Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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Auction Lots - Page 15
1716 Entire from Holland addressed to "Abraham Cranendonk, Hoofd Administrateur en Prasidentter Weeskamer aan Cabo de Goede Hoop". Cranendonk was appointed Deputy Governor of the Cape in 1716. £200-250
c.1806 Entire prepaid to Rondebosch with oval "Post Office Cape of Good Hope" G.R arms handstamp, scarce. Photo on Page 107. £240-300
c.1821 Entire "To His Excellency Sir Rufin Shaw Donkin Knt, Acting Governor, Cape Town" with "POST OFFICE / SIMONS TOWN" crown handstamp, and 1823 entire "To His Excellency General The Right Honorable Lord Charles Henry Somerset, Governor and Commander in Chief, Cape Town" with "POST OFFICE / GRAHAMS TOWN" crown handstamp and crowned "POST OFFICE / FREE / CAPE TOWN" datestamp. Somerset was Governor from 1814 until 1826 with Donkin serving as Acting Governor in 1820-21. Two good free entires to Cape Governors. (2). £300-350
c.1820-40 Entires and an entire letter sent within the Cape, four endorsed "In Dienst", "On Service" or "On H.M. Service" and sent free of charge (two signed on the address panels) with Post Office "Crown" handstamps of Cape Town (2), Zwellendam and Tulbach, two others to Cape Town prepaid 1/- with boxed "POST PAID", one an entire letter from Graaff Reinet. (6). £350-400
1824 Entire addressed to "J. de Vrees, Luitenant Collenel in dienst van Lijne Majesteit de Konig der Nederlanden te Batavia" and inscribed "onder bestelling van Fans Mauer, D.G.G" with oval "POST OFFICE / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE" datestamp (Oct 22) and red manuscript "2". An unusual destination. Photo on Page 107. £200-250
1829-51 Entire letters to G.B (5) with Cape Town crowned c.d.s, oval G.P.O Cape Town handstamp (2) or similar "SHIP LETTER / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE" with a central crown, two with India Letter handstamps of Deal or Devonport. Also an 1834 entire from Calcutta to the Cape "p. Bussorah Merchant" charged 4d, with boxed Calcutta Ship Letter datestamp and oval G.P.O Cape of Good Hope arrival datestamp. (6). £240-280
1860 Stampless entire headed "From Private James Watherly No 2310. No 6 Company 85 Regt", posted from Queenstown "To the Post Master General, Cape Town", accepted as official mail because of the address and delivered free of charge, backstamped at Queenstown and Cape Town. A very unusual free entire from a soldier. Photo on Page 111. £340-380

Orange Free State

Postal Stationery. 1890-1900 Formula postcards with adhesive stamps tied by shield overprints containing the O.F.S arms, various cards unused (53) or used (32), including uprated cards to Natal, all fine. (85). £200-250

Union of South Africa

1910-69 Mainly used collection on album pages including 1916 £1 green and red, 1927-30 10/- pair, 1930-45 2/6 green and brown pair, etc, mainly fine. S.G. £2,700 (approx). (100s). Photo on Page 116. £320-360
1914 Original watercolour design for an anti-British postcard, signed by the French artist Roberty, showing a Boer fighting and defeating a British soldier, entitled "The Africander - well my dear Roastbeef, what do you say to that?" (Roastbeef being a derogatory name for the English). £120-150


(Also lots 114, 167, 287, 288)

1923-66 Mint and used collection on pages including 1923 setting I 4d block of four used, setting III 5/- pairs mint and used, 1927-30 5/- pairs mint and used, 1938 Voortrekker set in used pairs, etc., mainly fine. S.G. £1,800 (approx). £250-300


(Also lots 125, 148-152)

