Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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Auction Lots - Page 12
1866 Cover from Southampton to Newcastle franked 1d, redirected to Gibraltar charged 6d and handstamped upon arrival with boxed "TO / PAY", returned to England with the charged increased to 1/-, finally sent to the original Newcastle address but marked "Refused", very unusual. Photo on Page 88. £160-180


1911-39 Issues mint on pages, including 1911 overprint set, 1912 1/2d - 5/-, etc. S.G. £375. (47). £100-120


(Also lots 394, 405, 467)

1863-1901 QV Issues used, a selection on album pages mostly with "B62" cancels in blue or black, including 1865 96c olive-bistre (perf faults at base), various surcharges (with 1891 14c on 30c mauve mint), also a few forgeries, some faults, the majority fine. (113). Photo on Page 116. £150-200
Cancellations. QV (19) and KEVII issues cancelled "62B" in black (8) or blue (6), violet "I.P.O", circular dotted dumb cancel, "HONG - KONG / PAID ALL" c.d.s, or with a French Sea Post cancel, also two stamps with manuscript "Late Fee" and "B62" cancels, a few faults, the majority fine. (20). £100-120
Cancellations. 1903-63 "Hong Kong" and "General Post Office Hong Kong" double ring datestamps, a study of the various types on stamps, pieces and a few covers mounted on album pages, includes "Herring Bone" type c.d.s (Proud D155) on covers (3), 1962 British 1/6 postal order with Hong Kong c.d.s, 1949 undelivered cover to Kowloon with various explanatory cachets and a "Returned Letter Office Hong Kong" c.d.s, etc. Also a few machine cancels, 1961-63 commemoratives mint, and a stampless cover sent locally in 1945 with octagonal framed "HONG KONG / 1945 / POSTAGE PAID". £200-300
Great Britain 1875 3d rose plate 18 cancelled "B62" of Hong Kong, fine and scarce. G.B stamps were never authorised for use in Hong Kong and are therefore no longer listed by S.G; however various G.B line engraved and surface printed stamps are known with "B62" cancels, probably having been used on forces mail. Photo on Page 116. £100-120
Postal Stationery. 1902 KEVII 4c, 5c and 10c envelopes all on grey paper, the odd very light crease, generally very fine. (3). £120-150
Printed "Instructions to Marine Sorters", for the "Hong Kong & Shanghae Line" dated 12 May 1868, or for the "Hong Kong & Singapore Line" dated 24 June 1868, the latter a little tatty at the upper and lower edges, otherwise fine, two unusual and interesting documents detailing the workings of the Sea Post Offices. (2). £100-150


(Also lots 27-29, 148, 151, 240, 312, 358, 368, 389, 422, 431-433, 441, 445, 679, 682, 698, 882, 918, 1015, 1118)

1837 (June 6) Entire letter from Neemuch to Scotland backstamped with circular "P.O / Meywar / F. FORCE" datestamp, endorsed "P. Paid 9ans to Bombay", charged 1/4 with boxed India Letter Liverpool handstamp. A late use of the uncommon Meywar Field Force datestamp. £160-200
c.1890s-1990s Covers and cards, mostly pre-1949 commercial covers with air mails, censors, etc., also some 1950-60s FDCs, etc. (Approx 380). £250-300
1911 Allahabad Flight. Registered cover with "United Provinces / Exhibition" printed on the flap, addressed to "Capt C.L Dunn I.M.S, Officials Camp, U.P Exhibition, Allahabad" with KEVII 4a tied by violet "FIRST AERIAL POST / 1911 / U.P. EXHIBITION ALLAHABAD" cancel depicting an aeroplane, black boxed "R / U.P EXHIBITION CAMP / ALLAHABAD" alongside. Backstamped with an Allahabad Reg (Feb 18) c.d.s and a superb "UNITED PROVINCES EXHIBITION / 19 FEB / UP / CAMP" double ring c.d.s. A fine registered cover, unusual with the Exhibition backstamp. Photo on Page 88. £600-700
1911 Allahabad Flight. Real photo picture postcard depicting Pequet in his biplane, addressed to London, franked on the picture side by KEVII 3p tied by violet "FIRST AERIAL POST / U.P EXHIBITION ALLAHABAD" cancel depicting an aeroplane, and a 1/2a pair tied by Allahabad c.d.s (Feb 24). The interesting message, dated 23-2-11 reads "This is the postcard which has been through the aerial post. This is also a picture of the biplane which contained the letters. Mr Picquet is the man sitting inside, the one standing is his helper. You notice at the back of Mr Picquet is a chair, that is where the passenger sits. This postcard is very valuable just now, so I hope it won't go astray, as they do". An unusual combination of cancels, and an exceptionally scarce card, the first example we can recall having been offered at auction. Photo on Page 88. £1,800-2,200
G.B 1931 4d International Reply Coupon and 2 1/2d Imperial Reply Coupon both with fine "INDIAN ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE" c.d.s. The conference, held in London, was attended by Gandhi. (Also lot 893). (2). £200-250
1936 Cover (Oct 25) flown from Paris to Saigon by the French aviators Arnoux, Japy and Micheletti, the flight terminating in Karachi, franked France 50c tied Le Bourget c.d.s and India 3p tied Karachi Air c.d.s, with the cachets "Course Aerienne / Paris - Saigon / Equipage / ARNOUX - JAPY / MICHELETTI / 25-10-1936" and "Voyage interrompu / le 26-10-1936 a Karachi", signed by the two pilots. £150-180
Postal Stationery. QV-KGVI and some post-independence postcards, envelopes, registration envelopes and air letters, used and unused with some useful cancels, 1951 Gandhi picture postcard, c.1980 35n.p envelope with albino stamp impression, etc. (500+). £250-300
Revenue. 1872 Court Fee 700R imperforate plate proof pair in black on wove paper, margin at base, each overprinted "CANCELLED", fine and attractive. £100-120
Used in Aden. 1895 1 1/2d Postcard written on the S.S "Coromandel" cancelled by Aden squared circle with boxed "PAQUEBOT" alongside; and 1897 2a registration envelope size F with a 2a6p adhesive cancelled "B" in bars, the embossed stamp cancelled Aden Reg. c.d.s. (2). £120-140

