Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 1 of 2)
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At Stampex 17-20 September
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Auction Lots - Page 11
  Polish Forces. 1920 (Feb 15) Stampless soldiers cover with circular "POCZTA POLOWA / No. 20" handstamp, violet "11ta Komp. 8 n.p. Leg" and a red censor cachet, to a lady in Lodz, the enclosed letter informing her of the death of a Polish soldier killed by the Bolsheviks. Also a photo of the addressee. £80-100

Naval Mail

  Picture Postcards of British Naval ships, transport, sailors, heroes of the Zeebrugge Raid, German submarine on the beach at Hastings, etc., including a scarce woven silk card of H.M.T "Lancashire", several cards with Naval cancels and censor cachets. (51) £80-100
  1914-18 Covers and cards, most with various Naval cancels, all with Naval censor cachets identified by "Gould" type and the ship of use, a fine lot. (79). £250-300
  1915-18 Covers and cards (22) and a front with censor cachets naming the ship including the Kent (2, one sent 11 days after the sinking of the "Dresden"), Powerful (2), Milne, Maid of Honour (front, with boxed "SHIP LETTER" cancel), Centurian (2), Foxhound (2), Jupiter, Topaze, Sapphire, Sabrina, Calista, Acacia, Hardinge, T308, Colossus, Benbow, etc., also an unnamed censor cachet from the "Kent" and manuscript "Passed by Censor" alongside the cachet "H.M.X.V. No 1" of the Liverpool pilot boat S.S "Alfred H. Read", various cancels. A good lot. (25). £240-280
  1914-20 Covers and cards with various Naval cancels including machines with the date portion replaced by crosses or three horizontal bars, dumb cancels, Received From H.M Ship handstamps, also mail from troops at sea including Canadian Continent and transport ships, Naval censors, and some post-war Naval mail including 1922 stampless cover with "Posted on Board Ship Abroad / I.S" charged the single 1½d rate, 1919 card to H.M.S "Thesus" and redirected to Dover with scarce boxed "POSTED ON H.M.S / ABROAD / I.S" handstamp, etc. (95). £200-250
  1915-18 Covers and cards with various censor cachets including "CEN / SOR" Dover Command type cachets for ATT (Attentive), 36, 54, 66, T (with cachet of the Naval Transport Office Dunkerque) or R.M.A (2, Royal Marines Artillery), boxed R.M.A censors (2), boxed "CENSORED / S.N.O" (Senior Naval Officer, Lerwick), "Censored / COMMG NORTHERN TRAWLERS", circular R.M.G.C censor (Royal Marine Garrison Cromarty), cachets of the Naval Transport Office at Grimsby and Dunkirk (with boxed censor), circular "A.C.C / CENSORED" (4, Aircraft Construction Co.), oval "PASSED BY SHIPS CENSOR / SURGEON" (3), stampless cover with 1d charge mark, etc. (34). £200-250
  1914-21 Covers and cards (44) and a Parcel Post label all with "RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIP / NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED" handstamps or machines. A fine study on album pages including unusual boxed handstamps (2, one with a Queenstown skeleton), various "John Bull" loose type handstamps and handstamps used to cancel stamps, late 1927 use with 1d tied by Paquebot Liverpool c.d.s, a very scarce use on a Parcel Post label, various censors including circular "PASSED / H.M.S KENT / CENSOR" and cachets including "BRITISH MISSION / BELGIAN H.Q". (45). £300-350
  1916-18 Stampless postcards (5, three with London Received From H.M Ship machines) with violet oval "H.M.H.S / No. / Date / WARILDA" on a Cairo card; two strikes of violet "TRANSPORT / CENSOR / COLOMBO" on a Ceylon postcard; "CEN - 6 - SOR" used at the R.N.A.S Kite Balloon Base at Bizerta; other "CEN - SOR" Dover Patrol type censors for "1W" or "BV13"; and a card franked ½d tied by two small crosses with violet "CENSORED / W.K.C. Grace" (unrecorded by Gould). (6). £100-120
  Submarines. 1918-19 Cards from the submarines K9 or UN37 (the captured German minelaying Sub UC37, which surrendered to the British at Sevastopol - with related MOD letter), a cover to the K9 and a postcard of the UC5. Also a 1916 cover from Venice with cachet of the Italian submarine "Argo". (5). £80-100
