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Auction Lots - Page 3
S.S "Bore". 1899 (Dec 29) 10p Postal stationery postcard from Abo to Stockholm with arrival datestamps of 24th August 1900 and small perforated type 3 explanatory label. A fine card, from the bag recovered on 21st August 1900, eight months after the wreck. Photo on Page 25. £160-180
S.S. "Bore". 1899 Cover to Lindkoping, without any 1899 postmark of origin (possibly having been hand carried on the "Bore"), unusually handstamped boxed "FRAN FINLAND" with datestamps of Stockholm (3 May 1901) and Lindkoping (May 4), the reverse sealed with the large perforated type 5 explanatory label. From the final bag of mail found when the ship was raised in late April 1901, 16 months after the wreck. An interesting cover. Photo on Page 25. £160-180
S.S "Newton". 1915 (Nov 1) Picture postcard from Cairo to Stockholm with violet boxed "PASSED / CENSOR / 11" and two strikes of the violet boxed cachet "Skadad vid elds- / vada ombord a angaren / "Newton" i Sunderland / den 14 februari 1916.". A fire occurred amongst the mails on the "Newton" whilst at Sunderland on February 14th, but was extinguished by the crew and not reported until the ship arrived at Uddevalla. An unusual origin for mail from the "Newton". Photo on Page 25. £100-120
S.S "Zeta". 1928 (Nov 20) Cover from Haugesund to Oslo, the stamp washed off, handstamped violet "Post / bjerget fra forlist skib.". Carried on the "Zeta", which arrived in Stavanger with damage to the ship and cargo sustained due to severe weather. Light vertical fold, otherwise fine, newly discovered and therefore not in "British Maritime Mail", the only cover recorded from this incident. Ex. Woolfe. Photo on Page 25. £250-350
S.S "Heimdall". 1929 (Sep 7) Cover from Copenhagen to Abo, the stamp washed off, the reverse sealed with the explanatory label "Bifogade forsandelse / har skadats av vatten vid / angfartyget "Heimdalls" / forlisning den 8 Sept. 1929 / i Stockholms skargard. / Postdirektionen i / Stockholms Distrikt." tied by a Stockholm c.d.s (Sep. 11), Abo machine applied upon arrival (Sep. 12). The "Heimdall" ran aground and sank near Vaxholm on September 8th whilst sailing from Stockholm to Abo. All mails were recovered by divers the following day. £40-50
S.S "Arabritt". 1946 (Mar 7) Cover from Batov, Czechoslovakia to Gothenberg, very soiled and the stamps washed off, enclosed in a transparent Swedish ambulance envelope handstamped violet oval Stockholm datestamp (Mar. 31) and bearing the explanatory label "Forsandelsen har skadats under / befordran med m/s Arabritt fran / Gdansk till Norrkoping.". The mails were damaged in an incident on the "Arabritt" whilst crossing the North Sea from Gdansk, Poland to Norrkoping. Photo on Page 27. £200-250
S.S "Bore 1". 1950 Picture postcard from Finland to Stockholm, the stamp washed off, handstamped violet "Skadad vid / s/s Bore 1 grundstotning". The Bore 1 (the same ship that sank in 1899, then called the "Bore", see lots 100-102) grounded on April 6th at Storgrynnan off the south point of Aland. She was refloated the following day and the water damaged mail recovered. This cachet only used on mails to Swedish destinations. Photo on Page 27. £140-160
S.S "Bore 1". 1950 (April 4) Cover from Kuopio to Hamburg franked 10m vertical pair and bearing a charity label, waterstained and scorched by fire, bearing the violet French language explanatory cachet "Avarie par l'eau a l'echouage du / paquebot "Bore 1" le 6.4.1950 / sur le parcours Turku - Stockholm". Photo on Page 27. £140-160

