G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 3
  Fifth Clause Posts. 1826-38 Entire letters all with fine strikes of fifth clause posts including Wincanton (SO1004 with "No. 1" of Bruton), Bristol (BS120, with "THORNBURY"), boxed Shaftsbury (DT472), Shepton Mallet (SO686 with "No. 2" of Castle Cary, or SO684 with boxed "Castle Cary / Py Post" and No. 2"), a good group. (5). £180-220
  Uniform Postage. 1839-54 Entire letters, entires and covers, sent during the 1839-40 4d Post period (5, three charged 4d, one local letter charged 1d, one sent as a free frank); or sent during the Uniform 1d Post period prepaid 1d (26) or unpaid and charged 2d (5), with 1d paid handstamps of Liverpool, York, Dublin, Ipswich, Maidstone, Romford, Hull, etc. Also an 1844 entire with disinfection slits from Constantinople but posted unpaid in London, over ½oz so charged "4d", (37). £150-180
  P.O Seals. 1799 Entire letter from Vienna to London bearing wax seal impressed "GENERAL POST OFFICE / FOREIGN OFFICE"; 1890 cover sealed with wax impressed "WEDNESBURY / (crown)", franked 1d to Ware; and 1904-09 picture postcards with ½d stamps cancelled by the intaglio mailbag seal handstamps of Broughton or Godalming. (4). £100-120
  Damaged, Redirected and Returned Mail. c.1858-2000 Covers and cards with various cachets or labels concerning damage, delay or non-delivery, also redirected or returned mail, including mail damaged in pillar box fires (5, one 1939 cover with "DAMAGED BY FIRE IN PILLARBOX" label), 1869 cover with oval framed "BB" (Blind Bag), "Please return covers for purposes of an official enquiry" labels (2), 1878 postcard to Battle redirected by the Post Office with a "BATH" handstamp, 1845-51 "P.B" and "N.R" London missort handstamps, etc. (110). £180-220
  Islands. 1794-1980 Covers and cards with cancels of Shetland, Orkney, Channel Islands, local stamps of Calf of Man, Herm, Summer Isles, Shuna, 1794 entire letter to Jersey with forwarding agents endorsement of Hilgrove & Durell in Southampton, etc. (23). £100-120
  Postal Mechanisation. 1935-2008 Covers and cards on pages and loose including Brighton transormas with 1935 (Sep. 13) experimental period sideways "M"; 1952-55 Mount Pleasant SPLSM machine sideways IV (3) or V (2, one with four idents); 1963-64 Norwich SPLSM machine sideways "H" or "32"; Luton 1961-64 vertical phosphor dots (7, various formats) or 1965 horizontal dots; 1977-84 London F.S SPLSM idents (12); 1962 Liverpool and London SE ALF machines; 1958 "Post Early for Christmas" plastic dies (3); 1962 Norwich Post Codes long type slogan (4), etc. (190). £300-350

(Also See Lots 123, 334, 337, 358/60, 373, 379, 503/5, 548-560)

