G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction number 49) Day 1
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 10th March 2022 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Please contact the office for sale details.
Please note new locations: Great Connaught Rooms,
61-65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA
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Auction Lots - Page 2
  1911 (Sep 9) London to Windsor postcards with adverts printed on the reverse for The Molassine Company (also with red overprint on the front), Remington Typewriter Co., Wright's Coal Tar Soap, and Schweppes Ltd. Also cards handstamped "D.H EVANS & CO" or "BENETFINK & CO LTD, JEWELLERS, CHEAPSIDE, E.C" on reverse. The two store cachet cards with faults, the four printed advert cards all fine. (6). £220-260
  1911 (Sep 9) Brown (4) or green (2) London postcards all with adverts printed on the reverse, comprising The Financial Outlook (addressed to Belfast), J.&J. Colman Ltd (Aerial Post c.d.s code "5" of Hendon Aerodrome), Schweppes Ltd, Educational Book Co. Ltd., The Molassine Co. Ltd. (with additional red advert on the front) or Remington Typewriter Co., a couple of minor faults though largely fine. (6). £300-350
  1911 (Sep 9-12) Brown London postcards with Aerial Post datestamps, the store where the cards were sold indicated on the reverse with a violet handstamp of "BENETFINK & CO. LTD. JEWELLERS, CHEAPSIDE, E.C" (2) or "D.H. EVANS & CO", all fine. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... Windsor to London violet privilege mail envelope with enclosed violet notepaper, superb unused, very scarce. Photo on Page 12. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 16) Windsor to London violet privilege envelope addressed to "Ronald Kirkwood, Secretarys Office, G.P.O, London" with a 1d lilac tied by the Windsor Aerial Post c.d.s, backstamped at Cricklewood (Sep 18). Unusually good colour, very fine and unusual. Photo on Page 12. £600-700
  1911 (Sep 16) Windsor to London envelope and postcard in green, the card franked KGV ½d and the cover franked KEVII 1d, with Windsor Aerial Post c.d.s code "2" and Cricklewood arrival datestamps, both sent by W.S Rushton, G.P.O Surveyor who represented the G.P.O at Windsor, to his wife in Bournemouth. The cover with small unobtrusive tear at upper edge, otherwise fine, the Windsor envelope the scarcest of all the basic stationery types. (2). £160-180
  1911 (Sep 16) Green Windsor to London postcard with KEVII ½d tied by the Windsor Aerial Post code "2" c.d.s, a Cricklewood c.d.s (Sep 18) alongside, very fine. Also London to Windsor postcard in brown printed from the envelope block franked KGV ½d; green or red-brown postcards franked KEVII ½d (Sep. 9, 11 or 15 c.d.s, all three with faults), and a postcard depicting Greswell and Hamel at Windsor. (5). £80-100

Other Internal Flights
(Also See Lots 257/8)

