Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 9
  1886 Pieces cut from newspaper wrappers sent by Wm. Dawson & Sons in London to "Rev W.E Cousins, Antananarivo, Madagascar, c/o H.B.M's Consul Tamatave, via Reunion" all with British stamps cancelled by "DS / F" precancels or "F.B" Foreign Branch obliterators in combination with Mauritius stamps cancelled "B53", two with Port Louis datestamps. Sadly all have been crudely cut out with severe faults to one or more stamps, one with a Mauritius stamp removed, nevertheless scarce combination frankings, the Mauritius stamps added at Port Louis to pay for the conveyance from Mauritius to Tamatave, the cost being recovered from the addressee by the British Consul in Tamatave. (4). £150-200
Click to view full image... 1894 Cover to England bearing an indistinctly cancelled France 25c stamp, blue "BRITISH / MAIL / 5 OCT 94 / ANTANANARIVO" c.d.s alongside, with Ligne T. Paq. Fr. No. 6 transit datestamp and Enfield skeleton backstamp, vertical central fold, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 204. £500-600

MALAYA - See Lots 65, 650, 756, 794/7, 845, 863, 879, 908-975

(Also See Lots 561/2, 619, 767/8, 870, 1029-1045)

Click to view full image... 1922 10/- Blue-black with red "SELF-GOVERNMENT" overprint, watermark Multiple Crown CC, fine used. S.G. 105, £400. Photo on Page 180. £100-120

MAURITIUS - See Lots 156, 1110-1131, 1376


  1755 (Oct 18) Entire letter from a British merchant in Saffi written and addressed in French, to Pierre Honore in Marseille, the address panel endorsed "by Post", actually privately carried. The letter concerns a shipment of waxes being sent on the sailing boat "Le Sacre Coeur de Jesus" commanded by Thomas Gramary, and expresses concern about the delivery of goods in case war is declared between France and England. A fine early letter. £180-220
  1801 (June 2) Entire letter from William Court & Co in Mogador, addressed to Newton, Gordon & Murdoch in Madeira. The letter, written in English, includes "we profit of the return of a Portuguese Brig to your island to inform you of the state of things here, the exportation of grain is only allowed on paying the duties in gunpowder .... terms are such we cannot recommend Mr Hayward to land it ..... we can ship salt beef from here". Address panel a little stained at right, otherwise a good early letter from an English merchant, privately carried by a Portuguese ship. £160-200
  1840 (June 8) Entire letter from Enrico Vollan in Tangier written and addressed in Italian, to the Sardinian Vice-Consul Mr Bordar. Vollan asks for the loan of a detailed map of Africa so that he can show the Consul where the fort recently built by the Emir Abd el Kader is located. An unusual early letter sent within Tangier. £140-160
Click to view full image... Gibraltar. 1820 (Aug 30) Long letter from Rabat written in Italian on behalf of the merchant Sidi Haggi Alabas Bouhalel who has signed it in Arabic, addressed to Giorgio Tomasachi, merchant in Amsterdam, sent by forwarding agent via Gibraltar. Endorsed on the front "recommandee aux soins obligianti de M. W. J. Blount a Gibraltar", disinfected (probably in Morocco and Gibraltar) with differing length horizontal and vertical chisel slits and by splashing with vinegar (resulting in some discolouration). The letter concerns shipments of sweet almonds and rubber owned by Tomasachi and sent by ship to Morocco, explaining how these shipments have suffered various vicissitudes with the English corsairs and also as a result of the war that has just been declared between Denmark and England. An unusual letter to Europe sent via a forwarding agent in Gibraltar. Photo on Page 204. £300-350
  1924 (Dec 8) Four page letter written and signed by Marshal Hubert Lyautey, Governor of the French Protectorate of Morocco, on headed notepaper. Lyautey writes of the tense situation in Morocco and of his mistrust of the rebel leader Abd el-Krim, then fighting the Spanish forces. Four months later el-Krim attacked the French in Morocco. £120-150

(Also See Lots 52/3, 59, 670, 672/3, 815, 883, 993, 1212, 1237/9, 1714, 1791)

