G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 24
Click to view full image... Boer Invasion of Cape Colony. 1900 (Jan 5) Cover to Johannesburg with O.F.S 1d cancelled by "868"numeral, an "ALIWAL NORTH / C.G.H" c.d.s (no year date) on the front, backstamped at Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. Small fault at upper left corner, otherwise fine and a scarce use of this numeral cancel during the Boer occupation period, ex. Griffith collection. Photo on Page 170. £100-120
Click to view full image... Boer Invasion of Cape Colony. 1900 (Feb 9) Stampless captured O.H.M.S Post Office envelope of S.R French, headed "Op Commando Dienst" and addressed to "Emil Michaelis, Proprietor Elandsfontein Buffet, Elandsfontein" with a "COLESBERG / C.G.H" squared circle, backstamped at Germiston and Johannesburg, fine and unusual. Photo on Page 170. £150-180
  Boer Invasion of Cape Colony & Natal. 1899-1900 Covers (5) and a front, comprising O.F.S 1d postcard to Johannesburg and a cover to England with three O.F.S 1d stamps (with oval O.F.S censor cachet) both cancelled by Colesberg C.G.H squared circles; covers with Transvaal stamps tied by Warrenton c.d.s or differing violet NewCastle three line datestamps (2, one a front); and a cover from Volksrust to NewCastle with blue "Veldpost, ZAR / NewCastle / 25 April 1900" arrival backstamp. The Colesberg cover to England with a few faults, otherwise fine. (6). £200-240
  Boer Invasion of Natal. 1899-1900 Covers with Transvaal stamps tied by datestamps of Dundee (2) or Hoofdlager (a little staining), and single Transvaal stamps (12) or pieces (11) cancelled at Dundee (18, NewCastle (3), Hoofdlager or Nqutu. (26). £150-180
  Boer Invasion of Natal - Elandslaagte. 1899-1900 Covers from Holland (3) or Transvaal all addressed to F. Oudschans Deutz, an employee of the Dutch South African Railway Co (N.Z.A.S.M), the three Dutch covers addressed to him at Johannesburg then redirected to Elandslaagte in Natal, the other cover from Johannesburg to Elandslaagte, two covers redirected to Standerton Wagon Works, three with violet oval "ELANDSLAAGTE" backstamps (Jan 9-30), one of these also with transit datestamps of "HOOFDLAGER", one cover from the Organisation of Dutch Women for International Peace in The Hague. Two Dutch covers with edge faults, one Dutch cover (with Hoofdlager c.d.s and Elandslaagte datestamp) and the Transvaal cover both largely fine, a very unusual group. (4). £200-240
  Rustenburg. 1900 (June 24) O.A.S Cover to East London with Rustenburg "VR" 1d tied by Rustenburg squared circle, arrival c.d.s (July 1), endorsed from Trooper Egan, D. Squadron, Protectorate Regt. The stamp torn out and replaced, repaired, tape stain and foxing (treated and reduced), still very scarce. £80-100
  Wolmaransstad. 1899 Covers franked ½d from Port Elizabeth to T. Leask & Co in Wolmaransstad, the first posted October 16th, backstamped at Fourteen Streams (Oct 19) and endorsed "Recd from Johan van Vuuren 18/11/00", the other posted November 16th, backstamped at Johannesburg (Nov 22 1900 and 26 Sep 1901). Also a cover to Leask posted in Scotland on October 4th, delivered on October 29th. Wolmaransstad was captured by the British in June 1900 (when Leask produced "V.R.I" overprints on Transvaal stamps) but was reoccupied by the Boers from August until February 1901. The first cover delivered by the southern route whilst the town was still occupied by the Boers (possibly captured by a Boer raiding party?); the second sent by the northern route, detained for ten months until the area around Wolmaransstad was deemed safe. A scarce group. (3). £120-150
  Boer Censor Seals. 1899-1900 Covers including three 1899 (Oct 9-10) covers from Natal to Johannesburg with very scarce white type 1 seals (recorded Oct. 11-13th only), other covers sent from or within Transvaal with pink type 3 seals, four of these also bearing British censor seals. (25) £250-300
  British Censor Seals. 1899-1900 Covers from Durban to Lourenco Marques (2), Holland to Transvaal, or Lourenco Marques to Durban or the Cape, bearing "Officially Sealed" censor labels, types 1D (2) or 1E (3, handstamped "DURBAN"), one cover with corner torn away, the other four fine. (5). £80-100
  Naval Brigade - H.M.S "Terrible". 1900 Covers comprising cover from a gunner sent from Estcourt Rail; stampless cover from Point to "Charles Silver O.S, H.M.S Terrible, Durban" redirected to Maritzburg Hospital and Admiralty London with 1d charge mark; and cover with F.P.O c.d.s enclosing a letter from Seaman Harris, Naval Brigade, Modder River, a few faults. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Mafeking. 1900 1d Pale blue photographically produced siege stamp, fine used with May 3 c.d.s. S.G. 17, £350. Photo on Page 136. £80-100
  Ladysmith Siege. 1900 Stampless covers addressed in the identical handwriting to "Mr G.P Thorpe, c/o Harvey Greenacre & Co, Durban" and endorsed "Stamps unobtainable", the first smuggled out of Ladysmith by native runner and backstamped at Durban on January 26th, the Ladysmith origin proven by the second cover which has a Ladysmith c.d.s of March 1st (the first day after the siege, this cover severely creased). A very rare cover from Ladysmith, a couple of light vertical folds and minor marks, otherwise fine. (2). £150-180
  Ladysmith Siege. 1900 Cover to "Capt Molyneux, O/C Town Guard, Volunteer Head Qrs, Ladysmith" with Natal 1d cancelled violet "LADYSMITH SIEGE POST OFFICE / Feb. 16 h 1900", the date with "t" missing from "th", very fine. £100-120
  Ladysmith Siege. 1900 Natal 1d postal stationery postcard, the reverse with red printed views of the town hall and hills around Ladysmith, as used on the type 4 "Long Tom" siege postcards, unused. The only recorded example of the "Long Tom" siege postcard reverse printed on a postal stationery postcard, discovered by John Marks in 2013. £150-180
  Bermuda. 1901-02 Covers (2) and fronts (2) from P.O.Ws with Bermuda censor cachets, and covers (22) or fronts (5) from South Africa to P.O.Ws in Bermuda, very mixed quality, three with stamps removed and most with faults though several are fine. (31). £200-240

