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Auction Lots - Page 5
  Formula Registration Envelopes. 1922-26 K Size envelopes bearing Palestine overprint issues, sent from Jerusalem to Switzerland or Germany, the first with minor creasing and a light vertical fold, otherwise both fine and scarce large size envelopes, types PR2 and PR6. (2). £200-250
  Specimen Stationery comprising 15m blue registration envelopes size G type RE16 with printed Specimen overprint or size K type RE 15 handstamped Specimen, and 10m lettercard with handstamped Specimen, the K size envelope with vertical folds, otherwise fine. (3). £100-120
  Specimen Stationery. 1943-45 7m Violet and 10m grey lettercards both handstamped "SPECIMEN", very fine. £120-150
  Registration Envelopes. 1930-48 G Size envelopes comprising RE7a unused and types RE2, RE7a (2), RE12, RE16 (2), RE19 used, and H size envelopes type RE17 unused and RE10a used, one bearing a red insured label, one sent to 336 P.O.W Camp with an "EXPRESS" handstamp, two bearing G.B stamps posted at F.P.O 233 or 550. (10). £200-250
  Registration Envelopes. 1930-43 K Size envelopes comprising RE15 unused and RE3 used (2), one censored, minor creasing, scarce large size envelopes. (3). £150-200
  Mint and used stationery comprising unused 4m and 7m red postcards both with wrapper bands; used 4m purple, 7m, 8m red (12) and 13m postcards; 1945 Philatelic Exhibition 7m postcards used (2); 25m air letters unused (3) and used (7, also a cut-out used on cover); 5m lettercards unused with wrapper band and used; 10m lettercard used and 2m wrapper used; 15m airgraphs unused (2, one handstamped and endorsed "VALUE REFUNDED 0.15mil, W.E 30-6-45, Tel Aviv") and photographically reduced 25m or 40m (4) airgraphs. (44). £250-300

