Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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Auction Lots - Page 11
1947-54 Mint selection comprising 1947 Interim Burma Government official set of 13, 1949 official set of 12 and 1954 new currency set of 14 all unmounted, also 1939 3p - 1r officials unused without gum. S.G. £236+. (49). £70-80


(Also lots 70-72, 77, 78, 298-300, 382, 920, 921)

1901 1c Postal stationery postcard addressed to Toronto cancelled violet "ROYAL REVIEW / EXHIBITION PARK CAMP / OCT 11 1901 / TORONTO / ARMY POST OFFICE" with oval "ENQUIRY OFFICE / OCT 18 1901 / POST OFFICE, TORONTO", very fine. This A.P.O cancel used on this one day only, for the military review in front of the Duke of Cornwall and York, during which South Africa war medals were presented. £80-100
1903 KEVII 1c - 50c Set of seven fine mint. S.G. 173/87, £1,000. (7). Photo on Page 116. £260-300
1928-29 1c -$1 Set of eleven fine mint. S.G. 275/85, £375. (11). Photo on Page 116. £100-120


1900-38 Mint collection on pages including KEVII 1907 1/- violet, 1908 Crown CA 1/-, 1913 KGV 10/- (white back), 1921-26 set (both watermarks), 1925 Centenary issue to 5/-, 1935 set, 1938-48 set, all fine. S.G. 1-126, £1,240. £350-400


(Also lots 26, 390, 407, 471, 917)

c.1890-1990s Covers and cards including postal stationery, much commercial mail, etc. (Approx 380). £270-300


Ottoman Period

1737 Entire letter headed from "Cyprus", written in French to Roux & Co in Marseille, apparently disinfected by dipping in vinegar. £180-220
c.1870 Stampless official cover sent within Cyprus, sent free of charge to the Ministry of Finance, reverse with an impressed red wax seal. Minor creasing and unobtrusive opening faults at top edge but very scarce, few official covers recorded from Cyprus during the Turkish Administration. Photo on Page 82. £1,200-1,500

G.B Used in Cyprus

Larnaca. 1879 (Apr 2) Registered double rate cover to London bearing 1d red plate 195 pair and 2 1/2d rosy-mauve plate 12 pair each tied by "942" numeral, with oval "REGISTERED/CYPRUS" datestamp also tying the stamps and blue crayon registration number "15". Backstamped with a further strike of the Registered Cyprus datestamp and a London arrival c.d.s. Probably the finest of the very few registered covers recorded with GB stamps. A rare and exceptional double rate registered cover. Photo Inside Back Cover. £8,000-10,000
Larnaca. 1879 (Oct 17) Registered letter receipt for letter No. 209 sent to Nicosia, with "LARNACA / CYPRUS" c.d.s, three vertical folds, otherwise fine. Probably the only surviving registered letter receipt from the G.B stamp period, ex. Cruttwell. £180-220
Limassol. 1880 (Mar 5) Cover to Paphos franked at the 1d inland rate by two examples of the 1/2d rose-red plate 13 tied by "975" numeral with "LIMASSOL / CYPRUS" c.d.s below. Both stamps with some insect damage, the cover with a little light staining and roughly opened at right edge with a small part of the c.d.s torn away. Nevertheless a rare use of the 1/2d stamps to pay the internal letter rate; the Cruttwell and Warwick collections each contained one internal cover franked at the 1 1/2d rate, paid by a 1/2d + 1d (sold for £7,000) or three 1/2d stamps (sold for £10,000). Photo on Page 82. £3,000-3,500

Cyprus Overprints on G.B

1881 G.B 1/2d Postal stationery postcard with "CYPRUS" overprint cancelled by superb Larnaca c.d.s (Mar 6). Walter Page writes from the Post Office at Larnaca to the Ipswich stamp dealers Whitfield King & Co asking how much they will pay for used Cyprus stamps "particularly for small 1/2 stamps out of use at present + new 1/2 ones". A good example of this 1/2d card which is scarce properly used. Photo on Page 82. £300-350

