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G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 54) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 25th April 2024 Time: 10:30AM
Details: For viewing details and enquiries regarding this auction - Telephone No. 0207 930 6100
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Auction Lots - Page 3
  Parcel Post - Private Parcel Labels/Postal Stationery. c.1896-1933 Labels (6) and parcel tags (2), comprising Thornton Pickard tie-on Parcel Post tags each with two differing embossed QV stamps (one with Parcel Post label on reverse, the other a little shortened at left); Whitfield King parcel labels with embossed KEVII 4d + 4d, 4d + 1/-, 1/- (shortened at base) or KGV 6d; and P.T.P.O Post Office type Parcel Post labels for Marshall & Snelgrove or Pryce Jones Ltd both franked 4d. A few faults but an unusual group. (8). £140-160
  Telegrams. The extensive collection with Post Office and private telegram forms and envelopes and associated ephemera, envelopes for priority, night, ship letter and telephone express letter telegrams, etc. (100s). £200-300
  King Edward VIII. 1936-39 Covers and cards bearing KEVIII stamps including First Day Covers (some illustrated), used from Tristan da Cunha (4), first flights and commercial flight covers, Field Post Office in Palestine (4) or Tientsin, Paquebots, advertising envelopes, Morocco Agencies, various overseas destinations, Lundy Island, meters, etc., also stampless cover with "ERI / VIII" Cypher cachet, a few stamps, KGV & KGVI covers, etc. (160+). £400-500
  Meters. 1937-48 Covers all with King Edward VIII meters (47, also some pieces, one a first day use, various types), and 1939 KGVI Specimen pieces. (47+). £100-120
  Cheshire. 1799-1958 Entire letters, covers and cards including 1828 "NESTON" fleuron, boxed "Malpas" (7), etc. (49). £300-350
  Lancashire - Warrington. 1780-1830 Entire letters (6) and entires (3), various handstamps including two line types, horseshoe type, etc. (9). £220-260
  Scotland. 1856 Covers with Leith first or second type experimental datestamps, one with Berwick Station double arc backstamp. (2). £80-100

Air Mails
(Also see lots 314, 381/2, 384, 758)

  First U.K Aerial Post. 1911 Brown (7), red brown (4) and green (5) London to Windsor postcards, one flown in the opposite direction from Windsor, the others with London datestamps for SP 9 (6), SP 11 (2), SP 12 (3), SP 13 (2) or SP 15 (2). Four cards with printed acknowledgement of a remittance from the Organising Committee (one posted at Windsor), two others with adverts for Schweppes Ltd or General Accident, Fire & Life Assurance Corporation Ltd, all fine. (16). £300-350
  First U.K Aerial Post. 1911 (Sep 11-14) Brown, red brown and green London to Windsor postcards written from Selfridges, Gamages or Arding & Hobbs, the last creased, otherwise fine. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... First U.K Aerial Post. 1911 (Sep 9) Brown London to Windsor card with KGV ½d tied by the London Aerial Post c.d.s code "1", reposted at Windsor a week later to the same London addressee and flown from Windsor to Hendon franked KEVII 6d postal stationery cut-out tied by the Windsor Aerial Post c.d.s code "2" for SP 16. A second cut-out stamp originally applied to the right of this covering part of the original ½d stamp, now removed (presumably to reveal the ½d stamp), a rare card despite the missing stamp, just four items recorded flown in both directions. Photo on Page 18. £1,000-1,200
  "Boadicea" Crash. 1936 (Sep 23) Cover from Didsbury to Australia, the stamps washed off, forwarded within a London R.L.S ambulance envelope with enclosed slip "The accompanying packet which was washed ashore on the coast of England was apparently conveyed by the Imperial Airways Airplane "Boadicea" which left Croydon on the 25th September and failed to arrive at Paris", Crow's Nest arrival backstamp (Nov 27). Fine and scarce, from the second of two mailbags recovered in 1936, washed ashore at Dymchurch on November 10th. £150-200
  1937 (Nov 13) A.E. Clouston and Mrs Kirby-Green London to Cape Town record flight, covers franked 1½d cancelled in London, carried on the outward flight with a Cape Town arrival c.d.s (Nov 16) and "CAPETOWN MUNICIPAL AIR-PORT / 16 NOV 1937 / WINGFIELD" cachet, one redirected to London and carried back on the return flight with a G.B 1½d applied upon arrival (Nov 21). Both with flight vignettes, the outward flight only cover signed by Clouston, both fine. (2). £130-160
  1938 (Mar 9) Jim Broadbent England to Australia solo flight attempt, cover franked 1½d posted in London, then carried on the attempted flight to Australia, abandoned after a forced landing at Flores on March 16th, signed by the pilot. Also a postcard of Broadbent in his aeroplane. 48 Covers carried. (2). £100-120


