Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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Auction Lots - Page 17
Jersey. 1943-44 1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d and 2d Imperforate Mise en Train proofs in black on pink paper, all marginal, fine. (4). £70-90
Jersey. 1969 1/2d - 1/9 Definitives, imperforate proofs each affixed to a Harrison and Sons Limited presentation card, all fine. (11). Photo on Page 120. £400-500
Jersey. 1972-74 Imperforate proof sets of four comprising 1972 wild flowers, 1972 Royal Jersey Militia, 1973 Centenary of La Societe Jersiaise, 1973 Jersey aviation history, 1974 Spring flowers and 1974 anniversaries, all fine mint. (24). Photo on Page 91. £500-600
Jersey. 1969-84 Errors and varieties including 1974 4p on uncoated paper (S.G. 49ab, £400); 1969 1/6 and 1971 1p showing dramatic colour shifts; 1983 2p miscut booklet panes of six (2); 1984 Europa 20 1/2p with rose-lilac background largely omitted; 1979 Jersey cattle 6p with gold printing double (S.G. 202a, £400); 1974 anniversaries 3 1/2p offset; 1977 Victoria College 10 1/2p, 1980 Goodyear airship 17 1/2p and 1983 Jersey adventurers 8p, 11p and 26p all with black double; 1983 Jersey adventurers 24p with black printing treble; 1974 anniversaries 20p with background partly omitted; 1972 wild flowers 7 1/2p shade variety; and 1984 5p definitive with ghost impression of the 12p value (S.G. 258ac, listed but unpriced by S.G.), all fine unmounted mint, a few with the normal stamps for comparison. (17). £500-600
Jersey. 1969-2000 Issues unmounted mint, apparently complete, mostly in blocks of four, also presentation packs, booklet panes, FDCs, sheetlets, earlier wartime and regional issues, all superb, in eight albums and 14 cover albums. £250-300

Local Post Stamps

(Also lots 1101, 1103, 1104, 1172, 1181)

Various locals in a stockbook with Parcel Delivery Co. stamps (114) including Express Parcels Delivery Co. (15), Atlas, Fosters (22), Globe, Manchester Parcel Delivery Co. (22), Sutton (3), Liverpool Parcels Delivery Co. (28), Williams & Son, Parcels and Luggage Co. (6), Bristol Parcel Delivery Co. (4) and Newcastle & District Carrying Co. (8); tramway stamps (36) comprising B.&M.T.J.C Tramways Parcel Express (13), Manchester Corporation Tramways (12), Dublin United Tramways (9), B.C.P.T and Leeds City Tramways; North of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Co. (7); various railway parcel, newspaper or corn sample stamps (82), railway letter stamps (56), college stamps (9) and Circular Delivery Co. stamps (55, many forgeries), mixed condition, many of the parcel stamps with faults (as is usual on many of these issues), a scarce lot. (359). Photo on Page 122 & on Back Cover. £1,800-2,200
c.1920 Parcel wrapper from The Wallpaper Store Ltd, addressed to "Mrs B. Dalby, Wike, c/o Mr Lister, Dairyman, Bankside Street, Shepherds Lane" bearing a large 3d red Leeds City Tramways Parcels Dept. stamp (torn) cancelled by blue crayon, scarce. £120-150
1929 Reprinted Die Proof of Circular Delivery Co stamps for eight towns, in black on card, fine and attractive. £100-120


1803 Letter from the Commanding Officer of the Loyal Stockton Volunteer Infantry listing eight members of the corps, who are therefore exempt from the tax on hair powder, a recent act having been passed exempting volunteer corps members from this tax. £50-60
1850 Paper Duty stamp in red and black (Barefoot type 7) printed by Perkins Bacon (Congreve printing), stamped "500 sheets", attached to a piece of paper inscribed "1850. May 7. One sheet taken out for cashier to experiment with colouring". A further letter of 1851 from Perkins Bacon, concerning missing banknote paper, is attached to the page. The revenue stamp with a piece cut out from the lower left corner, otherwise fine. £80-100
1853 14 Page pamphlet "One Penny Stamps. A Popular Explanation of the Statute requiring a Stamp Duty of One Penny on Receipts and Orders for Money, and of some provisions of former acts bearing thereupon, with a schedule of Stamp Duties", published by authority of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue. A scarce pamphlet with details of revenue payable on various documents and exemptions to duties. £150-180
c.1915 KGV Key Plate revenues without inscription, imperforate proof blocks on unwatermarked green paper comprising 2/- purple irregular blocks of 12 and 19 and 7/6 green blocks of 22 and 21, this last block with another 20 inverted impressions partly overlapping the original upright impressions. Probably printers waste but still very unusual, a little creasing. (74+). £150-180
Jersey. 1904-34 Legal documents (4) bearing 1900 or 1912 issue revenue stamps, two also with triangular Property Guarantee Fund revenues, and a 1945 document bearing 1942 Jure-Justicier stamp with serifed overprint (other revenues removed). Also various revenue mint (14) or overprinted Specimen (24). (5 documents + 38 stamps). £200-250


