Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 1 of 2)
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At Stampex 17-20 September
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Auction Lots - Page 14
  Hospital Ships. 1939-45 Feldpost covers from Hospital Ships, one franked Luftfeldpost pair, otherwise stampless with various cancels and cachets, including items from the Monte Rosa, Marburg, Gluckauf (2, one with named cachet), Bulia, Stubbenhuk (2), Berlin (2, one with an enclosed Christmas card of the ship), Wilhelm Gusttoff, Pitea, Robert Ley (with named cachet), Stuttgart (2), Huxter, etc. A scarce group, (16). £400-500
  Catapult Ship "Ostmark". 1939-40 Covers from Germany to Rudolf Schenk, a radio operator on the M.S "Ostmark" at Las Palmas, inscribed by Ala Littoria from Rome to Seville and Iberia from Seville to Las Palmas; and covers (4) sent by Schenk from Las Palmas back to Germany all inscribed by Iberia, Ala Littoria and then Deutsche Lufthansa from Rome to Munich. (5). £150-200
  Italian Forces. 1938-44 Covers and cards including cachets of the Piroscafo "Wachtels" and Submarine "Alagi", 1940 cover from Submarine Commander Andreotti with Libia 1L tied "6 GRUPPO SOMMERGIBILI" c.d.s, 1941 "R. SOMMERGIBLE / PISANI" c.d.s, and 1945 cover from Naples endorsed in Italian "area without stamps" to a crew member of the Italian Submarine "Marea" c/o Fleet Mail Office, New York. (38). £120-150
  Italy - Hospital Ship "Saturnia". 1942 (Apr 21) Stampless forces postcard to Rome with a Genova machine and circular violet "CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA-MISSIONE OLTREMARE / NAVE "SATURNIA"", containing a Red Cross, fine and scarce. £70-100

WWII Prisoner of War Mail

  G.B - Correspondences. 1940-48 Lettersheets, cards and covers, mainly from German P.O.Ws but with a few ingoing covers included, comprising items from H. Kreeb (5); E. Schaaf of the U-Boat 131 (5); J. Stenzel (26); H. Tscherning (5); A. Danmeister (7); L. Schurmann (6); E. Becker (11); F. Peeck (10); H. Hansen (7); G. Rieke (12 + ephemera); S. Weichart (10); H. Merkle (28); J. Dassinger (43); J. Moeschke (5); E. Wahler, captured in Jersey (6); F. Geisen (5); Sonderfuhrer Dr H. Asbeck (11); J. Stoffel (22), various camps and censor cachets, some with named camps. (224). £450-600
  G.B. 1940-48 Lettersheets, covers and cards mainly from German P.O.Ws, a few from Italians with some ingoing covers, including pictorial Christmas cards, "Repatriated" cachets (3), mail from U-Boat crew members and Luftwaffe pilots (some ex-Battle of Britain), many camps and censors with some named camp cachets. Also some ephemera and three original drawings from Camp 164 at Otley or Camp 17 at Sheffield. An interesting lot. (121). £300-400
  G.B. 1940-48 Covers, lettersheets and cards from German P.O.Ws in various camps, also a few ingoing items or items from Italians, each with individual descriptions identifying the camp, many different, various censors, some named, one cover unusually sent to another P.O.W in Russia. (297). £600-800
  G.B Internee Camps - Isle of Man. 1940-45 Covers and cards from Japan, USA (2), G.B (3), Brazil (2), Portugal (5) or Switzerland to various internment camps, four backstamped with dated oval "METROPOLITAN POLICE / PEVERIL CAMP / PEEL, I.O.M" in violet; also ten covers and lettersheets from internees, two with the printed heading "RUSHEN INTERNMENT CAMP. POSTAGE FREE" (one franked 3d to Switzerland), six with camp cachets including oval "ONCHAN INTERNMENT CAMP / 31 OCT 1940 / INTERNEES OFFICE". (24). £400-600
