G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 7
Click to view full image... Scotland - First Day of Uniform Penny Postage. 1840 (Jan 10) Printed letter containing the AGM minutes and laws of The Spalding Club, posted on the first day of Uniform Penny Postage, prepaid 1d from Aberdeen to Old Rain, handstamped "1" and "PAID AT / ABERDEEN" in red, with a clear JAN 10 1840 Aberdeen backstamp. A rare use of the Scottish "Kirkwood" type "1" handstamp on the first day of Uniform Penny Postage. Photo on Page 46. £600-800
  Scotland - Paid Handstamps. 1840-48 Entire letters or entires (6) and a part entire with various "PAID" handstamps comprising boxed handstamp and "1" of Forfar both unusually in black, and similar but unboxed Forfar handstamps in red (2) both with differing red "1" handstamps; boxed handstamps of Arbroath in red and black; red boxed "PAID / AT / BANFF" with "1"; and part entire (front + lower flap) with scarce circular framed "PAID" of Golspie and a red "1". An unusual group, the "1" and "PAID" handstamps in black very unusual. (7). £180-200
  Scotland - "Kirkwood" type "1" handstamps. 1840-46 Entire letters with "1" handstamps struck in red at Melrose, Glenluce, Aberdeen (2), Cupar, Perth or St. Andrews, or in black at Aberdeen or St. Andrews, the Glenluce entire with the "1" initially applied upside down with a second upright strike then applied, the Melrose letter containing an objection to an individual being included on the Roxburgh register of voters (prior to a special 3d rate for such objections), three letter sent in January 1840. An unusual group. (9). £160-180
  Scotland. 1840-47 Entire letter and entires with distinctive "1" handstamps of Newspitsligo (unlisted by Auckland), Peterhead or Kirkcaldy (F1438d, adapted from the "1" penny post receiving house handstamp of Leslie), or "PAID 1" of Laurencekirk (or Auchenblae, from where all known examples are written), a good group. (4). £200-250
  Scotland - "Kirkwood" type "2" handstamps. 1840-51 Entire letters or entires all over ½oz in weight with red "2" handstamps of Appin, Lochgilphead, Coldstream, St. Boswells, Dumbarton, Cupar of Kirkcaldy, the Appin entire letter with the "2" also shown in manuscript, the Dumbarton handstamp on a part entire reduced at left, otherwise fine and a scarce group. (7). £400-500
  Scotland. 1840-41 Entires from Ayrshire to Edinburgh, over ½oz so prepaid 2d, with red "Kirkwood" type handstamp of Kilmarnock, or the distinctive locally made handstamp of Girvan in black. (2). £150-180
  Scotland - Culross. 1840 (Mar 10) Entire from London to Culross with a Paid c.d.s, redirected to Edinburgh with postage again prepaid, handstamped by red "Kirkwood" type "2", also incorrectly handstamped with a "2" charge mark in black, altered to "4" in manuscript and then deleted. An unusual item. £100-120
  Scotland - Fort William. 1840 (Apr 23) Entire letter from Fort William to the Chelsea Hospital in London, endorsed from "James McIntosh, out pensioner from the 92 foot", with red "Kirkwood" type "1" and "Paid", the only recorded example of this Paid handstamp. £130-160
Click to view full image... Scotland - Jedburgh. 1840 (Sep 9) Entire letter to Langholm, over ½oz so prepaid 2d, shown by two adjacent "1" handstamps, only one other similar use of two "1" handstamps on a letter paid 2d recorded from Scotland. Photo on Page 52. £180-220
  Scotland - Kirkwall. 1850 (Aug 22) Entire to the Postmaster of Lerwick, with red boxed Kirkwall datestamp and a fine red "2" (OK35). The latest recorded use of this locally made "2" handstamp and an unusual entire from Orkney to Shetland Islands, vertical file fold at left, otherwise fine. £150-180