Israel Postal History

  1948 Covers from Israel to USA or Denmark with Cyprus stamps cancelled at Larnaca (June 14) or Limassol (May 20), the latter with Egypt censor seal and cachet and violet oval "LOUIS TOURIST AGENCY / HEAD OFFICE / P.O.B. 100 / LIMASSOL CYPRUS"; and a cover to Haifa bearing Doar Ivri 10m tied by Tel Aviv c.d.s, handstamped violet "PER POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS / BOX 18, JOHANNESBURG" and oval Pel-Palestine & Egypt Lloyd Ltd / PELTOURS / Tel-Aviv", minor faults but scarce covers privately carried after the closure of Lydd Airport. (3). £180-220
  Interim Period/Local Posts. JNF Labels overprinted "Post" used on covers (21, most philatelic) and loose stamps (82 including sheets and blocks), and covers bearing local post issues of Jerusalem (4), Nathariya or Rishon Le-Zion. (109). £150-200
  1948-68 Covers (12) and P.O Notices (12) including 1948 covers from G.B (2), USA (2) or South Africa all with various Service Suspended cachets (one still delivered with an Israel censor, another registered with boxed "NO REGISTERED SERVICE"); 1948 covers from Egypt or Lebanon sent via Israel but handstamped "Pas de Service Via Israel"; 1948 G.B airletter with an Israel censor seal; 1950 (Sep) USA cover to Israel with an Egypt censor seal finally delivered in 1951; 1953 G.B airletter to Jerusalem with "PAS DE SERVICE VIA ISRAEL"; 1967 Pakistan cover to G.B with label "Post Office regrets that delay has been caused by S.S Nord Wind being held in Suez Canal"; and 1968 G.B cover to Jordan with violet boxed "RETURN TO SENDER / DELIVERY PREVENTED BY ENEMY OCCUPATION / OF JORDAN TERRITORY". Also 1948 G.P.O London Press & Broadcast notices announcing the suspension or reintroduction of various postal services to Palestine (11) and P.I.O Communiqué of 5 June concerning mail to Cyprus via Egypt, posted within Cyprus. (24). £240-300
  Military Mail. 1948-49 Covers to or from Israeli forces all with Army Post datestamps including parcel cards (15), registered mail (9), Hagana cachets (3), one reused cover with a JNF Post stamp, etc. (46). £200-250
  P.O.W Mail. 1949 Cover to Israeli P.O.W No. 30 Zeev Klein in Egypt with boxed Postage Paid handstamp, a Red Cross cachet and Israel censor. Fine and scarce, very few Israeli soldiers captured by the Arab forces. £80-100
  P.O.W Mail. 1948 Covers bearing Doar Ivri 15m tied by Nazareth c.d.s or Egypt 10m with Palestine overprint tied by Hebron c.d.s both to Arab P.O.Ws in Israel with Red Cross Geneve cachets; and postcard from an Arab Legion P.O.W to Jerusalem with Red Cross Amman cachet, Israeli and Jordan censors. (3). £100-150
  P.O.W Mail. 1948 Stampless covers from Egypt or Jordan (3) all to Arab P.O.Ws in Israel, all with Israeli censors and Red Cross cachets. (4). £120-150
  P.O.W Mail. 1948 Cover from the Red Cross in London franked 3d, to Gordon Smethurst at No. 1 P.O.W Camp in Israel, with censor cachet and seal and Army Post No.3 backstamp. Smethurst was a British volunteer in the Arab Legion fighting against the Israelis. £80-100
  Arab Occupation. 1948-66 Covers including 1948 (Nov.) censored cover from Nablus to Ramallah bearing Jordan stamps; 1949 registered cover with "A.V.2" cachet from Ramallah to Kenya and a cover from Jerusalem to G.B both bearing Jordan stamps overprinted 'Palestine'; 1948 covers from Gaza, El Majdal or Beth Laham bearing Egypt stamps overprinted 'Palestine'; 1961-62 covers to or from Gaza, Khan Younis or Deir El Balah; c.1966 covers and cards with Jordan stamps sent from Jerusalem (3) or Jericho; also Egyptian forces covers bearing postage dues (9), etc. (31). £100-150
  Doar Ivri. 1948-49 Doar Ivri issue on commercial covers and cards (31), various rates and destinations, some censored, one on a Palestine registration envelope, or used on F.D.Cs (21), also 1948-51 covers sent from Israel by US diplomatic bag bearing Israel stamps (2) or Lebanon stamps cancelled in Washington D.C, 1948 stampless 'State of Israel Provisional Government' cover, and a 1949 cover to China with red Tel-Aviv 'Paye' c.d.s. (57). £150-200
  1948-c.2000 Covers and cards in a box including useful earlier commercial mail, Highway Post Offices, Official mail, FDCs, etc., also some stamps. (100s). £100-150
  1950 Small unsealed cover bearing second coin issue 5sh tied by circular undated temporary cancel, used during 1950 New Year as an emergency cancel on part of the large mailing of New Year greetings cards, small stain below the stamp, otherwise unusually fine and scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... Postage Dues. 1948 Covers bearing Doar Ivri first issue postage dues comprising air mail cover from Canada to Haifa franked 15c with 3m pair, 10m and tab 20m dues; cover from Karkur to Meshek Ein Harod franked 10m with 3m pair and 5m dues (opening faults); and stampless cover sent within Haifa with 20m due. (3). Photo on Page 40. £150-180
  Military/P.O.W Mail. 1950-72 Forces mail (21), 1950 censored covers to the USA (2), c.1967 unused P.O.W postcard and Red Cross message sheets (2) and two Red Cross message sheets sent by Arab P.O.Ws in Israel. (28). £100-150

Israel Stamps

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1948 Doar Ivri issues, mainly mint selection including a range of 3m-50m plate blocks; tab blocks and singles with roulette 10m corner tab block of four, 15m perf 10¾ corner tab pair, 5m imperforate vertical pair with tab, etc.; 250m plate block; 1000m imperf singles (2); 3m block of six variety imperforate x perf 10; imperf plate proofs in black (5); imperf colour trials of the 5m in a blotchy light green on wove paper (3) and the 20m in orange; high value 'used' forgeries; also Doar Ivri 10m postage due plate block and 1952 Menorah 1,000pr corner tab single used. Some staining and other faults though a useful selection with some scarcer items, many fine. (Approx 365 stamps). Photo on Page 37. £500-600
  1948 Doar Ivri presentation sheets depicting the set of seven stamps printed in black on white gummed paper, an uncut pair numbered "2016" and "0016", fine and scarce. £120-150
  1948-59 Pages from the ledger of specimen stamps received from the U.P.U by an unnamed postal authority (believed to be Goa), bearing single examples of all stamp issues including Doar Ivri, postage dues, 1949 and 1957 Tabul Exhibition miniature sheets, most with a brief description and date written above the issue in French. (200 stamps on 20 pages). £100-150
  1950 First Air mail set of six, 500p Negev Camel and 1952 1,000pr Menorah all with tabs, superb unmounted mint. Also a few labels. Bale $730+. (13). £80-100


