G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
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Auction Lots - Page 23
Click to view full image... Qatar. 1953-60 Covers bearing G.B stamps overprinted for British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia (9, one a 6a air letter) or Qatar (9), with cancellations of Doha (7, two registered) or Umm Said (11, five registered, two of these with rubber type registration datestamp), three covers cancelled at Umm Said showing a return address of Dukhan. (18). Photo on Page 170. £250-350
Click to view full image... Qatar. 1961-69 Covers bearing Qatar stamps (8) and 30NP air letters (2), one cover with 40NP silver foil coin stamp, three registered, one 1961 cover to London with the stamp uncancelled but backstamped in Paris and endorsed to show it was found adhering to another cover, other items cancelled at Doha, Umm Said or Dukhan. (10). Photo on Page 162. £150-200
  Qatar. 1970-2002 Commercial covers with various Qatar stamps, also a few meter marks, cancels include Dukhan, Umm Ghwilina, Khalifa Town, Mesaifeed City, Mushaireb, Al Mansoura, etc. Also an unused 50d air letter. (67). £200-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Sharjah / Abu Dhabi. 1965-70 Covers bearing stamps of Sharjah (4, three from British forces) or Abu Dhabi (5, one FDC, the others commercial, one a 30NP air letter). One Sharjah cover cancelled at British F.P.O 1057, another with Sharjah stamp locally cancelled in combination with G.B 5d tied by F.P.O c.d.s and handstamped "T", two 1965 Abu Dhabi covers with Das Island c.d.s. (9). Photo on Page 162. £180-220
  United Arab Emirates. 1973-2006 Commercial covers with UAE stamps, cancels include Das Island, Abu Dhabi, Rashidiya, Umm Al Qiwain, Bani Yass, Musafa, Thamnait, Sanaeyah, Fujeira, Dubai, Masfoot, Ras Al Khaimah, Dhaid, Al Khor, etc. (57). £100-120


  1844 Entire letter from Manila to London per "Phoebe" with scarce "WORTHING / SHIP LETTER", fine. £250-300
  1855 Entire (one side flap missing) to Spain "Via Suez" with 1r tied by oval cancel, a blue Manila "Baeza" datestamp on the front, arrival backstamps. £80-100
  P.O.W Mail. c.1942-44 P.O.W cards from American prisoners, sent back to California, card type 1 from Military Prison Camp 2 and yellow card type 3 card from Military Prison Camp 1, both with Japanese and U.S censor cachets, fine. (2). £240-260

(Also See Lots 385/6, 965/6)


Click to view full image... 1865 (Aug 1) Stampless cover from Loanda to Rio de Janeiro via Lisbon, backstamped framed "CORREIO / CENTRAL / DE / LOANDA" with boxed Lisbon transit datestamp and "50" handstamped arrival charge on the front, scarce. Photo on Page 170. £240-280
  1870-1990 Mint and used collection in an album including first issue thick paper 5r, 10r and 100r used, medium paper perf 12½ 40r used, 1894 25r on 2½r newspaper stamps used (2), 1902 surcharges with 400r on perf 13½ 200r mint (minor faults), 1914 local Republica overprints on 115r on 100r unused (no gum) or 115r on 150r used, etc., a few plate flaws, imperf or double overprint varieties, reprints and forgeries noted, some multiples with 1924 Ceres ¼c in a sheet of 180, postage dues, revenues and a few covers, quality a little mixed with some faults but an interesting collection. (100s). £200-240
  c.1875-1990s Covers and cards (176) and many stamps and pieces with various postmarks, mounted alphabetically in three albums, from Alto Dande to Vouga, pre 1920 covers including Ambriz, Bailundo, Humbe, Landana, Lobito, Loanda (3), Lubango and Mossamedes datestamps, very mixed quality with some faults. (176++). £250-300
  1907-95 Covers and cards (45), stamps and pieces, various postmarks, covers including circular "PROVINCIA DE ANGOLA / CORREIO" temporary relief datestamps with central number comprising 1918 No. 11 from Catumbatela, 1938 No. 18 from Ganda, 1934 No. 35 from Chinquar, oval framed "350" cancels of Cubal in violet, cachets from the ships "Ganda" or "Angola" used as cancels, 1931 "E.N NAVEGACAO / PAQUETE MOCAMBIQUE" c.d.s, 1945-46 covers bearing "Par Avion Taxe Percu" labels (2), Field Post Office c.d.s (3 + 3 parcel receipts), T.P.Os, meter marks, etc. Also covers of Mozambique (2) and Portuguese Congo (3, octagonal datestamps of Sao Salvador, Cabinda and Landana). (45++). £200-250
The following 13 lots comprise 1880-90 original and copy letters concerning the pioneer days of the colony of Rhodesia, including letters from King Lobengula, some relating to the infamous 1888 Rudd Concession, in which Lobengula granted exclusive mining rights to Charles Rudd, James Maguire and Francis Thompson who were acting as agents of Cecil Rhodes. Lobengula tried to disown the document and sent emissaries to Queen Victoria to deem the concession invalid, but Rhodes succeeded in gaining a Royal Charter for the British South Africa Company in 1889, and annexed Mashonaland in 1890, then conquered Matabeleland by force in the 1893-94 Matabele war. Other letters from this archive concern Bechuanaland (see lots 884-902), some of these relating to the early postal services in Bechuanaland and Rhodesia.