  1855-1999 Mint and used collection in three albums with a few Chalon Heads, Health stamps, 1919-89 commemoratives virtually complete mint, etc. (100s). £120-150
  1899-1900 Pictorial issue imperforate plate proofs printed by Waterlow & Sons, on ungummed unwatermarked paper, comprising ½d purple-brown (22, two blocks of four, blocks of six and eight), 1d crimson (34, three pairs and seven blocks of four), 2d lake (18, pair and four blocks of four), 4d deep rose (12, two pairs and two blocks of four), several showing re-entries or flaws, very well written up on eight pages, ex. Burberry Collection. (86). £350-400

(Also See Lots 104, 107, 109-112, 902, 1132-1145)

The Douglas Armitage FRPSL CollectionA fine collection containing many essays, proofs, colour trials and Specimen stamps, errors and varieties, multiples, forgeries and reprints, postmarks and covers, and an unusual study of the immigrant colony postmarks, all superbly written up.
  Postmarks. c.1895-1953 Pieces (c.520) and stamps (c.130) collected for their cancellations, mounted alphabetically in an F.G Warwick album, from Alba to Zuru, mainly KGVI period with some earlier noted, many skeletons, some scarce, all apparently differing cancels. (c.650). £240-280


  Literature. "The Stamps of Paraguay" by Charles Phillips, published by Stanley Gibbons, 1912, rebound with hard cover; and "Calalogo de los Sellos Postales de la Republica del Paraguay" by Victor Kneitschel, Buenos Aires, 1947. Two standard works on Paraguay. (2). £30-40
Click to view full image... 1813 (June 19) Entire letter from Asuncion to Buenos Aires with red "PARAGUAY" handstamp ("AR" joined together), charged 1½ reales. A fine strike of this scarce handstamp, sent just two years after Paraguay became an independent country. With Brian Moorhouse Certificate (2001). Photo on Page 204. £300-400
Click to view full image... c.1850-60 Entires to Corrientes, Argentina, the first endorsed "por vapor Bs As con carga" with oval "ADMon GRAL / DE / CORREOS / DE LA R. DEL P" in red, the second rated 5c with the same handstamp in black. This handstamp was used at Asuncion to denote prepayment of postage, and was applied in red from 1844 until 1856, and in black from 1858 until 1865. (2). Photo on Page 204. £260-300
Click to view full image... 1870 First imperf issue, study of the genuine stamps, forgeries and reprints written up on six pages comprising 1c rose mint or unused (11, with block of eight) and used, 2r blue used (3, one with faults), 3r black mint and used; various forgeries or forged cancels (12); and 2r reprint singles (7), blocks of four (12) and pane of fifty, in thirteen various colours, produced by Roberto Lange. (134). Photo on Page 206. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1872 (Feb 6) Cover bearing 1870 1c bright rose (three margins, just cut into at top) to San Pedro in Argentina, cancelled by Asuncion c.d.s, a further strike on the front and a Buenos Aires transit c.d.s (Feb 12), trace of light waterstain at lower left corner and small part flap missing, otherwise fine and very rare on cover with a c.d.s cancel. With Brian Moorhouse Certificate (2001) that notes "one of the few known covers addressed outside of Buenos Aires". Ex Norman Hubbard Collection. Photo on Page 204. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1878 5c Surcharges, study of the genuine and forged surcharges on five pages with large surcharge in black on 1r rose mint or unused (3) and used (3), on 2r blue unused or on 3r black unused (faults), or in blue on 1r rose unused and used or on 3r black used; small surcharge sideways in blue on 3r black mint or unused (3, two torn or thins) or used (2), in black on 2r blue or 3r black both used, the large surcharges including inverted and double inverted varieties on the 1r rose. Also forgeries of the large surcharge (22) or small surcharge (7) applied to genuine stamps or reprints, some produced by Raoul de Thuin. S.G. £2,000+. (47). Photo on Page 206. £500-600