Click to view full image... Royal Naval Air Service. 1915-19 Covers and cards including 1915 card from APO S10 with scarce boxed "CENSORED BY / ARMOURED CARS / R.N.A.S", 1915 card with Belgian F.P.O sent by P.O Bryant whilst serving with the R.N.A.S Armoured Car Squadron, censor cachets of the airship or seaplane bases at Howden, Isle of Grain and Westgate on Sea, "CEN / SOR" Dover Command type cachets for 4W, 5W, RNAS and COM, cards to RNAS addresses with circular dated "NAVAL AIR SERVICE MAIL OFFICE / LONDON" (2), cards from US air forces (2), etc. (26). Photo on Page 85. £250-300

WWI Prisoner of War Mail

Camps in Great Britain

  1919 Stampless internee card from a German sailor on the S.M.S "Konig" at Scapa Flow with ships cachet; 1914 (Nov 22) Swiss Red Cross postcard reporting a German soldier being held P.O.W in England; 1914 (Sep 14) cover to The Hague with G.B ½d and 1d pair cancelled by red London Official Paid machine and violet "POST FREE / PRISONERS of WAR" cachets with boxed "P.C. / M.O.5 (H)", etc. Also picture postcards (2) and a large photo of ships used to repatriate P.O.Ws from England to Germany after the war. (8). £100-120
  P.O.W Information Bureau. 1915-20 Covers and cards including items from Germany to P.O.Ws at Brocton Hospital, Frith Hill, Frimley or c/o P.W.I.B in London all returned to Germany with the boxed cachets "P.W.I.B / Repatrie / RETOUR / Return to Sender", "UNDELIVERABLE / Released from internment / RETURN TO SENDER / Der Kriegsgefangene ist entlassen / PRISONERS OF WAR / INFORMATION BUREAU", "P.W.I.B / Inconnu / comme Prisonnier de Guerre / RETOUR / Return to Sender" or "NOT TRACED / AS PRISONER OF WAR / PRISONERS OF WAR / INFORMATION BUREAU", printed cards from the P.W.I.B (2), etc. A scarce group. (9). £220-260
  1916-19 P.O.W Envelopes and lettersheets all from a Lt. Buntru to his wife in Germany, the first letter incomplete but bearing a label showing his address as No 864 P.O.W Co. in France, the rest from England sent from Dartford Hospital (2), Donington Hall (33), Kegworth (6) or Oswestry (5). Buntru won the Iron Cross 1st Class in WW1 and joined the SS in WW2. (47). £150-180
  Aldershot/Southampton/Blackdown/Portsmouth. 1914-19 Covers and cards from (2) or to (2) P.O.Ws at the Connaught Hospital, Aldershot; to Blackdown; from (2) or to Southampton, one from "Reception Dept, Shirley Skating Rink", another with light cachet "COMMANDANT / PRISONERS OF WAR RECEPTION DEPOTS / SOUTHAMPTON"; or from 5th Southern General Hospital, Portsmouth. (9). £120-140
  Blandford/Sandhill Park/Beachley. 1917-18 Covers and cards with P.O.W lettersheets from Beachley, Blandford (2) or Sandhill Park, a postcard to Blandford, and a German parcel card to Sandhill Park. (6). £80-100
  Catterick/Wellburn/Stanhope. 1919 P.O.W Lettersheets from Catterick (4) or the working camps at Stanhope (2) or Wellburn, including oval named camp cachets of Stanhope (2) or Catterick (2). (7). £100-120
  Dorchester & Sub-Camps. 1914-19 Covers and cards from (7) or to the internment camp at Dorchester, including scarce red "LONDON E.C / POSTAGE / PAID / POW / 25 SEP 14" c.d.s, straight line "DORCHESTER" cachet and pictorial Christmas postcards for 1916 (3); an unused bundle label; P.O.W lettersheets from the sub-camps at Toddington, Mercote Hall, Radford, Bramley, Soho Pool and Banbury, and a card to Bramley. (16). £200-250
  Dyffryn Aled/Queens Ferry. 1914-18 Covers and cards from Dyffryn Aled (3) including "D.A" cachet and a lettersheet from Herman Tholens who escaped from the camp in 1915; or from Queens Ferry (3) including 1914 (Aug 25) cover with blue boxed "O.H.M.S. / PRISONERS OF WAR / POSTAGE FREE" and oval framed "C.C.M". (6). £100-120
  Frith Hill/Newbury/Feltham. 1914-17 Covers from P.O.Ws at Frith Hill (4), one with small circular framed "P.C" and oval P.W.I.B cachet; Feltham, with "Vaterlandischer Frauenverein" cachet and Aachen Red Cross cachet on the enclosed letter; or Newbury (2) both with red oval dated "COMMANDANT'S OFFICE / NEWBURY / BERKS / PRISONERS OF WAR CAMP" and oval P.W.I.B cachets. Also a Frith Hill bundle label and picture postcard of the camp. (9). £120-140