  G.B Internee Camps - Isle of Man. 1940-42 Covers and lettersheets from internees in Hutchinson Camp (4), Onchan Camp (4), Palace Camp (3, also one cover to the camp), Peveril Camp at Peel (9, three from Camp X), Mooragh Camp (4), or from female internees at Port St. Mary held at the Ballaqueaney Hotel (3, to her husband in Central or Onchan Camps) or the Bay Hotel (to her son in P Camp). Two items from Hutchinson bear G.B 2½d stamps, the others all stampless, many with Official Paid datestamps, 22 items bear camp cachets with circular types from the Hd. Qrs Post Office, Douglas (3) and Peveril (5, two types), oval cachets of Peveril (2, two types), Hutchinson (2), Palace (3), Onchan (4) or Headquarters Post Office, Douglas, straight line cachets of Mooragh (4, two types) and boxed cachet of the Womens Internment Camp. A fine lot. (29). £1,000-1,200
  G.B/Canada - Internee Mail. 1940-41 Covers and cards from internees at Huyton (2, handstamped "INTERNMENT CAMP / HUYTON / LANCS" or circular "009 ALIEN INTERNMENT CAMP / JUL 1940 / HUYTON, LIVERPOOL"), Prees Heath, Lingfield with oval cachet "RACECOURSE ALIENS CAMP / ADJT. / 9 NOV 1940 / LINGFIELD" or Wharf Mills (with instructions for sending parcels to internees enclosed); covers and cards from G.B (5), USA (2) or Argentina (2) to internees at Kempton Park Racecourse (redirected to Sutton Coldfield), Lingfield Racecourse (3), Huyton (3), York Racecourse or Woolfall Estate A.I.C; cover from Holland to the S.S "Beemsterdijk" in New York endorsed "Detained in Liverpool"; and covers from (2) or to internees in Canada. (18). £200-250
  G.B/USA. 1944-48 Correspondence from G. Heinze with 1944 Feldpost covers (4), cards and lettersheets sent as a P.O.W in USA (12) and later in G.B (37) from Camp 97 at Bourton, Rugby, or Camp 277 at South Littleton near Evesham, also a few later cards from Germany and related letters. (53). £100-120
  USA. 1941-46 Covers, cards and lettersheets including a correspondence from Willi Ayen sent as a P.O.W from North Africa (2), USA (26) or France (2); other covers to or from German P.O.Ws (15) including a cover to a member of the "Columbus" crew interned at Fort Stanton; Japanese Relocation Camp mail (4) including a card with the cachet "U.S IMMIGRATION AND / NATURALIZATION SERVICE / FEB 28 1942 / TUNA CANYON DETENTION / STATION", etc. (52). £100-120
  Canada. 1940-46 Covers and cards from German P.O.Ws (50) including items from U-Boat crew members, Luftwaffe pilots, incoming mail from Australia and the International Education Office in Geneva, one item to Chile, also two related G.B P.O.W covers. (52). £150-180
  Canada. 1940-46 Covers and cards written up on pages including a card from a "Bismarck" survivor (also a Feldpost cover to the "Bismarck"), "REPATRIATED" handstamp, incoming covers with "REJECTED" cachets (2), an unusual registered cover sent post free from Brazil, etc. (25). £150-180
  Canada - Correspondences. 1941-44 Covers and cards from Lt. H. Geiss, who crashed his Me109 in Kent in 1940, sent from G.B or Canada (10); from Sgt H. Muller, shot down over Coventry (6); from Air Force Officer H. Florian who landed his plane in England in error in 1941, sent from G.B (2) or Canada (3); from Luftwaffe Lt. Hess (5, one a Christmas card); from T. Seibert (5) or from Luftwaffe Officer H. Perez, who crash landed his Me109 at East Dean during the Battle of Britain in 1940, comprising Feldpost cards (2), P.O.W mail from G.B or Canada (18), also various related letters and post-war covers, and other P.O.W letters with the stamps removed. (53+). £260-320
  Australia. 1944 1/- Postal stationery Air mail P.O.W lettersheets sent from Camp 13, Murchison Group, to USA or Germany. (2). £150-180
