Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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Auction Lots - Page 24
Ingoing Mail. 1940-42 Covers comprising stampless cover from Germany to 34 Central Camp, Douglas; 1941 stampless cover from USA to Central Internment Camp, Douglas, returned to the sender with oval "H.O. (B. 3) / 14 NOV 1941 / INFORMATION BUREAU" and "UNABLE TO IDENTIFY" cachets, and cover from USA to "P" camp with blue oval "HEADQUARTERS POST OFFICE / 2 OCT 1942 / INTERN. CAMPS, DOUGLAS, I.O.M". Also 1940 telegram to Central Promenade Camp, 1942 lettersheet from a British P.O.W in Stalag XVIIIA and 1943 postcard from a Channel Islands internee in Biberach, both to the Isle of Man. (6). £150-180
Granville Camp. 1941 Stampless censored covers to the Apostolic Delegation in London both with red Official Paid c.d.s and dated violet oval "GRANVILLE INTERNMENT CAMP / DOUGLAS, I.O.M.", very fine. (2). Photo on Page 168. £160-180
Headquarters Post Office. 1941-42 Stampless lettersheets to J.E. Schmitz in Central Camp or Onchan Camp (2) from his wife in Ballaqueeney Hotel, Port St. Mary, and a similar lettersheet from Irma Lange at Bay Hotel, W. Camp to her husband in "P" Camp, all with violet dated circular "HD. QRS / POST OFFICE / DOUGLAS, I.O.M" (3) or oval "HEADQUARTERS POST OFFICE / INTERN. CAMPS, DOUGLAS, I.O.M". The 'Lange' item backstamped with boxed "WOMEN'S / INTERNMENT CAMP / 10 FEB 1942 / ISLE-OF-MAN" in black, the other three with the flap missing, otherwise mainly fine. (4). £250-280
Hutchinson Camp. 1940 Covers to England (2) and lettersheets to the USA (2), one cover and one lettersheet stampless with red Official Paid datestamps, the other cover and lettersheet bearing 2 1/2d stamps cancelled at Douglas or Liverpool, the two covers backstamped with the dated oval cachet "HUTCHINSON INTERNMENT CAMP / No. / DOUGLAS. I.O.M." in violet, one cover endorsed "Extra letter permission granted" and signed by a Captain. (4). Photo on Page 168. £180-220
Metropole Camp. 1941 Stampless covers to the Apostolic Delegation in London with red Official Paid datestamps (2); and a piece of paper apparently used as a railway travel pass, signed by an Officer and inscribed "Gretney, Ballachrine, Santon, 2 Internees" bearing the violet oval cachet "METROPOLE INTERNMENT CAMP / No. / 2 NOV 1942 / DOUGLAS, I.O.M". (3). £100-120
Mooragh Camp. 1940-41 Stampless lettersheets (2) and covers (2), one lettersheet to the internees wife at Erinville, Port Erin, the other three with Official Paid datestamps sent to USA or England. All four handstamped black "MOORAGH INTERNMENT CAMP" (2 types), one cover endorsed "Censored and sanctioned by me, C. Donagh, Capt". One cover a little stained, otherwise mainly fine. (4). £280-350
Onchan Camp. 1942-43 Stampless lettersheets from Giovanni Lemin to his wife in Italy all with dated violet oval "O. CAMP POST OFFICE / ONCHAN, I.O.M". (4). £180-220
Onchan Camp. 1940-42 Stampless covers (2) or lettersheets (2) from the camp with violet dated oval "ONCHAN INTERNMENT CAMP / CAMP POST OFFICE" (3) or "O. CAMP POST OFFICE / ONCHAN. I.O.M", one cover with the enclosed letter headed with the violet straight line cachet "ONCHAN INTERNMENT CAMP", one lettersheet to the writers wife at Eagle Hotel, Port Erin. (4). £220-260
Onchan Camp. 1940-42 Ingoing mail comprising a 1940 postal stationery postcard from Japan, stampless cover from Germany with superb violet oval "ONCHAN INTERNMENT CAMP / 26 NOV 1940 / CAMP POST OFFICE", and 1941-42 covers franked 2 1/2d with dated double oval or triple oval (2) cachets reading "HEADQUARTERS, POST OFFICE / INTERN. CAMPS, DOUGLAS, I.O.M". (5). £180-220