  Frongoch. 1916 Covers and cards from (2) or to (2) the camp, the ingoing items comprising a G.B registration envelope with small circular two ring framed "P.C", and cover from Berlin redirected to Dartford War Hospital with Frongoch rubber c.d.s and scarce boxed "NOT AT FRONGOCH". (4). £100-120
  Handforth/West Didsbury Hospital. 1914-19 Covers and cards from (7) or to Handforth including 1916 Christmas postcard produced in the camp, "P.C / HANDFORTH" or "P.C. / W. / HANDFORTH" (2) cachets; an unused picture postcard of the camp; Dutch label "Bundel Voor Handforth" with P.O.W cachets; and covers or cards from (3) or to Mill Lane Military Hospital at West Didsbury, one with the boxed cachet "Mill Lane Military Hosp. / 27 APR 1919 / WEST DIDSBURY / MANCHESTER". (14). £150-180
  Holyport. 1915-18 Covers and cards from (5) or to (2) P.O.Ws including 1915 and 1916 Christmas postcards produced in the camp, oval "OFFICERS PRISONER OF WAR / P.C. / 1. / HOLYPORT" cachet, also a bundle label. (8). £120-140
  Isle of Man - Knockaloe. Greetings postcards produced in the camp for New Year 1916, 1917 (2, both coloured), 1918 (2, one with small scrape) or Christmas 1916, all different, two used, the unused cards with a little paper adhering to the reverse, otherwise mainly fine and attractive. (6). £200-240
  Isle of Man - Knockaloe/Douglas. 1914-19 Covers and cards with 1914 postcard posted at Douglas and a letter card to the camp both with oval "ALIENS' CAMP / CENSORED / ISLE OF MAN" in red or violet; a cover from Germany to Knockaloe redirected to Douglas; a lettersheet from Douglas and covers from Knockaloe (4); and a 1919 card from Rotterdam to Scotland telling the addressee that he has been released from Knockaloe and has arrived in Holland. (9). £100-120
  Isle of Man - Knockaloe. 1915-16 Covers and cards from Germany to Pastor Rudolf Hartmann (the camp pastor, whose name appeared on some of the camp Christmas cards - see next lot), two with oval Knockaloe censors, two others with handstamped censor's initials, and a coloured Christmas 1917 camp postcard (central crease) from an internee sent back to Hartmann in Germany after his release. (7). £120-150
  Isle of Man - Knockaloe. Camp Greetings postcards comprising unused Christmas cards (2) both with printed illustrations by Pastor Hartmann; an unused card (plain back) showing prisoners queuing at a jetty to board a boat (from the Hartmann papers); and an Easter greetings postcard written and signed by Pastor Hartmann and addressed to Berlin, but endorsed "Too Late" and apparently never posted. (4). £200-250
  Lancaster/Leigh. 1914-17 Covers and cards with a 1914 O.H.M.S cover from Lancaster handstamped boxed "O.H.M.S / "PRISONERS OF WAR / POSTAGE FREE"; cards from Germany or Switzerland to H. Steur, P.O.W at Lancaster (also a third card to Steur at Knockaloe); covers and cards from (4) or to Leigh; unused bundle labels for Leigh and Lancaster camps. (11). £100-120
  Lofthouse Park. 1915-18 Covers and cards from the civilian internment camp including differing camp Christmas postcards (3); circular (3), oval (2) and boxed censor cachets; also a bundle label, items sent from the Officers Camp, West Camp, North Camp and South Camp Hospital. (16). £200-250
  London. 1914-18 Covers and cards comprising items from Alexandra Palace (7) with 1915 Camp Christmas postcards in English or German (2), circular censor cachets (4) or handstamped censor initials (3, one also with "LT - INT., FOR COMMANDANT / ALEXANDRA PALACE), also a bundle label; from Olympia with violet oval "COMMANDANTS OFFICE / OLYMPIA / LONDON / PRISONERS OF WAR CAMP" and P.W.I.B cachet; from (2) or to the Cornwallis Institute at Holloway, Islington Workhouse at Cornwallis Rd or St Marys Institute in Cornwallis Rd (with "PASSED BY CENSOR", "L.C" and oval dated "PRISONERS OF WAR CAMP / ISLINGTON"); to or from Royal Herbert Hospital at Woolwich; from Fulham Military Hospital or Lewisham Military Hospital (2); or to Stratford (2). An interesting lot. (19). £250-300
  Park Hall. 1918-19 Covers and cards from (17) or to (4) the camp including items sent to or from the Eastern Camp, Western Camp and Hospital, 14 lettersheets from a Lt. Cramer. (21). £120-150
