G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 19
  Telegrams. 1892-95 Telegraph forms comprising British Bechuanaland (3), British South Africa Company (3) or Cape of Good Hope Post Office (3) forms, with arrival datestamps of "VRYBURG" (3), "GABERONES" (2), "MAFEKING" or "MAFEKING / BECHUANALAND" (4), one form with both types of Mafeking c.d.s (the "Bechuanaland" c.d.s without date, the other c.d.s. missing the year), three with straight line address handstamps "MAFEKING" (2) or "VRYBURG". Also Z.A.R or Cape telegraph forms with messages from Vryburg and arrival datestamps of Kimberley (2) or Potchefstroom (squared circle in blue). (12). £200-240
  1893-95 Printed "Advice of Despatch of Lymph" forms (2) for 620 tubes of fresh calf lymph despatched from the Bacterial Dept., Grahams Town, to the Colonial Secretary at Vryburg at a cost of £46.10.00; a letter showing a further £202.10.00 of lymph supplied in 1895; and two associated letters. An unusual group, lymph used as a vaccine against smallpox. (5). £80-100

Revenue Documents

  1887 Power of Attorney document bearing Cape 1/- revenue with British Bechuanaland handstamped overprint in blue (Barefoot 2, £150, with distinct doubling of overprint), scarce on a document. £70-80
  1888-91 Power of Attorney or mortgage documents all bearing 1887 surcharged Keyplate issue revenues, two documents bearing a combination of issues, comprising a single 6d, 6d in combination with unoverprinted 2d x 3, 1/- strip of three, or 1/- in combination with a Cape 2d. A scarce issue, the Cape revenue exceptional used in Bechuanaland in 1889. (4). £200-250
  1890-95 Legal documents (9) including Powers of Attorney, Certificates of Ownership and mortgages, all bearing 1887 Keyplate issue revenues, comprising 6d pair, 1/- x 5, 2/- x 3, 5/- x 3, 10/- x 7, 2/- x 10 + £1, 1/- x 3 + £1 x 5, £1 strip of four, 10/- x 2 + £5 x 2 (one other removed), an attractive group. Barefoot £1,018 as stamps. (47 stamps on 9 documents). £350-400
  1892 Receipts for premium paid on fire assurance policies issued by the Vryburg agency of the "Aegis Assurance and Trust Company of Port Elizabeth Ltd" (3), and a receipt for wages paid to the boy "Paul" by the Inspector of Native Reserves at Taungs, all with 1888 British Bechuanaland stamps applied to show the duty paid. Four attractive small documents with stamps to the 5/- value. (4). £100-120
  Cape Revenues used in Bechuanaland. 1895-96 Power of Attorney documents, one with a Keyplate 1/- revenue applied in 1895 with Cape 5/- and £1 revenues added and cancelled at Vryburg in 1896; the other an 1896 document from a gentleman living in British Guiana but appointing an attorney in Bechuanaland with an embossed 10/- revenue and bearing British Guiana 20c + $2.40 revenues and a Cape 6d revenue pair each tied by crowned oval "DISTRIBUTOR OF STAMPS / VRYBURG" datestamps, two unusual documents. (2). £140-160
  Cape Revenues used in Bechuanaland. 1898 Pages (3) headed "Subscriber", with signatures of 138 individuals, numbered from 58 to 195, the first page bearing Cape of Good Hope 1876-85 £5 vertical pair, £1 vertical strip of five and 2/6 block of four, each stamp initialled and cancelled crowned oval "CIVIL COMMISSIONER / 27 MY 98 / VRYBURG", the second page with £1 vertical strip of four on one side and 2/6 (3), 10/-, £1, £2 on the other side all similarly cancelled (28 or 31 MY, or 3 JU), the third page with two 10/- stamps similarly cancelled on 3 JU or 17 JU. Three fine pages with Cape revenues used in British Bechuanaland. (23 revenues on 4 pages). £250-300

(Also See Lots 651, 724)

  World War Two. 1939-46 Covers and cards from Belgian forces with 1939-40 F.P.Os; 1940 covers sent between Belgian soldiers and redirected to Oflag VIIIC (2); and items from free Belgian forces (18), one from Egypt with Belgian Congo military P.O c.d.s. Also 1944 (Nov 30) card from the restored civil postal service in Belgium sent to Bahamas; 1940 stampless cover from R.A.F F/O Kempster interned at Fort de Borsbeck (his plane being one of just three R.A.F aircraft forced to land in neutral Belgium before May 1940); and 1941 cover to a British P.O.W at Malines, forwarded to Germany. (34). £180-220
  1946 "-10%" Local overprints, the extensive mint and used collection in seven albums and a folder, many types from over 400 offices mounted alphabetically by town with a large number of pieces, covers and postal stationery, and eight contemporary monographs on these interesting issues. (Many 100s). £400-500