From the Collection of Robin Gwynn, RDP

The third and final part of Robin Gwynn's fine collection of wreck mail, comprising 82 lots of covers with an American or West Indies origin or connection. Great care has been taken to acquire the rare or unusual, many being the only recorded items from particular wrecks, others illustrating unusual origins or destinations, cachets or explanatory labels, whilst the overall quality is unusually fine for wreck covers, many of which inevitably show water or fire damage as a result of the wreck or disaster in which they were involved. Robin has also focused on unusual incidents and reasons for a wreck; all covers and incidents have been meticulously researched and written up in the standard work on the subject, "Maritime Disaster Mail: a study of mail salvaged from maritime disasters, as casualties of war, collisions, fires, shipwrecks and stranding" which he co-wrote with Norman Hoggarth (published by The Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 2003). Many items from this collection are illustrated in this fine publication.The collection has been displayed internationally most recently receiving Large Gold medals at both London 2010 and Indipex 2011. Many wreck covers are sent between differing countries and are wrecked en route in a third country, and can therefore fit into various country collections. The following cross-references are therefore provided as an aid to collectors. Also see lots 170, 171, 605, 615, 1047, 1398.

Antarctica 306 Hong Kong 288
Antigua 292 Ireland 269-275
Argentina 252, 304-306 Jamaica 293, 294
Bahamas 242 Liberia 253
Barbados 295 Malaya 237, 258
Bermuda 289-291 New South Wales 231, 298
Bolivia 304 New Zealand 231
Brazil 259, 298-300 Panama 247
British Guiana 240 Peru 248
Canal Zone 249, 301, 302 St. Kitts 297
Costa Rica 250 Salvador 235
Cuba 262 Sweden 281
Egypt 256, 299 Switzerland 305
France 261, 282, 296, 300 Syria 242
Germany 267, 268 Transatlantic Mail 260-282, 289, 292, 293,
G.B 230, 260, 262-264, 266, 269-279, 296-300, 304, 305
282, 287, 289, 292, 293, 297-299 US Civil War Blockade Runners 266, 290
Haiti 241, 296 G.B Ship Letters 292, 298

Hawaii / Midway Island

Click to view full image... Schooner "C. Kennedy". 1904 (Dec 22) Cover franked 2c from Newark, N.J to a U.S Marine on Midway Island, backstamped at San Francisco (Dec 26) and Honolulu (Mar 28 1905), the cover with extensive staining around the edges and a couple of small edge tears, explained by the violet cachet "Returned from / wreck of Ken'dy", the two lines applied separately. The Schooner "C. Kennedy" left Honolulu for Midway Island on 9th February, arriving at Laysan Island on the 25th but was prevented from landing by gales until March 2nd. The ship left next day but was overturned and wrecked, the ten man crew all reaching the island and salvaging the mail on March 5th. The crew and mail were taken back to Honolulu on the U.S gunboat "Petrel", arriving there on March 26th, the mail finally reaching Midway on May 12th, a transit time of nearly five months. Midway Island only had a few cable station employees and a detachment of U.S Marines so the mails there must have been very small; just one other card recorded from this wreck. An exceptional cover. Photo Inside Front Cover. £1,800-2,200


