Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 5
Click to view full image... 1935 3c Postal stationery postcard franked 1c + Silver Jubilee 6c and 20c, sent by air mail to Austria. A scarce postcard air mail rate. Photo on Page 178. £100-120
  1935 Picture postcards (5) and uprated 3c postal stationery cards (2) all sent by surface mail to Europe, four correctly franked 12c to Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Holland, and underpaid cards franked 9c to Germany and charged 10pf, franked 6c to Austria with 1g and 39g postage due stamps applied, or franked 6c to France with a 60c postage due stamp, the three underpaid cards all with circular "T/FS" handstamp. (7). £200-240
  1935 Covers (4) and a card comprising postcard to Saigon franked 12c (sent surface mail despite an optimistic air mail label attached); registered O.H.M.S cover to Indo-China franked 40c; cover from Lindula to Dutch East Indies franked 20c; and a cover to Egypt sent by air mail via Karachi franked 60c (overpaid 1c), four unusual destinations. (4). £130-160
  1935 Covers (5) and a postcard to the USA, the 3c postal stationery postcard uprated 9c, paying the surface rate; covers sent surface mail franked 6c strip of three (underpaid by 2c) handstamped "T" and charged 1 cent, or registered franked by a single 50c; and covers carried by air mail as far as London franked 40c, 80c or 44c (underpaid by 6c) handstamped "T/FS" but no charge collected in the USA. An unusual group, the three air mail rate covers all with red parallel bars cancelling the air mail labels. (6). £180-200


  Perfins. 1935 Covers from Ayre & Sons Ltd sent locally franked 4c, to the USA franked 5c, or to England franked by a 4c pair, all stamps perfined "AYRES" diagonally, also perfins on single 4c and 5c stamps. (3 covers + 2 stamps). £150-180
  Parcel Post. 1938 Tie on parcel tag bearing 24c block of four tied by "REGISTERED / ST. JOHNS, N.F." rubber c.d.s, other stamps unfortunately removed from reverse but still a very unusual commercially used block. £70-100
  1935-42 Covers sent within Newfoundland franked 4c or registered and franked 9c (2); or to Canada sent by air mail franked 9c or registered franked 15c, cancels include rubber datestamps of Sandy Point, St. Anthony and St. John's. (5). £120-150
  1935 Covers to England, one franked 5c, the others registered franked 15c or the double rate of 21c (1c + Silver Jubilee 5c block of four). Cancels comprise Cape Bay or Corner Brook datestamps or Sandy Point rubber c.d.s. (3). £120-150
  1935-39 Covers from Carbonear to Ceylon franked 5c, or registered from St John's East to Australia franked 16c (four 4c stamps). (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1935 Long American Consular Service cover from St. John's to the American Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon franked 2c + 4c, handstamped "T" and marked "110" with a St Pierre et Miquelon 45c postage due stamp applied upon arrival. Close tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and a very scarce postage due stamp used on a commercial cover. Photo on Page 178. £180-220
  1935 Covers sent at the 7c surface rate to Europe, franked 2c + 5c to Sweden or bearing a single 7c stamp to Switzerland, the 7c single franking very scarce. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1935 Cover franked 7c to Roumania, with Craiova arrival backstamp, a very scarce single franking. Photo on Page 178. £80-100
  1935-42 Covers to the USA, two 1935 covers franked at the 5c rate (1c + 4c, or a single 5c stamp) with violet rubber datestamps of Grand Falls or Port Aux Basques & North Sydney T.P.O, also two censored wartime covers franked at the 9c rate, with Silver Jubilee 4c + 5c or 2c + Silver Jubilee 7c. (4). £120-150