Cape of Good Hope
(Also See Lots 829, 907/8)

Click to view full image... 1670 Entire addressed in Dutch to Peter Hackius, Commander and Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, with the talismanic inscription "by passage with Delfshaven". The Delfshaven was a 654 tone "fluyt" built in 1668 that made one voyage to the east, departing Goeree on 9th December 1670 and arriving in Cape Town on 4th April 1671 after a voyage of 116 days. Pieter Hackius was the Dutch East India Co. Commander in the Cape from 1670 until his death on 30th November 1671, and was buried in the newly built castle. Closed tear at upper left edge, otherwise fine and a rare early ship letter to a Cape Governor, ex Goldblatt collection. Photo on Page 176. £800-1,000
  1855-64 Cape triangulars comprising 1855-63 Perkins Bacon 1d rose, 4d deep blue, 4d blue, 6d pale rose-lilac, 1863-64 De La Rue 4d steel blue and 6d bright mauve, all fine used with good margins on all three sides. S.G. 5a, 6, 6a, 7, 19c, 20, £1,585. (6). £150-180
  1876-1906 Covers and cards, various rates and frankings including 1880 "3" on 3d surcharges (6), datestamps include Wagenaars Kraal, Tylden, Port St. Johns, Middle River, Manubie, Papendorp, Kamastone, Lady Grey (with month in manuscript), etc. (59). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1891 (Nov 10) ½d Postcard posted within Barkly East, cancelled by crowned oval "RESIDENT MAGISTRATE / BARKLY EAST" datestamp, a very unusual and scarce cancel. Photo on Page 176. £150-180
  1901 (March) Covers to P.O.Ws in Ceylon, both with Natal 1d tied by "NORMANDIEN / NATAL" c.d.s with the month shown as "3" and the date as "0", the remainder of the date written in manuscript, fine and unusual. (2). £70-80
  Interprovincials. 1910-13 Covers and cards (including postal stationary, also a front) all posted in the Cape, most bearing Transvaal stamps, a few with O.R.C frankings, one cover to G.B bearing Cape and Transvaal 1d stamps. Also a 1908 postcard signed by the Mayor of Kimberley. (64). £150-180


Click to view full image... 1877-79 Mint and used accumulation, various types of "G" overprints with values to the 5/-, including S.G. 4b (2), 4e, 5b, 5e (2), 17a all mint or unused, S.G. 29a used (double overprint, with portions of two further "G" overprints, a few perf faults), etc., a few small faults and some unused without gum, a useful lot. S.G. £2,000+. (35). Photo on Page 136. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1879 5/- Yellow-orange with type 17 "G" overprint, variety overprint double, fine mint. S.G. 29a, £1,200. Photo on Page 136. £300-350

