G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 25
  Mail via Oloron. 1806-38 Entire letters all with two line "ESPAGNE / PAR OLORON" French entry handstamps (small and large types) in black (10) or red (6), various town handstamps include Zaragoza, Coruna, Burgos, Cadiz, Santiago, fancy framed "(crown) / GRANADA / FRANCO", etc., the 1806 Oloron handstamp a very scarce early use. (16). £200-240
Click to view full image... Mail via Oloron. 1837-55 Entire letters with the scarce boxed "ESPAGNE / PAR / OLORON" in red (4) or black (only used 1837-39 during the Carlist War), or red "ESPAG. / OLORON" c.d.s (4), other handstamps include blue fancy framed "GA / RIVADEO" and red "JA / FRANCO" of Jaca. (9). Photo on Page 178. £180-220
Click to view full image... Mail via Perpignan. 1816-37 Entire letters to France (9), Belgium, Italy (4) or G.B (2) all with two line "ESPAGNE PAR / PERPIGNAN" French entry handstamps (small and large types) in black (10) or red (9), other handstamps include fancy framed marks of Cartagena (2) or Valencia (3, two types), various Cataluna handstamps, one also with scarce "ESPANA" handstamp, one disinfected. (19). Photo on Page 178. £300-350
  Mail via Perpignan. 1837-60 Entire letters, the first with scarce boxed "ESPAGNE / PAR / PERPIGNAN" applied at Marseilles due to postal disruption during the Carlist War (only recorded 1837-39); the other three with red "ESPAG. / PERPIGNAN" c.d.s, two with "ESPANA / LA JUNDUERA" backstamps. (4). £120-150
  Mail via St. Jean-de-Luz. 1828-59 Entire letters or entires to France (11), Italy (2), Scotland or Bohemia with two line "ESPAGNE PAR / ST JEAN-DE-LUZ" in black (11), or red "ESPAG. / PAR ST JEAN-DE-LUZ" c.d.s (4), town handstamps include Alicante, Coruna, Vitoria, Granada, Cadiz, etc. Also an 1864 entire letter to Malta with red "ESPAGNE / MARSEILLE" c.d.s and 1831 French booklet of ordinances including regulations for mail to and from Spain, with the three exchange offices listed. (17). £200-240
  Mail via St. Jean-de-Luz. 1828-48 Entire letters all to Frederick Huth & Co in London, with black two line "ESPAGNE PAR / ST JEAN-DE-LUZ" (11), red "ESPAG. / ST J-DE-LUZ" (3) or "ESPAGNE / PAR ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ" circular datestamps, various town handstamps include Almazan, Gijon, Coruna, Bilbao, Malaga, Estella, San Sebastian, etc., one 1843 letter sent on the Dieppe to Brighton cross channel route with a Brighton transit backstamp. (15). £160-200
  G.B Mails via France. 1823-30 Entire letters or entires to Frederick Huth in London with two line "ESPAGNE / PAR BAYONNE" (4, two with red Bilbao or Malaga handstamps) or "ESPAGNE PAR / ST. JEAN-DE-LUZ" (with blue Vigo handstamp), all with "oz at 8/8 per oz" applied in the London Foreign Branch, the last the uncommon dotted framed type. (5). £120-150
  Incoming Mail from G.B. 1835-67 Entire letters (11) and a front from G.B to Spain, three franked 6d or 1/- in stamps, the others all prepaid in cash, various Spanish charge marks including "8R" deleted and replaced by very large "12R", etc. (12). £100-120
  British Consular Agency in Cadiz. 1834-57 Entire letters or entires to G.B. (8) or Portugal (4) all with circular framed "BC / CADIZ" handstamps, five the double ring type containing a small fleuron, a few faults. (12). £200-250
Click to view full image... British Packet Agency in Corunna. 1845 Entire from Villagarcia to London "por el vapor de Vigo" with green framed "VAGA / GALICIA" and red "CORUNNA" double arc datestamp of the British Packet Agency, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 178. £150-200
