G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 16
  c.1921-26 Original photographs taken by R.A.F personnel in Iraq or Egypt, some from the archive of Air Chief Marshal Sir Alan Lees, including aircraft on the ground and in flight, crashes, funerals, R.A.F bases, group photos, etc., also a few reproduction photos, an interesting lot. (85). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1921 (Nov 9) Cover from Basrah to France signed by Commander R.M Philby R.I.M, endorsed "By Air Service Baghdad - Cairo", 3a + 12a stamps paying the postage + 12a air fee, backstamped at Baghdad (Nov 11), Cairo (Nov 13) and St. Malo, with boxed "BY AIR SERVICE". A fine and scarce cover to an unusual destination, carried on the first air despatch from Baghdad, the only flight for which this 12a air fee applied. Photo on Page 110. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1921 (Nov 9) Cover from Major R. Galloway to his wife in Scotland endorsed "On Active Service, By Air Service Baghdad - Cairo" with "M / 988" censor cachet indicating it was forces mail exempt from the 3a postage, a single 12a stamp paying the air fee tied by Basrah c.d.s, backstamped at Baghdad (Nov 11) with boxed "BY AIR SERVICE". A fine cover carried on the first air despatch which left Baghdad on November 12th, the only flight for which this 12a air fee applied. 1663 Covers carried on this first flight, very few of which have survived. Photo on Page 110. £300-350
  1921 (Nov 9) 1a Postal stationery envelope from Basrah to England endorsed "Air Mail Service via Baghdad - Cairo" uprated with 1a (2) and 12a stamps paying the 3a postage + 12a air fee, backstamped at Baghdad (Nov 1) with boxed "BY AIR SERVICE"; and cover franked 3a + 1r from Basrah (Nov 22) signed by a Captain in the Indian Army, to his wife in England endorsed "By Aerial Post Baghdad - Cairo", Baghdad backstamp (Nov 23) and boxed "BY AIR SERVICE". The first cover carried on the first flight (and only flight at the 12a air fee), the second cover carried on the second flight (the first flight with the air fee increased to 1r). The first cover with the addressed partly erased, the second cover with two heavy horizontal folds, nevertheless a scarce pair. (2). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1921 (Nov 10) Cover to Ireland signed by Capt. J. Hanna, endorsed "On Active Service, By Air Service Mail, Baghdad - Cairo", with "M / 620" censor cachet indicating it was forces mail exempt from the 3a postage, a single 12a stamp paying the air fee tied by Basrah c.d.s, backstamped at Baghdad (Nov 12) with boxed "BY AIR SERVICE". A fine and scarce cover carried on the first air despatch from Baghdad, the only flight for which this 12a air fee applied. Photo on Page 110. £300-350
  1921 (Nov 14) Cover posted from Cairo to London, with three letters enclosed written by Lt. R.H Rose, an R.A.F pilot flying on the Baghdad to Cairo route. The first eight page letter is headed "written near El Arish, Sinai Desert, Palestine, 3rd Nov 1921" and is written near the writers crashed aeroplane, describing his crash, theft of his belongings by the arabs, and his wait to be rescued. A second short letter from Helouan (Nov 11) tells of his arrival; a further twenty page letter from Helouan 17 Squadron Officers Mess describes his adventures in the desert, rescue and salvage of the aircraft. Two long interesting letters. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1921 (Nov 21) Cover from Baghdad to Jerusalem inscribed "By Air Post", franked 1½a pair + 1r, boxed "BY AIR SERVICE" and datestamps of Cairo (Nov 29) and Jerusalem (Nov 30). Carried on the 28th November flight from Baghdad, the first flight with the air fee increased to 1r, vertical fold, otherwise fine and possibly unique to Palestine. Photo on Page 114. £200-250
