Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 29)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 4th May 2012 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing At the Offices of Argyll Etkin Limited
Until Wednesday 18th April - By Appointment
Monday 23rd April - Friday 27th April and
Monday 30th April - Thursday 3rd May - 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
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Auction Lots - Page 10
1931-37 First Flight covers including 1931 (Feb) Africa extension covers from G.B to Entebbe, Mwanza and Bulawayo; 1933 (Jan) Durban to Bulawayo, Athens to Mpika; 1934 (Jan) Bandon, Thailand to Limbe, (April) Limbe to G.B, Limbe to Quelimane (2, just 26 flown) and Limbe to Mozambique (10 flown), (November) G.B to Broken Hill or Salisbury proving flights (Wilton Rd datestamps); 1936 (Apr) Belgium to Lusaka. Also new rates including 1932 (Nov) Southern Rhodesia 2d postcard rate flown internally, 5d postcard rate to G.B and 7d postcard rate to India; 1933 (Nov) 4 1/2d South Africa to Limbe rate; 1934 (May) 9d G.B to Limbe rate; 1934 London Air Post Exhibition flight cover to Limbe; 1936 Salisbury Air Rally vignette on R.A.N.A cover, 1936 JIPEX cards to Rhodesia or Nyasaland, etc. (29). £400-500
1937 Covers including Salisbury to G.B cover signed by the pilots J.W.G James and A.M Carroll; last 6d rate flight from Nkana to Latvia, Salisbury to Kisumu, Umtali or Luanshya to G.B; and first flight covers comprising London to Cape Town, 100th I.A flight from G.B to Salisbury, Durban to Beira flying boat addressed to Marandellas, Southampton to Bulawayo, Bulawayo to Livingstone, South Africa to Lusaka or Livingstone, Livingstone to Bulawayo, Lusaka to Bulawayo or Johannesburg, Bulawayo to Lusaka or Broken Hill. (17). £250-300
1932-39 Commercial flown mail, various origins, destinations and rates, including Southern Rhodesia covers to Austria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Germany, Finland, Yugoslavia, Japan and Gold Coast; 1935 cover to G.B with 1/- postage due; Northern Rhodesia to Latvia; Croydon Aerodrome Air Mail datestamps on covers to Nkana (2); 1935 (May 6) Silver Jubilee 1d, 2d, 6d (2) on FDC to USA; 1936 cover from Eiffel Flats to Dar-Es-Salaam with KUT 1/- grey postage due stamp; Registered Nyasaland cover to G.B underpaid by 1d; Northern Rhodesia to Finland bearing 1935 Silver Jubilee 2d, 3d, 6d with Finnish postage due cachet, also bag labels, Certificates of Posting, "Dept. of Civil Aviation, Salisbury" stampless official cover, etc. (78). £750-900
Empire Air Mail Scheme. 1937-39 Covers franked at the 'all-up' rates of 2d or 1 1/2d, many Imperial Airways and R.A.N.A first flights; Christmas 1937 concession labels used on underpaid mail (4, for G.B, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Nyasaland); 1938 (Jan) London to Umtali first flight signed by the pilot J.A.C Florence; 1938 (Feb) first flights from Southern Rhodesia to various destinations including Khartoum, Maadi, Amman, Gyantse, Colombo, Rangoon, Chandernagore, Kota Bharu, Jesselton, Singapore, Rabaul, Batu Anam, Darwin, Rarotonga, Apia; 1938 (May) first flights from Lilongwe to Limbe, Blantyre to Lilongwe (both signed by the pilot) or Fort Jameson to Lilongwe; 1938 Australia to Limbe; also G.B postal notices or booklets advertising the Empire Air Mail Scheme (3), southern Rhodesia postal notice, etc. (82). £750-900

938 Southern Rhodesia Midland Towns Service

February First Flight covers flown between various towns by the new R.A.N.A service, some then flown elsewhere by Imperial Airways, as few as ten covers flown to some destinations, with two covers from South Africa, one cover from Gatooma to England posted unpaid and charged 3d postage due. (32). £250-300

939 Barotseland Air Service

January First Flight covers flown between various towns by the now R.A.N.A Barotseland air service, franked at the 1 1/2d (or 2d) rates by stamps of G.B, Northern Rhodesia (18) or South Africa (3), also one registered cover bearing Northern Rhodesia 6d, and a Francis Field letter stating just 14 G.B covers flown for this first flight (from Lusaka to Mongu). A fine and scarce group with 17 covers signed by the pilots Archie H. Downing or Ross Kirkman, as few as two covers flown between some towns. (24). Photo on page 74. £1,500-1,800

