Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 2 of 2)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 3rd October 2014 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex 17-20 September
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Auction Lots - Page 2
Click to view full image... 1901 G.B. QV 2d registration envelope stamp cut out on piece, bearing two 1d lilacs, cancelled by two strikes of scarce oval "REGISTERED / ASCENSION" datestamps. Also a 1910 picture postcard of Admiralty Cottage, Ascension, written from the Cable Ship "Colorna" with G.B KEVII 1d tied by Ascension c.d.s. (2). Photo on Page 37. £100-120
  1900-38 Covers including 1900 (Feb 4) cover with G.B 1d tied by "ASCENSION" c.d.s (S.G. type Z2, the arrival c.d.s dated 1901, the year in the Ascension c.d.s therefore possibly incorrect); 1921 registered cover with two G.B 2d stamps and a blank type registration label, all three with an "ASCENSION" c.d.s (Z3), etc., some opening edge tears, otherwise mainly fine. (6). £150-200


(Also see lots 231, 298, 307/9, 368, 436, 443, 556, 569, 666/7, 806, 1050, 1307, 1341)

Click to view full image... Local Post. c.1930 "Whitehead & Co. Express Carriers, King & York Sts, Sydney, Paid 5d", blue stamp used on piece, light date cancel, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 37. £70-80
  New South Wales. 1904-08 Commonwealth of Australia postal stationery postcards with NSW 1d stamps, comprising H&G27 written but not posted, illustrated with three clover leafs, a poem entitled "An Irish Blessing" with "Ireland for Ever" and "St. Patricks Day"; and three examples of H&G30, one unused illustrated with flowers, the others posted at Michelago or Tharwa with illustrations of hearts pierced by arrows, both sent for St. Valentines day. Unusual. (4). £160-180
  New South Wales. 1912 O.H.M.S Cover from the Dept of Agriculture, Entomological Branch, in Sydney to the Royal Natural History Museum in Brussels, bearing QV ½d and 1d pair each perfined "OS/NSW", tied by The Exchange c.d.s with an arrival backstamp. An unusual use of officials on a cover to Europe. £70-100
  South Australia. 1856 2d Red strip of three used each with "47" numeral cancel, a little wrinkled, small faults at upper corners, possibly a small thin, still an attractive multiple. £100-120
Click to view full image... The South Australia Northern Territory Exploration Expedition. 1867 (Mar 28) Cover to England "via Panama" bearing NSW 6d tied by Sydney duplex, red "1d" accountancy mark, carried on the "Rakaia" to Panama, the "Tamar" from Colon to St. Thomas and then by the "Douro", with enclosed letter from John Creed, which includes "I left the Infirmary on Monday having been that day appointed surgeon to the South Australian Northern Territory Exploration Expedition at a salary of £400 per annum and all expenses. We are going to find a site for a new settlement on the North Coast of Australia and if a new settlement is made I am to be appointed Colonial Surgeon to it at a salary of £600 per annum with private practice besides. I think I have been very lucky getting it. We shall be back in about 11 months. Tell Betty I am going amongst a lot of people who have never seen a white man yet and who are reputed to be cannibals. Tell her if she comes out quickly I could get her a berth not as cook but to be cooked. We are each armed with a rifle which shoots eight times without reloading and with a revolver each. I think we shall have great fun. Tell Charles that I expect some Alligator and Buffalo shooting. I intend to keep a precise journal of the expedition which if I find sufficiently interesting to the general public I shall publish it in England". Also another cover of June 27th from Preston bearing Victoria 6d, with enclosed letter from Creeds mother Mary mentioning the expedition which sailed in the Eagle Steamer on April 1st, its Commander being the old explorer Capt. Cadell. The expedition was financed by the South Australian Government; it recommended a sight for a new settlement but this proved to be unviable due to the great distances involved. Two scarce early references to exploration in the Northern Territories. (2). Photo on Page 143. £600-800
Click to view full image... South Australia. 1886 Cover to "Frank Benton, Apiarian, Larnaca, Cyprus" (Apiarian = Bee Keeper) endorsed "Per R.M.S Tasmania", bearing 6d bright ultramarine and 2d orange tied by Ship Mail Room Adelaide duplex, backstamped at Suez, Port Said and Larnaca. Very attractive, probably a unique destination from South Australia. Photo on Page 143. £400-500
  Victoria. 1884 Cover to New Brunswick bearing 1/- deep blue tied by Richmond duplex, arrival backstamps of Norton Station and Narrows. A fine double rate 1/- franking to an unusual destination. £80-100
  Victoria. 1894 O.H.M.S Cover from the Office of the Government Statistician with printed "Chief Secretary Victoria" Frank Stamp, addressed to Argentina, a 2½d postage stamp therefore applied and tied by Melbourne duplex as the "Frank Stamp" was not valid to foreign addresses. A very unusual destination, backstamped in London and Argentina. £100-120
  Victoria/Western Australia. 1896 Cover with Victoria 1d brownish-orange pair tied by Hawthorn duplexs, to Coolgardie and redirected to Kalgoorlie, backstamped at both places. A fine example of the 2d inter-colonial rate to Western Australia. £60-70