  Scotland - Lerwick. 1841 (Dec 31) Entire to Edinburgh with red "Kirkwood" type "1" handstamp, backstamped at Lerwick, an Edinburgh Paid arrival datestamp dated ten days later. A fine Shetland letter. £100-120
Click to view full image... Scotland - Lochgilphead. 1844 (Jan 5) Entire letter to Edinburgh, over 1oz weight, prepaid 4d in cash with a red "4" handstamp made from three strikes of a "1" handstamp. An extraordinary composite "4" handstamp, just four such items recorded, two from Stewarton (see next lot) and two from Lochgilphead (the other example selling in our September 2019 auction for £2,000). Photo on Page 46. £1,800-2,000
Click to view full image... Scotland - Stewarton. 1843 (Jan 23) Entire from Stewarton to Edinburgh, over 1oz weight, prepaid 4d in cash with a red "4" handstamp made from three strikes of a "1" handstamp, Stewarton and Kilmarnock datestamps. An extraordinary composite "4" handstamp, one of four recorded examples, two from Lochgilphead (see previous lot) and two from Stewarton. Photo on Page 52. £1,800-2,000
  Ireland. 1840-46 Entire letters and entires with various Paid handstamps comprising scarce "PAID" of Eyrecourt in black, "P.D / C.RAINE" in blue, and named boxed "PAID AT ....." handstamps of Coleraine, Hillsboro and Lisnaskea in blue or green, Boyle and Sligo in red, and Navan in black, a good group. (8). £260-300
  Ireland. 1840-46 Entire letters or entires with red "2 / PAID / 1d" or "9 / PAID / 1d" of Dublin, "Pd1d" of Parsonstown, or "PAID AT DROGHEDA / 1d", all fine. (4). £180-200
  Ireland. 1844-49 Entire letter and a cover with red manuscript "1", the first with "CRAUGHWELL / PENNY POST" and datestamp, the cover with ornate red boxed "PAID / at / DUNGANNON". (2). £100-120
  Ireland - Ballymoney. 1841-43 Entire and front with "1d / PAID" handstamps of Ballymoney in red, the two handstamps differing greatly in size, the 1841 entire with a central vertical fold but otherwise fine, the 1843 front (and small part reverse showing c.d.s) with severe faults but still the only recorded example of this handstamp, two rare handstamps both unrecorded by Kane. (2). £150-180
  Ireland - Borrisakane / Roscrea. 1840-44 Entires with red "P1" handstamps of Roscrea or Borrisakane, both fine. (2). £160-200
Click to view full image... Ireland - Carrickmacross. 1854 (Apr 28) Entire to London with green "Shercocks / Carrickmacross", a red Carrickmacross c.d.s and matching "2". Kane does not record any Irish red "2" prepaid handstamps, though three examples are now known from Ballymoney, Carrickmacross and Larne (see lot 322). Very scarce. Photo on Page 52. £280-320
  Ireland - Donaghadee. 1842 (May 1) Entire letter to Dublin with red "1d / PAID" and a blue Donaghadee datestamp, fine and scarce. £100-120
  Ireland - Dungarvon. 1845 (Aug 27) Entire to Dublin with the unusual 4cm tall "1" handstamp in red, fine. £100-120
Click to view full image... Ireland - Larne. 1850 (Dec 9) Cover to Glenarm with red Larne c.d.s and "2", light Glenlough handstamp and Glenarm c.d.s, backstamped at Belfast and Larne (Dec 10), a little creasing but a very scarce "2" handstamp used in prepaid mail over ½oz. Kane does not record any Irish red "2" prepaid handstamps though three examples are now known, from Ballymoney, Carrickmacross (see lot 319) and Larne. Photo on Page 52. £300-350
  Ireland - Portglenone. 1840 (Feb 24) Entire letter to Ballycastle with scarce red "1Pd", backstamped by straight line "PORTGLENONE" and three "BALLYMENA" datestamps applied on three consecutive days (FE 25, FE 26, FE 27) with octagonal framed "TOO LATE", unusual. £140-160


