G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction number 49) Day 1
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Date: 10th March 2022 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 7
  G.B/Australia. 1968 Cover franked 9d (a further stamp missing) and 9d air letters (2) all from G.B to Australia, all with a little fire damage, all recovered from the April 8th B.O.A.C crash at Heathrow. The cover to Melbourne with an explanatory letter from the Melbourne Post Office, the air letters both to Adelaide, one forwarded in an ambulance envelope with an explanatory letter from the Adelaide Post Office. N680408d,f. (3). £250-300
  G.B/Israel. 1968 (Apr 7) 9d Air letter from London to Jerusalem, a little water damaged, violet boxed cachet in Hebrew, apologising for the damage and delay. From the London Airport crash, scarce. N.680408a. £120-140
  South West Africa. 1968 (Apr 19/20) Cover from South Africa to Germany and a window envelope from Windhoek, both a little fire damaged, with accompanying Windhoek explanatory slips (from flight SA 228, crashed and destroyed near J.G Strijdon Airport on April 20), the South Africa cover enclosed within an ambulance envelope with Windhoek c.d.s (Apr 24). The S.A.A Windhoek to London flight crashed just 10km from the airport killing 122 people on board. N.680420a. (2). £100-120
  France/Switzerland. 1971 (Jan 16/17) Covers from France to Bulgaria, burnt and soiled, handstamped "Correspondance provenant / de l'avion tombe a / Rumlang / ZRH AP, 18.1.71 / Office Postale Zurich 58". The Balkan Bulgarian Airways Paris to Sofia flight crashed in fog near Zurich killing 45 occupants. Scarce, very little mail recovered. N.710118a. (2). £160-200
  Kenya/Holland/Germany. 1974 (Nov.) Covers from Germany to South Africa (2), and a cover posted within Holland but missorted and sent on the Lufthansa Frankfurt to Johannesburg flight, all water or fire damaged, handstamped red bilingual "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 / NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI", the Dutch cover returned to Holland handstamped "BESCHADIGD ONTVANGEN / BESTELKANTOOR Ev. MEYSTERLAAN / DISTRICTPOSTKANTOOR UTRECHT". The Lufthansa plane crashed when taking off at Nairobi due to mechanical trouble, killing 59 people, the Dutch cachet not recorded by Nierinck. N.741120a. (3). £140-160
  G.B. 1984 (Nov 19) Covers from Scotland to Peterborough franked 17p, both soiled at the edges, both with an Inverness Post Office letter (originally stapled to the covers) explaining the covers were on the Inverness to Edinburgh mail plane which crashed on the night of November 19th; the mail lay on an exposed hillside for up to 48 hours in atrocious weather. N841119. (2). £100-120
  Argentina/Brazil. 1930-39 Covers comprising 1930 Buenos Ayres to Paris, forced landing 400km from Dakar, rescued by S.S "Phocee" (N.300709); 1938 covers from Brazil or Argentina to England, from Air France crash in the Pyrenees, with four line French cachet (N.38032aa); 1939 Brazil to Paris cover, from the Air France crash in Morocco, handstamped "AVION ACCIDENTE" (N.390502a); 1939 Brazil cover from Ceasa to Sao Paolo, from the Pan Am crash near Cobras handstamped "ACCIDENTE DE AVIAO" (N.390813b), a useful group. (5). £180-220
  French Colonies - Algeria. 1942 (Sep 21) 80c Postcard from France to Dakar, air postage paid in cash, burnt at left, endorsed "avion accidente", from the Air France Algiers to Dakar flight which caught fire and crashed near Ameur El Ain killing all occupants, a small part of the mail recovered and returned to Algiers; and 1946 (Feb 1) cover from London to Tunis handstamped boxed "AVION / ACCIDENTE", from the Air France Marseille to Algiers flight forced to land on Minorca due to engine trouble, the plane and mail detained by the Spanish authorities until late September. N.420927a, 460205b. (2). £120-150