(Also see lots 121, 807, 1089, 1118, 1352)

  Austrian P.O in Vathy. 1910 Austrian Levant parcel card for a parcel sent C.O.D to Copenhagen bearing 1908 10pi tied by "VATHY / OSTERR. POST" double ring c.d.s, two further strikes on the front, with Berlin and Copenhagen datestamps. £220-250


Click to view full image... 1870 (Apr 23) Soldiers cover sent at the 1d concession rate to Jamaica, headed "From no. 1275 Pte Thos Henry, 2 West I. Regiment" and countersigned by the Commanding Officer, bearing 1863-77 1d rose-red tied by "A06" numeral, backstamped at Bahamas, St. Thomas, Kingston and Goshen, Jamaica, marked "unclaimed" and "1" in red. Tiny piece torn from upper edge upon opening, otherwise fine. An exceptionally scarce soldiers rate cover sent between West Indies islands, with R.P.S Certificate (1971). Photo on Page 143. £1,400-1,600
  1894 2d Size G registration envelope to Scotland bearing a 2½d stamp, unusually redirected to Egypt, backstamps include "REGISTERED / GLASGOW SORTING TENDER" c.d.s. £100-120


(Also see lots 295, 310, 731)

Click to view full image... 1782 (June 12) Entire letter to London charged 1/-, backstamped by fine "BARBA / DOES", and two "12/AV" London Bishop Marks. An early and unusually fine example of this Barbados handstamp. Photo on Page 143. £300-350
  1861-1934 Covers, seven bearing 1861-82 Chalon Head issues comprising imperf 6d, perforated 1d blue on a printed Prices Current sent at the printed matter rate to Halifax, Nova Scotia, perforated 1/- black, 4d to Antigua, 6d or 1/- mauve (2); 1882-86 issue with ½d printed matter rate to USA, 6d on H size 2d registration envelope; registered ½d envelope with eight examples of the 1892 ½d on 4d surcharge (one with no hyphen); 1907 Kingston Relief Fund inverted surcharge pair, etc., a few faults but a useful lot. (24). £500-600
  1934 (Apr 28) Commercial cover to Kobe, Japan franked 1925-35 1d, 4d, 6d and 2/-, an Air Mail label applied, endorsed "To St. Lucia by steamer, to New York by air and onward by steamer", backstamped at Castries, St. Lucia. An unusual destination and routing. £70-80
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1938-50 Postal history of the small format Seal of the Colony issue, the eight frame exhibit collection with many additional covers, all well written up on pages, contained within four senf albums (with two additional empty albums). The fine collection comprising covers and cards showing the postal use of all values from the ½d to 5/- including village cancels; various destinations; surface, airmail, printed matter, registered and special delivery rates; various explanatory cachets including "O.A.T"; S.G. listed varieties on the 2d, 2½d and 4d values; paquebot uses; official mail; redirected covers including mixed frankings; censored covers with many types of censor seals; currency control; mail to US, Canadian or Czech soldiers; telegram, returned letter and money order envelopes; postal stationery; first flights; postage due mail; 1950 covers with mixed frankings of pence and cents issues, etc. (226). Photo on Page 146. £2,000-2,500
Click to view full image... 1952-70 Photographs of essays from the Bradbury Wilkinson archives comprising Coronation issue (3) on piece dated 12 June 52; pictorial 5c or 24c definitives on three pieces dated between 1952 and 1960; Sports set of ten on piece dated 9.9.70; and a 2c National Insurance and Social Security stamp dated 1.11.66. An interesting record of various essays which now no longer exist. (18). Photo on Page 127. £200-250