  1921 (Nov 23) Cover from Basrah to England endorsed "By Air Service Baghdad - Cairo", franked 3a + 1r, with boxed "BY AIR SERVICE" and Baghdad (Nov 28) backstamp. Carried on the 28th November flight, the first at the 1r air fee. £100-120
  1921 (Dec. 7-9) Covers from Baghdad (2) or Basrah to England all with Air Service endorsements, two franked 3a postage + 1r air fee, the other bearing "M / 253" censor cachet to show it was forces mail exempt from postage so only franked by the 1r air fee, two handstamped boxed "BY AIR SERVICE" and one with a green "BY AIR MAIL" label, all carried on the 11th December flight from Baghdad, the second of just two air despatches at the 1r air fee. A scarce trio, one with Cairo (Dec 14) backstamp. (3). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1922 (Sep 15) Cover from Baghdad to USA endorsed "Aerial Mail" and signed "Capt. M. Aten, Pilot, Cairo Baghdad Air Mail", backstamped at Cairo. An unusual destination and the only pilot signed cover from this service we have recorded. Photo on Page 114 £150-180
  1922-25 Covers to England franked 3a postage + 6a air fee (44), two other overweight covers franked a total of 10½a or 12a, and one registered cover franked 13a, various cancels including Indian F.P.O 57, also covers sent at the reduced 6a rate (3) and surface mail covers (2), mainly fine. (52). £500-600
  1922-23 1a Postal stationery envelopes (7) and a postcard, all to England, uprated 8a (7) or 10a, all endorsed "Air Mail". (8). £180-220
  c.1922 Air Mail cover to England franked 1a + 8a, the two stamps each with a retta cancellation applied in transit in Egypt, very unusual. £70-80
  1922-23 Air Mail covers all franked 9a to England, all handstamped circular "GENERAL HEAD QUARTERS / AIR MAIL / BRITISH FORCES IN IRAQ" in violet. Also a 1924 Air Mail cover to Germany, with enclosed letter from Air HQ concerning the use of air mail handstamps. (5). £200-250
  1922-23 Air Mail covers addressed to Egypt (7) or Turkey, one registered franked 16¼a, the others all franked 9a, all with arrival datestamps. (8). £120-150
  1922-26 Air Mail covers and cards (2) to Switzerland, Germany (3), France (3), Belgium, Austria or USA, the postcards franked 7½a or 9½a, the covers franked 9a (6, one with stamp removed) or the reduced rate of 6a (2), mainly fine. (10). £100-120
  1922-26 Covers from Egypt to Iraq or Persia (4), Syria to Egypt (2), or Persia to Europe (2, one to Switzerland), the Persia covers franked 3kr or 3½kr with boxed "POSTE AERIENNE / BAGDAD - CAIRE" in black or red, one a very early acceptance posted at Tehran on 15th April 1922. (8). £200-240
  1922-23 Covers from G.B to R.A.F H.Q in Baghdad franked 9d, both handstamped with the unusual circular "AIR / MAIL" in black or violet. (2). £100-120
  1922-26 Air Mail covers from G.B to Iraq including 1922 cover only franked 7½d with "T/50" postage due handstamp; 1922 (July 14) registered double weight cover franked 2/2½ carried on the August 5th flight from Cairo which made a forced landing at Ground P; 1924 cover only franked 3d with English and Iraq due handstamps; other covers franked 9d (4), 8½d, 6d or 5½d (3), mainly fine. (12). £240-280
  Ireland. 1923-25 Covers from Dublin to Baghdad inscribed "Cairo - Baghdad Airmail", the 1923 (Sep 28) cover philatelically franked with 4d red and black overprints and the first 4d definitive (first day of issue); the 1925 registered cover franked 9d agate with red overprint, apparently commercial. (2). £100-120
  Switzerland. 1924-25 Registered covers from Bern to Tehran endorsed "Avion Cairo - Bagdad" both franked 95c in Swiss stamps with a Persia stamp applied and cancelled upon arrival. (2). £120-150

1927-29 Imperial Airways Basrah - Cairo Service

