G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 5
Click to view full image... 1859 Entire letter from Jersey to Beziers with 1857 4d cancelled by small "1441" in lozenge, red octagonal "ANGL. B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamp and boxed "PD" on front, fine and attractive. Photo on Page 30 £150-180
  1864-94 Covers from Jersey to France franked 1d red strip of three, 2d blue pair, 1867 1/- or 1883 2½d, and a 2½d envelope, with red "ILES-C / GRANVILLE" c.d.s (3) or a black Granville c.d.s (2), all fine. (5). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1870 Entire letter from Jersey to Laval bearing four plate 119 1d reds each cancelled by large "1706" in lozenge, red octagonal "ANGL. B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamp and boxed "PD" on the front, fine and attractive. Photo on Page 30. £150-180
  1871 Cover to Chinon with 1870 3d cancelled by large "1706" in lozenge, red octagonal "ANGL. B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamp and boxed "PD" on the front; and 1887 cover to Paris with 1887 2½d cancelled by a Granville c.d.s and the octagonal Angl. B.M datestamp in red below, the first with a few small faults. (2). £100-120
  1888-92 1d Brown or 1d red postal stationery cards from Jersey, and a ½d brown newspaper wrapper, all cancelled by Granville datestamps, with red "ANGL. B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamps in red (2) or black on the front. Three attractive postal stationery uses, the Angl. B.M datestamp unusual in black at this date. (3). £120-140
  1899-1913 Cover and picture postcards (5) from Jersey all with differing G.B stamps, one with KEVII ½d cancelled octagonal "ANGL. B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamp, four others with this octagonal B.M datestamp applied alongside the stamps which are cancelled by a Granville c.d.s or unusually by manuscript crosses (bearing two QV ½d stamps), the final card with KGV 1d cancelled at Granville and handstamped "PAQUEBOT". A fine lot, the 1911 cover franked KEVII 2½d with the date inverted in the Angl. B.M datestamp. (6). £150-180

Le Havre

Click to view full image... 1871 Entire from Southampton to Le Havre, the 1oz rate of 1/- paid by twelve 1d reds (eleven plate 124, a strip of six with upper perfs trimmed, one plate 121) each cancelled by octagonal "ANGL. B.M / LE HAVRE" datestamp in black, the same octagonal datestamp then applied on the front in red, with boxed "PD". Horizontal file fold (which crosses one stamp) and a 3cm closed tear at base, nevertheless an exceptional franking and unusual use of the B.M datestamp in black and red. Also a single 1880 1d venetian red cancelled by the octagonal "ANGL. B.M / LE HAVRE" datestamp in red. (2). Photo on Page 30. £300-350


Click to view full image... 1911 Picture postcard from Jersey to France franked KEVII 1d, unusually sent by steamer to Plerin, with a Plerin transit c.d.s and manuscript "Paquebot". So little mail was received by steamer at Plerin that they were apparently unsure how to deal with it, the "Paquebot" endorsement being incorrect as the card was not posted on the steamer. Very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 36. £120-140

