Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
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At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
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Auction Lots - Page 4
1896 (July 1) India 1a Soldiers and Seamans envelope to Bombay cancelled "No 1 / FIELD P.O / B" duplex datestamp used at Tokar, an unusually fine strike of this duplex. Photo on Page 37. £250-300
1898 (Feb 15) Stampless cover to Surrey endorsed "On Nile Expedition, No Stamps Available, H. Carrington Smith, Bimb. E.A" with "TRAVELLING POST OFFICE / S.P.S" c.d.s (used on Wadi Halfa-Kerma railway, only recorded during the 1897-98 campaign), boxed "T" and "I.B / 5d" charge mark of the London Inland Branch. Backstamped at Halfa, Cairo and Camberley. A fine cover. Photo on Page 37. £260-300

Boer War

1900 Covers posted unpaid to the USA or Spain both endorsed "on active service" with Field Post Office datestamps, each with a G.B QV 2 1/2d applied and cancelled in transit in London, a few small faults, an unusual pair. (2). £200-240
1900 Cover to France bearing Transvaal V.R.I 1d pair (one torn) and 1/2d paying the single 2 1/2d rate, tied by Field Post Office 19 datestamps, found to be a double weight letter in transit in London, a G.B QV 2 1/2d therefore added and cancelled. Very unusual. Photo on Page 37. £300-320
1900-02 Covers and cards with various F.P.O or A.P.O datestamps including large rubber type c.d.s of Barberton; 1901 (June 17) stampless cover with superb "ARMY POST OFFICE / T.P.O-EAST-No.1" c.d.s; 1901 cover from Shanklin to a soldier in South Africa, much redirected and sent to Ceylon before being returned to London with violet boxed "NOT KNOWN" and "Army Post Office / UNDELIVERED FOR REASON / STATED" and various F.P.O datestamps including octagonal Natal Field Force type for Wakkerstroom, etc. Also an H.M Guest postcard showing Kruger. Some faults. (18). £120-150
1900 Stampless cover to Wales endorsed from "E.F Ward, K.R.R" with superb strike of the very scarce "N.F.F. / 2" intaglio seal handstamp of the Natal Field Force, a "T" handstamp obliterated by London "N.P.B" killer and a red London Paid c.d.s (Apr 6). Photo on Page 37. £200-250
Part Parcel Post label bearing G.B QV 1/- green and carmine block of four each tied by "FPO / 43" parcel cancel. Also pieces with G.B QV 6d (3) or 1/2d + 1d + 2 1/2d tied by F.P.O datestamps. (3). £70-100
Pictorial Envelope. 1901 (Sep 10) Pictorial patriotic envelope printed in blue, based on drawings by F. Arthur Stevenson, posted from Cape Town to London with Cape 1d tied by "ARMY BASE / P.O CAPE TOWN" c.d.s. Attractive and unusually fine (these pictorial envelopes unusually found with faults), the Army Base P.O Cape Town c.d.s rarely found as a cancellation. Photo on Page 37. £150-200
Pictorial Envelopes. 1901 G.B 1d Postal stationery envelopes well illustrated by Sgt. Maslin of the Army Post Office Corps with pen and ink drawings of a dog or of soldiers leading pack mules, both sent to his wife in London with Army Post Office datestamps, unfortunately both a little stained and faded due to having been framed but still an attractive pair. (2). £150-180
Queensland Contingent. 1901 (May 7) Printed cover "Troopship "Templemore" No. 61 / QUEENSLAND / 5th Contingent / FOR SOUTH AFRICA / BRISBANE Y.M.C.A. / PRIVATE GEO. ROGERS, Representative on board" sent to England endorsed "On active service, no stamps available" with F.P.O 50 and Pretoria datestamps, circular framed "T" and a blue "1d" charge mark both crossed out and a red London Paid c.d.s applied. A few small edge tears or stains with a small piece torn from left edge, still a most attractive and very scarce Queensland Contingent troopship cover. Photo on Page 37. £250-280
Looted Mails. 1900 (Apr 30) Cover from Bedford to a soldier in the 42 Co. Army Service Corps in South Africa, franked 1d (torn). The cover stained and torn at the top, explained by the scarce cachet "Recovered from the Mails / Looted by the Boers on June 8". Photo on Page 37. £200-250
Ladysmith Siege. 1900 (Feb 8) Stampless cover to India posted during the siege, endorsed "Natal Field Force stamps unobtainable" with Ladysmith c.d.s, circular framed "T" and "5c" both crossed out in blue crayon, Durban and Indian backstamps. Part flap missing, otherwise fine. £80-100

