G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
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Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 18
Click to view full image... Forces Mail. 1890 India 9p Soldiers and Seamens envelope sent to Patiala State by a recruit in the 17th Regt. Bombay Infantry, cancelled by small "ADEN-CANT" c.d.s (Proud D11), a fine and scarce concession rate cover from an Indian soldier. Photo on Page 120. £240-280
Click to view full image... Forces Mail. 1896 India 1a Soldiers and Seamens envelope sent by a Lance Corporal in the 1st Bn. Worcestershire Regt to England, with a fine "ADEN CAMP" c.d.s (Proud KD14). Photo on Page 124. £200-240
Click to view full image... Forces Mail - World War One. 1918 Stampless O.A.S cover to India with F.P.O 324 c.d.s of Sheikh Othman on the reverse, twice censored with large "P" containing "B105" in black and violet diamond type "PASSED BY / CENSOR / F 217 / ADEN / FIELD FORCE", fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 124. £260-300
  Forces Mail. 1945-67 Covers and cards with WW2 covers (5), "No. 11 R.A.F / POSTAL HQ" c.d.s (2), later F.P.Os, R.A.F Khormaksar, R.A.F Steamer Point, R.A.F Riyan, etc., most written up on pages. (68). £100-120
  Ingoing Mail. 1860-1981 Covers and cards to Aden including 1869 entire with G.B 3d + 1/- tied "N.W.R.P OFFICE / LIVERPOOL / 466" duplex backstamped "ADEN STR POINT" (Proud PD2), 1877 cover from London via Brindisi franked 2d + ½d with "T" handstamp and charged 6a, also a few items via Aden including 1894 India 1a card from Zanzibar to Germany, etc., some faults. (43). £150-180
  Aden States. 1942-66 Covers bearing stamps of Seiyun (16), Shihr & Mukalla (20) or Hadhramaut (14, also two 50c air letters), stampless official cover from Shibam, and various stamps and pieces, cancels include Bor, Reidat Abdul Wadud, Dis, Hureidha, Haura, Jol Ba Hawa, Shibam, Tarim, Hautat Ahmed Bin Zain, Al Ghurfa, Mudodah, etc. (53+). £200-250
  South Arabia / South Yemen. 1966-83 Covers and cards bearing stamps of Federation of South Arabia (13), Peoples Republic of Southern Yemen (12, two with handstamped overprints on Federation of South Arabia or State of Seiyun South Arabia overprints), Democratic Republic of Yemen (22), also covers bearing stamps of Upper Yafa (2), and a few stamps. (49+). £150-200
  1937-66 Mint and used issues including 1937 ½a - 1r, 1951 surcharge set and 1953-63 set all mint, 1939 ¾a sheet of eighty used, Seiyun 1942 and 1951 sets mint and 1942 ½a - 1a mint sheets of sixty, Shihr and Mukalla 1942 and 1951 sets mint and 1942 ½a and 1a in mint sheets of sixty, etc. Also a Post Office notice listing the 1939-48 set then on sale, and 1941 notice listing the new Qu'aiti and Kathiri stamps. S.G. £1,150. (c.570). £200-250


  Second Afghan War. 1880 (May 2) Cover from a British army officer to England with enclosed letter from Gundamuk, franked 1866 ½a and 1878 4a each tied by a diamond of bars, backstamped by "GANDAMAK" c.d.s and in Bombay and Torquay. £240-280
  c.1960-2005 Covers and cards including 1990s local surcharge issues and the continued use of 1960s-1980s stamps in the 1990s and 2000s, a few written up on pages. (c.120). £100-120