Bishop Marks. 1698-1787 Entire letters with London Bishop Marks (12), various sizes, one with tiny "Partington" handstamp. Also 1784-1801 entire letters with red Bishop Marks of Edinburgh (7), two letters with both London and Edinburgh handstamps. All fine, written up on album pages. (19). £180-200
1742-1846 Entire letters, entires and a few fronts including studies of Free datestamps (18), Scottish additional ' 1/2' handstamps (18), other charge marks, etc., most fine, written up in an album. (60+). £150-200
1773-1851 Entire letters, entires and covers showing various town handstamps including mileage marks, undated circles, straight line, concave and convex types, Scottish types, datestamps, etc., most fine, written up in two albums. (108). £250-300
c.1812-52 Prestamp and stampless entire letters or entires mainly to the Bank of Scotland, most sent within Scotland, various postal markings including Penny Posts, red boxed "PAID / 1d EXTRA" of Edinburgh, Frees with printed O.H.M.S "Solicitor, Treasury" lettersheet, etc., also a few part letters and later covers. (Approx 250). £150-200
1875 Cover signed "B. Disraeli" and addressed in his hand to Henry Cecil with a red London Official Paid c.d.s. Also 1841 1d black (two margins) on cover from Leeds, 1861 cover franked by a 2d blue and redirected with a 1d red pair applied, and 1876 cover with 1d red perfined "MS&L" for Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway. (4). £120-150
1896 1/2d Newspaper wrapper and postal stationery envelope both with Russian censor cachets of Riga or St. Petersburg, used on printed matter going into Russia from other countries, unusual. (2). £120-150
QV-QEII Covers and cards, Post Office ephemera, etc., in a box, includes useful mint and used postal stationery with vaccination forms (2), Printed to Private Order envelopes and labels, etc. (c.240). £120-150
QV-QEII Covers and cards in a box, mainly used postal stationery including registration and forces registration envelopes, many QV 1d pink envelopes, also 1871 registered entire letter with 3d + 1d pair, 1 1/4d card with perfin, 1950 telegram with Sark c.d.s, etc. An interesting lot. (600+). £200-300
QV-QEII Covers and cards in a box, much of it postal stationery with many QV 1d pink envelopes, registration and forces registration envelopes, also 1906 Express cover from Folkestone to Germany franked KEVII 1/2d + 2 1/2d pair, Wembley exhibition stationery mint or used at the exhibition, postage dues, registered mail, 1852 Harrogate "338" numeral with horizontal side bars, etc. An interesting lot. (600+). £200-300
A large quantity of modern postal history, mainly G.B but with some foreign, some mounted on pages, includes modern Machin postal rates, explanatory handstamps, hotel envelopes, Isles of Scilly (with some earlier cards), also unused postcards (many with a postal theme), modern G.B special event cancels and some F.D.Cs, postal rate leaflets, various foreign stamps in two stock books and loose, etc., in five large boxes. Buyer to collect. £150-180
Paid Handstamps. 1773-1908 Entire letters, entires and covers with various London or provincial Paid handstamps or datestamps, most pre-1840 but with some later official mail, most fine, written up in an album. (72). £150-200
Penny Posts. 1803-45 Entire letters or entires (48) and fronts (3) with various type Penny Post handstamps, mostly English types but a few Scottish included, some with receiving house handstamps, mostly fine, written up in an album. (51). £250-300
5th Clause Posts. 1833-38 Entire letters with unframed handstamps of Wincanton or Newcastle (in red), or framed handstamps of Okehampton or Wincanton, all fine, written up on album pages. (4). £140-180
'Too Late' Handstamps. 1827-67 Entire letters and covers (20) and a front with various "Too Late" handstamps or cancels from London or various English or Scottish towns. Prestamps marks from Limerick, Warwick (2), Devonport, Shrewsbury, etc., most fine, written up on album pages. (21). £100-120
'Missent' Handstamps. 1826-58 Entire letters and covers (15) and a front with various English or Scottish Missent handstamps, most fine, written up on album pages. (16). £240-280
Uniform 1d Post. 1840-45 Entire letters and entires all prepaid 1d, various red 1d handstamps from Northampton (3), Tunbridge, West Bromwich, Bradford, Maidstone, Leeds (3), York (2), Guildford, Kirkcaldy, etc., mostly fine, written up on album pages. (19). £150-180
Triangular Handstamps. 1900-44 Covers and cards (22), stamps and pieces (4) with triangular missent handstamps or inspectors marks including examples used on previously uncancelled stamps; 1912 picture postcard written at Dieppe with French 10c tied by London c.d.s (Christmas day) with triangular "I.S" alongside; 1921 postcard franked 1d with a second stamp clearly removed in transit, a "1d" charge mark applied where this stamp had been but then obliterated and triangular "S.E." applied, etc. (26). £120-150
Christmas. The collection written up in three albums including small cover (Christmas card enclosed) with superb "LIVERPOOL / XMAS" advance posting cancel, 1907 cover with fine Manchester "X" machine advance posting cancel, various postally used covers with Christmas cards enclosed (including a fine 1877 card with drawings of shops, etc., posted at Birmingham), other cards with WW1 and later naval and military cards, postcard types including "Hold to Light", 1866-77 postally used covers with Christmas designs embossed on the flaps (3), etc. (140+). £300-350
Forwarding Agents. 1841-54 Entire letters from Manchester, Leghorn or St. Ubes (Portugal) to England, or from USA to Spain, with Liverpool Forwarding Agents endorsements (2, E. Garston or C.L Mendes & Co) or cachets (2, Charles Humberston or Manuel Blandin), one returned to the sender with the cachet "SENT BACK TO ENGLAND / WITHOUT A REASON / FOR NON-DELIVERY" in red. (4). £170-200