  1904-09 Picture postcards (7) and a cover posted in advance for Christmas day delivery, the 1906 cover franked 1d with Liverpool "X" cancel, the cards all posted in Manchester with oval cancel code M.R (2, 1904/5), scarce violet oval "MANCHESTER / ADVANCE POSTED / CHRISTMAS" (year off card, probably 1905), or "X/MAS" machine cancels (4, 1907-09). (8). £280-320
Click to view full image... Manchester. 1905 (Dec. 18) Cover posted from Manchester to Leeds with QV 2d postcard cut-out tied by Manchester c.d.s, arrival backstamp, the stamp then tied by a superb strike of the violet oval "MANCHESTER / ADVANCE POSTED / CHRISTMAS 1905", presumably cancelled to order, nevertheless a scarce cancel and very unusual. Photo on Page 18. £200-250

Free Franks

Pre 1700 Frees

Click to view full image... 1567 (April) Treasury Warrant dated "The month of April in the present ninth year of our Lady Queen Elizabeth", signed "Winchester" (William Paulet, first Marquess of Winchester, Lord Treasurer of England) authorising payment of £4 to Phillippe Conway, ordinary messenger of the Queens Majesteys Chamber, for a 30 day journey carrying letters to the West Country. Letters were carried to Sir Henry Ashley (MP and Sheriff for Dorset) at Wimborne St. Giles, Sir Maurice Berkley (MP and Sheriff for Somerset) at Bruton, Sir John Chichester (MP and Sheriff for Devon) at Great Torrington, and Richard Chamond (MP and Sheriff for Cornwall) at Launcelles. Minor staining, an early and unusually fine messenger warrant. Photo on Page 18. £700-1,000
Click to view full image... 1569 Entire letter from William Paulet, first Marquess of Winchester, Lord Treasurer of England, addressed "To Mr Richard Bunny" and endorsed "My L. Treasurer" and "Eliz. 12. 1509" (written in the 12th year of her reign), the letter signed "Winchester". A fine Elizabethan letter that would have been carried by court messenger. Photo on Page 20. £600-800
Click to view full image... 1619 (Jan.) Entire letter from Capt. John Duffield addressed "To the Kinges moste Excelent Matie". Duffield has been imprisoned for publishing a pamphlet; he apologises and seeks his release. A fine well written letter to King Charles I. Photo on Page 20. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1644 (Oct 5) Civil War Period entire letter from Sir Patrick Curwen at Workington Hall, Cumberland, addressed "For His Matys special affairs. To his much honored friends Sr Henry Fletcher Bart, Sr George Dalston and Sr Thomas Dacro, Kgs Commissioners of army at Hutton or elsewhere, Hast hast post hast, Pa. Curwen". The letter discusses attempts to find arms for royalist forces. The internal letter with a little restoration to left edge (clear of the handwriting), otherwise fine, with an excellent address panel. The letter was written at 6 o'clock in the morning, and acknowledges receipt of a letter written at 9 o'clock the previous day (together with a letter from Sir Philip Musgrave written at 9 o'clock at night on Oct. 2nd), illustrating the speed and efficiency of the "Haste Post Haste" system for urgent official letters. A rare Haste Post Haste letter from the Civil War, carried across the Lake District. Photo on Inside Front Cover. £2,400-3,000
Click to view full image... 1653 (Oct 31) Entire letter addressed "For the right Honble the Lord President of the Counsell of State" stating that four guns from a little prize ship are to be released by the Prize Officer and delivered to the Master of the "Industry" which is to carry the Lord Ambassadors goods to Sweden. The letter is signed by Hugh Peters, Robert Stapylton, John Walker, George Cokayn and Nathaniel Ingelo (who sailed with Ambassador Whitelocke to Sweden in 1653). Also an engraving of Hugh Peters, who was executed in 1660. A fine and rare Commonwealth period letter. Photo on Page 20. £500-600
  Oliver Cromwell. 1658 (Mar 31) Letter from Whitehall to "The Commander in Chief of our fleet now residing in the Downs", asking for a ship to accompany two ketch's bound for Florida, to provide protection as far as 150 leagues from the Lands End, signed above "Oliver P", the shaky signature written just a few months before Cromwell died. The letter restored, laid down on paper, nevertheless a scarce Cromwell signed letter. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1660 (Aug 16) Entire letter from Earl Clare, written from Drury Lane in London, addressed "for Henry Shipton at Hamstall Ridware near Yoxall in Staffordshire, leave this with the post off. of Litchfield to be sent Litchfield", the address panel signed "Clare", a "3" charge crossed out when the Earl's signature was noticed. A rare early restoration period free frank; franking for MPs continued after the restoration in April 1660 until omitted from the December 1660 Post Office Act. Ex Jay. Photo on Page 20. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1661 (Jan 24) Entire letter from Earl Clare, written from Drury Lane in London, addressed "for Henry Shipton at Hamstall Ridware near Yoxall in Staffordshire, leave this with the post off. of Litchfield to be sent Litchfield" and endorsed "post paid 3d". Franking for MPs was suspended between 12th Dec. 1660 and 14th May 1661. Very scarce and a fine companion to the previous lot. Ex Jay. Photo on Page 20. £300-400
