Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
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Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 7
New Zealand - Troopships. 1915-16 Stampless picture postcards with violet boxed "N.Z MILITARY POST OFFICE / 3 JUL 1916 / TROOPSHIP No. 54" or similar blue cachet for Troopship No. 47 (10 March 1916) both with separate censor cachets, violet boxed "N.Z MILITARY POST OFFICE / JAN 21 1915 / REINFORCEMENTS / EXPEDITIONARY FORCE" or blue boxed "N.Z MILITARY POST OFFICE / JUL 19 1915 / EXPEDITIONARY FORCE / FIFTH REINFORCEMENTS", all superb. (4). Photo on Page 54. £220-260
New Zealand. 1915-18 Covers and cards with N.Z F.P.O datestamps from Egypt (10), France or G.B, also a 1919 postcard written on the "Corinthic" returning to New Zealand with "S.S CORINTHIC" cachet and N.Z Base A.P.O c.d.s of London. Includes violet boxed and oval rubber datestamps both tying Egypt stamps and registered cover with N.Z Base Details c.d.s on both the 2d stamp and blank type registration label. (13). £200-240
USA. 1918 Stampless covers and cards, mostly to the USA, all with British A.P.O or F.P.O "K" series datestamps allocated to American divisions, all different numbers. (14). £150-180
Portugal. 1917-19 Stampless covers and cards (8) and a cover to Brazil franked G.B 1/2d and 2d, all with "C.E.P. / S.P.C" datestamps numbered 3, 5-8, 10, 13, 14 or 18. Also 1919 O.A.S postcard with British A.P.O S.69, used by the British Mission with the Portuguese forces. (10). £140-180