  India. 1945-82 Covers (4) and a postcard, comprising 1945 O.A.S cover to England with red boxed "RECOVERED FROM / SALVAGED AIRCRAFT" (N.450819a); 1951 9p postcard with violet "SALVAGED NIGHT AIR MAIL / DUM DUM CRASH 21st NOV. 51" (N.511121a); 1963 Official cover to Delhi with violet "DAMAGED IN AIR CRASH / ON 11-9-63" (N.630911a, this cover illustrated by Nierinck); 1968 registered cover from Thailand to G.B, fire damaged, with explanatory label "SALVAGED MAIL / OF / PAN AMERICAN PA-1 FLIGHT / CRASHED ON 13.6.68 / AT DUM DUM / INDIA" (N.680613e, "Crushed" altered to Crashed"); and 1982 registered cover to London, some stamps washed off, with violet "DAMAGED IN AIR ACCIDENT / TO FLIGHT No. AI 403 AT / BOMBAY AIR PORT ON 22-6-1982" (N.82062a). A good lot, the 1963 and 1968 crashes scarce. (5). £400-500
  Netherlands Indies. 1933-40 Covers and cards comprising 1933 "Postjager" flight (2), 1934 "Uiver" flight (3) and 1940 (Jan 19) Batavia to Sydney cover handstamped "RECOVERED FROM / LOST FLYING BOAT", from the K.N.I.L.M crash near Bali Airport which killed eight people (N.400122a). (6). £120-150
  USA. 1929-68 Covers all recovered from crashes within the USA, with cachets, comprising 1929 (Mar 11) Park City, Utah; 1930 (Jan 10) Los Angeles; 1932 (May 28) Williamette River; 1934 (Jan 30) Albany, N.Y (to Canada, also with Canadian cachet); 1936 (Dec 15) Salt Lake City (2, differing cachets); 1938 (Nov 29) Pt. Reyes, Calif.; 1942 (Jan 16) Las Vegas; 1942 (Apr 11) New York (2, differing cachets); 1954 (Aug 21) Swaledale, Iowa; 1954 (Feb 26) Gillette, Wyo.; 1955 (Dec 17) Hollywood, S.C; 1968 (Dec 18) Enterprise, Or. Also a 1974 (Jan 13) air letter from G.B to Fairbanks, Alaska, with violet "DAMAGED BY AIRCRASH". (15). £500-600
  1931-88 Covers and cards including 1934 Stockholm to Malmo flight, window envelope with explanatory slip (N.340706); 1935 (Dec 20) and 1936 (Apr 11) Pan Am crashes at Trinidad, both covers from USA to Brazil handstamped "ACCIDENT D'AVIATION"; 1937 Chile crash (N.370327, front only, from Germany); 1937 Panagra crash at Cristobal, C.Z (N.370803a, Chile to USA cover); 1944 (Mar.) and 1945 (Jan.) Canadian Air Force crashes both handstamped "SALVAGED FROM / AIR CRASH" (N.440300, 450125); 1948 Sabena Belgian Congo crash (N.480513b); 1973 Varig crash at Paris (N.730711a/g); 1976 BA crash near Zagreb (N.760910, part address deleted); 1988 Toulouse to Paris flight (2, differing cachets, N.880129a/b), etc. (16). £500-600


  S.S "Oregon". 1885 Cover from Liege, Belgium, to New York sent via England, carried on the Cunard steamer "Oregon" which sailed from Liverpool to Queenstown and on to New York, but rammed the schooner "Charles H. Morse" off Sandy Hook, New York Bay, early on March 14th. The "Charles H. Morse" sank with the loss of all hands whilst the "Oregon" flooded and slowly sank, all passengers and some mail being transferred to the Liner "Fulda". Further mailbags were recovered from the sea or washed ashore, or later recovered from the wreck by divers. The cover with the stamps washed off, reverse with New York explanatory label (Hoggarth/Gwynn type 4b) dated July 6th, from the mail recovered by divers in July, an unusual origin. £130-160
