Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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Auction Lots - Page 18
London - Triangular Cancels. QV-QEII Covers, cards and wrappers (52), stamps or pieces (426) all with triangular handstamps, used to cancel printed matter. Includes very scarce intaglio "SM" cancels of St. Martins Place on wrappers (3, '26/SM', '29/SM' or '47/SM') or stamps (10), other cancels of St. Martins Place (SM), Mount Pleasant (MTP), King Edward Building (KE), London Inland Section (IS) or Foreign Branch (F.B, includes 1899 wrapper to Siam), scarce 'CH+' of Charing Cross on cover, W.C or W.C.1, 'London' types and other district initials or suburban telegraphic codes. A good collection in an S.G album, virtually all KGV or earlier. (478). £400-500

Circular Datestamps

c.1860-1912 Single ring datestamps with the place name in a straight line, the interesting collection on pages comprising covers and cards (63), Parcel Post labels (9), stamps and pieces (16), including Arva on stampless 1864 cover to the War Office with red Official Paid c.d.s, Benson on local stampless cover delivered free of charge, Formby on blank type registration label on 1909 cover, undated Fulford cancelling a 1d red on local cover with a further strike on reverse (staining but very scarce), etc. (88). £240-280
1889-1925 Covers and cards with circular datestamps showing cuts to the inner or outer circles including a detailed study of the double ring datestamps of Battersea (26), single circles form Bristol (3, one in blue), Belfast, Epsom, etc. (36). £80-100
Scotland - Double Circles. 1884-1949 Covers and cards (603) or pieces (175) all with the distinctive Scottish datestamps with the office number at base, in a box arranged in number order from "1" to "749". A fine lot, all very fine carefully selected strikes, virtually all different, some islands, stations and unusual late uses noted. (778). £900-1,200