  Maltese Crosses. 1841-44 Covers with Maltese Cross cancels including distinctive Norwich cross (1d red with three large margins) and London numbers in crosses (3), also a stampless 1840 entire letter with a smudged Maltese Cross obliterating a Paid datestamp applied in error, some faults. (19). £120-150
  Maltese Crosses. 1843-44 Entires or covers (6), part entires or fronts (4) all bearing 1d reds, and a 1d pink envelope, all with number in Maltese Cross cancels of London, comprising numbers 1, 2 (2), 5, 6 (3), 7, 8 (2), 9, some faults, four stamps with four margins. (11). £150-180
Click to view full image... Maltese Cross. 1844 (May 14) Entire from London to York bearing 1841 2d blue (three margins, touched at right) cancelled by number "3" in Maltese Cross, with an accompanying receipt showing this cover was sold in 1948 for £1.10.00 by J.E Lea of Manchester. S.G. £2,250. Photo on Page 18. £250-300
Click to view full image... Maltese Cross + Undated Circle. 1843 (Mar 10) Entire to Aberystwyth most extraordinary franked by two thirds of a 1d red, the upper third cut away before use, probably a postal fraud reusing a previously used stamp, cancelled by "PEMBREY" undated circle with a further strike on the reverse, with a Maltese Cross cancel then applied in transit at Carmarthen, backstamped at Carmarthen and Aberystwyth. A most unusual combination of cancels and a probable postal fraud of a reused stamp. Photo on Page 18. £300-350
  Undated Circles. 1853 Covers to Llangibby bearing imperf 1d reds, one cancelled solely by the "LLANGIBBY" undated circle, the other cancelled "561" of Newport, both also with Llangibby undated circles on reverse. Also an 1858 cover from Newport to Usk and redirected to Llangibby with undated circle arrival backstamp. A rare use of an undated circle as a cancellation. (3). £150-180
  Coloured Cancels. 1849-53 1d Pink envelopes (2) and entire letters or covers bearing imperf 1d reds (6), one cover with the 1d stamp (3 margins) cancelled "472" in green (S.G. £3,250) with a matching datestamp of Llangollen alongside, the others with various English (4) or Scottish (3) numerals in blue. (8). £200-250
  Numeral Cancels. 1849-76 Entire letters and covers with "120" error of number used at Lymington, "61" split numeral of Belfast (2), London S.E duplexs with split bars (2), and Easington 932 duplex error of type (3), also 1849 entire cancelled "114" of Brandon with "115" numeral of Stoke Ferry strangely applied to the reverse. (9). £140-160
Click to view full image... London District Post Numeral. 1847 Long cover from Tottenham to Southgate containing a 16 page account of a journey made to Ireland and the Isle of Man to preach the gospel, the cover bearing imperf 1d red block of four (cut into) each cancelled by the London District Post numeral obliterator "8", a "TOTTENHAM" c.d.s on the reverse. An unusual use of this cancel on a heavy letter, these cancels only used on mail sent within the district or by cross post to neighbouring districts. Photo on Page 18. £250-300
  London District & Suburban Office Numerals. 1847-68 Covers cancelled by District Post numerals "34" of Hounslow or "41" of Brentford (also "30" and "38" on single 1d stamps), issued to country areas and only used on mail sent within the district or by cross post to neighbouring districts. Also 1878-1902 covers and cards with suburban office duplex cancels including Leyton 102 (English type), Hanwell 36B, St Johns Wood 41B, Churton St. 6, etc., and "E95" vertical oval obliterator. (13 + 2 stamps). £180-200
  Spoons & Sideways Duplexs. 1854-64 Covers with spoon cancels (20) including Dalkey Irish type or English type (2), or sideways duplexs (5), some faults. (25). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1874 Entire (side flaps removed) to France with 3d rose plate 12 cancelled by a small diamond shaped obliterator consisting of horizontal and vertical bars (Dubus type 85), probably used in the Foreign Branch on stamps found in transit to be uncancelled, very unusual. Photo on Page 18. £180-220
  Skeletons & Rubbers. 1840-1965 Covers and cards with skeleton cancels (58, two on parcel post labels) or rubber cancels (16), skeletons include 1840-52 travellers (8, with Ipswich, Nottingham, Shrewsbury, Biggleswade, Ludlow), 1847-53 Scottish skeletons, 1866 small "TIVERTON" skeleton, 1911 "LONDON / 67", etc., also a few pieces and stamps. (74+). £150-180
  Machines. 1859-1912 Covers and cards with Pearson Hill parallel motion machine duplexs (4), Hosters (10), Boston machines (7), Azemar 1869 and 1872 trials, Bickerdikes (10), Sloper punch cancels on postcards (2) and 1912 Wilkinson 1d in the slot machine, also stamps and pieces (12) including 1d red with the rare Pearson Hill fourth type "Opera Glass" trial (AP 1 58). (36 covers + 12 stamps). £180-220
Click to view full image... Machines. c.1877 ½d Brown newspaper wrapper cancelled by the undated "LONDON / N.P.B" Hoster, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 18. £300-400
  Machines. 1901-60 Machines, many on picture postcards, with Bickerdike, Columbia, Boston, Krag and Universal machines, 1910 Kensington Colombia continuous machine trial, slogans, etc. (100s). £200-250

