G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 54) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 25th April 2024 Time: 10:30AM
Details: For viewing details and enquiries regarding this auction - Telephone No. 0207 930 6100
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Auction Lots - Page 6
  1919 Covers with watercolour illustrations of rabbits flying an aeroplane, pulling a man in a cart, or with a man in a boat all fishing, all posted from Richmond to Exmouth franked 1½d, attractive and well drawn covers. (3). £160-200
  Advertising Covers. c.1911-50 Printed advertising covers or cards, all postally used, including hotels, insurance companies, machinery, etc. (30). £80-100

Postage Due Mail
(Also see lots 665-674, 681/5, 719, 1331/2)

  1855-1912 Underpaid covers and cards from abroad including picture postcards deemed liable to letter rate (28), unusual 1½d charge mark on 1881 Austria 2kr postcard, 1892 USA cover franked 6c with unusual 9d charge mark, 1888 stampless cover from India charged 10d, 1900 Rhodesia postcard franked 1d and charged 6d, etc. (81). £180-220
  Chile. 1869-78 Stampless entire letters (2) and entires (3, one with side portions removed) all from Valparaiso to G.B with differing charge marks, comprising unframed "1/-", "1/6", "2/-" or "3/-", or circular framed "1/6", all endorsed "via Panama", three with Valparaiso or Valparaiso Unpaid (2) British P.O datestamps, the other two with Callao British P.O transit datestamps. An unusual group, the 1/6 and 2/- charge marks shown by Tabeart as types M69, 70, 73 of Liverpool, the 1/- and 3/- charges probably applied in London. (5). £150-180
  1908-80 Covers and cards, most with due stamps including 1½d brown, etc. (95). £100-120
  Invalid Stamps. 1893-1970 Covers and cards including 1895 cover with a disallowed 1d lilac bisect, 1915 postcard with a partial stamp endorsed "mutilated stamp" and charged, demonetised stamps, G.B stamps applied abroad (7), 1919 Malta stamp used in G.B, 1920 use of G.E.A overprint stamp in Northern Rhodesia, 1965-70 Southern Rhodesia stamps (8), etc. (29). £160-200
  1½d Charges & Due Stamps. 1921-36 Covers and cards with 1½d charges or showing the use of the 1½d brown due stamp, mainly 1921-25 period minimum charges on mail from abroad, collected with ½d + 1d (6) or 1½d brown (16), one redirected with two 1½d dues, paquebot and naval mail (4), cover from Colombia with a bisected stamp allowed in Colombia but apparently disallowed in G.B, triangular "H.M" cancel or red c.d.s; the use of the 1½d due on higher charges comprising 1½d + 1d (2), 1½d pairs (2) or 1½d + 2d; also 1½d charges on 1931 internal USA cover redirected to G.B and 1936 cover from Tristan da Cunha. (29). £200-240
  Customs Charges/Accumulated Charges. 1938-92 Covers or parcel address panels with customs duty or purchases tax charges (14), or accumulated charges for several items (18), some large blocks of postage due stamps with charges up to £222.41, a few with mixed postage due stamp issues. (24). £150-180

Postal Reform

  1838 "Third Report from the Select Committee on Postage", the final report from the Select Committee established to look into Rowland Hill's plans for a cheap and uniform postage, published in March 1839, signed by the Accountant General C.W Court with numerous manuscript notes written in the margins, handdrawn hands highlighting particularly noteworthy sections. The Committee recommends the reduction of postage to a uniform rate of 1d, but with an initial interim rate of 2d, and the issue of stamps or stamped paper for prepayment of postage. 70 Pages with a further 88 page "Abstract of Evidence", rebound, missing the maps but otherwise fine. An uncommon and important volume. £300-400
  1839 Leather bound volume "A Collection of the Public General Statutes passed in the seventh year of the Reign of His Majesty King William the Fourth and the first year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria", including acts of the packet service, regulations of the duties of postage, management of the Post Office, repeal of certain Post Office Laws, Packet Postage on India letters, offences against the Post Office, etc. An interesting volume, which includes the final act relating to inland postal rates prior to the introduction of uniform postage in 1839. Published by Eyre & Spottiswood, 363 pages. £200-250
  1843 "Report from the Select Committee on Postage", to enquire into the measures adopted for the introduction of uniform low postage rates, and the results of these to the revenue and expenditure of the Post Office and the convenience of the country, largely comprising evidence from Rowland Hill and Col. Maberley, the personal copy of Col. Maberley, Secretary of the Post Office, signed by him, 364 pages, rebound. An important volume, unique with Maberley's signature. £300-400
  1843 "Report from the Select Committee on Postage", 364 pages, Rowland Hill's personal copy with marginal notes in his handwriting alongside several of Col. Maberley's replies to the committee, with "nonsense" written alongside one of his answers. A unique volume from Rowland Hill's personal library, rebound. £800-1,000
  1885 "Report of the Joint Committee on Postage Stamps", formed after the issue of the 1884 lilac and green stamp issue was deemed unsatisfactory and liable to fraud and reuse. The report contains detailed evidence on stamp design and printing by Warren De La Rue, and resulted in the 1887 "Jubilee" stamp issue. H.M.S.O, 105 pages, rebound with some restoration to pages, an interesting volume. Also a bound volume of the 1969 Post Office Circulars and Gazettes. (2). £150-200