  1908 (Feb 27) "Canterbury Times" Antarctic series postcard depicting "Arrival of Relief Ships", with King Edward VII Land 1d cancelled to order by "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD / N.Z" c.d.s, lower right corner creased, otherwise fine. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1911 (Feb 9) Cover with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION / TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" depicting a Penguin standing on Antarctica printed on the flap, addressed to Addington, bearing Victoria Land 1d tied by "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD / N.Z" c.d.s applied at Cape Evans, a fine cover. Photo on Page 124. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1911 (Feb 9) Large cover with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION / TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" depicting a Penguin standing on Antarctica printed on the flap, addressed by Captain Evans to Miss G. Levick (sister of Northern Party member George Murray Levick) in Sussex, bearing Victoria Land 1d tied by "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD. / N.Z" c.d.s applied at Cape Evans. Light vertical fold, otherwise very fine, a good commercial cover from an identified expedition member. Photo on Page 124. £450-500
Click to view full image... 1913 (Feb 3) Picture postcard of Lyttleton addressed to Christchurch, with King Edward VII Land 1d tied by "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD. / N.Z" c.d.s applied at Cape Royds. A fine card from the expedition's second mail, carried to Lyttleton on the "Nimrod". Photo on Page 124. £500-600
  1913 (Feb 12) Cover with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION / TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" depicting a Penguin standing on Antarctica printed on the flap, franked by New Zealand 1d pair, posted from Lyttleton to New South Wales. The "Terra Nova" sailed from the Antarctic for the final time on January 26th, arriving in Lyttleton on the day this cover was posted. A fine cover, probably from a crew member on the "Terra Nova". £200-240
  1954-2005 Covers and cards including British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Territories, Chatham and Kermadec Islands, Campbell Island, Ross Dependency, Russian, Belgian, Argentinean, Chilean and Japanese bases; South Africa Antarctic Expedition; Falkland Islands Dependencies stamps used from Deception Island, Base O, W or Z, Gough Island and Tristan; 1957 Trans-Antarctic Expedition; H.M.S Endurance; 1958 French Antarctic Territory 50f used on maximum card; U.S Operation Deep Freeze, etc. (123). £250-350
  Ross Dependency. 1958-59 Covers with Ross Dependency stamps, the first signed by Hubert Wilkins with cachets of N.Z Geological Survey, Little America, Scott and Adare Stations and Christchurch Packet Boat machine; the second signed by Vivien Fuchs with Scott Base c.d.s, good autographs by two famous Antarctic explorers. (2). £150-180
  Ross Dependency / N.Z / Australia. 1957-59 Covers with stamps of Ross Dependency (15) or New Zealand (3) cancelled at Scott Base (13) or Christchurch (5, three with Packet Boat machines); covers with Australia or Australia Antarctic Territory stamps cancelled at Mawson, Wilkes or Davis (3); a New Zealand 9d International Reply Coupon with U.S "Little America" datestamp, and a cover from the Australian observer at the U.S base at Little America. Also covers with Argentina, Japan or Chile stamps and Antarctic cancels, various cachets, a few signed. (26). £300-350
  Falkland Islands Dependencies. 1956-58 Covers and cards bearing stamps of the Falkland Island Dependencies (11, nine with "Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1956-1958" overprint issues) cancelled at Shackleton (9) or the "International Geophysical Year Expedition" c.d.s (2), two also bearing U.S stamps cancelled at Pole Station with Scott Base "Antarctic Meeting" datestamps. Also a cover from Gilbert & Ellice Islands to the British Antarctic Expedition with Port Stanley backstamp, Pole Station and Scott Base arrival datestamps, signed by the Trans-Antarctic Expedition Postmaster R.A Lenton; a picture postcard of Shackleton Base signed by Capt. G.S Tuck R.N; and a postcard posted in Sweden with "Maudheim Norwegian - British - Swedish Antarctic Expedition" cachet. (14). £180-200
  USA / N.Z. 1956-59 Signed covers with U.S stamps cancelled at Little America or on U.S ships, comprising Trans-Antarctic Crossing pictorial cover with N.Z Geological Survey cachet and signed by eight expedition members; cover carried up Ferrar Glacier by the N.Z advance party, three signatures, with U.S.S Edisto cancel; cover carried on the Ross Ice Shelf traverse from Crary to Cromie with five signatures; and cover carried on the Victoria Land traverse. (4). £100-120
  USA. 1955-59 Covers with U.S stamps cancelled at Pole Station (10), Byrd Station, Little America, or on U.S ships (6), all from scientists, signed by the senders including Finn Ronne, Paul Siple, Carl Eklund, Deewit Baulch, Rodger Brown, etc., some famous names in Antarctic exploration, several of whom have areas of Antarctica named after them. (18). £280-350
  USA. 1955-61 Covers with U.S stamps cancelled at Pole Station, Byrd Station, Little America or on U.S ships in the Antarctic, many with cachets including International Geophysical Year handstamps from various bases, Operation Deep Freeze or N.Z Antarctic Expedition, some signed by the senders or with enclosed letters, two stampless official covers from U.S.S "Atka", etc. (65). £200-250