Channel Islands
(Also See Lots 191-217, 635)

  Guernsey - WW2 Postage Due Mail. 1940-45 Covers and cards posted within Guernsey, three bearing G.B stamps, the others all franked by Guernsey wartime issues, fifteen underpaid with 1d (2), 2d (5) or 3d (7) charge marks or to the States Supervisor with single rate ½d charge in manuscript (five with "Liable to Letter Rate" handstamps), ten sent at the 1d printed matter rate but undelivered with boxed "1d Postage Due For Return To Sender" handstamps (one bearing a pair of 3d postage due stamps), also two others sent at the letter rate with "Undelivered Return to Sender" cachets. (27). £400-500
  Guernsey - WW2 Bisects. 1940-41 Covers (2) and a card with bisected G.B stamps comprising 1924 KGV 2d tied by Market Place c.d.s, 1937 KGVI 2d tied by Guernsey c.d.s, or 1940 Stamp Centenary 2d tied by Ville Au Roi c.d.s. (3). £80-100

(Also See Lot 285)

  1778 Entire letter from Dorchester, sent by cross post to Coker near Yeovil and then redirected to South Zeal in Devon, again carried by cross post, backstamped with distinctive circular "SHERBORNE / Post / Office", straight line "DORCHES / TER" and "YEOVIL", charged 3d with no apparent additional charge for the redirection, very unusual. £100-120


  Waltham Cross & District. 1783-1985 Entire letters, covers and cards including first type mileage mark on 1785 entire letter to Jamaica, skeletons, parcel post labels, etc. (46). £100-120

(Also See Lots 144-151, 286/7)

Manchester & District

  1734-99 Entire letters and entires with various Manchester handstamps comprising two line, concave, single line and circular types, some unlisted in the County Catalogue, all written up on pages, eight addressed to France, Italy or Spain. (29). £250-300
  1802 Entire letter to Warrington backstamped oval framed "Too Late" (M96, recorded 1802-04), a spectacular 60x30mm handstamp, probably the largest Too Late handstamp ever used by the British Post Office. £80-100
  1803-1901 Entire letters, covers and cards written up in two albums including sub-office handstamps, oval framed "PL", undated circles (12), 1854 registered cover to Hamburg bearing 2d + embossed 6d (cut square), 1857 cover franked 1d + 6d with straight line "REGISTERED" handstamp, 1883 printed registered cover with 3d on 3d, other surface printed frankings on covers addressed abroad, blue "498" cancel, sloper cancels, etc. (65). £300-350
  1834 Entire letters from Manchester to Lancaster with red "2" handstamp, or from the USA to Manchester with similar "5" handstamp, applied to mail carried on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, to indicate the train the letters were carried on. (2). £120-150
  Penny Posts. 1797-1838 Entire letters and entires with various penny post handstamps including vertical oval framed "PP/5" and "PP/6", boxed "1PP" (4), "2PP", "4PP" (5, one to Spain), "5/PP" and "8/PP", unframed "CHEETHAM HILL PP" or "ECCLES PP", boxed two line penny posts of Wilmslow, Oldham (3), Middleton, Altrincham, Lees or Ashton Under Line (3), oval framed "ARDWICK / MANCHR" (2) or "Salford / MANCHR" and unframed Ardwick handstamp, twelve with boxed "PENNY P. UNPAID", a few faults but many fine. (35). £400-500
  Penny Posts - Oldham. 1812-41 Entire letters or entires handstamped boxed "2PP", "OLDHAM No 2", curved two line or oval framed scalloped "OLDHAM / No. 2", or double ring "OLDHAM / *" all in red, and an 1841 (May 10) entire letter bearing a 1d black (CG plate 1a, four margins) tied by the fishtail Maltese Cross with double ring "OLDHAM / *" in black on the front, the entire with a repair to upper edge. A good lot, the four 1822-41 strikes all fine. M208, 327, 333, 335, 339. (6). £160-200
  Maltese Crosses. 1841 (March 6) Partly printed invoice posted from Manchester to Knighton bearing a 1d black (NK plate 2, three margins, cut into at right) tied by two fine strikes of the distinctive fishtail Maltese Cross, and 1843 (May 2) entire to Leeds with a 1d red (four margins) tied by the Manchester type 2 Maltese Cross. (2). £120-150
  1840-42 Entires bearing a 1d black (2, ML plate 3 or DF plate 6, both with three margins) or a 1d red, and a 1d Mulready lettersheet stereo A65 with "English and Scottish Law Fire and Life Assurance and Loan Society" advert printed in blue, all with Manchester Maltese Cross cancels, the 1840 letter with printed "Manchester & Birmingham Railway Company" heading, a few minor Mulready faults. (4). £150-200
  1856 Registered cover to Clitheroe with 1d + embossed 6d (cut to shape) cancelled 498, a red Manchester c.d.s and distinctive straight line "REGISTERED" both in red alongside. £80-100
Click to view full image... Roller Cancel. 1864 Entire to Shanghai bearing 1862-64 4d and 1/- each tied by the "498" roller cancel, with Manchester Paid c.d.s and red "1d", backstamped at Hong Kong and Shanghai. Light horizontal file fold, otherwise largely fine and a rare roller cancel. Photo on Page 52. £200-250

