Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
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At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
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Auction Lots - Page 14
Literature. Various mainly hardback histories of the New Zealand Goldfields including "History of Gold Mining in New Zealand" (Salmon, 1963), "The Gold Reefs" (Latham, 1992), "The West Coast Gold Rushes" (May, 1962), "Gold in a Tin Dish" (Johnston, 1992, two volumes), "Westlands Golden Sixties" (Miller, 1959), "The Golden Cobweb" (Glasson, 1957), "History of Early Gold Discoveries in Otago" (Pyke, 1962), etc. (10). £100-120
Postcards. Various mainly Edwardian picture postcards written up on pages, illustrating gold mines or batteries (26), gold dredges (9) or stage coaches (9), includes real photos of the 'Big Cut' works at Martha Hill, Forest Creek dredge, coaches (3), etc., an interesting lot. (45). £150-180
Share Certificates. 1889-1901 Share certificates for various Gold Mining companies, mainly from the Coromandel Gold Fields, comprising The London & N.Z Exploration Co. (with all coupons attached), Blagroves Freehold Gold Mining Co., Kauri Freehold Gold Estates Ltd, The May Queen Hauraki Ltd, Standard Exploration Co. Ltd., Island Block Gold Mining Co., The New Moanatairi Gold Mining Co., The Tokatea of Hauraki Ltd (with all coupons attached), Tararu Creek Gold Mining Co and The N.Z Red Hill Gold Mining Co., some illustrated, an attractive group. (10). £400-500

The Otago Goldfield

1862 Printed "Province of Otago, Miners Right", annual licence costing £1, issued at Waitahuna, a little crumpled but otherwise fine, attractive and very scarce. Also an 1892 licence to construct and use a water-race issued at Riverton, allowing the renewal of a two mile water-race at Old Companys Race thence to Stoney Creek and down to Arethusa Lease, Longwood. (2). £250-300
Waitahuna/Goldfield. 1867 Cover to Dunedin with 2d blue Chalon Head tied by light obliterator and "GOLDFIELD/OTAGO. N.Z" double ring datestamp (code "A") on the front, backstamped at Dunedin. A reasonable strike of this very scarce Goldfield c.d.s, of which most of the very few recorded examples are used as backstamps. Photo on Page 102. £300-400
Waipori/Goldfield. 1867 (Feb 9) Cover from Dunedin to Waipori with 2d deep blue Chalon Head tied by Dunedin "O" duplex, endorsed "Unclaimed" with "GOLDFIELD / OTAGO N.Z" c.d.s (Feb. 12, code "C") on the front, backstamped upon arrival back in Dunedin in September. An unusually clear example of the scarce Goldfield c.d.s proving its use at Waipori and an unusual use on the front of the cover, virtually all the few recorded examples being used as backstamps. Photo on Page 102. £500-600
Macraes. 1865 Cover to London bearing 1864 6d brown Chalon Head (perf faults at base) cancelled in manuscript with "Mc-raes 4/8/65" written alongside, the stamp cancelled in transit with "OTAGO" obliterator. Backstamped at Dunedin and London with red London Paid arrival c.d.s on the front. The reverse a little soiled, otherwise fine and rare, sent just 11 days after the Post Office opened, the only example of this cancel recorded in "New Zealand Postal Manuscripts" by A.R. Marshall. Photo on Page 102. £300-350
1882-83 Covers addressed in Chinese and English to Chinese merchants in Dunedin, all from Chinese workers on the goldfields. Franked 1874-78 2d (2, both with enclosed letters written in Chinese) cancelled "O24" of Alexandra South or "O30" of Roxburgh, or 1882 2d posted at Queenstown. An interesting and scarce group. (3). Photo on Page 102. £400-500
The fine written up collection of the postal and social history of the Otago Goldfields including a natural alluvial gold nugget from the goldfield, covers and cards (44), picture postcards (21), stamps and pieces (111), share certificates (2) and a cheque. Twenty covers bear Chalon Head issues and include the numeral cancels "O30" of Teviot Junction, "O8" of Arrow River, "O23" of Clyde (2), "O17" of Lawrence, "O24" of Manuherikia, "O44" of Blacks Diggings, "O37" of Mount Ida, "O5" of Waikouaiti, "O43" of Kyeburn, "O31" of St. Bathans, "O53" of Hamiltons, "O22" of Matura, with others from Dunedin, Wanganui or Wellington sent to the goldfields. Also later QV covers including numeral cancels "O24", "O17", "O8" of Arrowtown (applied in transit to registered cover from Macetown with four 1d stamps) or "25", various datestamps, incoming QV covers from G.B (3) and many scarce cancels on stamps or pieces including Chalon Heads to the 1/- value and manuscript cancels. (180). Photo on Page 102. £2,000-2,500

