G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 13
Click to view full image... "Boadicea". 1936 (Sep 23) Cover with enclosed letter from London to Juba, Sudan, the stamp washed off, backstamped red "SERVICE POSTAL FRANCAIS / Correspondance retardee par suite / du naufrage d'un Avion / Reconstitue par le Service Francais / NE PAS TAXER", backstamped at Juba (Nov 4). A fine and scarce Boadicea crash cover to Sudan. Photo on Page 86. £250-300
Click to view full image... "Courtier". 1937 Cover and a card to G.B both with British stamps tied by "PAQUEBOT / PORT SAID" c.d.s, with boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER"; and a cover from Egypt to Greece with the stamps washed off bearing two strikes of a boxed explanatory cachet in Greek. (3). Photo on Page 86. £200-240
  "Challenger". 1939 Stampless covers from England or Austria to South Africa both with violet bilingual boxed "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER", the G.B cover to a ship at Durban with violet "SHIP SAILED", the Austria cover to Port Elizabeth with officially sealed labels applied and cancelled at Durban, this last cover a very unusual origin from this flight. (2). £100-120
  "Challenger". 1939 (Apr 13) Long cover from Montreal to Cape Town franked Canada 3c, a further stamp washed off, endorsed "via New York S.S Aquitania", with violet bilingual boxed "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER". A very scarce origin from this flight. £100-120
Click to view full image... "Challenger". 1939 (Apr 14) Cover from St. Louis, USA to Cape Town, the stamps washed off, with the ambulance envelope into which it was folded and enclosed, handstamped "EX F.B / CHALLENGER / CRASHED", the ambulance envelope with opening faults at left edge, otherwise fine. A very unusual origin for "Challenger" crash mail and a scarce cachet, this ambulance envelope illustrated in Nierinck. Photo on Page 88. £200-240
Click to view full image... "Challenger" - Kenya / Southern Rhodesia. 1939 (Apr 25) Cover from Nairobi to Salisbury, the stamp washed off, endorsed "By Flying Boat Challenger sunk at Lumbo Bay Mozambique 8.20am 1/5/39 forwarded by F.B Canopus". A very scarce origin, destination and Salisbury Post Office endorsement. Photo on Page 88. £120-140
  "Challenger" - Kenya / Southern Rhodesia. A very similar cover from Kenya to the same address in Southern Rhodesia, identically endorsed, fine and scarce. Also a photo of "Amalthea" and news cutting reporting its crash in Kenya in 1938. £120-150
  "Challenger". 1939 (Apr 19) Cover from Melbourne, Australia to South Africa, the stamps washed off, with bilingual letter from the Johannesburg Post Office explaining the accompanying item was salvaged from "Challenger" which crashed at Lumba on May 1st. The letter originally attached with a pin resulting in a rust mark to the cover and letter, otherwise fine. A scarce origin and explanatory letter. £150-180

Great Britain
(Also See Lots 596, 599/601, 657, 664/5, 674, 700/1, 716, 744, 746, 749, 751-771, 788/9)