Click to view full image... 1901 (Dec 25) India 1a postcard to France cancelled by "B" in circle of bars with "ZAILA / B.O / SOMALI COAST", Aden and Lyon datestamps on the front, minor corner creases, otherwise superb, a rare early card from Zaila. Photo on Page 134. £850-1,000
Click to view full image... 1903 (Feb 10) India 1a Soldiers and Seamens envelope from a soldier in the Boer Contingent to an officer in India with "BASE OFFICE / OBBIA" cancel, redirected within India with fifteen backstamps, a couple of tiny tears at upper edge, otherwise fine and a rare use of the soldiers envelope in Somaliland. The Boer Contingent was composed of 96 former Boer soldiers, all of whom fought the British in the Boer War, but after the war signed up for the British army; they were sent to Somaliland where they formed a separate contingent led by three British officers. Photo on Page 134. £1,000-1,200
  1903 (Feb 10) Stampless cover to England endorsed "On active service, Somaliland F.F, no stamps available" and signed "R.M.W Stevens Lieut., 2 Royal Irish Rifles, 5th M.I", backstamped "F.P.O No. 45" c.d.s (located at Halin Fort) and at Base Office Berbera, Aden and Winchester, handstamped "T" with a London 1d charge mark, a few edge faults but scarce. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1903 (Apr 3) O.H.M.S Cover to India with India QV On H.M.S 1a cancelled "B" in a circle of bars, backstamped at Berbera, Aden and London, cover with horizontal crease and shortened at base, otherwise fine and a rare use of an India Official stamp in Somaliland, ex Milo Rowell Collection. Photo on Page 134. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1904 (May 14) O.H.M.S Cover to England with India QV 1a tied by "BASE OFFICE / BERBERA" c.d.s, backstamped at Aden and Macclesfield. A fine cover from the Thorp correspondence. Photo on Page 134. £250-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1904 (May 10) Cover to England franked on the reverse by Somaliland ½a pair (across the flap, torn upon opening), posted into the Indian Military Post Office, the stamps therefore disallowed with "0" written alongside each one and a "BASE OFFICE / BERBERA" c.d.s just tying the pair, Aden and Manchester datestamps. The front handstamped "T" with a London 1d charge mark, only charged the single letter rate, possibly because of the military origin, very unusual. Photo on Page 134. £200-250
  1904 (May 25) India KEVII ½a postal stationery envelope to India cancelled by "F.P.O No 47" double ring c.d.s, used at the stationary office at Burao, with Base Office Berbera transit backstamp and an arrival c.d.s. A little toning and corner crease across the stamp but very scarce. £150-200
  1926-60 Covers including 1926 cover to H.M.S "Effingham" at Colombo, and 1932-38 covers with Somaliland Camel Corps crests or notepaper (3, one with 1935 Silver Jubilee 1a pair), also three unused picture postcards, some faults. (11). £100-150

(Also See Lots 779, 781/2, 787, 936/7)