West Coast Goldfields

Ross. 1866-67 Covers to England both with 1864 2d Chalon Head, the 1866 cover cancelled by manuscript "R" with manuscript "Ross 20/2/66" in the opposite corner, the 1867 cover cancelled "C/6" obliterator with manuscript "Ross 24/9/67" alongside the stamp, both with Hokitika transit datestamps and British arrival marks. An interesting pair, the "C/6" obliterator issued to Ross in 1867. The 1866 cover with tear at upper edge and a little creasing, the 1867 cover with an unobtrusive vertical fold but otherwise fine. (2). Photo on Page 104. £160-200
Okarita/Hokitika. 1869 (Sep 11) Cover bearing 1864 1d orange-vermilion Chalon Head pair each cancelled by Hokitika "C/21" duplex, addressed to "The Manager, Okarita Gold Mining & Water Race Co., Ross" but endorsed "not known", "no such co. in Ross" and "Try Okarita". The reverse with manuscript "Okarita 20/9/69" and datestamps of Ross (Sep 14) and Hokitika (Sep 15). An interesting cover, returned to Hokitika before finally being delivered at Okarita with Post Office endorsement written upon arrival. Flap torn, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 104. £250-300
HoHo Creek/Higgins Correspondence. 1867-70 Covers from Cornelius Higgins to his brothers Henry or James in Wallbridge, Gloucestershire, each bearing a 6d Chalon Head, the 1867 cover sent via Panama on the first voyage of the "Kaokora", the stamp cancelled by manuscript "HoHo 16/5/67". The two 1870 covers cancelled by Hokitika "C/21" duplex or cancelled in manuscript (possibly "H" of Half Ounce) overstruck with an obliterator. Also 1872 cover franked G.B 6d Chestnut plate 11 sent from Stroud to "Mr Cornelius Higgins, Murray Creek, Near Reefton, Inaugahua, Nelson Province, New Zealand" endorsed "unclaimed" (faults, part reverse missing), presumably returned to England. A few faults though an interesting group, the scarce "HoHo" manuscript cancel very attractive. (4). Photo on Page 104. £450-550
Paroa. 1873 (June 30) Registered cover to Scotland bearing three 1871 6d Chalon Heads each cancelled by manuscript "P" and tied by an oval obliterator in transit at Greymouth, manuscript "Paroa 30/6/73" at the right and red "581 Registered". Backstamped at Greymouth, Hokitika and in Scotland with red London Registered datestamp on the front. A little soiling and a few edge faults, tear at right edge, nevertheless a scarce manuscript cancel on a registered cover. Photo on Page 104. £250-300
1882 Cover to Wellington bearing 1874-78 1d and 2d, and 1882 Stamp Duty 1d blue all tied by light oval obliterators, backstamped at Charleston, Westport and Wellington, minor stain at lower edge and small part flap missing, otherwise fine. An attractive and unusual franking, using the 1d postal fiscal to make up the 4d double rate. Photo on Page 104. £150-200
1884 Long registered cover to the Public Works Office in Nelson, the address panel headed "Tender for Point 46 Lyell Road Improvement Contract", franked 1882 1d (2, a few stained perfs) and 6d cancelled by two superb oval "WP/10" obliterators with the Lyell c.d.s below, endorsed "Registered No. 56". A fine red oval "REGISTERED / No. (190) / N Z / WESTPORT" applied in transit, backstamped at Westport and Nelson and endorsed "Received from P.O Nelson 7.4.84". A fine and attractive registered cover. Photo on Page 104. £150-200
The fine written up collection of the postal and social history of the West Coast Goldfields, comprising covers and cards (43), picture postcards (16), stamps and pieces (99) and ephemera (3). Eleven covers bear Chalon Head issues and include the manuscript cancel "Okarita 13/8/66" (another cover to Okarita with similar manuscript cancel on reverse) or the numeral cancels "21" of Hokitika (3), "V/4" of Ross, "20" of Grey River/Greymouth, "14" of Cobden or "N/4" of Westport (to London via Panama). Later QV covers include "V/4" and "N/8" numerals, various duplexs and datestamps, 1886 cover franked 2d + 6d and 1900 1d postcard uprated 1/2d both from Goldborough to Switzerland, 1894 1/2d wrapper to "No Town" marked "Unclaimed", 1896 cover to England endorsed "Registered at Ngahere" franked 1882-1900 1d, 2d + 2 1/2d (3), other registered covers, official mail, etc. Also many scarce cancels on stamps and pieces (with some Chalon Heads) including manuscript cancels (19), "W" of Hokitika (4) and rare violet circular rubber "ALPINE HILL / POST OFFICE" with manuscript date on piece. An interesting lot. (161). Photo on Page 104. £1,200-1,500

