Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 2 of 2)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 3rd October 2014 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex 17-20 September
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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Day One - Thursday October 2nd - To be sold at 12.30 p.m.

Ephemera, Memorabilia, Picture Postcards 1-16
Antarctica - Stamps and postal history of the 1901-22 Scott & Shackleton expeditions 17-117
Holy Land - The Martin Lynes Collection 118-224
American & West Indies Wreck Mail, from the Collection of Robin Gwynn, RDP 225-306
Boer War - a collection of origin & destination mail 307-326
Forces Mail, 1691-1955 Military and POW mail from the Martin Lynes Collection 327-705
Postal Mechanisation - The Martin Lynes Collection 706-728
British Post Offices Abroad - Crowned Circles, Egypt, Levant & South America, from The Mike Kitson Collection 729-800
Worldwide Postal History - a retiring dealers stock 801-910

Day Two - Friday October 3rd - To be sold at 12.30 p.m.

Literature, Worldwide & British Empire Stamps & Postal History 911-930
Thematics, Air Mails, Cinderellas, Perfins 931-954
Aden, Antigua, Ascension, Australia & States, Austria, Bahamas 955-974
Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil 975-991
British Honduras, British Levant, Br. Solomon Is., Brunei, Burma, Canada, Ceylon 992-1004
China, Cook Is, Cuba, Cyprus 1005-1031
Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Falkland Is. France & Colonies 1032-1051
Gambia, Germany & Colonies, Gibraltar, Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1052-1082
Gold Coast, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary 1083-1107
India & States, Iraq 1108-1138
Ireland 1139-1203
Italy & Colonies, Jamaica, Japan, KUT 1204-1248
Malaya, Malta, Mauritius 1249-1297
Montserrat, Morocco, Netherlands Colonies, New Hebrides, New Zealand 1298-1327
Nicaragua, Niger Coast, Nigeria, North Borneo, Norway, Nyasaland, Pakistan 1328-1340
Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal & Colonies, Qatar, Rhodesia 1341-1370
Russia, St. Helena, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Salvador, Sarawak, Seychelles 1371-1390
Sierra Leone, South Africa, SWA, Spain, Sudan, Swaziland, Tonga, Transjordan 1391-1421
Trinidad, Tristan, Turkey, Turks Is., USA, Zanzibar 1422-1463
Great Britain
  Stamps, QV Stamps on Cover, Locals, Telegraphs, Cinderellas 1464-1556
  Postal History - mixed lots 1557-1578
  Air Mails, Cancellations, Christmas, Exhibitions 1579-1607
  Frees, Late Mail/Late Fees, Machines, Maritime Mail 1608-1644
  Mulreadys, Pictorial Envelopes, Postage Dues, Postal Stationery 1645-1678
  Railway Letters, Registered Mail 1679-1741
  Telegrams, T.P.Os, Uniform 4d Post, Uniform 1d Post 1742-1769
  Bristol, Channel Is., Devon, Durham, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight 1770-1778
  Kent, Liverpool 1789-1819
  London, Scilly Is., Scotland, Sussex 1820-1841

To Be Sold on Friday 3rd October 2014

at 12.30 p.m Precisely


  Various philatelic books including "British Empire Campaigns and Occupations in the Near East, 1914-1924, A Postal History" by John Firebrace, "The Picture Postcard & its Origins" by Frank Staff, "The Postal History of British Air Mails" by Edward Proud, "History of the Australian Military Postal Services 1914-1950" by Edward Proud, etc. (16). £70-100