Click to view full image... 1802 (July 31) Entire to Christopher Codrington in Gloucestershire "p. packet", charged 1/9, with very fine two line "ANTIGUA / AUG 4 802" (year shown as "802" with a tiny "2"). Photo on Page 124. £150-180
  1861 (May 27) Entire prepaid 6d to England "P. Packet" with red "PAID / AT / ANTIGUA" crowned circle and London Paid c.d.s, backstamped at Antigua and Whitehaven, a reasonable strike of this crowned circle. S.G. £650. £100-120
  1865 (May 12) Cover with enclosed letter to England prepaid 11d, with good red "PAID / AT / ANTIGUA" crowned circle and London Paid c.d.s, backstamped at Antigua and Cheltenham, fine. S.G. £650. £120-150

(Also See Lots 151, 399, 400, 596, 608, 788/9, 880, 949, 1032)

  New South Wales. 1888-1910 Centenary issue 4d depicting Captain Cook, a written up study on eight pages with Specimen overprint, imperf plate proof, mint stamps (27) including 1888 4d orange-brown strip of six with marginal inscription and date (S.G. 255e), 4d purple brown block of four (S.G. 255) and O.S overprints, and covers (3, one from Government Asylum for the Infirm at Parramatta with 4d "OS / NSW" perfin). S.G. £675++. (32). £100-120
  New South Wales. 1889-93 Official postal stationery envelopes with stamps of the 1888 Centenary issue depicting Captain Cook, comprising 4d Crop Reports envelope with Specimen overprint, 5d Public School Savings Bank Returns registered envelopes overprinted Specimen, unused (2, one with official seal on flap) or used, the last a little stained, otherwise largely fine. (5). £120-150
Click to view full image... Western Australia. 1841 (Aug 22) Entire letter from Perth to England with superb boxed "NEW ROMNEY / INDIA LETTER", a fine and very early letter from Western Australia. Photo on Page 124. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 2d postal forgery mint, hinge remnants, otherwise fine. S.G. £1,000. Photo on Page 136. £200-250
  Australian Antarctic Territory. 1971 Photographic essays for the Captain Cook Circumnavigation of Antarctica 200th Anniversary issue, all unadopted designs with the unissued value of 30c, handstamped on the reverse with the dates "23 June 1971" (4), "3 August 1971" (2) or "15 September 1971" (2), from the archives of Australia Post, scarce. (8). £120-150

(Also See Lots 255, 603, 800)

Click to view full image... Austrian Post Office in Beirut. 1875 Cover to England bearing Austrian P.O 1867 2s, 1875 10s (3, one with fault at top, one folded over upper edge) and 15s all cancelled by "BERUTTI" datestamps, arrival backstamps, a scarce 47s rate franking. Photo on Page 128. £150-180

(Also See Lot 262)

Click to view full image... 1860 (July 28) Cover to Hoboken, New Jersey, "Per Karnak" prepaid 8d with red "PAID / AT / BAHAMAS" crowned circle, handstamped "STEAM / SHIP" and charged 10c, backstamped with Bahamas double arc datestamp. A very reasonable strike of this scarce crowned circle on an unusual cover to the USA. S.G. £2,250. Photo on Page 128 £300-350
The following 25 lots comprise 1885-95 original and copy letters and ephemera relating to the colony of Bechuanaland (and Rhodesia, see lots 1114-1126), including unique items on the early postal services.
  1862-1968 Mint and used collection on pages with Chalon Head issues (19) including 1863-77 Crown CC perf 12½ 6d lilac and 6d deep violet both mint (S.G. 30/31, £585), etc., a few faults though most are fine. S.G. £1,500. (170). £120-140