  1879-82 Issues with the unissued 5r and 10r (9, four C.T.O); study of the 5c and 10c with 1891 reprints including imperf colour trials on various papers (13) and differing perfs with 5c imperf vertically or imperf between varieties and imperf stamps (39 in total, eleven used); and 1881 1c or 2c surcharges unused or used (15) and forgeries on genuine stamps or reprints (26, fourteen "used"), an interesting lot on seven pages. Also 1879 10c fiscally used on the second page of a presentation document. (116). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1885 (June 3) Cover sent locally in Paraguari bearing 1879-81 5c tied by blue c.d.s, small cover repair at upper right edge, otherwise fine and attractive, a scarce stamp on cover. Photo on Page 204. £250-300
  1881 Regular issue, the fine study including 1c mint block of ten showing paper makers name, 1c and 2c blocks showing misplaced or double perforations, and imperf proof singles (6), pairs (4) or blocks of four (19) for all three values in various colours on paper or card; also 1884 "1" surcharge on imperf 1870 1r mint (11, with a block of eight) and used, and forged surcharges (7) or postmarks. (151). £350-400
  1884-86 Regular issue, the fine study of the four printings and the differing dies and perforations used, superbly written up on eighteen pages, with 1884 first printing 1c black imperf die proof on card, plate proof and essay with "moire" pattern reverse, similar imperf 2c black die proof and essays with "moire" pattern (9), 1c imperf block of four, vertical pair and block of eight imperf between horizontally, block with double vertical perfs, 2c pairs imperf vertically (2, one used) or imperf between, 5c imperf pair and vertical pair imperf horizontally, second printing 5c, third printing with 2c block of 36 and imperf pair or blocks, 5c blue essays on thick chalk surfaced paper imperf (19, with block of 16) or perf (2, one "used"), fourth printing 5c imperf between horizontally block and imperf between vertically pairs (2), double or faulty perf varieties, also many minor plate varieties, covers and cards (8, one with 5c + bisected 5c) and 1885 Official control handstamps (6), a good lot. (297 + 8 covers). £500-600
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1886 Official issues, the first imperf set of seven including the set overprinted Specimen, 20c inverted overprint (5) and double overprint (3), 2c and 20c blocks of 25 both with Official overprint and control on reverse omitted; and second perforated set of seven overprinted Specimen, 2c imperf and 5c inverted overprints, etc., also covers to Buenos Aires bearing imperf 1c + 10c, or perforated 5c. (138 + 2 covers). Photo on Pages 204 & 206. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1887 Regular issue mint with shades, and covers (8) including 5c pair to Germany, 2c strip of five or 10c to USA, etc. Also 1889 15c imperf pair overprinted Specimen, and the issued stamp imperf (pair) or perf. (18 + 8 covers). Photo on Page 204. £240-280
Click to view full image... c.1888-91 2c, 4c and 5c Proofs in various designs and colours for a proposed 1892 issue printed by The South American Bank Note Co. in Buenos Aires. A fine and colourful group. (60). Photo on Page 224. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1889-92 Official issues with 1889 provisional surcharges including forgeries (15); 1890 handstamped overprints mint or used (8), forgeries (2), and a cover to Buenos Aires franked 10c; and 1892 overprint issue mint or used (17, with 5c block of nine), covers to Buenos Aires franked 10c or registered franked 15c pair + 50c, and two newspaper wrappers to London bearing one or two 5c stamps. (43 + 5 covers). Photo on Page 208. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1892-96 Presidential Issue, the fine study on sixteen pages with 1892 and 1896 sets mint including blocks, and covers or cards (19) showing various rates, frankings and destinations with items to Germany, Hungary, Belgium, USA, Uruguay, G.B, etc., one card from the German colony of Altos, also postal stationery lettercards (5) and envelopes (4), a good lot. (29 + 28 covers). Photo on Page 208. £550-650