  A Pre-war worldwide collection in a 1912 Ideal album including German Colonies, French Colonies, etc, the occasional stamp removed but largely intact with many hundreds of stamps. Also two other world collections, one a Lincoln album, and various Switzerland issues on stockcards including Rappen issues (41), rather mixed condition. (100s). £120-150
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Worldwide collection in a stockbook, the principal interest and value in classic Europe and overseas with extensive German and Italian States; USA including 1847 5c pair used with oval framed "10" cancels in blue, 1861-62 30c and 90c, 'Perry' 90c rose (2) or purple, 1869 issues with type 1 15c and 30c; Switzerland including imperf Rayon II issues; Spain classics apparently including 1851 and 1852 2r (both offered "as-is") and other 1851 issues; France and Colonies/P.Os abroad, extensive Austria and Greece Hermes Heads, better Romania, Russia with Zemstvos (29), Brazil, some G.B including 1d blacks (14, three very fine) and British Empire with Cape triangulars (33), Barbados, Ceylon, Grenada, New Zealand, Australian States, St. Vincent, Trinidad, etc., also various varieties, inverted overprints, revenues, etc., and a few miniature sheets. Condition somewhat mixed but an extensive lot with many useful stamps. (1,000s). Photo on Page 201. £6,000-7,000
  A large accumulation of worldwide stamps and covers including New Zealand 1936-81 FDCs in a cover album and a rather sparsely filled New Zealand used collection with 1959, 1961 and 1966 Health sheets; South Africa with booklets (5, including 1940 2/6 blue cover, S.G. SB15a), postage dues and definitives in pairs; an album with various 1956-63 Europa issues mint and used; Iraq 1952 Air issue miniature sheets both perforated and imperf unmounted mint, etc. (1,000s). £150-250
  World Covers, including many postcards, T.P.Os, postage dues, France & Colonies, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia, Argentina, Persia, special event cancels, reply coupons, etc. (100s). £250-350
  Worldwide Covers including USA, WWI, British and French military, British Empire, etc. (100s). £250-300
  Postal History. 1703-1972 Entire letters, covers and cards with various European prestamp including 1807 entire letter from a French soldier in Feltre, 1781 entire letter with circular "BORDEAUX / PP" handstamp, 1877 unpaid entire letter from Martinique with "T" handstamp, Anglo-French accountancy marks, later stamped covers mainly from British Empire countries with Mombasa Paquebot datestamps on Seychelles stamps, etc. (89). £150-200
  Postal History. 1851-1965 Covers and cards, mainly British Empire but with some foreign, including 1931 Wilkins-Ellsworth Trans-Arctic Submarine Expedition covers (3, one registered with a Norway stamp), 1928 Paris U.P.U Congress meter mark and cachet, 1892 Grenada '1d surcharge postage' overprint on local cover, Mauritius 4d pair on 1871 entire letter to France, etc. (74). £200-300
  Maritime Mail - Paquebots. 1900-70 Covers and cards all with Paquebot cancels or handstamps, mainly on picture postcards, mounted in two albums, some scarcer pre-war marks noted including Albany, Folkestone, Halifax with violet "Posted on the High Seas / Exempt from War Tax" (Hosking 2225), Hamilton, Helsingor, Copenhagen with "FRA ISLAND" (2), Largs Bay, Newcastle on Tyne, Penang, Quebec, Reykjavik, etc. (109). £200-250
  Maritime Mail. 1883-1985 Covers and cards including 1938 cover from Malta to London with "MISSENT TO / U.S. SEA P.O No" and a backstamp of the "Bremen"; other German Sea P.O datestamps, Bombay-Aden, Italian Sea P.Os, Paquebots, Lake Steamer cancels including "Starnberger" datestamps (5), etc., also a few postcards or photos of ships. (c.150). £150-200
  Express Mail. 1903-90 Covers and cards mostly from Europe to G.B including two unusual 1914 red stampless official covers from the "Marine Nationale" in Paris to the French Ambassador in London, one with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3d" (the '3d' crossed out, there being no charge on official mail); also 1903 cover from Italy to Paris with large red "EXPRESSO" label, 1934 British Guiana cover to Vreeden Hoop with four 2c stamps tied "Essequibo Steamer" c.d.s and a red "Express" label, and a few unrelated Nigeria covers and books. (40+). £150-180
  Postal Stationery. Worldwide used and unused stationery, about half from British Colonies, including 1917 4c Hong Kong postcard with "China" overprint used from Shanghai, India used from Kashmir (2, one bearing a Kashmir local) or Burma, Australia and Tonga picture postcards, Victoria 1d "Commonwealth" pictorial card used on Jan 1st 1901 (First Day of Issue and First Day of the Australian Commonwealth), various unused empire air letters, 2½d BEA overprint envelopes used (2), Turkey, Italy 5c envelope essay, etc. (Approx 400). £200-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Cancellations. Worldwide stamps and pieces selected for their cancels, in two albums and loose, including military, village cancels, paquebots and maritime, T.P.Os, Mauritius used in Seychelles (3) or Rodrigues, various G.B, etc. An interesting lot. (100s). Photo on Page 124. £200-250