  Australia. 1940-46 Covers and cards from or to P.O.Ws including a card from and cover to crew members of the "Kormoran" sunk by H.M.A.S "Sydney", cover from Camp 11 at Perth, etc. (13). £150-180
Click to view full image... Bermuda. 1941 Y.M.C.A P.O.W Aid parcel labels sent from New York to P.O.W Charles Keppel at Princes Hotel, Hamilton, very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 107. £200-250
Click to view full image... New Zealand. 1942-44 Postal stationery P.O.W air mail lettersheets comprising 1/6 superb mint, 1/6 used to Stalag XVIIIA (a little soiling) and 6d surcharge on 1/- used to Stalag 357. (3). Photo on Page 107. £200-250
  New Zealand. 1943 Covers franked 3/- to Germany, both with violet boxed "INTERNMENT CAMP / PAHIATUA" on the reverse, scarce. (2). £160-200
  British Empire. 1939-45 Covers and cards to or from P.O.Ws or internees in India (12), Jamaica (8, one with 'Gibraltar Camp' handstamp), South Africa (5), Southern Rhodesia, Tanganyika (2) or Kenya (3), also a South Africa P.O.W Food Parcel Gift 6d label. (32). £150-200
  Egypt. 1940-48 Covers, cards and lettersheets from or to P.O.Ws (47) including Christmas postcards (7), one cover from a P.O.W in Denmark, also internee covers from Fayed (2) or Geneifa. (50). £150-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Graf Spee Internees. 1940-46 Covers to or from internees from the "Graf Spee", scuttled off Uruguay after the Battle of the River Plate. The fine lot comprising covers sent from internees in Argentina held at Martin Garcia (4, one stampless with "Franchise Postale" cachet), Santa Fe, San Juan, or Sierra de la Ventana (3); covers to internees sent via the German Embassy in Buenos Ayres (5) or to Martin Garcia (a stampless Feldpost cover), Mendosa (3), Cordoba, Santa Fe or San Juan (2); a lettersheet from a Graf Spee P.O.W held in G.B; a 1946 cover from an internee being repatriated on the M.V "Highland Monarch", and a picture postcard published in Port Stanley commemorating the ships destruction. A very scarce group. (25). Photo on Page 107. £1,000-1,200
  1946-48 Post-war covers and cards to or from German P.O.Ws in Russia (3, also one from a Hungarian P.O.W), Poland (4), Norway, Hungary, Yugoslavia (3), France (10), Germany (14, two with "GENERAL STAFF ENCLOSURE" cachets of Garmisch), Italy (3, US camps), or Belgium (7, British camps); German internees in France or Germany (24, several suspected Nazis, one from Nurnberg written by Max Ihn who was imprisoned as a war criminal), also cards requesting details of war service (2) and 1964 cover from Kappler, imprisoned as a war criminal in Italy. (74). £200-250
  1940-44 Covers and cards to or from internees (probably Jews) in Holland (4) or France (6); other wartime covers and cards to or from Labour Camps in Germany (15) or France (6), or Organisation Todt Camp in Norway; post-war cards from refugees in Germany (11), Denmark or G.B, 1946 Quarantine Camp card, refugee tracing service cards (3), etc. (50). £150-180
  1940-45 Covers and cards from or to Polish P.O.Ws in Hungary (2), Roumania (2) or Switzerland (2); German internees in Surinam and Mexico or P.O.Ws in France (2); French or Italian P.O.Ws in Switzerland; and a cover from an internee (possibly a Finn) in Sweden. Also stamps (10), handstamps (4) and a postal stationery card produced in Polish Camps in Germany. (29). £120-160
  Belgian Congo. 1945 Stampless printed cover "CONGO BELGE, CAMP D'INTERNMENT" to England, endorsed "Courrier d'interne, Franchise de Port" with violet oval "CAMP D'INTERNMENT / DE N'GULE" and "CENSURE CONGO BELGE", backstamped at Elisabethville. Central vertical fold, otherwise fine, unusual and scarce. £80-100