South & South West Africa

S.S "American". 1880 (Apr 8) Cover from G.B to Rouxville, Orange Free State, franked 1878 6d grey plate 16 tied by Sutton D23 duplex, with "CAPE TOWN" (Sep. 7) arrival c.d.s, backstamped at Rouxville (Sep. 18), the address panel torn with a central hole and a few edge faults, the inside of the cover with the apparently contemporary manuscript message "Saved! When american sunk in Atlantic Ocean sacks of mail put in 8 Boats, this in the Dinghy, the last Boat saved, no lives lost. One by accident afterwards". Carried on the Union steamer "American" which sailed from Southampton and Plymouth for Table Bay but sank on April 23rd 250 miles South West of Cape Palmas after her shaft broke and the aft compartment filled with water. The 134 crew and passengers embarked in eight boats with some of the mail. Three boats were rescued on April 25th and a further three a little later, all being taken to Madeira. The gig was eventually rescued and taken to Quitta, eight mailbags being recovered by then. The ship's dinghy, the smallest of the eight boats, carrying seven crew "reduced to the last extremity" and five mailbags, were finally rescued by the Portuguese brig "Taranjo" on July 21st, after 85 days at sea, and taken to Loanda. The Cape Town c.d.s on this cover proves it was from one of these mailbags carried in the dinghy for 85 days. A remarkable cover, one of just two recorded covers from the "American". Photo Inside Front Cover. £400-500
S.S "Roslin Castle" or "Athenian". 1894 (Mar 28) Cape 1 1/2d postal stationery postcard to England posted on the S.S "Roslin Castle" bound from Southampton to the Cape, cancelled "CAPE COLONY / H / OCEAN POST OFFICE" c.d.s, transferred to the S.S "Athenian" at Madeira on March 28th and landed at Plymouth on April 2nd. Torn and a little waterstained, handstamped violet boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER". A very unusual card with the Ocean Post Office c.d.s, from an unknown incident on one of the two liners that carried this card. Photo on Page 27. £250-300
S.S "Mexican". 1900 (Mar 28) Cover to England with Cape 1d cancelled "601" numeral with "TSOLO" c.d.s alongside, handstamped red "RECOVERED FROM / WRECK OF MEXICAN", Hassocks arrival backstamp (Apr. 28). The Union-Castle steamer "Mexican" left Cape Town for Southampton on April 4th but ran into dense fog and collided with the transport vessel S.S "Winkfield" the following morning when 80 miles from Cape Town. The "Mexican" slowly sank, passengers and crew all being taken on the "Winkfield" and part of the letter mails being recovered and put on the "Tantallon Castle", which arrived in England on April 27th. Photo on Page 27. £120-150
S.S "Mexican". 1900 (Apr 1) Cover from East London to Germany bearing a 1/2d Cape stamp, two other stamps washed off, the reverse bearing the explanatory cachet "Aus der mit dem / uniergegangenen Dampfer *Mexican* / beforderter Post aus Capstadt / Bahnpostamt No 15", a fine example of this German cachet. Photo on Page 27. £200-250
S.S "Mexican". 1900 Red envelope with printed heading "SPECIAL EXPRESS" and address of 'The Standard' in London, endorsed in blue crayon "No stamps, Please Post, RTP Bearing" and in black ink "Recovered from the "Mexican" wrecked near the Cape of Good Hope by H.M Transport Winkfield", "Censored, David Henderson Major, F.I.D" (Field Intelligence Department) and "Collect Postage 4d", the reverse with a triangular "PASSED / PRESS / CENSOR" applied in the Cape. Apparently then hand carried to England and posted unpaid as an express letter at Sunderland with oval framed "EXPRESS" handstamp and two "SUNDERLAND" (June 5) datestamps. A remarkable Express cover, strangely posted in England five weeks after the arrival of the mails from the "Mexican", possibly containing an item recovered later and taken to the Cape. Photo on Page 21. £300-400
S.S "Gertrud Woermann". 1903 (Aug 12) Cape 1d postal stationery postcard to Germany cancelled "CAPE TOWN" c.d.s (Aug 28) with boxed "PAQUEBOT", arrival c.d.s of Stettin (Sep. 20). Written at Swakopmund and posted on the "Gertrud Woermann" bound for Walfish Bay and Cape Town, the ship running aground in dense fog at Port Nolloth on August 22nd, all passengers and mails being transferred to the "Nautilus" and carried to Cape Town where this card was handed in as 'paquebot' mail. Also a German telegram form with Berlin c.d.s (Aug 25) sent from Windhoek reporting the stranding of the ship, and a letter of August 25th from the Woermann Line offices in Hamburg to the Postmaster General in Berlin concerning the incident and the mails on board. An exceptional and unique group. (3). Photo on Page 27. £1,500-1,800
1950 (Nov 23) Cover from Durban to England franked 1d, waterstained, handstamped boxed violet "DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER". One other cover recorded from this incident, the vessel concerned not yet identified. Photo on Page 27. £80-100
M.V "Good Hope Castle". 1973 Long printed matter wrapper from G.B to Cape Town, the left edge burnt, twice handstamped "DAMAGED BY FIRE / SS GOODHOPE CLE" (cachet type 2), a third strike on the reverse. The "Good Hope Castle", travelling from Southampton to Durban, left Ascension on June 29th. Shortly afterwards a lubricating oil pipe fractured causing a fire and the crew and passengers abandoned ship. The still smouldering ship was later towed to Antwerp, arriving late in August, much of the mail found to be severely damaged or totally destroyed. Some mail was salvaged intact, and was sent to London, where an explanatory cachet was applied. Fine and scarce. Photo on Page 21. £200-250