Click to view full image... 1855-67 India stamps (including 1855 8a on blue glazed paper and 1867-73 Service ½a and 4a) all with octagonal Bengal postal circle cancels, comprising "B/5" of Akyab (4), "B/127" of Moulmein (7), "B/156" of Rangoon (2), "B/165" of Henzada, "B/171" of Shwegyin, "B/179" of Thayetmyo (2), "B/181" of Toungoo and scarce "B/227" of Port Blair (2). Also 1867 6a8p cancelled by "FF" in a diamond, used by the Abyssinian Field Force, all fine. (21). Photo on Page 136. £120-150
  c.1860-1937 Extensive collection of India used in Burma, with covers or cards (c.100), a few fronts and hundreds of pieces and stamps, cancels on cover include 1870 Moulmein duplex (Proud KD6), Prome duplex (KD6), Rangoon duplexs (4, KD10, 13, 16), 1895 registered O.H.M.S cover from Rangoon bearing three On H.M.S 1a stamps, 1907 Port Blair arrival c.d.s on a card from G.B, datestamps of Minto Mansions, Rangoon University, East Rangoon, Botataung, Myingyam, T.P.Os with R-1, R-4, R-10, R-25, etc., also many scarcer earlier cancels on stamps or pieces. Mixed condition but an extensive lot with some useful cancels. (Many 100s). £500-600
Click to view full image... 1869 Printed letter to Hong Kong "via Galle" with 1866 4a tied by "FORWARDED BY / JOHN OGILVY HAY & Co / AKYAB" senders cachet and "AKYAB / 5" duplex, backstamped red "CALCUTTA / INDIA PAID" and "HONG-KONG / MARINE SORTER / SINGAPORE TO / HONG KONG" c.d.s (Proud D3 dated "FE 5/14 69") applied on the P&O S.S "Emeu". A fine and scarce cover to Hong Kong, carried on just the seventh voyage of the Sea Post Office using this c.d.s. Photo on Page 134. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1880-81 Covers with diamond of bars cancels, the first franked ½a + 4a to the Isle of Man with "AKYAB" backstamp; the second franked ½a pair + 2a to Italy with "PROME" c.d.s on the front, both fine. (2). Photo on Page 134. £200-250
  1883-88 1½a Postal stationery postcards to Europe, two cancelled by diamond of bars with datestamps of "RANGOON C.R.H" or "MOULMEIN", the other card cancelled by "HENZADA" c.d.s, two with Sea Post Office transit datestamps, mainly fine. (3). £150-180
  1937 KGV 1r, 2r, 5r, and 15r unmounted mint, light toning, the 15r with a light horizontal crease, good appearance. S.G. 13/5, 17, £990. (4). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1937 KGV Postage issue 2a, and Official issue ½a, 9p and 2a, all with inverted watermarks, all used, the postage issue 2a unlisted by S.G. S.G. 5var, O2/3, 5w, £390 + unlisted stamp. (4). Photo on Page 136. £200-250
  Japanese Occupation. 1944 Long O.H.M.S cover from Pegu to the Director of Income Tax in Rangoon franked 1943 Farmer 2c (2), 3c (2) + Elephant carrying log 5c (4), marked "75gms" and handstamped "RANGOON-SOR / DUE / 10AS" with manuscript "Pay 10cts, D.I.T Burma", an unusual cover. £180-200
  1943-47 Selection comprising Japanese Occupation 1943 1c orange (S.G. J73), eight imperforate stamps with 2mm between vertical pairs and 13-15mm between horizontal pairs, the left vertical pair a yellower shade, unlisted imperf by Gibbons and status unknown; 1943 Independence Day rouletted 1c, 5c; and 1947 India 9p with Interim Burmese Government overprint (type 18) variety overprinted inverted in an unmounted block of six and a marginal single. S.G. 70a, J73var. (17). £100-120


  1893-1993 Covers and cards on pages including Germany 10pf postcard with "KAMERUN" c.d.s (also a single Germany 50pf similarly cancelled); German Cameroons stamped covers or stationery (9, two with Deutsche Seepost or Kais Deutsche Marine Schiffspost c.d.s); French Cameroons (12); Nigeria used in Cameroons (46, also one cover with G.B stamps); 1960-61 U.K.T.T overprints (15, one on Nigeria 4d registration envelope, also a G.B reply card); and post independence covers (11, one endorsed "articles for the blind postage free" and addressed in braille). Also various stamps, and cancels on stamps or pieces. A useful lot, cancels from many smaller offices, including skeletons. (96+). £300-400

(Also See Lots 138, 403/7, 569, 573, 581, 604, 638/41)

Click to view full image... Newfoundland. 1857-1947 Mainly mint collection in a Lighthouse album including 1857-64 1d and 8d, 1860 2d and 3d, 1862-64 4d, 6d - 1/-, 1865-70 13c, 2c white paper (2), 1868-73 die II 1c, 5c, 1880-82 set, 1897 set, 1897-98 set, 1910 perf 12 set (no 10c) and perf 14 8c, 9c, 15c, 1911 Coronation set, 1919 set, 1919 air post $1 on 15c, 1931 air set with and without watermark, 1928-29 set, re-engraved 1931 5c - 20c with watermark, 1932 $1.50 on $1 Dornier DO-X, 1933 air set, etc., all mint. Also New Brunswick (23), Nova Scotia (26) and Prince Edward Island (22). A few minor faults though most are fine, a good collection. S.G. £8,500 (approx). (100s). Photo on Page 136. £1,000-1,200
  1d Concession Rates. 1896 Fronts to England both headed "From Walter Wm Bradbrook AB H.M.S "Icarus" Pacific Station" and countersigned, sent at the sailors concession rate, franked Canada 2c cancelled at Escuimalt, British Columbia, scarce. (2). £80-100