Click to view full image... R.M.S "Labrador". 1899 (Jan 30) Cover from Newfoundland to Scotland with "LITTLE BAY ISLAND" datestamp, waterstained and the stamp washed off, handstamped violet "RECOVERED FROM WRECK / OF S.S "LABRADOR"" and a Liverpool c.d.s (Mar 15), backstamped at St. Johns, Newf'd (Feb 16) and upon arrival at Haddington. The "Labrador" was wrecked on the Mackenzie Rocks in the Hebrides; seven mailbags were washed ashore on Mull, Coll or Tyree and taken to Glasgow, and one other mailbag was dealt with at Liverpool. A scarce cachet, only used on mail from the one mailbag taken to Liverpool. Photo on Page 58. £200-250
Click to view full image... S.S "Cairo". 1905 Cover from England to Alexandria, waterdamaged and the stamp washed off, handstamped violet "SAUVE DU NAUFRAGE DU "CAIRO" / SAVED FROM THE WRECK OF S.S "CAIRO"", the reverse officially sealed using an Alexandria interpostal seal with an Alexandria c.d.s (Mar 6) alongside. The "Cairo" ran ashore at the entrance to the Port of Alexandria on March 6th, cargo and mails being swept into the sea. An unusual use of an interpostal seal, on a cover dealt with at Alexandria on the day of the wreck. Photo on Page 58. £150-180
Click to view full image... S.S "Jebba". 1907 (Feb 18) Cover from Lagos to Scotland franked 1d, handstamped violet "SALVED FROM / S.S JEBBA", backstamped at Edinburgh (Mar 20). The "Jebba" ran ashore on the South Devon coast on March 18th. A fine cover. Photo on Page 58. £120-140
  S.S "Kingstonian". 1918 (Mar 30) Cover posted at the civil post office at Cairo to "Capt L.D Baker, 23rd Squad, R.F.C, B.E.F, France", transferred to the army postal service with A.P.O SZ 10 backstamp (Mar 31), the stamp washed off and another Egypt stamp cancelled at Heliopolis applied, backstamped superb violet "R.E, Postal Sect. L'don N.W.1 / Damaged by immersion in sea / water through Enemy Action". A scarce cachet. The "Kingstonian" was torpedoed in the Mediterranean on April 11th. £120-150
  S.S. "Kenilworth Castle". 1918 (April 24) Picture postcard from Port Elizabeth to France bearing a ½d pair on the picture side, circular censor cachet and a Paris arrival c.d.s (June 10), a little minor staining explained by the cachet "ACCIDENT DE SERVICE". Recovered from the "Kenilworth Castle" which collided with a destroyer in the English Channel causing two explosions which killed 14 passengers and crew and damaged some of the mail. £80-100
  S.S "Ville d'Alger"/"Angkor". 1919 (Feb 25) Cover from Mustapha, Algeria, to Bordeaux, the stamp washed off, handstamped "NAUFRAGE DE LA VILLED'ALGER" (Hoggarth/Gwynn type 1a); and 1923 front from France to China franked 25c, water damaged, bearing the pink explanatory label "Deteriore par le feu et l'immersion / lors de l'incendie du 15 Oct. 1923 / a bord du paquebot "Angkor" / et reconstitue par le bureau maritime postal / de Marseille a Yokohama", with an ambulance envelope (address rubbed out) which bears a similar printed explanation. (3). £130-160
  S.S "Comorin". 1930 Covers from Australia to England, from Sydney (Feb 18) or Perth (Mar 3) both with the stamps soaked off, handstamped black boxed "DAMAGED BY FIRE / ON / S.S COMORIN" (on O.H.M.S sealing label) or "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER I.S", or franked 1d from Melbourne (Feb 22) with unusual violet "Damaged by SEA WATER". A fire was discovered on the "Comorin" in No. 3 hold and extinguished by flooding the hold with seawater. Three fine covers, Hoggarth/Gwynn cachet types 7, 9, 12. (3). £130-160