Postal Stationery
(Also see lots 101, 303)

  1841-1958 QV-KGVI Stationery envelopes (70) and postcards (3), the envelopes all with black printed mourning borders, including 1841 2d blue envelope posted from London (minor edge faults, slightly reduced at upper edge with loss of black border and flap missing, but very scarce), 1d pink envelopes (48, one with number "6" in Maltese Cross), unused KGV 2d envelopes revalued to 1½d with triangular "W.C." handstamp (3), covers with stationery cut-outs (3), 1871 ½d violet postcard with an advert for the West Central Mourning Warehouse used within London, also a lettercard with printed contents from a monumental mason. An interesting group, some scarce. (74). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1870 (Oct 1) ½d Lilac court size postcard with printed advert for "Edward Wise, manufacturer of superfine and doeskin cloths, Woodchester Mills, Stroud", posted on the first day of issue from Darlington to York, a few very minor stains, a good provincial first day use of the first postcard. Photo on Page 44. £300-350
  QV-QEII Stationery, mainly unused, including KGVI 1939 4½d and 5½d registration envelopes, 1½d Forces Air Letter with solid address lines, 1½d lettercard bundles of ten (3), etc. (c.190). £200-300

Postcards & Ephemera

  QV-QEII In Memoriam cards (480+) and other mourning related ephemera, some postally used. (730+). £500-600
  1895-1917 Handpainted picture postcards, most in colour, many very well done, four unused, one on a France 10c postal stationery card used in 1895, three posted from Japan, the other 44 all posted within G.B (three on stationery cards), including a series of 26 British views posted to a Miss Nellie Donovan in 1908, scenes from Shakespeare (4), flowers (4), birds (3, Japanese), etc. (52). £500-600
  Novelty Postcards. c.1906-12 Novelty shaped cards containing pull-out views, 24 cards with the address panel printed upon the card, 45 cards with a tie-on address tag (14 now missing the attached tag), three cards postally used (including a Christmas Pudding and Mince Pie both with tie-on tags), the others unused, also two similar USA cards made of leather both postally used. A fine collection, including a harpist, fish, teddy bears, lighthouses, golliwog, aeroplane, ships, trains, shrimp, shells, camera, bathing hut, cars, crabs and lobsters, swan, coin, binoculars, heather, cloth mail bag, etc. (71). £1,000-1,200

Railways & T.P.Os

  T.P.Os. 1847-1914 Covers and cards with T.P.O cancels or handstamps (44) including 1902 cover to USA with KEVII 2d + 2½d each cancelled "K48" and "LONDON & HOLYHEAD / T.P.O / UNITED STATES MAIL" c.d.s below, 1890 cover to Germany with ½d + 1d pair cancelled "PLYMOUTH TO BRISTOL T.P.O" c.d.s, 1895 registration envelope to Germany with "LONDON & DOVER T.P.O / NIGHT MAIL" transit c.d.s on the front, etc. Also a few station and R.S.O cancels. (70). £400-500
  1904-05 Covers franked KEVII 1d, all bearing 2d railway letter stamps, comprising Oldham, Ashton & Guide Bridge Rly (2), Highland Railway, Midland Rly, Sheffield & Midland Railways Committee or Garstang & Knot End Railway, four with violet station cancels, all fine. (6). £300-350

(Also see lots 90, 118, 124, 1573/4)

