Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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Auction Lots - Page 19
1819-29 Free Entires (2) and a front signed by Lord Morley, the 1829 entire from Plymton addressed and signed in a very shaky hand, the reverse with the explanatory endorsement "This cover was franked by Lord Morley who has hurt his right hand"; and an 1823 letter from Lord Cathcart to Francis Freeling informing him he has recovered from injury and will therefore resume signing his own free franked letters, all written up on pages with copies of associated items. (4). £200-250
1827 Free front from Dublin to Abbeyleix handstamped with a red Crown and framed scroll type "WRONG DATE", charged 1/-, two vertical folds, otherwise fine and attractive. Only three examples of this Dublin handstamp believed to have been recorded, all on fronts. Photo on Page 135. £280-320
1834 Envelope signed "Free Wellington", headed from Deal and addressed to London in the Duke of Wellington's handwriting, unusually readdressed to "Post Restante, Calais" with a red inspectors star applied alongside the Free datestamp. Backstamped at Deal and London, with a Foreign Branch c.d.s (Jay 1018a, used on letters addressed abroad) and red wax seal of the Duke. An unusual Free letter addressed overseas, from the Duke of Wellington. £120-140

Machine Cancels

Manchester "French" Machine. 1857 (Nov 7) Entire to Paris with four 1d reds tied by two superb impressions of the distinctive "MANCHESTER / 498" duplex produced by the experimental "French" machine. This machine was trialed for a few days only in Manchester and Liverpool in November 1857, but was presumably deemed unsuccessful and not adopted. One of the rarest of all G.B machines, very few examples recorded. Photo on Page 135. £1,400-1,600
Hoster. 1884 (Aug 16) Bank of England cover with red "LONDON / OFFL PAID" c.d.s applied by a Hoster machine, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 135. £600-700
1885-1971 Covers and cards written up in two albums including Hosters (21), 1899-1904 Bickerdikes, later slogans, various triangular telegraphic dies, etc. (180). £180-220908 Slogans. c.1967-79 Slogans, proof impressions of the slogan dies only contained within three G.P.O diaries, including "SALVAGED / MAIL", maritime mail types, some unused experimental or test slogans, a few town dies and much earlier slogans, also some proof impressions of special event and First Day handstamps, A very unusual lot. (600++ impressions). £250-300

Maritime Mail

(Also lots 36-81, 94-96, 882, 883, 1177-1180)

1819-50 Entire letters and covers with ship letter handstamps of London (3), Liverpool, Hull or Gravesend, later covers and cards with Paquebot or Mobile Box cancels, other maritime related letters, etc., all written up on album pages. (35). £130-160
Brixham. 1843-1959 Covers and cards with 1843-51 Ship Letters (Rob. S4 & S6), 1859 entire letter from Buenos Ayres posted at Brixham franked by a 1d red, and 1952-59 Paquebots (5), mainly fine. (8). £100-120
Liverpool. 1896 Gold Coast 1d reply card (reply half) written from Cape Coast Castle to Jamaica cancelled superb "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" c.d.s in black, arrival datestamps of Kingston and Cold Spring. Minor corner wear, otherwise fine. £100-120
London. 1837 Entire to "Colonel Bell, Secretary to Government, Cape of Good Hope" prepaid 5d with light "Woodford S.O / 2py P. Paid", red "PAID SHIP LETTER / LONDON" datestamp (Rob. S49), circular framed "G.P / PAID" and unframed "TP / S" transfer handstamps. The rare "TP / S" handstamp used on mail transferred from the London Local Post to the Ship Letter Office, unrecorded by both Robertson and Jay. Photo on Page 140. £1,000-1,200
Portsmouth. 1827 Entire letter from Arica, Peru to London, charged the 3/6 packet rate with "PORTSMOUTH / SHIP LETTER" (Rob. S13) applied in error and then crossed out. Very unusual. Horizontal file fold with a little soiling. Photo on Page 140. £180-220

Mailboat Cancels

Supplied in 1859 from London to British sorters on P.&O. Mailboats in the Mediterranean and to the Far East, or Cunard transatlantic mailboats (numbers A91-A98). They ceased to be used in 1870 (or 1868 on Cunard steamers). They are usually found on G.B stamps (and are listed by S.G. under 'G.B Used Abroad') but are occasionally found on stamps of other countries.