Click to view full image... British Packet Agency in Vigo. 1849 Entire letter to London with "VIGO" double arc datestamp, file fold at left, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 178. £150-200

Stamps and Stamped Covers

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1850-2001 Mint and used stamp collection on pages including used 1850 set (10r with small thin), 1851 12c, 5r and 10r, 1852 12c, 5r and 6r, 1853 set (no 2r), 1854 set of seven (6c unused), 1855 set, both 1856 sets, 1862 set (also 19c, 1r block of four unused), 1864 set, 1868 reproductions of unaccepted designs (8), 1870 19c, 2c imperf printers waste blocks with double printing (2), 1873 proofs of unadopted designs (4), 1872 40c - 1p (2) mint, 1874 4p, 1889 imperf colour trial essay proofs with the head of Queen Victoria (as used for the stamps of Falkland Islands) (9), 1901-05 set, 1905 Cervantes set mint, 1920 UPU set mint, 1927 postage set, surcharged set and air set all mint, and surcharged air set of four with "Muestra" overprints, 1940 Zaragoza air set mint, 1950 Stamp Centenary set mint, etc., a useful collection. S.G. £12,000+. (100s). Photo on Page 136. £600-800
  1850 Entire letters or entires (10) and fronts (2) all bearing 1850 6c black (seven type II), two entires sent in the first month of issue with the stamps tied by red "Baeza" type datestamps of Cadiz or Bilbao, the other ten all with black "Avans" spider cancels in black, six stamps with four margins. (12). £120-150
  1851-55 Entire letters and entires bearing 1851 6c black (4), 1852 6c rose (3), 1853 6c carmine rose (3), 1854 4c carmine or 6c carmine, the 1851 issue covers cancelled by the "Avans" spider type cancel in black (3) or red (from Medinacela, unusual in this colour), the eight 1852-55 entires with oval grill cancels in black (7) or blue, seven stamps with four margins. (12). £100-120
  Official stamps. 1857-1917 Entires and covers (4) and a front, with 1857 entire from Betanzos bearing 1855 1o (3, pair + single), 1859 entire from Orense bearing 1855 ½o, and 1896 cover bearing rose Congress of Deputies stamp tied by blue crowned Congress cancel. Also 1854 front bearing 1854 ½o, and a 1917 cover with 25c postage stamp tied by blue crowned Congress of Deputies datestamp. (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1855-60 Entire letters and entires bearing 1855 blue paper 4c (5) or 1r, or 1856-59 white paper 2c, 4c (8, one of these a very early use of the grid watermark stamp on 6 Jan 1856) or 2r pair on an entire to Arequipa, Peru, with "PANAMA" British P.O double arc transit datestamp, cancels comprise oval (10) or triangular grids, or circular "Rueda de Carreta" cancels with a central number (5), one with a San Roque c.d.s probably originating in Gibraltar. (16). Photo on Page 178. £180-220
  1860-62 Entire letters or entires (33) and fronts (7) bearing 1860-61 2c (3, one with two singles), 4c (36, three with a pair or two singles, two with strip of three or three singles, one with two pairs) or 2r (on cover to England), cancels include circular "Rueda de Carreta" handstamps with a central number (22) and various circular datestamps. (40). £200-250
  1860-61 Entire letters or entires (5) and a piece with 1860-61 4c tied by circular datestamps or 35 "Rueda de Carreta" cancel, all with prestamp type town handstamps comprising oval framed "VA GA / GALICIA" of Villagarcia (in blue) and "MASIDE / GALICIA", or three line unframed "Estremadura / Baxa" handstamps of Cabeza del Buey (entire letter + piece), Esparagosa de Lares or Ovellana. Also a front with 4c tied by blue circular "GALICIA / 16 / MELLID" prestamp type handstamp without the central date. All fine, two with CEM or Grauss Certificates. (7). £120-140
