G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction number 49) Day 1
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 10th March 2022 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Please contact the office for sale details.
Please note new locations: Great Connaught Rooms,
61-65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA
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Auction Lots - Page 13
  1881-1910 Covers, cards and a front, comprising 1881 "IONA STEAMER / A / GREENOCK / 163" duplex cancel, 1900-02 covers and cards bearing 1d lilacs (5) or two QV ½d stationery cut-outs all with Paquebot cancels including Perth (H1462, very scarce) and Fremantle (H.1348), and 1910 front with Norway 10ore pair tied by Tyne dock c.d.s, handstamped "PAQUEBOT" and "SHIP LETTER / TYNE DOCK / SOUTH SHIELDS". (8). £150-180
  1902-13 Postcards (90) and covers (19) virtually all with G.B KEVII stamps, mainly Paquebot mail (96) including manuscript "Paquebot" of Binic (from Guernsey), Hong Kong, Shanghai British P.O, Havana, Albany, Singapore, Penang, Fremantle, Largs Bay, Bergen, Boston, Wellington, Bombay - Aden Sea P.O (2), other Paquebot mail but without a Paquebot handstamp including items from Colon, Piraeus, Corfu, Rimouski and Father Point, also Iceland 5aur card with boxed "SHIP LETTER" of Aberdeen, "LONDONDERRY COLONIAL PKT" c.d.s in red (3) or black, "ANG. BM / ST. MALO" c.d.s, etc., one cover franked Colombia 1c strip of five, also a 1934 Shanghai Paquebot. (109). £600-700
Click to view full image... Birmingham. 1907 (Nov 29) Picture postcard written on S.S "Carmania", a KEVII ½d pair each cancelled eleven days later by superb "BIRMINGHAM / SHIP" c.d.s. Photo on Page 96. £120-150
  Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet 1881-1912 Covers and cards, cancellations comprising Iona Steamer 163 duplex code B or double ring c.d.s codes A or B (3, two used on the "Chevalier" during the winter months of 1890 or 1891) tying 1d lilacs, and later "Columba" double ring datestamps (3); and backstamps comprising Iona Steamer singe ring c.d.s code B (3, one used in the winter of 1883 on "Chevalier") or double ring c.d.s codes A or B (3, two used on "Chevalier" in the winter of 1885 and 1891), and a later "Columba" double ring c.d.s. Also cancels on four single stamps. A good group, the "Chevalier" uses scarce. (16+). £400-500
Click to view full image... Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet - "Chevalier". 1903 (Apr 4) Picture postcard of Ardrishaig with KEVII ½d cancelled by "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / B / CHEVALIER" wide type c.d.s, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 96. £500-600
  "Queen Alexandra". 1905 (Sep 20) Picture postcard with an advert for Gorah Tooth Powder applied to the message side, posted from Greenock franked 1d, with violet boxed "NEW / TURBINE STEAMER / "QUEEN ALEXANDRA"". Also two postcards of the steamer. (3). £100-120
  "St. Tudno". 1911 (July 31) Picture postcard with violet circular "POSTED ON / ST. TUDNO", a KEVII ½d cancelled at Llandudno, very fine. £100-120