Early Letters

Devon - Plymouth. 1574 Entire letter from William Petala in Plymouth to "Filippo Corsini in Londra", the address panel endorsed "P.amico" (by a friend). Written in Italian, the letter includes news of the "Zolfori" unloading 200 small casks but was hindered by bad weather and the bad condition of the wheels. The ship needed the bottom scraped and £3.6.8 was demanded, Petala offered £3. A little internal staining, the address panel largely fine. Photo on Page 127. £300-350
1582 Entire letter from Antonio Gardino in Antwerp written and addressed in Italian to "Bartheo Corsini e comp in Londra, per questa", an unusual 'postage paid' inscription written full. £180-220
Scotland - James VI of Scotland/James I. 1585 (Sep 27) Nine line letter from Stirling, boldly signed "James R" by King James VI of Scotland (later King James I of England) addressed to "The Laird of Barnbarroche, one of the senators of our college of justice". King James orders the laird (Sir Patrick Vans) to be present "at the next meeting of the Exchequer ('Checkker') arranged for 6 October...... at that tyme we think maist expedient that it convene agane at Stairling and proceed that all thing be perfect that ye could not ondertake the last tyme ....". Professionally restored folds, otherwise fine, an attractive James VI signature and address panel. Photo on Page 127. £1,800-2,000
Norfolk - Norwich. 1587 Entire letter from Louis Cantin written and addressed in French, to Bartholomi Corsini in London, fine. £250-300
Norfolk - Yarmouth. 1589 Bills of lading for goods consigned by Bartholomeo Corsini in Yarmouth to Lorenzo Corsini in Livorno, the first for barrels of smoked herrings sent on "La Spression" of Danzig (Capt. Giovanni Doch), the other for bales wrapped in canvas sent on "Il Preusse Janchfrow" (The Prussian Maiden) of Danzig (Cap. Giovanni Doch). Two interesting documents, both written in Italian and bearing the Corsini guild sign, one with a little ink penetration, otherwise fine. (2). £350-450
Devon - Plymouth. 1593 Entire letter written in Italian by Corsini's agent Antonio de Buas, addressed to "Filippo Corsini In Londra" with "paye the post d6" added in a second hand. The pessimistic letter includes news of a shortage of wheat and crews, Flemish sailors, bad times for ships and bad people in England, difficulties in dry docking and repairs to vessels. A fine and scarce English postal rate. Photo on Page 127. £1,000-1,200
Devon - Plymouth. 1596 Entire letter written in English by James Bagg, addressed "To the Wo Phylype Corsyn marchant in London, post vid". The letter includes "Yours of the 28th I received, & with it a letter to Sir Ferdinand Gorge Kt, & the rest of the Commissioners, that they should not meddle any further in the sale of wheet. There was received out of the Fortune 100 quarters which is 800 bushels of Plymouth measure at 17 gallons to the bushel .... The above is the copy sent to you by Russell the footman. At about 12 o'c the same day the ship of Mr Superane was cast away & lost on the rocks in the harbour by reason of the great storm, & another ship of the town lost at the same time. I hope to save the tin because she came on the rocks on the full sea. Pray acquaint Mr Artson that his ship is safe". Small piece removed from left side of the address panel upon opening, otherwise fine and a scarce English postal rate. Photo on Page 127. £800-1,000
Staffordshire. 1597 Entire letter from Lichfield addressed "To the right worshippful and my very good friende Mr Walter Bagoatt at Blythfeilde give this", a fine Elizabethan letter, unusually not from the Corsini correspondence. £300-350