Marlborough & Nelson Goldfields

The collection written up on pages, including Chalon Head covers from Nelson to Motueka franked 2d or to Scotland franked 6d both with "N/1" obliterator, Picton to England franked 6d, or Havelock to England with imperf 6d tied "7" numeral. Also later covers including 1904 registered cover from Golden Ridge and scarce 1937 cover from Maggie Creek (open 1933-41, site of the last government attempt to encourage gold prospecting), and cancels on stamps or pieces (23, some manuscript types). (33). £400-500

Coromandel Goldfield

Waikino. 1896 Cover to "H.P Barry, Supt. Waihi Gold Mg Co, Waihi" bearing 1882-1900 2d cancelled by manuscript "Waikino 23/10/96" with Waihi arrival backstamp. Also a postcard showing the gold mine at Waikino and a later 1890s piece showing the c.d.s. A fine and scarce cover sent just eight days after the Post Office opened; no datestamp was sent to Waikino until 1897. Photo on Page 107. £150-200
The written up collection of the postal and social history of the Coromandel Goldfield comprising covers and cards (13), picture postcards (8), stamps and pieces (53) and a share certificate, including covers to mines or miners returned unclaimed (3), manuscript cancels on stamps (7), Chalon Heads with "Coromandel" obliterators or "A/3" numeral of Thames, KGV 6d with scarce Muirs Reef c.d.s, various datestamps on cover including Kuaotunu, Mackaystown, etc. An interesting lot. (75). £400-500


1903 Cover posted unpaid from Philadelphia to Bluefields handstamped "T" with Nicaragua 1900 10c mauve and 1901 20c on 5p applied to collect the postage due charge, tied by oval Bluefields datestamp. A little light edge staining, otherwise fine, a scarce use of postage stamps as dues. £150-170
1903 Cover posted unpaid from Philadelphia to Bluefields handstamped "T" with 20c due overprinted "1901 Correos" for postal use, but here used as a postage due, tied by red oval Bluefields datestamp. Fine and scarce. Photo on Page 107. £120-150


1913 Postal stationery postcard to Holland bearing a 1c stamp, each cancelled "LAHAD DATU" c.d.s, with a Singapore transit datestamp. Small faults to lower corners, otherwise fine. £120-150


KGVI Issues in imperf pairs comprising 1948 Independence 1 1/2a, 1r, 1949-53 6a, 8a, 12a, 1951-56 3a, 8a, 12a and 1951 Service 8a, all superb unmounted mint, all unlisted imperforate by S.G. (10 pairs). Photo on Page 113. £350-400


1903 Cover to Germany from the newly established German settlement of Hohenau, bearing 1c (8) and 10c pair on the front and 1c (18) + 2c (7) on the reverse, the 35 stamps paying the 60c rate. All stamps cancelled by manuscript "Hohenau / Abril 17 1903" (written 13 times) then cancelled in transit on 2 May by Asuncion datestamps. Lower edge with tears, otherwise fine, unusual and attractive. Photo on Page 107. £160-200