G.B 1d Red 'Stars' (14) or plate numbers (4), cancelled A81 (2), A83 (6, including a rejoined strip of four), A85, A86 (2), A88 (4), A93, A97 or A99, all clear strikes, five stamps with faults, otherwise fine. Ten stamps on small pieces, most clearly from Sailors rate covers. S.G. £760. (18). Photo on Page 116. £300-350
G.B Surface printed issues comprising 1865 watermark Emblems 6d plate 6 cancelled "B56", 1867 Spray of Rose 6d plate 8 cancelled "A81" or "B56", 10d cancelled "A83" and 1/- plate 4 cancelled "A95", all clear strikes, the 10d reperforated at right, otherwise fine, the 10d and 1/- scarce with mailboat cancels. S.G. £1,095. (5). Photo on Page 116. £300-400
1862 (June 26) Cover to England headed "From John Bell, At. Bombr, R.M Artillery, on board H.M Ship Exmouth, June 26th 62" and countersigned by the Commanding Officer, the 1d sailors concession rate paid by a G.B 1857 1d 'stars' well tied by clear "B56" mailboat numeral, with July 15 Blackburn arrival backstamp. A fine and scarce mailboat cancel on a 1d rate sailors cover, the "B56" numeral not listed by S.G. on the 1857 1d red. Photo on Page 140. £600-700
Ceylon. 1859 Imperf 6d cancelled "A81", 1861-64 10d cancelled "A82" or "B89" and 1867 1d cancelled "A82", one 10d with some trimmed perfs, otherwise mainly fine clear strikes, scarce on Ceylon, (4). Photo on Page 113. £300-400
India. 1856-64 4a Black cancelled "A86", fine and very scarce on India. Photo on Page 113. £100-120
New Zealand. 1857 No watermark 6d with fine "B12" cancel and 1862 watermark Star 2d with partial "A8?" cancel, some faults but scarce cancels on N.Z Chalon Heads. (2). Photo on Page 113. £150-180
Nova Scotia. 1851-60 Imperf 3d cancelled "A95" or "A97" or 6d cancelled "A91" or A97", one 6d just with four margins, the others cut into on one or more sides, an uncommon issue with mailboat cancels. (4). Photo on Page 113. £250-300
Nova Scotia. 1860-63 Perforated issues comprising 1c cancelled "A97" or "A98", 2c cancelled "A98", 5c cancelled "A94", "A97" or "A98", 8 1/2c cancelled "A91" and 12 1/2c cancelled "A91", "A92" (2), "A95", "A97" or "A98", some faults, an uncommon group. (13). Photo on Page 113. £400-500

Transatlantic Mail

1822-46 Entire letters and entires mostly from USA to England all with named ship endorsements of the Black Ball, Red Star or Dramatic Lines, two with forwarding agents cachets. (23). £150-180
1839 Entire letter and an entire from the USA, both endorsed by the Steamer "British Queen" and carried on the second return voyage of the steamer from New York to Portsmouth with 16 Oct. London arrival backstamps, one with red "SHIP LETTER / PORTSMOUTH" (Rob. S15, probably applied in London), the other with red "SHIP LETTER" of London (Rob. S35), an unusual pair. (2). £170-200
1840 (Aug) Entire letter from New York to England with "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" backstamp and "8" charge mark, interesting contents include "I congratulate you upon the introduction of the penny post in your country". £70-80
Liverpool. 1841 Stampless entire letter from Aberdeen to New York prepaid 1/-, backstamped with fine dotted datestamp "D / OCT 3 / 1841" of Liverpool (Tabeart M22), scarce. £170-200
1846 Entire letter from Natches, Mississippi to Bordeaux endorsed by the S.S "Great Britain", with framed "13 AUG 1846 / LIVERPOOL / SHIP" backstamp and red boxed "COLONIES / &c. ART 13". Carried on the penultimate transatlantic voyage of the S.S "Great Britain"; the ship ran aground off Ireland on her next voyage in September. £100-120
Liverpool. 1852 Stampless entire letter from San Francisco to Scotland charged 1/2 1/2 (1/- packet rate + 2 1/2d US transit in closed bag), backstamped fine "ART - 5 / B.R. PKT" (Rob. M6, 11x31mm) and "America / Liverpool" c.d.s, small central hole to the address panel, explained by the endorsement "This letter became mutilated by having adhered to the seal of another, P.O Liverpool 11/7/52", very unusual. £160-180
Depreciated Currency. 1864-69 Stampless covers to the USA with N.Y Br. Pkt arrival datestamps showing charges on 24c or 48c in U.S Notes, 24c or 45c in U.S Notes, 24c or 51c in U.S Notes, 48c or 63c in U.S Notes, or "NEW YORK / 21 U.S NOTES". (5). £100-120

Military Mail

(Also lots 138-447, 627, 628, 695-701, 708, 916, 969, 1141-1170)