1858 Cover from Cardiff bearing G.B 1d reds (2) and 4d rose (corner fold), addressed to "John Pethwick Jun Esq., Chartoom, Central Africa, To the care of Alfred S. Walne Esq., H.B.M Consul, Cairo, Egypt", the reverse endorsed "Received & forwarded on 4th December / 58, Cairo". Pethwick was a merchant in the Sudan and later became British Consular Agent at Khartoum. A scarce early cover to the Sudan. Photo on Page 111. £500-600
1897 Cover to the War Office in Cairo with 1897 5m tied by fine "MERAWI" Star and Crescent datestamp, a second strike alongside, backstamped at Halfa and Cairo, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 111. £220-260
1906 Cover from Khartoum to England bearing 1903 5m O.S.G.S overprint, an uncommon official stamp on cover. Photo on Page 111. £200-250
1907 Cover franked 1d from England to Khartoum and redirected to Wau, backstamped with "ARMY / W W / TELEGRAPHS" c.d.s (Mar 30) upon arrival at Wau. Proud recorded one example of this code "WW" datestamp used in January 1907, but did not record its place of use. Photo on Page 111. £200-250
1910 "Army / Service" overprints (S.G. type A3), proof pane of sixty impressions showing short tail to 'y' in 'Army' (as used for the 1910-11 printings) on "GOUVERNMENT / EGYPTIEN" and Star and Crescents watermarked paper, the two lower rows showing some doubling of the overprint impressions. Central horizontal and vertical folds, otherwise fine, a scarce and unusual proof sheet. £800-1,000
1911 10pi Army Service overprint fine used with part Khartoum c.d.s. S.G. A13, £650. Photo on Page 113. £200-250
Lado Enclave. 1907 (Jan 10) Picture postcard to Germany, the message headed from "Zone de la Gurba-Dungu, via Khartoum", bearing Belgian Congo 15c cancelled "Lado 30/1/07" in red manuscript, then tied by a retta cancel with "WHITE-NILE / T.P" c.d.s (31 Jan.) below and an arrival datestamp of Zittau. A fine card from the Lado Enclave. Photo on Page 111. £1,200-1,500
Cancellations. 1896-1970 Cancels on pieces or stamps, the collection mounted in alphabetical order in two albums, from Aba to Wau with many scarce offices or types, a high proportion pre-1920. Also Paquebots, rettas and a large number of T.P.Os, mainly fine strikes, an extensive lot that has taken many years to collect. (Many 100s). £600-800
Postal Stationery. 1898 Tracing paper (37x45cm) with hand drawn "Sudan Postage" watermark design for a sheet of postal stationery, dated "Nov 11/98", the upper half stuck onto card. Central horizontal fold, another vertical fold at left edge and a few peripheral tears, but a unique archive item. £200-250


1889 Transvaal 1/- with Swazieland overprint, variety overprint inverted, fine used with blue "718" numeral of Bremersdorp. S.G. 3a, £475. Photo on Page 116. £200-240
1889 Transvaal perf 12 1/2 2d overprinted Swazieland, variety final "d" omitted from overprint, used with blue "628" numeral of Darkton. Small thin at upper left edge, otherwise fine. S.G. 5b, £400. Photo on Page 116. £100-120
1889 Transvaal 2/6 overprinted Swazieland, two examples both used on piece with blue or black Embekelweni c.d.s, the 1891 blue c.d.s example with pulled lower right corner perf but otherwise fine, the 1893 black c.d.s with a light crease, two attractive examples of this uncommon 2/6 value, just 4,500 stamps issued. S.G. 7, £900. (2). Photo on Page 113. £200-250
1889 Transvaal perf 12 1/2 2d, 6d and 5/- overprinted Swazieland, all used, the 2d with Darkton squared circle, 6d with Embekelweni c.d.s and 5/- with violet oval Bremersdorp datestamp, the 5/- with a couple of short perfs, otherwise fine with just 2,100 5/- stamps issued. Also Transvaal 1894-96 1d (2, one thinned) and 2d (2) used in Swaziland with cancellations of Darkton (2) or Bremersdorp, and KEVII 1/- with part Hlatikulu c.d.s. S.G. 5/6, 8, Z17, Z21, £488. (8). Photo on Page 116. £120-140
1933-62 Used collection on pages including 1933 1/2d - 5/- (also 10/- with revenue cancel), 1948 Royal Wedding 10/-, 1956 set, 1961 surcharges with Ir type III, 1961 set, etc. S.G. £500+. (148). £120-140


1862 Cover to London bearing 20r orange block of three (all three margins) tied by Lausanne datestamps. An attractive Rappen issue cover. £170-200
c.1912-1990s Covers and cards, much of it post-war commercial mail to Australia, also various 1930s and 1940s commemoratives on covers, Post Office presentation folders, FDCs, etc. (Approx 500). £250-280


(Also lot 238)