  1842-80 Mourning covers, cards, letters and ephemera, with QV covers to or from Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle or Balmoral (22), stampless covers with Cypher cachets or other royal household cachets, mourning cards for Prince Albert (7) or Queen Victoria (23), funeral tickets or programmes, woven silks (3), Queen Victoria mourning postcards (21), etc. (200+). £500-600
  Balmoral Castle. 1894-2002 Covers and cards with circular datestamps of Balmoral Castle (52, some on P.O. forms), Court Post Office Balmoral Castle (12, some on forms) or Official Paid Balmoral Castle (9), oval registration and boxed parcel datestamps, boxed Postage Paid handstamp, Aberdeen meter with EIIR Cypher (4), Cypher cachets of KGV (unusually franked 1½d), KGVI or QEII, some postcards and ephemera. (c.120). £220-260
  King Edward VII/Queen Alexandria. 1901-25 Mourning covers, letters, ephemera and picture postcards including a letter written and signed by Alexandra, 1912 cover with KGV Cypher and hand delivered cover to Queen Mary both addressed in the handwriting of Alexandra, many KEVII picture postcards for the Coronation, royal visits, In Memoriam, funeral, etc (c.200), printed In Memoriam cards for Alexandra or King Edward VII (10), funeral and memorial service programmes (10), Windsor Castle funeral or memorial service invitations (6), unused India pictorial mourning envelope, 1910 (May 20) cover posted within Harrogate with black borders around a 7d stamp, etc. A good collection. (c.260). £500-600
Click to view full image... 1949 (Mar 3) Pair of official telegram envelopes with "GOVERNMENT TELEGRAM" and the address "His Majesty The King" or "Her Majesty The Queen" all printed in red, the "Queen" envelope also with royal coat of arms and "Immediate", both with Windsor Castle c.d.s and KGVI Cypher cachets, very unusual. (2). Photo on Page 44. £150-200



Click to view full image... c.1853 Stampless covers with double oval "MORMON ISLAND / CALA" handstamps, one to Granville, Ohio with boxed "10" and "FEB 28" within the handstamp, the other to Sehago, Maine with manuscript "April 10th" date and "10" charge, both fine. Also a letter from a Mormon settler, written on a lettersheet previously posted at Salt Lake City. (3). Photo on Page 44. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1849 (Dec 29) Entire letter from San Francisco to Lima, posted at the British Post Office in Panama prepaid 1/-, with red "PAID / AT / PANAMA" crowned circle and a "PANAMA" double arc backstamp (Feb 26), received on March 12th, fine. Photo on Page 44. £300-400
Click to view full image... c.1851 Cover posted from Boston to San Francisco with red "BOSTON / 6cts" c.d.s, redirected to Mormon Island and sent by Express with oval "HUNTER & CO'S / EXPRESS / MORMON-ISLAND", endorsed "Mur Bar 1.25" with a "PAID" handstamp alongside, minor soiling and edge wear, scarce. Photo on Page 44. £150-200
Click to view full image... c.1855 Cover from San Francisco to Jesus Springs, Mormon Island, franked 3c (three margins, corner fault) cancelled in manuscript and with blue circular "PACIFIC EXPRESS Co / JUL / 16 / SAN FRANCISCO", matching oval framed "PAID" at left and oval "PACIFIC EXPRESS Co / JUL, 17 / MORMON ISLAND". Endorsed "This dont belong here" and "try this at Texas Hill", minor soiling at right, scarce. Also 1884 2c stationery envelope with printed Wells Fargo & Co Express frank, from San Francisco, addressed in English and Chinese to "Wing On Wo, Dutch Flat, Cal.", minor staining. (2). Photo on Page 44. £150-200


Click to view full image... 1901 (June 2) Cover from San Francisco to Bonanza P.O, Yukon Territory, franked 2c, backstamped "SKAGWAY, ALASKA / REC'D" (June 29), "FORT CUDAHY / N.W.T" (in violet, July 5 & 20), "DAWSON, N.W.T / CANADA" (July 21) and "BONANZA / YUKON" (July 23), very unusual. Also 1900 (Jan 23) cover to Skagway, Alaska, with Canada 2c tied by "DAWSON Y.T / CANADA" c.d.s, arrival backstamp; and 1906 picture postcard to USA with Canada 2c tied by circle of bars and "BONANZA / YUKON" c.d.s alongside, Dawson Y.T backstamp. (3). Photo on Page 44. £150-200