First UK Aerial Post

Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Violet London to Windsor privilege mail envelope with unused violet notepaper enclosed, a KGV 1d tied by the London Aerial Post c.d.s, good colour and very fine. Photo on Page 88. £400-450
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Violet London to Windsor privilege mail envelope with unused violet notepaper enclosed, a KGV 1d unusually cancelled by the London Aerial Post c.d.s with code "3", a few minor tone marks at left, otherwise fine. All privilege mails were supposed to have been sent in the first bag and to have received the Aerial Post c.d.s with code "1" or "2", very scarce. Photo on Page 88. £550-650
  1911 (Sep 9) Brown London to Windsor postcard with London Aerial Post code "4" c.d.s, signed by Warwick Lendon, the designer of the postcards and envelopes, corner creases at left and 1cm tear at upper edge, still a very presentable signed card. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Green London to Windsor postcard addressed to Queenstown, Ireland, franked with KGV ½d + 1d each tied by the Aerial Post c.d.s code "2", a couple of very minor creases, otherwise a fine card to Ireland, strangely overfranked by 1d. Photo on Page 88. £180-200
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Green London to Windsor envelope with KGV 1d tied by the London Aerial Post c.d.s code "5", signed by the pilot Clement Greswell and by Walter Windham, organiser of the Aerial Post, arrival backstamp (Sep 12). Two small surface scrapes at centre upper edge but still a good looking cover with a very scarce combination of signatures. Photo on Page 88. £350-400
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Red-brown London to Windsor postcard franked by KEVII 1½d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, 4d and KGV ½d cancelled by five strikes of the London Aerial Post c.d.s code "2". Some creasing and two 7-15mm tears at upper and lower edges, still an attractive and spectacular franking, very unusual. Photo on Page 88. £320-380
  1911 Green (2), red-brown (3) or brown London to Windsor postcards, Aerial Post datestamps dated Sep 9 (2, code "3" or "4"), Sep 11 (2, code "1" or "3") or Sep 15 (2, code "2"), one Sep 9th card with a Sep 12th arrival backstamp, a few faults. (6). £120-140
  1911 Green (2), red-brown (2) or brown London to Windsor postcards, London Aerial Post datestamps dated Sep 9 (2, codes "2" or "3"), Sep 11 (code "4"), Sep 12 (code "2") or Sep 14 (code "1"), and a green Windsor to London postcard with Windsor code "2" c.d.s, one card with "D.H EVANS & Co" handstamp on reverse, a few faults. (6). £120-140
  1911 Green (2) and red-brown London to Windsor postcards, Aerial Post datestamps dated Sep 9 with codes "5" or "6", used on mail posted at Hendon Aerodrome, or dated Sep 12 with code "4" (with message "sent from Helensburgh to Messrs D.H Evans to be posted in special aerial postbox in London"), scarcer c.d.s die numbers, all very fine. (3). £120-150
  Overseas Destinations. 1911 London to Windsor postcards all addressed abroad, franked by two ½d stamps, comprising Sep 9 green postcard to South Africa, Sep 11 red-brown postcard to Netherlands (code "4" c.d.s and Amsterdam arrival machine), and brown, green (dark shade) or red-brown postcards all to Germany with datestamps of Sep 9 (code "6", punch holes), Sep 13 (2) or Sep 15, a few faults. (6). £150-180
Click to view full image... Russia. 1911 (Sep 9) Brown London to Windsor postcard with an advert for Brown Brothers (cycle and motor material manufacturers and merchants) printed on the reverse, addressed to St. Petersburg with two KGV ½d stamps each tied by the London Aerial Post c.d.s code "1", one perfined "B.B / LD", a very fine advert card to a scarce destination (with a Swiss expert certificate). Photo on Page 88. £260-300
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 16) Violet Windsor to London privilege mail envelope addressed to the Central London Sick Hospital in Hendon, KGV 1d tied by the Windsor Aerial Post code "2" c.d.s, backstamped at Cricklewood (Sep 18), fine. Photo on Page 90 £450-550
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 16) Windsor to London violet privilege mail postcard with superb Windsor Aerial Post code "1" c.d.s, message reads "Thought you would like to have one of the first U.K Aerial P.Cards to hand down as a heirloom .... it may be worth thousands when Ronnie is about 105 years old", extremely good colour, a little light creasing but attractive. Photo on Page 90. £350-400