1917-21 1c - 50R G.E.A overprint set of 17 mint, the 50R with light staining to the reverse of a few perforation tips, otherwise all very fine. S.G. 45/62, £1,150. (17). Photo on Page 113 & on Back Cover. £300-350
1922-24 5c - £1 Giraffe set of 15 mint, the 10/- and £1 with watermark upright, the 1/- - 5/- watermark sideways. S.G. 74/88a, £542. (15). Photo on Page 113. £150-180


1899 1a - 64a Set of nine (without the additional values or new colours issued in 1904) all fine mint. S.G. £538. (9). Photo on Page 116. £150-180


1923 Stampless cover to Cape Town with a large part type II Tristan cachet, a further complete strike on piece and a letter from Rose Rogers enclosed within the cover, handstamped "2d" with a South Africa 1d postage due pair tied by Salt River c.d.s. Carried by the South African whaler "Herkules". £120-150
1929 Stampless cover to Mrs Rose Rogers at "Tristan, Houghton on the Hill, Leicester" with a good type II Tristan cachet, "LONDON F.S / PAQUEBOT" c.d.s (June 26) and 1 1/2d F.B charge mark of the London Foreign Branch, carried on the S.S "Helesius". £120-150
1929 Pieces bearing G.B 1924 Wembley Exhibition 1d or 1 1/2d (2, one also with KGV 1/2d, 1d) all cancelled by the uncommon type IV Tristan cachet in red and a London Paquebot machine (Mar 18), cut from covers carried on the "Duchess of Atholl". An unusual issue cancelled in Tristan. (3). £100-120
1930 Stampless 'Dent' correspondence cover from David Hogan with black type III Tristan cachet overstruck by violet type VI cachet, a 1 1/2d F.B charge mark of the London Foreign Branch with 1/2d and 1d postage dues cancelled at Axminster (Apr 29), backstamped in the London Foreign Section. An unusual cover, carried on the Danish Ketch "Monsunen". Photo on Page 111. £150-200
1932 Stampless 'Dent' correspondence covers from Mrs Arthur Rapetto or Mrs Jack Rogers, both with manuscript "Tristan da Cunha", one written in capitals. Both carried on the M.V "King William" with "LONDON F.S / PAQUEBOT" c.d.s (Apr 27), 1 1/2d F.B charge mark of the London Foreign Branch and 1/2d and 1d postage dues cancelled at Axminister. (2). £200-250
1932-37 'Dent' correspondence covers (3) and a postcard comprising 1922 cover franked G.B 1 1/2d tied by type V Tristan cachet and stampless cover with manuscript "Tristan Da Cunha" charged 1 1/2d; 1934 stampless cover with type V cachet carried by the "Ponape" to Singapore with hexagonal "T / CENTIMES / (45)" charge mark and a "SINGAPORE (Sep. 24)" backstamp, charged 1 1/2d; and 1936 stampless postcard with type V cachet charged 1d. A fine lot, from Mrs Robert Swain (2), Mrs Fred Swain or Mrs Gordon Glass. (4). £300-350
1932-39 Stamped covers including type V Tristan cachet covers with South Africa 2d cancelled at Simonstown or G.B 1 1/2d cancelled in Plymouth or London (with R.M.S.P "Atlantis" cachet); covers with G.B stamps cancelled by Tristan cachets type V, a combination of type V + type VI (with "K/L SUOMEN / JOUTSEN" backstamp), or type VII (with manuscript date in the centre), and a cover to Burma bearing G.B 1d + South Africa 1/2d tied by Tristan cachet type VII. (7). £200-250
1934 Stampless cover from Mrs Percy Lavarello to Mrs Dent in Axminster with manuscript "Tristan da Cunha" overstruck by type V Tristan cachet, carried on the "Ponape" to Singapore handstamped "T / CENTIMES / (45)", 1/2d and 1d dues applied. Fine and unusual. Photo on Page 111. £200-250
1934 Stampless postcard to Cape Town with type V Tristan cachet, carried by the "Ponape" to Singapore with hexagonal "T / CENTIMES / (20)" and a fine "SINGAPORE c.d.s (Sep 24), a "2d" charge mark and bearing a 2d postage due stamp. An attractive "Ponape" card. £150-200
1937 Photograph of Dr Erling Christophersen taken on Tristan da Cunha, the reverse inscribed "Dr. Erling Christophersen, Bot. Mus., Oslo, Norway, Copyright" and bearing two type VII "TRISTAN DA CUNHA" cachets. Christophersen led a Botanical Survey to Tristan in 1937-38, later writing the book "Tristan da Cunha, The Lonely Isle". Philatelic items connected with the expedition are rare. £80-100
1937-49 Stampless covers to G.B or South Africa (3) with Tristan cachets type V or VIII (3), the three type VIII covers all with enclosed letters from Marjorie Handley (wife of the Minister, the letter also with type VIII cachet), Martha Rogers or The Rev. Luard. The covers to South Africa bearing 1d postage dues (2) or with a 1 1/2d charge mark, the 1948 cover to G.B carried on the M.V "Pequena" with a Cape Town Paquebot c.d.s, bearing 1/2d and 1d postage dues tied by violet "RYDE" parcel handstamp. (4). £150-180
1940-46 WW2 and immediate post-war covers comprising cover to USA with S.S "Carinthia" cachet and G.B 1d tied by Tristan cachet type VII, backstamped at Tacoma (Apr 15 1940); 1943 (Dec 4) souvenir cover to "H. Wilde, Chaplain, H.M.S Exmouth" with G.B 1/2d and 2 1/2d each tied by Tristan type V cachets, a third strike dated in manuscript; 1945 (Dec 28) cover from South Africa to "W/O John Kirby, H.M.S Atlantic Isle, c/o Fleet Mail Office, Cape Town"; and c.1946 stampless cover to The Rev. Luard in England with type VII Tristan cachet and red "POST / OFFICE / MARITIME / MAIL" machine. (4). £200-240
1948-63 Covers and cards with 1948 cover bearing 1d 'Potato' stamp tied type VIII cachet, also with type IX cachet (C.T.O, "Tristan Venture" notepaper enclosed); 1950 stampless covers with type X cachet to G.B charged 2d or to South Africa charged 1 1/2d; 1960 postcard from S.S Argentina at Tristan with Tristan 4d strip of three tied by Cape Town datestamps; 1962-63 Royal Society Expedition and Resettlement Survey covers (5, three bearing 1d 'Potato' stamps, one from the Danish journalist Arne Ronne); and 1963 stampless cover to Tristan Close at Calshot with type XII Tristan cachet and "POST / OFFICE / MARITIME / MAIL" machine. (10). £180-220