Whales and Whaling

  1831-1950s Letters, ephemera and labels including perforated labels issued by "Album Chocolats, Peter, Cailler, Kohler, Nestle" (12), invoices and prices current for whalebone or oil, references given to Norwegian whalers (2), allowance book issued to the wife of a Norwegian whaler, share certificates issued for whaling ships, etc. (34). £120-150
  c.1950-70 Letters, documents, covers, etc, mainly from the Industria Ballenera Sociedad Anonima (IBSA), a whaling company in Galicia, Spain, which operated whaling stations at Canelinas, Balea and Moras from 1948 until 1985, including 1953 radiogram from the whaler "Temerario", weighing and shipping labels for whale products, letters concerning whale oil, 1969 cover with enclosed letter to the Balea whaling factory concerning discrepancies in numbers of whales caught supplied to Bureau of International Whaling Statistics, postcard of whales in the Azores, cheques to IBSA offices in la Coruna, etc. Also 2002 International Whaling Commission meeting at Shimonoseki in Japan, delegates access badge, commemorative presentation stamp folder and cancel on cover; and an attractive small Spanish tin for ointment made from whale grease. (42+). £220-260
  Picture Postcards. c.1900-30 Picture postcards with a whaling theme (c.70) including Faroe Islands and Spitzbergen, whaling ships, real photos of beached whales at Pegwell Bay and Margate, Durban, etc. Also real photos (3), Liebig trade cards (6) and a few more recent postcards. (c.80). £120-150
  American Whalers. 1839-81 Letters and documents concerning whaling ships from New Bedford, Massachusetts, including 1839 insurance policy for goods carried on the "Abagail" during its four year whaling trip to the Pacific; 1853 certificates issued at the Custom House at Cape Town clearing the "Paulina", carrying 225 casks of oil and 94 bundles of whale bone (2); letters written from the "Osprey" (4, two from St. Helena); cheques depicting whales (2), etc. (14). £200-250
  Hawaii. 1859 Certificate of Clearance issued to the "Paulina" at Lahaina, charged $9 including one dollar for a whalers permit, bearing a printed revenue stamp, very unusual. £100-120
  Falkland Islands. 1936 Registered cover from Port Stanley to New York bearing 1936 line perf "Whale & Penguin" issue 1/-. Also line perf 1d mint block of ten, and ½d - 1/- mint. (Cover + 17 stamps). £100-120
  South Georgia - Norwegian Whalers. 1927 Picture postcard depicting dead whales franked Falklands KGV 2d, and c.1931-34 covers bearing KGV ½d + 1d (2) or 1933 Centenary 1d + 1½d (corner fault) all addressed to Norway, cancelled by South Georgia datestamps. The two covers (with return addresses of the ships "Southern Wave" or "Bouvet 1") both with faults, the postcard fine. (3). £150-180
  South Georgia - Norwegian Whalers. c.1912-60 Covers from Norway to whaling ships at South Georgia (11, the first hand delivered, two 1929 covers to the "Orka", the rest postwar); and 1946-59 covers sent from South Georgia to Norway (4), or locally to a ship's Captain on South Georgia bearing KGVI Falkland Islands Dependencies set of eight. (16). £280-320
  Norwegian & Dutch Whalers. 1905-72 Covers and cards, from Norway to Norwegian whaling ships (19) in Aruba, Curacao, Uruguay, Holland, Norway, etc., or sent from Norwegian whaling ships (8) with 1930s covers bearing Norway stamps cancelled in Curacao or Liverpool, etc. Also printed Muster cards sent to crew members in Norway (6), and covers or cards from Dutch whaling ships (7). An interesting lot. (41). £350-400
  Norwegian Whalers - South Africa. 1912-67 Covers and cards sent from Norway to whaling ships in South Africa (6, including 1912 card to S.S "Mosvalla" at Saldanha Bay), or from Norwegian whaling ships posted at Cape Town (4, one 1934 card from the "Skytteren" with Norway 15ore tied by Paquebot machine). (10). £150-180
  Norwegian Whalers - Walvis Bay. 1931-38 Covers from the "Kosmos III" or "Kos XV" posted from Walvis Bay to Norway, a cover from Norway to "Kosmos II", and 1931 Aerial Post cover with imprint of "The Whaling Company Africa" sent to the Walvis Bay whaling station. Also two 1916-17 covers with Walvis Bay datestamps. (6). £100-120
  German Whalers. 1938-39 Covers and cards with Deutsche Seepost "Sudliches Eismeer" datestamps for the "Jan Wellum" (2), "Walter Rau" (2), "Wikinger" (3), "Sudmeer" or "Unitas" (3, also a 1949 cover from the renamed "Empire Victory" with manuscript Paquebot of Sandefjord), most philatelic or cancelled to order as usual but one "Jan Wellum" c.d.s on a commercial cover. (12). £200-250
  The superbly written up thematic collection in six leather bound albums with many stamps, covers and cancels illustrating various themes including types of whales, the whale nation, whaling, whale products, etc. (6 albums). £300-400
  The remainder of the collection in two boxes with a large quantity of stamps, covers and cancels with a whale theme. (1,000s). £150-250
  Literature. The large quantity of whaling related books including "The Arctic Regions and the Northern Whale-Fishery" by Captain Scoresby (published c.1849), "History of the American Whale Fishery" by A. Starbuck, "The History of Modern Whaling" by J. Tonnessen & A. Johnsen, "Whaling in the Falkland Islands Dependencies 1904-31" by I. Hart, "Scrimshaw in the New Bedford Whaling Museum" by S. Frank, etc. (c.114). £200-250
  Literature. "Memorias de la Real Academia de Ciencas, Exactas, Fisicas Y Naturales de Madrid", tomo XIII parte 3, Madrid 1889, an uncut first edition, front cover detached, one of the first publications on whales produced in Spain with the first graphic depictions of the North Atlantic Right Whale. £80-100
  Literature. "Whale Ships and Whaling" by G.F Wood, an account of the New England whaling industry published by The Marine Research Society, Salem, 1925. A fine 447 page book with nearly 400 pages of photos. £60-80
  Literature. 1957-58 15 Page manuscript written by a whaler on the "Balaena" factory ship during the 1957-58 Antarctic season, an interesting document with illustrations of whales. £70-80
  Steel harpoon (27cm long) with a lead point, engraved "40170 REWARD FOR RETURN TO DISCOVERY, BRITISH MUSEUM (NAT HISTORY) LONDON. 40170", fired with a powder gun into live whales during research cruises, intended to be returned to the British Museum when a whale was subsequently caught to provide information on whale movements. An unusual item, first used by the Discovery Expedition (hence the name) in 1901-04 and used until the 1970s. £100-150