Cyprus Issues on Cover

1882 (Mar 12) Cover to Germany bearing 1/2pi emerald-green strip of four tied by three "942" numeral cancels and a Larnaca c.d.s, a further Larnaca datestamp alongside, with an arrival backstamp. An exceptionally scarce use of a Crown CC 1/2pi strip to pay the 2pi letter rate, exhibition quality. Photo on Page 82. £3,000-3,500
1882 (Sep 26) Long O.H.M.S cover to "Commissioner, Nicosia" bearing Crown CC 2pi and " 1/2" surcharge on 1/2pi pair (S.G. 23) each cancelled by scarce "D47" numeral with a Troodos c.d.s below. An exceptionally scarce use both of the 1/2pi surcharge stamps on cover and of the "D47" numeral which was issued to Polymedia but is known used from Troodos during the summer months of 1882-85 (with five covers and cards recorded). A portion of the cover has been torn out to the left of the stamps (now filled with blue paper); however the 3pi rate is correct and no other stamps are removed. £800-1,000
1889 (Apr 24) 2pi F Size registration envelope to England bearing Crown CA 30pa pair, 1/2pi and 2pi all tied by Larnaca squared circle datestamps, with red framed "R" and oval registered datestamps of Cyprus and London. An unusual and attractive franking. Photo on Page 82. £450-500
1893 (May 23) Cover to London bearing 1892 die II 2pi tied by "D47" numeral with "POLYMEDIA / CYPRUS" c.d.s alongside, an exceptionally fine example of this scarce numeral cancel. Ex. Warwick. Photo on Page 82. £600-700
1894 (Aug 2) Cover to Larnaca bearing 1892 die II 1/2pi tied by fine "D48" numeral with "PLATRES / CYPRUS" c.d.s on the front, backstamped at Limassol and Larnaca. The "D48" numeral was issued to the Head Quarters Camp but was used at Platres from 1889. Some light staining but scarce, very few examples of the "D48" numeral recorded on cover. Photo on Page 82. £1,000-1,200
1897 (Dec 18) Cover to Scotland bearing 1896 2pi tied by "POLYMEDIA / CYPRUS" c.d.s, backstamped at Limassol. A scarce use of this c.d.s as a cancellation. Photo on Page 84. £400-450
1901 (Mar 16) QV 10pa Newspaper wrapper from Larnaca to Limassol handstamped with very scarce "REFUSED" and a "RETURNED LETTER OFFICE / CYPRUS" c.d.s code "B", very fine. Photo on Page 84. £200-250
1912 Registered cover to India with 1904 KEVII 30pa and 1pi pair tied by "TROODOS / CYPRUS" datestamps, bearing a Troodos registration label, backstamped at Port Said and Port Taufiq. A little minor staining, an attractive cover from Troodos. £180-220
1915 (Apr 27) Large registered O.H.M.S cover to Switzerland with KGV 4pi tied by Nicosia bridge type double ring datestamp, oval framed "R" handstamp and boxed four line "REGISTERED" handstamp with "NICOSIA / Cyprus / No. 312" in ink. Reverse with wax seals impressed with "NICOSIA / (crown) / CYPRUS" mailbag seals and a Bern arrival c.d.s. This Indian type boxed Registered handstamp believed to have been left in Cyprus by the Indian Field Post Office in 1878; just two examples are recorded. Vertical fold at left, otherwise fine, very rare. Photo on Page 84. £400-500
1915 (Aug 6) Stampless cover to England with "TROODOS / CYPRUS" c.d.s, signed "C McCree, Major, 7th Bn A.I.F". From an Australian Officer at the convalescent camp at Mount Troodos, probably evacuated from Gallipoli. Fine and very scarce. £200-250
1936 (Aug 4) Registered cover from Nicosia to Athens franked 1934 2 1/2pi vertical pair, handstamped with red double ring "POSTAL CENSOR / E. (crown) R. / CYPRUS". A little reduced at upper edge upon opening and addressees surname written through in ink, nevertheless a fine example of this Edward VIII censor cachet of which very few examples are known. Photo on Page 84. £350-400
1948 (Aug 7) Cover from Limassol to Nicosia franked KGVI 1/2pi, handstamped with "T" and large 2CP" charge mark, scarce. £300-350