Numeral and Duplex Cancellations

Two stockbooks containing English or Welsh duplex or single numeral cancels on stamps or pieces, in number order from 316 to K95, some scarce numbers and late uses, a fine and large lot (many 100s). £300-400
The collection of London, English, Scottish and Irish single numerals and duplex datestamps on entires, covers and cards (187), also a few stamps, written up in two albums, mostly fine, a few Late Fee types noted. (187+). £250-300
Numeral Errors. 1846-55 Covers with numeral errors "293" of Dudley (error for "263") or "86" of Blackburn (2, error for "98"). (3). £100-120
Spoons. 1855-58 Covers and entire letters with spoon cancels including small and large spoons of Wolverhampton, 1855 "LIVERPOOL / REGISTERED" (1d + embossed 6d, stamps crossed by horizontal file fold), etc. (8). £100-120
Spoons/Sideways Duplexs. 1854-60 Entire letters and covers with spoon cancels of Worcester, Bridgenorth (with a Christmas card enclosed), Shrewsbury (2), Belfast (2), Derry, etc., also sideways duplexs (6) and Aberdeen experimental duplex, mostly fine, written up on album pages. (22). £150-180
1857-1906 Duplexs on covers and cards (41), pieces (12) and a front, the interesting study on pages with Scottish type duplexs from Carlisle (3) or Newcastle (3); unusually large numerals; distinctive types with three wide bars above and below the numeral (20) or five horizontal bars (9, Hull, Alexandria (Egypt), Liverpool, Grampound, Birmingham and Southampton); Cresswell types with a tiny c.d.s from Exeter (3, also similar backstamps of Exeter and Rugby); errors of type with Easingwold 951 showing horizontal side bars and Kendal 411 with a single side bar (3); "STOURBRIGDE" 750 spelling error (2), etc. (54). £400-500
1866-79 Covers and entire letters (75) and pieces (3) with duplex cancels (68) or the numeral portion only removed from the duplex and used as a backstamp (11) all showing impressions of the screws which fixed the duplex into place. Most from London, others from Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester or Salisbury. An unusual lot, the results of many years collecting. (78). £400-500
London. 1860-95 Covers and cards including very scarce 1862 London '50' nine bar duplex (Parmenter trial machine type 50PH3, rated "H"); 1868 Wood Green 53 and 1886 Wood Green 52B errors of type, both English types instead of the correct London type duplex; 1880 Peckham 67 unusually in blue; New Wandsworth 31A (2, one on 1895 Danish reply card sent back to Copenhagen); 1891 "Continental Night Mail / CS2" T.P.O duplex on 1d card, etc. (10). £300-350
England - Numerals. 1844-c.1857 Entire letters, covers and cards in a box, all with 1844 type single numeral obliterators numbered from "1" to "996", the vast majority on imperf 1d reds. Virtually all different with many scarce numbers, including many undated circles and a few Penny Posts, a couple of blue cancels noted. A fine lot that would be hard to replicate. (558). £2,200-2,600
Brighton. 1866 (May 9 - Aug 5) Covers sent internally franked 1d or to France franked 4d, and a 1d red on piece, all with the Brighton 132 duplex error of type, the number in a diamond as used for London duplexs. The 1d red cover a little stained, the cover to France very fine. (3). £120-150
Leeds. 1864 (Jan. 12 - May 31) Covers to France franked 4d pair or 4d + 1d pair or sent internally franked 1d, and 1d reds on pieces (3), all cancelled by the distinctive Leeds 477 duplex with double circle town die, codes 5, 6, 7, 9, 13 or 16 at base, a scarce group. (6). Photo on Page 130. £200-250
Manchester - Beard Trial. 1858 (March) Trials of the distinctive single arc duplex comprising code U (MA 16) on an entire letter to Derby or on piece (MA 11) and code J (MA 23) on piece, all on 1d reds. Only used for about two weeks, very few examples recorded. (3). Photo on Page 130. £300-400
Inverted Numeral Errors. 1866-93 covers with Liverpool 466, Southampton 723 or Manchester 498 duplexs, all with the numeral inverted in error, very unusual. (3). £150-200
Scotland - Numerals. 1844-1913 Entire letters, covers and cards (456), stamps or pieces (119), in a box, all with 1844 type single numeral obliterators numbered from "1" to "634". Virtually all different with many scarce numbers, including some islands, unusual late uses and many undated circles, a couple of blue cancels noted. A fine lot that would be hard to replicate. (575). £1,800-2,200
Scotland - Duplexs. 1857-1920 Covers and cards (508) or pieces (57) with duplex cancels, in a box arranged in number order from "1" to "432", all different offices or types with a fine range of differing types from Edinburgh and Glasgow, dotted duplexs from Dundee and Greenock, Scottish type of Carlisle, some islands and late uses, all very fine carefully selected strikes. A good lot. (565). £1,500-1,800
Scotland - Numeral Error. 1868 (Feb 14) Cover with 1d red tied by Glasgow "195" duplex, error of number for "193", fine and rare, only recorded used for two days. Photo on Page 130. £150-200
Ireland. 1860 Cover with 1d red tied by Kingstown 289 "Trollope" type duplex with double ring town die, and 1883 cover with 1d lilac tied by Enniskillen 214 duplex with previously unrecorded double ring town die. Also covers with similar type double ring datestamps of Kingstown or Enniskillen (2) used as backstamps. (5). £150-180
Ireland - Dublin. 1877-78 Covers and cards with Dublin 186 duplex all showing impressions of the screws used to fix the duplexs in place, one 1877 cover very unusually with the "186" numeral inverted in error. (5). Photo on Page 130. £150-180
Ireland - Numeral Error. 1872 Cover with 1d red tied by Tullamore "84" duplex, error of number for "438", unusual. £80-100
Ireland - "324" Numeral. 1845-47 Covers franked 1d (3) and a 1d pink postal stationery envelope all cancelled with "324" numeral of Maryborough, the 1847 cover with a large wedge cut from the top of the numeral, possibly the result of another cover overlapping the stamp prior to cancelling, a most unusual looking cancel. The 1d pink cover redirected with a 1d red added, tied by "377" numeral. (4). £150-180