  1895 Leaflet headed "A Message from above TO THE ELECTORS OF SOHO WARD", depicting a balloon, dropped from the "Saladin" balloon over Birmingham during local elections, supporting Lempriere, "the free and independent candidate". A fine and rare leaflet, 190x88mm. £120-150
  1933 (Aug 26) International Air Lines Ltd Croydon to Plymouth first flight, cover franked I.A.L 3d stamp, signed by the pilot S.W.A Scott; and 1935 (Jan 31) London to Isle of Man via Liverpool first flight by Blackpool & West Coast Air Services Ltd, cover franked ½d + 1d with six line flight cachet, signed by the pilot J.C Higgins. Scarce pilot signed covers. (2). £120-150
  Railway Air Services. Tickets, letters, photos and ephemera including issued tickets (3) and tickets handstamped "Specimen" (4), air map, advertising leaflets and timetables (5), G.W.R exam certificates (3), photographs and picture postcards (13), etc. (30). £120-150
Click to view full image... Railway Air Services. 1933 Covers, air stamps and letters, with mint 3d G.W.R Air Mail stamps (46, including two sheets of twenty); covers bearing a single 3d air stamp comprising May 15 Plymouth to Cardiff first flight pilot signed, May 22 Birmingham to Plymouth first flight (2, one pilot signed), Sept 2 Cardiff to Plymouth cover addressed to USA, Sept 20 Cardiff to Birmingham flight cover to Burma carried on the first IA Calcutta to Akyab flight, Sept 30 Plymouth to Birmingham final flight (2, one pilot signed); 1933 (Sept 20) Cardiff to Plymouth flight cover addressed to USA unusually with two 3d G.W.R stamps, and May 15 Newport to Plymouth registered first flight cover unusually bearing eight 3d G.W.R stamps; 1933 P.O Notices announcing the new service from Plymouth (2); P.O letters regarding the air service (7), G.W.R letter, photos, etc. Also 1934 (Aug 20) Plymouth to Cardiff first flight cover carried at the ordinary letter rate, pilot signed. A good lot, scarce pilot signatures, foreign destinations and multiple frankings of the air stamp. (c.60). Photo on Page 18. £400-500
  Great Western & Southern Air Lines / Olley Air Service. 1936-54 Timetables or advertising brochures (22) for various internal services or flights to Deauville or Le Touquet, also letters on headed notepaper (4), luggage labels (2), G.W&S logo artwork and 1954 business card. (30). £100-120
  Isles of Scilly. 1943-44 Covers flown by Great Western & Southern Air Lines from St. Marys to Penzance (6) or Penzance to St. Marys (3) all with boxed "Letter by G.W&S / AIRLINES / Paid (4d)", one cover from Stornoway also flown by Scottish Airways to Glasgow with violet "SCOTTISH AIRWAYS / LIMITED / AIR / LETTER / SERVICE", eight covers franked 2½d, the other from a soldier in the Scilly Isles unusually addressed to another soldier in the Middle East franked 1½d, one cover to Canada. Also two leaflets advertising the service. (11). £180-220
Click to view full image... Channel Islands. 1924 (June 10) Cover from Leyton to Guernsey franked 3½d (marked "1½d Postage, 2d Fee") and bearing two "By Air Mail" labels, endorsed "First Service Channel Islands" with arrival c.d.s (June 11), not called for and returned to the sender, with a related photo and news cutting on early aviation to Guernsey. This proposed air mail route was mentioned in the June 1924 G.P.O Bulletin, but this is the first cover we have seen from the flight, which is apparently unrecorded in any of the literature on Channel Islands philately. A rare cover, previously sold in our March 2020 auction for £400. Photo on Page 18. £350-400


  1933-39 Covers flown by various European airlines including 1934 Dram to Athens or return first flights by Hellenic Aerial Communications Co.; 1933 Athens to Venice first flight by the Italian airline S.A.M; 1936-37 Ala Littoria flights from Somalia or Italy; 1937 Czech State Airlines Liberec to Prague first flight; Sabena 1936-37 first flights to the Congo; also 1934 Belgian Congo "Rupin" flight cover; 1932 and 1933 Sabena timetables, etc. (13). £180-200
  Cyprus/Malta. 1931-35 Covers comprising 1931 (June 19) Malta to Genoa first flight cover to G.B; 1932 (Apr 15) London to Limassol Imperial Airways first flight, and April 18th Limassol to Baghdad first flight with violet bilingual boxed "NOT CLAIMED" and "RETURN TO SENDER"; and 1935 (Aug 23) Cairo to Nicosia first flight by MISR Airlines. (4). £100-120
  French Airlines. 1930-38 Covers flown by Air Union or Air France including 1930 Damascus to Baghdad or return (2) first flights, Algiers to Paris first flight, Corfu to Naples first flight covers addressed to Eritrea or Indo China, 1938 Algiers to Bamako first flight, various other commercial covers, many with routing cachets, also 1937 Japy flight from Djibouti to Istres, and a 1935 booklet of "Par Avion" labels issued by Air France. (21). £150-180
  Spain. 1936-47 Covers including Spanish Civil War period with various local stamp issues and censor cachets, covers from Mallorca (5) or the Canary Islands (9), various airlines. (27). £120-150
  Switzerland. 1922 Zurich First International Air Meeting official postcards (7, one with Flugmeeting c.d.s, one with Zurich slogan for the air meeting), cover with the Zurich slogan, cover flown to Stuttgart with the Flugmeeting datestamp and "SCHWEIZER FLUGPOST" c.d.s, and Flugmeeting tie-on luggage label with details of free flights on the reverse. Also 1957 Mittelholzer memorial flight, Swissair folder with stamps and cancels of nine countries, signed by the crew. (11). £70-80