Indian States

Patiala. 1891-1900 Service overprints on QV stamps, 1/2a with "I" largely omitted from "SERVICE", a small part of the base present, and 2a with overprint inverted, mint. The 1/2a with vertical crease, 2a with a couple of slightly short perfs. (2). Photo on Page 116. £100-120
c.1880-1949 Covers and cards, mainly postal stationery, some prestamp covers, Nepal covers and a number of revenue stamps on documents. (150). £250-300
Bundi. 1941 3p Violet 'sacred cow' issue on brown carton paper, each overprinted "Cash Coupon / BUNDI STATE", in a perforated block of four, issued as cash due to a shortage of copper coins during World War II. A fine block. £180-220
Gwalior. 1924-30 Jivajo Rao revenue issue 1a brown, imperforate plate proof corner marginal block of four of the frame only on gummed paper, very fine. £100-120
Holkar. 1905 1a Documentary stamp, imperforate sample proof in violet on wove paper, overprinted "WATERLOW & SONS LIMITED / SPECIMEN", with a small punch hole, fine. £80-100
Holkar. 1940 IR Receipt stamps, imperforate proof of the vignette only in black and the complete design in seven differing colour combinations, all on wove paper, also the issued stamp. A very fine and attractive group (9). Photo on Page 113. £160-200
Holkar. 1940 IR Receipt stamps, imperforate proofs on wove paper of the vignette only in black and the complete design in six differing colour combinations, all in blocks of four, all fine, a very attractive group. (7 blocks). Photo on Page 122. £550-650
Idar. 1925 1a Revenue Die Proof in black, die sunk on wove paper, 80x115mm, very fine. Photo on Page 91. £180-220
Idar. 1925 1a Revenue imperforate plate proof block of four in brown on wove paper with a card surround, the page taken from a printers sample book, numbered "P.B. O20", fine and attractive. £200-250
Kapurthala. 1940 1a Revenue stamp, imperforate plate proof block of six in green on wove paper, the block showing progressive underinking and subsequent loss of the design, the first stamp virtually complete whilst the sixth stamp only shows a small trace of the printed design. The lower row of three cut into at base, otherwise fine and unusual. £100-120
Morvi. 1920 Revenue issue, imperforate plate proof with blank value tablet in blue on gummed paper in a block of four, very fine. £120-150
Morvi. 1920 Revenue issue, printers sample printed in green with blank value tablet, each overprinted "WATERLOW & SONS / LIMITED / SPECIMEN" with a small punch hole, in a perforated block of four without gum, fine and attractive. £120-150
Mysore. 1925 1a Revenue, imperforate plate proof single and block of four in black on white glazed card, both marginal, fine and attractive. (5). £180-220


(Also lots 49, 50, 184-191, 330, 408, 844, 849, 872-875, 903, 938, 966, 973, 984, 1061, 1062, 1093, 1094, 1124, 1125)