Transatlantic Mail

  1818-74 Entire letters (12) and entires (5) from Cuba (14), Brazil, Uruguay or Venezuela to G.B, including La Guayra and Havana British P.O datestamps, straight line "HAVANA", "HABANA" or "MONTEV.", New York forwarding agent cachets, 1818 letter endorsed via H.M.S Larne with boxed "PACKET LETTER", 1838 letter endorsed "P. Goldfinch Packet", etc. (17). £250-300
  Liverpool. 1842 Entire letter and an entire to the USA both with octagonal Liverpool datestamps (type M24) used on mail carried by Cunard Packets, comprising Jan. 4 datestamp with scarce code "D" on entire from Castlecomer in Ireland, and Mar. 16 entire letter with code "L" on an entire letter with blue "HARRINGTON-CUMBD" undated circle, both carried on the "Britannia". (2). £100-120
  Liverpool. 1842 Entire letter from Dalmally to USA prepaid at the 8d ship letter rate, incorrectly treated as a packet letter and backstamped with the octagonal Jan. 25 datestamp without code (type M24, used on letters carried by Cunard Packet, not recorded by Tabeart without a code letter), the error corrected with the application of a Liverpool Ship Letter datestamp. A very unusual combination of handstamps, probably carried by a Black Ball Line ship. £150-200
  1840-86 Entire letters and covers from G.B to USA (3) or Canada (8), comprising double rate letter with "38 / CENTS" and "48" charge and two quadruple rate letters with "76 / CENTS" and "96" charges to the USA; 1840 letter to Holland Landing prepaid at the 8d ship letter rate and sent on the "British Queen" to New York charged 27c; and stamped covers to Canada franked 1/-, 8d, 6d, 3d (3) or 2½d. (11). £150-180
  British Columbia. 1869-70 Covers to Victoria, the first a long cover from London sent at the 4oz quadruple rate with an 1867 2/- blue vertical pair; the second from Ardgay to the Hudson Bay Co store franked 1/-, a few minor edge faults, the first very unusual. (2). £120-140
  British Columbia. 1873-89 Covers from G.B to Victoria including 1873 cover from Devonport franked 3d, 1878-82 covers from London franked 2½d, 1889 cover from Glasgow to S.S "Islander" franked 6d (double rate, overpaid 1d, faults), 1881 cover from Jedburgh with ½d + 1d pair + 2½d paying the 5d double rate, 1885 cover from Edinburgh with 1883-84 issue 1½d lilac + 6d green paying the 7½d treble rate. (6). £120-150
  New Brunswick. 1840-57 Stampless entire letters from G.B comprising 1840 letter prepaid 1/- with Halifax transit c.d.s; 1842 (Jan 31) letter prepaid 1/2, sent on the "Caledonia" which suffered severe storm damage and had to return to Liverpool, the mail resent on the "Acadia"; 1843 unpaid letter to Miramichi missent to Frederickton; 1853 unpaid single and double rate letters with "10d" or scarce "1/8" accountancy marks of Liverpool showing the amount due to G.B (Tabeart M66, 71); and 1857 unpaid letter with "5d" accountancy mark (M59). A good lot, all sent by Cunard steamers. (6). £180-220
  New Brunswick. 1845-56 Entire letter and an entire franked by 1d reds, the 1845 letter prepaid 1/2 in cash from London to Frederickton with an imperf 1d red presumably paying a late fee; the 1856 entire franked 1d from Liverpool to St. Andrews N.B therefore sent to Scotland with arrival backstamp, opened by the Deputy Shipping Master and redirected to New Brunswick with St. John arrival backstamp, charged 7½Cy, Liverpool "5d" accountancy mark (M59). Two unusual covers. (2). £100-120
  Nova Scotia. 1815-55 Prestamp and stampless entire letters and covers from G.B, including covers with 10d accountancy marks (Tabeart M66, amount due to British P.O) and "1/3" (Cy) charge marks (3); covers with "5d" accountancy marks (M59) in black (2, one with red "1d", the other with "7½d" charge mark) or in red (with "7½d" charge mark), etc. Also two 1853-56 stampless covers from Boston to Nova Scotia with Boston 10c datestamps and "6" (Cy) charges, one with oval "UNITED / STATES", the other strangely with a Halifax Paid datestamp, all carried by Cunard steamers. (12). £180-220
  Prince Edward Island. 1858-59 Stampless entire letters from Liverpool to Charlotte Town sent on the "Niagara", or Charlotte Town to Scotland sent on the "Canada", both with the same large handstruck "6", the first applied upside down to show a charge of 9d Cy, the second indicating a charge of 6d sterling. An unusual pair. (2). £100-120
  Prince Edward Island. 1862-72 Entires and covers from G.B franked 6d (5) or 3d (2), arrival backstamps of Charlotte Town or Summerside. (7). £100-120