  British Civilian Internees. 1940-44 Covers and cards from or to internees in Belgium (4), Germany (10) or France (4) including items from Channel Islands deportees at Ilag VIIIZ, Kreuzberg and Biberach and cover from G.B to Biberach returned by the censor with enclosed slip "greetings cards disallowed to P.O.Ws and internees". Also Red Cross parcel labels from Lisbon to Geneva (2), inscribed "Serv. Mes. Civ.". (21). £140-180
  Germany/Crete. 1940-45 Covers and cards from or to German camps including items from Oflag IVC at Colditz (2, one from Charles Lockett, also another cover from him prior to his capture); 1941 Feldpost card written from 'Transit Camp' in Crete with Stalag VIIIB censor; Christmas postcards (4); air mail items to USA, India or South Africa bearing stamps; French Noel 1941 postal stationery cards (2); undelivered covers to P.O.Ws and recovered P.O.W mail with various labels or cachets (6) including boxed "This letter / Postcard was delayed by the / German Authorities and has been / forwarded by the Allied Forces"; cover from Brazil to Oflag IIB; stampless cover from Cyprus to Stalag IVC with Rural Post cancel, etc., also a P.O.W Identity Disk. (38). £200-250
  Germany. 1939-45 Covers and cards from or to P.O.Ws, mainly British prisoners, including Air Force and Naval camps, G.B P.O.W postal stationery lettersheets (7), etc. (185). £250-300
  Germany - Colditz. 1943 Postcard from Squadron Leader Lockett at Oflag IVC, Colditz. Also other cards from P.O.Ws in G.B (4) or Germany. (6). £70-80
  1940-43 Cover and cards from or to British P.O.Ws in Denmark, Spain, an Italian camp in Libya (with Bengasi c.d.s), Italy (25), Switzerland, Laghouaf in Algeria (4), Vichy France (2, to or from soldiers in Detachment "W"), also a related P.O.W card from Germany. (36). £200-240
  Turkey. 1943 Stampless covers to France both from French Naval Internees at Iskundria, Turkey, held after the allied occupation of Syria, with boxed "SERVICE DES BELLIGERANTS / INTERNES" and "BEYOGLU / ISTANBUL" datestamps (26/27 Feb.). One cover from the Commandant of the Patrol Boat "Massalia" also bears a red "MARINE NATIONAL / SERVICE - A - LA - MER" anchor cachet. One with a few opening faults at upper edge, otherwise fine, very scarce. (2). £130-150
  Gripsholm Repatriation Ship. 1943-45 Covers from the "Gripsholm" at Goa, Brazil, South Africa or Haifa, 1943 cover from USA to a repatriatee on the "Gripsholm" but returned unknown, and a 1944 letter from Germany written on "Gripsholm" notepaper. Also 1944 registered cover from Sierra Leone to a P.O.W ex "Empire Ranger" c/o P.&O. Group Prisoner of War Dept in London. (7). £100-120

Japanese P.O.W Camps

  "The Prisoner of War", Journal of the Red Cross P.O.W Dept., 1942-45, various numbers (37); "Far East", Journal for relatives of Far East P.O.W's and Internees, 1944-45, various numbers (8); 1945 map of P.O.W and Internee camps in the Far East; instructions for sending mail to Far East P.O.Ws (4); news cuttings concerning P.O.W mails; and unused Japanese military cards (3). £100-120
  1943-45 Cards from British P.O.Ws in Singapore (2), Taiwan, Osaka or Fukuoka 10 Camps and stampless cards to P.O.W.s in Fukuoka 10 Camp or Moulmein in Burma, all with Japanese censor cachets. Also a 3d P.O.W postal stationery postcard to No. 1 camp in Thailand returned with violet boxed "RETURNED IN UNDELIVERED MAILS / FROM TERRITORY FORMERLY OCCUPIED / BY JAPANESE FORCES". Mainly fine, the censored card to Burma very scarce. (8). £400-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... China/Hong Kong. 1941-44 Covers and cards comprising 1941-42 covers from G.B to a soldier in Hong Kong returned marked "No Service" or "Addressee Missing"; censored cover from a British female civilian