1898 Registered cover to London bearing 1882 1/2d, 1889-93 1d and 1887-89 6d and 1/- each cancelled "TI" with oval framed "R" and oval Registered datestamps of Turks Island and London. An attractive and scarce franking. Photo on Page 120. £420-480


(Also lots 13, 52-69, 73, 79, 303, 452, 671, 672, 922-928)

1851-57 Imperf 12c black, used pairs (11), most with faults, one stamp very fine with large margins. S.G. 19. (22). £100-120
1859 (Dec 1) Pictorial Phonography envelope with the inscription "For Catalogue & Specimen Sheets (Free) address Benn Pitman, Cincinnati, O." sent to Westfield, Mass., franked 3c tied by "NEWHAVEN" c.d.s, a few small edge tears, horizontal fold at top, an attractive cover. £130-150
Guam. 1900-01 Covers to the USA, bearing USA issues overprinted "GUAM", the first with 1c, 2c, 5c cancelled "SAN LUIS D'APRA, GUAM / MAR 8 - 1900", the second cover from a US Marine with two 2c stamps cancelled violet "AGANA, GUAM" with "JUN 8 - 1901" applied separately alongside. The 1900 cover with the 1c and 2c creased, both with a little staining or soiling but a scarce pair. (2). £500-550


1883-84 Issue Colour Trials

1 1/2d Imperforate, TA in lilac on thick unwatermarked greyish paper, no gum, with small part experimental cancellation, small thin and crease to upper right corner, very unusual. S.G. £550+. Photo on page 116. £140-180
1 1/2d Perf 14, TJ in green on unwatermarked orange paper, original gum, hinge remnants, fine. S.G. £550. Photo on Page 116. £150-180
1 1/2d Imperforate, AC in pale blue on Imperial Crown watermarked paper, original gum, upper margin folded over and adhering to upper half of the reverse, otherwise very fine and scarce. S.G. £2,100. Photo on Page 116. £380-420
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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