Click to view full image... S.S "Ohio". 1909 (Aug 16) Cover from Orlando, Illinois, to the U.S Hospital at Fort Liseum, Alaska, the stamp washed off, endorsed "Recovered Oct 26 1909 from Sunken Steamship Ohio. Ohio sunk in Hiekish Narrows, Alaska". The Alaska S.S Co Steamer "Ohio" was en route from Seattle to Juneau and other Alaskan ports when it struck a submerged rock at the entrance to Hiekish Narrows, British Columbia; the ship took on water but managed to reach Carter Bay five miles away where it beached. The ship sank 15 minutes later with the loss of five lives, but 208 passengers and crew were saved. The cargo was salvaged by divers, the mails being recovered late in October. Very scarce. Photo on Page 40. £500-600
Click to view full image... S.S "Yucatan". 1910 (Feb 11) Cover (letter enclosed) with "VALDEZ" c.d.s, addressed to Juneau, the stamp washed off, handstamped violet "S.S. YUCATAN / WRECK 3 13 1(0)". The Alaska Steamship Co. S.S "Yucatan" was on a voyage down the Alaskan coast when she struck an iceberg in Icy Straits and sank after being beached in Mud Bay on February 16th. The mail was salvaged shortly afterwards and the ship refloated on May 22nd, only to be lost for good in 1913. The '3 13 10' (March 13) date in this cachet is presumably the day this cover was processed by the postal authorities, probably at Juneau. Just three covers recorded from this wreck, two to USA addresses which bear no cachet but were enclosed within explanatory ambulance envelopes, and this cover sent within Alaska with the only recorded example of this wreck cachet. A unique cover. Photo on Page 40. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... S.S "Yucatan". 1910 (Feb 10) Cover (letter enclosed) to North Yalima, Washington State, with a "CORDOVA / ALASKA" c.d.s, the stamp washed off, with the Post Office ambulance envelope of Seattle, in which the cover was forwarded, which bears the printed explanation "The mail in this envelope was delayed and damaged by the sinking of the steamer "Yucatan", at Goose Island, Icy Straits, Alaska, on Feb. 16. 1910. This mail reached Seattle Feb. 24, 1910." and a Seattle machine (Feb 25), backstamped at North Yalima. Also a real photo postcard of the half submerged ship. The ambulance envelope with extensive tearing and faults though the left half with the printed explanation is intact, the actual wreck cover fine. It seems likely recovered mail to Alaska was sent to Juneau and received the cachet whilst mail for the USA was sent to Seattle and enclosed in these special ambulance envelopes. Very scarce, just three covers recorded from this wreck, two with these ambulance envelopes. (3). Photo on Page 40. £800-1,000