British Columbia & Vancouver Island

Click to view full image... 1863 (Nov 16) Stampless cover to England with blue oval "POST OFFICE / (arms) / VICTORIA V.I" and a San Francisco c.d.s (Nov. 23), 1/- charge mark in black, backstamped Liverpool U.S Packet c.d.s (Jan 8) and in London, opening tears to upper edge. The enclosed letter from the addressee's son, who had travelled to Victoria to make his fortune in the gold rush, but has been unsuccessful and is now destitute. Photo on Page 46. £200-250
Click to view full image... c.1863 Stampless cover with printed "PAID / DIETZ & NELSON'S / BRITISH COLUMBIA & / VICTORIA / EXPRESS" frank, addressed to 4 Mile House, Douglas Portage, flap missing and minor edge wear, otherwise fine and scarce. Ex Wellburn Collection, illustrated on page 34 of his book. Photo on Page 46. £400-500
Click to view full image... c.1864 Stampless cover sent locally in New Westminster, handstamped "UNPAID", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 46. £150-180
Click to view full image... c.1865 Stampless cover from Cariboo to New Westminster, handstamped circular "BARNARD'S / EXPRESS" and oval framed "COLLECT", fine and scarce. Ex. Wellburn Collection, illustrated on page 38 of his book. Photo on Page 46. £200-250
Click to view full image... c.1865 Cover to P.P Crease Esq., New Westminster, franked 1860 2½d cancelled circular "DIETZ & NELSON'S / EXPRESS / B.C.& V." in blue, the cover slightly reduced at right with small part right flap missing, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 46. £250-300
  1865-66 Stampless O.H.M.S covers, the first with "Governor / British Columbia" printed in the lower left corner, addressed to "His Honor Mr Justice Begbie, Cariboo"; the second with "Registrar General" printed in the corner, signed by Arthur Birch (also then Colonial Secretary and Acting Governor), to "C.R Pooley Esq., Richfield", both with two strikes of "GENERAL POST OFFICE / BRITISH COLUMBIA" c.d.s used at New Westminster. Both folded with the flap missing, the first reduced at top (with the O.H.M.S heading removed), a scarce pair. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... c.1866 Cover to "The Hon. H.P.P Crease, Attorney General, Victoria" franked 1865 perf 14 5c tied by "VICTORIA, B.C" c.d.s, recipients filing endorsement "Keep Complete, dear mother", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 46. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1867 (Nov 4) Stampless cover to C.E Pooley Esq., Registrar at New Westminster, headed "O.H.M.S", the enclosed letter written from 150 Mile House, with green circular "DIETZ & NELSON'S / EXPRESS / B.C. & V", closed opening tears to upper edge. Scarce, ex Wellburn Collection, illustrated on page 37 of his book. Photo on Page 46. £180-220
  c.1869 USA 10c Postal Stationery envelope with printed "PAID / Wells Fargo & Co" printed frank, to Portland, Oregon, cancelled by blue oval "WELLS, FARGO & Co / MAY 15 / VICTORIA" with large part oval "POST OFFICE / (arms) / VICTORIA V.I" in blue at upper left, a little reduced at left. £120-150
  c.1870 Long stampless cover to "H.P.P Crease Esq., Atty General, New Hampshire" with blue oval "POST OFFICE / (arms) / VICTORIA V.I", a fine official cover. £150-200
Click to view full image... c.1870 Stampless cover headed "O.H.M.S", to "R. Kerr Esq., Audit Office, Westminster", with blue oval "POST OFFICE / (arms) / VICTORIA V.I", a fine official cover. Photo on Page 46. £150-200
  1870 (Sep 24) Cover from Yale (senders cachet on reverse) to 70 Mile House bearing 1867 3d pale blue pair (small faults) cancelled circular "BARNARD'S BRITISH COLUMBIA / EXPRESS" with oval framed "COLLECT", a little staining mainly to reverse, part right flap missing with a few repaired edge tears, scarce. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1871 (May 5) Cover with enclosed letter from Quesnelle to Yale, bearing 1867 3d pale blue pair cancelled circular "BARNARD'S / EXPRESS" with oval framed "COLLECT" alongside. The writer, William Cline, has arrived at Quesnelle and is setting off for Peace River, but could not go with a pack train or boat so is starting off on foot. A fine and scarce cover, with B.P.A Certificate (1967). Photo on Page 48. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1871 (July 15) Mourning cover from Victoria to Yale franked 1869 perf 14 5c pale red cancelled by blue "35" numeral, blue oval "VICTORIA / B.C" datestamp at right (issued in May 1871 for use on Money Orders but occasionally used on letters between May and August 1871). Flap missing, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 48. £300-400
Click to view full image... c.1876 USA 3c Postal stationery envelope with printed "PAID / Wells, Fargo & Co." from San Francisco to "Lee Yon Dart, Sixcle River", Chinese writing at left, handstamped "COLLECT" in blue with a charge of 10c alongside. Redirected to "Somewhere up the coast north of Victoria" and passed to Barnard's Express with their oval framed handstamp "COLLECT" alongside a 25c charge, giving a combined charge of 35c. An unusual cover carried by two different express companies, opened out, very minor opening faults at right edge. Photo on Page 48. £150-200
  c.1860-71 Covers comprising USA 3c postal stationery envelope with Wells Fargo printed frank from San Francisco to the Assay Office at New Westminster "per Cortes", blue oval framed "DAVIDSON" on reverse; USA 10c postal stationery envelope with printed Paid Franks of both Wells Fargo & Co and Barnard's British Columbia Express, a British Columbia stamp unfortunately removed; 1870 Stampless O.H.M.S cover to "His Honor Mr Justice Crease, on circuit, Cariboo" signed by M.B Begbie with blue Victoria B.C c.d.s, torn upon opening; and 1871cover from Australia to the Hudsons Bay Co. at Victoria bearing three Victoria 6d stamps cancelled at Glendarnel, staining and stamp faults but a rare destination (ex Wellburn Collection, illustrated on page 160 of his book). (4). £200-300