  S.S "Vidar"/ S.S. "Groningen IV". 1940 (Jan. 23) Cover from London to Copenhagen, water damaged and the stamp soaked off (a G.B. stamp from another cover reaffixed) handstamped violet "Beskadiget of Sovand", from S.S "Vidar" which was torpedoed in the North Sea on January 31st, three mailbags being washed up in Denmark; and 1945 (Jan 2) water damaged cover posted within Holland franked 7½c, delivered in December 1946, reverse with Dutch Post Office label explaining it was recovered from the S.S. "Groningen IV" which collided with the "Jan Nieveen" on the Ijsselmeer on 8th January 1945 (the label incorrectly stating 1944). (2). £140-160
  1940-42 WW2 Covers comprising 1940 (Dec 28) cover from London to Yugoslavia but returned with "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER" cachet, and 1942 (Oct 27) O.A.S Honour Envelope from Valletta to G.B, both with boxed "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER" (S.S Comorin type, with lower lines cut away); 1941 (Aug 21) O.A.S Honour Envelope from Iceland to London with F.P.O 308 c.d.s and "SALVED FROM THE SEA"; and 1942 (Jan 1) cover sent within London and readdressed to Baghdad with boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER", arrival backstamp (June 18). All with some water damage, the first probably from the "Alhena". (4). £140-160
  Argentina/Uruguay. 1941 (Nov. 22/24) Covers from Argentina to G.B both with violet boxed "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER" (cut down "Airplane Accident" type); and 1943 (June) covers from Argentina (3) or Uruguay to G.B with violet "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER", some water damage and signs of scorching. (6). £150-180
  South Africa. 1942-43 Covers to South Africa comprising 1942 (Oct 2) O.A.S cover from Cairo (Egypt Postage prepaid 71 c.d.s) with violet bilingual "CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER" (the 1939 "Challenger" crash cachet with "Flying Boat" removed); 1942 (Nov 9) cover from G.B with violet "DAMAGED / BY SEA WATER"; and two 1943 (Mar 10) covers with stamps washed off, both handstamped bilingual "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER" in black or violet, from the S.S "City of Baroda" torpedoed off Luderitz on April 2nd. (4). £120-150
  Australia. 1943 O.A.S Cover with a hand drawn picture of a duck in a sailors cap, violet "H.M.A /SHIPS", waterstained at edges, with explanatory note "The accompanying letter was received at the Mail Branch, Brisbane, in a wet and/or damaged condition. S.E WEAVER, Superintendent, Mail Branch. 2/1/44". Unusual, not recorded by Hoggarth & Gwynn. £100-120
  1952-54 Covers comprising 1952 (Dec 17) cover from Los Angeles to England, the stamp washed off, handstamped red "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER / NOT TO BE SURCHARGED"; 1954 (Jan 2) cover from Nablus to G.B franked Jordan 5f with red boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER"; and 1966 cover from G.B to South Africa, scorched at left edge, handstamped violet "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER" ("& fire" added in manuscript) with a South Africa Officially Sealed label tied by East London (May 30) c.d.s. (3). £120-150

Train Crashes & Other Damaged Mail

  G.B. - WW2 Enemy Action. c.1940 Naval censored cover to Sussex, fire damaged, with violet "DAMAGED BY ENEMY ACTION"; and 1943 (Apr 11) cover from Cape Town to England, fire and water damaged with the stamp washed off, reverse with violet "DAMAGED AS A RESULT / OF ENEMY ACTION". (2). £150-180