  1896 and 1909 Cape postal stationery postcards to France, the first a QV 1½d card cancelled by the numeral "277" with a "MORIJA" c.d.s on the front; the 1909 KEVII ½d card uprated with a ½d stamp, each cancelled "TEYATEYANENG / BASUTOLAND" c.d.s. (2). £140-180


(Also see lot 1361)

Click to view full image... 1884 Cover from Pittenweem franked G.B. 2½d lilac pair, to "R.W Anstruther R.E, Telegraph Section, H.M Forces in Bechuanaland, Cape Town" with an arrival backstamp, handstruck "3d" charge mark obliterated by "1" numeral and replaced by manuscript 7d charge. The only ingoing Warren Expedition cover with a postage due charge we have seen, charged the 1d deficiency and a 6d fine. Tiny tear at upper edge otherwise fine, scarce and unusual. Photo on Page 143. £300-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1891-1966 Mint collection including KEVII 1/-, 1961 surcharges with type I R1 on 10/- (2, one unmounted), also 1912-14 KGV 1d no cross on crown fine used. S.G. £1,876. (152). Photo on Page 216. £450-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1913-24 Overprints on KGV Seahorses mint, comprising Waterlow 5/-, De La Rue 2/6 pale brown with major re-entry, 2/6 sepia and 5/-, and Bradbury Wilkinson 2/6, all fine. S.G. 84, 85a, 86/8, £1,880. (5). Photo on Page 201. £700-800


(Also see lots 289-91, 385, 668, 813, 955, 1116, 1397)

Click to view full image... 1934 Cover to the British Legation in Lima, Peru, marked "Air Mail via New York" bearing Bermuda 1d and 1½d tied by a Bermuda c.d.s. and two USA 20c air mail stamps cancelled in transit at Boston, backstamped at Lima. US Air Mail stamps could be applied to letters from abroad to pay for air mail within or from the USA, and were sold in certain foreign countries for this purpose. A scarce combination, very unusual to Peru. Photo on Page 146. £160-200
  1940-43 Censored covers from or via Bermuda including circular censor cachets no. 23 (2, one on a ½d printed matter rate cover to USA) or no. 33 on a newspaper wrapper to the USA franked 1d, "I.C/1701" censor seal applied in transit on a cover from Portugal to USA, and 'C' numbered seals on air mail covers from Bermuda to USA (franked KGVI 2/-), Antigua or Barbados. (7). £160-180
  1954 Air Mail cover to Bermuda franked G.B 6d and 9d, with violet "SALVAGED MAIL / PRESTWICK - 25 - 12, 54", from the BOAC London to New York flight which crashed at Prestwick killing 28 people. The uncommon loose type cachet and a very unusual destination. £150-180


Click to view full image... 1864 Stampless cover to France with circular undated "LAMAR / FRANCA" in green, backstamped "COBIJA" British P.O c.d.s, London and French datestamps and "GB / 2F87 5/10c" Anglo-French accountancy handstamp, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 146. £350-400
  1886 Covers franked at the 15c rate by 1878 10c orange and a bisected example of the same stamp, one cover with the stamps cancelled oval "POTOSI / FRANCA", the other cancelled by an oval datestamp in blue, both backstamped at Salta. (2). £160-200