Exhibitions & Special Events

  1853-2000 Covers and cards including 1853 cover with "GREAT EXHIBITION" and a picture of the Crystal Palace embossed on the flap, posted from Warrington franked 1d, the others with special event cancels including 1919 Postal Union Congress on air mail cover to Finland, 1936 Royal Show Bristol skeleton on registered cover, 1951 Festival of Britain official cover, Esperanto Conferences, 1953 St. Johns Cadet Coronation Camp Upminster, 1965 Chatsworth Scout Jamboree, etc. (89). £150-180
  1862 (May 12) Cover franked 1d, cancelled by "INTERNATIONAL / EXHIBITION W" duplex with "IE / W" in bars, fine. £160-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Glasgow Exhibition. 1888 (June 28) Cover to New Zealand with "EXHIBITION / GLASGOW" c.d.s on reverse, 1887 1/- tied by "GLASGOW & CARLISLE / SORTING TENDER / 159" duplex, small corner fault, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 18. £280-320
  1924-25 British Empire Exhibition, collection on pages with 1925 1d and 1½d mint blocks of four (with additional 1d block), 1924 and 1925 set of postal stationery mint, 1924 1½d lettercard used, 1924 and 1925 1d postcards used with the exhibition machine cancel, Post Office Exhibit postcard with special undated machine, Wembley stamps on covers, and slogans on covers or pieces including covers with the 1924 Ulster Pavilion slogan and 1925 Torchlight Tattoo slogan with dates removed and replaced by two or three bars or six circles. Also "Empire Exhibition Slogan Postmarks" by W. Stitt Dibden. (56). £120-150
Click to view full image... Edinburgh Mobile Post Office. 1937 (Aug 31) 1½d Envelope to Wilmslow cancelled in Edinburgh, with "EDINBURGH / MOBILE PO" skeleton c.d.s alongside. The only skeleton cancel used at a Mobile Post Office, used on this one day only at a publicity event. Very fine and scarce. Photo on Page 22. £150-180

Express Mail
(Also See Lots 243, 627)

Click to view full image... 1900 Cover from Fulham to Russell Square endorsed "For Express on Sunday Morning", bearing 1d + 9d tied by 666 Fulham Rd datestamps. The Sunday express service was introduced in London in 1899. A fine early Sunday express cover. Photo on Page 22. £150-180
  1770 Entire letter from Perth to Ballharry endorsed "to be forwarded by express pr Wm Wilkie"; and 1899-1985 internal and incoming express and special delivery covers, including 1899-c.1905 stampless covers (4, one with unusual "ALL CHARGES PAID" cachet, two with oval "EXPRESS"), 1910 1d envelope with oval "EXPRESS" cachet, 1910 1d envelope uprated 2d posted within Silloth with red Express label, etc. (98). £150-180
  1903 Mourning cover from Spital Tongues, Newcastle on Tyne, to Byers Green, Spennymoor, endorsed "under 4 miles", franked KEVII 1d + 1/- and bearing a red Express label, fine and unusual. £100-120
  1908 Cover sent by express delivery from Ellon to London franked 4d, redirected to Rome by ordinary mail with a 1½d stamp applied and the Express label partly removed; and 1910 express cover from Hampstead to Germany franked 1½d + 4d orange, bearing a red Express label. (2). £100-120