USA - West Coast

Click to view full image... P.S "Winfield Scott". 1853 (Nov 23) Cover to Freeport, Illinois, with "NEVADA CITY CAL / 3 PAID" c.d.s, curved "PAID / 3" and red "STEAMER / WINFIELD SCOTT", traces of water staining and a repaired hole to the address panel. The Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Paddle Steamer "Winfield Scott" stranded in thick fog on December 2nd on Anacapa Island in the Santa Barbara Channel off California whilst en route from San Francisco to Panama, the mail and cargo all being salvaged. This was the only P.M.S. Co Steamer to use a named cachet on mail. A very scarce and attractive cover, ex Lichtenstein collection. Photo on Page 42. £1,250-1,500
Click to view full image... S.S "Laurelbank". 1898 (Oct 15) Cover from Glasgow franked 2½d to a crew member on the ship "Laurelbank", c/o Portland Flour Mill Co, Oregon, handstamped violet "Ship Letter No. (21) / Ship lost at sea", backstamped at New York, Astoria, Oregon (Jun. 12) and the Dead Letter Office (June 22). The "Laurelbank" left Shanghai on August 31st bound for Portland, Oregon, but disappeared without trace. A scarce and attractive cover, very few recorded. Photo on Page 42. £500-600
Click to view full image... S.S. "Mariposa". 1889 (Apr 16) Registered cover from Waterloo, New South Wales to Riverside, California franked 1888-89 2d pair + 6d each cancelled by the numeral "194" with oval framed "PAID ALL" below, backstamped at Waterloo, Redfern and Sydney (all Apr. 16) and upon arrival at San Francisco (May 13). Some damage, mainly to the lower edge and lower right corner, explained by the bright orange label "San Francisco, Cal. / May 13, 1889. / Registered mail damaged by fire and / water on board "Steamship Mariposa" on / passage from Auckland, N.Z., to San Fran- / cisco, Cal. / Wm. J BRYAN. / Postmaster.". The "Mariposa" left Auckland on April 22nd with a cargo including mail and flax; the following day when 200 miles north of Auckland smoke was seen coming from the fore hatch and was thought to be from the mailroom so the hose was turned on that part of the ship. It was subsequently found only the flax was on fire, the mail only being damaged by the water. The "Mariposa" returned to Auckland, discharged the flax, and again sailed for San Francisco. The only recorded cover from this wreck, one other example of the label known on small piece only. An exceptional cover. Photo on Page 42. £1,800-2,200
Click to view full image... S.S "Pomona". 1908 (Mar 16) Cover from San Francisco to Eureka, Cal., the stamp washed off and some rust staining, explained by the violet cachet "FROM WRECK OF S.S POMONA / MARCH 17 1908". The "Pomona" sailed from San Francisco to Eureka on March 17th but struck Monterey Rock 60 miles north of San Francisco that evening. The Captain got her off the rock and decided to beach on the shore, but struck another submerged rock and stranded, the passengers and crew all being saved. An unusually clear example of this wreck cachet, most of the very few recorded examples being faint or incomplete, apparently having been applied whilst the covers were still damp. Also postcards showing the ship at sea and the 1908 wreck. (3). Photo on Page 42. £600-700
Click to view full image... S.S "Pomona". 1908 (Mar 16) 2c Postal stationery envelope from Los Angeles to Arcatra, Cal., edge wear and further stamps washed off, with the violet cachet "FROM WRECK OF S.S. POMONA / MARCH 17 1908", the second line of the cachet incomplete as is the case of most of the few recorded covers. Very scarce. Photo on Page 42. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1908 (June 23) Picture postcard franked 2c from Oakland to France, the left edge burnt, bearing a green typed explanatory label "Damaged by / Fire & Water" and initialled in red ink. One other example of this label is recorded on another card posted at Oakland on June 30th, the incident unknown. Photo on Page 42. £120-150
Click to view full image... S.S "Cuba". 1923 (Aug 23) Cover from San Salvador to San Francisco, the stamp washed off, with violet cachet "RECOVERED FROM WRECKED / S.S. CUBA", the reverse with two U.S Officially Sealed labels and a Santa Barbara c.d.s (Sep 26). The S.S "Cuba", sailed from Panama to San Francisco, but struck a reef on San Miguel Island, Santa Barbara, on September 8th. Most crew and passengers were saved but nine crew were reported missing in an open boat. Very scarce, few recorded. Photo on Page 42. £650-750
Click to view full image... MV "San Juan II". 1929 (Dec 24) Cover with Friday Harbor Wash. c.d.s, to Los Angeles, stained and the stamp washed off, bearing the explanatory label "Damaged in wreck of mail boat / San Juan II, on December 26, 1929. / HUGH ELDRIDGE, Postmaster / Bellingham, Wash. / Seattle P.O - 12-30-29-500". The MV "San Juan II" operated out of Bellingham, supplying the communities around Puget Sound and carrying their mail. The ship sailed from Friday Harbor to Bellingham on Christmas eve, taking shelter from gales at Olga, and was moved to a safer anchorage at Obstruction Pass on Christmas day; however the ships propeller fouled the anchor chain of an old mooring buoy during this manoeuvre and strong winds dashed the vessel onto rocks at Blakely Island. The ship disintegrated but all passengers and crew scrambled ashore. The only cover recorded from this wreck. Photo on Page 42. £600-700
Click to view full image... MV "Ocean Mail". 1955 Cover (letter enclosed) franked Canada 2c tied by Sanitarium P.O Ontario machine cancel, addressed to Penang, Malaya, the edges fire damaged, with the red cachet "DAMAGED IN SHIP FIRE / AT SEATTLE". The MV "Ocean Mail" collided with the MV "Arizona" on November 22nd, in the Colombia River. Whilst undergoing repairs on the 30th a fire broke out in the mail room, which was quickly extinguished, and the vessel resumed its voyage on December 1st. The Canadian fire damaged mail was off-loaded before it sailed and returned to Vancouver where the Post Office sorted it during the following week and applied the explanatory cachet. Photo on Page 44. £100-120

