Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 18
  1839 Entire letter from Jamaica to London with Alexandria backstamp, prepaid 7d Jamaican internal postage, London arrival c.d.s of Dec. 25th, charged 1/- (8d ship letter fee + 4d uniform postage, altered from 2/2), the postage paid and the letter readdressed to Lincolnshire prepaid the internal uniform 4d rate, very unusual. £100-120


Channel Islands
(Also See Lots 611, 751, 1637)


  1899-1904 QV ½d Postcard (faults) and picture postcards (14, thirteen depicting Sark), and a 1906 cover, all with "SARK" c.d.s code "A" applied away from the stamps, which are cancelled in Guernsey. Also a 1903 cover from Malta to Woking and redirected to Sark with arrival backstamp. From mid 1904 stamps were usually cancelled at Sark instead of in transit in Guernsey. (17). £120-140
  1902-32 Cards and covers from Sark, selected items comprising underpaid picture postcards to Ceylon, France, Cuba, India or Switzerland all charged postage due; KEVII (2) and KGV ½d postal stationery postcards; 1905 picture postcard with ½d cancelled at Sark then reposted three months later with a second ½d cancelled at Disley; 1917 picture postcard posted locally on the island with a KGV stationery cut-out; 1932 cover from Canada to Sark redirected to London with double ring c.d.s; also picture postcards from Alderney to Sark (2); stampless 1914 picture postcard from a British nurse at the English Military Hospital at Limoges to Sark; 1909 card from Jersey to Sark but directed to London, handstamped "Adresse insufficente / Retour a l'office", crossed out then sent to the Channel Islands; and 1906 picture postcard from Guernsey also bearing perforated label "Try Guernsey for Health & Pleasure, close to Sark, the gem of the Channel" depicting Sark harbour. An unusual group. (16). £240-280
  1902-34 Picture postcards (69, sixty two depicting Sark), a plain postcard and covers (2) all with "SARK" code "A" datestamps, two cards to USA or India; 1904-32 postcards and a cover addressed to Sark (20, one with Cobo Guernsey rubber c.d.s, three redirected with Sark datestamps); a 1906 postcard written at Sark but posted at Southampton; and other unused picture postcards of Sark (3). Also later 1948-80 covers and cards (18). A fine lot. (114). £250-300
  1908-31 Telegram forms to Sark (5), one 1925 form with the delivery envelope, the forms and envelope all with "SARK" c.d.s code "A". Also similar c.d.s on a 1929 Certificate of Posting for a registered letter, and double ring Sark c.d.s on a 1966 Parcel Post label, an unusual group. (8). £160-180
  World War Two. 1941-45 Covers (5) and a picture postcard from Sark to Guernsey, the postcard bearing G.B stamps, one G.B 1½d postal stationery envelope bearing occupation issue 1d, the other four covers all bearing occupation issues. (6). £100-120


The Alistair Kennedy Collection
(Also See Lots 1649 - 1652)