  Majorca / Gibraltar. 1861 Entire letters and entires franked 1860-61 4c single (3) or pair, from Majorca with 31 "Rueda de Carreta" cancel of Palma or datestamps of Andrais or Ynca (4c pair), or from Gibraltar with "SAN ROQUE / CADIZ" c.d.s and 63 "Rueda de Carreta" cancel. (4). £100-120
  1860-62 Entire letters and entires to France franked 1860-61 4c (2, three singles or strip of three) or 12c (8, one with two singles), one with "FRANQUEO / INSUFICIENTE" handstamp charged 9c, the others all with a "5c" charge mark, all with entry datestamps "ESPAGNE / ST JEAN-DE-LUZ" (5, in red) or "ESP. ST JEAN-DE-LUZ / AMB" (5, AMB A, B or C) and "Rueda de Carreta" cancels with a central number. (10). £100-120
  Postal Forgeries. 1860-61 Entire letter from Madrid with 1860 4c postal forgery type 1, and an entire from Alicante with 4c postal forgery type 6. (2). £120-150
  Transatlantic Mail. 1860-62 Entire letters (2) and a cover (with enclosed letter) to New York or Buenos Ayres both franked 1860-61 2r pair, or to Havana franked 1860-61 1r, all with "Rueda de Carreta" cancels with central number from Bilbao, Cadiz or Santander, the cover to USA with "5 / N. YORK AM PKT" c.d.s, the 1r with three margins, both 2r pairs fine with four margins. (3). £150-180
  1862-64 Entire letters or entires (9) and a front franked 1862 2c (3), 4c (5) or 12c (2, both to France), various "Rueda de Carreta" (6), c.d.s or grill cancels. (10). £100-120
Click to view full image... Transatlantic Mail. 1862-64 Entire letter and entires franked 1862 1r to Cuba (2), 12a + 2r to Buenos Ayres, or 2r pair + two singles to Arequipa, Peru, with "PANAMA" British P.O double arc transit datestamp. (4). Photo on Page 184. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1864 Entire letters or entires bearing 1864 2c (2), 4c (5, one to France with three singles) or 12c (5, all to France with "5c" charge marks), one letter sent by ship to Marseille and cancelled upon arrival by "2240" lozenge with red "ESPAGNE / MARSEILLE" c.d.s, other letters with entry datestamps of St. Jean-de-Luz (2) or Le Perthus (2). Cancellations include numbered grills (4), "Rueda de Carreta" type with central number (5) and oval framed "PAMPLONA" prestamp type handstamp. (12). Photo on Page 184. £120-150
Click to view full image... Transatlantic Mail. 1864 Printed circular (listing books for sale) from Madrid to Arequipa, Peru, franked 1864 2r (2, one cut into) with "PANAMA" British P.O double arc datestamp, backstamped "YSLAI" within dots. Photo on Page 184. £100-120
  1865 Entire letters or entires (16) and fronts (2) all bearing the 1865 issue, comprising imperf 2c + perf 4c (2, both to Portugal), imperf 1c x 2, 2c (2, one used in Canary Islands), 12c x 2, 12c pair (2, one a front) or 2r x 2 (on a front), or perforated 4c singles (6), 4c strip of three, or 12c. Six with numbered "Rueda de Carreta" cancels, three to Barcelona with oval numbered "CARTERO / SECTION" backstamps, some faults. (18). £160-200
  1866-89 Entire letters or entires (46), fronts (2) and a postal stationery postcard, nearly all sent within Spain, bearing various 1866-82 issues including War Tax stamps, 1868 200m on entire to Italy, etc., cancels include numbered "Rueda de Carreta" types (4, two modified types in 1871-72, one a late use in 1872). (49). £160-220
  Transatlantic Mail. c.1867-78 Entire letters (2) and an entire, comprising undated entire to Cuba bearing 1867 10c; 1868 entire letter to Arequipa, Peru, bearing 1867 20c (2) with "PANAMA" British P.O transit datestamp; and 1878 entire letter to Buenos Ayres bearing 1878 25c + 50c. (3). £80-100
  1867-72 Entires and covers all to Great Britain, bearing 1867 20c x 3, 1868-69 100m pair or 200m, 1870 50m pair + strip of four (with oval "MORE / TO PAY", charged 1/-), 100m pair or 200m. (6). £100-120