Hospitals and Hospital Ships

1915-16 Stampless postcards from France including an unusual card with violet circular "MILICENT SUTHERLAND / AMBULANCE", "ADMIRALTY WHITEHALL" cachet and "CHIEF CENSOR / ADMIRALTY", other cards with octagonal F.A.U or boxed No. 3 Red Cross Hospital censor cachets; or "Censored by / Surgeon R.W". Also a cover with circular violet "THE BRITISH AMBULANCE UNIT / FOR ITALY", a 1d stamp then applied and posted in London. (5). £100-120
G.B. 1917 Stampless card from Kitcheners War Hospital in Brighton with a Brighton c.d.s and violet "No. 7 AMBULANCE TRAIN / EXPEDITIONARY FORCE", and 1916-17 stampless cover and card (Hospital Ship Aberdonian) both with violet "Posted by a wounded soldier" cachets of the 2nd Western General Hospital, Manchester, all delivered free of charge. (3). £100-120
Serbia. 1912-17 Covers and cards from Louis Cohen to his wife in England, the first a Turkey postal stationery card with Serbia 10p sent from Syenitza whilst Cohen was a relief worker during the Balkan Wars, the others sent whilst Cohen was working for the Serbian Relief Fund during WW1 comprising Serbia 10pa postcard and a cover franked 10pa from Skopje, French army postcards franked France 10c tied "Tresor Et Postes 510" c.d.s from Sorovic (2), and a stampless O.A.S cover with Bitolj c.d.s. Also 1919 stampless O.A.S cover with violet cachet "SERBIAN RELIEF FUND HOSPITAL" and A.P.O S.X.5 c.d.s and a printed Serbian Relief fund envelope with Serbian F.P.O 88 and Nish datestamps both sent to Louis Cohen in Hampshire. (8). £500-600
Serbia. 1915 (Sep 14) Stampless cover to London with circular violet "SERBIAN RELIEF FUND / LADY / PAGET'S / HOSPITAL / UNIT", Serbian and French censors and datestamps of Skopje, Niche, Salonica and Harrow, fine. Photo on Page 54. £140-160
Serbia. 1915 Stampless "On Active Service" cover to France with oval bilingual cachet "2nd British Farmers Hospital / Posharevats / S.R.F" (the first line a little underinked, otherwise fine), two line Serbian censor cachet and Posharevats c.d.s, scarce. £100-120
Serbia. 1915 Postcards (8) and a cover from British nurses, doctors or aid workers in Serbia serving with the Serbian Relief Fund at Skopje (2), The Christitch Depot at Valjevo (army postcard with uncancelled 10pa stamp and army censor, written by Elizabeth & Annie Christitch), The Scottish Women's Hospital at Valjevo (2), Wounded Allies Hospital at Kragvievatz, or the Anglo-Serbian Hospitals at Novi Varosh, Belgrade or Vrntse. Two cards sent stampless (one a Serbia army card), the others with Serbia stamps tied by various civil office datestamps. Also 1915 cover from London to Lady Pagets Hospital at Skopje returned handstamped "UNDELIVERABLE / L.P.S", and 1918 Serbian Legation cover from London to the Serbian Relief Fund Hospital at Nish. (11). £550-650
Ethiopia. 1936 Air mail cover to London bearing Somali Coast 50c and 3F pair tied by Djibouti datestamps, the reverse with red circular cachet in English and Ethiopian "BRITISH AMBULANCE SERVICE IN ETHIOPIA", and a Paris machine. Fine and scarce. Photo on Page 54. £150-200
Indian H.S "Ebani". 1916 Cover from a member of the RAMC with London Received From H.M Ship machine and superb violet oval "HOSPITAL SHIP "EBANI" / 13. MAR 1916 / M.E.F.", the reverse with "PURSER" handstamp and initials. Photo on Page 59. £160-200
H.S "Goorkha". 1915 (June 21) Stampless cover with London Received From H.M Ship machine and violet cachet "SIGNED BY ..... / H.M.H.S. GOORKHA", flap missing, otherwise fine. The "Goorkha" served off Gallipoli in June 1915. £150-180
N.Z H.S "Marama". Stampless picture postcard depicting the "Marama" with black boxed "ON ACTIVE SERVICE / N.Z Hospital Ship / "MARAMA"", oval "N.Z No 2 HOSPITAL SHIP / PASSED BY CENSOR / "MARAMA"" and "RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIP / NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED". Also another real photo postcard of the ship. (2). £120-150
H.S "St. David". 1916 Picture postcard of Boulogne with Army P.O 3 machine (July 13) and fine oval cachet "No. 1 AMBULANCE SHIP / ST. DAVID" signed A. Whyle. £120-150

Naval Mail

1914-21 Covers and cards (44) and a Parcel Post label all with "RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIP / NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED" handstamps or machines. A fine study on album pages including unusual boxed handstamps (2, one with a Queenstown skeleton c.d.s), various "John Bull" loose type handstamps and handstamps used to cancel stamps, late 1927 use with 1d tied by Paquebot Liverpool c.d.s, a very scarce use on a Parcel Post label, various censors including circular "PASSED / H.M.S KENT / CENSOR" and cachets including "BRITISH MISSION / BELGIAN H.Q". (45). £400-500
1914-18 Covers and cards (19), a front and a piece with various censors or other cachets including "NAVAL LETTER / EXAMINED BY / CHIEF POSTAL CENSOR / LONDON", "CEN / BV / 7 / SOR", cachets of U.S Naval Forces in Europe (2, with Queenstown datestamps), triangular "PASSED / BY CENSOR" with or without "SICILY" at the base, etc., the front with "CEN / 41 / SOR" and the rare printed censor label "NAVAL MAIL OFFICE - DOVER. / RE-SEALED UNDER / CENSORSHIP", also two cards to R.N.A.S addresses with circular dated "NAVAL AIR SERVICE MAIL OFFICE / LONDON". (21). £250-280
1915-18 2d or 3d Registration envelopes with various Naval cancels and censors, blank type registration labels with boxed "Naval P.O / "B"" handstamp or manuscript "H.M Fleet", another with the town name torn away and manuscript "HMS", also printed registration labels of Fleet Post Office A, Fleet B, Grimsby or London I.S. (7). £130-160
1914-18 Covers and cards, the study on pages of Naval dumb cancels with crosses, circles, concentric circles, grids, stars, triangles, octagons, ovals, defaced "223" numeral of Lerwick, also barred circles, various censor cachets including boxed "H.M.S "CALISTA" / 8 SEP 1916 / PASSED BY CENSOR", Field Service postcard with unusual boxed " 1/2" charge mark, one cover registered. An interesting lot. (46). £250-300
1914-18 Cards and covers, the study on pages of the Naval security machines including all three lines of the die replaced by black bars, the top line only a black bar with the time and date below, the dies replaced by single large crosses, top line omitted from dies but with the date and time below, or various combinations of small crosses with or without the date, one with "BUY NATIONAL / WAR BONDS" slogan included, various censors include violet oval "CENSORED / HOLM". An interesting lot. (11). £180-220
1914-18 Covers and cards (8) and pieces (2) with Fleet P.O or other Naval cancels, includes scarce 1914 (Oct. 27) "FLEET POST OFFICE" skeleton c.d.s, "FLEET P.O" c.d.s., "FLEET POST OFFICE A" c.d.s on piece with a charge label and postage due stamps, boxed "FLEET / POST OFFICE" parcel datestamp on piece, also "INVERNESS A.M.D.O" (2) or "INVERNESS A.M.O" datestamps and registered cover from U.S Base Hospital 2 with "A.M.O" barred obliterators. (10). £180-220
WW1 Naval mail, various cancels and censors including oval "CENSORED / HOLM", etc. (16), also various later naval and military mail, all written up in an album. (62). £100-120

