G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 17
  Middle East. c.1880-1970s Mint and used collection including Persia; Saudi Arabia; Iraq with 1944 air miniature sheet; Syria; Yemen; Kuwait 1960-77 issues unmounted mint; Libya; Lebanon with 1949 UPU miniature sheet; Transjordan with 1920 perf 15x14 set to 5p (no 1p) and perf 14 set mint, etc. Also U.A.E 75 on 60f aerogramme. A useful lot. (100s). £250-300

Forgeries & Cinderellas
(Also See Lots 63-86, 880, 1012, 1048/9, 1221, 1240)

  Propaganda & Intelligence Forgeries. WW1 and WW2 Forgeries, the collection written up on pages with WW1 intelligence forgeries of Austria (2) and Germany (2); WW2 intelligence forgeries of Germany Hitler Head stamps (4), and various British and German propaganda forgeries (42) including German forgeries of G.B Silver Jubilee ½d inscribed "This is a Jewish War", KGVI Coronation 1½d inscribed "Teheran 28.11.1943" (2) or KGVI definitives (28, 18 overprinted "Liquidation of Empire" and a colony name); German Feldpost cards with printed stamps showing caricatures of Chamberlain or Stalin (3); British forgeries of the Goering stamp, Italy 25c showing Hitler snarling at Mussolini, etc. Also L.N & M Williams original photographs (c.70) used to illustrate their book on the subject, and forgeries of German ration coupons (4) and a Norway 1kr banknote. (c.125). £250-300
  Forgeries. Collection in two Oriel albums including forgeries by Spiro, Fournier, Samuel Taylor, Jeffreys, Uruguay 240c proof signed by Sperati, Pasche letter advertising his facsimiles with eight examples attached, also fakes, reprints and facsimiles, 1937 Coronation stamps with forged Specimen perfins, study of Rhodesia 1965 2/6 and 5/- surcharge Independence forgeries with photos of forged 5/- surcharges used as evidence in a subsequent court case, etc. An interesting collection. (c.500). £250-300
  Cinderellas & Locals. Collection in an Oriel album with phantoms and bogus issues including Prince Edward Island bogus 10c proof, Counani, Bateken, Sedang, also children's toy stamps, locals, labels, New Hebrides Espiritu Santo label depicting a cannibal roasting a human over a fire, etc. (c.300). £120-150