  Postal Stationery. 1885-1969 Mint, used or cancelled to order collection in an album with postcards, reply cards, letter cards and air letters. (85). £80-100

(Also See Lots 600, 606/7, 619, 887/8, 939, 1256)

  1880 and 1883 Copies of agreements made with King Lobengula, allowing Hugh Dobbie, Daniel Francis, William Francis and Samuel Dodds sole rights to seek and dig for gold between the Shashi and Ramokwebane Rivers. (2). £120-150
  1886 (Feb 8) Letter from King Lobengula at Gubulawayo to Sidney Shippard, Administrator of British Bechuanaland, "Sir, I have heard from the white men staying here with me that some people were arrested at Sechehis on the road to Khame. I thank you very much for stopping these people. I am not at war with Khame & I want to rest in peace where I am", signed with Lo Bengula's mark and impressed with his oval seal showing an Elephant above "LO BENGULA", witnessed by James Fairbairn, annotated by Shippard "To be carefully preserved, S.G.A.S 26.5.86". A rare letter from King Lobengula showing his manuscript mark and seal. £600-700
  1887-88 Copy letters comprising two identical copies of a letter of February 24th 1887 from King Lobengula to Samuel Edwards authorising him to represent the King in the Tati district and to make laws and regulations and appoint persons deemed necessary for peace and good order of government in the district; 1888 (May 17) copy of a letter from King Lobengula to Rev. J. Moffat asking his opinion on letters received from Mr Clark and Mr Chapman (certified as a true copy by Moffat); and 1887 (Apr 28) copy letter from the Administrator's Office in Mafeking to King Lobengula concerning white men entering his country without permission and behaving like wolves, rumours of an imminent invasion of Mashonaland from Transvaal, and the possibility of laying a line between Lobengula's territory and that of Khame. (4). £180-220
  1887 (June 3) Manuscript "Return showing White Residents in Matabeleland" compiled and signed by Frank Johnson (then in Matabeleland trying to coax King Lobengula into giving him a mining concession). The list comprises 22 permanent residents, mainly hunters (including F.C Selous), missionaries and traders (with just one lady), with eleven others visiting, either hunting or trying to get mining concessions (including Johnson). The document also notes others who have recently left the country, having been refused permission to stay by King Lobengula, and five residents besides three Northern Lights Co. employees at Tati. A fascinating document. £180-220
  1887 Letter from King Lobengula to Sir S. Shippard, Administrator of British Bechuanaland, "Your Honour, For some time past I have been hearing from the white men & also from white mens servants certain disturbing rumours as to the avowed intentions of various parties of different nationalities to enter my territory. If Your Honor has heard of any such intention on the part of any one I will be grateful if you will inform me of it & of any particulars of which you may be aware", signed by Lo Bengula's mark and witnessed by G.A Phillips and W.J Tainton, undated. Also a copy of this letter showing the original was written at Umgusa on June 4th. A rare letter from King Lobengula. (2). £500-600
Click to view full image... 1888 (Oct 6) Stampless O.H.M.S cover sent from Matabeleland, signed "J.S Moffat, A.C" and addressed in his handwriting "To His Honor The Deputy Commissioner, Vryburg or en route" with a "MAFEKING / BECHUANALAND" c.d.s, with an interesting enclosed letter "..... very little business of any kind has been done with the chief. I have professed to stand aloof until I should hear further from Your Honor about what has passed in connection with your meeting with Khame & his people on or near Macloutsie. Another concession seeker a Mr J. Deans arrived this morning. He came as far as Tati with a cart, six mules, there he was informed that the chief didn't wish to see any more concession seekers, but he left his cart there and came on on foot.... It is reported that there has been a commando out for two months over the Zambezi and that it is expected to return this month. I cannot ascertain what kraals are gone out or whether it is an important expedition", a pencil note indicating it was written Umguza River, the cover presumably missing Shippard en route and delivered to Mafeking. Also a second letter from Moffat written at Umguza River, October 6th (noted as received on the Semokwe River, October 11th), which includes "Events have advanced a stage, apparently in the right direction ..... I have not been able to see the chief on the subject of the treaty of July 1887 but I have obtained sufficient evidence that it is only too likely that the chief did actually sign as alleged though whether he understood what he was signing is altogether another affair. He has practically set at naught two of the articles of that treaty already for he has refused to have a Transvaal consul here & he has refused the Transvaal assistance in a war against Khame. This incident has