Squared Circles

1880-1933 Selected squared circles on covers or cards (14), stamps or pieces (7), the covers including 1881 Bristol in blue tying 1d postal fiscal to a registered cover, 1895 Tottenham S.O used as a backstamp in red, late use of Ruan Minor in 1933, etc., also 1895 South Tottenham S.O in red on an Officially Sealed label. (21). £180-220
London E.C. 1891 (Dec 17) Page bearing proof impressions in red of 26 differing squared circle or square cancels used in London E.C with conventional type squared circles (8), fancy geometric types (9), square boxed datestamps (7) and two rare experimental types, one with a broken middle circle (Stitt Dibden type SD6), the other with two broken circles and horizontal side bars with "59" within the horizontal bars (Stitt Dibden type SD6). A unique page, part of which is illustrated on page 8 of Stanley Cohen's book on London squared circles. Photo on Page 132. £800-1,000
London. 1880-1907 Covers and cards (7), stamps or pieces (14) with the octagonal London experimental datestamps (Cohen type 1), all very fine. (21). £150-180
London. 1880-1906 Fancy Geometric type squared circles of London, London E.C or Lombard St., the fine study on pages with covers and cards (45), stamps and pieces (30), many types. Also square boxed London E.C datestamps on cover or card (3) and conventional type squared circles on covers and cards (14), stamps or pieces (9) including scarce Mark Lane E.C squared circle on 1883 cover. A fine lot. (101). £500-600
Co. Durham - Spennymoor. 1894 (Aug 1) Spennymoor parcel post label bearing 1887 3d tied by superb "SPENNYMOOR" squared circle, a second strike alongside. Rated at RR (3-4 copies recorded) by Cohen in "Collecting British Squared Circles", with a rarity rating of 475 points. Repaired tear, otherwise fine and very scarce, only recorded used 1890-94. Photo on Page 130. £100-120

Cross Channel Mails

1800 Entire letter from Newark to Geneva, smuggled to Switzerland and posted, with boxed "MORGES" handstamp. Letter includes "I enclose under cover to my sister at Morges my letter to you, fearful that by sending it direct from hence with the English postmark my letter might have been stopped & miscarried". £150-200
1834 Entire letter from Madras to Bordeaux, privately carried to London and then posted prepaid 3/6, with superb oval "Forwarded by / ARBUTHNOT & LATHAM / LONDON" F.A.C on the address panel. Fine and attractive, unusual from India. £180-220
1835 Entire letter from London to Orange, the reverse with fine oval "ACHEMINEE DE CALAIS / PAR VOTRE / DEVOUE SERVITEUR / Ns. MORY", datestamps of Calais and Orange. £80-100


1862-1911 Covers and cards (11), fronts (3), pieces and stamps (8) and letters (2), including 1862 piece bearing 1d red and 1856 1/- tied by "INTERNATIONAL / EXHIBITION W / IE / W" duplex, two KEVII 1/- stamps with 1908 "SHEPHERDS BUSH / EXHIBITION B.O.W" c.d.s, 1909 piece with KEVII 1d tied violet "BALLYMACLINTON / SHEPHERDS BUSH EXHIBITION" rubber c.d.s, 1866 letters from the Bavarian or Belgian Ambassadors concerning the International Horticultural Exhibition, 1910 postcard with Bournemouth Centenary Fete label tied by c.d.s, 1904 Bradford Exhibition woven silk postcard by Grant of Coventry, front with printed heading "Domestic Economy Congress at Manchester 1878" signed by Henry Cole, etc. (24). £200-240
1890 Penny Postage Jubilee. South Kensington Museum Penny Postage Jubilee souvenir broadsheet (443x285mm) depicting Mr Edison in America receiving the first 'voice-letter' from England, bearing the six differing 2nd July South Kensington handstamps struck in blue (Pearson types 23, 24) or in red (Pearson 21, 22, 25, 26, two or three strikes of each), a total of 11 handstamps. Exceptionally fine condition, most examples of this broadsheet being faded, torn or folded due to its size, very uncommon in this quality. £200-250
1890 Penny Postage Jubilee. 1890 1/2d Postcard to William Lincoln tied by the Guildhall datestamp (Pearson 18) with the uncommon "BA/E" imitation "British Army Egypt" obliterator, used in the army field tent at the Guildhall event, applied to both sides of the card. A little light staining. £70-90
1897 Stampless cover with printed heading "Brussels International Exhibition, 1897 / British Section" posted within London with red Official Paid c.d.s and violet oval "BRITISH / BRUSSELS / 1897 / EXHIBITION / COMMISSION", an unusual official franking handstamp. £100-120
1911 (June 20) George King cover with three KEVII 1/2d stamps each tied superb "ROYAL SHOW BO NORWICH / 1" skeleton c.d.s, very scarce, only recorded by Pearson for June 27 (Pearson 75, rated "G"). £240-300
1912 (June 25) Stampless George King cover charged 1d postage due, endorsed "Posted at Brockley SE under cover to the Postmaster Royal Agricultural Show Doncaster" with superb "ROYAL SHOW DONCASTER / 1" skeleton c.d.s, very scarce, unrecorded by Pearson. Photo on Page 130. £240-300
1914 (June 30) Registered George King cover with KGV 1d (2) and 1 1/2d, the three stamps each tied superb "ROYAL SHOW BO / SHREWSBURY" skeleton c.d.s, bearing a Shrewsbury 17 registration label (No. 17), London backstamps. Superb and very scarce, unrecorded by Pearson. Photo on Page 135. £240-300
1925 British Empire Exhibition Souvenir Telegram, senders copy in black and the delivery copy in red, superb unused. (2). £200-250
1925-50 Covers (8), pieces (2), etc., including 1925 cover with red "EMPIRE EXHIBITION WEMBLEY PARK GT BRITAIN / 6 NO 1925 / PAID 1 1/2d / (1)" c.d.s, other cancels of 1930 London Naval Conference, 1932 Sutton Coldfield Show, 1936 Manchester Esperanto Congress, 1938 Chelsea Flower Show, also piece with boxed 1930 Manchester Royal Show Parcel Post datestamp. (10+). £120-150
1930-33 Conferences with 1930 India Round Table c.d.s on a C.O.P; 1931 India Round Table c.d.s proof strikes on a letter from the Postmaster and on piece (2), and on two C.O.Ps (7 Sep & 1 Dec. dates, shown as opening and closing days); Burma Round Table c.d.s on C.O.P, part cover and proof impressions on two pieces; Monetary & Economic single ring c.d.s on C.O.Ps (3), double ring c.d.s on Postmaster's letter, also another letter from the Postmaster on headed notepaper, and piece with proof impression of violet oval "DEPOSIT ACCOUNT / No / 12 JNE 33 / MONETARY & ECONOMIC CONFERENCE, LONDON, S.W.7". (16). £160-200
Boy Scouts. 1936 (Aug 7) Certificate of Posting of a registered letter with "MOUNT EDGCUMBE CAMP / PLYMOUTH. DEVON" c.d.s, code "A", scarce. £100-120