Transatlantic Flights, Latin America & USA
(Also See Lots 23, 103, 398, 1159)

  1930 Coste & Bellonte First Paris to New York Non-Stop flight, USA covers (Sep 8 & 15) posted from Washington D.C or Hartford during the aviators American goodwill tour following their transatlantic flight, the first signed by Coste; Oct. 25th invitation card issued by the Minister of Air to the reception held for the two pilots at Le Bourget Airport; and a postcard depicting the aviators, posted at Paris, bearing the cachets "LE BOURGET / Arrivee de / COSTE & BELLONTE / 25-10-1930 / LA FIN / DE RAID / PARIS - NEW YORK" (one stamp missing). (4). £100-120
  1930-43 Covers flown from South or Central America to Europe (15), North America to Europe (6) or Europe to Argentina (2), Brazil (4) or USA (3), also a 1933 cover flown within Brazil. Various airlines, including 1935 Argentina card to USA incorrectly handstamped "PAR AVION JUSQU EN EUROPE", 1930 (May 31) cover from New York to England by Graf Zeppelin with "Sudamerikafahrt 1930" cachet, etc. (31). £150-180
  L.A.T.I. 1939-41 Covers flown by the Italian airline L.A.T.I between Europe and South America, comprising 31 covers from Europe (7 countries) and 40 covers from South America (6 countries), also an illustrated advertising blotter and calendar for 1940, all well written up, an interesting collection. (72). £500-600

Iraq, Persia & Middle East
(Also See Lots 66, 160, 588)

  Iraq. 1922-29 Covers flown by the R.A.F or Imperial Airways between Cairo and Baghdad or Basra, including 1926 card from Germany to Baghdad, 1927 (Jan 12) Imperial Airways first flight cover from Egypt to India, 1929 cover from Czechoslovakia to Hinaidi, 1929 covers from India to G.B (2, one with 4a late fee), etc. (14). £120-150
  Iraq/G.B. 1929 (Mar 28) Cover from London to Baghdad with 1d + 6d meter marks, carried on the first London to Karachi service, arrival backstamp of Basrah (Apr 5), signed by the pilot. A rare signed cover; Newall states just two covers carried from London to Baghdad. £120-150
  Iraq/Palestine. 1929-40 Covers and cards including 1929 London-Karachi route first flight covers from Basra to Karachi, Baghdad to Karachi or London, London to Baghdad with large route cachet in black, 1929 London to Gaza via Cologne & Nuremberg, 1930 first acceptance from Athens to Baghdad, 1931 Athens to Haifa first flight, 1932 cover to Baghdad with violet bilingual "NON RECLAME" and "RETOUR A L'ENVOYEUR", 1932 3d postcard rate from London to Baghdad (2), etc. (15). £150-180
  Iraq. 1933 Covers comprising Baghdad (July 4) first flight to Calcutta, Sept. 26th Rangoon extension first flights from Baghdad (35 flown) or Basra (10 flown) to Akyab, and Dec 13th Singapore extension first flight from Baghdad to Singapore (16 flown), all fine and scarce. (4). £200-250
  Persia. 1924-40 Covers and cards, with Junkers experimental flights comprising 1924 Moscow-Teheran, 1925 Teheran-Bushire, Teheran-Khanikin, Meched-Teheran, Junkers first official flights comprising 1927 Teheran-Bender Pehlevi, 1928 Teheran-Baku, Teheran-Bushire (2, one flown both ways), first G.B acceptance to Teheran, 1929 Bushire to Karachi first acceptance, Teheran-Baghdad (3, two to USA), Meched-Teheran and return (2), various 1927-32 commercial covers flown by Junkers, Imperial Airways flights via Iraq, 1938 London-Teheran first flight, etc. A fine lot, well written up, some scarce cachets, flights and rates. (42). £400-500
  Persia. 1931 (Feb 27) Philatelic Club of Calcutta registered covers from Linga to Jinja or Kisumu, intended to go on the first Imperial Airways flight to East Africa but missing the connection at Cairo and sent by surface mail, both subsequently returned to India. Very scarce, just five covers intended for the first East Africa flight posted at Linga. (2). £100-120