  1698-1839 Entire letters and entires (27) including printed Corn Returns entire, printed Commissioners of Taxes entire with "W.L Maberley" handstamp, various Free handstamps including circular framed "FREE" (7, various sizes). Also fronts (14) with items to or from Francis Freeling or signed by Postmaster-General's (5), two with differing "To be / delivered Free" handstamps. (41). £100-120
  1822-39 Entire letter and fronts (2) franked to or from overseas, comprising 1822 front headed "Saint Lucia January Twenty One 1822" and signed by Major Gen. Mainwaring, Governor of the island, to The Earl Bathurst in Downing St. with a Free datestamp; 1822 entire letter to Switzerland franked by "Drinkwater" with Free c.d.s and Geneva backstamp; and 1839 (Dec 9, 4d Post Period) front to India franked by "Normandy" with Free c.d.s and scarce boxed "VIA FALMOUTH". (3). £120-150
  Postmaster-General. 1817-38 Free Fronts all signed by individuals who held the post of Postmaster-General, comprising Thomas Foley (2); John Fane, Earl of Westmorland (2, also signed admittance to the House of Lords Gallery); George Townsend, Earl of Leicester (2, also 1791 letter to Francis Freeling); Lord Charles Spencer (3); James Graham, Duke of Montrose (2); John Proby, Earl of Carysfort; John Montague, Earl of Sandwich; Thomas Pelham, Earl of Chichester (2); Richard Le Poer Trench, Earl of Clancarty; James Cecil, Marquis of Salisbury (2); Lord Frederick Montagu; William Montagu, Duke of Manchester; Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond (4, one with red octagonal crowned "To be / delivered / Free", also a signed admittance to the House of Lords Gallery); Francis, Marquis Conyngham (2); William Pole, Lord Marlborough (2); Thomas Anson, Earl Lichfield (4); William Viscount Lowther (6). An interesting collection in an album. (42). £300-400

Late Fees
(Also See Lots 286, 471, 535-547)

  1844-1945 Covers and cards with various late fee frankings, cancels or handstamps including 1874 3d rate with Euston Square Station backstamp, 1888 3d rate to Germany with "MANCHESTER STA. / LATE BOX" hooded circle datestamp, 1879 4d rate to Mexico with hexagonal "L1" duplex cancel, 1882 5½d rate to Italy with hexagonal "L3" duplex cancel, etc. (40). £150-180

Maritime Mail
(Also See Lots 351, 551, 567-590, 878, 931, 963, 996, 1106)

  1826-1986 Entires, covers and cards with Ship and Packet Letters, Paquebots, Mobile Boxes, H&K Packet, Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet (6) including "IONA STEAMER / 163" double ring cancels (2) and "COLUMBA STEAMER / GREENOCK / 163" duplex cancel, boxed Vlissingen-Harwich (on a mail bag tag) or Harwich-Vlissingen Dutch Sea Post cancels, 1893 Gold Coast 1d postcard cancelled by black "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" c.d.s, 1833 entire letter from Cork to Dublin endorsed "To the Consignees pr Innisfail" with 1d charge mark and Dublin Ship Letter, 1872 "GLASGOW PACKET / PAID" datestamp on Canada cover franked 6c, etc., some faults. (134). £200-300
  Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. c.1905-35 Picture postcards depicting company steamers (26, several official company cards) or steamers at Douglas pier (5), and three later company brochures, all written up on pages. (34). £100-120