Click to view full image... Charles II. 1666 (July 3) Entire letter from Lord Arlington addressed "To our Right Trusty and Wellbeloved Cousin Horatio Lord Townshend Our Lieutnt of Our City & County of Norwich, July 3·66", giving instructions to raise three regiments of horse due to a fear of a landing by our enemies in some part of the Kingdom, the top of the letter signed "Charles R" by King Charles II, with a fine paper covered royal seal. A fine and scarce letter sent during the Anglo-Dutch War of 1665-67, signed by the King. Photo on Page 22. £1,600-2,000
  c.1670 Four page document "The Covenant between his R.H & the Lds Arlington & Berkeley" (Joint Postmasters, 1667-77), which attempts to clarify the franking system, listed officials who can send or receive letters or packets free (the King, Lord High Admiral, Lord High Treasurer, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, Lord Chancellor, Secretaries of State); MPs may send or receive single inland letters free during the session of Parliament. The document lists various letters carried, and the costs incurred. A little damage to the document at right with a few words lost, an interesting and unique document, presumably drawn up by a member of the Postmasters staff. £400-600
Click to view full image... 1674 (May 12) Entire letter from Whitehall, signed by the Duke of Monmouth, addressed "For the honourable Sr Phillip Musgrave Knight, Governor of Carlisle" and endorsed "For his Majesties speciall service, Matthew Lock". Monmouth asks for one or two officers from the garrison of Carlisle to come to London to learn the new system of training and exercising in the use of their arms, so they can then train the other officers and soldiers of the garrison. Backstamped with a reasonable strike of scarce circular "2/off" and "MA/12" Bishop Mark. The Duke of Monmouth was the eldest illegitimate son of Charles II; when his father died in 1685 he led a rebellion in an attempt to depose James II but was captured at Sedgemoor and executed. A rare and historical letter. Photo on Page 20. £600-800
Click to view full image... Hull. 1681 (Oct 22) Entire letter from James Sterling in Hull, "To the Honorable The Commissioners of His Maties Ordinance and the principle officers of the land. To be left with Capt Thorburn in the Tower of London", charged 3d with "OC/24" Bishop Mark on reverse. The letter concerns the defences of Hull. Photo on Page 20. £200-250
Click to view full image... Cornwall. 1685 (May 21) Entire letter from Lostwithiel, addressed "To the right Worple Sir Robert Southwell Knight, A member of the Honoble House of Commons, London", the 3d charge crossed out, with MY/25" Bishop Mark on reverse. Signed by the town Mayor Walter Renoad and three councillors, William Taprett, Nevill Peeters and John John, who are sending their greetings to their new M.P. A fine early letter from Cornwall. Photo on Page 22. £200-250
  1686 (Nov 8) Entire letter from Carlisle to "The Honble Sr Christ. Musgrave in Newport Street in London", the 6d charge crossed out and signed "Charlton", confirmed by a black crown Inspectors handstamp, "NO/12" Bishop Mark on reverse. A fine example of the first London Inspectors handstamp. £250-300
  1687 (June 6) Entire letter from Shute (near Axminster) written by Courtenay Pole, MP for Honiton and High Sheriff of Devon, addressed "To the Right honoble George Barron Wembe and L. High Chancellor of Englande", charged 3d. The addressee was Judge Jeffreys, the hanging judge sent to the West Country in 1685 to conduct trials of captured rebels following the Monmouth Rebellion. A fine letter, unusually charged 3d instead of being franked, with "JU/3" Bishop Mark on reverse. £180-220
Click to view full image... Wiltshire/Ireland. 1693 (Mar 17) Entire letter from Wilton "To the honable Sr Cyrill Wish at Dublin Castle in Ireland, by London", the postage rate crossed out, endorsed "frank Q". Cyril Wyche was Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. An unusual franked letter to Ireland. Photo on Page 22. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1694 (Oct 10) Entire letter from the Navy Office, sent during the co-regency of William and Mary (1689-94), therefore headed "For their Maj. Service" above the address "For Anth. Bowyer Esq. at Camberwell", reverse with "PENY / POST / PAYD / B / SAT" Borough Office Government Dockwra handstamp. The letter is a tender for supplying elm timber to Deptford, and is signed by eight members of the Navy Board including Sir Richard Haddock (Admiral, Comptroller of the Navy) and Edmund Dummer (Surveyor-General of the Navy), also signed by Bowyer, who has agreed to the proposed terms. Dummer also operated a line of Packets from Falmouth to Spain and Portugal, and started the first Packet service to the West Indies in 1702 (until 1711, the famous Dummer Packets). A little soiled and pressed file folds but scarce. Photo on Page 22. £400-500