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1892 (Oct 12) 400th Anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, 10c blue with handstamped overprint in used blocks of four and six, and a used strip of five unusually with variety overprint double on the final stamp; and 15c surcharge on 5c stationery envelope used from Asuncion to Valparaiso, with "T" handstamps and arrival c.d.s. The stamps and stationery were only valid on the day of issue, the majority of the 8,000 envelopes issued being cancelled by favour with an oval commemorative handstamp. (15 + card). Photo on Pages 206 & 208. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1896-1900 Telegraph issues used or overprinted for postage, with 1896 5c on 2c and 5c on 4c each in a mint block of four and used single, and 5c on 2c used on cover to San Bernardino; 1900 5c on 30c and 5c on 50c each in a mint block of four and used single; and 40c telegraph stamp postally used in August 1900 during a shortage of 40c postage stamps (3, one on cover to Germany); also 1892-1901 telegraph issue 1c, 2c, 10c in mint blocks of four and 20c mint pair. (37 + 2 covers). Photo on Page 208. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1895-99 Provisional surcharges with 1895 5c on 7c pair on cover to Buenos Aires, six examples of the 1898 10c on 40c on registered AR cover to France, 1899 10c on 15c with double surcharge used, a single used on 10c envelope to Germany, and two singles on cover to France. (16 + 4 covers). Photo on Page 208. £180-220
  1900 Regular issue, study well written up on eight pages with 40c coloured die proofs (3), covers and cards including 2c wrapper registered to USA uprated 8c + 40c, cover to USA sent at the printed matter rate with a corner cut off to allow inspection of the contents but still handstamped "CLOSED AGAINST INSPECTION / 2D DIV. N.Y.P.O" and charged 10c, registered cover to France franked 1c + 5c pair + 10c + 40c + 60c, 4c postcard from the colony of San Bernardino, 5c New Year lettercards used (2), etc. (15 + 9 covers). £280-320
  1901 Official issue stamps (12), cover to Buenos Aires bearing 20c pair, and six wrappers all from the Director General of Immigration to the same addressee in London franked by two 5c stamps, 8c (four wrappers) or 10c, all with official cachets. (12 + 7 covers). £200-250
  1901-02 Regular issue and the 1902-03 provisional surcharges, study on seven pages with the 1901 set in mint blocks, 4c pair on card, and bisected 2c on covers (4) including single bisect on printed matter rate cover tied by "ESTAFETA No 9" c.d.s; 20c on 24c with first "i" omitted in overprint, 5c on 28c comma after "Cent", 1c on 14c accent on "u", 5c on 8c no stop after "Cents" within mint and used blocks, etc. (93 + 5 covers). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1903 Regular issue depicting a Lion, the study well written up on fourteen pages with imperf proof pairs for the first issue 1c - 30c and second issue 1c - 10c, 30c, 60c all on thick paper or card (12 pairs), both sets mint (with blocks) and used, February issue 30c block of four with misplaced perfs, September issue 5c and 30c imperf blocks of four, and various covers and cards (16) with registered cover to France bearing 2c bisect pair + 4c (5) + 8c + 10c, cover to Uruguay franked 5c + 10c block of four with 1c + 2c postage due stamps applied, etc. A good lot. (93 + 16 covers). Photo on Page 206. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1902-08 Official, postage and postage due issues including 1902 (Sep) Official 1p used on registered cover from the National Department of Hygiene to Buenos Aires; 1903 Official issue mint and used, and wrappers to London bearing 10c (two wrappers) or 10c + 2c; 1904 postage due 20c die proof in black and the set in mint or used blocks; August 1904 10c perf and imperf blocks and used on a 2c postcard to Germany; 1904 PAZ overprint mint blocks; 1904-08 Official issue, the issued and unissued stamps mainly in blocks. (134 + 5 covers). Photo on Page 206. £240-280