St. Malo

  1777-1852 Entire letters from Guernsey (3) or Jersey (2) to France sent via St Malo, handstamped "S. MALO", "COLONIES PAR / ST. MALO", boxed "PAYS D'OUTREMER" (with St. Malo c.d.s) or "GRANDE BRETAGNE / PAR ST. MALO" (with St. Malo c.d.s and underlined "6") all in black, or red "ILES-C / ST. MALO" c.d.s (with Jersey datestamp in orange), all fine. (5). £200-240
  1870-75 Covers franked 3d, posted from Guernsey or Jersey (2) to France with circular or oval framed "PD" handstamps, all sent via St. Malo with red "ANGL. B.M / ST MALO" datestamps applied in error (2), or the correct "ILES-C / ST. MALO" c.d.s, two with small edge faults, two unusual incorrect uses of the B.M c.d.s. (3). £150-180
  1858 Entire letter from Jersey to St. Malo bearing 1857 4d (fault at upper left corner) cancelled by small "3176" in lozenge with red octagonal "ANGL. B.M / ST. MALO" datestamp and boxed "PD", some cover creases but still attractive, all postmarks very fine. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1863 Entire letter from Jersey to St. Malo with 1862 4d cancelled by large "3734" in lozenge, red "ANGL. B.M / ST. MALO" datestamp and boxed "PD", fine. Photo on Page 36. £140-160
  1864-65 Entire letters from Jersey to St. Malo franked at the 4d rate by four 1d red stars, two 1d red plate 90 pairs, or 2d blue plate 9 pair, all cancelled by large "3734" in lozenge with red "ANGL. B.M / ST. MALO" datestamp and boxed "PD", some cancels a little faint, the 1d red stars letter with some discolouration along the horizontal file fold, otherwise fine, three attractive differing line engraved frankings to pay the 4d rate, one endorsed "p. Fawn". (3). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1864 Entire letter to St. Malo endorsed "Par Navire Fawne" with 1862 4d cancelled by large "3734" lozenge, a red "ILES-C / ST. MALO" c.d.s applied in error and obliterated by a manuscript cross, replaced by the correct octagonal "ANGL. B.M / ST. MALO" datestamp. Also a large part 1868 cover posted from Jersey to France franked 4d, showing the correct use of the St. Malo Iles-C c.d.s. The first cover with horizontal file fold which crosses the stamp, still attractive and a very unusual corrected datestamp error. (2). Photo on Page 36. £200-240
  1873 Entire letter from Jersey to St. Brieuc with 1872 3d cancelled by large "3734" lozenge, fine. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1898-1936 Postcards (6) and a cover to or from Jersey, including 1898 coloured court size card of Jersey and 1901 card unusually to Indo-China both with 1d lilacs cancelled at St. Malo and "ANG. B.M / ST. MALO" double ring c.d.s alongside; 1907 postcard with G.B ½d pair cancelled at St. Malo and larger single ring "ANG. B.M / SAINT-MALO" c.d.s alongside; 1910-38 cards with the B.M c.d.s cancelling G.B stamps (3); and 1934 cover to France franked France 50c pair (adverts on margin) cancelled by the B.M c.d.s with a further strike alongside, the stamps ringed as invalid and endorsed "de Jersey", charged 1f postage due. Also another card with the stamp removed, and 1973-80 Paquebots of St. Malo, Le Havre or Dunkirk. A good group, the cover with invalid French stamps very unusual. (11). Photo on Page 36. £240-280

St. Servan

  1816-17 Entire letters from Guernsey to Nantes both with "34 / ST. SERVAN" in black, an unusual routing from Guernsey, fine and scarce. (2). £140-160

Military & Naval Mail
(Also See Lots 344, 500, 624, 823/4, 831, 833, 947, 997, 999, 1000, 1003/5, 1008, 1031/2, 1056, 1108, 1132/3, 1144-1165, 1193/4, 1238, 1242/3)