shaken my faith in Lobengula's honesty. I sometimes begin to wonder whether he is clear headed or even sound in brain ...... yesterday all the Europeans and I in particular were summoned in haste. I was arraigned before a crowd of indunas - the chief keeping himself carefully out of sight - on the charge of bringing an impi into the country. The impi had been "seen" and consisted of 53 wagons and one cannon .... I consented to sit for three hours in the sun and to rebut the charge .....determined efforts were made on all sides to bring on the boundary question again .....In this atmosphere of suspicion I do not care to send a messenger and must trust to an opportunity to forward this letter ......It would seem the chief does not wish me to have the opportunity of communicating with you at present". Two interesting letters from Moffat in Rhodesia, sent shortly before the talks which culminated in the signing of the Rudd Concession, which was encouraged by Shippard. (Cover + 2 letters). Photo on Inside Front Cover. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1888 (Oct 23) O.H.M.S Cover signed "J.S Moffat, A.C" and addressed "To His Honor The Deputy Commissioner, Khame River", hand delivered, reverse with additional message "The man accompanying Woods party is to come on at once to the Chief & leave Wood. He is the son of Kanogiso, J.S Moffat A.C, 6pm 23.10.88", with two enclosed letters written by Moffat from Umguza River or written on behalf of King Lobengula from Umrutiwa, this letter noted by Shippard as received 24th October at Mabokotwani. Lobengula's letter reads "Sir, I hear that Mr Wood is coming. I sent people with a letter to say that he is to go back. I am told that he threw away the letter and he would not hear the mouth or the people I sent. He is coming on his own will, that is against my orders. If Your Honor should meet him do take him away out of my ground. If he is off the main road please to send for him. I shall send one of my own servants to take this letter and to authorise Your Honor to do this. He will be Macibo. What I say in this letter applies to the whole party that is with Mr Wood", signed with Lo Bengula's mark, and by Moffat and the interpreter. Moffat's accompanying letter includes "It appears that Wood has defied the people and we should in a few days have had a renewal of the row with the probable result that something much more serious would have happened than in the former case. I wish the letter had been a little more in form but had to write it sitting in new kraal with no end of a wind blowing". An important letter from King Lobengula delivered by royal messenger, sent just a week before Lobengula signed the Rudd Concession. (Cover + 2 letters). Photo on Page 167. £1,200-1,500
  1888 (Oct 23-27) Copies of letters, the first the October 23rd letter from King Lobengula included in the previous lot; the second October 25th letter from Sidney Shippard "on the high road 2½ miles N.E of the Semokme River", to King Lobengula, "My Friend, The bearer (Umkonta) - Assegai - has in accordance with your orders accompanied me so far as this halting place and has performed his duty to my entire satisfaction. We have had no trouble. Mr J.G Wood and party are at Semokwe River 2½ miles from here. They will have to go back with me"; the third dated October 27th at Nkwezi River, from Sidney Shippard to Chief Khame, "The Chief Lo Bengula who says he has no quarrel with you has written to ask me to take Mr J.G Wood and his whole party out of Matabeleland. I am bringing them on with me and have given them in your name a guarantee that none of them will be injured or molested while passing down through your country.....Messrs Francis & Chapman have left Matabeleland for the Transvaal having crossed the Limpopo below the Tuli". Also an 1889 (May 1) letter from J.S Moffat written at Umrutiwa, concerning money to pay for despatch runners and oxen, and includes "Matters are in a confused state here, a regular Kilkenny cat business among the rival parties of would be gold prospectors". (4). £250-300
  c.1888 Letter from King Lobengula, "My Friend, Having demanded the return of the original document granted by me to Rudd & others in October last I told the representatives of the party that they must stay in the country until it is brought back. They undertook to have this done soon. It has not come yet. One of the party has left my country without my consent or knowledge. His name is Maguire", signed by Lo Bengula with his mark and impressed seal depicting an Elephant above "LO BENGULA", witnessed by M. Cohen and James Fanbain. An important Lobengula letter, undated but clearly sent shortly after he had signed the Rudd Concession, and was trying to get if revoked. £700-800
  1888 (Dec 26) Cover addressed "To Lobengula, Chief of Matabeleland and People, c/o Sir Sidney Shippard, Administrator, Bechuanaland via Mafeking" with an enclosed seven page letter from Edward Palmer written at Alice, Victoria East. Palmer suggest Lobengula offers no individual mining concessions, but instead forms one company to oversee all mining, in which he is the largest share holder. An interesting letter, presumably retained by Shippard and never delivered to Lobengula. £200-250