West and North Africa

Schooner "Elan". 1899 (Mar 7) Cover from Dakar to Bordeaux bearing Senegal 15c pair, the reverse endorsed "Lettre Sauvee du naufrage de la goelette Elan et remise par l'Inscription Mme le Finars au bureau de Dakar" and signed, with the handstamp "LE RECEVEUR DES POSTES", datestamps of Dakar and Bordeaux (Mar 17?), the front with a Bordeaux firm's cachet dated March 22. Just three covers recorded from this wreck, about which no further details have been found. An interesting and rare cover. Photo on Page 30. £800-1,000
French Congo. 1908 (Aug 3) Cover to Marseille bearing French Congo 5c, another stamp washed off, cancelled at Lamy, the reverse repaired with stamp edging tied by the cachet "Parvenu en mauvais etat / a Brazzaville le 12 Oct. 08 / Deteriore dans L'OUBANGUI / CHARI-TCHAD. / -NAUFRAGE-". Backstamped at Brazzaville (12/13 Oct.) and Marseille (Nov. 9). An interesting item from an unknown incident, probably occurring in Oubangui-Chari-Tchad in early October. The cover opened out and cut down at the right side and base, probably because of water damage to these sides (such damage evident at the lower right corner). Just four covers recorded with this wreck cachet. Photo on Page 30. £200-250
S.S "Largeau". 1927 (June 10) Cover from Bangui to Brazzaville bearing Oubangui Chari 50c, handstamped "COURRIER NAUFRAGE / SUR LE CONGO", arrival backstamp (June 26), a fine cover. The "Largeau" ran aground on the River Congo close to Brazzaville on June 23rd. Photo on Page 30. £200-250
S.S "General Archinard". 1928 (Dec 26) Cover from Sedhiou, Senegal to Casablanca, the stamp washed off, handstamped "Courrier parvenu mouille / a Dakar suite avarie d'eau / au vapeur ARCHINARD". The river steamer arrived in Dakar on January 15th with wet mails originating from places on River Casamance in Southern Senegal posted in late December or early January. Subsequently sent by air, handstamped red boxed "PAR AVION", with Casablanca arrival backstamp (Jan. 29). Photo on Page 30. £200-250
MV "Iles de Los". 1935 (Dec 20) Cover from Boke, French Guinea, to Paris, the stamps washed off, both sides handstamped "Courrier sinistre / reconstitue par le soins du / Bureau de Casablanca". The "Iles de Los" sank on January 2nd 1936 on her maiden voyage after ramming rocks at Ain Biab, three miles south of Casablanca in thick fog, and breaking into three. The crew and mails from French Guinea and Ivory Coast were saved, the cargo of bananas being lost. A fine cover. Photo on Page 30. £180-220
MV "Iles de Los". 1935 Cover to Paris bearing French Guinea 10c strip of five, handstamped "Courrier sinistre / reconstitue par les soins du / Bureau de Casablanca", Paris arrival machine (Jan. 16). Photo on Page 30. £180-220
Belgian Congo. 1948 (Apr 29) Official registered cover from Boma to Brussels bearing a Boma registration label, the stamps washed off, handstamped violet boxed "PARVENU AVARIE ET RECONSTITUE / A BRUXELLES 1" with manuscript "catastrophe du Libenge" (possibly written on later), backstamped at Matadi (Apr. 31). Two file holes at left and paperclip stains at upper edge, otherwise fine, the incident unknown. Photo on Page 30. £100-120
Belgian Congo. 1948 (Apr 28) Cover from Leopoldville to Belgium franked IF50 and IF25 stamps, a little waterstained, bearing the explanatory label "PAR SUITE D'UNE TEMPETE / EN MER PARVENU MOUILLE / A ANVERS", a Brussels c.d.s (May 24) applied to the label. Two file holes (one through the label, not affecting the wording), otherwise fine. From the same unknown incident as the previous cover. Photo on Page 30. £150-180