  Picture Postcards. c.1902-30 Picture postcards, some on pages with Post Offices (some accompanied by cards showing matching cancellations), public houses, telephone linesmen at Essendon, fire at Letchworth, visit of Prince of Wales to Hertford, foxhounds, schools, policemen, street scenes, etc., with a good number of real photo cards, also a few more recent cards. (c.600). £250-350
  c.1800-1940 Covers and cards in a box, a large quantity with prestamp mail, single and double ring datestamps, picture postcards, etc. (Many 100s). £250-350
  c.1940-2010 Covers and cards, a large quantity in two large boxes with many c.d.s cancels, postage due and explanatory marks, incoming mail, a large quantity of 1960s registration envelopes, etc. (1,000s). £200-300
  Postal history, ephemera, etc., including written up collections of perfins, scout posts, ephemera with many receipts and invoices (some illustrated), a quantity of 1890s Jury Summons from Hertford all franked 3d, 1841 entire letter posted from Hertford to Dorset (stamp removed) containing five drawings for a book, "The tale of a tub" (concerning a tiger which stalks two men eating by a large tub, but gets caught in the tub, drawn by W.H Taylor), etc. (100s). £200-250
  Mulreadys. 1840-41 1d Lettersheet stereo A25 used from Hertford to London and a 1d envelope stereo A144 used from Royston to Hertford both with Maltese Cross cancels in red, both fine. (2). £120-150
  Parcel Post Labels. 1895-1925 Parcel Post labels, 31 with stamps, eleven with rubber cancels. (61). £150-180
  Rubber & Skeleton Cancels. 1895-1930 Picture postcards and covers (also a few pieces) with rubber datestamps (101) or skeleton datestamps (74, also six QEII items on Certificates of Posting), poor to superb strikes. (175+). £150-200
  Berkhamsted & District. c.1770-1969 Entire letters, covers, cards, etc., with prestamp handstamps of Tring, Little Gaddesden, Berkhamsted, 1852 "BERKHEMPSTED / 3 / 1" skeleton datestamp in blue, undated circles, 1855 advertised and unclaimed cover to New South Wales, Jury Summons, etc. (71). £120-150
  Bishops Stortford & District. 1790-1969 Entire letters, covers, cards, etc., including penny posts (one with handstruck "1" in black), skeletons, Parcel Post labels, undated circles, etc. (108). £140-160
  Hatfield. 1841 (Apr 17-28) Small entires from the same sender in Hatfield both with a "HATFIELD" undated circle on the front, the first to Hare Street, Great Hormead, prepaid 1d in cash, the other to Hertford bearing a 1d black (GG, plate 1a, four margins) tied by a black Maltese Cross, a neat pair of entires. (2). £140-160
Click to view full image... Hertford. 1713 (Nov 10) Entire letter to London backstamped "HART / FORD" and a "11/NO" Bishop Mark, the first year of use of the first Hertford handstamp, small piece torn from lower right corner of address panel upon opening, otherwise fine, an attractive early and scarce town handstamp. Photo on Page 290. £120-150
Click to view full image... Hertford - Uniform 4d Post. 1839 (Dec 21) Entire letter to Congleton with large second type handstruck "4" in black, backstamped at Hertford, tear through upper flap which just goes into the top of the address panel, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 286. £600-800
  Hertford. 1840-41 Entire letter, entires (4) and pieces (2) all bearing 1d blacks cancelled by Maltese Crosses in red (4) or black (3), two entires sent from Hertford to Hatfield, the others from Lincoln or London to Hertford. Three entires or entire letters bear stamps with four margins, the other four cut into (2 or 3 margins), a useful lot. (7). £280-320
  Hertford. 1768-1970s Entire letters, covers, cards, etc., the extensive collection mainly on pages including various prestamp marks, penny posts, skeleton datestamps from 1844 (3, two with month omitted) or 1847, Hertford Bank £5 notes with 1856 Hertford datestamps (4), U.P.P handstamps with circular "PAID / HERTFORD / 1d" (5) or "Pd1" (4, two types) in red, or "2" in black (4, two types), sub-offices, undated circles, a few Parcel Post labels, etc. (c.300). £500-600
  Hitchin, Letchworth & Baldock. 1744-c.2000 Entire letters, covers and cards including skeletons, red circular "V.R / BALDOCK / ONE 1d PAID", 1857 cover to Hitchin bearing Sardinia 20c + 40c, etc. (107). £140-160
  Hoddesdon & District. 1823-1968 Entire letters, covers and cards including U.P.P 1d paid handstamps of Hoddesdon or Sawbridgeworth (3), Stansted R.S.O Parcel Post labels (4), Hoddesdon "369" numerals in blue (2), skeletons, etc. (69). £100-120