938-50 World War Two and Later Airmails

1939 (Sep) - 1945 World War Two airmails, the fine collection with covers and cards both to and from the Rhodesias and Nyasaland, some first flights and many commercial covers including 1939 (Sep.) 1/3 rate first flight covers in both directions between G.B and Southern Rhodesia; 1939 Laurenco Marques D.E.T.A first flight, addressed to Bulawayo (unique destination, 47 flown, the others all to South Africa); commercial covers from Southern Rhodesia to forces in West Africa (3); 1939 4d registration envelope from Wanderers Mine; Service Suspended mail to Europe; 1940 (June) horseshoe route test flights (4) and later horseshoe route flights; airgraphs; censors; 1942 Bulawayo to Ndola first flight; forces mail; 1942 G.B postcards from Derby with scarce "AIRMAIL" cachets; 1942 (Dec) first flight to Eritrea; 1943 first day of 2d rate within Southern Rhodesia (2); "By Hand of Pilot" covers (4); 1943 (Sep) first flights from Bulawayo to Mauritius or Seychelles; 1944 first reopening of Southern Rhodesia to G.B air service (2); "O.A.T" cachets (3); 1944 (July 26) leaflets dropped by air over Bulawayo; 1944 (July) first flight from Bulawayo to Sweden; Southern Rhodesia 6d forces air letter used; 1945 (Mar) postcards to USA or Canada carried on the first flight to London; 1945 Northern Rhodesia to Poland cover endorsed "service not available"; 1945 S.R.A.S first flight covers sent in both directions between Bulawayo and Livingstone, both pilot signed; 1945 (July 31) final day of airgraph service from Southern Rhodesia; 1945 (Aug) Southern Rhodesia to Denmark first flight postcard, etc., many contemporary news cuttings detailing new rates or routes included. Also two books on WW2 air mails. (155+). £4,500-5,000
1945-50 Flight covers to or from Rhodesia or Nyasaland including 1946 (March) Southern Rhodesia internal first flights by S.R.A.S and June first flights by C.A.A; "O.A.T" cachet; 1946 (July) Salisbury to London first flight; China cover to Fort Victoria; 1946 Swiss helicopter post addressed to N'dola, etc. (33). £450-500


Various ephemera and photos including 1930s photos of Umtali Aerodrome (3); 1934 R.A.N.A Christmas card containing a photo of staff and pilots in front of an aeroplane; 1930 letter from the Southern Rhodesia Minister of Defence to B. Tubb certifying that he will be issued with a pilots licence for a Moth aircraft, with three photos of Tubb or his aircraft; various B.O.A.C press photos; Imperial Airways ephemera with booklets of Air Mail labels (4) and c.1932 fold out posters with views and seating plans for aircraft (2, one a bilingual version issued in South Africa); 1933-37 Air Mail leaflets from G.B (5) or South Africa, etc. Also the books "The Time Shrinkers" by D. Jones and "East African Airmails to 1939" by Bill Colley and auction catalogues of the Jeidel and D. Edwards collections. £250-300


1840-1935 World collection in seven S.G. New Ideal albums, with three Empire albums including G.B 1d blacks (2, one very fine) and 1840 2d blue (faults), unused 1870 1/2d block and useful Government Parcels overprints, Hong Kong, Straits Settlements with 1909 KEVII $5 mint, etc, and four rather sparsely filled foreign albums. Also various other G.B., empire and foreign collections (in a further 17 albums) including G.B KGV and KGVI, China, France in two albums, Switzerland, a few Mauritius used in Seychelles, etc. (1,000s). £500-600
1911-14 Sheets of paper all covered in various G.B. and Foreign stamps forming decorative pictures and patterns, each with the pencil date they were made on the reverse, unusual and most attractive. (21). £200-240
1892-93 Round the World Cover from London (Dec 15) with G.B 1897 4 1/2d pair and 10d, forwarded in four further countries bearing German 50pf pair tied Hannover c.d.s (Dec 17), Italy 25c (two pairs) and 1L tied Naples squared circle (Dec 20), Japan 3s pair, 4s and 15s tied Tokio c.d.s (Feb 3 1893) and USA 4c, 15c and Columbus 6c tied New York duplex (Feb 27). Minor faults with G.B stamps creased, an unusually attractive Around the World cover. Photo on page 74. £100-150
Covers. 1855-1953 Covers, cards, entire letters and a front with 1855-65 stamped covers from France (2) and Holland (2), 1866 front with Italy 10c postage due, 1872 entire with Russia 20k, 1891 registered cover with Roumania 50b, 1953 Comet flight covers from Bahrain (4), etc. (33). £100-120
Covers and cards including 1923 Peking to Shanghai flight cover bearing 1921 Air mail set of five (faults), 1920 picture postcard with "AN BORD DES / ZEPPELIN / LUFTSCHIFFES / BODENSEE" cachet, other 1910-27 period air mail covers from France, Tunisia, Germany, Hungary, Bolivia, Chile or Newfoundland, also 1943 Falklands 1d on S.S "Great Britain" picture postcard, etc. (75+). £150-250
Forgeries & Cinderellas. Worldwide forgeries in a stockbook and loose including G.B and Empire, Europe, USA, some covers and locals, etc., also some cinderellas, postmarks, and genuine stamps. An interesting lot. (100s). £500-600
Disinfected Mail. 1841-97 Entire letters and covers with disinfection cachets of Malta (4, on 1841-45 letters from Alexandria, Constantinople or Corfu) or cyrillic "OBESZZARASHENO" cachet of Odessa on 1897 registered cover from India to Bokhara. Also 1875-1932 In Memoriam cards (25) and a 1920 French undertakers card. (31). £150-180
Wreck Covers. 1967 Large Bank of China registered cover from Karachi (11 May 1967), received in London on 12 June 1975, bearing typed label "Post Office regrets that delay has been caused by S.S Nord Wind being held in Suez Canal". The ship was one of 14 vessels moored up in the Great Bitter Lake during the closure of the Suez Canal following the six-day war between Egypt and Israel. An interesting and scarce commercial cover, detained for 8 years. Hoggarth/Gwynn estimate 10-19 items known. £80-100