(Also See Lots 1003/5, 1613/4)

  Gambia. 1926-38 Covers comprising 1926 London to Gambia first British acceptance via the Toulouse to Dakar service; 1934 Gambia to England first flight by Deutsche Lufthansa; 1934 first G.B acceptance by D.L.H via Germany to Gambia (stains) and 1934-38 commercial covers to or from G.B (3); 1938 Gambia to Sierra Leone first flight. (7). £120-150
  Nigeria/Gold Coast/Sierra Leone. 1936-39 Covers including 1936 Imperial Airways first flights from G.B to Kano via Khartoum (3, one a test letter delayed at Geneina for a month, finally flown on from Kano to Lagos), and return flights from Lagos or Maidugari to London; 1936 first direct flights from Lagos to London or Minna to Maidugari; 1937 Gold Coast to London first flight; 1938 Sierra Leone to London first flight, etc. (12). £160-200
  Egypt/Libya. 1929-38 Covers including 1929 Alexandria to London first flight and London to Karachi service first flight cover to Tobruk (six flown); 1930 Salonica to Alexandria first accelerated flight; 1931 first service to East Africa, Imperial Airways timetable and brochure flown from Cairo to Kisumu, covers flown from Cairo to Khartoum (2); 1932 first 2d postcard rate from London to Alexandria; 1934 London to Tripoli first through flight, etc. Also 1928 Lord Carberry Holland-Egypt-Kenya flight vignettes (2). A good group, the flown 1931 timetable scarce. (13). £200-240
  Sudan. 1931-38 Covers including 1931 first flights from London to Khartoum, Juba to Cologne, Khartoum to Athens, Wadi Halfa to Brussels; 1932 Khartoum to Cairo first South Africa service flight, first flight to Assiut at 15m rate; 1934 first 2d and 3d letter rates from London to Wadi Halfa; 1935 G.B to Belgian Congo cover flown to Juba, etc. Also a 1949 cover from Khartoum to USA missent to Poland. (17). £140-160
  KUT - Gladstone Airways. 1927 Picture postcard from Nairobi (Jan 7) to Wales franked 65c, and a cover from Nairobi (Feb 14) to England franked 75c, both carried on the first experimental flight form Kisumu to Khartoum with red "KENYA-SUDAN / AIR MAIL" (Feb 15) skeleton datestamps; and a cover from Jinja, Uganda (Mar 12) to Scotland franked 75c, intended to be carried on the third flight to Khartoum which sank in Lake Victoria when its floats collapsed upon landing during a pre-flight trial, the recovered mail forwarded by surface, with red double ring "AIRMAIL / UGANDA SUDAN" (Mar 12) skeleton c.d.s overstruck by violet "Owing temporary failure / Air Service Mail / forwarded normal route", torn at upper left corner, otherwise fine and uncommon from Uganda. (3). £180-220
  KUT - Tanganyika Government Air Service. 1930-31 Registered covers comprising 1930 (Dec 24) Tanga to Dar-es-Salaam (50 flown), 1931 (Oct 21) Mombasa to Dar-es-Salaam, and 1931 (Oct 26) Kisumu to Tanga cover carried by Wilson Airways to Nairobi, rail to Mombasa and then by the Tanganyika service to Tanga. (3). £100-120
  KUT - Wilson Airways. 1929-34 Covers comprising 1929 stampless cover hand carried from London to Nairobi on the delivery flight of "Knight of the Grail" with red cachet (20 covers flown), and 1934 covers carried on the January 28/29 circular charter flight from Arusha to Moshi (2, one toned) or Dar-Es-Salaam, or from Moshi to Tanga or Korogwe. Also 1934 cover from Lindi to G.B flown from Dar-Es-Salaam, and 1935 Manila to Honolulu Pan-Am "China Clipper" first flight cover unusually addressed to Kenya. (8). £240-280
  KUT - Wilson Airways. 1931-37 Covers carried by Wilson Airways within Kenya and by Imperial Airways, including 1931 cover from G.B to Nairobi but over ½oz so charged 1/- with KUT 10c postage due block of ten on reverse, 1934 cover from Madagascar to Paris flown by Wilson Airways from Dar-es-Salaam to Nairobi, etc. Also a 1936 Wilson Airways timetable. (12). £150-180
  KUT - Imperial Airways. 1931 (Mar.) First G.B - East Africa flight, covers comprising USA to Mwanza cover flown from London with U.S and G.B stamps; timetable and brochure flown from Cairo to Kisumu; cover from India flown to Kisumu via Cairo; "Uganda Herald" special wrapper for the flight edition of the newspaper flown from Kampala to London; scarce Imperial airways envelopes depicting a rising sun over Africa with enclosed letters flown from London to Mombasa, Kisumu to Cairo or London, also an unused envelope; cover from Shinyanga, Tanganyika, flown from Mwanza to London; also covers from London to Kisumu, Kampala or Mwanza, or Kampala to London. A fine lot, some very scarce. (13). £380-450