  G.B - Train Crashes. 1963-84 Covers comprising 1963 (May 19) cover from Liverpool to Somerset, fire damaged at edges, reverse with a label "packet accidentally damaged/delayed in the post" bearing violet "TRAIN / FIRE" cachet and "Returned Letter Office Liverpool" c.d.s (May 21), from the Liverpool to Crewe train which caught fire at Hertford; 1974 (July 9) wrapper with enclosed papers from Dublin to England, fire damaged, bearing an "accidentally damaged/delayed" label with violet "Planning Section Milton Keynes" c.d.s (July 15), also a letter from the Milton Keynes P.O forwarding a copy of a newspaper article about the fire on the July 11th Holyhead to Euston mail train; and 1984 (Apr 2) fire damaged cover from Andover recovered from a fire on the London to Bournemouth train with a faded G.P.O explanatory letter and news cutting. Also an 1874 cover from Weston Super Mare to Switzerland with enclosed letter mentioning his wife's delay in reaching Weston due to the derailment of her train. (4). £150-180
  Train Crashes. 1937-54 Covers with train wreck cachets from USA (2), Canada or Sweden, comprising 1937 "DAMAGED BY WATER / DUE TO TRAIN WRECK" on cover from London, Ontario to Toronto; 1937 "DAMAGED BY FIRE / OG & LA TR.5 AUG 22" on 3c window envelope from New York; 1960 DAMAGED IN FIRE IN RAILWAY / MAIL CAR AT CADIZ CALIF." on cover from Kentucky to San Diego; and 1954 Swedish cover with four line Rorvik crash cachet, all with some damage or stamps washed off. Also a 1985 water damaged cover from Egypt to Texas, enclosed within a U.S P.O bag, with light cachet "Damaged in an Air, Train or Ship Accident beyond control of the U.S Postal Service", the incident unknown. (5). £140-160
  1940-88 Covers, mainly G.B including letter box fires (4); 1969 cover from Cornwall with stamp and part cover eaten, endorsed "damaged and stamp eaten by snails in letter box"; cover delayed by industrial action at H.M Customs; also 1940 Australian ambulance envelope from Melbourne handstamped "DAMAGED BY FIRE / IN LETTER RECEIVER". (7+). £80-100

(Also See Lots 7, 317, 818, 1013, 1064, 1091, 1219)

  G.B - Censorship. 1914-18 Covers and cards including green or blue "RETURNED TO SENDER / BY THE CENSOR" labels (4, one with scarce cachet "POSTAL CENSORSHIP / Newspapers, Magazines, / Books and other printed publica / tions can only be forwarded to / neutral European Countries ....."); various censor enclosure slips (10, one on heavily censored letter from a British P.O.W); boxed "Picture post-cards / are returned / by the censor" (6, three types), etc. (26). £180-220
  G.B - Belgian Refugees. 1916-17 Cards comprising postcard from the Belgian Consulate in Sunderland to the Earls Court Refugee Camp with "WAR REFUGEES CAMP / EARLS COURT, S.W / GONE AWAY - LEAVING NO ADDRESS" charged ½d due upon return; stampless cover with Elisabethville single ring c.d.s; and printed "BIRTLEY ELISABETHVILLE / Administration du Village" envelope with 2d tied by double ring Elisabethville c.d.s. (3). £100-120
  1914 (August) Forces mail comprising covers and cards charged 1d upon arrival in G.B (4, one with straight line "PASSED BY CENSOR", three with Advance or Army Base P.O c.d.s); postcard from Edinburgh to a soldier in the A. & S. Highlanders endorsed "Prisoner in Germany" with "P.C" and Darmstadt P.O.W. Camp censor; and 1d Field Service postcard from a British P.O.W in Germany. Also a 1914 (Oct 6) postcard from a British soldier in Antwerp, with Wilryck c.d.s. (7). £100-120
  1915-19 British forces mail including O.H.M.S Returned Postal Packet cover with violet boxed "REISSUED FREE / OF CHARGE / ARMY POSTAL SERVICE R.L.O / E.E.F" and "Army R.L.O, E.E.F / Undelivered for reason stated / Return to Sender" with enclosed note "Foodstuffs have been withdrawn from parcel (sent to Lt. R. Raynor) and distributed for the benefit of troops"; Army Postal Service E.E.F and M.E.F postcards acknowledging letters; delayed mail with various "Delayed" explanatory cachets (5); compulsory registered cover with cachet; postcard to Bermuda, etc. (21). £160-200