  Admirals Lord Keith & Lord Nelson - Morocco / Minorca. 1799 (July 24) Two page order signed by Admiral Lord Keith, Commander in Spanish waters, given on board the "Queen Charlotte" in Tetuan Bay, to Rear Admiral Lord Nelson Commanding H.M Ships at Port Mahon, "Whereas the Enemy have left six or seven ships of the line in the Port of Cadiz it is requisite their movements should be strictly attended to, you are therefore required and directed to use all means in your power to prevent their quitting that Port, and also, on a point of utmost consequence to attend to the keeping open the straights which are at present much infested with Privateers & Gun Boats, for which purpose frigates are to be used .....Your Lordship is hereby directed to cause the Courageous, which is a fast sailing vessel to be employed for the purpose of running between Gibraltar and Tangier for the protection of trade .....or to employ on that station any other of the frigates at Minorca, which can be spared from the protection of the island. Every possible attention is to be given to His Majestys Allies on the Coasts of Provence & Italy, that the present state of the naval force on this station will admit of after securing the Kings possessions .....Gibraltar is never to be left without a vessel ready to proceed with despatches. The Success having been obtained by me ..... your lordship will direct her to call off Oporto for the trade for England ....". An interesting document, with filing notes in a secretarial hand. At this time Nelson was spending much of his time in Naples, where he had recently crushed the Neapolitan Jacobin Rebellion against King Ferdinand IV, and was conducting an affair with Lady Hamilton, wife of the British Ambassador to the Neapolitan Coast. £250-300
Click to view full image... Admiral Nelson - H.M.S Victory at Sardinia. 1804 (Jan 15) Handwritten certificate "On board his m.s Victory, messoschiste, January 15th 1804. These are to certify after full due & strict investigation of the state of health of His M.S the Superb, arrived today at this anchorage, I find the said ship qualified to receive Pratique", signed "Nelson + Bronte". H.M.S "Superb" was part of the British fleet led by Nelson blockading Toulon; on this day the ship arrived back with the fleet at Sardinia after a mission to Algiers. A fine Pratique certificate with a good Nelson + Bronte signature. Photo on Page 34. £1,200-1,500
  Napoleonic Wars - Prisoners of War. 1813-14 Entire letters posted from Biggar (2) or Penycuick to the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh, the Penycuick letter written from Valleyfield (site of the largest P.O.W Depot in Scotland, 1811-14) by Capt. Andrew Brown R.N regarding prisoners money; the two letters from Biggar (one of 14 Scottish border towns selected for officer P.O.Ws on parole from 1811) sent by Lieut. Peter Despourrins R.N, Agent for Prisoners of War, regarding money to be sent on behalf of H.M Transport Service. Three interesting letters on the financial affairs of French P.O.Ws in Scotland. (3). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1852 Stampless cover to France with "NAVY POST OFFICE" undated circle and a blue Portsmouth datestamp both on the front, charged 8 decimes, minor corner wrinkling at left, otherwise fine and a very unusual use of this undated circle on a cover addressed abroad. Photo on Page 36. £200-240
  Military cancels on stamps and pieces, a large quantity from QV to post-WW2 period in two stockbooks, many on G.B stamps with camps, naval cancels, Army Official stamps, Boer War, many WW1, A.P.O (HD) cancels, complete WW1 parcel post labels (9, one franked 3/3), 1921-22 Ireland F.P.Os on pieces (11), etc., also a 1921 cover with F.P.O D.41 c.d.s used in Dublin and cachet of GHQ at Parkgate. (100s). £180-220
  World War One - Naval Mail. 1917-18 Covers and cards (15) and fronts (4) all with "CEN / SOR" marks with a central circle containing a number, letters or symbol, used by the Dover Command, including 17, 46, 47, 71, G.M, M.S, M, TEB, PM1, DEP, etc. (19). £100-120
  World War One - P.O.W Ships / Isle of Wight. c.1914-15 Stampless covers from P.O.Ws on the H.M.T "Lake Manitoba" or S.S "Ascania" (with Ryde c.d.s or red "PASSED CENSOR"), or from Germany to a P.O.W on the "Ascania" at Ryde. Also picture postcards of the "Ascania" and "Saxonia". (5). £120-140
Click to view full image... World War Two - Mail Damaged by Enemy Action. 1940-44 Covers comprising 1940 (Oct 19) cover from London N1 to London SE13 repaired on all sides by Officially Sealed tape and endorsed "Delayed by Enemy Action", reverse with a label regretting damage/delay with London SE1 c.d.s (16 Jan. 1941); 1944 (Feb 19) cover from Gosport to Fulham, burnt at the left, with violet "DAMAGED BY / ENEMY ACTION"; and stampless naval cover to Cornwall with violet "DAMAGED BY ENEMY ACTION". (3). Photo on Page 36. £150-180
  1939-48 World War Two and post-war covers and cards from or to British forces, many written up on pages including mail from R.E postal units (26), forces in Turkey (11), Sicily and Italy, B.E.F in France, home forces, Normandy and British Liberation Army, Northern Ireland, undelivered mail with explanatory marks, forces registration envelopes, etc. (317). £350-450
  1946-c.2000 Post-war forces mail including 1956 covers sent just prior or during the Suez crisis (18, two from F.P.O 443 at Port Said), also F.P.Os in Swaziland, Madagascar, Greece, New Hebrides, Thailand, Trieste, Zaire River Expedition, Japan, Berlin Blockade, British Mission to Soviet forces in Berlin, forces registration envelope, Army Signals datestamps and courier mail, various exercises, 1971 postal strike, AV7 air mail forms, 1958 Christmas holly cancel, 1949 F.P.O 909 and 912 used on B.A.O.R T.P.Os, etc. (300+). £300-400

(Also See Lots 63, 96, 350, 357)

Click to view full image... Ireland / Italy. 1840 (June 24) 1d Mulready envelope front posted from Dublin to Naples prepaid 1/8 in cash with a red Maltese Cross cancel, Dublin and London Paid datestamps, Calais c.d.s, Naples and Genoa handstamps and "VIA DI / PT BEAUVOISIN" Italian entry mark, small edge faults, a rare use from Ireland to Italy. Photo on Page 36. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1841 (Oct 21) 1d Mulready lettersheet with substituted stereo A31 from forme 1, the letter written from Furnivals Inn, posted from London to Leeds with a superb black Maltese Cross cancel, a Leeds arrival datestamp unusually applied on the front, light vertical file folds, otherwise very fine and attractive. S.G. £600. Photo on Page 36. £140-160

Parcel Post

  1883 First type "Parcels Post" labels, for Lower Addiscombe Rd, Croydon bearing 9d green, or Canning St., Liverpool bearing 6d on 6d, both tied by barred vertical oval cancels, the second with a Canning St. c.d.s alongside, both very fine and scarce. (2). £150-180
  1896-1940 Parcel Post labels (176), the majority stamped, including partial Marshall and Snelgrove private label, rubber datestamps, roller cancels, etc., also a few more recent labels and boxed parcel datestamps on pieces. (176+). £200-250