New Republic

Click to view full image... 1886 Deed granting 800 morgen of land at Vaalhoek to Hendrik Breitenbach, signed by L.J Meijer, President of the New Republic, embossed arms and bearing cachets of the "Registrateur van Acten" with a 10s6d revenue stamp (S.G. 43, dated JAN 86) pre-cancelled at Vrijheid, and a duplicate copy deed printed in English, the Afrikaans document with horizontal folds, otherwise fine and very unusual, folded to display the revenue stamp and cachets. Photo on Page 176. £200-250
  1887 2d Postal stationery envelope, the stamp dated "4 JAN 87", oval handstamp of "E. TAMSEN / Stamp Dealer / TRANSVAAL" inside the flap, superb unused. £180-220

Orange Free State

Click to view full image... 1845 Entire letter written by a Protestant Missionary, J. Schulsheip, based at the Berlin Mission Station at Bethany, written in German, apparently on a journey from Bethany to Colesberg with the final portion written upon arrival at Colesberg, addressed to "Revd Mr Blech, Berlin Missionary Society, Mission Seminary, Sebastians Strasse, Berlin, care of F.S Watermeyer Esq, Capetown", Watermeyer's name then crossed out and redirected to "care of B. Bebeler, Esq., Prussian Cons. General, London", endorsed "p. New Express". A 2/- charge crossed out, endorsed "unpaid" and rated 2/8, backstamped with a London c.d.s and "SHIP LETTER", delivered in London and presumably forwarded to Berlin by diplomatic bag. A little hinge strengthening at folds, otherwise a fine letter from a well known O.F.S correspondence, ex Goldblatt collection. Photo on Page 176. £800-1,000
  c.1858-75 Fronts, letters and covers, with fronts bearing O.F.S first issue stamps (9, one with defective stamps, two registered franked 1/6 or 2/6, others franked 6d, 1/- or 1/6); front to the O.F.S with Cape 4d cancelled in manuscript; 1869 cover franked 1/- from London and a c.1858 cover franked Cape 4d block of four both to the O.F.S President (both with severe staining or faults); 1858-62 letters from Bloemfontein to Charles Pritchard (2), one with part address panel showing "6" charge; and 1858 entire letter from A.D du Toit in Pretoria, Transvaal, to Charles Pritchard c/o W.W Collins in Bloemfontein, sent via Colesberg with c.d.s and manuscript "Betaald Bloemfontein", a Cape triangular tragically cut out. A rare group despite the faults with five very decent looking first issues fronts. (15). £300-350
Click to view full image... 1883 2d De La Rue die proof in black on white glazed card, stamped "AFTER HARDENING" and dated "5 OCT 83", 92x60mm, very fine. Photo on Page 186. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1900 British Occupation "V.R.I 6d" on 6d bright carmine, from the sixth setting with level stops and thick "V, used with Bloemfontein c.d.s, a rare stamp, very few recorded from this setting, which is unlisted by Gibbons. S.G. 129var. Photo on Page 136. £450-550


Click to view full image... 1870-1909 Mint and used collection on pages, including 1870-77 issues to the 1/- imperforate or rouletted (35) and 1877-79 British Occupation V.R overprints (26), 1878-80 set mint or used, 1879 1 Penny surcharges (4, with S.G. 140a, 141 used), 1900 4d "V.I.R" overprint error (thinned, faults), some faults and possible reprints or forgeries, however most appear genuine and many are fine, a useful old time collection. (176). Photo on Page 148. £300-400
Click to view full image... First Boer War. 1881 Stampless cover to England endorsed "being on Field Service no stamps are available" with a Durban c.d.s (Apr 11) and circular framed "1/-" charge mark, "N.W 6" London inspectors handstamp and a Ware arrival backstamp, a little edge staining at lower right corner, otherwise a fine cover from the Beresford correspondence. Photo on Page 176. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1884 Cover from Houtbosch to England with 1/- paid in cash, presumably due to a shortage of stamps at Houtbosch where the circular "41" numeral handstamp was applied alongside manuscript "paid 1/-", 1878-80 6d and 1883 1d + 3d then applied in transit at Pretoria to show prepayment of the 10d sea postage to England, all cancelled by numeral "1", backstamped at Pretoria, Cape Town and Brighton. Some light staining and small fault at upper edge but an extraordinary and probably unique cover. Photo on Page 176. £350-400