  Various G.B telegrams (mainly Sussex cancels, two with 1898 Midhurst skeletons), a few India QV covers, Rhodesia UDI covers charged postage due, etc. Also an album of G.B 1935-71 FDCs with 1948 £1, 1957 Graphite set, etc. £100-120
  Small mint selection comprising New Guinea 1939 £1 olive-green 'Airmail Postage' (S.G. 225, £130), Australia 1929-30 9d and 2/- (2, shades; S.G. 108, 110, £155), Hong Kong 1938-51 perf 14 5c, 8c, 80c, $2 red-orange and green and perf 14½x14 30c yellowish olive (S.G. £117) and 1938 postage dues 2c, 4c, 6c, 10c (S.G. £62), all fine. S.G. £464. (13). £100-120
  Album containing mainly mint Seychelles issues from 1890, also including Mauritius 50c on 1/- with "B64" cancel (S.G. £1,150+); Malaya issues including Selangor 1936 $5 mint (S.G. £500+); and a few St. Lucia issues. Also seven Format Printers folders containing imperforate proofs of the St Lucia 1986 locomotives issues (42 pairs) or the Royal Wedding set of seven, showing printing in each single colour and various combinations of colours. (S.G. £1,700+ for stamps). (100s). £250-300
Click to view full image... QV-KGVI Mint and used collection in four S.G. albums including Australia 1915 5/- and 10/- used; Canada 1897 Diamond Jubilee ½c - 10c, 20c and 50c mint; 1.E.F set on pieces used in Aden, Mauritius used in Rodrigues; Rhodesia Double Heads ½d - 2½d, 4d - 6d, 10d and 2/6 mint, ½d - 3/- used; Transvaal 1/- used in Swaziland; etc. A useful collection. (100s). Photo on Pages 201 & 216 £350-450
  Covers and cards in a box, prestamp to modern worldwide selection including T.P.Os, postage dues, official mail, registered, postcards, India, Aden, Middle East, etc. (100s). £250-350
  Returned Mail - Papua/Ceylon/Gold Coast. 1935 Cover from G.B to Boiainai, Papua, redirected to Colombo and back to G.B with intaglio boxed "UNCLAIMED", boxed "RETOUR" and "NON RECLAME / UNCLAIMED" applied at Colombo, also "NOT "STRATHAIRD"" and "NOT ON BOARD / S.S "BALRANALD""; and 1942 registered cover from G.B to Gold Coast, returned handstamped "UNCLAIMED" and boxed "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED", backstamped at T.P.O W. Down, T.P.O Western 1, Bogoso and Sekondi. (2). £100-120
  Cancellations - British West Indies. QV-KGVI stamps, a few on piece, all collected for their cancellations including village datestamps of Bahamas, Barbados, British Guiana, Grenada and St. Lucia, Paquebot and maritime cancels, numerals, etc., the majority clear and largely complete strikes. (192). £250-300


Click to view full image... Boy Scouts. 1929 (July 31) Registered cover bearing G.B P.U.C 1½d pair and 2½d each tied by "ARROWEPK CAMP / WIRRAL CHES" skeleton datestamp, a fourth strike on the front, with Birkenhead 59 registration label No. 28. A fine and scarce registered cover, sent on the first day of the World Scout Jamboree; this special skeleton datestamp was only used on registered mail. Photo on Page 134. £350-450
  British Naval Ships. c.1914-2000 Covers contained in 21 Kestrel cover albums, mainly post-war with many commemorative and commercial covers bearing ships cachet, also many photos and postcards, some ephemera, some covers signed, a few WW1 and WW2 covers noted. (100s). £300-350
  Olympic Games. 1939 Pictorial cover advertising the 1940 Helsinki Olympics (which were cancelled due to the war), to Switzerland bearing Finland 25p definitive and 1939 Red Cross 2m + 20p and 1¼m + 15p charity stamps, Finnish censor label at left. £90-120