Other Pre-WW1 Forces Mail

Army Telegraphs. Pieces bearing Military Telegraphs 6d tied violet "FIELD TELEGRAPHS / SK / No. 16" c.d.s (19 Apr 1885, used at Souakin, Sudan), Army telegraphs 1/2d or 1d both tied "ARMY / S C / TELEGRAPHS" c.d.s (21 or 28 May 1896, used in G.B on manoeuvres). Also O.F.S 1/2d postcard C.T.O with similar code "B-FN" c.d.s (5 Apr. 1900) and an Army Telegraphs envelope C.T.O with five strikes of code "C.C" c.d.s (11 Aug 1909) and boxed "ARMY TEL / PAID". (5). £100-120
1901 Cover franked 1d tied by "NETLEY HOSPITAL / SOUTHAMPTON" c.d.s, and a 1900 cover (flap missing, tear at top edge) from Farnborough to a soldier in South Africa redirected to Netley but handstamped violet "NOT IN NETLEY HOSPITAL". Also a QV 1/2d Army Official pair with the Hospital c.d.s. (3). £80-100
G.B Camps. 1894-1914 Picture postcards (67) and covers (2) with various camp cancels including skeletons (22), also 1912 "ARMY POST OFFICE" skeletons numbered '1' (2), '2' or without number (2) used at Bourley or Oxney Farm camps. (69). £120-150
G.B Manoeuvres. 1903-13 Picture postcards (70) and a cover with single ring (68) or double ring (3, all 1913) Army Post Office datestamps used on manoeuvres, also cancels on stamps or pieces (3), and 1914 covers and cards from France (19) showing the same single ring datestamps. A fine collection in an F.G album. (93). £900-1,200
South West Africa - Herero Rebellion. 1904 Stampless Feldpost cards with "K.D FELDPOSTSTATION / Nr. 1" c.d.s or datestamps of Luderitzbucht, Gobabis or Keetmanshoop, one with a cyclostyled Christmas greetings design on the reverse. Also two picture postcards. (6). £80-100

World War One and Inter-War Years, 1914-39

Censorship - Returned Mail. WW1 Covers returned bearing blue labels "RETURNED TO SENDER / BY THE CENSOR" (2 types), or "OPENED BY CENSOR / RETURN TO SENDER" with a four line cachet regarding newspapers, magazines, books and printed publications to neutral countries; 1919 registered cover to Germany with green 'Returned' label and enclosed censorship slip ("direct postal communication not yet reopened"); various censorship enclosures (8, one in German); and postcards (2) with differing cachets regarding picture cards to neutral destinations. (15). £200-240
Military Censorship. 1914-18 Covers and cards from British forces on the Western Front or in Italy including boxed "THE CONTENTS OF / THIS LETTER MUST / NOT BE COMMUNI- / CATED TO THE PRESS" and "NO PORTION OF THIS / COMMUNICATION MAY / BE PUBLISHED / BY ORDER / CENSOR; circular framed "S" (7) or boxed "S" (2) mainly used on mail to neutral countries (two to G.B, one to Tasmania, one on a card from Switzerland to a soldier); proof impressions on piece (3); circular framed "P.C"; hexagonal censor "No. 1"; boxed censor with number removed or used as a cancel on a 1d stamp; also oval dated "Aliens Officer" cachets of Deal or Liverpool; and 1919 German postcard with double ring "BRITISH / CENSORSHIP". (21) £180-220
Tobacco Cards. 1915-18 Illustrated tobacco cards (13), mostly different. Also similar WW2 cards (6), one to Brazil. (19). £100-120
Honour Envelopes. 1915 Long Honour Envelope printed on red paper, for urgent messages, used with F.P.O 25 c.d.s, scarce. Also 1915-16 green Honour Envelopes sent registered from F.P.O D27 or B.A.P.O T franked by 2d stamps, unusual. (3). £120-150
Army Telegraphs. 1916-19 Covers marked by D.R.L.S (5), four also with "Army Telegraphs" datestamps, various codes. Also other "Army Telegraphs" handstamps on a postcard with handwritten special order, cancelled to order on other cards (6), or on pieces (12). (24). £120-150
G.B Camps. 1914-20 Covers and cards with various camp cancels, including skeletons. (75). £130-150
G.B Camps. 1918 Postcards (4) and a piece, 1931 registered cover and 1934 postcard with datestamps of the "Experimental Station, Porton, Salisbury" (3 types); 1919 postcard with large part "APO / KENSINGTON GDN(S CAMP)" skeleton; 1912 piece and 1925 registered cover with "Royal Military College, Camberley" datestamps. (10). £120-150
Belgian Refugees. 1917-18 Postcards (3) and a Parcel Post label franked 5d, all cancelled "ELIZABETHVILLE, BIRTLEY / Co DURHAM" single ring c.d.s (3, two types) or double ring c.d.s. Also a printed card from the Belgian agency at Ste. Addresse to Sussex. Elizabethville established as a settlement for Belgian refugees in World War One. (5). £100-120
War Savings/Fund Raising. 1917-18 War Savings handstamps, some featuring tanks or guns, used on a postcard to the B.E.F, or C.T.O on postcards (4),pieces (10) or a War Savings Certificate, includes "British Tanks" skeleton datestamps; picture postcards (6, two showing Trafalgar Square converted to a battlefield); postcard C.T.O with Zeppelin cachet "British Airship Souvenir, Trafalgar Square, March 4-9 1918"; 1918 cover posted from Leeds with oval cachet "LEEDS CRUISER BANK / MAR 4-9 / 1918 / BUSINESS MENS WEEK"; postcard with 1/2d Disabled Service war seal; and WW2 cachets (4), an interesting lot. (29). £250-300
1919 (Feb 8) Stampless O.A.S cover from Iraq with Indian F.P.O 107 backstamp, addressed to "Capt. C.H Frisby V.C, Coldstream Guards, B.E.F, France" and redirected to Windsor, with enclosed letter written by Nowell Clark from "18th Div. H.Q" at Mosul congratulating Capt. Frisby on the award of the V.C. Frisby won the V.C on 27th Sept. 1918 when his company captured a crossing over the Canal du Nord near Graincourt. £60-80
1918 Post Office Notice, "Christmas Mails for the Egyptian Expeditionary Force and the Salonika Force", includes "Christmas Puddings should not be sent". £80-100