WW1 Prisoner of War Mail

G.B Camps

Ripon/Morn Hill. 1918 O.H.M.S Bag label to the postal censor in London with Morn Hill Camp c.d.s, "Prisoners of War" and oval "PRISONERS OF WAR CAMP / INTERPRETER'S OFFICE / 17 JUN. 1918 / WINCHESTER" cachets, and items from Ripon comprising a 'Released Prisoners of War' postcard, picture postcard franked 1d with ""A" GROUP, P.O.W, Reception Camp." cachet, and P.O.W lettersheet with G.B 1 1/2d tied Ripon Camp c.d.s and circular framed "P.C / RIPON". (4). £100-120
London. 1915-18 P.O.W Covers, postcards and a front from Stratford, Alexandra Palace (5), Islington (2) or Olympia, most with named camp censor cachets, includes 1915 Alexandria Palace Christmas postcards in German (2) or English. (9). £150-180
Lofthouse Park. 1915-18 Covers and cards showing five differing types of named camp censor cachet, the sixth card with "P.C" cachet, includes three registered covers (two on 3d postal stationery registration envelopes), all fine. (6). £150-180
1914-16 Covers with cachets of the P.O.W camps at Colinton, Dyffryn Aled, Dorchester (2), Handforth (3), Castle Donington (registered), Holyport, Newbury, Queens Ferry, York or Stobs (3, two registered), also 1914 P.O.W covers with violet circular "POST FREE / PRISONERS OF WAR" and boxed "P.C / M.O.5 (H)" with red London E.C Postage Paid scroll datestamp or blue circular framed "P.C." and "POST FREE / PRISONERS OF WAR" with red "LONDON EC. / POSTAGE / PAID / POW / 24 SEP 14" c.d.s, and a postcard of the camp at Kerry Newtown. A good lot. (18). £350-400
1915-19 Stampless cover from Manchester to Stratford Camp endorsed "Repatriated" with boxed cachets "Released from internment / RETURN TO SENDER / Der Kriegsgefangenen ist entlassen / PRISONERS OF WAR / INFORMATION BUREAU", and postcards from Denmark or Hungary to P.O.Ws at Knockaloe Camp, the first endorsed "Transferred, Feltham", the other handstamped "REPATRIATED" and boxed "P.W.I.B / Repatrie / RETOUR / Return to Sender". (3). £130-160
1915-17 Picture postcards comprising Christmas or New Year greetings cards from Lofthouse Park, Stratford, Stobs, Holyport or from unnamed camps (2, one possibly Knockaloe), an Easter greetings card from Handforth and a Jewish New Year card from Lofthouse Park, seven posted with named censor cachets from Handforth, Lofthouse Park (2) and Holyport. Also a Christmas card from the Central Prisoners of War Committee in London. (9). £220-260
Radford. 1917 3d Postal stationery registration envelope endorsed from a P.O.W at Radford Camp, cancelled at Coventry with violet oval "PRISONERS OF WAR CAMP / P.C. / RADFORD, COVENTRY". No cachet recorded for this camp in "Prisoners of War in British Hands during WW1" by G. Mark. Photo on Page 59. £100-150
Ireland - Oldcastle. 1916 (Mar 16) P.O.W envelope franked 1d with red circular "PRISONERS OF WAR / P.C / OLDCASTLE", very fine. £80-100