Egypt and Sudan

Sudan. 1898 (Apr 30) Cover from Halfa to England bearing Sudan 5m pair, the reverse handstamped "Wet through collision on the Nile" with datestamps of Alexandria (May 8) and Exeter (May 16). The flap a little torn upon opening, otherwise fine, an unusually good example of this scarce and unusual cachet of which 15 examples have been recorded, all apparently on covers from British forces serving in the 1898 Sudan Expedition, the actual incident not recorded. Photo on Page 31. £700-800
S.S "Cairo". 1905 (Feb 27) Picture postcard from London to Alexandria with violet cachet "SAUVE DU NAUFRAGE DU "CAIRO" / SAVED FROM THE WRECK OF S.S. "CAIRO"" and an Alexandria arrival c.d.s (Mar. 6). The S.S "Cairo" ran ashore at the entrance to Alexandria harbour on March 6th, the mailbags which were stacked on deck being swept overboard, 51 bags being recovered. A fine and attractive card. Photo on Page 31. £120-140
S.S "Cairo". 1905 Picture postcard from Poissons, the stamp washed off, handstamped violet "SAUVE DU NAUFRAGE DU "CAIRO" / SAVED FROM THE WRECK OF S.S "CAIRO"", with an Alexandria c.d.s (Mar. 6). £70-100
MV "Nordwind". 1967 (May 20) Cover (with enclosed birthday card) from Karachi to London franked Pakistan 5p, 40p, handstamped "MAIL FROM MV NORDWIND / TRAPPED IN SUEZ SINCE 1967", to explain the eight year delay in transit. The "Noordwind" was midway through the Suez Canal when it was blocked during the Third Arab-Israeli War of 5-10 June 1967; it was one of the first ships to leave the canal, when it was finally cleared in 1975, leaving on May 7th and arriving in London in June. An interesting cover. Photo on Page 31. £100-120
Suez Canal. 1970 (Jan 4) Cover to the Deputy Marine Superintendent of Blue Star Port Lines in London with 20m strip of five cancelled in Cairo, the front with an Egyptian censor cachet and the handstamp "MAILED ON BOARD / G.B.L.A / M/S "PORTSTAR".". The reverse bears similar cachets of seven other ships trapped in the Suez Canal, the "Vassil Levsky", "African Glen", "Lednice", "Agalampus", "Muwiniki", "Sinoh" and "Djakbier", the trapped ships forming The Great Bitter Lakes Association. An unusual cover. £70-80