(Also see lots 172/6, 612, 984, 986, 1012, 1043/4, 1055, 1095, 1103/4, 1130/2, 1136/7, 1203, 1205/8, 1344/6, 1349, 1404, 1441/5, 1579-97)

  1910-39 Covers and cards flown from or by French, German or Belgian services including 1920 cover from Paris to London franked 3F25c with two red "AIR MAIL / EXPRESS" cachets; 1912 cards carried on the "Gelber Hund" or airship "Schwaben" with "Flugpost am Rhein" datestamps (4, all differing towns, also an unused card); 1931 card from Friedrichshafen to USA carried by DO-X with on board cachet; 1927 Paris to Basle first flight; 1931 Antwerp to London first flight by Sabena; 1934-39 poster type Air France picture postcards all used from South America (5), etc. (17). £170-220
  c.1924-70 Covers and cards, both first flights and commercial mail from various British Empire and foreign countries including 1931 flight from Valletta to Abadan backstamped at Alexandria, Basrah, Mohammerah and Abadan; 1951 Round Australia flight backstamped in all eight States or Territories; commercial mail from Gold Coast, Bahrain, South America (by German Condor or Zeppelin services), 1941 Italy to USA flown by Lati via Peru, air letters, etc. Also an unused card produced for the Ross Smith Australia to England flight. (95). £250-350
  1927-41 Covers mostly flown between the USA, Central and South America and the Caribbean, mainly first flights including 1929 Canal Zone to Miami flight signed by Charles Lindbergh and the Cristobal Postmaster, other 1929 first flights from Miami to various destinations in the Caribbean (5), 1927-30 first flights from Surinam (2) and various Central American countries to the US, 1930 USA to Buenos Ayres first flight flown by Lindbergh, 1931 DO-X flight from Rio, also a few commercial covers and a couple of trans-Pacific flights. (41). £180-220
  1939 Large Official Air Mail envelopes from various postal administrations, all used to enclose correspondence sent by air to Egypt, from Rhodes (2), Darwin, Aba, Rangoon (censored), Athens, Bengasi (2), Tunis, Budapest (censored in Palestine) or Juba, a couple roughly torn open, otherwise fine and unusual. (11). £200-250
  1939 Air mail bundle labels (10) and bag labels (98) all for air mail correspondence addressed to Egypt, many with datestamps or cachets of the despatching office including Hong Kong, Japan, China, boxed handstamps of Basrah (3), Baghdad (3) or Bahrain, a few with censor cachets, also unused Misr airways mail bag labels (9), etc., a scarce and unusual lot. (120). £300-350
  Transatlantic Flights. 1926-60 Covers including 1926 S.S "Homeric" Ship to Shore catapult flight flown by Alan Cobham, initialled "AC", with G.B and USA stamps; 1939 Pan-Am first flight cover flown in both directions with $1 in USA stamps (including 10c special delivery) and G.B 9d pair and 2/6 Seahorse; and various other first flights from USA, Canada, G.B or Ireland, two covers flown in both directions, also May 1939 illustrated covers flown on the various stages on the Southern route to and from Marseille via the Azores and Lisbon, two covers signed by the pilot Capt. A.E la Porte. (33). £320-380