G.B - P.O.W Ships

"Saxonia" - Southend on Sea. 1915 (Jan 10) Registered cover with three 1d stamps, endorsed from a P.O.W on H.M.S "Saxonia" Hospital Ship off Southend Pier, with violet "P.C / H.M.S SAXONIA / SOUTHEND-ON-SEA", a fine and scarce registered cover. Photo on Page 59. £240-300
"Scotian" - Portsmouth. 1915 Stampless P.O.W envelope to Holland with circular "POST FREE / P.C / PRISONERS OF WAR" and violet oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / PORTSMOUTH / HANTS / 19 JAN. 1915 / H.M.T "SCOTIAN"", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 59. £120-150
"Canada" - Ryde, Isle of Wight. 1914 (Dec 29) Registered cover franked 2d from Ryde to Harrods Ltd in London, endorsed from a P.O.W on the "Canada", with violet circular framed "HEAD QUARTERS / 28 DEC. 1914 / PRISONERS OF WAR SHIP" and unusual boxed "P.C". A rare and superb registered cover. Photo on Page 59. £250-350
"Canada" - Ryde, Isle of Wight. 1915 (Jan 18) Stampless P.O.W envelope endorsed from a P.O.W on H.M.T.S "Canada", Quarantine Anchorage, Ryde, to New York with circular "POST FREE / P.C. / PRISONERS OF WAR" and "NO CHARGE FOR POSTAGE / PRISONER OF WAR LETTER", the interesting original letter enclosed. £80-100
"Uranium" - Ryde, Isle of Wight. 1915 Stampless picture postcard with a handpainted picture of sailing boats and Christmas greetings on the reverse, to Germany handstamped "C.G.H / CENSOR.", circular "POST FREE / P.C. / PRISONERS OF WAR" and oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / RYDE, I.O.W / 15 MAY 1915 / H.M.T "URANIUM"", a little creased, scarce. Photo on Page 59. £160-200
"Lake Manitoba" - Ryde, Isle of Wight. 1915 (Feb 26) Picture postcard from Switzerland to a P.O.W on S.S "Lake Manitoba", Portsmouth, with red "C.G.H. / CENSOR." and violet oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / RYDE, I.O.W. / 3 MAR. 1915 / H.M.T. "LAKE MANITOBA"", the stamp removed by the censor, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 59. £130-160


1914-20 Stampless covers and cards with violet oval "FREE FROM PRISONERS OF WAR / PC / MALTA" (2 types, one numbered "5"), boxed "PRISONER / OF / WAR / LETTER" or "FREE / FROM / PRISONER / OF WAR", also proof strikes on piece of three differing P.O.W cachets. (7). £150-200
1915 (Apr 5) Postcard to London with circular violet "FROM PRISONER OF WAR / PC / MALTA / FREE", oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / INFORMATION BUREAU" and a red London Official Paid c.d.s, the reverse with an illustrated "KAMP POST / MALTA" stamp printed in red, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 59. £250-350
c.1915 Unused postcard, the reverse with illustrated "KAMP POST / MALTA" stamp (as in the previous lot) in violet, fine and scarce. £150-200
c.1915 Unused postcard with a fine illustrated handpainted 'stamp' design inscribed "Weihnacht 1915, Malta, War Prisoners Post", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 62. £160-200