Other Flights

  1909-30s Photos and ephemera including 1914 season pass to The London Aerodrome Hendon issued to Sub. Lt. Warrington Strong, 1909 Blackpool aviation meeting postcard, 1919 photo of arrival of Alcock & Brown at Euston Station, 1920 French chart showing comparisons of English aircraft types, 1923 £145 debenture in the Aircraft Disposal Co., 1921 Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd letter and booklet depicting their flying boats, photos of Supermarine flying boats in use by Imperial Airways (8), Short Bros sports club membership card and aerial photo of their factory, photo of interior of a Bristol aeroplane, etc. (20). £200-250
  1911-84 Covers, cards and a front flown within G.B (24) or to Ireland (2) including 1911 London to Windsor card actually flown from Windsor, 1919 rail strike front flown from London to Birmingham franked 2/1, 1936 cover from Lundy bearing Atlantic Coast Air Services ½d, boxed "AIR MAIL" cachets used on mail flown to Scotland (8, one registered type), also Railway Air Service Mail List forms (2), Airport datestamps (5), etc. (36). £100-120
  Royal Flying Corps / R.N.A.S. c.1913-18 Covers, cards, photos and ephemera including 1917 folder of Wendover views posted with "CENTRAL FLYING SCHOOL / UPAVON" c.d.s; 1918 (Nov 11) letter from an air mechanic in France posted on Armistice Day; 1918 postcard to R.N.A.S in France with Naval Air Service Mail Office London cachet; 1918 card from Alexandria seaplane station; 1915 cover with Egypt stamps tied "MILITARY CAMP / AERODROME HELIOPOLIS" datestamps; covers to R.F.C in Egypt (2, one redirected with 14 Squadron cachet); R.N.A.S passes issued in Dover (2); photos, etc. (21). £150-180
  1918-39 Covers and cards (78) and fronts (2) from G.B all franked for air mail, virtually all commercial, destinations include Gambia, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Burma and India, Malaya, various European countries, etc., with rare 1918 front franked 2½d to Panama handstamped blue circular "THE PANAMA CANAL / First Trip / AERO MAIL / 9 AM, OCT 13 / 1918 / ATLANTIC - PACIFIC", etc. (80). £250-300
  1919-20 Air Transport & Travel London to Paris air service, photos and ephemera including an original photo postcard of the first flight with pilot William Lawford and his passenger Charles Moh signed on the reverse by Moh, 1949 BEA 30th Anniversary dinner menu signed by Lawford, original photos or postcards of AT&T aircraft (13) and reproduction photos (19), 1920 receipt for 6/3 paid for excess baggage, 1920 Lord Leverhulme Christmas card depicting a London to Paris aircraft, Royal Aeronautical Society London - Paris service Safety and Economic Committee report, 1969 50th Anniversary dinner menu with various signatures, etc. (c.40). £280-320
  1920 Express covers flown between London and Paris (franked 2½d, a further stamp removed), or from Paris to London (2) franked 3.25f, all with "AIR MAIL / EXPRESS" cachet in red or black, a few faults. (3). £100-120
  1920-25 Leaflets and booklets advertising air services, with time-tables, comprising "By Air to Everywhere, Lepaerial Travel Bureau" (6, also a flyer for air insurance) or "Cook's Summary of Air Services" (3), all fine, scarce early air time-tables. (10). £250-300
  c.1920-24 Instone Air Line Ltd photos and ephemera including original photographs and postcards (27) and reproduction photos (12), advertising pamphlets (2), 1922 ticket for a flight from Brussels to London, etc. (41). £300-350
  1922-24 Covers flown between London and Germany, carried by Instone Air Line Ltd to Cologne (8, one flown on 24 October 1922 first flight) or from Cologne to London (3), or by Daimler Airways from London to Berlin (3, one a first flight) or London to Hamburg first flight franked 11½d for express delivery. Also 1922 "Cologne Post" with article on European air routes. (16). £100-120
  c.1920-24 Daimler Airways photos, postcards and ephemera including 1920 leaflet "Travel by Daimler Airways London to Paris", time-tables with fares (3), baggage label depicting an airman, original photos or postcards (8, one of the 1923 crash at Ivingho), pencil drawings of Daimler Airways proposed airport buildings and stewards uniform, also a 1920s illustrated brochure for Daimler cars. (16+). £200-250
  c.1920-29 Handley Page original photos and a few postcards including first London to Paris Service, "Duchess of York" 1929 crash at Poix (2), 1920 HP aircraft G-IAAA at Calcutta, planes dressed for Alexandra Rose day, etc. (c. 50), also reproduction or associated photos, notes on aircraft types, etc. (50+). £250-300
  1920-23 Handley Page London - Paris service, covers, cards and ephemera including 1921 Air Ministry agreement for the service; 1920-23 covers flown from G.B (5, to France, Switzerland, Malta or India) or from Paris to London franked 1f; 1922 baggage tag from Paris to London bearing a Handley Page London - Paris luggage label; differing unused luggage labels (3); official picture postcards (13); 1922-23 G.P.O leaflets on Air Mail or Air Parcel Post services; Handley Page booklets "Aerial Milestones" and "By Air to Paris". Also 1920 (July 27) cover flown by Handley Page from London to Amsterdam. (29). £300-350
  c.1919-25 Handley Page brochures, time-tables and ephemera including the booklets "By Air to Paris (2, first edn. with "My Impressions of the Air" writing pad; third edn. containing five real photos taken at Le Bourget of Cdr. Mackintosh and plane after record 1hr 46min London to Paris flight), "Handley Page Aeroplanes", "Handley Page Air Service, London - Paris - London, London weekly diary of social events", "Aerial Milestones" and "Handley Page Ltd Military and Civil Aircraft"; advertising leaflets (9); luggage labels (2); map of the London to Paris air route; 1919 "Memento of a Souvenir Flight at Cricklewood" folders (2, one "Compliments of The Daily News free flights"), also various letters, etc. (33). £350-400
Click to view full image... Channel Islands. 1924 (June 10) Cover from Leyton to Guernsey franked 3½d (marked "1½d Postage, 2d Fee") and bearing two "By Air Mail" labels, endorsed "First Service Channel Islands" with arrival c.d.s (June 11), not called for and returned to the sender, with a related photo and news cutting on early aviation to Guernsey. The first cover from this 1924 flight to Guernsey we have seen, apparently unrecorded in any of the literature on Channel Islands philately. Very scarce. Photo on Page 90. £150-200