Essex - Colchester. 1600 Entire letter written in French by Hughes de Lobel, concerning cloth and lead, addressed in English "To his friend Mr Bartholomeo Corsini merchant, Londres", very fine. Photo on Page 127. £300-350
Devon. 1607 (May 5) Entire letter written from Northam (near Bideford), addressed "To his most assured good ffrend Mr Symon Kellwaye in Collompton geve this", recipients endorsement of May 13. A little soiling to the address panel, otherwise fine, an early Devon letter, mainly concerning money matters (transcription included with the letter). £250-300
Ireland. 1619 Entire letter written by Sir William Fenton at Lismore, addressed "To my worthy unckle Christopher Brown sig, at Detford these dd". Fenton mentions his imminent departure to Cork upon urgent business and his cousins journey towards Dublin. A fine early Irish letter. Photo on Page 127. £350-400
London. 1650 Entire letter sent within London, written by Richard Brooke dwelling "nex the 3 Shugger Loves in Grasein Lane at the End nex Holborne", addressed "for ye Honble Coll. Marten at his hous in Chaunell Roe, these present". Brooke offers Marten a house. The addressee Henry Marten was an M.P who fought for the Parliamentarians and signed the King's death warrant in 1649; he was sentenced to life imprisonment after the restoration. A good Commonwealth period letter. £300-350
Yorkshire. 1667 Entire letter from Hull to Doncaster endorsed "post pd 2d". Rust stain from a paper clip at left edge, otherwise fine, an attractive early bye-post letter. £80-100

Air Mails

(Also lots 4, 5, 1139, 1140)

1895 Leaflet handed "A Message from above TO THE ELECTORS OF SOHO WARD", depicting a balloon, dropped from the "Saladin" balloon over Birmingham during the local elections, supporting Lempriere, "the free and independent candidate". A fine and rare leaflet, 190x88mm. Photo on Page 130. £200-250


Various nineteenth and twentieth century cancels and handstamps on covers and cards (also a few stamps) written up in two albums, including studies of London experimental squared circles (14+ stamps), hooded circle cancels of London (including Late Fee types) or Liverpool (24), London backstamps, special event cancels, skeletons, squared circles, triangular cancels and missort handstamps, postage due marks, etc. (219+). £250-300
Maltese Crosses. 1840-44 Entires and covers with various red or black Maltese Cross cancels including a 1d Mulready envelope used in Ireland from Down to Portaferry, 1d black covers from London or Dursley (3 or 4 margins), etc., mostly fine, written up on album pages. (16). £200-240
Maltese Crosses. 1843 Entires posted in London with 1d reds, tied by Maltese Crosses containing the numbers '1' to '12', some stamps cut into (four having four margins), all fine strikes, a good complete set of all twelve numbers. (12). £250-300
Roller Cancels. QV-KGVI Covers and cards (5), Parcel Post labels (4), stamps and pieces (51) with various roller cancels including Hull, Bradford, "XOF" (Southampton) and Portadown Depot on Parcel Post labels, red Stoke on Trent Paid on an express parcel tag, various London types, etc., a scarce lot. (60). £170-200
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 33)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 28th February 2013 Time: 11:30AM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex: Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd February
At Argyll Etkin: Until Monday 17th February by appointment
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th February 9 am to 4.30 pm and at
The Regus Conference Centre: Friday 28th February 9.30 am to 11.30 am
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