Palestine and Israel

1946 (June 7) Cover with enclosed letter from Neuchatel to Tel-Aviv, stained and the stamp washed off, handstamped "DAMAGED", the only recorded cover from this unknown incident. Photo on Page 31. £150-180
1961 (Feb 20) Registered cover from Frankfurt to Israel bearing a registration label and four German stamps, another stamp washed off, the reverse sealed by tape, both sides with a three line hebrew cachet in violet which translates as "this postal item was damaged while transported to Israel because of explosion of water pipe in the ship's hold". Backstamped at Haifa and Qiryat Bialik (both Mar. 8). An attractive cover. Photo on Page 31. £150-180
1961 (Feb 7) Cover from Warsaw to Tel-Aviv, the stamp washed off, with a two line hebrew cachet in red, which translates as "damaged on way to Israel". From the same incident as the previous cover. Photo on Page 31. £120-150
S.S "Kypros". 1966 (Nov 4) Registered front from Bucurest, Roumania, to Israel handstamped "PORT PAYE" and bearing a registration label, handstamped with a violet boxed cachet in hebrew, which translates as "this item was damaged on the Ship Kypros which caught fire on 10/11/66". Fire broke out on the Cypriot vessel on November 10th as she approached her berth at Haifa, all passengers and crew landing safely, the blazing vessel subsequently being towed out of the harbour and beached. £80-100
S.S "Kypros". 1966 (Nov 1) Cover from Tecuci, Roumania, to Israel, the stamps washed off, bearing the same violet boxed hebrew explanatory cachet as the previous cover, very fine. Photo on Page 31. £160-200

East Africa

S.S "Kalyan". 1921 (Mar 7) Cover from Entebbe, Uganda, to London franked KUT 10c, handstamped violet "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER.", London arrival backstamp (Apr. 21). Carried on the P.&O. Steamer "Kalyan" which arrived at Marseille on April 18th, a large part of the mail found to have been damaged en route by a gale in the Mediterranean. An unusual origin for "Kalyan" mail. Photo on Page 31. £150-180
S.S "Kalyan". 1921 (Mar 16) Cover from Mombasa, Kenya, to New York franked KUT 3c (2), handstamped violet boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER". An unusual origin for "Kalyan" mail. Photo on Page 33. £120-150
S.S "Cesare Battisti". 1936 (Nov 13) Picture postcard from Castelpoggio, Italy to Somalia and forwarded to Mogadishu, the stamp washed off, bearing the explanatory label "Recuperato dal S/S Cesare Battisti / Sinistrato il 23/12/1936 - XV". The S.S "Cesare Battisti" was disembarking passengers at Massawa, Eritrea, on December 23rd when a boiler exploded and the ship sank, 26 people being killed and over 100 injured. An interesting and rare card, just one other cover recorded from this incident. Photo on Page 33. £400-500


The Michael Goodman Collection

The fine collection covering all aspects of the cancellations and cachets used by British and Commonwealth forces until the end of World War Two with the emphasis on World War One and the inter-war years. The collection also includes P.O.W mail and cancellations used by allied forces in Great Britain. Also see lots 7, 503, 560, 627, 628, 695-701, 708, 916, 929-938, 969, 1141-1170.

19th Century Campaigns

Napoleonic Wars

1810 (Sep 29) Entire letter from "Isla de Spane" to England prepaid at the 1d soldiers rate, headed "Bombr Christ. Jackson R.A" and countersigned "Ysla de Leon, Soldiers Letter, R.H Birch Capt., R. Artillery, 6 Oct. 1810", with a red "FALMOUTH" handstamp. A scarce campaign letter, mentioning a recent engagement where Jackson was in charge of a 24 pounder with six men to work it, and fired 158 rounds until the gum was almost red hot. Photo on Page 35. £500-600
1813 (July 19) Entire letter written from Logrono by Private John Bingley, Royal Regiment of Horse, comprising a detailed eye witness account of the Battle of Vittoria on June 21st, Wellington's decisive victory of the Peninsular War. Prepaid at the 1d soldiers rate, headed with the senders details and countersigned, handstamped rare red "PENNY PD" at Falmouth (CO400), but charged 2/6 in London with circular "MORE / TO / PAY" and superb boxed "NOT ACCORDING / TO THE ACT" on the reverse. A little soiling and staining, the folds repaired, nevertheless a rare postal history item with fine content. Photo on Page 33. £700-900
P.O.W Mail. 1805 (June 20) Entire letter from Rennes to a French Naval Officer Prisoner of War at Lichfield, Staffordshire, inscribed "par Hambourg". Handstamped "P34P / RENNES", red "P.P.P.P" and a good strike of oval "TRANSPORT-OFFICE / (crown) / G.R / PRISONERS OF WAR", backstamped in London (July 10), charged 2/1. Photo on Page 35. £300-350
P.O.W Mail. 1811 (Sep 7) Entire letter written by Elizabeth Mitchel from Paris to London, giving her address as "M.M Mitchel, Prisoniers de Guerre chez Mons Cussac libraire a Paris", apparently privately carried to the Transport Office in London and then posted into the London Twopenny Post with a good strike of oval "TRANSPORT-OFFICE / (crown) / G.R / PRISONERS OF WAR", handstruck "2" and red Two Py Post handstamp (King St. Westmr?), October 5th backstamp. A fine and unusual P.O.W letter. Photo on Page 35. £300-350
P.O.W Mail. 1813 (July 6) Entire letter from the Commandant of the depot of the 16th Artillery Company at Auxonne, headed "Service Militaire" and addressed to "Monsieur Lebourg, Capitaine d'artillerie prisonnier de guerre a Bridg North (Shropshire)", with London backstamps (Mar. 2), charged 1/10. The letter promotes Lebourg to a Captain. An unusual official army letter to a P.O.W, in transit for eight months. Photo on Page 35. £250-300
P.O.W Mail. 1813 (Sep 20) Entire letter from Louis Jean Chevallier, soldier in the 1st Co. 2nd Batt., of 16th Infantry Regt., held prisoner of war at Dartmoor, to his father in France. Censored by John Moore with a fine strike of his censor cachet "ExdJM", charged 9 decimes. A good example of this scarce Dartmoor censor cachet. Photo on Page 33. £800-1,000