  Pattishall/Eastcote. 1916-19 Covers and cards sent from (4) or to (2) Petty Officer Wadewitz of the U103 (which was rammed by the "Olympic" in May 1918), also cards sent to or by Wadewitz prior to his capture (4) and related cards (2); covers sent by other P.O.Ws (6); a postcard and German parcel card to the camp; and a 1916 Christmas card with photos of scenes in the camp. (21). £250-300
  Shrewsbury/Weobley. 1915-19 Greetings postcards for Easter or Christmas (2, 1915 and 1916) and a P.O.W envelope from the camp; and a Brazil postal stationery postcard to the camp, cachets include boxed "P.C" and "SHREWSBURY" or "P.C / SHREWSBURY", also a card to the sub-camp at Weobley. (6). £130-160
  Stobs. 1917-19 Covers and cards from (11) or to (3) P.O.Ws including a German parcel card, Neue Stobser Zeitung wrapper, one cover to the camp hospital, cachets of 'Stobsiade' or 'Stobser Zeitung', circular "P.O.W. CAMP / P.C. / STOBS" (2) and similar P.C cachet with the wording removed, also a 1917 Christmas card showing a German soldier and sailor. (15). £160-200
  Yorkshire Camps. 1914-19 Covers and cards from York (3, two with red "PRISONERS OF WAR CAMP / YORK" and oval P.W.I.B cachets); Skipton; Ripon (3, one returned from Germany unknown); to or from Colsterdale; a cover to Ripon Military Hospital and redirected to Colsterdale with a "RIPON CAMP" c.d.s; or to Redmires; also a temporary parole form for a German Officer at Colsterdale. (12). £160-200
  Ireland - Templemore/Oldcastle. Stampless P.O.W covers from Templemore to Germany (2); and a 1916 P.O.W cover franked 1d to London with red circular "PRISONERS OF WAR / P.C. / OLDCASTLE". (3). £100-120
  Other Camps. 1917-19 Covers and cards from or to Donington Hall, from (2) or to Brocton, or from camps at Kegworth, Spalding or Bracebridge work camp (a sub-camp of Brocton), also bundle labels for Kegworth and Donington Hall. (10). £100-120
  Postcards. Printed postcards produced in P.O.W camps, most for Christmas or New Year greetings, no camps named, artists include J. Andre and Bredow. All unused, some paper adhering or lost on the reverses, one duplicate design. (8). £80-120

G.B - P.O.W Ships

  Ascania/Canada/Lake Manitoba. Stampless P.O.W covers from the S.S "Ascania" at Portsmouth or H.M.T.S "Canada" at Ryde, and a picture postcard (Cunningham Holiday Camp, Douglas) with oval "ALIENS DETENTION CAMP / CENSORED / DOUGLAS, I.O.M" to a P.O.W on S.S "Lake Manitoba" at Portsmouth. (3). £100-120
  Royal Edward. 1914-15 Picture Postcard of the ship and a P.O.W cover both from the "Royal Edward" at Southend-on-Sea to Germany, and a German postcard to a P.O.W on the ship. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Royal Edward/Saxonia. 1914 Bavaria 5pf postal stationery postcard uprated 5pf (partly removed by the censor) to a P.O.W at "London, Olympia", redirected with the cachet "LEIGH CHANNEL SQUADRON / SOUTHEND - O - SEA", two differing P.C censor cachets and the explanatory handstamps "NOT ON ROYAL EDWARD", red boxed "NOT ON H.M.T. SAXONIA" and green oval "RELEASED FROM INTERNMENT / UNDELIVERABLE / PRISONERS OF WAR INFORMATION BUREAU". An exceptional card with three rare cachets. Photo on Page 94. £240-300
Click to view full image... Tunisian. 1915 Stampless postcard from Germany to a P.O.W on H.M.T "Tunisian" at Ryde, redirected to Ceylon, with red P.C censor and scarce boxed "NOT ON H.M.T. SAXONIA". Photo on Page 94. £160-200
Click to view full image... Tunisian. 1915 (Feb 13) Stampless P.O.W cover (letter enclosed) to Holland, with a Ryde c.d.s and violet oval "H.M.T TUNISIAN / P.C. / RYDE, I.W.", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 94. £150-180
Click to view full image... Uranium. 1915 Picture postcards from Vienna (two stampless, the other with the stamp removed by the censor), all to a P.O.W Fred Zitterer, the first addressed to the S.S "Lake Manitoba" at Ryde and redirected to the "Uranium" at Southend-on-Sea with red oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / 21 MAY. 1915 / H.M.T "URANIUM""; the other two addressed to the "Uranium" at Ryde or Southend and redirected to Knockaloe. (3). Photo on Page 94. £200-250