interned at Weihsien to a German lady at Tientsin franked 20c; 1943 Australian Red Cross cover to a civilian internee at Camp Stanley, Hong Kong; China 2c postcard from a female internee at the Military Internment Camp Stanley to her son, a P.O.W at Camp "N", Hong Kong; Military Internment Camp Hong Kong postcard from a female internee at Stanley; 1943 Red Cross message form to a female internee at Lunghwa Hospital, Shanghai; unused Hong Kong type 3 P.O.W postcard and China 2c postcard with boxed P.O.W handstamp as used from Stanley Internment Camp. A fine lot, all used items censored. (9). Photo on Page 107. £500-600
Click to view full image... Manchuria/Korea. 1942 Cover to "Sgt. D.P Hanson R.A.O.C A.P.O 1515, British P.O.W, last heard of Singapore" marked "CHO" and OVS "16/8/42", and a card from Hanson sent from Mukden, Manchoukuo. Also a China 1c postcard from a British female interned at Foochow to Hanson at the P.O.W Camp at Keijo, Chosen, Korea, a stamp unfortunately torn out of the card, all three with Japanese censors. Scarce. (3). Photo on Page 112. £150-180
  Japan/Taiwan. 1943-44 Stampless covers from G.B to Pte. Tucker R.A.S.C at Hong Kong (endorsed "OSA") or Osaka, or to Pte Cope R.A.S.C at Java (endorsed "OSAKA") or Osaka; P.O.W cards from Sgt. F. Frost at Fukuoka (2); P.O.W cards from Hakodate (2); P.O.W envelope from Osaka; 1944 cover to a P.O.W at Taiwan returned by the British Censor with enclosed slip "Greetings card not allowed" and the card (all torn in two and repaired); and a card from USA passing on a radiogram message received from Hakodate. (11). £200-250
  Malaya/Netherlands Indies. 1943-46 Covers and cards with Malaya type P.O.W card from Malai Camp No. 2 in Sumatra; 1943 cover to an R.A.F P.O.W in Java; 1945 3d P.O.W postcard to Borneo; Malaya P.O.W card to Australia (split into two halves); cover to P.O.W at A.P.O 1310 Malaya; 1946 cover from a liberated civilian on H.M.H.S "Karoa", Sydney, to Singapore; 1945 lettersheet from an ex Singapore internee written from Bangalore Hospital to Canada; cover from a soldier in Egypt to his brother, a P.O.W in Malaya, with Tokyo Red Cross cachet; and stampless cover from Java to Dehra Dun internment camp with violet "RAPWI / POSTKANTOOR / 14 FEB 46 / BATAVIA" c.d.s. (9). £200-240
Click to view full image... Taiwan/North Borneo. Censored covers endorsed from C.R. Smith to his wife in England, one unfortunately with some fire damage at the lower edge, the other with an opening tear at upper edge but otherwise fine. Smith was the Governor of North Borneo, and was held in Taiwan with 31 other senior Officers or Colonial Governors (including Generals Wainwright and Percival) first at Karenko, later at Tamazato and then at Taihoku Camp No. 5 from June 1943 until October 1944. Very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 112. £200-250
  Taiwan. 1943-44 P.O.W Postcard from Gunner F. Foster, and cards from G.B to Foster in Taiwan (5), all censored, also a 1945 card from South Africa reporting a radio message heard on August 11th from Foster, on Tokio radio. (7). £120-150
Click to view full image... Taiwan/Malaya. 1942-45 Correspondence to or from Signalman D.L May comprising P.O.W cards sent from Malaya or Taiwan (5, one censored in Germany), stampless covers and cards (59) or 3d P.O.W postal stationery cards (4) addressed to May at A.P.O 1635 Singapore (8) or Taiwan (55); 1945 USA 6d Air Mail stationery envelope from May to 'H.Q.3 Australian P.W Reception Group'; and various letters (6) sent to his family with instructions on sending letters to P.O.Ws, etc. A fine lot, virtually all with Japanese censors. (76). Photo on Page 112. £600-800