Click to view full image... Transatlantic Flights. 1936 (Sep 2) Cover carried in both directions on the record breaking flights of the "Lady Peace" which made a forced landing in Wales due to lack of fuel. Bearing USA 6c Air Mail cancelled at New York with a Llandilo arrival c.d.s (Sep 4), G.B stamps tied by Southport (Sep 14) and a Newfoundland 4c applied upon arrival 12½ hours late at Musgrave Harbour, N.Y arrival c.d.s (Sep. 21), signed by the pilot Dick Merrill. Also a photo of Merrill with his passenger, Broadway entertainer Harry Rickman. Some creasing and a minor stain at lower edge but very scarce, only five covers carried. Photo on Page 134. £240-280
  British West Indies. 1919-47 First flight covers showing the development of air mail services within the West Indies, many from 1928-31 when the various routes were greatly extended, with covers from St. Lucia (7), Trinidad & Tobago (11), Antigua (7), St. Kitts, Bermuda (2), Grenada, Dominica, Jamaica (5), St. Vincent, Montserrat or the Bahamas (18), also covers mainly from the USA, Central or South America flown to Trinidad (2), Antigua (3), Bermuda (2), Jamaica or the Bahamas. Various airlines represented with survey flights, DO-X flights, many rarer covers including 1928 (Oct 9) Nassau to Miami return flight (five covers carried, with letter from the Bahamas Postmaster), 1931 (Feb 23) Montserrat to St. Kitts (32 flown), 1930 (Feb. 27) Dominica to Georgetown (20 flown), etc. A good lot, generally very fine. (71). £1,400-1,800
  British Guiana/British Honduras. 1929-37 First flight covers and cards from British Guiana (8) including 1929 (Sep. 23) registered postcard flown to Surinam (just three registered items carried on this flight), 1929 (Sep. 25) flight to Antigua (78 items flown), 1935 (Sep. 18) first internal flight, from Georgetown to Garraway Stream Postal Agency; and covers from British Honduras (11) including 1929 (May 22/23) flights to Havana (26 items carried) or Cristobal (60 items carried), 1931 (Dec 4/5) to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala (pilot signed) or Payo Obisco, Mexico, etc. Also incoming first flight covers to British Guiana from Surinam, Santo Domingo (c.5 covers flown) and San Juan, or to British Honduras from Havana, Miami, Cristobal, Colon or Merida (Mexico). A fine lot. (27). £500-600
  Malta/Cyprus. 1931 (June 19) First flight covers from Malta to Naples or Genoa and 1933 (Oct. 9) cover to Fiume flown to Rome all with "AIR MAIL / MALTA" violet datestamps; and 1932 (Apr.) first flight covers from London to Limassol or Nicosia to London. (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... AV2/OAT/Air Transit. 1939-64 Covers and cards with "OAT" cachets (16) including covers from Ireland (2) and 1941 cover from Canada to Greece with bilingual "MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED", or with "AV2" cachets (17) including small "AV2" in red or black on 1939-40 covers censored in Singapore (2), very large "A.V.2" on 1945 registered cover from Cyprus, etc. Also 1941 cover from Shanghai to Switzerland with circular violet "AIR-TRANSIT / 2" of Hong Kong. (34). Photo on Page 134. £600-700
  Crash & Wreck Mail. 1933-54 Crash covers comprising 1933 (May 9) crash at Casablanca, 1936 Scipio crash and 1937 Cygnus crash (2) all from India, 1939 Centurion crash from Australia, 1943 cover from Argentina, 1953 Calcutta Comet crash from Hong Kong and 1954 Singapore crash from New Zealand (2). Also 1930 registered cover from Adelaide to England with violet boxed "DAMAGED BY FIRE / ON / S.S. COMORIN". (10). £150-180