Parliamentary & Official Mail
(Also See Lot 428)

Click to view full image... Autographs. 1868-1936 Stampless covers with Official Paid datestamps comprising 1868 cover signed by Benjamin Disraeli, 1882 cover with printed signature of William Gladstone, and 1936 cover to Lt. Col. F.M Bailey at the British Legation in Nepal signed by Anthony Eden, a few faults. (3). Photo on Page 40. £120-150
  1867-2002 Covers and cards with parliamentary stationery and various House of Commons or House of Lords datestamps, including scarce 1881 "HOUSE-OF-COMMONS / S.W" backstamp on a cover with a 1d red cancelled by London S.W duplex, registered mail and cancels, 1937 Prime Minister cover, covers to Margaret Thatcher, etc. (58). £150-200
  1949-76 Covers (and a few letters) mostly to the City Treasurer in Leeds, many with House of Commons cancels, two 1968 covers with violet "POSTMASTER / B.O / HOUSE OF COMMONS" datestamps and enclosed letters signed by the Postmaster W.G Birch, also 1964 Prime Minister cover, election ephemera, other official covers, letter from Alice Bacon M.P, two covers signed by Donald Kaberry M.P, etc. (c.60). £100-120

Postal Stationery

  1877-c.1980 Postal stationery including 1877 ½d violet postcards posted from Forfar, the reverse depicting a fox with the meeting dates of the Forfarshire hounds (2); 1922 2d envelope with triangular "GW" handstamp to show ½d was refunded, posted from Glasgow; 1922 (July) 2d envelope used in Southern Ireland, with Cork "Learn Irish" slogan machine cancel; 1924 KGV 5d green F size registration envelope issued in Southern Ireland, used from Ballybofey; 1924 Bank of England 1½d envelope; also air letters with various Specimen overprints (55, some with accompanying press releases), etc. (74). £200-250
  c.1892-94 Printed to Private Order envelopes all with two differing QV stamps including ESC186 (unpriced by Huggins), etc., all fine unused. (14). £100-120
  1902 KEVII ½d Envelope stamp die proof in black, with uncleared surround, on white card, 94x60mm. Also 1½d yellow, 1½d purple, 1½d yellow + 3d or 1½d purple + 3d envelopes. (Proof + 4 covers). £100-120