Click to view full image... Uranium. 1915 Stampless P.O.W cover with enclosed letter to Germany, from the "Uranium" at Ryde, with red "C.G.H. / CENSOR" and oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / RYDE, IoW / 15 MAY 1915 / H.M.T "URANIUM"", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 94. £160-200


  Civilian Internees. 1917 Covers to Constantinople or Beyrout endorsed from British internees at Klev Chehir or Bourdour, and a P.O.W card (a little stained) from Nev Chehir to the Central P.O.W Committee in London acknowledging the receipt of three parcels, all franked with Turkish stamps. Also a postal stationery postcard from Istanbul Topkapi, the reverse with boxed cachet "LEGATION DES PAYS-BAS / Service Prisonniers de Guerre" and manuscript "Van Bommel". (4). £150-200
  Civil Internee - Magnesia. 1916-17 Stampless picture postcards from V.E. Lazzolo, a civil internee at Magnesia, to Liverpool, all with boxed Istanbul censors. One card also with a circular Turkish censor cachet, another censored in transit in Vienna. Capt. Lazzolo was taken from the Ellerman Line steamer "City of Khios" at Smyrna. (3). £140-180
  1917 Swiss 10c postcard written by Dr A. L Vischer, Swiss Red Cross delegate sent to inspect the P.O.W Camps in Turkey in 1917, to the wife of Brig.-General Smith in India telling her he has seen General Smith at Brusa and he is in good health; and the May 1917 60 page report on the camps in Turkey written by Vischer and A. Boissier and published by the Red Cross. Also 1916 (Mar 9) Hellenic Red Cross card from Athens, posted in London to Mrs Coxon in Norfolk, informing her that they have forwarded the enclosed letter to her son (who was captured at Gallipoli) and have asked for information about the Officer prisoners who have been removed from Angora. (3). £120-150
  Gallipoli Casualties. 1915-16 Covers from Scotland to "Lieut. A. Bulman, Mediterranean Exp. Force, Central P.O, Constantinople" all returned, two having been received in Turkey with Istanbul censor cachets and boxed bilingual "Returned to England without / a reason for non-delivery", two with arrival datestamps of F.P.O 155, and a cover from F.P.O 155 (Cape Helles) to Mrs Bulman. Also a stampless postcard to Sgt B. Wooddin, British P.O.W, Central P.O, Constantinople" with an Istanbul censor and the bilingual "Returned" cachet. Bulman and Wooddin were both killed at Gallipoli and were never P.O.Ws despite the hopeful addresses on these items. (6). £180-240
  1915-16 Covers from Eastbourne, the first to "Maj. General W.S Delamain, XVIth Brigade, Poona Division" returned with violet "PRISONER OF WAR / RETURN TO SENDER"; the other to "Capt. A.S Cane, Kut Garrison, c/o Ottoman Red Crescent, Constantinople" with a boxed Istanbul censor and red bilingual "CROISSANT ROUGE OTTOMAN / BUREAU des PRISONNIERS de GUERRE". General Delamain was imprisoned at Broussa - see lot 560. (2). £120-150
Click to view full image... Baghdad/Constantinople - General Townsend. 1916 Stampless cover to Lady Peek in England endorsed "From General Townsend, Constantinople" with violet bilingual "CROISSANT ROUGE OTTOMAN / BUREAU des PRISONNIERS de GUERRE" and a boxed censor cachet, the reverse with a partial censor seal, a little roughly opened at the upper edge with the flap missing. Also an exceptional letter of 12th May 1916 from Townsend to Wilfred Peek, written at Baghdad, which includes "I arrived here with Morland my acting a.d.c & Lt. Col Parr my G.S.O.1 on 5 May and I am to have an interview with Khalil Pasha tonight and leave for Constantinople tomorrow ..... I have done my duty and I am proud of the role I have played ... history will certainly justify and praise my strategic role I played at Kut .... I knew there was no hope of their breaking through with their frontal attack tactics, success was impossible". Townsend commanded the forces at Kut, which surrendered in April 1916 after a siege of 144 days. (Also see lot 486). (2). Photo on Page 94. £250-300
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 1 of 2)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 2nd October 2014 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex 17-20 September
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