Crash Covers

Click to view full image... Scotland. 1935 (Jan 7) Cover from Inverness to Wick, a little edge damage and the stamp washed off, recovered from the Highland Airways flight to Wick and Kirkwall which crashed into the Moray Firth shortly after take off, unusually signed by the pilot E.H Coleman and the two passengers, Mr & Mrs W. Firth, who were on their honeymoon. Also three contemporary news cuttings, a letter from the addressee Miss M. Smith stating the letter was recovered from the crash and delivered the next day still damp, a statement describing the crash signed by the pilot, and a 1934 (May 29) Kirkwall to Inverness first flight cover also signed by the pilot E.H Coleman. An unusual group. Photo on Page 90. £260-300
  Scotland. 1984 (Nov 18) Cover from the Isle of Skye to York franked 17p, a little minor soiling, with letter from the Postmaster of Inverness explaining that it was on the mail plane which crashed en route from Inverness to Edinburgh on November 19th, and lay on an exposed hillside in atrocious weather for up to 48 hours. £70-80

Transatlantic flights to USA & Canada

  1936-37 Imperial Airways survey flights, various letters and memorandum concerning preparations for the flight, photos of the "Caledonia", "Cambria", mid-air fuelling experiments or crew (61), press releases and cuttings, autographs of Griffith Powell (2, pilot of "Cambria"), cover to Capt. Wilcockson intended for a transatlantic flight that never took place and autographed letter of reply from Wilcockson, etc. In July 1937 the "Caledonia" flew from Ireland to Newfoundland and a P.A.A Clipper flew in the opposite direction; five further return flights were made in 1938 by the "Caledonia" and "Cambria". An interesting group concerning these experimental survey flights, many of the letters and documents unique. (85). £700-1,000
  1937 (July 8) Claridges Hotel dinner celebrating the successful transatlantic flights of the P.A.A Clipper and Imperial Airways "Caledonia", the printed sheet headed "Transatlantic Rhythm 5-6 July 1937", listing the crew of the two aeroplanes and notable dates in transatlantic flight, signed by 27 guests including four crew of the P.A.A Clipper; and a sheet of Claridges notepaper signed by A. W Whitten-Brown (first airman to fly direct across the Atlantic in 1919, with John Alcock), J.A. Mollison (husband of Amy Johnson, and England - Australia flight record holder), A.E Wilcockson and G. Powell (I.A pilots of the transatlantic flights of "Caledonia" and "Cambria"). (2). £250-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1937 Picture postcard of Montreal addressed to "Capt Lawrence Pritchard, Royal Aeronautical Society, care Major Woods" with message "July 12 1937, This card was carried by courtesy - not post - from Montreal to London on first trip of Imperial Airways Empire Boat Caledonia by Captain Wilcockson", signed by Lester D. Gardner (Secretary of Royal Aeronautical Society), his wife, and J.A Wilson (Director General of Civil Aviation), with the envelope in which it was posted upon arrival in London bearing a 1d meter mark. A unique card from this flight hand carried by the pilot Capt. Wilcockson, with accompanying note stating Imperial Airways requested its destruction as it was against Post Office regulations. (Card + cover). Photo on Page 90. £250-300
  1937 Short-Mayo composite aircraft trials with Imperial Airways, 94 photographs of this extraordinary invention which consisted of a small seaplane "Mercury" which was carried on top of a larger seaplane "Maia", before the two separated in mid air, allowing the "Mercury" a far greater range of flight. Also picture postcards (7), Air Ministry press notes, etc., one photo signed by Donald Bennett who piloted the "Mercury" in a successful flight from Ireland to Montreal in July 1937; the project later abandoned despite this successful transatlantic flight and a long distance record flight made to South Africa. (109+). £700-1,000
  1938 (July 20) "Daily Herald" and "News Chronicle" newspapers both flown from Ireland to the USA in the one experimental transatlantic flight made by "Mercury", both with a U.S 4c stamp applied and cancelled in New York (July 21), the "Daily Herald" with the specially printed heading "Sent by Imperial Airways Liner Mercury"; and a cover franked 5d from Launceston (July 20) to USA endorsed "Air Mail per "Mayo" composite plane experimental flight". Also two press photos of the "Mercury" arriving at Montreal, smaller photos or postcards of the aeroplane (7, one showing the plane at Port Washington, New York), and a 1938 letter from a stamp dealer offering a newspaper carried on the flight for sale for 15/- (also stating only 40 stamped and postmarked pieces exist from the flight). (13). £300-400
Click to view full image... 1939 (Aug 4) Imperial Airways first regular transatlantic service, first flight covers carried from G.B to Newfoundland, Canada or USA (45) including covers to Newfoundland then flown on the return flight (2), cover bearing G.B 1½d and 1/3 Health & Pensions Insurance stamp with "T" handstamp, cover with Lundy locals, pilot signed cover, and covers from Southern Ireland (2), South Africa (3), Belgium (3), Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Malta, India, or flown from Newfoundland (2) or Canada to USA. Also return flight covers from USA to Canada or Newfoundland, Canada to Newfoundland (5, one to Australia), USA to G.B (9, one pilot signed, addresses include Ireland, Australia, South Africa), Canada to G.B (8) or Newfoundland to G.B (3), and photos of the plane or crew (14), Imperial Airways letters, special printed leaflet, etc. A fine lot with some scarce acceptances, destinations and printed covers. (104). Photo on Page 90. £600-800
  1939 (Aug 12) Imperial Airways second flight by the "Cabot", covers from G.B to USA (4, one also carried on the return flight) or carried on the return flight from USA or Canada; photos of the plane or crew (10), freight label and press notice, news cuttings, and covers carried on later Imperial Airways flights (4, one from Netherlands Indies with violet boxed "By air to Europe and / onward airtransmission"). (22+). £160-180
  1940 B.O.A.C flights from G.B to North America, covers carried on the only four flights from Poole (which mainly carried press and government mail) comprising first flight cover franked 1/3 to Newfoundland carried on the "Clare", second and third flight covers carried on the "Clare" franked 1/3 or 2/6 to "The Canadian Press" in New York, and long cover franked 27/6 to "The Daily Telegraph" in New York carried on the fourth and final flight by the "Clyde". Also photos of "Clare" or "Clyde" (6) and an article on the wartime air service from "Picture Post". (10). £200-240
  1940-47 Covers including 1942 stampless O.H.M.S cover to Canada with seven "BOMBER MAIL" cachets, other 1943-45 covers to Canada inscribed "Air Bag" or "via Bomber Mail", 1946 cover to Scotland bearing vignette "1946 Operation Good-Will R.A.F Squadron 35 New York to Graveley Trans-Atlantic Flight Air Mail" and signed by the pilot W/O G. Cliffe posted at Huntingdon franked 3d, etc. Also 1946 BOAC pamphlet "Atlantic Flight, The Story of a Great Achievement". (16). £80-100