U.S/British Sea Post Office

  1905-07 Picture postcards (13) and an unusual Japanese patriotic lettersheet containing a picture of a stork and various flags on a string, all franked G.B KEVII ½d (4, one with a 1d charge mark) or 1d (10) cancelled by double ring "BRITISH SEA POST OFFICE LIVERPOOL" c.d.s. codes 2 (R.M.S "Oceanic"), 4 (6, R.M.S "Teutonic" or "Cedric"), 6 (3, R.M.S "Baltic" or "Cedric") or 7 (3, R.M.S "Majestic"), another card from R.M.S "Baltic" with the code unclear. A fine group. (14). £350-400
  1906 Silk postcards of S.S "Celtic" (depicting the ship, or "Hands Across the Sea") both transferred to R.M.S "Majestic" where they were cancelled by the "BRITISH SEA POST OFFICE LIVERPOOL / 7" c.d.s (June 6), one franked 1d, the other without any message therefore franked ½d. Two fine cards and cancels. (2). £100-120
  1906-07 Picture postcards written on the Cunard liner "Carmania" (2) both transferred to R.M.S "Teutonic" and cancelled by the "BRITISH SEA POST OFFICE LIVERPOOL / 4" c.d.s; or written on the Cunard liner "Caronia" (2) transferred to R.M.S "Majestic" and cancelled by the "BRITISH SEA POST OFFICE LIVERPOOL / 7" c.d.s, all franked 1d. (4). £120-150
  1905-14 Picture postcards (3) and registered covers (4) with U.S Sea Post Office handstamps, the four registered covers all with "U.S SEA POST / REG" double ring transit datestamps in violet, 1905 picture postcard from Italy to Scotland with partial U.S Sea P.O duplex applied on S.S "St Paul" and "MISSENT TO / US SEA P.O No 4", and 1909 card from USA to G.B only franked 1c so charged 1d with "SPO / T / 5" postage due handstamp. Also a 1907 postcard from France to G.B with "Missent to Sea Post No. 13" handstamp applied on the US / German Sea Post. (7). £250-300

Military & Naval
(Also See Lots 331/5, 340, 344/8, 351, 374-397, 399-405)

  Seven Years War - P.O.W Mail 1759 (Jan 7) Entire letter from Chippenham, written in French and signed "De XXX", addressed to "Monsieur at the Pelican Inn, Monsieur De Bellof, Prisonnier sur la parole a Bristol", censored with manuscript "Exd" and initials on reverse. Backstamped "CHIPPEN / HAM" and charged 6d, staining to left of address panel and small part of upper flap torn away, still a very scarce censored letter to a P.O.W on parole. £100-120
Click to view full image... Napoleonic Wars - P.O.W Mail. 1812 (Aug 10) Entire letter to France, written by "Michel Deverte, Soldat au 20 Regiment de Ligne, Prisonnier de Guerre au depot de Stapleton pres Bristol", endorsed "not paid" with an "8" charge. Deverte tells his father of his capture in Spain and incarceration at Stapleton since the previous December. He advises him to reply within an outer wrapper addressed to the Commissioner of Marine at Morlaix, which would only have to be paid to Morlaix. A fine P.O.W letter from Stapleton, near Bristol. Photo on Page 110. £200-250
  1881-1910 Covers and cards bearing 1d lilacs, sent from or to naval ships, including 1900 cover from Portsmouth with "Royal Yacht" flap, 1901 Duke and Duchess of Cornwall royal tour postcard from Colombo and 1902 card from Yokohama both cancelled in London, covers to ships including 1881 cover franked 4d to H.M.S "Pioneer", West Coast of Africa, 1900 cover to H.M.S "Terrible" in China, etc. (9). £120-150
  1888-94 Covers (3) and fronts (2) all sent at concessionary rates from Naval ships abroad, franked by 1d lilacs, comprising 1d rate from H.M.S "Curacao" at Cape Coast Castle (front) or H.M.S "Speedy" at Vigo, posted into the Spanish Post Office and the stamp therefore disallowed and charged 4d (piece torn from upper left corner, reverse with letter from recipient asking for explanation of the 4d charge); franked 2d from H.M.S "Swinger" at Sydney (stamps cut out and replaced) or H.M.S "Griffon" at Aden (reverse sliced to display backstamp, edge tear); or franked 3d from H.M.S "Redbreast" at Zanzibar (front), a scarce group despite faults. (5). £180-220

(Also See Lots 724, 738, 743, 1149)

  1840 1d Lettersheets containing adverts, comprising stereo A69 with Economic Life Assurance Society advert (MA115a) in black, and stereo A64 with English and Scottish Law Fire and Life Assurance advert (MA121b/e) printed in blue, the first with minor corner faults, otherwise both fine unused. (2). £200-240
  1842-43 1d Lettersheets all with adverts of the Atlas Assurance Company, comprising stereo A246 (forme 5) with advert MA103g used from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, stereo A26 with advert MA103h used from London to Colchester, and stereo A35 with advert MA103j ("Miss Mary E. Williams" added in manuscript to list of claims paid, probably unique) used from London to Holywell. A good trio showing different variations of the advert, all with black Maltese Crosses, the A26 stereo Mulready with the cancel in the upper right corner, this Mulready with two vertical file folds close to the sides, otherwise all fine. (3). £380-450
  c.1840s Thackeray caricature "proof" on India paper, 255x227mm, initialled by Mr Tregaskis and numbered "80", tiny nick at upper right corner, otherwise fine, together with a "proof" printed from the defaced block on white laid paper, 196x164mm. An accompanying copy of a 1937 Charles Nissen advert offers the two proofs at Two Guineas a pair, and states "the original caricature drawn by W.M Thackeray was given to Sir Henry Cole and purchased at the sale of his library by Mr Tregaskis, bookseller of Holborn, who had a line block of the caricature made from which 100 proofs were struck before it was defaced; the original caricature was sold to an American collector, the proofs being initialled and numbered and then sold to Charles Nissen, with the defaced wood block". A fine pair, the India Paper proofs usually found foxed or with faults, this example unusually fine. (2). £160-200