  1908-12 Picture postcards of airships from Germany (3) or France (3), including unused printed "Luftshiff" card with the cachet "AN BORD DES / ZEPPELIN / 25 JUN. 1912 / LUFTSCHIFFES / VIKTORIA LUISE", another card of the "Viktoria Luise" posted at Hamburg. Also 1915 photo card of a partly inflated Naval airship used with "S.M.S PRINCE EUGEN" and K.U.K Marine Feldpost Pola datestamps, and a 1925 card of Hugo Eckener. (8). £120-150
  1929-37 Covers and cards including 1931 Swiss card carried on the Graf Zeppelin Egypt Flight, 1937 (May 3) Hindenburg flight dropped at Cologne, etc. (7). £120-150
  1932 Graf Zeppelin World Flight, large album in German containing a complete set of 264 cigarette cards issued by 'Club' and 'Liga' cigarettes, each with a photo illustrating the history of the Zeppelin or scenes on the 1932 flight, a fine and interesting album. £80-100


(Also see lots 963, 1058, 1082, 1300, 1549-56, 1679-1715)

  G.B and worldwide cinderellas in a box and on pages including railway stamps from G.B, Rhodesia, Australia and Southern Africa; labels advertising philatelic and other exhibitions, Olympic Games, etc.; revenues; forgeries; locals; G.B 1842-46 covers bearing wafer seals; Ireland Sinn Fein and Union labels; telegraph stamps with G.B issues to the £1 used; WW1 propaganda labels; Posterstamp Publicity Ltd advert page bearing poster stamps for various G.B towns; 1912 International Stamp Exhibition 1d labels in blocks including complete perf and imperf sheets of 120, etc. An interesting accumulation (Many 100s). £300-500
  c.1900 Home-made child's album with spaces for stamps (a few locals included) and 24 handpainted stamps produced by a child for "Darkey Land" or "Dabboland"; miniature toy Dutch stationery envelope and G.B "Lilliput" 1/- postal order with a 1/- toy stamp attached; French illustrated L. Huot wrapper used in 1896 with a 5c stamp and an unused stenography envelope; miniature menu envelope bearing a French stamp; and a snowman Christmas card. (7). £100-120
  An old-time collection of forgeries, locals, reprints, specimens and proofs on small album pages, including China, Japan, USA, etc., an interesting lot. (214). £200-300


  British Empire. The collection mounted on album pages with Australia and States, Canada, Hong Kong and China overprints (45, mainly QV-KGV), India, Ireland, Malaya (128, mainly QV-KGV Straits, some FMS), Ceylon, etc. Also a stockbook with South African provinces (including Officials), further Australia and States, Mauritius and Canada with some covers. An interesting lot. (1,000s). £800-1,000
  Europe. The collection mounted on album pages with substantial sections of France, Germany and Denmark, also much Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc. (Many 1,000s). £700-800
  USA/Foreign Countries. The collection mounted on album pages, mainly USA, also some Japan, China, Central and South America, etc. (Many 100s). £250-300


(Also see lots 633, 804)

  1900 Cover bearing G.B 2½d tied by "ADEN" squared circle with boxed "PAQUEBOT" alongside, addressed to "Lieut. Dundas R.N, H.M.S "Crescent", North American Squadron, Bermuda" inscribed "via New York". Minor soiling, otherwise fine and an exceptional destination from Aden; H.M.S "Crescent" was the flagship of the British West Indies Squadron at this time. £150-200
Click to view full image... Dthali - Aden Yemen Boundary Commission. 1903 (Apr 14) India QV 1a postal stationery envelope bearing a QV ½a, each cancelled by a superb "EXPERIMENTAL P.O / B-84" c.d.s, backstamped at Aden and Dover. Sent by C.F Hawkins of the 1st Hants Regt. to his wife in England, with a 1901 registered cover posted within India, to Hawkins at Gora Dhaka. Light vertical fold, otherwise exceptionally fine, the Experimental P.O B.84 c.d.s used at Dthali for just 36 days in March and April 1903. Photo on Page 143. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... Dthali - Aden Yemen Boundary Commission. 1903 India KEVII ½a postal stationery envelope from Calcutta addressed to "C.F Hawkins Esq, Detachment 1st Hants Regiment, Aden Column, Dthalla Camp", the reverse with datestamps of Sea Post Office, Aden and single ring "DTHALI". This single ring c.d.s only used as an arrival c.d.s, just two other examples recorded. Unobtrusive opening tear to the flap, not affecting any datestamps, otherwise fine and rare, a fine comparison item to the previous cover. Also a 1901 ½a cover posted in India, to Hawkins at Gora Dhaka. Photo on Page 143. £700-900
  1903-28 Picture postcards (3) and 3a registration envelope, all bearing India stamps, including 1903 "TOO LATE" handstamp and 1907 postcard of Perim written from the island, the 1928 registration envelope uprated 9½a and bearing a "valeur declare / INSURED" label, marked "Insured for £11". (4). £100-120
Click to view full image... Civil Censor. 1918 Cover from Aden to England franked 1½a with superb strike of scarce "Star of David" shaped "PASSED BY CENSOR / 105 / ADEN". Photo on Page 134. £200-250


(Also see lots 344, 729)

Click to view full image... 1867 (Dec 12) Unsealed cover to Annapolis, Nova Scotia, sent at the 1d printed matter rate, bearing 1867 1d vermilion tied by "A02" numeral, backstamped at Antigua and St. Thomas, with red crayon "1", unusual and exceptionally fine quality. Photo on Page 143. £300-400


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 2 of 2)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 3rd October 2014 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex 17-20 September
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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