Postmarks. Stockbook containing cancels on stamps and pieces, mainly G.B used in Ireland with line engraved and surface printed issues to the 1/- value, numerals (some in blue), distinctive Maltese Crosses, T.P.Os, H&K Packet, skeletons and rubbers, also 1922 overprints and 1922-34 definitives mainly on piece with skeleton or rubber datestamps, triangular cancels, etc. Also a few revenues, Celtic Cross Sinn Fein labels, etc. An interesting old time accumulation. (100s). £400-500
Propaganda labels with unusual blue and green "Slainte" labels block of four designed by E.C Yeats (three with some staining), Sinn Fein Celtic Cross labels mint (21 including blocks of eight and twelve) or used with a 1916 c.d.s and Female with Harp labels (2), Anti-Home Rule Imperial Union label in green on thick card, 1956 Nationalist block of eight, etc. (38). £100-120
W. Ward Complements slip bearing an impression of the 1922 first Dollard overprint "Printed on a Dawsons Wharfedale Machine, as used for the original Dollard overprints.". Also 1923-27 Official envelopes, one with the O.H.M.S heading altered in manuscript to "Saorstat Eireann", a 1927 cover with black edges as mourning for Vice President Kevin O'Higgins (with relevant news cuttings), and 1922-33 telegraph forms (5). (11+). £100-120
1922-68 Collection in an album with mainly mint issues to 1963 including 1922 Dollard 2/6 - 10/-, Thom 5/-, Thom three line overprint (wide date) set of 15 to 10/-, 1925 narrow date 2/6 - 10/-, 1937 2/6 - 10/-, also stockcard pages with mainly mint issues including 1925 narrow date 2/6 - 10/- (unmounted), 1937 5/- (unmounted), coil stamps, inverted watermarks, etc. S.G. £3,000++. (100s). £400-500


(Also lots 137, 197, 198, 233, 451)

1863-1990s Mint and used collection in two home made albums with 1911-38 Commemoratives including 1923 Fascist sets, 1924 Trade Propaganda overprint set mint, 1924 Holy Year set used, 1928 Second National Defence set mint and used, 1928 Duke of Savoy set mint, 1929 Monte-Cassino set mint and used, 1930 Third National Defence set used, 1933 Holy Year postage set used, post-war issues with 1946 Biennial Art Exhibition set mint, U.P.U 50L mint, Roman Republic Centenary 100L mint and used, European Recovery Plan set mint, 1950 Radio Conference pair mint and used, 1950 Occupations set mint, 1951 Milan Fair pair mint and used, Gymnastics set mint, Monte Cassino pair mint and used, etc. Also Vatican with 1948 Air 250L and 500L mint, San Marino, Italian States and Colonies, Fiume and Trieste in two further albums, and additional F.D.Cs, covers and stamps in stockbooks, two cover albums or loose. Some staining, many mint stamps in cellophane packets causing some creasing, nevertheless an extensive collection with some useful stamps. (1,000s). £500-600
Lake Steamer Cancels. 1863-1939 Covers and cards with cancels of the Italian steamers on Lake Como (57), Lake Garda (13), Lake Maggiore (55), also related postcards (11) and cancels from the ship post between Naples and Palermo (10). A fine collection in an F.G album, including Natante Como - Colico double ring c.d.s of 1864-78 (5), single ring c.d.s of 1881-1902 (7), squared circle of 1906-13 (6); two line "SERVIZIO POSTALE / SUL LAGO DI COMO" and similar handstamps for "GARDA" or "MAGGIORE" (2); "VERBANO" double ring c.d.s of 1863-77 (4), Arona-Magadino single ring c.d.s of 1879-94 (10), boxed "LESA / MESSAGGERE / COLLETTORE" datestamp, script type port name handstamps, etc. (146). Photo on Page 93. £1,800-2,200
Arctic. 1928 (Aug 21) Cover to Naples bearing 5c, 7 1/2c (2) and 1926 National Defence Issue 30c + 10c each tied by "R.N.C. DI MILANO / SPED. ARTICA 1928" c.d.s, Naples machine (Sep 3) on reverse. £130-150


(Also lot 80)

1923 Child Welfare issue, prints of the three original photographs used for the issued designs, each on paper signed on the reverse by the designer Violet F. Taylor, with the three issued stamps. £100-120


(Also lots 135, 136, 238, 376, 729, 730)

1941 KGVI Perf 14 10c red-brown and orange in an unmounted mint block of four, very fine. S.G. 134b, £520. Photo on Page 91. £200-240
1960 2s50 Pictorial definitive depicting rhinos and a candelabra tree, die proof in brown of the frame only, on gummed paper, numbered "66", 73x48mm, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 91. £250-300