(Also lots 8, 90, 91, 103, 126-129, 146, 147, 226-230, 280-283, 289-296, 361, 378-380, 421, 424, 427-429, 435, 439, 444)

1734 Entire letter from Cairo, addressed to Venice, endorsed "Con Nave Che D.G". £100-120
French Occupation. 1798 (Nov 11) Entire letter from General Le Roy at Alexandria to another Officer at Damietta charged 10 decimes, handstamped with the very scarce large size "ALEXANDRIE", of which only three or four examples are believed to exist. Photo Inside Back Cover. £1,800-2,200
French Occupation. 1800 (Dec 16) Entire letter signed "Foure", written at Boulac but handstamped "LE CAIRE", addressed to Citizen Fournier at Samanoud, very fine. Photo on Page 84. £700-800
British P.O. 1864 (Nov 5) Printed envelope "TELEGRAM. / Per ALEXANDRIA, CAIRO & SUEZ TELEGRAPH" addressed to Cursetjee Furdoonjee, Bombay, franked G.B 1862 1/- cancelled by central "BO2" numeral with a "SUEZ" (Nov 5) British P.O c.d.s below. Also an 1863 entire letter to the same address with 1856 1/- cancelled "BO2", datestamps of Suez and Bombay. Neither stamp tied but both from a well known correspondence and clearly belong, the Telegram envelope very scarce. At this date the telegraph cables to India only extended as far as Suez, where telegraph messages were placed in Telegram envelopes and posted into the British Post Office. (2). Photo on Page 84. £1,000-1,200
British P.O. 1875-76 Covers to Lancashire bearing 2 1/2d rosy-mauve plates 1, 2 or 3 all cancelled "BO2" with a "SUEZ" c.d.s alongside. (3). £120-150
British P.O. 1877 G.B 1 1/4d Postal stationery postcard to England cancelled "BO2" with a "SUEZ" c.d.s below, written on the mail steamer "Khedive". A couple of light creases, otherwise fine, a scarce card used abroad. Photo on Page 84. £300-350
P.O in Turkey. 1866 Entire letter to Alexandria with 1866 1pi tied by fine "POSTE VICE-REALI EGIZIANE / CONSTANTINOPOLI" c.d.s with a second strike alongside, arrival backstamp. A fine early cover from this Consular Post Office which opened in 1865, the first Egypt stamps issued in 1866. Photo on Page 88. £700-800
1871 Third issue 1pi Penasson Essay in red, third type essay recess-printed directly onto the envelope, 124x75mm, fine. £110-130
1875 Entire letter to Cairo bearing 1pi red tied by "POSTE EGIZIANE / ALESSANDRIA / STAZIONE" c.d.s, a further strike alongside, very fine. Photo on Page 88. £200-240
1896-1952 Covers and cards with cancels of "Cooks Tourist Service" (10, one registered), "Simon Arzt" at Port Said (5, one registered) or Alexandria Seamans Home (9, one 1918 card franked G.B 1d). Also picture postcards (4), 1900 Cook's Nile Steamboat Service pictorial cover, and Simon Arzt cachets (3), an interesting collection. (32). £250-300
Postal Stationery. c.1880-1920 Covers and cards, used and unused, some scarcer cancels noted, a few stained though the majority are fine. (100). £150-180


(Also lot 311)