  1889 (May 17) Letter from F. Rutherford Harris in Gubulawayo to Lord Knutsford, H.M Secretary of State for the Colonies, stating that two letters sent to him purporting to be from Lobengula have been sent without Mr Moffat's knowledge, the King has no knowledge of English and therefore no idea what he is signing, and His Lordship should ensure all future letter are sent through Mr Moffat as H.M. Representative to the King. Also an undated letter from Moffat stating "I may also add the elephant stamp is so insecurely cared for, passing into the charge of different persons that it is of hardly any value now as an attestation of the Kings consent to a document. Kindly furnish Dr Harris on behalf of the British South African Company with a copy of this statement". Two interesting letters regarding Lobengula letters and seals. (2) £250-300
  1889 (Aug 10) Letter from King Lobengula in Matabeleland to The Deputy Commissioner Vryburg, "To be communicated to Her Majesty The Queen. Sir, I wish to tell you that Umshete & Babayani have arrived with Maund. I am thankful for the Queen's word. I have heard of Her Majesty's message. The messengers have spoken as my mouth. They have been very well treated. The white people are troubling me much about gold. If the Queen hears that I have given away the whole country it is not so. I have no one in my country who knows how to write. I do not understand where the dispute is because I have no knowledge of writing. The Portuguese say that Mashonaland is theirs, but it is not so. I hear now that it belongs to the Portuguese. With regard to Her Majestys offer to send me an Envoy or Resident I thank Her Majesty, but I do not need an Officer to be sent. I will ask for one when I am pressed for want of one. I thank the Queen for the word which my messengers give me by mouth that the Queen says I am not to let anyone dig for gold in my country except to dig for me as my servants. I greet Her Majesty cordially", signed with Lo Bengula's mark in the presence of Musheti, Babayani and Bonjwane, witnessed by Moffat and the interpreter. An important Lobengula letter written after the return of the two emissaries Lobengula sent to Queen Victoria, Babayani and Musheti. These emissaries obtained vague promises of goodwill from Queen Victoria, but were unable to stop the British South Africa Co. gaining a Royal Charter and annexing Mashonaland in 1890. £800-1,000
  1890 (June 24) Letter from King Lobengula to J.S Moffat, from Umvutcha, Matabeleland, "I am sending my men to the big Induna in Cape Town - if they meet you on the road I ask you to give them a letter passing them on to Sir Sidney Shippard", without his usual manuscript mark but impressed with his seal depicting an Elephant above "LO BENGULA". Also a copy of an 1890 (July 13) letter from King Lobengula, "The Chief Lobengula has received the Queen's letter. He has heard the words contained in it. As he understands the words brought by Babayani & Umshete there is a difference in the words that have come today. When he sent Babayani and Umshete he did not send them to talk about Rhodes. He sent them to talk about the doings of white men in the country viz Thompson and Maguire who said they had bought the whole of the Kings Country. He does not agree with Rhodes inasmuch as before they had quite finished talking with the King he got the Queens messengers sent - he went to get power from the Queen. He (the chief) has not yet reported that he has been annoyed by the white men. He is still listening to the words brought by Umshete and Babayani and thinking about them. The Chief sends his greetings with these words to Her Majesty the Queen". Two interesting letters showing Lobengula's unsuccessful attempts to keep the Europeans out of his country in 1890. (2). £600-700
  1899-1956 Covers and cards from Rhodesia (5) or Nyasaland (2) including 1911 Victoria Falls lettercard containing 12 views of the falls, posted from Bulawayo to G.B franked 3d and redirected to Sweden with G.B ½d + 1d added; 1901 Nyasaland 1d card from Chiromo to Wales redirected with a G.B ½d; 1911 Victoria Falls postcard posted at Gwanda (c.d.s with 1921 date error), etc., a few faults. (7). £100-120
  1903 (Dec 25) Picture postcard of S.S "Adventure" on Lake Nyasa, addressed to Fort Jameson with ½d tied by "KALUNGUISI / N.E RHODESIA" c.d.s (Proud D5), fine. £100-120
  Cancellations. 1892-1934 Stamps with values to 4/-, Double Heads to the 2/-, Admiral issues and a few Southern Rhodesia issues, some on piece, all selected for their cancels including numerals 679, 826, 827, 951, diamond framed B, D, E, F, G, I, and many datestamps with B.S.A.P Camp, Francestown, Geelong, Sebanda Poort, Kimberley Reefs, West Nicholson, Arctubus, Chipinga, Bembesi, Chatsworth, Mpika, Queens Mine, Marshbrook, Mackeke, Chakari, etc., about 100 different cancels in total. (232+). £350-400