Captain Cook

  The well written up collection in five albums, with additional loose material, with many stamps, covers, cancels and cards illustrating the life, voyages and discoveries of Captain Cook, including Cook Islands imperf plate proofs and 1931 2d on 1½d sheet of sixty (S.G. 94). £300-400
  New South Wales. 1888-1910 Centenary 4d depicting Cook, and similar 4d and 5d postal stationery, the well written up study on 14 pages including 4d orange-brown marginal strip of six with imprint (S.G. 255e) and various other perfs/printing all fine mint, Specimen overprint, imperf plate proof, 1890 2d Centenary issue postcard used to Germany uprated 4d, 1905 "Government Asylum for Infirm" cover bearing 4d perfined "OS / NSW", postal stationery with 4d "Crop Reports" envelope Specimen and 5d registered Public School Savings Bank Return envelopes Specimen, unused (2) and used, etc. (29 + 9 covers). £240-300
  Australian Antarctic Territory. 1971 Photographic essays for the Captain Cook Circumnavigation of Antarctica 200th Anniversary issue, all unadopted designs with the unissued value of 30c, handstamped on the reverse with the dates "23 June 1971" (4), "3 August 1971" (2) or "15 September 1971" (2), from the archives of Australia Post, scarce. (8). £150-200
  Cook Islands. 1929-55 Covers bearing stamps of Penrhyn (2) or Cook Islands (13, one from Penrhyn, two from Aitutaki), mainly 1929-41 period. (15). £100-120
  New Zealand. 1907 (Apr 12) Registered cover franked 1d + Christchurch Exhibition 3d (Landing of Cook) each cancelled "EXHIBITION / N. Z / CHRISTCHURCH" c.d.s, very fine. £70-80
  Literature. The large quantity of books on the life or voyages of Captain Cook including "The Journals of Captain James Cook" in five volumes, "The Art of Captain Cook's Voyages" in four volumes, "Voyage towards the South Pole" facsimile two volume edition, "Cook's Voyage to the Pacific Ocean" volumes 2 and 3 (Published 1784), "Circumnavigation of the Globe" (published 1836), "Cook's Voyages Around the World" (2 copies, published 1840 and 1844), etc. (100+). £150-200