Palace Camp. 1941 Stampless lettersheets from Carlo Fodrio to his girlfriend in Lancashire all with red Official Paid datestamps and oval dated "PALACE INTERNMENT CAMP / POST OFFICE / DOUGLAS, I.O.M" (2) or circular "PALACE INTERNMENT CAMP / DOUGLAS" with the date applied separately, all in black, mainly fine. (3). Photo on Page 168. £180-220
Palace Camp. 1941 Stampless cover and lettersheets (2) to London with red Official Paid datestamps and dated oval "PALACE INTERNMENT CAMP / POST OFFICE / DOUGLAS, I.O.M" in black (2) or violet. Also a stampless cover from Kent to the camp, the two covers with flaps missing, otherwise mainly fine. (4). £140-160
Peveril Camp, Peel. 1942-44 Covers (3), postcards (4) and a newspaper wrapper, from London, Glasgow or High Wycombe all sent to Karl Michaelis in 'P' Camp, handstamped with dated oval "METROPOLITAN POLICE / PEVERIL CAMP / PEEL, I.O.M" in red (3) or violet (3), or dated oval "HEADQUARTERS POST OFFICE / INTERN. CAMPS, DOUGLAS, I.O.M", two items additionally handstamped with violet boxed "OPENED BY / INTELLIGENCE OFFICER". (8). £280-320
Peveril Camp, Peel/Camp 'P'. 1941-43 Stampless lettersheets from Camp "P" to London with red Official Paid datestamps, backstamped by dated oval "'P' CAMP / ISLE OF MAN" in black (2, one rather faint) or superb circular "PEVERIL INT. CAMP / PEEL" in violet. (3). £180-220
Peveril Camp, Peel/Camp 'X'. 1942-43 Stampless lettersheets from Joe Hache in Camp 'X' to Belgium with British censor labels and German censor cachets, one with red dated oval "METROPOLITAN POLICE / PEVERIL CAMP / PEEL, I.O.M" cachet largely covered by the censor label. Camp 'X' held known fascists. (3). £100-120
Peveril Camp, Peel. 1940-41 Stampless lettersheets from Karl Besser to his wife in Nottingham with red Official Paid datestamps, backstamped with violet circular "PEVERIL INT. CAMP / PEEL" (5, two types) or dated oval "PEVERIL INTERNMENT CAMP / No. / PEEL, I.O.M", mainly fine. (6). £300-350
'N' Camp, Ramsey. 1942 Stampless censored cover to London with red Official Paid c.d.s, backstamped with violet hexagonal framed "LETTER SENT WITH / SPECIAL PERMISSION / OF / COMMANDER N INTERNMENT / CAMP". Senders name obliterated, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 168. £100-120
Port Erin & Port St. Mary Women's Camps. 1940-44 Covers and cards with postal stationery postcards from Japan to "Gleneagles", Port Erin (2); stampless covers from Germany to Shore House, Port Erin (2) or Hotel Ballaqueeney, Port St. Mary; stamped covers from The Waverley, Port Erin or Belle Vue Hotel, Port Erin (2); stampless covers with Official Paid datestamps from Promenade, Port St. Mary (2); and stampless lettersheets to Germany from Belle Vue, Port Erin (2) or "The Hydro" (2), ten bearing the dated boxed cachet "WOMEN'S / INTERNMENT CAMP / ISLE-OF-MAN" (2 types) in black or violet. An interesting lot with mail to or from seven hotels or houses used by women internees. (14). £400-500
Port Erin Women's Camps. 1940-43 Covers and cards comprising 1941 stampless postcard with "RUSHEN INTERNMENT CAMP" printed heading and "Postage Free" sent from Bradda Private Camp, bearing an Official Paid c.d.s and boxed "WOMEN'S INTERNMENT CAMP / 16 JUN 1941 / ISLE-OF-MAN"; 1940 stampless covers from Bradda Glen or Falcons Nest Hotel to Germany both with an Official Paid c.d.s and violet boxed "RELEASED BY / CENSOR", one also with large size boxed Women's Internment Camp cachet; and a stampless lettersheet to an internee at Noble's Hospital, Douglas, from his wife with superb oval "MARRIED ALIENS' INTERNMENT / HEADQUARTERS / CAMP, PORT ERIN" cachet in green. An unusual group. (4). Photo on Page 168. £300-350