  Undeliverable Mail. 1914-18 Covers and cards from G.B to British soldiers abroad, mainly to the B.E.F but including items to Salonica, Egypt, Malta and Mesopotamia, all returned with various explanatory cachets. An interesting collection. (53). £200-250
  Aden / Hong Kong. 1916 (July 10) Stampless O.A.S cover with violet "PASSED - CENSOR / No. A57 / ADEN" (initialled "W.C.W") addressed to "Cpl. E. Moulding, 87 Company R.G.A, Stonecutters Island, Hong Kong, South China", backstamped Indian F.P.O 324 of Sheikh Othman, and upon arrival in Hong Kong. Minor opening faults, a very unusual and scarce destination from Aden. £180-200
Click to view full image... Aden. 1918 Stampless O.A.S cover to India with F.P.O 324 c.d.s of Sheikh Othman on the reverse, twice censored with large "P" containing "B105" in black and violet diamond type "PASSED BY / CENSOR / F 217 / ADEN / FIELD FORCE", fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 58. £200-250
Click to view full image... KUT/South Africa. 1918 (July 7) Cover franked 3d from London to "Sergt A. Wilson, 3rd Brigade Reinforcements, 9th South African Infantry, c/o Base Post Office, Kilindini, B.E.A" with violet boxed "RETURNED TO POST OFFICE / BY MILITARY AUTHORITIES / AS UNDELIVERABLE / R.L.S., L.P.S." applied in London, the reverse with very scarce violet "Returned from German East / Africa undelivered" probably applied at the South African Base P.O at Kilindini. Only five examples of this cachet were recorded in a 2009 EASC census. Minor soiling and edge faults, the flap with a 3cm opening tear clear of the cachet. Photo on Page 58. £180-220
Click to view full image... KUT - Censorship / Internee Mail. 1918 (Feb 8) Stampless P.O.W envelope sent by an internee from East Africa held in Ahmednagar Camp, India, addressed to his wife at Mnyussi, violet boxed censor cachet applied at Ahmednagar, censored upon arrival with rare yellow "OPENED / under / MARTIAL ALW" label showing the error "ALW" for "LAW", tied by violet circular "PASSED CENSOR / C / E.A" with a Tanga arrival c.d.s (Dec 21). Just two examples of this "ALW" error label were recorded by Bill Clark in his book on East African Censorship. Photo on Page 58. £180-220
Click to view full image... Malta/Dardanelles. 1915 Covers to soldiers with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (5) all returned with various Base M.E.F explanatory cachets, two with "BASE ARMY POST OFFICE / RLO" skeleton datestamps; cover to a nurse on the Hospital Ship "Asturius" redirected to Malta, Egypt and Mesopotamia with the cachets "UNABLE TO TRACE AT MALTA", boxed "NOT SALONICA FORCE / A.P.O. X" and "UNABLE TO TRACE / BASE Y M.E.F"; and O.A.S postcard from Malta with violet "HOSPITAL ENGLAND" and circular O.A.S Medt. Red Cross cachet, London and R.E Postal Section R.L.O datestamps. (7). Photo on Page 58. £200-240
  Mesopotamia. 1917 O.A.S Covers and cards mainly with Indian F.P.Os, two unusually to Japan, various cachets and censors including "S.M.T.O / Passed Censor / I.E.F 'D'", "PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 3-A. Br: Genl: Hospl: I.E.F. 'D'" (2) and triangular "BRITISH / GENERAL / CENSORED / DEPOT", also an unused "Special Post Card" with large sideways "D" in yellow for use from India to Indian troops serving in Mesopotamia. (33). £300-350
  Mozambique. 1918 (Aug 16) Stampless O.A.S cover to England, backstamped with Indian "F.P.O / No. 347" c.d.s, used in Mozambique (possibly at Quelimane, recorded June - October 1918), scarce. £120-150