  Collections in 14 albums including Salvador; Bulgaria; Germany with 1939 Danzig overprint set used and many Third Reich sets; Guatemala; British Empire; a few postcards and covers, etc. (1,000s). £100-200
  1842-1975 G.B and foreign stamps, forgeries and covers including G.B 1842 cover bearing 1840 and 1841 2d blues with B.P.A Certificate stating it is a faked cover with the 1841 2d added and tied by a fake Maltese Cross; Switzerland Sperati type 1 forgery of the 1843 Double Geneva, and a good forgery of Zurich 1843 4r with background of vertical red lines (with 1948 R.P.S Certificate stating it is genuine!); Israel covers (4) with 1949 Doar Ivri postage due cover, and stamps (31) with 1955 Jewish New Year 25pi variety missing green; Tristan da Cunha covers with type V or VI cachets; and 1975 piece bearing G.B Sailing 8p with variety black omitted (1975 R.P.S Certificate). (34 stamps + 7 covers) £200-250
  Various stamp collections in 24 albums or stockbooks, compiled by a Special Operations Executive Lieutenant who parachuted into Slovakia prior to the Slovak uprising of 1944; he died in 1965, a few stamps and F.D.Cs being added later. The extensive lot includes a QV-QEII British Empire collection in four albums, collections of Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, also some F.D.Cs, various 1950s-1960s G.B and Empire new issues, etc. (1,000s). £250-300
  An extensive accumulation in many albums including USA with earlier issues to 90c values (mixed condition, some faults), 1893 Columbus 15c mint, Trans-Mississippi 50c, revenues, etc.; also South West Africa, royal omnibus issues, Birds and other thematics, etc., in seven boxes. £250-300
  A large quantity of world stamps and some covers including collection of Sweden 1928-97 issues mint in two albums, also Spain, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg on pages or in albums, Japan, penguin thematics, etc. (1,000s). £200-250
  Czeslaw Slania. The stamps of Czeslaw Slania, display collection well written up on pages with postal stationery, proofs and black prints, banknotes and additional items in a stockbook, notes and literature. (1,000s). £100-150
  Sample/Specimen Stamps. "A Century of Stamp Production 1852-1952" by L.N & M. Williams, 44 page booklet published by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, containing 24 sample stamps each with a small punch hole and "WATERLOW & SONS LTD / SPECIMEN" overprint. £100-120
  Postal History. 1826-92 Entire letters and covers comprising 1826 partly printed letter from the Lisbon Packet Office to Oporto advising of the arrival of H.M Packet "Kent"; 1867 stampless entire letter from Guadeloupe to France with scarce "COR: D'ARMEES / LIG. B-PAQ. No. 1" c.d.s; 1891 British Honduras covers bearing 2c on 1d + bisected 2c on 1d (2, one with "COROZAL" c.d.s); 1892 cover from New York, recovered from the wreck of the "Eider" (without cachet), mainly fine. (5). £150-180
  Postal History. 1897-1943 Covers including 1900 cover from Boer occupied Natal with Transvaal ½d + 1d cancelled blue "Veldpost, ZAR / NewCastle / 7 Mei 1900"; 1942-43 covers from Palestine with red "JERUSALEM / PALESTINE / POSTAGE PAID" c.d.s (2), one a printed "BRITISH RED CROSS, PALESTINE / POSTAL MESSAGE" cover to Cyprus redirected at Pedhoulas with Cyprus 1pi, the other cover with boxed "WAR ORGANISATION OF THE / BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY / AND ORDER OF ST JOHN / OF JERUSALEM / RED CROSS / POSTAL / MESSAGE SCHEME", etc. (5). £150-180

British Empire

  Queensland 1864 Small Star watermarked paper, block of four. Also Trinidad 1851-55 1d grey and 1d brownish grey and 1860 1d red all mint, and a rather crude forgery of the Lady McLeod stamp. (5). £60-70
  QV-KGVI Mint and used selection including G.B with 1880 2/- brown used (corner thin, trimmed perfs at base) and a few Officials; Rhodesia 1905 Victoria Falls set used and selection of Double Heads with ½d (2) and 2½d (8) mint; KUT KGVI £1 mint (2) and used (2); Nigeria 1936 ½d - £1 set mint; Gold Coast 1928 ½d - 5/- set mint; Swaziland 1938 ½d - 10/- set mint etc. S.G. £1,200+. (109). £140-160
Click to view full image... QV-KGVI Collection in an S.G. Imperial Album (vol II, 2nd Edn, 1928) including Jordan 1933 1m - £P1 set of fourteen unmounted, Iraq, etc. Photo on Page 180. £250-300
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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