(Also See Lots 114/5, 117, 123, 127, 171/9, 232/4, 278, 401, 1207)

  1685 (Oct 24) Entire letter from Edinburgh to The Earl of Tweedale in London, the original 5d charge crossed out and altered to 10d, with a good strike of the first type inspectors crown handstamp (Jay L150, first recorded 1682), minor edge toning, otherwise fine and attractive. £80-100

(Also See Lots 289)

Click to view full image... 1581 (June 21) Entire letter from Norwich, written in French by Louis Cantin, addressed to Bartolomeo Corsini in London, filing note showing it arrived on June 23. The letter concerns a packet of bays sent to Corsini, and their value. Some wear at folds, otherwise fine and an attractive looking English Corsini letter. Photo on Page 54. £300-350

(Also See Lot 1106)

  1778-2000 Covers and cards (c.360) with some prestamp, a few Penny Posts, undated circles of Littlehampton, New Chapel and Sedlescomb, many single ring datestamps on picture postcards, duplexs, skeletons (28), rubbers, etc., also some fronts and pieces. (360+). £200-300
  Brighton. 1838 Letter written on Dobbs & Co notepaper headed with a fine illustration of Brighton from Kemp Town, showing the Chain Pier, people on the beach or promenading along the front on foot, horse or by carriage, posted from Portsmouth to London, fine and attractive. £100-120
  Brighton. 1905-54 Covers and cards with postage due handstamps including 1940 cover to an internee at 30 Central Promenade Camp, Douglas, Isle of Man, with 5d charge mark, etc., also a few pieces and more recent covers. (24+). £70-80
  Crowborough. 1886-1980s Covers and cards (75) with picture postcards, skeletons of Crowborough (7), Jarvis Brook or Rotherfield, etc, also a few pieces. (75+). £100-120
  Crowborough Camp. 1906-19 Covers (3), picture postcards (34), and a piece with proof strike of oval "Registered Canadian P.O Crowborough Camp", various skeleton cancels include 1911 "CAMP HILL / CROWBOROUGH", 1914 "ST. JOHNS / CROWBORO CAMP" (3), "CAMP HILL / CROWBORO CAMP" (2) or "CAMP HILL CAMP / CROWBORO" (3), 1919 large "CROWBOROUGH CAMP / BO", etc., also a few cards of other Sussex camps. (38). £140-160
  Cuckfield. 1722-1844 Entire letters and entires including 1722 entire letter from London to Cuckfield charged 3d, Penny Post with "No. 1" of Lindfield (2), mileage marks (4), mileage removed (5) and Lindfield undated circle, also two later duplex items. (15). £100-120
  East Grinstead. 1796 Entire letter from Starborough Castle, East Grinstead, to Berkshire with fine circular "EAST / (crown) / GRINSTEAD" (SX487), the letter internally rebacked with tissue paper, the address panel fine. £80-100
  Lewes. 1803-1951 Entires, covers and cards (26) including 1829 Penny Post, also two large part telegraph forms with oval "LEWES / STATION / L.B&S.C RY" (faults at left edge, but unusual). (28). £100-120
  Rustington - Picture Postcards. c.1905-40 Real photo picture postcards including 1910 fire with crowds, firemen and police, also Rustington Lido, street scenes, etc. (14). £60-70

(Also See Lots 141, 295/7, 963)

Click to view full image... 1841 (May 17) Printed entire letter (notice of a final dividend to be paid from a trust deed) posted from Wakefield to Clapham & Sons in Batley franked by a 1d black IG plate 1b (four margins, close at right) tied by a black Maltese Cross. Endorsed "Not found at Batley" and redirected several times in an attempt to locate the addressee, further endorsed "Try Birstal, Leeds" and "Try Armley", "Not J.E Clapham & Son", "not Clapham Bros" and "Not found at Leeds May 21st", backstamped at Wakefield, Leeds and Dewsbury (both May 18), another Leeds datestamp (June 13) applied nearly a month later on the front. An unusual item, presumably returned to the sender (enclosed within a Post Office "Returned letter" wrapper). Photo on Page 52. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1841 (June 20) 1d Mulready envelope stereo A133, a message written inside the envelope (below the flap) from Driffield Bridge, addressed to Bridlington with a black Maltese Cross and a red "DRIFFIELD" datestamp unusually applied on the front, very fine. Photo on Page 52. £120-150
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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