  1698 - c.1980 Entire letters and covers from various foreign countries, many written up on album pages including U.P.U and U.N Conference cancels, Hawaii, Faroe Islands, Alaska, Timor, New Caledonia, Olympics, 1970 Christmas card from the Nepalese Queen Mother, maritime cancels, etc., an interesting group. (92). £300-350
  Prestamp - c.1960s covers and cards, a large quantity from foreign countries, in a box. (1,000s). £200-300
  1820-34 Selection of covers or entire letters (9), front and a piece, including a fine 1870 (Oct 8) Ballon Monte letter flown from Paris on the "Washington" or "Louis Blanc" balloons franked 30c; Cape of Good Hope 1862 entire bearing two 4d triangulars and a front with 4d + 1/- triangulars; 1820 entire letter with Jamaica fleuron datestamp and Morant Bay handstamp; piece bearing Mafeking Siege 3d on Cape 1d, etc., some faults. (11). £150-180
  c.1840-2000 Empire and foreign covers and cards written up on pages, various cancels, missent marks, cachets, etc. (550+). £250-300
  c.1866-1943 Covers including c.1866 cover bearing Prince Edward Island 1863 1d pair tied by "13" numeral cancels of Charlotte Town (1975 B.P.A Certificate), 1900 cover bearing Transvaal ½d + 1d cancelled blue "Veldpost, ZAR / NewCastle / 7 Mei 1900" used during the Boer invasion of Natal, 1942-43 Red Cross covers from Palestine (2, one with a Cyprus 1pi applied upon redirection), etc. (6). £200-240
  1871-1952 Covers and cards including 1907 cover from Canton to France with two Hong Kong KEVII 10c stamps (perfin "AK/&Co") cancelled in Singapore with "LATE FEE PAID" and a superb "PAQUEBOT" handstamp (another stamp missing), 1899 North Borneo 1c postcard franked 2c to Finland (central fold), Boer war censor covers and cards including 1901 Rhodesia 1c card from Bulawayo to the Cape with Kimberley censor and circular handstamp with date omitted, etc., some faults. (13). £100-120
  G.B and foreign postal history and stamps including Hong Kong 1927-93 First Day Covers (17), Stamp Centenary stamps and labels, Pitcairn Island, Canada Small Queen covers (3), Colombia prestamp entire with red oval framed "CARTAGENA / FRANCA", G.B and world postal stationery, WW2 Indian forces mail, also a collection of G.B. slogan cancels on covers and pieces in two albums and few G.B prestamp covers, etc. (200+) £150-180
  1898 Ceylon 2c postcard (stamp removed) to Singapore with a fine "PENANG-TO-SINGAPORE" double ring backstamp; 1910 cover from India to Dairen, China, backstamped "SINGAPORE TO HONG KONG" c.d.s and at Shanghai; and 1917 picture postcard from Hankow to England with "BUREAU AMBULANT No.1 / PEKING-MOUKDEN" transit c.d.s. (3). £100-120
  c.1970-2010 World covers, a large quantity in four large boxes, many from unusual countries including former Soviet Republics, Congo, Zaire, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Pacific Islands, etc., with local surcharge stamp issues of Ghana, etc. (Many 1,000s). £300-400
  British Empire. Prestamp - c.1960s covers and cards, a large quantity in a box. (1,000s). £300-400
  British Empire. 1849-1982 Entire letters, covers and cards, many written up on pages, including missent marks, Ceylon prestamp, Iraq British Occupation 2½a registration envelope used, Pitcairn Island, 1867 cover from G.B to Bermuda carried by diplomatic bag, 1906 cover from New Zealand to North Borneo and redirected to G.B with Tenom and Jesselton backstamps, other North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei, 1932 Cyprus cover with "Opened by Censor" seal, 1925 South Africa 4d registration envelope from Swaziland, Pacific Islands with Cocos, Niue and Tonga, Burma 1937 "B.C CAMP P.O" c.d.s, Natal 1867 "B" manuscript cancel (faults), etc. An interesting group. (107). £500-600
  South Atlantic Islands. 1906-95 Covers, cards and a front with Tristan da Cunha cachets (5) including type IV on stampless cover to G.B (postage due stamps removed) with "Xmas 1928" typed within the cachet, and type V applied by favour on a 1943 cover by Rev. H. Wilde whilst working at H.M.S "Royal Arthur" at Skegness; 1906 Ascension picture postcard posted from Ascension to St. Helena with G.B 1d; 1932 cover from Sudan to St. Helena with arrival c.d.s; 1939 cover from G.B to a soldier at Gibraltar, forwarded to St. Helena and back to G.B; 1948 Tristan cover with error of year "28" in the c.d.s; 1962 St. Helena cover endorsed "per H.M.S Puma", etc. (12). £200-250
  South East Asia. 1900-51 Covers and cards including Thailand (4) with 1903 "T" handstamp on postcard to G.B, 1928 card cancelled at Singapore with "TRAIN LETTER" handstamp, 1951 "PARTI / LEFT" and "RETOUR / RETURNED" handstamps; Philippines (3) with 1900 5c pair cancelled at Singapore, 1904 cover with 2c pair + 3c pair and G.B 1d pair applied upon redirection; unused North Korea postal stationery postcards (2); 1907 Russian P.O in Harbin, Manchuria (2), etc., a few faults. (14). £200-300
  T.P.O & Maritime Cancels. A large quantity of covers and cards with T.P.O, Paquebot or Sea Post cancels, with Russia, Europe, etc., in a box. (100s). £300-400
  Pneumatic Post. 1884-1958 Cards and covers of France (25), Austria (7) or Germany (7), some written up on pages. (39). £80-100
  Inflation. 1923-47 Covers and cards showing the effects of inflation on postage rates after WWI or WWII, with 1923 items from Germany (84), 1923-25 items from Poland (6) or Austria (21), 1946-47 items from Hungary (23) or Roumania (8), a few faults, some written up on pages. Also Zimbabwe banknotes (4) with values up to 100 trillion dollars. (146). £150-180
  Postage Due Mail. 1921-56 Covers and cards with Togo 1f + 1.50f dues on 1929 cover from G.B, Cayman Islands KGV 1d handstamped "T" on a commercial 1925 cover from Jamaica, Mocambique Co 3c due on 1933 postcard from South Africa, Malta 1½d due on 1929 Paquebot postcard, Lebanon dues on 1942 censored cover from G.B, 1929 postcard from G.B to British Guiana with violet "POSTAGE DUE ...." handstamp between bars (Proud UP25), 1921 cover from G.B to Palestine with boxed "TO PAY / 8 / MILLIEMES" and "INCONNU", etc. (10). £200-250
  World War One. 1914-18 Covers and cards bearing German occupation issues (27), or with F.P.O datestamps of Norway (3), Holland (22), Switzerland (15), etc. Also a few WW2 Swiss forces covers. (81). £100-120
  World War Two - Gibraltar & Malta. 1939-45 Covers and cards from British forces in Gibraltar (37), or from G.B to soldiers in Malta bearing Green Cross labels (3, two franked 1½d with some opening faults, the other very fine with incorrect 5d franking). (40). £150-180
  World War Two - Norway & Denmark. 1945-46 O.A.S Covers (16) and an economy address label from British forces, sent from Norway (6) with F.P.O 150, 786 (4) or with Maritime Mail machine (Oslo senders address); or from Denmark (11) with F.P.O 761, 808 (5, one a transit c.d.s on a civilian cover from Copenhagen to B.A.O.R), 867 (4), or with Army Signals c.d.s code "JE-QT" and boxed "BRITISH NAVAL / MISSION DENMARK". (17). £150-180
  World War Two Censorship. 1940-48 WWII and post-war covers and cards, various censor cachets and seals, including Japan, Iceland, Papua, M.E.F, etc. (112). £100-150
  Picture Postcards. c.1900-30s Picture postcards, mainly G.B but a reasonable number of foreign cards noted, including topographical views, real photo cards, etc. (500+). £120-150