(Also See Lots 337, 974, 1045)

Click to view full image... 1818 Entire letter (missing the first page) to Aberdeen, handstamped "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" with an Edinburgh datestamp, charged 1/9, the reverse endorsed "Received on board the ship Mary from the brig Lucia from Canton to New York in lat. 2 6/5'S. long. 5 0/54'East, Nov 29th 1818, J. Monteith". A very unusual ship letter from China, transferred to another ship at sea, South East of Madagascar. Photo on Page 138. £150-180
  Shanghai - Local Post / U.S. Post Office. 1893 Cover to the USA posted into the Shanghai local post, with a fine blue "SHANGHAI / LOCAL POST" c.d.s (May 18) on reverse, a U.S 5c stamp cancelled two days later by "U.S POSTAL AGENCY / SHANGHAI" duplex", a few edge faults and the front and reverse rejoined, but scarce. £250-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Shanghai - Local Post / Japanese Post Office. 1895 (Dec 5) Cover to New York, posted into the Shanghai local post with a blue "SHANGHAI / LOCAL POST" c.d.s on reverse, a Japan 5c stamp cancelled at the Japanese P.O the following day, backstamped at Yokohama, Tacoma and Brooklyn, light vertical fold, otherwise very fine, attractive and scarce. Photo on Page 138. £500-600
  Boxer Rebellion - German Forces. 1899-1901 Covers and a card comprising 1899 cover from S.M.S "Kaiser" with 10pf pair tied by "KAIS. DEUTSCHE / MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST / No 1" datestamps; 1900 registered cover (letter enclosed) franked 30pf from Germany to a Lieutenant at Tsingtao, redirected to "German Naval Hospital, Yokohama" with Tsingtao backstamp; and 1901 stampless Feldpost card from a sailor on S.M.S "Tiger" with Tschifu Deutsche Post c.d.s. (3). £150-180
  1897-1981 Covers and cards (49) and a front including 1897 cover and card from G.B to Chefoo (cover with "CUSTOMS / CHEFOO" backstamp), 1900 card from Chile to Shanghai and 1906 cover from Kenya to Hong Kong and redirected to Shanghai, all four with "Singapore To Hong Kong" c.d.s; 1901 red band envelope from the Chinese P.O at Tongku and postcard with Japanese P.O stamps tied "TONGKU / I.J.P.O" c.d.s; 1927 cover from Japanese P.O in Tientsin; WWII censored covers (5); post-war inflation issue covers (21); 1957 cover to Indian Postal Agency in Tibet returned to G.B unknown, and covers from Tibet (4); 1930s covers from Manchuria with China or Japan stamps (2), etc. (50). £500-600
Click to view full image... Overland Mail via Burma. 1905 Registered cover from Yunnanfu to England, 10c postage + 10c registration paid by ten 1900 2c stamps (one on the front, nine on the reverse) tied by native datestamps, handstamped "R" and boxed "R / BHAMO" with red Chinese handstamps, oval void handstamp containing manuscript registration number applied on the Bombay - Aden Sea Post Office, with datestamps of Sea Post Office, London and Pewsey. An early registered cover sent via Burma, this route permitted from 1903 for mail for a few offices in Yunnan. Opened out for display, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 138. £700-1,000
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Overland Mail via Burma. 1905 Cover from the same correspondence as the previous lot, sent from Yunnanfu to England franked on the reverse by 1900 10c green with native cancel, transit datestamps of Bhamo and Sea Post Office on the reverse with a "TENGYUEH" c.d.s (Dec 10) and red Chinese handstamp on the front, opened out for display and the flap missing, otherwise fine and a scarce early cover via Burma. Photo on Page 138. £200-250
  C.E.F. 1906 Picture postcard of Kiautschou addressed to British Columbia with four QV C.E.F 3a stamps tied by F.P.O datestamps, Base Office B (Tientsin) and Shanghai transit datestamps, backstamped upon redirection at Armstrong. A very unusual destination. £140-160
Click to view full image... Shanghai - Russian Post Office. 1909 Newspaper wrapper to Vladivostock bearing Russian P.O in China 2k and 3k pair tied by "SHANGHAI POSTE RUSSE" datestamps, very fine. Photo on Page 140. £200-250
Click to view full image... Air Mails. 1931 (June 12) Cover from Shanghai to England franked 20c + $2, inscribed "Par Avion Shanghai - Manchuli, Par Avion Irkutsk - Moscow, Par Avion Moscow - London", with red "MIT LUFTPOST BEFORDERT / ZWEIGLUFTPOSTAMT / BERLIN- / ZENTRALFLUGHAFEN" and Berlin backstamps (June 24). A fine cover carried on the first air mail acceptance from China to England via Eurasia Aviation Corp., Trans-Siberian railway, Debrolet, Dereluft and Lufthansa. Photo on Page 140. £120-150