Southern Rhodesia

  1928-32 Stampless Official covers both with "POSTAL SERVICE / FREE / G.P.O S. RHODESIA" c.d.s and differing Salisbury datestamps, the first with "ON POSTAL SERVICE" heading and G.P.O Salisbury imprint at left handstamped red "OFFICIAL FREE / SALISBURY S.R" c.d.s ( Proud OPD5, later than recorded), the second with "ON HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE / SOUTHERN RHODESIA" heading and red "OFFICIAL PAID / S. RHODESIA" c.d.s (Proud OPD7, earlier than recorded). (2). £200-250
  1944 Censored cover to Australia with 1d pair tied by "BUHERA / S. RHODESIA" c.d.s (Proud D3), an uncommon datestamp. £80-100

(Also See Lots 256, 383, 619, 939, 1045)

  World War One - Russian Forces in France / Salonica. 1915-18 Covers and cards comprising 1916 cards from France with Tresor et Postes 189 c.d.s and French or Russian unit cachets (2); cards from Russia to soldiers in Salonica (3); and two 1918 cards from an interpreter with the 7/10 Russian Labour Company posted at Virien, or from an officer on the ship "Jerusalem" bound for Vladivostock posted from Ceylon (stamp removed), both to Russia but handstamped "SERVICE SUSPENDED"; also a postcard of Russian troops at Marseille, and a cover to a Czechoslovak solder in France. (9). £120-150
Click to view full image... World War One - Siege of Baku. 1918 Stampless O.A.S picture postcard of Baku, addressed to England, written on September 13th but not entering the posts for another six weeks, with an October 25th datestamp of Indian F.P.O 85 applied in Baghdad. Baku was besieged by the Turks from August 5th until September 14th, this card being written the day before British troops were evacuated from the town, the card probably carried from the besieged town in an officers pocket and then forgotten about for some weeks. Peter Ashford states in his 1988 book "British Occupation of Batum" that "no items that can positively be identified with the 4 August - 14 September 1918 campaign in Baku have been recorded", and in his recent book "Foreign Military Activity in the Russian Civil War 1917-23" Edward Klempka states this remains the case today. A rare new discovery from the Baku siege, the subject of an article in the Winter 2019 Forces Postal History Society Journal. Photo on Page 170. £300-400
Click to view full image... Japanese P.O.W Mail. 1948-52 P.O.W cards from Japanese P.O.Ws in Russia, sent back to Japan, both with Russian censors and Vladivostock datestamps, the first also with a U.S censor, one line of the message erased, the 1952 card with boxed Japanese cachet, two scarce cards from Japanese P.O.Ws in Russia. (2). Photo on Page 170. £200-240