  1866-80 Entire letters or entires (19) and fronts (3) all to France with various 1866-79 issues including 1866 12c (5), 1867-68 12c (5), 12c pair (2) or 12c + 50m strip of three, 1870 12c (2), 1871 40c, etc., thirteen with "5c" charge marks, all with French entry datestamps comprising St Jean-de-Luz (10) or St Jean-de-Luz Ambulant (2), Cette a Tar Ambulant (2), Cebrere a Bordeaux Ambulant, Oberon Ste Marie (2) or Le Perthus (4), an interesting lot. (22). £200-250
  1890-1931 Covers and cards with various King Alfonso XIII stamps, mainly written up on pages with Paquebots, T.P.Os, Canary Islands, Morocco, WWI, 1920 U.P.U Congress cover sent by a British delegate with the 25c Congress stamp and cancel, 1930 Graf Zeppelin 4th South American flight card from Seville, 1930 Seville Exhibition registration cancel, 1931 flight cover to London with air overprint issues, 1897 cover with Porto Rico 3c tied by Arroyo c.d.s, etc. (131). £250-300
  1931-60 Covers and cards, various Second Republic and Franco period postal history, mainly written up on pages with Civil War and WW2 censors, 1934 Chemical Congress label and c.d.s, Morocco, Spanish Guinea, 1940 cover to G.B with boxed "DETAINED IN FRANCE / DURING GERMAN / OCCUPATION", charity and patriotic labels, T.P.Os, etc. (147). £250-300
  Travelling Post Offices. 1859-87 Entires and covers (24), part entires or fronts (6) all with T.P.O datestamps, mainly 1859-73 circular datestamps, also 1861 "EST. AMBULANTE / DESCENDENTE" oval datestamp and 1880-87 octagonal datestamps (4), and an 1865 entire with oval cachet "FERRO-CARRIL DE LANGREO / GIJON" depicting a steam train. A fine lot of early T.P.O cancels, 17 tying imperf stamp issues. (31). £250-300
  Civil War. 1936-39 Covers and cards with Nationalist propaganda cards (8), local stamp issues (10, also various mint stamps), forces mail (4) and censored covers (95, some with patriotic or charity labels); Republican propaganda cards (set of 12 in packet) and censored covers (9), mainly fine. (138). £250-300
  Civil War. 1936-37 Nationalist "Cruzada Contre el Frio" charity labels mint (82, some in blocks) or used on covers or cards (54), a fine lot. (82 + 54 covers). £200-250
  Civil War - Italian Forces. 1937-39 Covers and cards from Italian volunteers fighting with the Nationalist forces in Spain, various "UFFICIO POSTALE SPECIALE" datestamps numbered from 1 to 7 or with Sezione A, one cover registered from F.P.O 6 to England franked 1.25L with straight line registration handstamp and "DIVISIONE LEGIONARIA FRECCE AZZURRO" cachet, the others all to Italy franked by stamps of Spain or Italy (20), or unstamped (17, three with Italian postage due stamps). Also plain envelopes with proof impressions of F.P.O 2 c.d.s (3). A fine lot, some with regimental cachets, one with registration label handstamped straight line "UFFICIO POSTALE SPECIALE 3". (42). £250-300
Click to view full image... Civil War - International Brigade. 1937 (May 18) Cover to Scotland, from a British volunteer in the International Brigade, with a Barcelona 60c meter mark, red oval "EJERCITO POPULAR DE ESPANA / BRIGADAS INTERNACIONALES / OFICINA DE FIGUERAS" and circular "COMANDANCIA MILITAR / CORREOS / FIGUERAS (GERONA)" (recorded by Shelley on two covers only in May 1937), light horizontal fold, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 184. £150-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... World War Two - Blue Division. 1942-43 Correspondence from Captain Alvarez-Chas, a volunteer in the Spanish Blue Division, fighting as part of the German army, all to his father in Spain. The correspondence comprises stampless Feldpost cards or covers posted from France (3) or Germany (7) all with Feldpost datestamps and small boxed "Sp" (6) or larger boxed "Sp" (2, also one with "Sp" in manuscript), and stamped air mail covers or cards from the Russian front (6) franked 5pf pair, 20pf, 5pf pair + Luftfeldpost stamp, 10pf + Luftfeldpost stamp, or by a single Luftfeldpost stamp (2 items) all tied by Feldpost datestamps. Also unused propaganda postcards depicting Blue Division soldiers (21). A fine and scarce lot. (37). Photo on Page 184. £500-600