(Also See Lot 747)

The Dr Ian Evans Collection
  1937-74 Covers with Paquebot datestamps or handstamps of Walvis Bay (11) or Luderitz (9), five also with Deutsche Seepost cancels, one with an Italian Sea Post c.d.s and 1d postage due stamp, all commercial. (20). £100-120

(Also See Lots 384, 941/2, 964, 1106/7)

Royal Letters

Click to view full image... 1620 (Oct 10) Entire letter from King Philip III at San Lorenzo, to Don Luis Bravo de Acuna, the King's Ambassador in Venice, the address panel headed "Por El Rey", received on 11th December. The letter, headed "El Rey", asks about fortifications in the State of Milan and what Neapolitan subjects the King has there. A fine letter signed "Yo El Rey", the reverse with a fine large paper covered seal impressed with the royal arms. Photo on Page 176. £150-180
  1625 (Nov 14) Entire letter from King Philip IV at Madrid, to Don Luis Bravo de Acuna, the address panel headed "Por El Rey", the reverse with a fine large paper covered seal impressed with the royal arms. The letter, headed "El Rey", gives orders for a delivery of wheat from the Archbishop of Seville to Ceuta in Africa, signed "Yo El Rey". £150-180
  1673 (Apr 30) Entire letter from the Queen Regent, wife of the late King Philip IV and mother of Charles II, written from Madrid to the Duke of Pagarnia, signed "Yo la Reyna", reverse with a paper covered seal impressed with the royal arms. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1830 Letter from King Ferdinand VII announcing the birth of a healthy daughter (the future Queen Isabel II), signed "Yo el Rey" (handstamped signature?), the address panel and letter headed "El Rey", addressed to "Conde de Gomorra, Parrente" above a superb oval handstamp "CAMARA. SECRETARIA DE GRACIA Y JUSTICA" with the royal coat of arms. A fine royal letter. Photo on Page 178. £120-150
  1848 (Jan 1) Envelope to Senator Prince Corsini with enclosed letter from Queen Isabel II sending seasons greetings, signed "Yo la Reyna", the envelope with a paper covered seal superbly impressed with the Queen's arms, very fine. £100-120