Click to view full image... Postal Stationery. 1936 KGV 1d Violet and 1½d red envelope stamp die proofs on wove paper, 26x29mm, each affixed to a separate piece cut from an archive page, endorsed "appd for the colour, colour to be maintained, 5/2/36" and initialled. Envelopes with these KGV stamps were issued in April 1936, after the King's death. Two fine and unique die proofs. (2). Photo on Page 186. £700-800


Click to view full image... 1897 Cover to England franked on reverse by Sarawak 1895 2c brown (2, one stained) and Straits Settlements 1889 2c bright rose (8, two vertical pairs and a block of four) all cancelled in Singapore, handstamped "PAQUEBOT". The only Sarawak / Straits combination cover we have seen posted at sea and with a Paquebot handstamp, an exceptional cover. Photo on Page 170. £2,400-2,800
Click to view full image... 1899 2c on 3c (perf faults), 2c on 12c and 4c on 8c Surcharges all handstamped "ULTRAMAR", applied at Lisbon to specimen stamps received from the U.P.U for distribution to one of the the Portuguese Colonies, removed from an archive page and therefore without gum, very scarce. Photo on Page 136. £240-280

(Also See Lots 714/5)

  1953-71 QEII Mint collection on pages with 1963 postal commemoration overprint varieties and settings, various self adhesive and gold foil issues, surcharges, etc. (100s). £150-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1963 Postal Commemoration overprints, the mint collection on 18 pages with many blocks showing the overprint varieties and settings, including "1895" for "1859" error on all values, just 20 examples possible on the 3/- value (S.G. 282a, £500) and 60 possible on the £1 value (S.G. 284a, £500), also asterisk between date varieties on all values, no stop after "O" varieties, 2/6 "M" for "MAIL" variety ("AIL" being albino, with 2000 PFSA Certificate), etc. S.G. 273/84, £1,800+. (219). Photo on Pages 148 & 186. £400-500


Click to view full image... British Occupation. 1946 Registered air mail cover to England franked E.A.F 3d, 5d and 1/- tied by "ISHA BAIDOA / SOMALIA" datestamps with violet handstamped registration label, backstamped at Mogadishu, a fine commercial cover from a very scarce office. Photo on Page 170. £350-400
  1960-2000 Covers bearing Somali stamps (22), later covers sent in the 1990s after the postal service began to disintegrate simply handstamped "PORT PAYE" (5) or posted in Dubai (4), Kenya (4, three handstamped "VIA ICRC") or Italy, etc. (38). £100-120

(Also See Lots 608, 700, 738-746, 829, 907/8, 912)

  Postage Due Mail. 1897 Cape 1d envelope from Addo and a cover from the USA franked 2c, both to Johannesburg with large "DEBIT" handstamps, the USA cover also with circular "3" charge mark, the Cape cover with circular framed "T" and "2d" charge marks (2, one over a "4d" handstamp). Also a 1907 Cape 4d registration envelope franked 2d, endorsed "8d To Pay, Posted out of course, found in letter box", an "8d" charge mark overstamped "4d" and the 8d endorsement obliterated. (3). £100-120
  c.1900-70 Covers and cards with WW1 and WW2 including 1940-41 covers to Holland (5) or Norway returned with "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED" cachets (3 types), Paquebots, official mail, etc., some faults but an interesting lot. (c.300). £250-300