Transatlantic Mail

  Liverpool. 1852 Printed Prices Current from New Orleans to Scotland with red "PAID / 2" and a New Orleans c.d.s, scarce oval "America" datestamp (Rob. P3) and a "2" charge mark applied at Liverpool. Also 1844-54 letters from the USA with differing 1/- charge marks (2). The first a scarce printed matter rate entire from the USA. (3). £100-120
  1854 Entire letters sent from Liverpool to Quebec by the Canadian Steam Navigation Co, carried on the final voyage of the "Charity" as a consignees letter and posted at Montreal charged 3d, or carried on the "Ottawa", the first with file folds, otherwise fine. The Canadian Steam Navigation Co. only operated for two years, from 1853-55, providing a fortnightly summer service to Quebec and a monthly winter service to Portland. (2) £100-120
Click to view full image... 1863 Stampless cover to England with "DETROIT AM. PKT / 21" c.d.s and the small distinctive "1/-" charge mark issued to sorters on mailboats, this example applied on the Allan Line steamer "Bohemian", light horizontal fold, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 22. £150-180

Ship & Packet Letters

  c.1740 Entire to an M.P in London, "P" free postage notation crossed out and replaced by a 5d charge with "Ship" in the same handwriting, "30/IA" Bishop Mark on reverse. An early ship letter, charged 4d inland postage + 1d ship letter fee, sent some 25 years before the first English Ship handstamp. £100-120
Click to view full image... Hull. 1889 Sweden 10ore postcard from Gothenburg to Newcastle on Tyne cancelled by Hull 383 duplex with circular "SWEDEN / BY STEAMER" alongside, corner crease and small closed file hole, otherwise fine and attractive. Photo on Page 22. £130-150
Click to view full image... Plymouth. 1851 Entire letter from Calcutta to London (redirected to Edinburgh) "per James Sibbald", backstamped "SHIP LETTER / PLYMOUTH" (Rob. S6) applied in error, overstruck with the correct boxed "INDIA LETTER / PLYMOUTH" (Rob. In1) with a second fine strike alongside, very unusual. Photo on Page 22. £280-320
Click to view full image... Portsmouth. 1838 Entire to the Wesleyan Missionary Society in London from a Missionary in New Zealand, handstamped "PORTSMOUTH / SHIP LETTER", obliterated by a red crutched cross handstamp in the London Ship Letter Office and replaced by red boxed "INDIA LETTER / PORTSMOUTH" (In 5, only recorded 1837-38), charged 1/-. An unusual ship letter error corrected with the crutched cross and a very early entire from New Zealand. Light horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 22. £400-500


  1818 Entire from Montreal to London handstamped boxed "LIVERPOOL / INDIA SHIP LR" (In1) applied in error, crossed out and replaced by "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" (S8), very unusual. £100-120
  1820 Entire letter from Philadelphia to London prepaid 37½ cents, handstamped boxed "LIVERPOOL / INDIA SHIP LR" (In1) applied in error, crossed out and replaced by "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" (S9), very unusual. £120-150
  India Letters. 1823-37 Entire letters from India all with Liverpool India Letters, types In1 (4), In2 or In4a, five to Scotland endorsed by the "Emely", "Caledonia", "Roscoe", "Oriental" or "Annandale", the other from a soldier in Benares headed and countersigned for the soldiers concessionary rate, landed at Liverpool but addressed to London and additionally handstamped with circular "INDIA SOLDIERS / 3 / LONDON", the soldiers letter with some splitting at folds, the others mainly fine. (6). £150-180
  1824 Entire to London with oval "Ship Letter / (crown) / HALIFAX", black boxed "LIVERPOOL / INDIA SHIP LR" (In 1) applied in error, overstruck by "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" (S9) with a second strike alongside. Very unusual. £150-180
  1825-47 Entire letters and entires, mostly from USA, all with Liverpool Ship Letter datestamps, various types, all fine. (15). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1824 Entire letter from the USA to London "p New Jersey" backstamped boxed "INDIA LETTER / LIVERPOOL" (In2) applied in error, overstruck by "SHIP LETTER / LIVERPOOL" (S12) with a second strike on the reverse, very unusual. Photo on Page 22. £160-200
  1832 Entire from India to Edinburgh, backstamped "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" (S3) applied in error, overstruck by boxed "INDIA LETTER / LIVERPOOL" (In4a) with a second strike alongside, very unusual. £100-120
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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