1840-1935 Mint and used collection in an S.G. New Ideal album, some useful stamps throughout, G.B including 1840 1d black and 2d blue both fine with four margins (also another 1840 2d pale blue with three margins), embossed 6d and 10d cut square, etc. (100s). £300-350
1841-1935 Mint and used collection in two S.G. Imperial albums, including Ceylon, Canada, Straits Settlements 3c with 1916 Labuan c.d.s, etc. Also QEII collections of Fiji and Pitcairn Island. (4 albums). £160-200
QV-KGV Remaindered collections in S.G. New Ideal albums (3) or New Imperial albums (2), also a stockbook with various Empire and a few foreign (better French Colonies noted), some South Africa and S.W.A postmarks, also a few books on forgeries, etc. (1,000s). £500-600
QV-KGV Mint and used collection in two Paragon albums including two 1d blacks (one apparently with a Penny Post cancellation in addition to the Maltese Cross), G.B Officials, Australia and States, Burma, Ceylon, India including 1866 Postage overprint on 6a fiscal stamp, Egypt, Canada with 1897 Diamond Jubilee 2c - 20c unused, etc. Also a quantity of unmounted mint KGVI and later Ceylon in sheets and blocks. Some faults, a useful collection. (100s). £250-300
Various S.G. albums containing KGVI issues (6 albums) or QEII issues (10 albums), also other stockbooks and packets. (Many 1,000s). £400-500
Small mainly Southern African selection including Cape 1864 Perkins Bacon 1d mint; Cape KEVII 1/2d overprinted "CIGARETTE / DUTY", variety overprint inverted; OFS V.R.I 1d variety space between "V" and "R" used; Transvaal 1895 1/2d on 1/- green variety surcharge double, mint; Rhodesia Specimen overprints (3), etc. Also India Gandhi 1 1/2a with Service overprint mint, and a few USA stamps. (26). £110-130


1892 Cover posted in Aden with a G.B 2 1/2d stamp, correctly disallowed with circular framed "T" handstamp applied and Aden c.d.s on reverse, the stamp cancelled upon arrival in London with "I.B / 2 1/2d" charge mark applied in the London Inland Branch. Roughly opened at top, torn through the stamp, but very unusual. £80-100
1895 India 1 1/2a postal stationery postcard written on S.S "Coromandel", cancelled "ADEN" squared circle with boxed "PAQUEBOT" alongside, an early example of this Paquebot handstamp. A little light staining, otherwise fine and attractive. £70-80
1933 India 2 1/2a Imperial Reply Coupon with "ADEN CAMP" c.d.s, very unusual. £120-140

ANTARCTICA - See lots 602-605


1874 Entire to Liverpool with 1872 Crown CC 6d pair each cancelled "A18" numeral with circular "ENGLISH / HARBOR / ANTIGUA" datestamp on the reverse. A fine and exceptionally scarce example of the A18 numeral of English Harbour. Photo on page 74. £2,000-2,200