Other Countries

Holland/Switzerland. 1915-19 Stampless covers and cards from British soldiers interned in Holland (7) or Switzerland (7), various cachets and printed envelopes, also two postcards of internees in Switzerland. (16). £100-120
Germany/Bulgaria/France. 1915-18 Covers and cards from P.O.Ws in Bulgaria or Germany (11) including six illustrated postcards, also P.O.W Information Bureau card to Germany, covers to P.O.Ws in Germany handstamped "UNDELIVERABLE / RETURN / TO SENDER FREE" (2), and P.O.W envelopes from German prisoners in France with crowned P.O.W B.E.F censors (3), all fine. (18). £140-160
Germany - Ruhleben. 1914-18 Covers and cards to or from the civilian internment camp at Ruhleben including a card and letter with message partly deleted with cachet or label "The British Censorship is not responsible for the mutilation of this card/letter", 1916 Christmas card, also two letters concerning a former prisoner. (16). £150-200
Mozambique. 1916 Stampless cover to Switzerland from a German P.O.W in Lourenco Marques, with violet oval "PROVINCIA DE MOCAMBIQUE / LOURENCO MARQUES / SERVICE DE PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE" and an octagonal Lourenco Marques datestamp (Sep 20), reverse with a South African bilingual censor label and Zurich arrival c.d.s, very fine. Photo on Page 62. £300-320
Norway. 1915 (Sep 15) Picture postcard depicting ten sailors from H.M.S India, sent by R.A Clarke interned at Jorstadmoen, Faaberg, bearing red perforated label with "PASSERER" and Norwegian arms tied by "HAMAR" c.d.s. Fine and scarce, very little internee mail from Norway received the "Passerer" label. Photo on Page 62. £200-240
Turkey. 1916 Ottomon Red Cross P.O.W cards from British P.O.Ws in Afion-Kara-Hissar, and a stampless F.P.O cover to a P.O.W at Yaubusehie, the numbers in the F.P.O c.d.s and censor cachet both erased by the British censor. (3). £140-160
Spanish Civil War - P.O.W Mail. 1936 Cover to England from a Republican prisoner, Angel Fornas, in Santona prison, franked 30c pair tied by Santona c.d.s (Oct. 8) with scarce boxed censor cachet "CENSURA MILITAR / CAMPO DE CONCENTRACION / del Dep. no 2 - SANTONA", marked "sent 29 Sept". Light folds and part flap missing, an attractive and very scarce cover. Photo on Page 62. £120-150

World War Two and Postwar, from 1939

Service Suspended. 1940-42 Covers and cards all returned including items to Malaya (6), H.M.S "Renown", Jersey, Guernsey, Norway, Burma, etc., various cachets with two covers from Ireland, 1941 cover franked 5/- to India with violet "TRANS PACIFIC / SERVICE SUSPENDED", 1945 cover to Sweden with violet "NO SERVICE / EXCEPT BY AIR", also 1948 cover to Israel with "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER", and 1960 aerogramme to Roumania but returned. (20). £250-350
Service Suspended - China. 1945-50 Covers with 1945 cover from Ireland bearing label "RETURNED TO POST OFFICE / for RETURN TO SENDER as / this letter is addressed to an / ENEMY / OCCUPIED COUNTRY", 1946 cover to Harbin with red boxed "Mail route to destination / blockaded, return to sender" and 1950 covers (2) to Shanghai with violet boxed "SERVICE SUSPENDED / RETURN TO SENDER". (4). £180-220
Censorship - Returned mails. 1940-45 Covers returned by the censor (20) all bearing "Returned to Sender by the Censor" labels all with enclosed slips explaining the reason for their return. Also additional explanatory slips without covers (8), an incoming cover with stamps removed with enclosed slip stating the British censor was not responsible for their removal, and a 1941 leaflet explaining information that is prohibited in letters addressed abroad. A good lot. (51). £400-500
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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