Boer War

  Literature. Various books on the war including "The Times History of the War in South Africa, 1899-1902" in seven volumes, "South Africa and the Transvaal War" by Louis Creswick in six volumes, "British Regiments in South Africa" and "Colonials in South Africa" both by John Stirling, "De Boeren op St. Helena" published by Hoveker & Wormser in Amsterdam and Pretoria c.1902, "South African War Books" by R. Hackett, "Artists & Illustrators of the Anglo-Boer War" by Ryno Greenwall, etc. (31). £120-150
  1899-1902 Covers and cards (193) and a large quantity of fronts (mainly to or from Boer P.O.Ws in Ceylon or India, all removed from a scrapbook with faults, some severe), covers including P.O.W mail, censor cachets and seals, forces mail, Ladysmith siege, etc., very mixed quality but many very reasonable. (100s). £300-400
  Autographs. 1900 Piece with a four line verse and signature of Sir Alfred Milner, written on the Japanese ship "Hitachi Maru"; 1903 lettercard from Reginald Bray in London to General Pole Carew in Cornwall, addressed with an attached cigarette card of Pole Carew, duly autographed and returned under cover; 1901 stampless cover from F.P.O 16 and 1910 cover from Cape Town both signed or initialled by Lord Methuen; and 1903 two page letter written and signed by Lord Roberts, concerning a correction to evidence given to the Royal Commission on the War in South Africa, with cachet of the Commission. Also a postcard depicting caricatures of Roberts and Kitchener arguing over the command of the army, sent registered from Antwerp to Lord Roberts in Pretoria. (6). £180-220
  Pictorial Envelopes. 1900-02 Cyclostyled envelopes printed in blue, based on drawings by Corporal Payne, entitled "Wiping something off the slate" or "Jack and Jill went up the hill ...." (both with O.F.S ½d block C.T.O at F.P.O 17), "Better have a polish before you go to Holland" posted at Pretoria in 1902, or a front of the envelope "Farewell, A long farewell to all my greatness" (depicting "Steyns Pantechnicon") applied to the reverse of a 1d O.R.C postcard addressed to Lt. Bagot of the South Australian Imperial Bushmen Contingent at Cape Town (with an Army Post Office Johannesburg c.d.s). Also another possibly pirated version of the envelope "Wiping something off the slate" printed in red, posted in Cape Town. A few faults, the 1902 cover and postcard use both fine. (5). £120-150
  Service Suspended. 1899 (Oct 10) Covers from G.B to Transvaal handstamped boxed "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED" (52x8mm) in magenta, with Cape Town Returned Letter Office datestamps (2, one with flap missing). Also 1899 O.F.S 1d postcards sent to Wales via Pretoria and Delagoa Bay with interesting messages "all letters must be sent open from here now so am writing on P.C. Regular mail may be stopped at any time" (Oct 13) or "all communication with colony cut off so need not send any more letters till war is over" (Oct 21). (4). £140-160
  Service Suspended. 1901 (June 6 & Dec 27) Long O.H.M.S covers from Cape Town to the Civil Commissioner at Murraysburg both handstamped "Post Suspended" (38x4mm), backstamped at Cape Town (Feb 14), a few faults. Also a 1900 (Feb 27) Cape 1d envelope posted from Rouxville to Zastron, the two month transit time probably due to Boer activity in the area. Murraysburg was raided by a Boer Commando led by Commandant Scheepers on June 6th 1901, public buildings and houses of those loyal to the British all being burnt. (3). £250-300
  1900 Transvaal ½d (2) or 1d postal stationery cards with the June 7th proclamation moving the seat of government to Machadodorp printed on the reverse, all cancelled at Machadodorp (two C.T.O, one to Waterval Boven with arrival c.d.s); 1900-04 picture postcards signed by Commandant J.P Jooste, a German volunteer in the Boer forces (6, one posted to President Kruger in Holland); other cards of Jooste, Kruger or Boer forces (6); 1900 postcard of Cornelis Boeksma (executed by the British) posted from Amsterdam to the O.F.S Consul in The Hague with message regarding support for women and children in Bethulie Refugee Camp; and a 1900 registered cover from The Hague to The Transvaal Support Committee in Rotterdam with enclosed letter from the Secretary to the King regarding the King's support for Boer women and children in Concentration Camps. (17). £200-250
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
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Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
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