Wreck & Crash Mail
(Also See Lots 160, 225, 569, 596-608, 636/7, 674, 714, 718, 750, 842)

Click to view full image... "Ava". 1858 Cover from India to England "Via Kedgeree & Marseille by after mail", water damaged with a little edge staining, small hole in address panel and the stamp washed off, despite this charged "6" with boxed "INDIA UNPAID", backstamped at Cawnpore, Calcutta and London with "Saved from the wreck / of the Ava" cachet. The "Ava" hit rocks on Pigeon Island eighty miles from Trincomalee on February 16th and sank, the mail being recovered by divers. A good cover from the second batch of recovered mails, sent to England on the P&O S.S "Colombo". Photo on Page 114. £250-300
Click to view full image... "Carnatic". 1869 (Aug 27) Cover from Paisley to India, a little water damaged and the stamp washed off, the reverse bearing the explanatory label "Recovered from wreck of the "Carnatic"", tied by datestamps of Bombay (Nov 12) and Agra, also backstamps of London and blue oval "SEA POST OFFICE / E" (under the label). The P&O S.S "Carnatic" struck a reef off Shadwin Island on Sept 13th and sank the following day with the loss of 29 lives. A fine cover. Photo on Page 114. £400-500
Click to view full image... "European". 1877 O.H.M.S Cover with "The Governor of the Cape of Good Hope" printed in the lower corner, signed by the Governor Sir Bartle Frere and addressed in his handwriting to "Genl Ponsonby, Buckingham Palace, London". Inscribed "private to be forwarded", endorsed in red ink "Saved from wreck of "European"", with recipients pencil note showing the original letter was dated "Nov. 1 1877". The Union S.S Co steamer "European", sailing from the Cape to England, was lost off Ushant in December 1877 after striking a rock. A remarkable cover, one flap with some wrinkling caused by soaking in water, otherwise undamaged, evidently sent in a bag of official and diplomatic mail (and not through the post), just one other cover from this wreck recorded by Hoggarth and Gwynn in "Maritime Disaster Mail". Photo on Inside Front Cover. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... "Turrialba". 1912 (Dec 14) Cover from San Jose to New York franked Costa Rica 10c, the cover with a tear in upper left corner but otherwise undamaged, endorsed in pencil "Saved from S.S Turrialba on Jersey Coast and landed by Revenue Cutter Seneca 12/25/12", the reverse with "United Fruit Company, Dec 26 1912, Purchasing Agent" recipients cachet. The U.F.C S.S "Turrialba" left Jamaica for New York on December 20th with 137 crew and passengers and a cargo of bananas; on Christmas eve she was stranded in a storm on the Brigantine Shoals off New Jersey, her stern frame and rudder were swept away, propellers disabled, and several lifeboats wrecked or forced back trying to reach her. All passengers, crew and the mails were rescued by the Revenue Cutter "Seneca" on Christmas day, after the weather had moderated. The only recorded cover from this wreck, ex Robin Gwynn collection (sold for £440 in the 2014 auction of his collection). Photo on Page 120. £300-350
Click to view full image... "Portsdown". 1941 (Sep 18) Cover from Walton on Thames to Ryde, Isle of Wight with a 1d meter mark and violet "DAMAGED AS A RESULT / OF ENEMY ACTION", recovered from the Southern Railway paddle steamer "Portsdown" which struck a mine whilst sailing from Portsmouth to Ryde on September 20th, killing 22 passengers and crew. The ship was blown into two pieces, the mails being recovered by divers from the rear part of the ship, which came to rest on a sandbank. An unusually fine cover from this wreck. Photo on Page 120. £120-150
  c.1916-1982 Covers and cards (14) and a front including 1920 cover from Japan to Germany with violet "Damaged by fire / in Mail Car / Columbus, Wis. / 1-17-20", 1937 "Cygnus" crash covers from Ceylon or Malaya, 1941-42 "Damaged by Sea Water" cachets on covers from Iceland or Argentina, 1953 Calcutta Comet crash covers from Singapore (2, differing cachets, one with "Galcutta"), 1982 cover from India to G.B with violet "DAMAGED IN AIR ACCIDENT / TO FLIGHT NO. AI 403 AT / BOMBAY AIR PORT ON 22-6-1982", etc. (15). £180-220
Click to view full image... World War Two. 1940-45 Covers and cards with various "Damaged by Sea Water" or "Salved from the Sea" cachets (5), one on a small blue "Postage Free - Instructions to All Ranks" card giving the new C.M.F address for a soldier involved in the Sicily invasion; 1944 U.S 3c envelope from F.P.O 312 in Italy to Canada handstamped "SALVAGED FROM /AIR CRASH"; and 1945 cover from USA to a U.S soldier at A.P.O 772 (Marseille), singed and the stamps washed off, backstamped red "DMG. IN PLANE WRK / FWD. BY APO111". (7). Photo on Page 120. £160-180