(Also see lots 299, 300, 788, 816, 1788, 1811)

  1870 Entire letter from Pernambuco to Portugal franked on the reverse by Dom Pedro 10r and 50r each cancelled by a rectangle of dots, with datestamps of Pernambuco, Bordeaux and Lisbon, scarce framed "F.46" Anglo-French Accountancy mark (Salles fig. 3186) and a "500" reis charge mark. £110-130
  1870 Entire letter from Pernambuco to Portugal franked on the reverse by Dom Pedro 10r and 50r each cancelled by an oval of diamonds, with a Pernambuco c.d.s and "150" reis charge mark. £110-130
  1872 Entire letter from Pernambuco to Portugal franked by Dom Pedro 10r and 50r each cancelled by "PERNAMBUCO" within a diamond of dots, a Pernambuco c.d.s and "150" reis charge mark on the front. £110-130


(Also see lots 790, 942)

  1952-91 Covers with village cancellations, all different, including several mailbag seal handstamps, 1960 manuscript "Guinea Grass", etc., most philatelic but a very scarce group all written up on pages, some with photos of the Post Office. (27). £300-350


(Also see lots 768-787)

  1901 G.B QV 2d Registration envelope size G uprated with 40pa on 2½d sent "AR" from Constantinople to London, with scarce oval framed "AR" handstamp in violet. Reposted from Old Charlton to the British Post Office in Constantinople franked on the reverse by a 1d lilac, with all printed wording concerning 'Registration' crossed out. Opening tear to flap, otherwise fine and most unusual. £150-180


Click to view full image... 1894 Cover to Germany, the senders address on the flap given as "C. Ribble Jun., Shortlands Island, Solomon I.", bearing two Germany 5pf pairs cancelled by three strikes of "DEUTSCHE SEEPOST / NEU-GUINEA / ZWEIGLINIE / b". A very scarce early prestamp cover from the Solomon Islands. Photo on Page 146. £300-400


Click to view full image... 1940 Registered cover to British Solomon Islands bearing 1924-37 1c, 4c, 6c, 12c, violet boxed "PASSED BY / 4 / CENSOR" of Singapore, redirected to Australia with an Australian censor seal and cachet, Singapore c.d.s and ten various Australian datestamps. Minor staining, otherwise fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 146. £200-250
  1936 Stampless "On Government Service" cover to the USA with a Brunei c.d.s and undated double ring "POST OFFICE / BRUNEI", unusual and attractive. £80-100


(Also see lots 571, 699, 818, 1542)

  c.1880 India 1a postal stationery envelope to Rangoon cancelled by a diamond of bars (type K7) with a "THAYETMYO" c.d.s (type D8) alongside, and a cover franked ½a on the reverse tied by "MOULMEIN / K-8" duplex type KD9, this envelope with a few faults to the front, otherwise both fine. (2). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1906 Cover to Bangkok with KEVII 1a and 4a each tied by very scarce "PAPUN" c.d.s type KD4, arrival backstamps, fine. Photo on Page 146. £240-300
  1934 Cover to England with KGV 2a6p tied by fine "TIGER CAMP / B.O / NORTHERN SHAN STATES" c.d.s, the first recorded year of use of this datestamp. £150-180


(Also see lots 262-88, 369-70, 663/5, 732, 743, 747, 803, 819, 940, 1397)