Pictorial Envelopes

  1842-49 Pictorial advertising lettersheets both postally used, the first with a fine large illustration of Guildford House School at Handsworth, printed details below, with a letter from the owner trying to sell the school as a going concern, posted from Birmingham; the 1849 lettersheet with two large printed views of Burnham and a printed page extolling Burnham's mineral spa, posted from Bristol franked by a 1d red. (2). £140-160
  Advertising Envelopes. 1859-1936 Covers (22) and a front, various adverts for Great Eastern Railway, song birds, etc. Also 1890 card advertising children's clothes, an unusual 1904 foldout novelty card depicting a policeman containing an advert for lino, and 1956-58 postal stationery postcards advertising Cadburys chocolate. (27). £180-200
  c.1870 Cover addressed to Welwyn with a coloured illustration of a dog dressed as a sailor, holding a sack bearing the address and a banner with a 1d red, not posted; and a 1902 cover with a coloured illustration of a speeding hanson cab, posted from Preston to Sheffield, the 1d stamp a little faded. (2). £100-120
  1901 (Dec 24) Cover (232x173mm) with a fine printed illustration of the angel of prosperity flying over the City of Birmingham, posted from Birmingham to Solihull franked 1d, a similarly printed Christmas card enclosed depicting fish and a mermaid on the front, the reverse with a church interior and clouds blowing away the year 1901, from David Arkell. (cover + card). £130-150
  1906 Deans Postal Toys lettercard depicting a Dutch girl and windmill with enclosed six page story "My Little Dutch Girl", posted from Scarborough franked 1d. Also 1902 leaflet in the form of a booklet tied up with imitation tape advertising the play "Sherlock Holmes", franked ½d; and fold up illustrated lettercard of Warwick posted at Liverpool franked 2½d. (3). £100-120

Postage Dues
(Also See Lots 126, 481/2, 690-727 )

  1857-61 Covers franked 1d, all charged 2d, including scarce 1860 "Above Oz" in blue and black "2" both applied at Newcastle, "MORE TO PAY / OVER OZ" of Bath, etc. (5). £130-160

Postal Reform
(Also See Lots 674, 687-727)

  1838 Pamphlets "Facts and Reasons in Support of Mr Rowland Hill's Plan for a Universal Penny Postage" by W.H Ashurst, published by Henry Hooper, both the first and second editions of this rare pamphlet produced to support Rowland Hill's campaign for Universal Penny Postage, bound together in a single leather bound volume with gold tooled spine. The first edition comprising 95 pages; the second edition comprising 133 pages with the "John W. Parker, Cambridge Bible Warehouse" lettersheet essay with yellow printed border included between pages 42/43, the front cover inscribed and signed by Ashurst "The Gift of Mr Ashurst To Eliza Mary Hardyman 9th Feby 1839". Two important postal reform pamphlets, described by J. Grimwood-Taylor in "International Postal Reforms" (p.207/209), who only records one example of the first edition and seven examples of the second edition pamphlet (five with essays) in private hands. The front cover of the volume detached and first pamphlet with tear to title page, otherwise fine and very rare. (2 Pamphlets in one volume). £2,500-3,000
  1840 (Aug 10) "Act for the Regulation of the Duties of Postage", 32 pages. An important consolidating act governing the operation of the Uniform Penny Post, 73 clauses dealing with charges on unpaid, partly paid and redirected mail, also prepaid rates, overseas mail, special mail categories (newspapers, parliamentary votes and proceedings, notices), dead letters, postal officers duties, penalties for non-compliance, etc. £250-300
  1841 Pamphlet "Results of the New Postage Arrangements, By Rowland Hill, Esq." published by Henry Hooper, 16 pages. A rare and important pamphlet detailing the increases in the number of letters posted, and the reduction in letters posted unpaid, since the introduction of Penny Postage. Described by J. Grimwood-Taylor in "International Postal Reforms" (p.861/3) who states only three or four examples known in private hands. £600-800
  1841 Pamphlet "An Eighteenpenny Descant on The Penny Postage", second edition, by John Peace, published by John Bohn, 36 pages. A rare comic pamphlet pouring scorn on Hill's reforms and lampooning Penny Postage. Described by J. Grimwood-Taylor in "International Postal Reforms" (p863/5) who states only two examples are recorded in private hands. £500-700
  1843 Pamphlet "Requisites to the Completion of Mr Rowland Hill's Plan of Post Office Improvement, No. 1", by Rowland Hill, published by Charles Knight & Co, 14 pages. The pamphlet consists of a letter from Hill to the Mercantile Committee on Postage listing defects of the present arrangements and Hill's proposed remedies, and publicising the problems and obstructions to reforms caused by the Government and Post Office. In June 1843 the Commons set up a Select Committee to inquire into the Post Office reforms, probably partly as a result of this pamphlet and Rowland Hill's campaigning. Described by J. Grimwood-Taylor in "International Postal Reforms" (p.866/71), very few recorded. £600-800
  Ocean Penny Postage. 1851 Pamphlet published by "The Association to Promote a Cheap and Uniform System of Colonial and International Postage", whose office was at the Society of Arts in London. The 12 page pamphlet details a meeting of the society on 17th November, listing those present and reporting the speeches in support of cheap international postage by Earl Granville, Sir John Burgoyne, Mr Hume, Mr Cole and others. A rare leaflet, not in the Crawford library and not recorded by J. Grimwood-Taylor in "International Postal Reforms", although he describes an 1853 pamphlet by the Association (p.934/5) of which just two examples are known. £250-300