Crimean War

1856 (July 28) Entire letter from "Land Transport Office, Pera" to England, the address panel endorsed "British Army Post, Turkish Contingent" with three 1d reds tied by two superb "OXO" cancels, backstamped red "POST-OFFICE / A / BRITISH ARMY" and London (Aug. 6) c.d.s. Light folds, two of which cross the stamps, still an attractive entire from a British Officer serving with the Turkish Contingent. Also an embossed 1/- green cut to shape, with the "OXO" cancel. (2). Photo on Page 35. £150-200
1854-55 Entire letter and covers (4) backstamped with "POST-OFFICE / BRITISH ยท ARMY" large size datestamp (2) or smaller datestamps with code letter "B" (3), four unpaid charged 3d (3) or 6d, the other franked 1d red pair but treated as unpaid and charged 3d. The entire letter written from "Camp Devlia", 12 July 1854 by Edward Mitchell, Royal Artillery, the covers with some faults. Also an 1858 cover with "OUR GALLANT / ARMY" embossed seal, posted at Market Harborough. (6). £100-120

Egypt and Sudan

1882 Stampless cover to London endorsed by the sender "Stamps unobtainable from Ismalia" with arrival datestamps (Sep. 6) and "2 1/2" charge mark, unusually without any Egyptian datestamps, a few faults. Also "BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE / EGYPT" c.d.s codes "A" or "B" dated 1882 on G.B 2 1/2d blue plate 22 (2), or dated 1885 on G.B 2 1/2d lilac. (4). £120-150
1882 (Sep 18) Stampless cover to London with fine "BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE / EGYPT" c.d.s without code letter and "2 1/2" charge mark, arrival backstamp (Sep 26). Central vertical fold, torn at the top, still an attractive cover. Photo on Page 35. £160-200
1885 (Apr 23) India 1 1/2a postal stationery postcard written from "28th Bom. Inf. Suakim" to England, cancelled "No. 1 / FIELD P.O / B" duplex, fine and unusual on a postcard. Photo on Page 35. £180-240
1885 (Apr 22) Egypt 20pa postal stationery postcard from Suakim to the Orkney Islands, cancelled "BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE / EGYPT" c.d.s code "A". Message includes "Railway being pushed forward - now laid down for 14 miles. Camp formed at Handoub about 12 miles out the line". A very scarce cancel on an Egypt card, very fine. Photo Inside Back Cover. £600-800
1885 (Feb 23) Stampless cover to Wales endorsed "no stamps available, On Active Service, W. Cochrane, Capt" with a boxed "T" handstamp and "2 1/2" charge mark, backstamped with superb large "KORTI" Star and Crescent type c.d.s and arrival datestamps including "BANGOR & CREWE T.P.O / FROM EAST". Light vertical fold, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 35. £400-500
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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