  Much Hadham. 1841 Cover to Derby franked by a 1d black (three margins, small corner fault) tied by a red Maltese Cross, and an entire to London bearing an 1840 2d blue (three margins, crossed by vertical file fold) both with red "No. 7" handstamp of the Ware Penny Post unusually with a reversed "N", Ware backstamps. (2). £100-120
  Puckeridge. 1840 Entire letter to Saxmundham bearing 1840 2d pale blue (three margins) tied by a red Maltese Cross, backstamped "Puckeridge / Penny Post" and at Ware and London. £120-150
  Puckeridge & Standon. 1802-2000 Entire letters, covers and cards including "No. 1" handstamp of the Ware Penny Post (6) or "Puckeridge / Penny Post" (5), undated circles of Puckeridge and Standon (2), 1912 parcel tag from Standon bearing G.E.R Parcel stamp, picture postcards, etc. (c.90). £120-140
Click to view full image... Royston. 1709 (May 28) Entire letter to London charged 2d, the reverse with manuscript "Royston" written by the Postmaster, and a "IV/3" Bishop Mark. A rare early manuscript Post Office town endorsement. Photo on Page 286. £200-250
  Royston, Buntingford & District. c.1750-2000 Entire letters, covers, cards, etc., including Royston Penny Post, U.P.P "Pd 1" of Buntingford, 1842 Royston skeleton and later skeleton datestamps, sub-offices and undated circles, a few Parcel Post labels, WW2 POW mail, etc. (150+). £150-200
  Saffron Walden District. 1825-1980 Entire letters, covers, cards and Parcel Post labels (31, fourteen with rubber datestamps) from various Essex villages bordering Hertfordshire, including Bishops Stortford penny posts from Widdington (2), rubbers, U.S forces mail, etc. (67). £100-120
  St. Albans, Hatfield & District. 1777-1981 Entire letters, covers and cards including undated circles, a few Parcel Post labels, cancels of Wheathampstead, London Colney, Harpenden, Market or Markyate Street, North Mimms, Sandridge, St. Albans, Hatfield, etc. (107). £140-160
  Stevenage & Knebworth. 1673-2001 Entire letters, covers and cards including 1673 entire letter from Knebworth to London privately carried, 1840 (Jan 3) 4d Post period double weight letter prepaid 8d from Stevenage, Knebworth Station datestamps and Parcel Post label, etc. (58). £120-150
Click to view full image... Waltham Cross. 1839 Entire originally sent from London to Nazeing, Epping, and redirected to Waltham Cross (with "not for" alongside a red Epping datestamp), turned and posted back to London with "Waltham Cross / Penny Post" on reverse, boxed "No. 2", and the scarce "5" charge mark used at Waltham Cross on Penny Post letters to London (representing the 1d post charge + 4d general post charge for a letter sent under 15 miles, recorded used 1836-39). Photo on Page 286. £150-200
  Waltham Cross & District. 1783-1985 Entire letters, covers and cards including Waltham Cross first type mileage mark on 1785 entire letter to Jamaica, U.P.P "Paid 1" (4, two types, one exceptionally altered to "Paid 1/0" on a letter to USA) or "Paid" in red, or "2" in black, also skeletons, Parcel Post labels, Waltham Abbey, Cheshunt, etc. (52). £250-300
  Ware - Mulreadys. 1840-41 1d Lettersheets, the first with red Maltese Cross cancel and Ware backstamp; the second stereo A22 with "English and Scottish Law Fire and Life Assurance" advert used to Glasgow, black Maltese Cross and "WARE / 3 / 1841 / +" skeleton backstamp (the month AU omitted from the datestamp). The 1840 lettersheet with the stereo number torn away, a few minor soils but otherwise fine and a good pair, skeleton datestamps unusual on Mulreadys. (2). £150-180
  Ware. 1730-1962 Entire letters, covers and cards including scarce small first type "WARE" (2, 1731 & 1738), second type with large "W" (2), penny posts, 1847 skeleton datestamp, also Great Hadham undated circles (6), penny posts of Old Hall Green (2) or Wadesmill, unusual stampless 1891 O.H.M.S cover with "Post Office Ware" printed in fancy type enclosing a cover opened in error, etc. (110). £180-220
  Watford, Potters Bar, Barnet & District. 1770-c.2000 Entire letters, covers, cards, etc., including Watford duplex with split bars, 1897 2½d + 2d stationery envelope with Bushey New Town skeleton datestamps, 1890 Penny Post Jubilee envelope first day use at New Barnet, penny posts of Bushey (2) and Rickmansworth (2), undated circles, etc. (81). £160-200
  Welwyn & Welwyn Garden City. 1756-2004 Entire letters, covers and cards including scarce red "PAID" (3, all 1835) and U.P.P "1" in red, 1883 registered cover to a passenger on S.S "Gallia" at Queenstown franked 3d (1d lilac + 1880 2d), skeletons, Parcel Post labels, damaged or delayed mail, etc. (64). £180-220