USA - East Coast

  Brig "Phoebe Ann". 1822 (Apr 18) Entire letter from "Balize, mouth of the Mississippi River" to Toughkeepsie, N.Y with red New York c.d.s (May 6) and "SHIP", charged 12c, endorsed "Ship Ohio, Capt. Gifford". The writer reports how in attempting to go to sea in a strong wind "Phoebe Ann" got on the bar and was holed, probably by the anchor of a previous wreck, and took on water in the hold; the cotton was saved but all other cargo was thrown overboard before the ship was finally refloated. £60-80
  Schooner "Edenton Packet". 1838 (Mar 15) Entire letter with a red New York c.d.s, sent to Edenton, N.C, charged 12c. The contents comprise a detailed statement of the insurance claim for repairs to the "Edenton Packet" which struck a shoal near Teachers Hole whilst en route to New York, causing the vessel to leak badly and return to Edenton for repairs. £70-80
Click to view full image... S.S "Metropolis". 1878 Philadelphia Dead Letter Office envelope with "United States Postal Service" embossed in the upper right corner, the reverse with the printed explanation "The inclosed letter was recovered from the wreck of the / steamer Metropolis, lost on Currituck Beach, / North Carolina, January 31, 1878." addressed to Demerara, British Guiana, backstamped at George Town (Mar 6), much of the address unfortunately cut out of the front of the cover, the reverse with the printed explanation fine. The wooden hulled steamer "Metropolis" set sail for Brazil on January 28th carrying employees of P. & T. Collins who were going to build a railway, and materials for the proposed railway. On January 30th rails shifted in the hold opening the ships seams and letting in water, and a huge wave then washed away the smoke stack and saloon, seven of the eight lifeboats, and drowned the ships fires. The ship set sail for Currituck Beach but grounded on the outer bar 100 yards off shore and turned broadside to the waves. The one remaining lifeboat reached shore but all attempts to get a line to the ship failed and those aboard jumped or were washed into the sea, 90 people drowning. Ten of the eleven mailbags were washed ashore but eight were plundered, leaving two intact mailbags with the Postmaster at Norfolk. No covers are known from the wreck, but six of these special printed ambulance envelopes have been recorded. Photo on Page 44. £600-700
Click to view full image... S.S "Atlas". 1888 (Oct 23) Cover to New York "pr Atlas" franked Haiti 5c pair with a central numeral cancel (New York Foreign Mail?), the reverse with the explanatory label "P.O, NEW YORK, October 26, 1888. / This letter is part of the mail recovered / from the S.S Atlas, from Port Limon, / sunk in New York harbor by collision on / the afternoon of the 23d instant. / HENRY G. PEARSON. / Postmaster / N.Y.P.O PRINT" tied by a 27th October New York c.d.s. Lower left corner trimmed diagonally, otherwise fine and very scarce. The "Atlas" was en route from the West Indies to New York with a cargo of coffee and bananas when it collided with the New York & Jersey City ferryboat "Plainfield" and sank within minutes. All crew were saved and 300 letters from Port Limon were salvaged. Just three covers recorded from this wreck, one originating in Costa Rica, the other two from Haiti. Photo on Page 44. £400-500
Click to view full image... S.S "Cienfuegos". 1895 (Jan 21) Cover from the French P.O in Tripoli, Syria, to the USA bearing French P.O 1pi on 25c, handstamped blue triangular framed "T" and "COLLECT / POSTAGE / 10 CENTS", the reverse bearing a cyclostyled label "Post Office, New York, N.Y. / February 12, 1895 / This piece of mail matter / was damaged in the wreck of / S.S Cienfuegos on Feb. 14, 1895 / Charles W. Dayton / Postmaster", tied by a Worcester arrival c.d.s, a New York F.D (Feb 14) c.d.s alongside. The "Cienfuegos" sailed from New York to Cienfuegos in Cuba via Nassau, but became stranded on a reef near Harbour Island in the Bahamas, and became a total wreck; all passengers and mail were landed safely. Piece torn away from right edge upon opening, otherwise fine and very rare, just two covers recorded from this wreck. Photo on Page 44. £800-1,200