1712 Contemporary copy of the warrant pardoning Captain Lt. John Sinclair of the Regiment of Foot commanded by Brigadier Preston for the crime of murdering Captain Alexander Shaw of the Regiment of Foot commanded by George, Earl of Orkney, at the camp at Rouselar in Flanders on October 13th 1708; Sinclair was tried by a Court Martial held by John, Duke of Marlborough, four days after the crime and sentenced to death. An interesting document, the original having been signed by Viscount Bolingbroke and Queen Anne. £120-150
1814 Printed notice headed with the royal coat of arms and "A Short Address in behalf of the Widows and Orphans of the brave men who fell at the Battle of Waterloo", printed by Dawson of Stockport. An interesting and attractive item. £180-220

War of Austrian Succession

1743-44 Entire letters from Lt. Philip Brown serving with the British forces during the War of the Austrian Succession, written from Ghent or Brussels, both to his brother in London charged 10d, with Bishop Marks on the reverse. (2). £250-300
P.O.W Mail. 1744 (Sep 15) Entire letter from Captain Ducrabon of "La Gaillarde" (captured by an English frigate near Gijon), written from Totnes to Bordeaux, sent via forwarding agents in London and Rotterdam where it was then posted, with a "D'HOLLANDE" handstamp and a 23sch charge. The reverse endorsed "par l'adresse de v.t.h J. Rouge, Londres le 30 8bre 1744" and "Sous couvert de vos tres humbler serviteur, p. Jean Cossart et Bouwen, Rotterdam 16 9bre 1744". Address panel with piece torn from right edge upon opening, otherwise fine, an exceptionally unusual and scarce P.O.W letter from the War of the Austrian Succession. £350-450
1747 (July) "Account of 1075 Guilders received by Major General Huske from John Luke Nicol Esq., Dpy Pay Master General at Rotterdam, on acct. of Contingent expenses for the Publick Service", listing expenses for postage on letters and messages sent by express, including "to Mr Sutton Post Master of the army for letters & express as p. receipt 16.15.0". An interesting document. £220-260

1d Rate Soldiers Letters

1804 Entire letters from a soldier in Windsor to Croydon, the first sent as an ordinary letter and charged 4d; the second prepaid at the soldiers 1d concession rate signed by a Major in the Horse Guards with red "To be / delivered / Free" handstamp. However this letter was found to contain an enclosure (explained within the letter by the note "I shall enclose you a two pound note") and is endorsed "More to pay 7d". An unusual pair. (2). £140-160
1812 Entire from Irvine to Haddington and 1812 entire letter from Gosport to London both prepaid at the 1d soldiers rate, the first with the senders name incorrectly written at the left edge and the Officers signature above the address, the second correctly headed with the senders details and countersigned in the lower left corner. (2). £180-220
1812 (May 21) Entire letter from Paisley addressed "For Sergeant Smillie 94th Regt, 3rd Division of the British army, Portugal" prepaid at the 1d concession rate, with boxed Paisley mileage mark. A scarce concession rate letter from G.B to a soldier serving in Europe. £200-250
1821 Entire letter, the contents comprising a sworn statement of the date of birth and baptism of the addressee Thomas McCarthy, sent from London to "Thomas McCarthy, Invalid, 5th Company, Sixth Royal Veteran Battalion, Sheerness or elsewhere" prepaid at the 1d concession rate. Handstamped boxed "NOT ACCORDING / TO THE ACT" (unusual on the address panel, the final word unclear) and "MORE TO PAY", charged 1/3, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 140. £450-500
1832-37 Entire letters sent by the Quartermasters of the 72nd Regt. at Aberdeen Barracks or the 78th Highlanders at Buttevant, both to Wilson & Co, Tartan manufacturers of Bannockburn, ordering tartans for the regiment. Both prepaid at the 1d concession rate, the second with boxed "PAID AT / BUTTEVANT". (2). £200-240