  Cinderellas. Various charity or propaganda labels (many from the civil war), exhibition labels, fiscals, etc., most on pages. (100s). £200-250

(Also See Lots 257, 601, 699, 703, 706)

  1877 Cover posted from Southampton (June 10) to Yorkshire franked 1d, addressed in General Gordon's handwriting, written whilst Gordon was serving as Governor in the Sudan and presumably sent from there to his family home in Southampton for forwarding. Also 1890 Uniform Penny Postage Jubilee 1d envelope addressed to a soldier at Suakim, with the South Kensington Penny Post Jubilee July 2nd first day c.d.s on the cover and insert card. (2). £120-150
  1884-85 Campaign, covers from G.B franked 2½d to Captain Gordon of the Royal Marines or Lt. Sandbach (3), all at Suakin (one Sandbach cover redirected from Cairo); and an 1886 (May 30) O.H.M.S cover hand delivered to "Captain H.M Sandbach, Royal Artillery" and signed "F.E Allsopp, Lt + Adjt R.A, S.F.F" with enclosed letter headed "S.S Queen off Suez en route to Alexandria" which includes "most people have left Suakin except transport & the permanent garrison that is to be. All officers have to report arrival at Suez". (5). £250-300
  1898 Campaign - Telegraphs. Telegram forms with messages discussing aspects of the military campaign, sent between Kitchener and General Rundle, Capt. Rawlinson, Lt. Sandbach, etc., datestamps include "HALFA" (4) and "ARMY / TELEGRAPHS" code "H.L" of Halfa (23) or "M.R" of Merowi (2), also copy telegrams without datestamps (c.29), an interesting lot. (c.58). £600-700
  Travelling Post Offices. 1911-65 Covers (33), stamps and pieces (62), the collection in an album, covers including T.P.O registration labels (3), 1942 forces cover posted on the Khartoum - Port Sudan T.P.O with uncancelled India stamps, etc. (95). £100-120
Click to view full image... Officials. 1902 1m "O.S.G.S." Khartoum overprint, varieties overprint inverted and oval "O", a couple of slightly short perforations at lower right, otherwise fine mint and extremely scarce. With B.P.A Certificate (1951). S.G. O3d, £4,250. Photo on Page 186. £700-800
Click to view full image... Officials. 1902 1m "O.S.G.S." Khartoum overprint, variety overprint double, fine mint, scarce. S.G. O3f, £500. Photo on Page 186. £120-140
Click to view full image... Army Official. 1905 1m Watermark Star & Crescent, small type A2 Army Official overprint with Army reading down, unused, no gum, a little minor perf soiling, good appearance and scarce. S.G. A3b, £1,300. Photo on Page 186 £100-120
Click to view full image... Army Official. 1906 5m Pair with horizontal Army Service overprints, variety overprint double, one diagonal, mint, light toning but very scarce. S.G. A9ab, £800+. Photo on Page 186. £160-180
Click to view full image... Military Telegraphs. 1898 Vignette De La Rue die proof in black on white glazed card, stamped "BEFORE / HARDENING" and dated "8 JAN 98", 92x60mm, very fine. Photo on Page 186. £300-350
  Army Telegraphs. 1898-99 1p, 10p and 25p in complete mint sheets of sixty, superb and very unusual. S.G. T13, 16/7, £420+. £120-150

(Also See Lots 141, 388/9, 673/4)

G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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