Prestamp Mail

  1626 Disinfected entire letter from Cadiz to Livorno, 1797 entire letter from Madrid to Paris with curved "D'ESPAGNE", and 1790-97 entire letters with crowned handstamps comprising boxed "MADRID" or "ARA / GON" within solid or broken circles (2), all very fine strikes. (5). £100-120
  1774-1842 Entire letters or entires all with town handstamps, various framed or unframed types, many written up on pages, four disinfected, including crowned handstamps of Burgos and Seville, framed marks of Coruna, Pamplona, Bilbao, Carthagena and Santander, other handstamps of Briviesca, Jadraque, Huesca, Vizcaia, Castellon, Vigo, Badajoz, etc., many very fine, one to Portugal with oval framed "HISPANHA". (40). £200-240
Click to view full image... Napoleonic War - Army of Spain / Catalonia. 1809-10 Entire letters from Valladolid with black "BAU CENTRAL / ARM. D'ESPAGNE" or from Salamanca with red "No 6 / BAU PRINCIPAL / ARM. D'ESPAGNE", the second with oval cachet "ETAT MAJOR GENERAL / 6 CORPS D'ARMEE" on reverse, and an 1811 entire letter from the Camp before Figueras (then being blockaded by the French) with scarce red "ARM. DE CATALOGNE", all fine. (3). Photo on Page 178. £200-250
  Army of Spain. 1823-29 Entire letters from French soldiers, handstamps comprising "(I) / ARM. D'ESPAGNE" on 1823 letter from Vitoria to another Officer in Madrid, 1827 "ABIS / ARM. D'ESPAGNE" on 1827 letter from San Sebastian, and "(A) / ARM. D'ESPAGNE" on 1829 letter from Barcelona. French forces were sent to Spain following a revolt against the despotic King Ferdinand VII, and remained until 1829. Three fine letters. (3). £150-180
  First Carlist War - British Legion. 1836 (Aug 10) Entire letter written on printed "LEGION BRITANICA" notepaper with the Spanish royal coat of arms, from a British officer at San Sebastian, addressed to his brother in Guernsey, with a red Devonport backstamp, charged 1/-. The letter includes "half our Regt has struck, the whole of another is expected to follow their example, the rest are not to be relied on. John Le Marchard reappeared amongst us, tho' he sees the impending evil like the rest of us he is at a loss for a remedy. Many attribute this state of things to the want of regular payment; I assign it to a proper want of decision and the real inefficiency of most of the officers ... the government has no money & promotions have been so absurdly lavished there is no inducement left for old and experienced officers to join us ..... 10,000 additional men to the French Legion they positively assert are to march into Spain on the 15th ... the constitution of 12 Jany has been proclaimed in Barcelona, Cadiz & other places, also at Bilbao & an attempt made to bring it about at Santander. Evans has intimated to the authorities that any attempt to do the same here he will immediately embark the Legion on board the British fleet. This goes by the Pluto ....". An interesting letter on scarce printed British Legion notepaper. £200-250
  First Carlist War - British Legion. 1836 (Dec 14) Entire letter on printed "LEGION BRITANICA" notepaper with the Spanish royal coat of arms, from a British officer at San Sebastian to his brother in Guernsey, with a red Devonport datestamp, charged 1/-. The letter includes "One of the commanding officers asked to be allowed to resign which was acceded to ... (the news) getting to the regiments ten or eleven officers proposed to resign in a body ... the men taking the hint laid down their arms & have only been made to resume by the commanding officer remaining giving a promise that on the 31st Nov. he would demand their pay up to the end of September & on the 31st Jany whatever was due to them for the rest of the year - another regiment almost immediately followed their example with the exception of being far more violent and still holding out .... Tho. Espartero has been near three weeks with about 15,000 not more than six miles from Bilbao, he has not yet succeeded in relieving the town - the fellow must be either a traitor or a fool ...". Also an 1837 (Apr 7) letter from the Colonnade Hotel in London, written by John Le Marchard to Captain De Lancy in Guernsey reporting the death of his brother (the writer of the previous two letters) who had been shot - "The surgeons after his death opened the head, the ball was found to have passed directly through the brain shattering the skull, it had lodged in the neck and was extracted, I have it with me and also a small portion of his hair cut off after death". Two interesting letters, the first on scarce printed British Legion notepaper. (2). £250-300
  1842-48 Entire letters (13), an entire and a front all with "Baeza" datestamps, the written up display collection including 1848 "TENERIFE / CANARIES" c.d.s and "3c" charge on an entire letter to Santa Cruz, Palma; 1844 Cadiz letter to Jerez with circular "COMPANIA DEL SOL" private messenger handstamp depicting the Sun with a face; datestamps of Madrid and Oviedo in blue, Trujilloin black, Ponteva, Rivadeo and Oviedo all in green, modified undated Redonda handstamp in brown, the others all in red, two letters with Madrid "(crown) / M / P.P." handstamps in red or blue, all fine strikes. (15). £200-240
  1843-54 Entire letters or entires (40) and fronts (2) all with "Baeza" type circular datestamps, mainly in red but including Herrera D.R.P in green, Madrid in blue, Zafra and Coria in black, various offices, many very fine. (42). £200-250
Click to view full image... Mail via Bayonne. 1807 (Oct 1) Entire letter from Madrid to Bruges with fine "ESPAGNE PAR / BAYONNE" handstamp, applied in Paris on mail sent directly from Madrid to Paris bypassing Bayonne, only used in 1807 shortly after the start of the war in Spain, very scarce. Photo on Page 178. £100-120
  Mail via Bayonne. 1807 (Dec 3) Entire letter from Madrid to Bruges with fine "ESPAGNE PAR / BAYONNE" handstamp, applied in Paris on mail sent directly from Madrid to Paris bypassing Bayonne, only used in 1807 shortly after the start of the war in Spain, very scarce. £100-120
  Mail via Bayonne. 1808-28 Entire letters or entires to France (20), Italy, Switzerland or Scotland all with two line "ESPAGNE / PAR BAYONNE" French entry handstamps (small and large types), various town handstamps including crowned boxed "FRANCA / MURCIA", other Paid handstamps of Segovia, Burgos, Bilbao, Valladolid, Santander, also blue fancy framed "GA / RIVADEO", etc. (23). £200-250
  Mail via Bayonne. 1814-27 Entire letters all to Frederick Huth & Co in London, all with two line "ESPAGNE / PAR BAYONNE" French entry handstamps (small and large types), various town handstamps include Bilbao, Molina, Santiago, Vitoria, Malaga, Rivadeo, Gijon, San Sebastian, Santander, Pamplona, etc., four disinfected. (27). £240-280
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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