Postal Stationery
(Also See Lots 5, 577/82, 1117)

  1877-78 ½d Certificates of Posting, part pads with six certificates remaining (15,000, 10/77 imprint) or eight certificates remaining (20,000, 1/78 imprint), a few minor faults. (14). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1889 ½d Brown postcard, a fine pictorial advert for "Gibbs, Embosser" printed on the front in the same colour as card, fine and very unusual. Also a 1908 KEVII PTPO 1d postcard with an advert for the Davy Ornament Co showing a stork printed in green on the front, posted from London. (2). Photo on Page 110. £100-120
  1895-99 ½d Brown stationery cut-outs (most stamp LW2) from official Admiralty Enrolment lettersheets, on various coloured papers, comprising white/buff paper (5, three used), blue paper (5, four used, one LW4), yellow-green (4, all used, one LW4) and blue-green (used), yellow (3, one used), deep pink, or pale pink paper (3, two used), scarce even as pieces with most unknown on complete forms. Huggins/Baker LO70a/f, £50 each, some unpriced. (22). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1901 King Edward VII, embossed die proof of the original head die, on white laid card with 22mm surround in black, dated "7 SEP. 01" and stamped "AFTER / HARDENING", 57x56mm, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 128. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1902 King Edward VII, embossed die proof of the auxiliary head die, on white laid card with 17mm surround in black, dated "3 MAR. 02" and stamped "AFTER / HARDENING", 58x57mm, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 128. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1901 King Edward VII, negative embossed punch proof of the original head die, on white glazed card with 20mm surround in black, reduced to 24x22mm, applied to a piece cut from the De La Rue striking book, dated and inscribed "Nov. 25, 4 leads for die registers, Punch 2P", fine, a unique archival proof. Photo on Page 106. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1901 1½d Envelope stamp, photographic essay attached to thick card, dated "June 20th 01", 89x114mm. A rare essay from De La Rue archives, the lettering and base of the inner frame differing slightly to the issued stamp. Photo on Page 108. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1901 10d Stationery stamp, paste up essay with an embossed frame in brown and white applied over a photographic KEVII head vignette, the wording and value, crown and surround, portions of the frames and the surround to the head vignette all superbly hand painted in brown and Chinese white, applied to thick card date "June 20th 01", 89x114mm. A unique essay, the frame cut from a QV stamp and altered by hand. This 10d brown stamp was produced for use on stamped telegraph forms only, but was also used on a tiny number of P.T.P.O envelopes. A unique essay, from the De La Rue archives. Photo on Page 108. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1902 1½d Envelope stamp, embossed die proof in black with 32mm circular surround, on laid card, dated "4 APR 02" and stamped "AFTER / HARDENING", 68x59mm, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 108. £140-160
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction number 49) Day 1
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 10th March 2022 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Please contact the office for sale details.
Please note new locations: Great Connaught Rooms,
61-65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA
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