  1937 Imperial Airways "Cavalier" flights comprising Air Ministry white paper on the Bermuda to New York air service; 1937 (June 15) first flight covers (19) including covers to Egypt, Switzerland, Canada and Newfoundland, two signed by the crew; cover to USA with "NO FLIGHT ON SEP 24 1937 / BY 'R.M.A CAVALIER'" cachet; 1937 (Nov 18) first flight covers to Baltimore (3, one also carried on the Nov 16 P.A.A first flight from Baltimore to Bermuda); also luggage labels (3) and photos (5) of the "Cavalier". (33). £250-300
  1937-38 Covers including 1938 (Mar 16) first official air mail from Baltimore to Bermuda by P.A.A (7, one pilot signed, one carried on return flight, one from Canada) and return flight from Bermuda (3); covers from G.B intended for the first flight but received too late (2); 1938 (Mar 19) first flight cover from Baltimore to Bermuda by Imperial Airways "Cavalier" (rare, two recorded); 1938 (Apr 5) Bermuda to Port Washington first contract flight; also P.A.A luggage label, photo of "Cavalier", etc. (23). £140-160
  1939 Covers comprising May 25th France to Bermuda first flight, pilot signed; May 30th G.B to Bermuda P.A.A first flight by the southern route and June 9th return flight (3, one to South Africa); June 21st Bermuda to G.B P.A.A first flight by the northern route (addressed to South Africa); August 5th Bermuda to G.B Imperial Airways northern route first flights from Montreal to Bermuda or Bermuda to G.B, etc. A good lot with some very scarce first flight covers. (13). £240-280
  1940-73 WW2 and post-war flight covers and cards, with 1940-45 wartime items (27) including censors and postage dues, later covers including 1947 Washington to Bermuda first flight by Colonial Airways, 1948 Bermuda to Montreal first flight by Trans-Canada Air Lines signed by the five crew, etc. (54). £150-180


G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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