstamp, the first bearing a 1d red with the 6d registration fee paid in cash, the second franked 1d + 2d strip of three. The first with file folds (one through the 1d stamp), otherwise fine. (2). Photo on Page 62. £150-180
  1857-58 Covers, one to London franked 1d + 6d, the other a larger cover to Aberdeen franked 2d + 4d pair, both with "131" roller cancels and red "Registered / EDINBURGH" handstamp. (2). £120-150
  1861-1957 Covers including 1861-80 entires franked 7d, 5d or 4½d all with "131" roller cancels and red "REGISTERED / EDINBURGH" datestamps (2 sizes), later covers posted out of course and charged 3d (2), a registration envelope posted as an ordinary letter with "Registered" crossed out but compulsory registered and charged 11d, 1956 cover compulsory registered and charged 1/-, etc. (14). £150-180
  1865-1949 Covers addressed abroad including 1865 cover to France franked 4d (2) with red "(crown) / REGISTERED" and "REGISTERED / EDINBURGH" c.d.s, reverse with wax seals impressed "POSTES / CALAIS / A / PARIS 2" and the T.P.O registration handstamp, six St. Peray arrival backstamps applied on five differing days, etc. Also two incoming covers to Edinburgh. (13). £130-160
  1868-1910 Entires and covers all from Leith comprising 1868 cover to London franked 5d, 1888 covers to Norway or Fiume franked 7d and a 1910 3d envelope uprated 1½d to Germany, the first two with red "REGISTERED / LEITH" c.d.s. (4). £100-120
  1880 Cover addressed to "Mrs Isabella Baxter or Galbraith, Australia" franked 2d plate 15 + 1860 6d grey plate 17 (S.G. 147) + 1/- green plate 13 all tied by "131" rollers, reverse endorsed "Opened in RLO Edin" with two wax seals impressed "GEN. POST OFFICE EDIN. / DEAD LETTER OFFICE", very unusual. £120-150


  1845-46 Entire letter to the Reform Club in London and an entire to Edinburgh both endorsed "Registered" with the 1/- registration fee paid in cash, postage paid by a 1d red (four margins) or 2d blue. (2). £130-160
Click to view full image... 1847 Entire letter (sending bank notes and bill value £105.7.7) to Derby bearing two 1d reds (three margins) with 1/- registration fee paid in cash, handstamped "REGISTERED AT GLASGOW" undated circle with manuscript registration number 86, reverse handstamped "TOO LATE" and datestamps of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Derby. A fine and attractive entire letter. Photo on Page 62. £150-180
  1850 Entire to Edinburgh bearing 1d red (four margins) and 2d blue strip of three (end stamps just touched at sides) handstamped "REGISTERED AT GLASGOW" undated circle with manuscript registration number 172, light file folds through two stamps, otherwise fine. Also an 1852 entire letter with Registered undated circle in red, stamps unfortunately removed and a 2d strip of three applied, which does not belong. The 1850 entire attractive. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1854 Entire to Kendal bearing 1d + 2d strip of three, handstamped "REGISTERED AT GLASGOW" undated circle in yellow with manuscript registration number 236, scarce in this colour and very attractive. Photo on Page 64. £180-200
Click to view full image... 1855 Entire letter (enclosing a draft for £677) to Whitehaven franked 1d + embossed 6d (cut to shape), and a front to London bearing 1d strip of seven (two end stamps crossed by file folds), both with "REGISTERED AT GLASGOW" undated circles containing the manuscript registration number. Also 1855 entire from Hemel Hempstead to Glasgow franked 1d + embossed 6d (cut to shape), endorsed "Registered Letter". (3). Photo on Page 64. £180-220
  1857-61 Entire to London and cover to Greenock both franked 1d + 6d, and two fronts to Liverpool franked 8d or 10d rates, all four with red boxed "REGISTERED / AT / GLASGOW", the cover with part of the address written through, the entire fine. (4). £140-160
Click to view full image... 1858 Entire letter to Norway franked 1d + 1/- pair, handstamped red boxed "REGISTERED / AT / GLASGOW" with two differing "(crown) / REGISTERED" handstamps, datestamps of Glasgow, London and Hamburg with red "P" and various manuscript rates. A fine letter, very scarce to Norway. Photo on Page 64. £250-300
  1860 Registered cover to Paris franked by two 1856 4d pairs, red "(crown) / REGISTERED" and boxed "REGISTERED / AT / GLASGOW", black "CHARGE", reverse with various wax seals and endorsements, apparently redirected to the Poste Restante, front with remnants of a redirection label attached, minor edge staining at base, very unusual. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1864 Entire to France bearing four 1862 4d stamps, handstamped red boxed "REGISTERED / AT / GLASGOW" and "(crown) / REGISTERED", "CHARGE" and "PD", fine and attractive. Photo on Page 64. £120-150
  1864-65 Long covers to Edinburgh bearing eight 1d reds or five 2d blues, both with red boxed "REGISTERED / AT / GLASGOW", folds, unusual. (2). £100-120
  1865-76 Covers franked 1d + 4d, the first with red boxed "REGISTERED / AT GLASGOW", the second with red "(crown) / REGISTERED" possibly applied upon arrival at Edinburgh, reverse with manuscript "St. Georges Cross", apparently the sub-office at which it was posted. (2). £140-160
  1876-77 Entire to Palermo bearing ½d + 1d + 2½d pair all with "BRYCE" perfins, and a cover to Germany franked 2d (2) + 2½d bearing a Verviers-Coln Bahnpost registration label, both with small red oval "REGISTERED / AT GLASGOW" datestamps in red. Also an 1867 front franked 1d + 4d with similar oval datestamp containing "No" above the date and a small Maltese Cross below. (3). £120-150
  1879-90 Covers all with crowned oval "REGISTERED / AT GLASGOW" datestamps in red (5) or black (2), stamps include 1½d pair, 1884 3d lilac, etc. (7). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1880-82 Covers franked 3d, both with crowned oval "REGISTERED / AT GLASGOW" datestamps, the first in red alongside the stamps, the second in black cancelling the stamp with a further strike alongside. A very scarce use of this datestamp as a cancellation. (2). Photo on Page 64. £150-180
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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