Mulreadys & Caricatures

1840 1d Mulready envelopes, stereos A178, A182 and A189 all from forme 4, all unused, A182 with a little light toning, otherwise all very fine. (3). £140-180
1840-41 1d Envelopes, stereo A162 sent from Lichfield to Dublin cancelled by a red Maltese Cross, or stereo A146 sent from Totnes to Dorchester cancelled by a black Maltese Cross, a tiny slither trimmed from the upper right corner, otherwise both generally fine. (2). £120-150
Valentine. 1841 (Feb 12) 1d Lettersheet stereo A34 sent within Newcastle to a Miss M. Lambert, cancelled by a red Maltese Cross with a blue datestamp on reverse, the contents comprising a six line valentine verse to "Polly". Very fine and unusual, the only valentine use of a Mulready we have seen. £500-600
1841 (Nov 4) 2d Lettersheet stereo a104 used from London to Leeds cancelled by a black Maltese Cross with Leeds arrival datestamp on the front, London backstamp. A couple of tiny edge tears and filing note at left, an unusually good example of the 2d lettersheet. Photo on Page 140. £250-300
1d Mulready lettersheet, hand drawn copy on thick wove paper signed by K. Pearsall, exceptionally well done. Ex Yates, Charless Hahn and Grunin, described and illustrated in "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century" (pages 193/194), a unique item. Photo on Page 140. £400-500
Frederick Froom Caricatures. 1840-48 Album kept by the artist and illustrator Frederick Froom, the designer of at least two Mulready caricatures, containing samples of his work including three examples of a previously unrecorded Mulready Caricature. The album bears Froom's card on the front and examples of his printed work inside, some cut from magazines, others probably proofs. Included are fronts of four Mulready caricatures, one the well known Southgate envelope No. 5 with Froom's name at the lower right, the others a previously unrecorded caricature with the central figure shown as a spectacled old lady holding a quill pen and Penny Black stamp with cats below, surrounded by comic scenes including a circus elephant, sailors, Chinamen, African natives, lady reading a valentine, a school mistress, etc. Two of these fronts are unused and have "Fred Froom del" printed centrally at the base; the third has "Fred Froom" printed to the left side and is postally used prepaid 1d in cash with a London Paid datestamp (July 11 1840) and Brighton arrival c.d.s on the remaining left flap, the address tragically cut from the item. Other items in the album include proofs of illustrations for labels from "The Social Circle, a new and original game in verse" or "The Embassy to China, a new game of cards", also a piece signed by fellow illustrator George Cruickshank. A remarkable newly discovered caricature, showing two differing states, one used proving it was published and sold as early as July 1840. The two unused fronts possibly proofs, one very clean, the other two with some staining. Photo on Page 140. £1,200-1,500
Fores Comic Envelope No. 1 small size Mulready caricature, a front addressed to "Mrs James Pyle, Barnes Terrace, Surrey" bearing a 1d black (three margins) with light red Maltese Cross (not tied and may not belong). An attractive caricature, number 16 on the list of 20 recorded used examples (of which seven are fronts only) in "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century". £150-200
1843 (Sep 19) Southgate caricature envelope No. 2, "Ladies School", used from London to Hornchurch, Essex, paid 1d in cash, cancelled by red two line "1d PAID" handstamp and tombstone "PAID" datestamp with red octagonal "PD" datestamp on the front. Seal removed with the loss of part of the lower flap (the wording on flap complete) and a few minor stains, otherwise fine and an attractive example of this scarce caricature. The latest of twelve used examples recorded in "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century", ex Meroni Collection. Photo on Page 142. £600-700
Spooner caricature envelope No. 2, "Deliveries", addressed to "Lieut. E. Ironbridge, H.M.S Benbow, Malta", presumably delivered by hand. A little light creasing, unusual and attractive. H.M.S Benbow was in the Mediterranean until 1842. Photo on Page 142. £260-300
"HCK" Caricature envelope, the design very similar to the Mulready but with the elephants and llamas wearing spectacles, a few light tone marks, otherwise fine, unused and very scarce. Two examples in the Grunin collection were described as the only known examples, though six or seven are now believed to exist. This envelope ex Yates (Robson Lowe 1949), Dale (S.G. 1969) and Shaida. An unusually fine example of this very scarce and attractive caricature. Photo on Page 142. £500-600
William Thackeray caricature lettersheet, proof impressions from the original plate on India paper, 255x230mm, and from the defaced plate on laid paper, 198x148mm, with two 1907 articles regarding these caricatures. An unusually good example of this original proof, only 120 of which were printed, most of these being foxed or damaged. A fine pair. (2). £150-180
Thomas White large broadsheet caricature unused, hand coloured, central vertical and horizontal folds and the edges folded over the card backing, an attractive and very scarce coloured caricature. Photo on Page 142. £600-700
Thomas White large broadsheet caricature unused, a few stain spots and soiling in lower margin, light vertical and horizontal folds, a good looking example of this scarce caricature. £160-200
John Leech's Anti-Graham envelope without inscription, lettersheet printed in blue on wove paper, produced in 1844 for "Punch" magazine as part of their campaign against the secret opening of mails, which had been authorised by the Home Secretary Sir J. F Graham. Central vertical fold with a little staining and splitting at folds, still an attractive example of this uncommon political envelope. £100-120

Parcel Post

(Also lots 249, 255, 880)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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