Revenues, Locals, Postcards and Ephemera

Revenues. 1890 Part De La Rue appendix page bearing 6d, 10/- and £1 Isle of Man revenue stamps surcharged in thick type, each handstamped "SPECIMEN" (type GB9), the £1 with trimmed perfs at left, otherwise fine and unusual. Also an 1890 letter from De La Rue to Somerset House regarding an appendix page returned with the letter. £250-280
Calf of Man. 1962-73 Locals, the collection in two albums, a stockbook and loose including proofs, colour trials, unissued stamps, covers, F.D.Cs, the issued stamps apparently complete mint and used, a fine and extensive lot. (100s). £350-400
Picture Postcards. c.1904-39 Postcards (with a few more recent cards), various views including tented holiday camps (4), 1908 army camp at Peel, Cunningham Camp (4), Garwick Station on the Manx Electric Railway, The Palace Ballroom, Queens Promenade at Douglas showing Avro aeroplanes (2), etc. (c.100). £200-250
Comic Postcards. Edwardian comic postcards including Douglas holiday scenes by Lance Thackeray (8), Cunningham Holiday Camp cards (4), and scenes of trains, trams or boats, all fine. (17). £180-220
T.T. Racers. Real photo postcards of Eric Longden with his "D.O.T" motorbike or Charles Dodson (winner of the 1929 Senior T.T) on his Sunbeam motorbike, taken by Miss M. Kirton of Douglas, both cards fine. (2). £70-80
Railway Tickets. Isle of Man Railway Company tickets, many varieties and stations including special day excursion tickets, first and third class, etc. (1,000+). £300-350

Isle of Wight

(Also lots 52, 56-62, 333-336, 359)

Cowes Ship Letter. 1833 Entire letter from Singapore to Glasgow backstamped "SHIP LETTER / COWES" (Rob. S3) applied in error, overstruck by the correct "INDIA LETTER / COWES" (Rob. In3), very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 168. £450-550
Cowes Ship Letters. 1838 Entire to London with fine framed "SHIP LETTER / COWES" (Rob. S3) and 1847 entire from Bahia to London "pr. Jessie" with unframed "COWES / SHIP-LETTER" (Rob. S6, only recorded in black in 1847), light file fold, otherwise fine. (2). £100-120
Cowes Ship Letter /Forwarding Agent. 1840 Entire to London "P General Scott to Cowes" backstamped with framed "SHIP LETTER / COWES" (Rob S3) and superb oval "FORWARDED / BY / ROBT. R. HUNTER / CONSUL. U.S.A. / COWES", a scarce forwarding agents cachet. Photo on Page 168. £180-220
Yarmouth Ship Letter. 1832 Entire to Exeter backstamped "SHIP LETTER / YARMOUTH / Isle of Wight" (Rob. S2) overstruck by "INDIA LETTER / ISLE OF WIGHT" (Rob. In1), a very unusual and scarce combination of handstamps, the original ship letter handstamp applied in error. Photo on Page 171. £450-550
I.O.W Airways. Booklets containing 20 Island Air Express stamps printed in black, or 20 Isle of Wight Aviation Ltd Air Ferry Service stamps printed in blue, both booklets superb. (2). £120-150


(Also lots 815, 831, 848, 850, 852, 854, 862, 863, 877-879, 882, 906, 907, 912, 955-962, 974-976, 1011, 1013, 1014, 1037, 1040)