Maritime Mail & Ephemera

Nord Deutscher Lloyd

  1859-1903 Covers, cards and postal contracts including 1867 entire letter from San Francisco to France with "SAN FRANCISCO / CAL" and "NEW 9 YORK" datestamps, 1883 North German Lloyd illustrated advertising cover depicting the steamship "Werra" posted in New York franked 3c, also copies of the 1867 and 1868 postal contracts and related correspondence between the Postmaster General and NDL for the carriage of mails to New York published on behalf of the House of Commons, etc. (6 + 2 contacts). £200-240
  1857-1913 Ephemera, covers and postcards with 1857 illustrated poster for the Bremen to New York route (folds); 1884 advertising cover posted in New York with an enclosed letter, both depicting the steamship "Werra"; c.1905 135 page book "Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen (English Edition)" detailing the history of the Line, with maps and many illustrations; and picture postcards (5) with a fine card issued for the 1907 50th Anniversary of the Line depicting the Bremen Head Quarters, official company cards depicting Gibraltar (2, posted at Gibraltar), etc. An interesting group, the very scarce 1857 poster from the first year of the shipping line. (8). £220-260
  1898-1909 Menu cards with concert programmes on the reverse, approx 13½x18cm, all with superbly printed coloured views on the front, from the S.S "Sachsen" (2), "Preussen" (2), "Trave" (3, one without cover), "Prinz Heinrich" and "Prinzess Alice"; similar size 1899 passenger list for S.S "Trave" which includes Mr & Mrs Stanley Gibbons amongst the passengers; and 1909 menu cards (77x112mm) from "Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm" (3), with ornately printed and embossed covers. A fine and attractive lot. (13). £450-550
Click to view full image... 1900-09 Menu top postcards, one on a complete 1909 menu from the S.S "Konig Albert", nine others removed from the menu cards including cards for the steamers "Bremen", "Ems", "Prinz-Regent Luitpold", "Weimar", "Barbarossa" and "Konig Albert" all with superbly printed coloured views, five of these cards postally used from USA (2), Italy, Germany, or with 'Deutsche Seepost, Australische Hauptlinie' c.d.s of the S.S "Weimar". (10). Photo on Page 120. £350-400
Click to view full image... c.1930 Original artwork (19x27cm) for a poster, depicting a front view of the steamers "Bremen", "Europa" and "Columbus", superbly hand painted, fine and unique. Photo on Page 122. £240-280

United Fruit Company
(Also See Lot 830)