British & Indian F.P.Os and A.P.Os, 1914-38

Great Britain

1915-18 Covers and cards (56) and pieces (5) with Army Post Office H.D cancels, used by Home Defence units at various camps, comprising various numbers from 1-70, A1, D3-D16, M6-M11 and R19, all on pages in an F.G album. (61). £300-400
1915-18 Covers and cards (6), pieces (5) and a registration label with Army Post Office H.D datestamps including "M.7" and "M.8" on registered covers, "M.9" on a Released Prisoners of War postcard and "5" on an unpaid postcard delivered without charge, pieces with boxed Army Post Office Home Defence parcel post cancels numbered "59" or "D11", etc. (12). £160-200
1915-18 Picture postcards (22) and a cover with Army Post Office H.D cancels, used by Home Defence units at various camps. £100-130
1919 (Aug 26 & Nov 21) Picture postcards franked 1d cancelled double ring "FIELD POST OFFICE / 102" c.d.s, used by the 102nd Brigade at Ripon, fine and scarce. (2). £100-120
Manoeuvres. 1933-37 Covers and cards with F.P.O datestamps used during army manoeuvres in 1933, 1934, 1935 (9) and 1937 (10, also an F.P.O datestamp used on a compliments slip), most philatelic, a scarce group. (22). £180-220


Easter Rising. 1916 Stampless postcard written at Kingstown (May 9) and cover franked 1d (June 4) both with fine "ARMY POST OFFICE (H.D) / 40" c.d.s, used by the 176th Brigade in Dublin, May-August 1916. The postcard with small fault at upper right corner, otherwise both fine, stampless O.A.S mail from Ireland unusual. (2). £100-120
Easter Rising. 1916 Stampless On Active Service cover (May 10) signed "K.A Bell, Capt." and a picture postcard franked 1/2d (June 4) both with superb "ARMY POST OFFICE (H.D) / 41" c.d.s, used by the 177th Brigade at Ballsbridge in May 1916 and at Fermoy, June - August 1916. (2). Photo on Page 37. £150-180
Easter Rising. 1916 (May 15) Souvenir lettercard containing views of Dublin, franked 1d tied superb "ARMY POST OFFICE (H.D) / 42" c.d.s, used by the 178th Brigade in Dublin, May - August 1916. Photo on Page 42. £100-120
Easter Rising. 1916 (June 7) Picture Postcard of the Dublin G.P.O after evacuation, franked 1/2d tied by fine "ARMY POST OFFICE H.D / D.14" c.d.s, used by the 59th Division in Dublin, May - August 1916. £100-120
1920-22 Stampless Official covers with double ring F.P.O D.41 or 3.K datestamps, and covers franked G.B 1 1/2d or 2d tied by F.P.O 202, 3.K, D.41, W.16 (2) or T.29 datestamps, also F.P.O D.41 on piece, all fine, a scarce group. (9). £400-600
1921-22 Covers franked G.B 2d tied by single ring F.P.O "8" or "10" datestamps, also single ring F.P.O 9 c.d.s tying 1d to piece. The F.P.O 8 cover roughly torn open, otherwise fine. (3). £120-150
1921 (June 1) Cover with G.B 2d tied by violet "FIELD / 8 / POST OFFICE" rubber c.d.s, used at Limerick, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 42. £150-180
1921 (Oct 28) Cover with G.B 2d tied by violet "FIELD / 10 / POST OFFICE" rubber c.d.s, used at Belfast, fine and scarce. £140-160