1863-73 Entires to Lima bearing 1862-66 1d red (4) or 1868 1d green (7), various cancels comprising circular datestamps of Chala, Yca, Pasco (2) or Truxillo (2), straight line Paita (2) or Huancayo, dotted Islas or Yslai, nine with four margin stamps, an attractive group. (11). £500-600


(Also lots 304, 344, 473, 936)

c.1880-1990s Covers including postal stationery, various colonies, etc. (Approx 580). £280-320
Madeira. c.1900-32 Picture postcards (50+), most postally used, also a number of modern cards. £80-100


Dubai. 1947 (Aug 27) Cover to England bearing India KGVI 1a tete-beche pair and 3 Pies surcharge on 1a3p block of four, cancelled by two fine "DUBAI / PERSIAN GULF" datestamps. India and Pakistan were partitioned on August 15th and Dubai then became the responsibility of the Pakistan Post Office; however Pakistan stamps were not available until October and India stamps therefore remained in use for this first six week period of Pakistani administration. Philatelic but still very scarce, few covers recorded. Photo on Page 107. £400-500
Kuwait. 1948 (Sep 19) Registered cover to the USA bearing Olympic Games overprint set of four each tied by the incorrectly spelt "KUWATT" c.d.s, with a Kuwait registration label. £100-120
Kuwait. 1954 Australia 10d air letter to Ahmadi, Kuwait, the left edge burnt, with red boxed "SALVAGED MAIL / AIRCRAFT CRASH / SINGAPORE 13.3.1954". A very scarce destination for mail from this crash. £280-300
Muscat. 1947 "Indian Posts and Telegraphs Dept." envelope sent from Karachi to Muscat (apparently hand carried), an "Indian Posts and Telegraphs Dept." National Economy label then applied to the reverse and the cover reused, sent unstamped on official Post Office business to England with a "MUSCAT" c.d.s and boxed "MUSCAT / DT ARABIA". A rare cover, this boxed Muscat handstamp unrecorded by Robertson. Photo on Page 107. £500-600
Qatar - Umm Said. 1957 (Aug 1) First Day Cover to Goa bearing World Scout Jubilee Jamboree overprint set of three tied by fine "UMM SAID / QATAR" c.d.s. Very scarce, only a handful of covers being processed at the Umm Said office, which only opened in 1956 to handle mail from oil company employees at the oil loading terminal. £200-250


1892 First arms issue 1d, 2/-, 5/-, 10/- and £1 each perfined "SPECIMEN" (Samuel type B1), fine mint. (5). Photo on Page 113. £200-250
1910-13 Double Heads, 1/2d - 2/- mint and used selection, the mint stamps including perf 14 5d (2) and perf 13 1/2 8d (2), used stamps with perf 14 4d, 8d (2), 10d, perf 15 2d, 4d, 6d, 1/- (11), 2/- (2), perf 13 1/2 2 1/2d, 8d (2), mainly fine. (69). £300-400
1913-24 Admirals, 1/2d - 2/6 Mint selection including die II perf 14 2/- and 2/6, die III perf 14 2/6 and 3/- on white paper, die III perf 15 8d and 1/- (3), etc. (53). £250-300
1913-24 Admirals, 1/2d - 10/- Used selection including die II perf 15 2/6 (2), die II perf 14 5/- (4) and 10/-, die III 10d (3), etc. (110). Photo on Page 116. £300-400
Northern Rhodesia. 1952 3d Postage due on chalk surfaced paper in a complete unmounted mint pane of sixty, superb. S.G. D3a, £480. £150-180


(Also lot 699)

1856-1985 Mint and used collection in an album including 1856 6d imperf fine used, 1861 perforated 6d used (2), 1864-80 Crown CC issues used to 5/- (20) and 1884-94 Crown CA issues used (9), 1890 set mint, KEVII 1903 issue used to 1/-, 1908 set used to 10/-, 1938-44 set mint, 1948 Silver Wedding 10/- used, and 1953-85 QEII sets apparently complete used (except Tristan Relief issue, all probably C.T.O), a useful collection. (100s). £350-400