Postal Related Documents

  1887-1895 Documents and letters comprising 1887 copy letter allowing increases in the salary of native post runners carrying mail between Taungs and Kuruman provided the total payment did not exceed £50; 1888 note from Ernest Baxter, Assistant Postmaster-General at Vryburg, giving rates of commission paid to postal agents in the colony; 1892 printed letter sent to the Postmaster at Vryburg railway station requesting security of £100; 1892 copy telegrams to the Postmaster at Macloutsi (2); unused Letter Bill for correspondence from Cape Colony to Mashonaland via Macloutsi and Tuli with the parcel rates altered in manuscript; and an unused Money Order Account form. (7). £180-200
  1888-94 Letters comprising 1888 (Sept 13) letter from Gibson Bros. to the P.M.G Vryburg declining the tender for a new mail contract; 1889 (Sep 9) letter from F. Johnson of Bechuanaland Exploration Co. Ltd accepting a contract for a weekly postal service between Kimberley and Mafeking; 1893 (Oct 21) letter from Wirsing Bros. in Maribogo agreeing to continue the postal contract at existing rates; 1894 (Oct 19) letter from Wirsing Bros. complaining about transport wagons blocking the roads and not giving way to the mail coaches. Four interesting letters all on printed notepaper. (4). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1889 (June 27) Printed one page flyer "TENDERS FOR CONVEYANCE OF BECHUANALAND MAILS" issued by the Postmaster-General J.E Middleton, G.P.O Vryburg, inviting tenders for the conveyance of mails between Kimberley and Mafeking via Barkly West, Bank's Drift, Taungs, Vryburg and Setlagoli by covered cart with not less than four horses or mules. Tenders to quote a price for a weekly or bi-weekly service each way, completed within 55 hours, with mails limited to 1,200lbs. Probably the only surviving example of this very early postal document. Photo on Page 128. £180-220
  c.1889 Notes written on plain or Vryburg Club notepaper with estimates of the cost of a postal service; and copies of a telegram from the Postmaster-General to the Colonial Secretary, dated 20th March, with details of the agreement made with Messrs Wirsing Bros. for postal services between Mafeking and Macloutsie, Palapye to Tati, Tati to Bulawayo, Vryburg to Mafeking until the railway is opened, and Mafeking to Maribogo, the Chartered Co. to contribute £350 towards the Palapye to Tati length and the whole cost of the Tati to Bulawayo length, and £1,500 when the Mashonaland mails circulate via Bulawayo instead of Macloutsie (in about five months time). An interesting document with details of the early Rhodesia postal arrangements. £150-200
  1889 (Sep 28) Copy of a telegram from Sir Sidney Shippard, Commissioner of British Bechuanaland, to The Secretary, Kimberley, "the P.M.G being provided with available mules to get two weeks accumulated mail at least as far as Molepolole, Mr Johnson of the B.E Co. will undertake the post between Kimberley and Mafeking from Oct 3rd but cannot undertake the Protectorate Post for another six weeks, and the P.M.G will revert to native runner systems for the Protectorate Post until then. Mails must be carried via Kanya, Molepolole and Khamas Town to Tati, the objective point for Bulawayo, everything should yield to the permanent necessity of speedy communication with Mr Moffat". An interesting document, with details of the postal route to Rhodesia at a time when Moffat was en route to Bulawayo shortly before the signing of the Rudd Concession. £120-150
  1892 (July 4) Printed single page Government Notice giving the regulations for official franking of letters and telegrams for free transmission; and 1890 handwritten regulations, with numerous amendments, regarding the franking of official telegrams. The printed notice with tear at base clear of wording, otherwise fine. (2). £100-120
  Printed Mail Cart Contracts, a c.1892 unused form headed "British Bechuanaland", and an 1895 form printed in London, completed with copy details of the weekly post to run from Vryburg to Kuruman via Geluk and Baileybath. (2). £100-120
  1892 (Apr 1) Handwritten "Annual Report of the Postmaster General for British Bechuanaland for year ended 31 March 1892", with details of revenue and expenditure, concluding "As the management of the postal and telegraph systems has been handed over to the Postmaster General of the Cape Colony from 1st April 1892 this Department now ceases to exist", written and signed by the Acting Postmaster General. Unique. £100-120
  1894 Bechuanaland Posts and Telegraphs, five page document giving details of expenditure for 1893-94 and estimates for 1894-95, with individual salaries and the costs of conveying the mails on each postal route shown. £100-120
  1895 "British Bechuanaland Post and Telegraph Dept. Report for the Year 1894-95", four pages giving details of the costs for each mail route, exact numbers of letters and postal items posted to various destinations in 1893-94 and 1894-95, news of the termination of the Wirsing Bros. contract for the Mafeking to Bulawayo route and a new bi-weekly service by H.J & C.H Zeederberg, and a new post to Mosita. Also two handwritten pages with expenditure details including the total value of stamps sold for postage, stamps attached to telegrams, and postage collected on unpaid mail, with a note showing the proportion of the total postal revenue collected in the Protectorate. Two interesting documents. £120-150
  Telegraphs. 1887 Two page Cape Telegraphs form to the Imperial Secretary in Cape Town with "HEAD TELEGRAPH OFFICE / CAPE TOWN" c.d.s, forwarding a message from the Superintendent of Telegraphs at Vryburg, "Tompkins has an offer of better employment in Transvaal and wishes to leave ..... much demand for good telegraph clerks in Transvaal and we offer no advantage to good men. My suggestions for giving clerks in charge Vryburg and Mafeking extra pay not having been passed P.M.G Cape Town states hard to obtain operators there so we may be in difficulty. Tompkins states he would remain at £200 a year". Also 1886 Cape Telegraph form with Kimberley c.d.s and copy message forms (3) regarding money outstanding for telegrams sent from Mafeking. (5). £80-100