  1857 Wrapper to Kingston bearing 1852-57 3d red on handmade paper, four margins, just tied by cancel of concentric circles, with despatch and arrival datestamps. £150-180
  Christmas Island. 1879 Registered cover franked 3c and 10c from Boston to "Christmas Island, Grand Narrow, Cape Breton" with "CHRISTMAS ISLAND / C.B" backstamp, and 1882 cover from the island with the same datestamp, bearing Small Queen 3c. Also 1914 cover with "REAR CHRISTMAS ISLAND / N.S" c.d.s, and 1937-38 covers with "CHRISTMAS ISLAND / N.S" c.d.s. (5). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1903 KEVII 1c - 50c Set of seven and 1928-29 1c - $1 set of eleven, the KEVII 50c a little stained, otherwise all fine mint. S.G. 173/87, 275/85, £1,375. (18). Photo on Page 201. £240-280


(Also see lots 382-90, 820)

  1869 Cover to London bearing 1868 9d bistre-brown (S.G. 69) tied by a Colombo duplex, London arrival datestamps, a few small edge and flap tears. Ex. Hackney. With R.P.S Certificate (2007). £100-120
  Cancellations. QV-KGVI Cancellations on covers and cards (261), stamps and pieces in two stockbooks with copies of further cancels, many different offices with some numeral cancels, many of the covers stained or with faults, nevertheless a useful reference collection. (100s). £350-450


(Also see lots 314, 333, 354, 687/8, 1440)

Click to view full image... 1800 (May 26) Entire letters written by James Crichton from Canton to his mother and brother in Scotland, both enclosed within a single lettersheet addressed to Sanquar endorsed "P. Glatton", charged 3/9, with a fine oval "Ship Letter / (crown) / LONDON". Crichton acknowledges letters of March and May 1799 received by the "Duke of Burcleugh" in January, tells of his financial success achieved at the factory at Canton as a result of which he is renouncing his fathers inheritance in favour of his brother and sister and also sends them £130 each, and tells of the shooting of a Chinaman by a western ship's Captain; the victim has now survived over 40 days and as a result the Captain's ship will not be forfeited. Also two 1800 entire letters from Crichton's agents in London sending bank bills to his brother and sister and advising that mail for China may be sent towards the end of the year. The China entire letter with a worn vertical filing fold, otherwise fine, a scarce early letter from China. (3). Photo on Page 146. £800-1,200
Click to view full image... 1900 (Jan 18) Cover to Scotland "via P. Arthur & Moscow" with "H.M.S AMPHRITRITE" printed on the flap, bearing Russian P.O in China 10k cancelled at Chefoo (a second strike below) with a China 1c tied by violet "LIU KUNG TAU / WEI HAI WEI" c.d.s, two light vertical folds (one crossing the China 1c), otherwise fine, an attractive combination cover. Photo on Page 152. £600-700
  c1900-12 Covers and cards including 1905 card with 1c (faults) tied by "LIGNE N / PAQ. FR No 2" datestamp, 1912 cover from Manchuria, c.1910 card with 2c tied by "MONGTZE" c.d.s, etc., a few faults. (8). £200-240
  1905-08 Picture postcards all to a Miss Dora Lincoln in Shanghai, posted within China (23) or from G.B (28), Australian States (2), Japan (27), Italy (2), Belgium (5), USA (2), France, Germany, Russia (9) or Hong Kong, many with arrival marks of the British, German, Japanese, Russian, U.S, French or Chinese post offices, or the Shanghai Local Post. (101). £400-500
  1907-17 Red band cover, picture postcards (12) and postal stationery postcards (2) including cards from the Japanese P.O at Changchun (2) or Port Arthur (2), Peking-Moukden T.P.O (3), Pukow Ku-Tientsin T.P.O (2), also 1903-23 picture postcards from Japan (17) or Korea. (33). £150-200
  1919-79 Covers and cards (55) and fronts (3), mainly pre-1950 but with some useful later Peoples Republic period, scarcer earlier communist issues, censored mail, etc. An interesting lot, viewing recommended. (58). £500-600
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Day 2 of 2)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 3rd October 2014 Time: 12:30PM
Details: Viewing:
At Stampex 17-20 September
Please contact Argyll Etkin for further viewing options
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