Express Mail

(Also lots 113, 474)

1894 22 Page pamphlet "Post Office, Express Delivery of Letters, Parcels, and other Postal Packets" giving inland and international regulations for express delivery and listing London Offices that accept express mail, the front page with tape at left edge; and 1897 four page leaflet "Post Office Express Delivery Service" explaining the advantages of express delivery including the despatch of letters by railway. Two scarce early pamphlets. (2). £200-250
1892-1911 Covers all bearing large red labels "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" (3) or "M - No. 55 / POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" (3, one with 'G&S' imprint of 10/97), one 1895 stampless cover sent within London, the other covers franked 4d (4, 1892-1901) or 3d. Includes a scarce early 1892 cover from Maidenhead to London, others sent from London to Brighton (2), Ilminster to Taunton or within Tunbridge Wells. Two 1899-1901 covers with some staining, otherwise fine. (6). Photo on Page 135. £240-260
1909-56 Covers (16) all bearing "EXPRESS" handstamps including 1909 cover sent within London and 1912 cover from Brighton to the London coin auction of Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, both franked 4d; 1914 1d lettercard bearing a 5d stamp; 1911 White Star Line cover from Liverpool franked 4d; stampless printed "Express Delivery" cover; 1927 stampless Post Office Official Paid cover with tiny "Ex" label; 1941 stampless War Office official cover, etc., also 12 pieces. (28). £220-260
1910 Cover from Smithfield Market to Muswell Hill franked KEVII 1/2d, 1d, 2 1/2d and 7 1/2d, handstamped oval framed "EXPRESS". A most unusual 1/6 rate franking, very attractive. Photo on Page 135. £240-280
1914-65 Inland Express covers (33) and a parcel label all bearing various small Express labels, including railway letters (2) and underpaid covers (3), also various Express labels unused, or used on pieces or fronts (21), various notes and the 1937 Green Paper No. 35A on "Express Service". (56+). £200-250
1924 Stampless cover sent within Bromley with a c.d.s and the large cachet "SPECIAL DELIVERY / PAID" with eight horizontal lines at either side, marked "not known here" and "gone away". Very unusual, the first example of this cachet we have seen. Photo on Page 135. £180-220
Incoming express mail from overseas with 1830-33 letters from France marked "Par Estafette" and handstamped "ESTAF." (2); 1842 letters from Konigsburg marked "p. courier post" (2); and 1898-1965 covers (18) or fronts (3) nearly all with "EXPRESS FEE PAID" cachets applied in G.B, some including the 3d or 6d fee. (25). £160-200


(Also lots 816, 934, 990, 993, 994)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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