Railway Postal History

Postcards/Photos. 1909-33 Picture postcards depicting trains (3, one a real photo card posted in 1909), railway lines, bridges or stations (5), a fine c.1905 real photo of the station at Maji Mazuri with the Indian Station Master outside, also various notes, photocopies, cuttings and c.1952 photos all mounted on album pages. £100-120
1897 (Dec 5) BEA 1a reply card (reply half) written by an Indian clerk in the railway's Chief Engineers Office at Kilindini, posted from Mombasa to India, with a "MOMBASA" single ring c.d.s. An early card connected with the Uganda Railway, construction of which commenced in 1896. Light vertical fold, otherwise fine. £100-120
1899-1917 Covers and cards addressed to employees on the railway, comprising 1902 Zanzibar 1a postcard uprated with a 1/2a stamp sent to Station Master Stobbs at Makindu; 1898 Zanzibar 1a wrapper to "The Superintendent of Police, Uganda Railway, Kilindini"; 1908 East Africa & Uganda 6c envelope from Nairobi to "The Acting Traffic Manager, Uganda Railway, Nairobi"; and 1917 postcard from Nairobi to "Miss W. Smith, c/o H. Rushton, Asst. Accountant, Uganda Rly, Nairobi". (4). £120-140
1901 (Apr 14) BEA 2a registration envelope size F bearing a 1a stamp, both tied by "RAILHEAD / MOMBASA" squared circle, sent to India backstamped "RAILHEAD / MOMBASA" c.d.s (Apr 15) and at Mombasa (Apr 22) and Bombay, with Indian void oval handstamp containing the registration number. The front with some surface loss at left edge due to the removal of the Indian registration form (a small piece of which remains on the reverse), otherwise fine and unusual with both types of Railhead datestamp, the c.d.s 16 months earlier than recorded by Proud. The Railhead was located in the region of Mau Summit at this date. Photo on Page 93. £400-500
1901 (Dec 21) Printed envelope with a decorative border and design in the upper left corner, the lower left corner with printed senders details "From / Accounts Office, Uganda Rly. / NAIROBI (B.E. Africa)", headed "STAMPED" with "India" in the address. Posted registered to the stamp dealer W. T. Wilson in Birmingham with boxed "R / NAIROBI" handstamp, franked on the reverse by BEA 1/2a pairs (2) and 1a pair. Senders surname erased, otherwise fine and attractive. Photo on Page 93. £160-200
1901-24 T.P.O and railway cancels on BEA or Kenya & Uganda stamps (33, twelve on piece) including "EXPERIMENTAL P.O / E.A.P" tying BEA 1a on 1901 piece and on 1902-04 stamps (2); 1902 "RAILHEAD / MOMBASA" c.d.s on BEA 2r; 1902 "ESCARPMENT" squared circle on BEA 1a; "T.P.O OUT / SET No." datestamps (2); violet "RAILWAY PROVINCIAL / E.A.P" on KEVII 1r and 3r; 1924 "NAIROBI-NAKURU / SORTING CARRIAGE" datestamps (4, three on piece); various 1920-24 "S. CARRIAGE" or "SORTING CAR" double ring skeleton datestamps (19, seven on piece), etc., also one later piece. (33). Photo on Page 113. £200-250
1902 Uganda Railway Telegraph stamps, upper halves used, 1r with violet "MOMBASA" cancel and 2r with violet "PORT FLORENCE" cancel. (2). £80-100
1903 (Nov 16) Picture postcard of a train on the Uganda Railway at Mombasa, posted to Germany with BEA 1a tied by "T.P.O IN / SET No 2" c.d.s, used on the Mombasa to Kisumu T.P.O. The c.d.s a little faint but clearly readable, scarce. £120-150
1905 (Jan 14) Registered cover to London franked on the reverse by KEVII 1a vertical strip of three tied by two fine strikes of "T.P.O IN / SET No. 1" c.d.s, used on the Mombasa to Kisumu T.P.O, with Mombasa and London registration datestamps and oval framed "R". Small fault to one stamp, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 93. £280-350
1917 (Nov 26) 6c Postal stationery envelope from Kampala to Limuru with violet "N.E / POSTAL CENSOR / KAMPALA", backstamped by superb "T.P.O / SET No. 1 / 29 No. 17" on the Nairobi to Kisumu T.P.O, and a Nakuru c.d.s. The earliest recorded date of use of this datestamp in its second period of use (1917-20), fine and scarce. Photo on Page 93. £180-220
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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