  South West Africa/South Africa. 1915-17 Stampless O.A.S postcards from South Africa (3) or South Wet Africa (4), and a civilian censored cover from Luderitzburcht, the S.W.A cards with violet boxed "47" or double ring 4 (2) or 5 F.P.O datestamps. (8). £80-100
  Naval Mail. 1914-18 Covers and cards (22) and fronts (5) from British naval forces, various censors, mainly "CEN-SOR" types with letters or numbers within a central circle used by the Dover Command (20, with 17, 46, 47, 61, G.M, M.S, M, TEB, PM1, BV13, COM, DEP, etc), also "TRANSPORT / CENSOR / COLOMBO", "CENSORED / W.K.C. Grace" and oval "H.M.H.S / WARILDA". (27). £150-180

R.F.C, R.N.A.S and R.A.F

  Photos/Ephemera. Various photos or postcards of airmen, both individuals and groups (a few signed), letters, Christmas cards, official documents with pilots log books for G. Exley and V.W Hatton, service and discharge certificates, R.F.C training transfer cards, R.F.C and R.A.F silk handkerchiefs, etc. An interesting group. (76) £300-400
  1914-19 Covers and cards from or to forces in the R.F.C, R.N.A.S or R.A.F, including "CEN-SOR" Dover Command type censors with central 1W (4), 4W, 5W (2), 5SQ, 6, RNAS or DEP; boxed "Passed by Censor / R.N.A.S. E.M.S"; censored covers from R.N.A.S stations posted at Howden (3), Isle of Grain or Westgate on Sea; "NAVAL AIR SERVICE MAIL OFFICE / LONDON" dated cachets on cards to forces (2); "MILITARY CAMP / AERODROME HELIOPOLIS" c.d.s (2); 1918 card from France to 57 Balloon Section, Aden Field Force, etc. (52). £220-260
  1915 (July 19) Stampless O.A.S postcard with A.P.O S10 c.d.s of Dunkirk and scarce boxed "CENSORED BY / ARMOURED CARS / R.N.A.S". £80-100
Click to view full image... Russia. c.1915 Stampless picture postcard to England endorsed "On active service with Russian army" with a superb circular cyrillic cachet in violet which translates as "English Admiralty. Armoured Car Detachment", the picture side with a violet censor cachet. Minor staining and corner creases but an attractive and very scarce card; units of 15 and 17 Squadrons of the R.N.A.S Armoured Car Division were sent to Russia in 1915 and fought with the Russians until 1917. Photo on Page 64. £180-220
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Mesopotamia. 1916-18 Stampless O.A.S covers (4) and a postcard, four with Indian F.P.O datestamps, the other to Aden with "D" censor cachet and Base Office Aden arrival backstamp, all with scarce R.F.C cachets comprising red circular "FLYING CORPS" (2), red oval "ROYAL FLYING CORPS / 12 FEB 1917 / I.E.F 'D'", or oval "AIRCRAFT PARK I.E.F "D" / ROYAL FLYING CORPS" (2, one a little faint). Also a temporary pass to the Military Zone at Aboukir issued to Capt. C Coney with oval "BASE DEPOT / E.E.F / ROYAL FLYING CORPS", a cover from Coney in G.B, and a picture postcard of Australian Flying Corps at Basra. A very scarce group. (8). Photo on Page 64. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... South Africa/South West Africa. 1915 Stampless picture postcard of R.M.S "Saxon" with Cape Town Paquebot c.d.s and blue oval "AFRICAN SQUADRON / 12 NOV 1915 / ROYAL FLYING CORPS"; and a stampless O.A.S cover (flap missing) from South West Africa with dumb type "5" F.P.O c.d.s and violet oval "South African / 20 APR 1915 / Aviation Corps". Also original cloth "SAAC" wings badge and "TRANSVAAL SCOTTISH" shoulder badge. Two scarce cachets. (4). Photo on Page 64. £200-250
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction number 49) Day 1
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Date: 10th March 2022 Time: 10:30AM
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