Other Letters and Documents

  Stellaland. 1885 Letters and documents comprising April 25th letter from R.F.C Muller, Landdrost at Vryburg, regarding a request from H. Schuch for information on his 7 guns, 2 revolvers and ammunition confiscated when he was arrested in the shooting case, addressed to "Capt J.K Trotter R.A, Special Commissioner, Vryburg", hand delivered; March 2nd letter to Major General Sir Charles Warren regarding a nomination by G.G Dennison to be a member of the Bestuur, with two enclosed nomination forms signed by six land owners; and a printed one page document reproducing a letter from Cecil Rhodes forwarding a petition from the inhabitants of Stellaland to the High Commissioner for South Africa, and a letter from Charles Warren stating the petition appears to emanate from people in the Transvaal Republic, and was published in the "Cape Times" a month before Mr Rhodes forwarded it. (3). £100-120
  1886-94 Letters and documents comprising permits issued at Palapye to bring arms or cartridges into Bechuanaland, all signed by J.S Moffat (3); copy telegraph forms concerning permits for arms, all with oval "BECHUANALAND EXPLORATION COMPANY LIMITED / Cape Town" cachets (3); Bechuanaland Trading Association Ltd letter concerning cartridges presently in Port Elizabeth awaiting a permit; letter from Wm. Rawbone concerning cartridges to be sent to Salisbury; and 1886 letter to the Resident Magistrate at Mafeking requesting permission to bring arms, ammunition and explosives required for hunting purposes to Molepolole. (9). £150-180
  1886-95 Letters and documents including 1889 letter from the Kanya Concession Gold Prospecting & Exploration Co. Ltd to Sir Sidney Shippard concerning a mining concession granted by Chief Gatseitsive and ceded to the company; letters concerning duty on disputed auction sales of land; 1891 letter from the Administrators Office concerning arrangements for a lunatic to be sent to Grahamstown; letters from Julius Weil & Co tendering to supply forage, oats and mealies (2, one signed by Weil, whose company later became the Imperial Transport Co.); 1889 agreement made in London for the Exploring Co. Ltd to sell land to the Southern Land Co. that is not required for construction of the railway from the Cape frontier to Mafeking (with three Companies Registration 1/- revenues); etc. (23). £150-180
  1890 (Aug 5) Cover bearing Transvaal 1d vertical pair each tied by violet "PIETERSBURG / Z.A.R" c.d.s, addressed to "Col. Sir Frederick Carrington, Com. B.B.B Police, British Bechuanaland South Africa", backstamped at Pretoria, Kimberley and Mafeking (Aug 19), with enclosed letter "Having met 2 ex B.B.B.P received from them the information regarding the assassin of Mr Honey in Bechuanaland as to his whereabouts and also his accomplice who was with him at the time present of his death. This is genuine and I have kept quiet until I hear from you. Trusting this information will be of value. I also mention the murderer is nearby and also his accomplice who was present at the time of Mr Honey's murder", signed "C. Engllie". The cover with a few small edge faults and pin holes, an interesting item. £80-100
  Bechuanaland Border Police. 1890-94 Letters and documents comprising 1890 letters and a receipt for £20 concerning Sgt. Bone travelling from Palapye to Mafeking on duty (4); 1890 documents and receipts concerning money paid to patrols (8); 1892 letter from C. Kallmann complaining his discharge certificate was unsigned, also stating if war starts with the Matabele he would rejoin but only to fight, with "HEADQUARTERS / B.B.P" cachet; 1892-93 estimate of pay to officers and men; 1894 printed "Commissariat way bill of supplies or stores" for two wagons of kit sent from Macloutsi to Gaberones; printed Bechuanaland Border Police cheque for £5 payable to The Receiver General; 1894 receipts for money paid (2), an interesting lot. (18). £200-300
  1891-94 Way bills (2) both with accompanying invoices for boxes shipped from London to Bechuanaland; 1894 letter from Cape Town stating three packages landed from the "Mexican" have been cleared and forwarded to Vryburg; and 1894 "Bill of Entry for Payment of Duty" showing £1.12.00 duty paid on a wagon of goods from Johannesburg, bearing a British Bechuanaland 6d stamp. (7). £100-120
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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