  Photos and ephemera, including Air Ministry white papers for the establishment of Imperial Airways or for the route from Egypt to India; Imperial Airways publicity booklet "The New Road to the East", 1927 Cairo - Baghdad - Karachi air service time-table, summer season and winter season 1928 time-tables "Across the Arabian Desert; coloured baggage labels "To Cairo" or "To Baghdad" both depicting a plane over the pyramids; notice of a special departure from Croydon to Baghdad on 10th March 1927; 1927 (Apr 12) invitation to the naming ceremony of the air liner "City of Baghdad" by King Faisal at Baghdad West Aerodrome with photos of the King at the ceremony (2); photos (8) including first Imperial Airways flight by "Hercules" to Baghdad; Egyptian Post Office letters (2) and cover to George King. (23). £300-350
  1927-29 Covers from G.B to Iraq, Persia or India (10, four carried on first flight); Egypt to Iraq (6, two first flights); or from Iraq (15, two first flights from Basrah to Baghdad or Cairo) or Persia (4), one Egypt cover backstamped boxed "Don't fine your friend by / understamping your reply. / Nearly 3000 understamped / letters have been posted in / one week ....", also a red air mail bag label with boxed "BAGHDAD" handstamp. (36). £200-250
  Switzerland / Germany. 1927-28 Covers (4, one registered) and a postcard from Switzerland to Iraq (3) or India (2), and a registered cover from Germany to Iraq, all paid for air mail from Cairo, one cover flown from Le Locle to Geneva with special datestamp, three clearly commercial. (6). £150-180
  India / Malaya. 1927-28 Covers and cards from India (22) or Johore to G.B, eleven with boxed "AIR MAIL SERVICE / BASRA - CAIRO / (KARACHI G.P.O)" in magenta, black or violet, including first flight covers on the Basra - Cairo and Marseille - London air routes (3), some faults. (23). £120-150

India & Burma

  1914 (Mar 4 - Apr 15) "Flight" Magazine, the official organ of the Aero Club of the U.K, four different numbers (also one duplicate) all containing pictures or articles on flying in India including Henry Jullerot flying at Calcutta Maidan Racecourse, O.H Drewet crash at Aransal, Keith Davis and his monoplane, and a cover carried by the first Indian Aerial Post. (5). £150-180
  Pioneer Flights. 1924 Photographs taken at Drigh Rd R.A.F Base at Karachi of aircraft involved in long distance flight attempts including the 1924 United States World Flight by four Douglas aircraft (3), Lisbon to Macao flight by B. Paia and S. Beires (3) and the Paris to Tokyo flight by G. Doisy and L. Besin, also two other photos. (9). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1925 (June 12) Quetta Flood Relief R.A.F emergency flight, 1a envelope flown from Quetta to Hindubagh, and a cover franked 1a flown on the return flight from Hindubagh to Quetta, both with arrival backstamps. Both covers with central vertical fold and a few minor tone spots, the stationery envelope also with a tiny piece torn from upper left corner, otherwise fine and very scarce, no more than twelve covers from each flight believed to exist, the stationery envelope from Quetta signed by Stephen Smith. (2). Photo on Page 114. £400-500
  1927 (July 9) Amsterdam to Batavia flight by G.J Geysendorffer and J.B Scholte, card flown on the return leg from Rangoon to Calcutta with explanatory label and India 1a cancelled at Myenigan (50 carried, minor tone spotting); and 1928 (Oct 4) card flown on the Calcutta to Rangoon leg of the fourth KLM Amsterdam to Batavia trial flight with flight vignettes and ½a cancelled at Park St, Calcutta (56 carried). (2). £200-240
  1927 (Nov 3) Cover to England, carried by Capt. Leon Challe on his return flight from Calcutta to Paris with 2a cancelled at Park Street, Calcutta, the cover with a printed explanation initialled by Challe and the cachet "CONSULAT GENERAL DE FRANCE / CALCUTTA". Also a press photo of Leon Challe and his mechanic Raymond Rapin in Calcutta. 93 Covers flown, 67 of them for English destinations. £160-180
Click to view full image... 1928 (Feb 17) England to Australia first solo flight by Bert Hinckler, printed card flown from Calcutta to Rangoon franked ½a cancelled at Park Street, Calcutta, with Rangoon arrival datestamps. A fine card from this famous flight, fifty cards carried on this leg to Rangoon. Photo on Page 114. £280-320