  KUT - Imperial Airways. 1931-38 Covers and cards, philatelic and commercial covers including 1931 Zanzibar to England first flight (flown from Mwanza), 1931 Corfu to Mombasa cover handstamped "PAR AVION / JUSQU A (Karachi)" and missent to Karachi, 1932 Moshi to Cairo and Athens to Moshi covers carried on first G.B to South Africa service (both addressed to Goa), 1932 first 3d postcard rate from G.B to Nairobi, 1933 Nairobi to Calcutta first accelerated (8 day) flight, 1935 cover to Costa Rica, 1936 cover from Belgian Congo, 1937 cover from Syria to Nairobi, etc., various flight cachets. (35). £200-250
  Rhodesia/Nyasaland. 1931-37 Covers, first flights comprising 1931 Christmas flight from G.B to Kalomo or Salisbury, or Bulawayo to Johannesburg; 1932 first regular flight from G.B to Kalomo or Salisbury, Athens to Mpika, Vienna to Salisbury, Bulawayo (2), Broken Hill or Salisbury (2) to G.B; 1934 Croydon Aerodrome to Mauritius, flown by I.A to Broken Hill then feeder service via Madagascar; 1934 Blantyre to Salisbury first flight (2, to Khartoum or Kampala) and return; also 1937 Blantyre to London cover. (17). £180-200
  South Africa. 1918 Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" cards, large wings card flown over Johannesburg with Nov. 20 Aerial Post c.d.s, and small wings card flown from Germiston to Johannesburg with Nov. 24 Aerial Post c.d.s; also a large wings card posted in Cape Town (Dec. 9), unusually not flown. (3). £120-150
  South Africa. 1918 (Nov 27) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" postcards with small arms carried on the Johannesburg to Pretoria flight, both franked ½d, one cancelled by the Aerial Post c.d.s, the other with the stamp cancelled at Krugersdorp (Nov 26) and the Aerial Post c.d.s on the front, both fine. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... South Africa. 1919 (Aug 2) Cape Town Peace Celebrations Pigeon Post, flown pigeongram numbered 336 attached to a printed sheet "PEACE CELEBRATIONS, CAPE TOWN, Pigeon Post, Carried August 2nd 1919" and also numbered 336, posted within a large stampless cover to a Mrs Grey in Cape Town, with Cape Town c.d.s (Aug 6), violet circular "PIGEON POST / AUG 2 / 19. / CAPE TOWN" and oval "GOVERNOR GENERAL'S FUND / CAPE TOWN". The cover opened at both sides, the right side later resealed with stamp edging (which could easily be removed), otherwise fine and very scarce. Approximately 410 messages were flown but only about half a dozen matched message forms and envelopes are known today. Photo on Page 18. £600-800
  South Africa. 1925-29 Covers and cards carried by internal aerial post, comprising 1925 experimental Government service (6, one from G.B, one registered to Malta and redirected to G.B), or 1929 air service (5, one from G.B), also four differing panes of eight Air Mail labels. (15). £150-180
  South Africa. 1931-38 Covers and cards including 1931 Christmas flight from G.B (2, one a test letter), 1932 first flights (8, including covers to Belgian Congo and Italy), 1933 first accelerated flight postcard from G.B, 1934 first Sunday service from G.B, 1936-37 JIPEX postcards sent at ½d rate to various destinations (17), 1937 first 1½d rate to Nairobi and first 1½d rate from G.B (2), 1937 first flying boat service from Durban to Southampton, official cover to France, covers from Basutoland (2) and Swaziland, etc. (51). £240-280
  South West Africa. 1931-39 Covers, with various 1931 (Dec.) first flights within S.W.A or between S.W.A and South Africa (9, one addressed to Bahamas); 1932 Windhoek to Paris first flight, first 2d postcard rate to Johannesburg; 1938 Windhoek to Palapye first flight; 1939 Keetmanshoop to Cape Town, also 1937 Bechuanaland cover, etc. (18). £200-250
Click to view full image... Mozambique/Angola. 1933-40 Mozambique covers (19) including 1933 Nairobi to Quelimane first flight, rare Quelimane to Cape Town first flight pilot signed (supposedly only two known), 1935 Beira to Blantyre first flight, 1937 Lourenco Marques to Inhambane first Imperial Airways flying boat service, 1938 first use of stamps to pay air postage, 1939 final use of blue "Taxe Percue" labels to pay air postage, various other 1933-38 covers with blue "Affranchisement Percu" or "Taxe Percue" labels (10, three also with postage stamps), etc. Also 1939 first flight from G.B to Angola, and 1945 Angola covers with blue "Taxe Percu" labels (2, one also franked 50c stamp). An interesting and scarce group. (22). Photo on Page 18. £350-400