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1905-10 Regular issue, the fine study of proofs and stamps on eight pages including 1c - 60c imperf plate proofs on thick paper or card in various colours (43, with five pairs and six blocks of four), 1c orange and 1c greenish-blue imperf pairs, 2c vermilion block of six imperf horizontally, 2c olive-green, 1p imperf plate proof blocks of four in various colours on thick card (7 blocks), 1908 2c stamps perforated vertically for use as two 1c stamps in mint blocks and used on pieces (3), a good lot. (176). Photo on Page 212. £300-350
  1905-08 Covers, cards and parcel wrappers all bearing stamps of the 1905-10 issue, the fine group on nine pages including registered covers to Brazil franked 1c strip of four + 10c (2) + 30c, to Austria franked 5c + 30c (2) + 60c, to Argentina franked 1p pair, registered parcel wrappers to Argentina franked by 25 1p stamps (including block of 15), other covers franked 75c to Europe (3, various multiple stamp frankings), 60c to Argentina (twelve 5c stamps, 30c + 30c late fee), 2p25 to Brazil (1p + two 60c stamps + 5c), internal cover with 5c rate paid by strip of provisional 1c stamps (comprising 2c bisected by vertical central perfs), etc. A good lot with some unusual high frankings and combinations. (15). £280-350
Click to view full image... 1908 Parcel wrapper fronts registered to Buenos Aires, one franked 1904 5p + 20p; the other bearing 27 stamps paying the 22p50 rate, comprising 1904 30c + 20p and 1908 1p official overprinted for postage, 5c on 1c pair + block of nine (S.G. 159), 5c on 2c blocks of four and nine (S.G. 160), two very unusual high rates, the 20p very scarce used on entires. (2). Photo on Page 208. £220-260
  1907-08 Surcharges, the fine study on 25 pages with many varieties including inverted and double surcharges, double surcharge with one inverted, "5" omitted, bars omitted, inverted or small letters, many misplaced surcharges and minor varieties, blocks showing surcharge settings, forgeries, etc. (466). £400-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1907-11 Covers and cards all bearing 1907-08 surcharge issues, some in combination with other issues, including registered cover to Buenos Aires bearing twenty 5c stamps including missing "5" variety within a block of twelve (S.G. 144/a, Chiavarello Certificate); cover posted in Asuncion bearing 5c on 60c + 5c on 10c strip of five + 5c on 1c overprint double (S.G. 159c) paying 40c + 5c late fee to a ship with "ULTIMA H. PUERTO / ASUNCION" c.d.s; two other covers with the scarce "Ultima" c.d.s, to a ship at Asuncion bearing 5c on 2c block of eight (S.G. 16) with surcharge misplaced diagonally, or to Brazil franked 1p double overprint (S.G. 185a) and 5c on 2c block of four (S.G. 160, one with "5" very faint"); two other covers with stamps showing surcharges misplaced sideways; cover with five 20c surcharges (S.G. 175, 176, 178, 180, 184), etc. A fine lot with some unusual and scarce varieties. (17). Photo on Page 210. £650-750
  1908 and 1909 Overprints, the study on nine pages with mint blocks, covers and cards (12) with registered covers to Europe (4, rates up to 3p50), 75c rate to New York or London ("Ultima F. Caril" c.d.s, indicating late posting on the railway), etc. (92 + 12 covers). £220-260