  1819-20 Entire letters from Havana to Bordeaux, disinfected with vinegar and slitting, handstamped "DE YNDIAS" in red and "ESPAGNE / PAR BAYONNE" in black, one endorsed "Pr Hercules", both fine. (2). £100-120
  1849-59 Entire letters and entires all with "Baeza" town datestamps, including stampless official entires from Mayari to Holguin or from Bahiaonda to San Cristobal both with fine despatch and arrival datestamps in blue; other stampless entires with datestamps of Cardenas in red, Guanabacoa in black, Guines, Habana or Cardenas in blue, with boxed "FRANCO" (2), "1" (2) or "1½" handstamps; and 1859 entires franked ½r or 1r with oval cancels and blue datestamps of Baracoa or Jiguani. A scarce group. (9). £300-400


  1719 Entire letter to Nicolo Caragiani in Venice, inscribed "C.D.G", written in Italian, vertical fold, otherwise fine. £160-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1842 (July) Entire letter from James Lilburn, son of the British Consul in Larnaca, addressed to London, carried by diplomatic bag and posted within London as an inland letter with "2" charge mark and blue "T.P / Charles St Westr". Disinfected with four slits, the reverse with a printed wafer seal "BRITISH CONSULATE / CYPRUS" with royal coat to arms in the centre. Upper flap separated and rejoined to the lower flap to display the complete wafer seal, otherwise fine and an exceptional item, one of three recorded letters sent by diplomatic bag and bearing this wafer seal. Photo on Page 140. £700-800
Click to view full image... 1882 Entire letter from Larnaca to Nicosia bearing 1882 ½ on ½pi surcharge (S.G. 25). Light vertical fold, otherwise fine and a very scarce stamp on cover. Photo on Page 140. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1948 Cover to Tel Aviv from a Jewish detainee in Camp 69, bearing a pair of Jewish National Fund labels tied by oval "CAMP 69 / POST OFFICE / CYPRUS" with a boxed Hebrew cachet of Camp 69 on the front, carried by courier to Tel Aviv where it was posted franked Israel Doar Ivri 10m, reverse with a violet Hebrew cachet "Committee in the State of Israel for Cyprus Detainees, 20 Aug 1948". Light central fold and minor staining but very scarce and unusual. Photo on Page 140. £300-350


Click to view full image... 1919 Stampless cover with red cachet "COMMISSION FOR SUPPLY & RELIEF OF POLAND / BRITISH / SECTION / DANZIG", carried to England by diplomatic bag and posted as an inland letter in London, a London S.W c.d.s and 3d charge mark partly over the Danzig cachet and a 3d due stamp applied. Addressed to C.A Stewart & Co., apparently an undercover address, with Received cachets of the Supreme Economic Council and War Trade Intelligence Dept. Opening tears at upper edge, otherwise fine and very unusual, the first example of this Danzig cachet we have seen. Photo on Page 140. £200-240


  1868 (Dec 11) Entire letter from the Melville correspondence, prepaid 11d to Scotland, with red "PAID / AT / DOMINICA" crowned circle, backstamped with Dominica c.d.s and St. Andrews arrival duplex, pressed horizontal and vertical file folds as is usual for this correspondence, a good example of this uncommon crowned circle. S.G. £550. £120-150

(Also See Lots 704, 705, 749, 751-775)

  South Australia. 1896 (Dec 24) Soldiers cover with partly printed heading "From No 3252 Pte W. Smith, Mounted Infantry, Abbassiyeh" and countersigned, addressed to South Australia with Egypt 5m cancelled at Cairo, backstamped at Cairo, Colombo, Adelaide and Terowie. Minor soiling and two vertical folds but a very unusual destination for a soldiers rate cover, Private Smith possibly an Australian volunteer. £100-120

British Post Offices

Click to view full image... Cairo. 1861 Cover (with enclosed letter) to the USA bearing 1d red and 1855-57 4d and 1/- each cancelled "B01", two "CAIRO" datestamps alongside, with a red London Paid c.d.s and "DETROIT. AM. PKT / 5" c.d.s, a fine and attractive franking. Photo on Page 140. £500-600
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 45)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 6th March 2020 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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