Isle of Wight

  Cowes. 1770 (Mar 6) Entire letter concerning a warrant issued by order of sessions levying £300 on the Isle of Wight for not raising a militia, posted to Winchester charged 2d, backstamped "ISLE / OF WIGHT" (IW 23), a good strike of this uncommon handstamp. £100-120
  Cowes. 1826-1904 Entires, covers and cards including mileage mark and similar handstamp with the mileage removed, circular undated handstamp, 1875 entire to Norway bearing five 1d reds, 1870-77 covers to France franked 3d or to Victoria franked 6d, etc., also an 1811 invoice from the Fountain Inn at West Cowes advertising post chaises and coaches to Newport. (10). £100-120
  Cowes. 1840 (Aug 11) Entire letter written from Cowes Castle, seat of Viscount Gort, to Foots Cray bearing a 1d black (HF plate 6, three margins, just touched at left) tied by a red Maltese Cross, backstamped at Cowes. £100-120
Click to view full image... Newport. 1786-1836 Entire letters with 1786 "N. ISLE OF / WIGHT 97", 1801 "ISLE OF WIGHT. N" on a local letter to Gatcombe House, 1804 mileage mark on a letter prepaid 1/11 to Colonel Campbell, an English officer in Germany, and 1829-36 circular datestamps. A good lot, the first two both very scarce. IW 61, 64, 66 in black, 71. (5). Photo on Page 290. £200-240
  Newport Penny Posts. 1831 Front with "No. 1" of Godshill and light "Newport, Isle of Wight / Penny Post"; 1840 1d Mulready envelope stereo A137 to Kent cancelled by red Maltese Cross, with red Newport datestamp and "No 2" of Ventnor in purple both on the front; and an entire bearing a 1d black (PJ, plate 4, four margins) tied by red Maltese Cross with red "No. 1" of Godshill and a Newport backstamp. The Mulready with a little staining, the 1d black entire with closed tear at top repaired internally with tape. (3). £140-160
Click to view full image... Ryde. 1788 Entire letter from Sea View to London handstamped "R. ISLE OF / WIGHT 97" (IW 80), part of upper flap missing and tiny nick at upper edge, otherwise fine. An exhibition quality example of this very scarce first type mileage mark. Photo on Page 290. £100-120
  Ryde. 1818-1912 Entire letters, covers and cards including boxed "Ryde / Penny Post" on letters to Brading (2), mileage mark, single arc datestamps in yellow, red or black, 1873 cover to India franked three 3d stamps with hexagonal Cochin arrival datestamp on the front, cover to New South Wales redirected to USA, etc. (15). £120-140
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Ryde/Brading. 1872-74 Printed forms for £2 worth of 1d stamps, or £1 worth of receipt stamps, received by the sub-office at Brading from the head office at Ryde, signed by the Brading Sub-Postmaster with datestamps of both offices, very unusual. (2). Photo on Page 288. £120-150
  Undated Circles. 1845-59 Covers (5) and an entire letter with undated circle handstamps comprising "SEAVIEW" (2, in blue or red), "VENTNOR" (in red), "BONCHURCH", "GODSHILL" or "BINSTEAD". (6). £180-220
  Other Offices. 1874-1971 Covers and cards (59), Parcel Post labels (4), also stamps and pieces, various cancels including 1896 uprated lettercard from Shanklin to Transvaal, 1891 Wroxall squared circle, 1864 cover from Yarmouth to Windsor Castle (supposedly in the hand of Lord Tennyson), 1880 cover from Yarmouth to USA bearing 2½d rosy-mauve plate 1 on blued paper (S.G. £190 as a stamp), picture postcards, 1971 strike posts (2, both commercial), etc. (63+). £160-200
Click to view full image... Osborne. 1900 (Jan 6) Mourning cover with enclosed letter, both with embossed "(Crown) / Osborne", the cover to Lady Drummond in Wales bearing a 1d lilac tied by "OSBORNE / I. OF WIGHT" c.d.s. The enclosed letter refers to the death of Lady Drummond's son in law, the service of her two sons in South Africa with a third about to join the Yeomanry, and a mutual friend who left for South Africa "on special service" departing with Lord Roberts on the "Dunottar Castle". A scarce cancel, the royal post office at Osborne only open 1897-1901. (Cover + letter). Photo on Page 290. £250-300
  Osborne. 1899 (July 25) Mourning cover with Osborne crest on flap, the enclosed letter written on similar crested notepaper referring to the Queen, royal family and other notable visitors to Osborne, posted to Lady Drummond at Margate with 1d lilac tied by partial "OSBORNE / I. OF WIGHT" c.d.s ("OSBOR" off the cover, the c.d.s only used in 1897-1901, at the royal post office at Osborne House). Also an 1887 cover with Osborne crest addressed to "Le Comte de Reiset" in France with 2½d lilac tied by Cowes squared circle. (2 + letter). £100-120
Click to view full image... Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert. 1903 (Aug 4) Stampless cover with the royal yacht name embossed on the flap, handstamped with the "ERVII" cypher, a Cowes c.d.s and red "OFFICIAL - PAID / (crown)" c.d.s, posted during the King's visit to Cowes Week. This scarce Official Paid c.d.s used on mail from the King when he was travelling, and not at any of his royal residences. A very scarce and superb quality cover. Photo on Page 290. £200-250

Maritime Mail

Click to view full image... 1803 (Dec 9) Entire letter from Alexandria, Virginia, to London "p ship Hero, Cap. Cole" with an unusually clear strike of the scarce oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / ISLE OF WIGHT" (Rob S1), charged 11d. Photo on Page 290. £200-250
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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