Click to view full image... P.S "Chicago". 1899 (Oct 31) Cover from Jersey City to New York, the stamp washed off, the reverse with the printed explanatory label "POST OFFICE, NEW YORK, N.Y. / This piece of mail was damaged / through the sinking of the Penn. R.R. / Ferryboat "Chicago", which occurred at / about 12.45am., on October 31st, 1899. / CORNELIUS VAN COTT, / Postmaster.", and an arrival c.d.s (Nov 1) and "IRR / No. 352 / N.Y" handstamp. The Jersey City to New York ferryboat "Chicago" collided with the S.S "City of Augusta" and sank within 10 minutes in the Hudson River with the loss of four lives. 34 Pouches of mail were salvaged, and the ship subsequently raised in December. A fine and scarce cover. Photo on Page 44. £280-320
Click to view full image... P.S "Chicago". 1899 (Oct 30) Cover from Philadelphia to South Orange, N.J, the stamp washed off, with the scarce cyclostyled explanatory label (the wording the same as the printed label) applied to the front, backstamped with circular "IRR / No. 352 / N.Y", fine. Photo on Page 44. £280-320
Click to view full image... P.S "Chicago". 1899 (Oct 30) Cover from Jersey City to Hoboken, N.J, the stamp washed off, the reverse with a typed explanatory label on white paper apparently applied at Hoboken (the wording identical to the New York labels), also backstamped with circular "IRR / No. 352 / N.Y." and a Hoboken c.d.s (Nov. 1). Fine, the Hoboken label very scarce. Photo on Page 44. £300-350
  S.V "Harry Knowlton". 1907 (July) Postcard made of sailcloth, postally used within Rhode Island franked Jamestown 1c, the reverse with "Piece of sail from Wreck of Schooner Harry Knowlton at Quonocontaug R.I. Wrecked by Collision with Steamer Larchmont, February 11, 1907" printed upon it. Also a postcard showing the wreck. Some 150 poeple people were killed in this collision. (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... S.S "Finance". 1908 (Nov 16) 2c Postal stationery envelope from Los Angeles to the British Consul in Panama, two stamps washed off, the reverse with the explanatory label "Post Office, New York, N.Y / INQUIRY DEPARTMENT / The piece of mail herewith was recovered from / wreck of Steamer Finance, which was sunk / though collision with Steamer Georgic, Thurs- / day, Nov. 26, 1908. / E.M. MORGAN / Postmaster", tied by a Panama arrival c.d.s. The Panama Rail Road Co. steamer "Finance" left New York on November 26th for Panama after a 3 day delay due to fog, but was run into off Sandy Hook by the White Star steamer "Georgic" and sank within ten minutes with the loss of four lives, the other 100 passengers being transferred to the "Georgic". A fine cover, with the smaller type 2 label. Photo on Page 44. £300-350
Click to view full image... S.S "Finance". 1908 (Nov 17) Cover to Trujillo, Peru, with the stamps washed off, water damaged, the reverse with the larger type 1 New York P.O explanatory label (the wording identical to the previous label) and a Trujillo arrival c.d.s (Jan 27), the front with circular "CENTIMES / 30" postage due handstamp, a little rust staining to the cover and label, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 46. £280-320
Click to view full image... S.S "Finance". 1908 (Nov 17) Post Office Official Business card from Mount Carmel, PA., to Cristobal, Canal Zone, acknowledging receipt of a registered letter, a little water stained, recovered from the wreck of the "Finance" but without any explanatory label, probably because it is largely undamaged and did not lose a stamp. Photo on Page 46. £180-220
Click to view full image... S.S "Turrialba". 1912 (Dec 14) Cover from San Jose to New York bearing Costa Rica 10c, a tear at upper left corner but otherwise undamaged, endorsed in pencil "Saved from S.S Turrialba on Jersey Coast and landed by Revenue Cutter Seneca 12/25/12", the reverse with "United Fruit Company, Dec. 26 1912, Purchasing Agent" recipients cachet. The United Fruit Co. steamer "Turrialba" left Jamaica for New York on December 20th with 137 crew and passengers and a cargo of bananas. On Christmas eve she was stranded in a storm on the Brigantine Shoals off New Jersey, her stern frame and rudder were swept away, propellers disabled, and several lifeboats wrecked or forced back trying to reach her. The weather moderated on Christmas day and all crew and passengers were rescued by the Revenue Cutter "Seneca". Only one other cover recorded from this wreck. Photo on Page 46. £300-350
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 1 of 2)
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At Stampex 17-20 September
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