1911 (Oct 1) Cover sent within Dire-Daoua bearing 1/4g - 16g provisional set of seven each handstamped "AFF. EXCEP / FAUTE TIMB" and surcharged in manuscript, the first day of use of this issue which was only used at Dire-Daoua for five days. Philatelic but still very scarce, two vertical folds clear of the stamps, otherwise fine. £150-200


(Also lot 485)

1938 KGVI 1/2d - £1, the original twelve values issued in 1938 and the 1941 3d, the 9d unmounted and 2/6 stained otherwise all superb unmounted mint. S.G. 146/63, £710. (13). Photo on Page 116. £180-240


c.1900-2000 Covers and cards including postal stationery, censors, special cancels, etc. (288). £250-280


(Also lots 64, 82-84, 86-93, 117-122, 127, 140-143, 448, 449, 456, 457, 527, 528, 565, 638, 639, 641-645, 932, 1127, 1191)

1871 (Jan 5) Small printed "Par Ballon Monte" lettersheet sent to Peronne, flown on the "Duquesne" with "ARMEE FRANCAISE / E" c.d.s and Peronne (Jan 10) arrival backstamp, franked 20c blue (repaired corner) cancelled "A.F.E" lozenge. Attractive and scarce with the army cancel. Ceres €2,850. Photo on Page 88. £400-500


1756 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Marseille with small crowned "B" handstamp of Bordeaux, '4.3' Martinique rate on reverse, charged 9 sous inland postage in France, fine and early. £300-350
1771 Entire letter from "Sais Sousy" (Ste Luce?) to Marseille handstamped "DE ROCHEFORT", charged 18 sols. £200-250
1785 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Lyon with red curved "COLONIES" and "COLON-FRANC. / PAR MARSEILLE", charged 22 sols. £200-250
1788 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Lyon handstamped "LA MARTINIQUE" (Jamet type 3) and "COLON-FRANC. / PAR MARSEILLE", charged 27 sols. The 'La Martinique' handstamp used 1784-88 during the 'Paquebot Royaux' period. Scarce. Photo on Page 88. £400-500
1814 (Dec 1) Entire letter from St. Pierre to Bordeaux, written on the day the island was returned to the French, backstamped "MARTINIQUE" (Jamet type 10) with fine "COLONIES PAR / LA ROCHELLE" handstamp, charged 5 decimes. £250-300
1816 (Apr. 22) Entire letter to Bordeaux, sent during the fourth British Occupation of 1815-16, handstamped "MARTINIQUE" (Jamet type 10) and "COLONIES PAR / BORDEAUX", charged 2 decimes, very fine. Photo on Page 88. £280-350
1833 Entire letter from Riscle to St. Pierre, Martinique with "31 / Riscle" handstamp, "NOGARO" c.d.s and red boxed "PP", endorsed "par Bordeaux". An early ingoing cover. £100-120
1854 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Paris with large red senders cachet "F. MASSON FILS. A. BOCANDE & CIE / COMPIE DES BATEAUX / A VAPEUR / DES / ILES DU VENT / ST PIERRE MARTINIQUE", a St. Pierre c.d.s and "12" decimes charge mark, sent via England in closed bag. £100-120


1870 Cover to Paris bearing French Colonies 1859-65 10c and 40c tied by a diamond of dots, red boxed "PD" and datestamps of St. Denis and "Col. Fr. V. Suez". £100-120


1860 Entire letter from St. Louis to Bordeaux with "DIRECTION DE LA POSTE AUX LETTRES / ST LOUIS / (SENEGAL)" handstamp in black (Jamet type 1, recorded 1855-60), red "COLONIES FRA / PAUILLAC" c.d.s and boxed "PD", with an arrival backstamp, fine and attractive. £130-160
1865 Stampless entire letter from St. Louis to Nantes with blue handstruck "6", "SENEGAL ET DEP / ST LOUIS" and "COL. FR. PAQ. FR. / BORDEAUX" c.d.s, arrival backstamps. £170-200


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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