1700-1840 Frees

  Clerks of the Road/Newspapers. 1731-41 Entire letters from Clerks of the Road at the G.P.O London sent free, the letters concerning newspapers (which the Clerks of the Road could frank to regular subscribers), comprising 1731 letter from Charles Westgarth, Clerk of the West Road, to Taunton seeking to send newspapers to Hampshire & the West Country; 1734 letter from Jabez Harris, Clerk of the Western Roads, to Sir Christopher Musgrave in Penrith with a bill for newspapers; and 1740 letter from Christopher Harris to Penrith with a bill for newspapers receipted by the Penrith Post Master. (3). £200-250
  1743-1839 Entire letters all franked with M.Ps signatures which differ to those used on their letters, with the addition of Free to the signature or lines above or through signatures, an attempt to prevent autographs being fraudulently copied for franks, including "WfreeWilberforce" on 1815 entire sent by the slave trade abolitionist William Wilberforce from Brighton. (6). £150-200
  1784 23 Page pamphlet "An Authentick Letter from a Disconsolate Member of Parliament to his Unfortunate Son lately Convicted of Robbing the General Post Office", printed for J. Dodsley in Pall Mall. A satirical pamphlet in the form of a letter from an M.P to his son, designed to warn the public against the dangers of abusing the free franking system, published to coincide with the new Parliamentary Act containing many restrictions relating to free franking. Believed to be the only example in private hands. £250-300
  Army. 1798 (May 21) Partly printed "weekly state of His Majestys 2nd Battn of the 4th Regt of Fencible Infantry commanded by the Earl of Breadalbane", posted from Kirkcaldy to the Earl of Breadalbane at Taymouth, headed "On. H.M.S", unusual. £100-120
  1822 (Jan 29) Entire from London to an M.P in St. Ives, Cornwall, with red Free datestamp and boxed "Belvide Ple / S" handstamp, used at Belvidere Place, located within the Kings Bench Prison, fine. £100-120
  1822 (Aug 1) Printed forms "To His Majesty's Postmaster-General" allowing Lady Louissa Lygon to sign free franks on behalf of her brother William, Earl Beauchamp. Two slightly differing forms, one completed by Lady Lygon, the other by the Earl, who can no longer sign due to bodily infirmity. A rare matched pair. (2) £180-220
  1824 (June 8) Letter from the former Bishop of Chester to Francis Freeling informing him that he has become the Bishop of Bath & Wells and will alter his frank accordingly. Also 1823 and 1836 entire letters, the former franked "Geo. H. Chester", the latter "Geo. H. Bath & Wells". An interesting trio. (3). £150-200
  1823-24 Letters from Sir Robert Wilmot-Horton, Under Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, an 1823 letter stating he will be adding Horton to his name (necessitated by his father-in-law's will, allowing him to inherit), 1824 letter stating he will be shortening his signature to R.W Horton, and a later 1824 letter asking permission for his secretary to sign for him as "time employed in franking letters is inconvenient". An interesting group; Departmental Officials were allowed to alter their franking signature. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... House of Commons. 1826 (Apr 18) Lettersheet with printed heading "HOUSE OF COMMONS" and "FREE / F. FREELING" in the lower corner, partly printed address "To The Churchwardens and Overseers of Painswick", red Free datestamp, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 24. £400-500
  Parliamentary Proceedings. 1828 Printed wrapper "Par: Pro: / Colonel Davies, M.P, Elmsley Castle, Pershore, Worcestershire, FREE", turned and used as a wrapper to send Parliamentary Proceedings to Brechin, headed "Par.Pro (306)" and signed by Joseph Hume, one of the principal campaigners for postal reform in the 1830s. Very unusual. £150-200
  1834 (Aug 1) Envelope from London to Lowestoft with two differing franking signatures, red Free datestamp. The only item we have seen franked by two different individuals, most unusual. £100-120
  1837-39 Front and envelope from the Bishop of Norwich, the front posted on April 30 1837 during the 27 day period between his nomination and consecration as Bishop so signed "E. Norwich Elect", the 1839 cover signed "E. Norwich". The front with the date altered prior to posting, correctly signed a second time alongside the date alteration; the cover redirected with the Free datestamp crossed out, "2" charge, "TO PAY / 2d / ONLY" and red boxed "POSTAGE NOT PAID / TO LONDON". A very unusual pair. (2). £150-180