  1932 (Nov 17) Round the World flight by the French aviator Jacques Hebert, cover flown from Calcutta to Akyab bearing the orange vignette tied by "Across the Bay, to Akyab / ASMANI CHARI" trilingual cachet, a 1a3p stamp cancelled upon arrival, signed by the pilot. Very fine, 57 covers flown. £130-150
  1933 (Jan 16) Penang to Bombay flight by Prince Ali Khan, son of the Aga Khan, cover flown from Dum Dum (Calcutta) to Santa Cruz (Bombay) bearing large "Prince Ali Khan" flight vignette tied by red eagle cachet, 3p and 1a stamps cancelled upon arrival, very fine, 91 covers flown. £120-140
Click to view full image... Mount Everest. 1933 (Apr 21) Piece bearing KGV 2a tied by violet "HOUSTON MOUNT EVEREST FLIGHT / 21 APR 33 / PURNEA" datestamp. This cancellation dated 5 April was used on 25 covers carried on the first flight over Everest, but is also known dated 20 April on one cover carried on the second flight, and dated 21 April on one cover carried on the third flight. A very scarce 21 April use. Photo on Page 148. £100-120
  Sikkim Rocket Mail. 1935 (Sep 28) Card carried on the first experimental rocket flight with 2r rocket vignette and a 9p stamp cancelled at Gangtok, flight cachets, signed by Stephen Smith. This rocket carried a cock and 155 message cards. Very fine. £160-180
Click to view full image... Rocket Mail. 1935 Diamond Harbour ship to shore rocket mail cover with a 9p stamp cancelled at Diamond Harbour, and Royal Silver Jubilee rocket vignette printed twice in error, tied by the Rocketgram cachet. 200 Covers carried; this is the only one we have seen with this double vignette error, possibly unique on cover. Photo on Page 114. £380-420
  Burma - Crash Mail. 1953 Cover from Rangoon to London bearing four 25p stamps, handstamped "T", minor staining explained by the violet cachets "SALVAGED MAIL / "Comet" Crash, near Galcutta / 2nd MAY 1953" (3 strikes, two on reverse), "7d / TO PAY / F.S" charge mark with 3d + 4d postage due stamps applied upon arrival. Recovered from the B.O.A.C Comet DH106 which crashed in a hurricane killing 43 passengers and crew. An unusual origin. £120-140


  1919 Ross Smith England to Australia flight, "Sepiatone" series picture postcards depicting Ross and Keith Smith and their Vickers Vimy biplane, or views from the air of Jerusalem, Damascus, The Pyramids, The Taj Mahal or The Alps reproduced from photos taken during the flight. Also recent reproduction flight vignette and six photos of the aircraft. (6+). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1935 Cover carried by H.F Broadbent on his Australia to England solo flight attempt in a Percival Gull Monoplane, flown from Darwin to Basra where he crashed and abandoned his flight. Broadbent completed his journey to London by Imperial Airways, this cover posted upon arrival franked 1d, signed by Broadbent. Scarce, just 18 covers carried. E538, $550. Photo on Page 114. £180-220


  Various books on stamps and postal history, mainly general works including "The Picture Postcard and Its Origins" by Frank Staff; "Postage Stamps and their Collection" by O. Firth, 1897 (3 copies); "The Stamp Collector" by W. Hardy & E. Bacon, 1898; also bound copies of "The Postage Stamp" (3, 1908-09) and "Gibbons Stamp Weekly" (3, 1906-10); various books by Robson Lowe, John Easton, Adrian Hopkins, L.N. & M Williams, etc. (60). £80-100


  1840-1937 Empire and foreign collection in two reasonably well filled S.G. Ideal Albums, volume 1 with issues to 1914 and volume II from 1915, some better stamps removed from the albums and included in two accompanying stockbooks, including G.B with 1d blacks (3, faults), 1858-76 2d plate 15 mint, 1870 1½d plate 3 mint, 1880 3d on 3d mint, 1887 1½d - 10d (no 4½d) and bicoloured 1/- all mint, 1918-19 Bradbury Wilkinson 10/- block of four used, 1934 re-engraved 2/6 - 10/- mint, also Basutoland 1933 set mint, Cape triangulars, Uganda 1896 2a "L" overprint used, Canada, Denmark 1925 air set mint, USA 1870 12c and 1892 50c used, France, etc., some faults but a useful collection. (4 albums). £500-700