Dockwra Handstamps. 1705-90 Entire letters with Government Penny Post Dockwra type handstamps including scarce 1705 entire letter with Whitehall handstamp type L362, later types from the General Office (4), Hermitage, Westminster, St. Paul's, Southwark or Temple (2), mostly fine. A good lot, written up on album pages. (11). Photo on Page 171. £500-600
1809 Entire letter written from "Lloyds" (Coffee House) to Brighton, the postage rate altered from 7d to 1/4, the scarce circular framed inspectors crown with the letter "B" above the circle applied (Jay 166), very fine. £100-120
1812-56 Entire letters and entires, various London marks written up on album pages including studies of the London 2d Post datestamps (33), the Branch Office 'Maltese Cross' shaped datestamps (28), inspectors Crown marks of 1796 and 1838, "oz at 6/5 per oz" of 1821, "KSN" and "O.C.S" missort marks, etc. (76). £220-250
Sunday Handstamps. 1814-43 Entire letters and covers (13) and a front with the explanatory handstamps "To be Delivered by 10 Sund. Morn." (4, types L708b, 710, 711) or with Sunday datestamps including Paid types, all fine, written up on album pages. (14). £200-240
Local Post Receiving Offices. 1802-51 Entire letters, entires and covers with London Two Penny Post receiving office handstamps in various types, all carefully selected examples with many unusually fine, written up on album pages. A good collection. (106). £700-1,000
Local Post Country Sorting Offices. 1814-40 Entire letters with large country sorting office datestamps in black or red from Islington, Richmond (2), Mortlake (3), Stoke Newington, Bow, Newington, Woolwich, Deptford, Brentford, Putney or Acton, all very fine strikes, written up on album pages. (14) £250-300
Local Post Charge Marks/Erasure Marks. 1803-09 Entire letters and entires (13) and a front, nine with various erasure handstamps altering incorrect datestamps (2) or handstruck charges including redirected letters with "2" replaced by "4" or "3" replaced by "6", and other handstruck charges including "5" with "In All" alongside, most fine, written up on album pages. (14). £180-240
Codeless Crown datestamps. 1841-58 Entire letters and covers showing these unusual datestamps in red or black, used on mail to or from Government departments, Parliamentary mail and diplomatic bag mail, including 1843 entire letter "To Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Horse Guards, London" with "2" charge mark of Derry, other letters to Chelsea Hospital or East India House, 1854-55 entire letters from the British Consulate at Boulogne sent by diplomatic bag and posted in London charged 2d or franked 1d, 1847 covers from the Duke of Wellington (2), 1855 cover franked 1d with wax seal of the British Foreign Legion presumably from the Crimea, etc. An interesting study. (36). £250-300
1856 Introduction of Postal Districts, the fine lot comprising a mint imperf block of 60 blue labels showing the postal districts in initials and words, comprising WC, S, W, NE, E, SW, NW, EC, N and SE (6 labels for each district); an 1858 cover sent within London franked 1d and bearing a perforated 'EC' label to indicate the postal district of the address; printed "T.R.P & Co's Postal District Envelope" (3) showing the principal London streets and their postal district, all three envelopes differing from each other, one having various streets and places added, the other two identical internally, one however having blue oval "POSTAL DISTRICT / S" embossed on the address panel; and an 1858 letter with similar red oval "POSTAL DISTRICT / EC" embossed at the top. One postal district envelope addressed but not posted (the ends of the flaps reduced, with no loss to the printed text), the other two postally used franked by 1d reds. An interesting and scarce group. (6). Photo on Page 171 £1,200-1,500
France Registered. 1871 Cover from Paris to London franked 30c pair, with fine red oval "REGISTERED-LONDON / 16 MR 1871 / FROM / FRANCE", a couple of light creases and minor soiling. Also 1870 front with similar oval datestamp in black. (2). £200-250


1839 Lettersheet headed with a fine engraving of Christ Church College, Oxford, posted from Portsmouth to Pembroke prepaid 2/-. £100-120


(Also lots 51, 70-72, 816, 818, 836, 855, 869-871, 965, 1012, 1016, 1045, 1100, 1120, 1121)

1845 Entire letter to Melrose with an unusually clear strike in green of the "GLENCARRADLE / TARBERT" handstamp of the guaranteed private post, the date in manuscript, bearing a 1d red cancelled "321" of Tarbert. £130-160
1857 Certificate of Posting bearing Leith "221" type 3 experimental duplex, a most unusual use of this datestamp. £80-100


(Also lots 713, 972, 1015)

1798 Entire letter from Brecon to London backstamped with the distinctive double ring "BRECKNOCK" (W356) containing a fancy "L", the initial of the Postmaster "Longfellow". £140-160
1876 Cover (flap missing) to Pontypridd with a 1d red just tied by Aberdare 985 duplex, the stamp then cancelled with three strikes of a handstruck "1", very unusual. Photo on Page 171. £200-240


1827-40 Entire letters with boxed "Kendal / Py. Post" (4), two struck in blue with boxed "No. 1" of Bonners or "No. 4" of Sedburgh, the other two struck in red with boxed "No. 2" of Ambleside or used in combination with unboxed "KENDAL / Penny Post" on an 1830 entire letter from Ambleside. Also 1840 entire letter with superb "Dent / Penny Post" and a Kendal datestamp. A fine lot, the two differing Kendal Penny Post handstamps only known used in combination at Ambleside for a 10 month period. (5). £250-280


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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