  1853-74 Covers (6, two with letters) and entire letters (3) from Victoria (8) or South Australia, the 1851 letter from Adelaide relating how large numbers of settlers have left for the goldfields, also 1856 letter from Glenmona Station franked 1854 6d with manuscript Post Office endorsement of Amherst on the reverse, 1853 cover from Ballarat to the Commissioner in charge of Gold Office at Ballarat franked 1852 2d, 1853 letter from Ovens to Melbourne franked 1852 2d, 1860 cover from Indigo to New Brunswick franked 1859 1/-, 1869-74 covers from Two Mile Flat, Home Rule, Rushworth or Chinamans Flat. Also an 1853 Gold Licence issued at Ballarat to dig for alluvial gold on private land. (10). £350-450
Click to view full image... 1859 (Mar 12) Cover to Melbourne franked 1859 perf 12 4d cancelled "97" with "FIERY CK P.G.F / VICTORIA" backstamp (P.G.F=Pyrenees Gold Field), redirected to England "Pr Emu" with 1858 rouletted 6d applied, handstamped "Missent to / Oxford" with an Oxford duplex alongside, fine and unusual. Photo on Page 48. £180-220

Other Countries

  1886-1938 Covers and ephemera with Rhodesia 1901 Certificate of Transfer of a mining claim bearing £5 and £10 block of eight tied by "MINES OFFICE / GWELO" cachets; 1912 cover from the Eldorado Banket Gold Mining Co. with 1d Double Head tied by "ELDORADO MINE / S. RHODESIA" c.d.s; 1928 (Apr 13) "The Whitehorse Star" newspaper flown from White Horse to Carcross, handstamped "POSTAGE PAID" and bearing a Yukon Airways 25c stamp; other Canada first flight covers (9); and share certificates or cheques for gold mines in Transvaal (8, four with revenue stamps). (20). £250-300

(Also see lots 198/9, 377/80, 577, 581/2, 584/5, 689-713, 983/9, 1461/2, 1609, 1627/30, 1724, 1934)

World War One

  G.B - Southampton. 1914-16 Stampless covers and cards posted by troops at Southampton, two cards charged the single ½d deficiency, the others all treated as paid including Sept. 1914 cards with red "ARMY LETTER FREE" (3 types, one in three lines), other cards with red "SOUTHAMPTON / PAID" c.d.s (9) or machine, four of these with straight line or circular "ON ACTIVE SERVICE". Also a 1918 stampless card from a French soldier, posted from Southampton to France with violet circular "ADJUTANT / REST CAMP / 17 SEP. 1918 / Reg. No. / SOUTHAMPTON". (16). £120-140
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 54) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 25th April 2024 Time: 10:30AM
Details: For viewing details and enquiries regarding this auction - Telephone No. 0207 930 6100
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