Postal Stationery

1894 8c Envelope stamp die proof in blue on buff paper (35x54mm), initialled and dated "23/11/94" in red ink, light crease clear of the design, otherwise fine and a very scarce coloured die proof. Photo on Back Cover. £1,500-1,800
1894 15c Envelope stamp, die proof in black on wove paper, 51x67mm, with guide lines, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 122. £1,200-1,400
1894 30c Envelope stamp, die proof in black on wove paper, 66x56mm, with guide lines, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 91. £1,200-1,400


1903 (June) India 2a pale violet overprinted "BRITISH SOMALILAND" at the top of the stamps, in a complete unmounted mint sheet of 240, separated by a central gutter into two panes of 120, includes the varieties missing second "I" in "BRITISH" (2) and figure 1" for first "I" in "BRITISH", superb, framed (not suitable for posting). S.G. 3/a/b, £1,690 (sheet). £400-450
1903-35 Mint selection comprising 1903 (June) QV 1/2a - 5r set of 13, 1903 (Sep) QV 2a6p - 1r and KEVII 1/2a - 8a, 1904 KEVII 1/2a - 5r set of 13, 1905-11 1/2a - 12a set of eleven, 1912-19 1/2a - 5r set of 13, 1921 1/2a - 5r set of 13, 1935 Silver Jubilee set, mainly fine. S.G. 1-21, 25-89, £930. (77). £300-350


(Also lots 31, 32, 109-116, 153-162, 416, 420, 732, 1102)

Boer War

Boer Invasion of Natal. 1900 Transvaal 1d postcard written in German from Glencoe to a crew member of a Deutsche Ost Afrika Linie ship at Delagoa Bay, cancelled violet "Veldpost / Glencoe / 17 Jan. 1900" with similar violet "PK / NewCastle / 17. Jan 1900" transit handstamp and a Lourenco Marques backstamp. Photo on Page 107. £260-280
Boer Invasion of Natal/Cape. 1899 (Dec 23/25) Covers to Lady Grey bearing O.F.S 1d tied by "ALIWAL-NORTH" or "ALIWAL NORTH / C.G.H" datestamps, both with arrival backstamps, and cover to Krugersdorp with Transvaal 1/2d pair tied by violet straight line "COLENSO, 15 JAN. 00", backstamped at Hoofdlager, Johannesburg and Krugersdorp. (3). £130-150
O.F.S Censor. 1900 (Jan 17) O.F.S 1d Postcard with an additional 1/2d stamp sent from Fauresmith to Bulawayo with violet oval "POSTMEESTER GENERAAL / ORANJE-VRY STAAT" censor cachet containing OFS arms, backstamped at Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Durban and Bulawayo, corner crease, otherwise fine. £100-120
P.O.W Mail - India. Cyclostyled postcard No. 11 "Greetings from the Boer Prisoners of War Camp, Umballa, India" with illustrations of the tented camp, washing sheds, water tanks, and a charging Indian lancer, inscribed "Made by a Prisoner of War", unused, the reverse with oval cachet "CENSOR'S STAMP / PASSED CENSOR / BOER CAMP, DAGSHAI & SOLON" dated "1/5/02" and initialled. A little light staining, attractive and very scarce. £150-180
P.O.W Mail - St. Helena. 1901 Letter from a P.O.W at Deadwood Camp headed with a superb illustration of the Island of St. Helena "made by a Prisoner of War 1901"; and a 1902 cover from Holland franked 12 1/2c addressed to Captain de Witt Hamer of the Hollander Vrei Corps at Walbro Cottage, St. Helena, with violet triangular "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / ST HELENA / HEAD OFFICE". (2). £160-200
Schweizer Renecke. 1900 Transvaal 1/2d with "BESIEGED" overprint reading upwards, used with Sep. 12 c.d.s, small thins, good appearance. S.G. 1, £275. £60-70
Mafeking Siege. 1899-1900 "Mafeking Mail" special siege edition, published in the town during the siege (29, all different, various sizes and papers). Also a Baden-Powell autograph on piece affixed below a picture of Baden-Powell cut from a magazine; copy of a draft letter from Baden-Powell regarding Mafeking banknotes; and sheet music "The Siege & Relief of Mafeking" with an illustrated cover. (32). £180-220

Cape of Good Hope

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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