  c.1854-1971 Mint and used collection in twelve albums and stockbooks, strength in KGVI and QEII period with some complete mint sets noted, some earlier issues with New Zealand 6d and 1/- Great Barrier Island Pigeon Gram stamps, France 1924 Olympics set in unmounted mint multiples with 50c blocks of thirteen and three, also two cover albums with mainly G.B F.D.Cs and some QV and prestamp covers. (14 albums). £250-300
  World collection in four albums and a stockbook, with some mint G.B QEII pre-decimal and decimal, and c.1903-30 picture postcards (143, mainly G.B, Egypt or France). (100s). £100-150
  c.1908-65 Mint and used collection in four albums including Canada with 1903 Quebec Tercentenary set, all 1928-35 sets, 1930-33 coil strips of four, special delivery issues and postage dues all mint (many unmounted, some in blocks); France with 1937 PEXIP miniature sheet unmounted; USA with hunting permit stamps (24, including 1936 mint block of four, 1952-54 and 1957 mint); various other Europe, Latin America, etc. (100s). £300-400
  Collection in 14 stockbooks including France unmounted mint with air stamps and Red Cross booklets, 1949 Berlin Synagogue fund labels in folder, etc. (100s). £100-120
  A large quantity of empire & foreign stamps in a box, some on pages, including Hong Kong, British P.O overprint issues for Morocco or the Persian Gulf, also cancellations with Paquebots and maritime, etc. (100s). £150-200
Click to view full image... British Empire. 1840-1936 QV-KGV Mainly used collection in an S.G. New Ideal British Empire album, many reasonable stamps noted including Barbados with 1920 Victory set; Brunei; Canada with 1925-29 set; Cape triangulars (6, four fine); Cayman Islands with "Madame Joseph" cancels; Ceylon; Cyprus with 1934 set; Fiji; G.B 1d black (fine with four margins) and 1840 2d blue (3 margins); Hong Kong with 1907-11 and 1921-37 sets; Jamaica 1920 10/-; Malaya with Johore 1885 2c (S.G. 6), Negri Sembilan 1936 $5, Pahang 1936 $5, Straits KEVII 3c used in Labuan; Malta; Newfoundland with 1919 15c - 36c; New Zealand Chalon Heads; Nigeria 1936 10/-; Rhodesia with 1896 10/- mint, 1901 £1 used, 1905 Victoria Falls 2/6 and 5/- mint, 1909-12 ½d - 10/- (no 5/-) mint, Double Head 4d - 10d mint; St. Lucia 1936 set; Southern Rhodesia 1931 set; Transjordan 1930 set; 1935 Silver Jubilee omnibus issue largely complete, etc. (100s). Photo on Page 136. £1,600-1,800
  British Africa. Mint and used selection with green interpostal seal of Khartoum used with c.d.s. (small tear but scarce); Cape embossed 1d revenue block of six with triangular cancels, presumably forged; Bechuanaland 1920 Bradbury Wilkinson 5/- mint; Zanzibar 1899 1r-5r overprinted "SPECIMEN", no gum (5); Nigeria 1936 KGV £1 unmounted mint; and some South Africa. (40). £100-120
  Singapore / Malaya, etc. A large worldwide mint and used accumulation in albums and loose, with F.D.Cs and some commercial covers, evidently collected in Singapore in the 1960s, the main strength in Singapore and Malaysia, also Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, GB, etc. Noted are mint Singapore with 1948 Silver Wedding $5 and 1969 150th Anniversary of Singapore miniature sheets (2, unmounted), and many Singapore First Day Covers. (1,000s). £600-700
  Europe. c.1850-1960 Collection in two albums and loose, including Austria with 1935 Dollfus 24g slate-blue imperf between horizontal pairs (2) C.T.O on cover, 1935 Welfare Fund set C.T.O on cover; Czechoslovakia, etc. (100s). £250-300
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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