  1886-1910 Covers with enclosed letters relating to Captain Lorenzo Baker, founder of the United Fruit Co., comprising 1896 letter on Kings House notepaper from Sir Henry Blake, Governor of Jamaica, to Capt. Baker with cover posted free of charge from Kingston to Port Antonio; 1893 cover posted from Port Morant to Capt. Baker in Port Antonio with enclosed letter from his wife; and 1910 letter written by Baker's son Loren with interesting content on a voyage just completed on the "Almirante" from Jamaica to New York, posted from New York to his sister in Port Antonio. (3). £100-120
  c.1905-40 Ephemera and picture postcards including c.1905 "Philadelphia to Jamaica via United Fruit Company Steamship Line" notebook with information on Jamaica and the voyage; time-tables and guides for passengers or advertising leaflets (7), passenger lists (3), menus (6), picture postcards (10, six official U.F.C cards with views of Jamaica), etc. (29). £150-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1912-58 Covers and cards (191) with various U.F.C ship handstamps including scarce anonymous types and named handstamps from many different ships, most well written up on pages, various stamps of USA, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Canada, Panama, Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, Canal Zone, St. Lucia, etc., some with Paquebot cancels, some philatelic though the majority are commercial, also some pieces, U.F.C perfin stamps, a few photos and picture postcards. A fine collection. (191+). Photo on Page 120. £750-1,000
  British Honduras. 1924-38 Covers (5) and pieces (2) with British Honduras stamps including 1924 cover from Belize with scarce violet boxed "VISIT / BRITISH HONDURAS / COURT / BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION" containing a letter from an officer on the S.S "Tivives", cover with dumb cancel and "PAQUEBOT" of New Orleans, violet S.S "Parismina" cancel, etc. (7). £100-120
  Colombia / USA - Scadta Air Mail. 1926-29 Covers from the USA to Colombia all inscribed via differing U.F.C ships, flown from Cartagena (3) or Barranquilla to Bogota by Scadta franked by U.S 2c + Scadta 30c with EU overprint, three covers with both stamps cancelled in New York, the other cancelled by U.F.C S.S "Esparta" handstamp. An unusual group, one handstamped "Consignees Mail". (4). £120-150


Click to view full image... India Used in Aden. 1854-1935 Covers and cards (29), stamps or pieces (91) with various Aden or Aden Camp cancels, including 1854 4a cancelled "124" (2, head die III, frame die II, cut to shape), piece bearing 1874 On H.M.S 1a strip of three + 1867 Service 2a block of four tied Aden Camp B-22 duplexs, postcards to Java and Bosnia, etc. Also an 1846 letter to England written at Aden with arrival datestamp and "1/-" charge mark, some faults. (121). Photo on Page 136. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1887 India 1½a Postcard to Trieste cancelled "ADEN CANT" c.d.s (Proud D7, latest recorded date) with "SEA / POST OFFICE / D" and Trieste datestamps. A scarce cancel, this c.d.s unusually applied as a backstamp, very fine. Photo on Page 120. £160-180
  1937-1965 Covers and cards (90) mainly with Aden stamps, some postal stationery, WW2 censors, 1939 cover from Aden posted by air mail from Djibouti, also unused picture postcards (10), meter marks on cover (55) and various stamps with 1937 Coronation Specimen set, 1947 U.P.U Congress presentation folder containing the issues of Aden, Seiyun and Shihr & Mukalla then current, etc. (155+). £250-300
  Sub-Offices. 1937-65 Covers with cancels of Kamaran (9, also an arrival c.d.s and a later cover), Khormaksar, Mukalla (also an arrival c.d.s), Sheikh Othman (2), Maalla (3), Little Aden (6) or Harbour, also picture postcards (9) and a few stamps. (35). £100-120
  Perim. 1894-1955 Cards and cover comprising 1894 India 1a card written at Perim with Aden cancel, 1923 postcard with India ½a + 1a tied "PERIM" c.d.s, and 1955 cover. (3). £80-100
  Maritime Mail. 1870-1966 Covers and cards, datestamps comprising Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office (16, five cancelled on board ship, one with boxed registration handstamp), Aden Paquebots (22), German Sea Post Offices (7), French or Italian Sea Post Offices. (47). £120-150
  Forces Mail. 1835 Entire letter from a soldier advising the addressee of the death of her brother on the Island of Socotra (a large piece sadly cut out); 1900-14 covers and cards from soldiers (5, two O.H.M.S stationery envelopes with Manchester Regt. cachets from Aden Camp to Steamer Point); 1907-09 postcards from naval ships with G.B stamps cancelled in London (3); and a 1907 postcard from G.B to a soldier at Dthali with Aden arrival c.d.s. (10). £120-150
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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