1913-52 Small mint selection including 1913 5d chestnut, 1948-56 1/3 - £1 set of seven (5/- - £1 mounted, also additional 5/- and 10/- unmounted) and B.C.O.F Japan 1/2d - 3d, 1/- - 5/-. Also Victoria 1901 £1 perf 12 1/2 C.T.O at Melbourne. S.G. £465. (21). £80-100
1914 6c Claret mint block of eight (2 x 4) with left margin showing inscription "Engraved and Printed at the Commonwealth Treasury, Melbourne", a few central horizontal perfs split and strengthened with a hinge, the other six stamps unmounted. Small thin to one stamp and small marginal stains, an attractive block. S.G. 19, £600+. Photo on page 84. £150-180
1915-27 £1 Chestnut and bright blue with watermark inverted, gum a little toned, otherwise very fine mint, a scarce stamp. S.G. 44aw, £3,750. Photo on Back Cover. £1,300-1,500
1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 5/- fine mint. S.G. 143, £425. Photo on page 99. £120-140
1934 John Macarthur set of three in Ash imprint gutter blocks of four, minor tone marks and 9d with light crease to central gutter, otherwise fine mint. S.G. 150/2. £80-100
1938-54 Covers bearing KGVI definitives, the majority with Army or Air Force datestamps (28), also 1938 cover bearing perf 13 1/2x14 3d die I, 1954 stampless cover from Korea with "Aust. Army P.O 214" c.d.s, etc. (45). £80-100
Officials. 1932 1/- Green overprinted "OS" in an Ash imprint block of four fine mint. S.G. O136. £140-160
Postal Stationery. 1945 Prisoner of War 6d postcard used from Myrtleford (Military Post Office c.d.s.) and 1/- Prisoner of War lettersheet used from Adelaide, both to Italy, minor faults. H&G 1F1, IFG6. (2). £120-160

Australian States

Queensland. 1900 1d and 2d Patriotic Fund charity issue pair, mint, the 1d with a little gum loss. S.G. 264a/b, £420. (2). £120-150
Tasmania - Cancellations. 1900-1912 Collection on stock sheets of town and village circular datestamps on the pictorial issue, mainly 1d and 2d values, some duplication but many different offices included, also a few numeral and T.P.O cancels. (100s). £120-150
Tasmania - Cancellations. 1900-1912 Collection in stockbook of town and village circular datestamps on the pictorial issue, mainly 1d and 2d values, much duplication but many different offices included, also some numeral, Loose Ship Letter and T.P.O cancels and other QV stamps. (Many 100s). £120-150

New Guinea

1915-1937 Mint and used selection on stock leaves, mainly NWPI overprints to 5/-, various overprint types and dies. S.G. £2,000+. (130). £350-400
1916 £1 Chocolate and dull blue, watermark narrow Crown over "A", vertical strip of three showing the three types of surcharge, superb unmounted mint. With Holcombe Certificate (1983). S.G. 99, £900++. Photo on Back Cover. £650-700
1925 1/2d - £1 Native Huts definitive set of 13 mint, the £1 marginal (the stamp unmounted), 1/- thinned, otherwise fine. S.G. 125/36, £400. (13). Photo on page 111. £120-150
1931 1/2d - £1 Tenth Anniversary of Australian Administration Air Mail set of 14, some marginal, fine mint. S.G. 163/76, £300. (14). £90-110
1932 1/2d - £1 Bird of Paradise Air Mail set of 16, fine mint. S.G. 190/203, £250. £80-100
1932 1/2d - £1 Bird of Paradise Air Mail set of 16, fine mint. S.G. 190/203, £250. £80-100
1932 1/2d - £1 Bird of Paradise Air Mail set of 16, fine used. S.G. 190/203, £275. £80-100


1901-1931 Collection of Lakatois issues mint and used with blocks, airs, includes 1916 set to 10/-, OS official perfins and overprints, postmarks etc. S.G. £2,000+. (280). £400-500
1932 1/2d - £1 Pictorial set of 16, fine used. S.G. 130/145, £450. Photo on page 111. £120-150
Officials. 1930 1/2d - 2/6 Lakatois set of nine, all perfined OS, fine mint. S.G. O46/54, £400. (9). Photo on page 112. £120-140


1921-37 KGV Multiple Script CA 1/2d - 5/- overprinted or perfined "SPECIMEN", with additional 1 1/2d (2), 3d (2) and 6d, also 1 1/2d and 3d with forged perfins. S.G. 115/124s. (17). £70-80


1900 Cape 1/2d postal stationery postcard to Paris, written from Hermon by a French missionary with his cachet on the reverse, uprated with Cape 1/2d, both stamps cancelled by the numeral "156" with "MAFETENG" c.d.s (Feb 18) alongside. Backstamped with "QUTHING" transit c.d.s. Card with fold to upper left corner, otherwise fine. £140-160
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction No. 29)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th May 2012 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing At the Offices of Argyll Etkin Limited
Until Wednesday 18th April - By Appointment
Monday 23rd April - Friday 27th April and
Monday 30th April - Thursday 3rd May - 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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