  Thailand/Malaya. 1942-45 Correspondence to or from Lt. G.R Grigs with 1942 cover to him at A.P.O 1635 returned with "Air Mail fee 2s 4½d / refunded"; P.O.W cards sent from Malaya or No. 1 Camp, Thailand (3); 1945 (Aug 30) stampless entire letter written from the camp after liberation endorsed "P.O.W First Air Mail"; 1945 telegram (with copy telegram and covering letter) from "Recovered PW mail centre Bombay"; and three related War Office letters. (8+). £200-250
  Thailand/Malaya. c.1942-45 Correspondence from Gunner J. Cavenay comprising P.O.W cards from Malaya or Thailand (4, three No. 1 Camp, one from H.Q No. 3 Camp); stampless entire written from the camp after liberation; 1945 'Recovered P.O.W' Air Mail postcard reporting his liberation and his address as "Recovered P.W mail centre, Bombay"; telegram with covering letter sent from Rangoon; also small photos (20) apparently acquired by Cavenay from a Japanese soldier all with censor handstamps on the reverse. (9+). £250-300
Click to view full image... Thailand. 1944-45 Correspondence to or from P.O.Ws comprising P.O.W type 3 postcards (2) from No. 1 Camp; stampless cover from Australia with Tokio Red Cross cachet; G.B 1½d or 3d postal stationery postcards both returned handstamped "RETURNED FROM ABROAD / SERVICE SUSPENDED" or boxed "RETURNED IN UNDELIVERED MAILS / FROM TERRITORY FORMERLY OCCUPIED / BY JAPANESE FORCES"; 1945 G.B Forces Air letter to an "ex P.O.W, Thailand, P.O. Box 164, London, EC1"; and very scarce unused type 2, 3 and 4 P.O.W postcards. (9). Photo on Page 112. £220-260
  Thailand. 1943-44 Correspondence to or from Signalman H. Roberts comprising P.O.W postcard from No. 1 Camp, stampless postcards (10) and G.B 3d postal stationery postcards (4) all to Roberts in No. 1 or No. 2 camps, all censored, and a 1½d postal stationery postcard returned handstamped "RETURNED FROM ABROAD / SERVICE SUSPENDED". (15). £200-250
  Thailand. Type 2 or 3 P.O.W cards from Driver J.J Matthews in No. 4 Camp, and two G.B 3d postal stationery postcards to Matthews both returned with boxed "RETURNED IN UNDELIVERED MAILS / FROM TERRITORY FORMERLY OCCUPIED / BY JAPANESE FORCES". (4). £170-220
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Burma/Thailand. 1942-45 Correspondence from or to L/Bdr A.W.F Grafton comprising P.O.W postcards from Moulmein, Burma or No. 3 Branch Camp at Nike, Thailand, both with largely printed messages; 1944 censored stampless card from London to Grafton at Moulmein; also 1942 cover to him at A.P.O 1310 but returned to the sender, and 1945 cover to P.O. Box 164, London E.C.1, also returned with the cachet "IT IS REGRETTED THIS LETTER COULD / NOT BE FORWARDED IN TIME TO CONNECT / WITH THE SHIP OR AIRCRAFT ON WHICH / ADDRESSEE WAS REPATRIATED". A scarce lot, very few P.O.W cards recorded from Burma. (5). Photo on Page 112. £300-350
  Thailand/Malaya. 1943-44 P.O.W postcards from Lt. G. Willsdon in Malaya or No. 2 Camp, Thailand, together with 1941 front and 1945 cover to Willsdon, both returned with cachets "Addressee / Reported Missing" or "IT IS REGRETTED THIS LETTER COULD / NOT BE FORWARDED IN TIME TO CONNECT / WITH THE SHIP OR AIRCRAFT ON WHICH / ADDRESSEE WAS REPATRIATED"; P.O.W postcard from Corp. A.J.S Holman at Sanatorium Camp, Thailand, and a cover to Holman at No. 2 Camp; G.B 3d postal stationery postcard and a stampless cover both to Sgt. J.P Howard at No. 2 Camp Thailand. (8). £200-240

Post War Forces Mail

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 1 of 2)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 2nd October 2014 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex 17-20 September
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