France & Belgium

1914-19 Covers and cards with F.P.O or A.P.O datestamps arranged in number order in a box, from "4" to "231" and "A" to "2Z", also a few Base Office cancels, many types including skeletons, some extensions to dates recorded by Proud or Kennedy & Crabb, nearly all different, a few registered. A good lot. (864). £1,000-1,500
1915-16 Covers and cards (20) and a front with scarce "ARMY POST OFFICE / 2 / BEF" rubber type c.d.s (2, Proud type J, used at B.A.P.O 2) or distinctive horseshoe type A.P.Os used at Railhead Offices (19, thirteen different numbers), all fine. (21). £120-150
1914-19 Covers and cards including August 1914 cards sent unpaid and charged 1d (2) or franked 1/2d and charged 1/2d; parcel cancels; British F.P.O cancels on French stamps or French cancels on British stamps; "Postal Regulating Depot" c.d.s; "NOT KNOWN / APO. S.19" cachet; boxed "IMPROPERLY / POSTED / DELAYED"; printed "Royal Naval Division Field Force" envelope; regimental Christmas postcards (3); 1919 (Aug 25) stampless postcard with A.P.O S.105 c.d.s used at Rotterdam, Holland; etc. Also 1914 (Sep) cards from troops in Southampton paid 1/2d or unstamped with red "ARMY / LETTER / FREE". (21). £180-220
1929 (June 26) Registered cover with G.B 1 1/2d (3) each cancelled "FIELD POST OFFICE / X" c.d.s, a further strike on reverse, with A.P.O S.40 registration label altered to A.P.O X in manuscript. Used during summer manoeuvres at Bitche, Lorraine, very scarce. £80-100
Indian F.P.Os. 1915-16 Covers and cards (30) and a registered letter C.O.P with various Indian F.P.Os numbered between "3" and "42" (26, all different) or Base Office datestamps (4) including "BASE OFFICE / D / INS" single ring c.d.s. Also cards with British F.P.O "T.I.1" or "T.I.2" used by Indian Division Trains. (32). £100-120


1916-19 Postcards and covers in an F.G album all with differing F.P.O datestamps from Italy, numbered from "20" to "145" and "D23" to "W.1", also A.P.Os from "L.14" to "S.101", including 1916 F.P.O W.1 used at the allied mission in Rome, A.P.O S.100 cancelling a Greek 10L postal stationery postcard, A.P.O L.14 (23 Oct. 19) used at Fiume, etc. A good lot. (70). £380-450
1918-19 Postcards with various A.P.O or F.P.O datestamps, virtually all differing numbers, includes double ring Field Post Office with number omitted from the base, etc. (25). £120-150

Germany, Hungary and Plebiscites

Germany. 1918-20 Covers and cards with various A.P.O or F.P.O datestamps numbered from "16" to "229" or "A.D.3" to "4.Z", many date extensions to the Proud or Kennedy & Crabb listings, also a number of datestamps not recorded in either work used in Germany. Virtually all different, one card with boxed cachet "Aeronautical Inter-Allied / 29 Nov 1919 / Commission of Control". A good lot. (157). £500-700
Germany. 1920-29 Covers and cards (25, six registered), fronts and pieces (8) all cancelled at A.P.O S.40, includes a postcard and registered cover sent locally unpaid, the others all bearing British stamps. Various datestamps include double circles with codes 1-3 or A, single circles with codes 1-4 or A-E, also airmail covers, an incoming postcard charged 1d, etc. (33). £180-240
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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