Persian Gulf

  Bahrain/Sharjah. 1932 (Oct 1) Covers from London to Bahrain or Sharjah, carried on the first Imperial Airways flight via the new route between Basra and Karachi, the first with a Bahrain (Oct 7) backstamp. (2). £100-120
  Bahrain/Sharjah. 1933 Printed first flight envelopes comprising Oct. 1st Rangoon to London service first flight from Rangoon to Sharjah, backstamped at Bahrain (Oct 5); Dec 18th London to Singapore service first outward flight from Bahrain to Bangkok franked Bahrain 1a + 3a (S.G. 7, £75) + 3a6p, and Dec. 27th first return flight from Alor Star to Bahrain with backstamps of Basrah and Bahrain (Jan 16), all fine. (3). £160-200
Click to view full image... Bahrain. 1934 (Dec 3) Karachi - Lahore first flight, cover from Chamba State to Bahrain bearing QV 1a Chamba State overprint pair, backstamped at Karachi (Dec 6) and Bahrain (Dec 10). Exceptionally Chamba State stamps were permitted on this one flight, 62 covers being posted, this cover possibly unique from Chamba to Bahrain. Photo on Page 18. £300-350
  Bahrain. 1936 Cover to Wales bearing all 3p - 1r Bahrain overprints then current (12 values) with circular "BY / AIR" cachet; and a c.1936 long commercial cover to London with 81a6p paid by Bahrain overprint 1a pair + 3a6p + 4a (19, with a block of 14), blank type registration label handstamped boxed "BAHRAIN / PERSIAN GULF DISTRICT". (2). £150-200
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction number 49) Day 1
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 10th March 2022 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Please contact the office for sale details.
Please note new locations: Great Connaught Rooms,
61-65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA
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