Click to view full image... 1717 (Jan 17) Entire letter from Dublin, written by Brigadier Nicholas Price concerning an appearance before the Board of General Officers, addressed "To the Right Honble Edward Southnell Esq., Secretary of State for Ireland at his house in Spring Garden near Whitehall London", backstamped with the rare "D" in circle and "24/JA" Bishop Mark. The "D" in circle the first handstamp of Dublin (used prior to the straight line handstamps), recorded 1717-19, one of the finest of approximately ten recorded examples. Photo on Page 22. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1804 (Dec 9) Entire letter from Philipstown to "Capt. Hutchinson or Officer Commanding the Yeoman Infy, Roscrea", headed "OHM Service" and signed "B. Gen. Blake", the reverse endorsed "nb - all concerned be particular in this express", "Route Tullamore, Frankford, Whigshore, Birr to Roscrea, E. Morris BM" and "From Tullamore 9th Decr 6 o'clock", with "at 5 miles per hour" on the front. The letter tells of a forthcoming inspection of the Yeomanry Corps at Roscrea by Brigadier General Blake. A scarce official letter carried by army despatch riders. Photo on Page 24. £200-250
  Newspapers. 1817 (Nov 4) Entire letter to Roscrea franked by William Donlevy, Clerk of the Connaught Road, containing a printed reminder from the G.P.O that the addressee's advance payment for newspapers will shortly expire. Very unusual. £150-200
Click to view full image... Registered Mail. 1829 (Jan 3) Franked entire from Loughrea to Cork with "LOUGHREA / 86", crowned Free datestamp and circular "REGISTERED" datestamp (Jan. 6) all in red. The Irish Post Office operated an inland registration system from 1824 until 1831, but very few free registered letters are recorded. Photo on Page 24. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1829 (Feb 21) Entire letter from Harvey & Harrison of the British & Irish Express Section at the G.P.O Dublin, sent to the Waterford Chamber of Commerce acknowledging receipt of a cheque, with red Free datestamp and "G.P.O / Harvey & Harrison" franking handstamp, fine and rare. Photo on Page 24. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1831 (Dec 14) Entire letter from Portmore Harbour to A. Godby, G.P.O Dublin, headed "Commissioners of Fisheries", with "CARNDONAGH / 132", red Free datestamp and "Free / Aug Godby" handstamp. A scarce franking handstamp from the Secretary of the Irish Post Office. Photo on Page 24. £200-250
Auction Details
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 54) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 25th April 2024 Time: 10:30AM
Details: For viewing details and enquiries regarding this auction - Telephone No. 0207 930 6100
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