Railway Letters

  1892 Cover to London bearing three 1d lilacs (one in the lower left corner, presumably a late fee) and a North Eastern Railway 2d letter stamp, all cancelled by London E.C hooded circle datestamps; and a c.1910 cover to Hythe with KEVII 1d and South Eastern & Chatham Railway 2d letter stamp both tied by violet "NEW CROSS". Two good commercial railway letters, the first an unusual 3d late fee rate from the second year of the railway letter service. (2). £150-180
  1894-1916 Covers with 2d letter stamps of the Midland Railway (3), N.E.R (Ewen cover with violet Castleford cancels), G.E.R (2, 1894 cover with 1d lilac cancelled violet oval "G.E.R / LIVERPOOL STREET / PARCELS" and London hooded circle, or 1903 cover with Tottenham c.d.s and violet "Broxbourne Hoddesdon"), or L.N.W.R (1916 cover, violet "Haltwistle" cancels), a few faults, four Ewen covers fine. (7). £120-140
  1898-1924 Covers with 2d letter stamps of the L.N.W.R (1898, with 1d lilac tied by rubber handstamp and Bath c.d.s), L.S.W.R (3, with 1901 cover bearing 1d lilac tied London S.E c.d.s and 1905 Ewen cover with Oxshott violet cancel), or G.W.R (3, with 1899 and 1911 covers cancelled at Paddington and 1910 Express cover with KEVII 4d cancelled at Dawlish), a few faults. (7). £150-180
  c.1900-10 Covers comprising c.1900 cover to London endorsed "Immediate, special messenger" with pen cancelled 1d lilac & South Eastern 2d stamp, reverse with a red "All Charges Paid, to Cannon Street" label handstamped "TUNBRIDGE WELLS / PARCELS OFFICE" and endorsed "Special"; cover to Kings Langley with 1d lilac + London, Chatham & Dover 2d stamp, pen cancelled; and 1910 cover to London endorsed "express letter post" with 1d + South Eastern & Chatham 2d stamp cancelled London E.C, some faults, the first unusual. (3). £100-120
  1907-70 Covers (7) and a parcel tag, all sent as railway letters or parcels, including 1933 cover to Liverpool St. Station bearing green L.N.E.R Ipswich parcel stamp (printed by National Cash Register machine) and KGV 1½d tied by oval "PARCELS OFFICE / L.N.E.R / IPSWICH" datestamp, 1920 cover with KGV 1½d and Midland & Great Northern Railways Joint Committee "3" on 2d letter stamp tied by violet boxed "NORFOLK & SUFFOLK RAILWAYS JOINT COMMITTEE / MUNDESLEY-ON-SEA" and a London c.d.s, etc., also loose railway stamps (52). A few faults, the L.N.E.R parcel stamp very rare on cover. (8 covers + 52 stamps). £200-250
  c.1906 Registered express cover from London to Liverpool with violet oval "EXPRESS" handstamp franked KEVII ½d, 1d and 2½d unusually cancelled by smudged "R / FEE PAID" handstamps and bearing a L.N.W.R 2d letter stamp cancelled violet "CHAS. W. JE..... / LIVERPOOL"; and a red News Correspondence envelope from Hull to the Editor of the Observer, Bradford, with large red North Eastern Railway 2d prepaid newspaper parcel stamp cancelled violet "A. BEEL / N.E RLY", minor faults. Two unusual railway letters cancelled by guards handstamps. (2). £100-120
  1929-45 Covers bearing parcel stamps, comprising 3d stamps of the L.N.E.R (1938 cover, KGV 2d tied by "East Anglian T.P.O Up" c.d.s), L.M. & S.R (3) or G.W.R (2, boxed "Newquay" cancels) and a cover with G.W.R 1d + 2d stamps (boxed "Twyford" cancels). Also a parcel label with L.N.E.R 1/-, 1/1 and 5/- parcel stamps of Northallerton, and 1957-84 British Railways covers (7, five with parcel stamps) and a piece. (16). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1938-40 Covers with parcel stamps comprising 1938 cover to Nottingham franked 1½d + N.&S. Joint Committee 3d Gorleston on Sea stamp both cancelled by violet datestamp and Nottingham machine; and 1½d stationery cover to J. Moss with London machine bearing 1d + 2d S. and L.M. & S. Rly Companies Somerset & Dorset Rly Joint Committee Wincanton stamps on reverse with violet cancels. Two very rare uses of parcel stamp from obscure companies. (2). Photo on Page 40. £160-200
  London, Brighton & South Coast Railway. 1897-1933 Covers comprising 1897 cover with 1d lilac + 2d letter stamp tied London S.E squared circle; 1903 1d envelope bearing 2d letter stamp cancelled at Worthing; 1905 Ewen cover with 1d + 2d letter stamp tied oval "Beddington Lane" station handstamp; and 1933 cover franked 1½d to Tunbridge Wells with late use of L.B & S.C 3d blue parcel stamp on the reverse with a boxed "Hartfield" cancel. (4). £130-160
Click to view full image... London, Brighton & South Coast Railway. 1907 Cover to Salisbury bearing a 2d letter stamp (fault at base) tied by superb oval "ROWFANT / STATION / L.B & S.C. RY" with a 1d stamp tied by London S.E c.d.s, redirected to Daventry with Salisbury and Daventry datestamp. An attractive commercial railway letter from a very small station. Photo on Page 40. £100-120
Click to view full image... London & South Western Railway. 1895 Cover to London bearing a 2d letter stamp cancelled straight line "ASHTEAD" and manuscript date "16/8/95", and a 1d lilac cancelled by London S.E squared circle, both stamps tied by violet oval "UP PARCEL OFFICE / L & S.W.R / WATERLOO", a fine early commercial railway letter. Photo on Page 40. £100-120
  Metropolitan Railway. 1902 Cover with KEVII 1d and 2d red letter stamp pen cancelled, with London W. datestamps; and 1937 cover to Nottingham bearing KEVIII 1½d and 3d red letter stamp cancelled violet "NEASDEN / 24 FEB 1937", manuscript "Cancelled" and a Nottingham machine, this 3d rate cover fine and scarce. (2). £100-120
  Scotland. 1904-36 Covers bearing 2d letter stamps of the Caledonian Railway (3, with Ewen cover cancelled manuscript "Langside" and in London, 1904 cover with "Oban" c.d.s and manuscript cancels) or North British Railway (1907 cover with 1d cancelled in London and unusual large "10" cancel on the letter stamp), and 3d Great North of Scotland Railway stamp on 1920 cover with oval "Buckie" cancels. Also 1936 cover to London with KGV 1½d and L.N.E.R 3d parcel stamp on reverse both with violet "Edinburgh (Waverley)" cancels, a few faults. (6). £150-180
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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