  Postmarks and covers, a study of cancellations types on four pages including oval official seals and rail cancels; 1907-12 covers and cards, various frankings and cancels including "Colonia Nueva Germania" double ring cancel, and two c.1910 picture postcards depicting maps of the north and south of the country (the two cards showing the entire map of Paraguay when joined). (74 + 7 covers). £140-160

Postal History of the Immigrant Colonies in Paraguay
Between the 1850's and 1950's various new colonies were established in Paraguay by immigrants to the country, mainly Germans, but also settlers from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, G.B, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and some settlers from elsewhere in Paraguay. Most were established after the War of the Triple Alliance of 1865-72 which led to the virtual destruction of Paraguay, reducing the population from over 500,000 to about 220,000, of whom fewer than 30,000 were men. To stimulate repopulation and agricultural development after the war the Government offered free land to colonists from overseas and virtual self-government.

  Altos. 1890-1914 Covers (2, one registered), postcards (2) and a lettercard, sent to Germany (3), Austria or Switzerland, three differing types of Altos c.d.s, all fine. The colony at Altos was established in 1883 by seventy members of the San Bernardino colony dissatisfied with conditions at the original settlement; by 1938 there were approximately 200 Germans living there. (5). £160-200
  Bella Vista / Hohenau. 1910 Registered covers from Bella Vista to France or the USA; 1910 cover from Hohenau to Germany bearing 1908 overprint 60c + 1909 overprint 5c (3), and 1934-36 registered covers to Germany with a differing Colonia Hohenau c.d.s, one with a handstruck registration mark. Hohenau was established by 15 Brazilian Germans in 1899, and had grown to approximately 1,100 by 1920; Bella Vista was a daughter colony of Hohenau established in 1907 mainly comprising Brazilians. Five fine covers. (5). £160-200
Click to view full image... Cosme. c.1896 Newspaper wrappers to London franked 4c tied by undated circular "CORREOS / PARAGUAY" handstamp, one with "Col. Cosme" applied separately in the centre, the other with "Cosme" handstamp applied. The Colony of Cosme was founded in 1894 by forty settlers, mainly Australians, who left the Nueva Australia Colony. A further 147 immigrants joined by 1905, but it gradually fell into decay after 1910. An early pair of wrappers from this Australian Colony with two very scarce handstamped cancels. (2). Photo on Page 208. £240-280
Click to view full image... Cosme. 1899-c.1900 Newspaper wrappers to London franked 4c pair or 5c cancelled by undated circular "CORREOS / PARAGUAY" with separate "Col Cosme" handstamp applied in the centre, both fine and very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 210. £240-280
  Cosme. 1903 2c Newspaper wrapper to London bearing 4c, 5c on 2c and a bisected 2c stamp to pay the 12c rate, cancelled by "CORREOS / COLONIA COSME" datestamps, and a 1911 picture postcard to USA with senders cachet of Colonia Cosme, the 5c + 20c stamps simply cancelled with violet "27 Jun 1911" datestamp, both fine and unusual. (2). £120-140
  Elisa. 1905-07 Picture postcards to Stockholm, the first written in Colonia Elisa but cancelled in Asuncion, the second with 20c and 5c on 2c tied by "COLONIA ELISA / PARAGUAY" c.d.s. Also a 1908 postcard from Villa Rica addressed to Colonia Elisa. Founded in 1891 by 81 Swedes and Danes, the only Swedish colony in Paraguay. Very scarce. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... Nueva Germania. 1888-1908 Postcards (4) or lettercards (2, one a front) all to Germany including 1888 3c postcard with small star within circle cancel and Nueva Germania cachet (small faults), 1897 2c lettercard bearing four 1c stamps cancelled straight line "Colonia Nueva Germania" and undated circular "CORREOS / PARAGUAY" handstamps, the other four all with "CORREOS / CNIA NUEVA GERMANIA" circular datestamps, one 1903 card franked 2c + bisected 2c + 5c on 28c. Nueva Germania was founded in 1887 by 160 immigrants; by 1920 it comprised 135 Germans and 200 Paraguayans. (6). Photo on Page 210. £200-250
  Nueva Italia. 1911 Registered cover franked 50c + 75c to Hungary, written from Nueva Italia but posted at Villeta, and a 1914 picture postcard from Germany with violet "COLONIA NVA ITALIA / PARAGUAY" arrival c.d.s. Nueva Italia was a colony from 1906 until 1926, founded by Italians with some Austrian, Swiss and Greek settlers. The Colonia Nueva Italia c.d.s is very scarce. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Colony of President Gonzalez. 1896 Cover to France with "COMISARIO DE LA COLONIA PRESIDENTE GONZALEZ" cachet on reverse, the 20c rate paid by six stamps cancelled by circular undated "CORREOS / PARAGUAY" and two strikes of straight line "COLONIA PTE GONZALEZ". Also an 1897 lettercard from Villa Rica to Colonia Nacional. This colony was founded in 1887, later changing its name to Colonia Nacional, and had colonists from 14 countries, mainly Germans, French and Italians. The 1896 cover with two horizontal folds well away from the stamps, otherwise fine and the straight line cancel very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 210. £160-200
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 2 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 27th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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